Saturday, May 31, 2008

debunking faith, but only hindu faith

may 31st, 2008

well, what about mohammed going to heaven on a winged horse? does karunanidhi have a videotape of that? how about adam walking across the bridge to sri lanka? did adam have an engineering degree? was karunanidhi holding adam's langoti while he was walking across?

what about the 13 foreskins of jesus? especially the one that was given to "saint" catherine as her "wedding ring", and which she sucked and got orgasms from?

how about the two skeletons of thomas? how about the non-existent jesus and the place where he was 'born', which was 'divined' in a dream by constantine's mother? oh yeah, that really gives me confidence that bethlehem is exactly where the manger was. how about the "miracles" of m teresa, where the woman's tumor disappeared when praying to m teresa, and oh, just incidentally, a doctor operated and removed the tumor?

how about that great fiction from the communists that the state will wither away and a dictatorship of the proletariat will come about? about how there will be worker's paradises all over? and the reality is brutal fascism?

so the fact of the matter is that all the semitic types believe in certain fictions that other people politely pretend are meaningful. but the semites are not willing to give the same consideration to hindus. if hindus believe in something, the semites had better shut up and accept it. it is true if a lot of people believe it.

actually it would be an absolute miracle if in kerala, where nothing works, there are people who regular as clockwork are able to light a lamp and make it happen at a specific time. and this they have been doing for hundreds of years, yeah right. and this is kerala which cannot supply electricity and water to the city for more than a day or two, and then everything falls apart. so if in fact these guys have been out there lighting lamps, i want to congratulate them on their project management skills.

and oh, i guess the eagle that always appears on that same day is also sent up by the hot air from g sudhakaran's mouth.

sudhakaran is an uncouth rascal. he's some third-rate communist buffoon, along the lines of raj narain and laloo prasad yadav.

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The usual suspects are at it again. Thought you will find this article



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Friday, May 30, 2008

Vatican- Excommunication for female priests

may 30, 2008

yup, women are really equal in christism. not! the vatican held for centuries that women did not have souls, ie they were walking baby machines, fit to be barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen. sounds exactly like mohammedan views on women, right?

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So much for equality in the West !


Vatican- Excommunication for female priests


VATICAN CITY - The Vatican insisted Friday that it is properly following Christian tradition by excluding females from the priesthood as it issued a new warning that women taking part in ordinations will be excommunicated.


The move dashed the hopes both of women seeking to be priests and of Catholics who see that as an option for a church struggling to recruit men.The church has always banned the ordination of women by stating that the priesthood is reserved for males. The new decree is explicit in its reference to women.


"The church does not feel authorized to change the will of its founder Jesus Christ," Amato said in an interview prepared for Vatican Radio that was released to reporters. The reference is to Christ's having chosen only men as his Apostles.

Malaysia withdraws visa-on-arrival for Indians

may 30th, 2008

no reciprocity? india should return the favor for these crazy jihadi malays. as usual the more prosperous a mohammedan gets the more jihadi he is. malays were decent so long as they were poor. as soon as they became rich, they have become total jihadis. so it's not poverty that breeds jihad, it's mohammedanism. if you're a mohammedan, you are a potential jihadi as soon as the circumstances are appropriate.

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Thursday, May 29, 2008

good for you, sharon stone

may 29th, 2008

i have always liked sharon stone, and this is one more reason to like her: she told the chinese off, and now they say she is guilty of crimes against humanity or something along those lines. all this crying of 'wolf' makes the chinese look stupid.

Obama 'First Family' Photos?

may 29th, 2008

scary stuff, obama's relatives. the guy makes me really queasy.

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From: Sushama

Obama 'First Family' Photos?

Yoga leads to possession by devils?

may 29th, 2008

devil-worshiper christist shows his tolerance. yeah, right, we are all better off worshiping the mutilated corpse of a dead arab stuck on a stick.

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From: Sushama

Yoga leads to possession by devils?


London, May 26: It's a spiritual practice that provides all the health benefits of physical exercise. Yet, a British exorcist has claimed that yoga could put people in danger of being possessed by evil spirits.

