Wednesday, January 09, 2008

wsj on brahmins being victimized in india

jan 9th, 2008

a quiet genocide. this is because, with all their faults, it is the brahmins who have kept hindu civilization alive. in particular tamil brahmins. this is why the christists and crypto-christists have attacked them most viciously. this is an out-and-out civilizational attack per the huntington thesis. and we are at a serious disadvantage because of our fifth-columnists, and even our own who have been brainwashed from childhood to despise hinduism.

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habc said...

India a socialist nation? SC says keep the tag

The Supreme Court, on Tuesday, shot down a PIL that sought the removal of the word 'socialist' from the Preamble of India's Constitution.

The PIL, filed by Sanjiv Agarwal of the Kolkatta-based NGO Good Governance India Foundation, wished the word be struck off the Constitution, saying that it was not a part of the original Constitution that had been drafted by Dr B R Ambedkar.

The petition also sought to strike down the RPA (Representation of People Act), according to which political parties were forced to swear fealty to socialism in order to be recognised.

Agarwal said, "The position now is that any party that does not subscribe to socialism cannot be registered. We have challenged this."

The petition also claimed that the addition of the word during the Emergency was tantamount to re-writing the Constitution.

Senior Advocate Fali S Nariman, who represented the petitioner, told the court: "It is contrary to the Constitution and to its democratic foundations that political parties be called upon to swear allegiance only to a particular mindset or ideology."

"Introducing the word 'socialist' in the Preamble breaches the basic structure and it is wholly inconsistent," said Nariman.

"The attempt to deliberately tunnel the collective view in one ideological direction is also a grave breach of the liberty provisions of the Constitution," Nariman added.

habc said...

Getting a hang of the Cs and Ps of governance in Gujarat

In the December 2007 elections, the BJP is reported to have obtained 45.3% of the total votes of tribal communities, nearly a third of the total Dalit votes, and nearly a quarter of the Muslim votes. While a direct connection is difficult to establish, Gujarat’s conscious efforts to be an exception may well have played a role in the voting decisions of these groups.