According to Father Jeremy Davies, exorcist for the leader of Catholics in the UK, yoga puts people at risk from devils and the occult is closely associated with the scourges of "drugs, demonic music and pornography" which're "destroying millions of young people in our time".

But Madhavi Padhy, one of the foremost yoga exponents based in New Delhi, laughed off the claims of the 73-year-old Catholic priest, saying "they are baseless".

"Yoga originated in India thousands of years back. It has no connection with evil spirits. On the contrary, it helps you become more aware of your body, mind and environment. It also plays a key role in relieving stress and bringing inner peace," Padhy told PTI.

Father Davies has argued in his new book 'In Exorcism: Understanding Exorcism In Scripture And Practice' published by the Catholic Truth Society, that people who practice yoga may end up afflicting themselves by demons, British newspaper the 'Daily Mail' has reported.

"The thin end of the wedge (soft drugs, yoga for relaxation, horoscopes just for fun) is more dangerous than the thick end because it is more deceptive -- an evil spirit tries to make his entry as unobtrusively as possible.

"Beware of any claim to mediate beneficial energies (eg reiki), any courses that promise the peace that Christ promises (eg enneagrams), any alternative therapy with its roots in eastern religion (eg acupuncture)," he wrote in his newly published book.

the quality of NYT reporters in india

may 29th, 2008

the quality of the bimbos the NYT sends to india never ceases to amaze me, starting with arch-bimbo barbara crossette, who must be a cousin of that idiot martha nussbaum. at least the martha person has the excuse that she became psec-by-injection after being amartya sen's main squeeze until he dumped her, and i think she is desperately trying to get his attention again by out-doing him in p-sec-ness. but then maybe barbara also became psec-by-injection by fornicating with some JNU type in india. there *were* a few good guys -- and note it was guys -- abe rosenthal, steve weisman, et al, but then there was also the execrable limey john somebody recently.

China Blocks Thousands of Hindus From Kailash

may 29th, 2008

there has been no comment whatsoever about this in india so far as i know. whatever the chinese do is good and acceptable and india kowtows to it. why isn't e. ahamed complaining to the chinese? that's a rhetorical question, of course. and the answer is, "there is no mohammedan interest in this."

ps. and where did this heather bimbo get the idea that there are exactly six deities in hinduism?

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From: Yash
China Blocks Thousands of Hindus From Tibet Pilgrimage
May21, 2008

NEW DELHI — The Chinese government is refusing to issue visas to Hindus trying to make the traditional summer pilgrimage to what they hold to be the home of Lord Shiva in Tibet, forcing thousands to delay or cancel the trip.

Starting in June, Hindus from Nepal and India embark on a multiweek journey to the 22,000-foot Mount Kailash in the Himalayas and nearby Lake Mapam Yutso, known in India as Lake Mansarovar.
The trip, a once-in-a-lifetime event for most who make it, includes treacherous off-road drives and several days of arduous trekking, and is believed to bring the traveler closer to the divine.
This year, though, the Chinese government is refusing to grant any visas for travel to the Tibetan sites from Nepal, tour operators in Nepal say. India's Foreign Ministry said Tuesday that the Chinese government had cited unspecified "domestic reasons."
At the same time, Beijing has retracted permission previously granted to Indian pilgrims who were planning to make the trip in early June. The Olympic torch is scheduled to go through Tibet's capital, Lhasa, on June 20.
"I was planning for the last 10 years for this trip," said Rajendra Goyal, 48, a Mumbai-based hardware trader whose trip has been canceled. Mr. Goyal said he was on a rigorous diet and exercise schedule for the last two months to make sure he was fit for the mountain hiking involved.
"A pilgrim is a pilgrim, not an activist or a politician," he said. "I am going there for religious faith, not to do any violence."

Tour operators and pilgrims said they believed that the cancellations were a result of the turmoil and demonstrations in Tibet that started in March. "This could be because of protests in Tibet; in fact, that is the main reason," said Ripu Mardan, the information manager of Eco Trek International, a Katmandu-based tour operator. Eco Trek normally sends several hundred pilgrims a year to Mount Kailash and Lake Mapam Yutso.
Tour operators estimate that 5,000 to 6,000 pilgrims travel to the home of Lord Shiva, one of the six deities in Hinduism, from Nepal each year.
"This is our holiest of holy sites," said Gopal Vijay Ditya Singh, 62, a professor of electrical engineering in Lucknow, India, who had paid $5,000 to go with his wife. "How can they stop us from going there?"
P.S. Hindi-Chini Bhai Bhai has not worked before, nor will it work now.

We are what our thoughts have made us; so take care about what
you think. Words are secondary. Thoughts live; they travel far.

- Swami Vivekananda

Yahoo! News Story - China says found radiation sources after quake - Yahoo! News

may 29th, 2008

this sort of thing is another problem for the proposed nuclear fission reactors in india. we do have earthquake- and natural-disaster-prone areas. for instance, i wonder if kalpakkam in chennai is in a safe area, given the vulnerability of the coromandel and golconda coasts to cyclones.

ps. aren't the upper and lower east coasts called golconda and coromandel? i forget. i finally remembered out that the upper and lower west coasts are called konkan and malabar.

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The disaster area is home to China's chief nuclear weapons research lab in Mianyang, as well as several secretive atomic sites, but no nuclear power stations.

China says found radiation sources after quake - Yahoo! News

Yahoo! News

`Globalisation in reverse gear as oil prices soar'

may 29th, 2008

dont really see how this affects services very much, it sure can affect manufactured goods. but the cost of shipping is not so high as a % of costs, i imagine. the low cost of labor may make up for it.

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Date: May 29, 2008 5:14 PM
Subject: `Globalisation in reverse gear as oil prices soar'

`Globalisation in reverse gear as oil prices soar'
Thursday, 29 May , 2008, 12:54

Toronto: Trade liberalisation and technology may have flattened the world, but rising transport prices will once again make it rounder, says a report by a major Canadian bank.

In its study - "Will Soaring Transport Costs Reverse Globalisation?" the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) says soaring oil prices are driving transport costs to such levels that businesses will be forced to seek supplies locally, rather than importing at huge costs from China and India.

"Globalisation is reversible. Higher energy prices are impacting transport costs at an unprecedented rate so much so, that the cost of moving goods, not the cost of tariffs, is the largest barrier to global trade today," CIBC chief economist Jeff Rubin and co-author Benjamin Tal say in their report.

In fact, soaring global transport costs have already offset all the trade liberalisation efforts of the past three decades, the report points out.

... deleted

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

kkkangress Govt.'s 4-yr Report Card - Dr. Subhash Kapila

may 28th, 2008

an F, a comprehensive failure on all fronts.

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Congress Government's Four Year Report Card 

May 25, 2008
Four years down the line, the Congress Government in power came out with a "self- congratulatory" Report Card in terms of achievements and performance which is at gross variance and in contradiction of the prevailing ground realities in India.
From foreign policy, to national security management, to political morality and political probity and to economic management and upliftment of the daily lives of the common man, the Congress Party led Government has been a dismal failure.
The BJP Government may not have left a "Shining India" as the Congress Party disputed in 2004 Elections but it still left a "Glistening India" of which the major powers of the world were forced to take notice of and configure India in their strategic calculus.
India under four years of this (UPA) Government is not even "glistening"; India looks jaded with the same major powers now confused as to the course of India's strategic and economic directions .

... deleted

Caste management, not pseudo-secular alliance, key to victory: experts

may 28th, 2008

this is bullshit. kkkangress can only think in terms of caste and vote-banks. but that idiocy is only true in the case of christists and mohammedans who vote exactly as the godmen and mullahs tell them to. most hindus are no longer conned by this caste-vote-bank bullshit: they vote for those who made economic sense to them. they vote for development (note: not just for development *slogans*, the kkkangress specialty).

i like what this guy rao is saying. it is governance and leadership that the hindus are voting for. christists and mohammedans vote for narrow sectarian ends.

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Caste management, not pseudo-secular alliance, key to victory: experts
Tue, May 27 02:13 PM

New Delhi, May 27 (IANS) In a coalition era, winning elections seems to be about picking up right allies who can shore up dwindling numbers and push you past the electoral goalpost. And caste management, political parties and analysts believe, has now become the key to electoral triumph.

... deleted

'The results are a warning about a split in the secular vote bank,' said Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M) politburo member Sitaram Yechury.

Not all political analysts are ready to fall in line with this argument.

Debunking the theory, analyst G.V.L. Narasimha Rao said the talk about a 'split in secular vote' was 'atrocious.' 'The key to winning elections is good governance, followed by right alliances and caste management.'

... deleted

In defence of Salwa Judum (against Naxalites)

may 28th, 2008

all the anti-national usual suspects are out to help the communist terrorists, and if common people oppose them, *they* are deemed terrorists. standard communist tactic.

salwa judum needs to be supported 100%. they are all that stands between chattisgarh and what has become of nepal: a vassal of china.

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From: ven

In defence of Salwa Judum

26 May 2008, 0111 hrs IST,PRAKASH SINGH

Human right groups and the Left parties have mounted a campaign against the Salwa Judum experiment in Chhattisgarh. A three-member CPI delegation recently urged the prime minister to intervene and disband the Salwa Judum. Their contention was that it was abetting "a social strife-like situation in the state leading to the suffer-ing of innocent villagers and adivasis". Fortunately, the prime minister did not succumb to their pressure tactic.

An expert group constituted by the Planning Commission to study the problem of militancy has also surprisingly been very critical of Salwa Judum. In its report, the group has argued that the formation of tribal squads to fight the Naxalites has promoted "a fratricidal war in which tribals face the brunt of mortality and injury" and that "those tribals who are unattached to either the Naxalites or those opposing them, become victims of violence by all agencies — Naxalites, squads formed to fight them and the security forces". The group has said that apart from being undemo-cratic, it is also counter-productive and that the experiment should be jettisoned. Two members of the expert group did not subscribe to this view and recorded their note of dissent.

The background of Salwa Judum needs to be understood. The tribals, harassed as they were by the corrupt revenue, police and forest officials and exploited by traders from the plains, welcomed the Naxalites, when they first made their appearance in Bastar. However, as the Naxalites entren-ched themselves, they became arrogant and insensitive to the feelings of tribals. They interfered with the social customs and cultural practices of the tribals. This caused a strong feeling of resentment. The Naxalites did not allow the tribals to pluck tendu leaves, too, depriving them of what had been a regular source of income.

... deleted

rajeev in pioneer on maya nand's judicial execution by homeland security

may 28th, 2008

please see

poor maya nand, a fijian of indian origin, died shackled to his bed, untreated for diabetes. his crime? he applied for US citizenship.

Military veterans' wake-up call for UPA govt!

may 28th, 2008

veterans say UPA sucks. the kkkangress has always belittled the army, from the great jawaharlal's days. and we have paid for it, too.

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Date: May 26, 2008 4:04 PM
Subject: Military veterans' wake-up call for UPA govt!


Military veterans' wake-up call for UPA govt!


Monday, 26 May, 2008 , 03:51 PM




If Parliament is the 'Heart' of Democracy, then the Armed Forces can be called as the 'Central Nervous System', which is vital for the democracy to survive and succeed. The political class might feel proud of being the Members of Parliament of the world's largest democracy, but it had miserably failed to take care of its 'central nervous system', which is now threatening to complicate the system of democracy, which is not good for the health of the country.


The Armed Forces, serving as well as retired have been deeply perturbed by the callous attitude of the UPA government. They are a disappointed and demoralized lot with regards to the recommendations of the Sixth Pay Commission. In fact, the resentment in the Armed Forces has actually started from the third pay commission (1976) itself and it has been growing since then and has reached a boiling point now due to the total neglect by the sixth pay commission. It is high time the government wakes-up to the issue and solves it, or otherwise, a volcano is waiting to erupt.  


... deleted

swapan dasgupta: kkkangress bangalore'd

may 28th, 2008

swapan as usual makes a lot of good points, but i am a little disappointed that the BJP's win was not more comprehensive.

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You have been sent this article from The Telegraph, Calcutta by Manju

How about Italian congress getting Bangalored.

- A game where BJP strategy & script paid off

In January this year, well before there was any clear indication of when the Assembly elections in Karnataka would be held, BJP general secretary Arun Jaitley commissioned a private opinion poll by a low-key psephologist whose findings had been remarkably accurate in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Gujarat. |  Read

Page url:

Do we need armed forces? -- Col. Anil Athale

'Chacha' Nehru had famously remarked that he doesn't need the Indian Army and a police force alone is enough for him, until he found out the bhai-bhai love from China on his butt.

From the article,

...Indians have assiduously cultivated a myth that it was non-violent Gandhian struggle ALONE that got us freedom...

...Last year the Indian ‘Jhollawalas’ and sundry intellectuals of Delhi, were shocked when a British diplomat ( speaking on the occasion of Diamond jubilee of Indian independence) mentioned the Naval mutiny and Azad Hind Fauj of Subhas Chandra Bose, as the main reasons for British granting independence to India...

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

US Realtors Forced to Open Listings to Internet

It's that infamous word -- disintermediation -- again. An anti-trust lawsuit in the US has forced the National Association of Realtors to settle, resulting in their opening property listings beyond their narrow listing services to the wider internet. Needless to say, this will result in radical changes to the US real estate market.

Cold fusion success in Japan gets warm reception in India

may 28th, 2008

there's life in that old dog of cold fusion again?

this is another reason that nuclear fission deal is so ridiculous. we don't know what breakthroughs will be coming up in fusion or in solar or other renewables. by committing forever to the tender mercies of the americans based strictly on TODAY'S desperation for energy is the very definition of short-sight.

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From: Shahryar

Cold fusion success in Japan gets warm reception in India
27 May, 2008 02:56:34
Researchers in Japan have given a live public demonstration of their cold fusion device, a historic experiment that is likely to revive global interest in this controversial method of energy generation that was earlier debunked as nonsense.

A report in the California-based New Energy Times says the tabletop device built by Osaka University physicist Yoshiaki Arata and his associate Yue Chang Zhang continuously generated excess energy in the form of heat and also produced helium particles.

"The demonstration showed their method was highly reproducible," the report quoted physicist Akito Takahashi, one of the 60 persons from industry and universities who witnessed it, as saying.

The demonstration held on May 22 has drawn immediate praise from Mahadeva Srinivasan, a cold fusion pioneer and formerly associate director of physics at the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) in Mumbai.

"The cold fusion community is excited and is reverberating with news of a live public demo," Srinivasan told IANS from Chennai. "The field is truly ripe for Indian labs to enter and it is hoped that we won't miss the bus once again."

The fusion process that powers the sun requires extreme temperature and pressure to force hydrogen nuclei fuse and release energy.

Achieving fusion at room temperature was considered impossible until 1989 when American scientists Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons startled the world with their tabletop experiment.

They connected a battery to a pair of palladium electrodes immersed in a jar of water containing deuterium (heavier form of hydrogen) and showed their electrolytic cell produced heat energy in excess of what was consumed. They claimed that deuterium nuclei were being packed into the palladium's lattice in such a way for fusion to take place.

Later it was shown by several groups including Srinivasan and Padmanabha Krishnagopala Iyengar at BARC in the early 1990s that the reaction produced tritium as well as helium indicating that cold fusion was real. However, further work at BARC was abandoned due to denunciation of cold fusion by mainstream scientists and the US government.

Prospects in India

Srinivasan hopes that Arata's public demonstration in Japan will give new birth to cold fusion research in India.

Arata, who is the recipient of Japan's highest award, the Emperor's Prize, is the first person to have performed thermonuclear fusion research in Japan. Arata and his colleague Zhang have been reporting their work on cold fusion at various conferences and in Japanese journals for the last 10 years.

In recent years, they have moved away from electrolysis and switched over to direct loading of deuterium gas into a matrix of zirconium oxide containing palladium nanoparticles. In their latest demonstration, they showed excess heat production commenced almost instantaneously when pure deuterium gas at high pressure was let in.

"The high operating temperature, instant response and reliability of this device make it the most practical form of cold fusion yet developed," said Jed Rothwell, author of a popular book on cold fusion and another witness to the demonstration.

The Japanese demo comes three months after some of India's leading nuclear physicists at a meeting in Bangalore formally recommended to the government to revive cold fusion research in India.

"The long neglect of this area (of research) by India must end now," Malur Ramaswamy Srinivasan, former secretary to the Department of Atomic Energy, told the meeting held at the National Institute of Advanced Studies in Bangalore on Jan 9.

According to Mahadeva Srinivasan, the Central Electrochemical Research Institute in Karaikudi, the Indian Institute of Technology in Chennai, and the Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research near Chennai have shown interest in restarting the work.

He said the field of cold fusion (which has been renamed as low energy nuclear reactions or LENR) has matured sufficiently to claim recognition as a valid new branch of science.

"If all that is claimed by the LENR community is validated," he said, "the prospects of this being developed into a 'third alternative option' for generating nuclear energy in the 21st century, besides fission and thermonuclear fusion, are bright."

Sent from Yahoo! Mail.
A Smarter Email.

China's quake: the dam factor

may 28th, 2008

how very unsurprising. you mess with large reorientation of geographic features at your peril, see my old column on the scientific reason to leave the rama sethu alone, which is along the same lines. we just don't know what we're doing when we do giant geo/hydro projects, which amount to terraforming in scale.

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From: Girish

As Chinese officials continue to grapple with the devastating earthquake that has killed tens of thousands of people, they have also been seeking to to reassure the world that the nearby behemoth Three Gorges Dam is safe.
Critics of the dam have long painted a bleak picture of mass death and destruction in the Yangtze River region should the dam fail. They say its placement in an earthquake-prone area is one of its most dangerous attributes.
Now, there is speculation that the world's largest and perhaps most controversial dam was a factor in causing the killer Sichuan province quake. Scientists from around the world have long theorized that the sheer weight of the reservoir created by the dam could cause seismic shifts in the area. A recent article in Scientific American explained the issue and said 19 earthquakes in China over the past 50 years could be blamed on dams.
Though no one has directly fingered Three Gorges as the reason for the earthquake, Probe International, a Canadian non-profit that monitors China's dams and their environmental and humanitarian fallout, raises the possibility.
"Whether reservoir-induced seismicity is behind last week's earthquake should be urgently investigated before the Three Gorges reservoir is filled to its maximum height," said Patricia Adams, the group's executive director.

Nuke Deal sell-out by the Kaangress

Arvind Lavakare tears apart this farce of a nuke deal. Forget about the atrocious Hyde Act, the 123 Agreement is as bad if not worse than it. Manmohan Singh is pulling out all stops to sell-out our nuclear strategic interests, before the Kaangress gets finally kicked out next year. Incidentally, he also starved our nuclear program of much needed funds for expansion during 1991-1995 as Finance Minister. And this year he repeats it again by slashing the Department of Atomic Energy's funding by $529 million; all designed to cripple India's capabilities and force it to go to the West for help.

From the article,

...consider all the spin given by the protagonists of the 123 Agreement that the deal would liberate India from ‘nuclear apartheid’. Article 5.2 of the 123 Agreement rules out transfer of sensitive nuclear technology, heavy water production technology, sensitive nuclear facilities, heavy water production facilities and major critical components of such facilities...

Sunday, May 25, 2008

rajasthan targeted by the usual suspects?

may 25th, 2008

there is hanky-panky going on in rajasthan, and vasundhara raje had better watch out.

1. reader arun pointed out that there had been *two* rather suspicious incidents in which her plane had mysteriously developed 'engine trouble'. those with long memories will remember madhavrao scindia and rajesh pilot and sanjay nehru dying in planes that developed 'engine trouble' (not to mention homi bhabha, vikram sarabhai, and zia ul haq)

2. the sudden appearance of bangladeshi terrorists bombing jaipur and the fact that there are large numbers of illegal bangladeshis living in rajasthan

3. the rather sudden rioting by so-called gujjars. this is something being conveniently turned on and off by agents provocateurs. i suspect a lot of the agitators are communists and ISI in mufti.

putting 2 and 2 together, the usual suspects are gunning for rajasthan in general and raje in particular, i believe.

some years ago, in 2001, i suggested that the mysterious shooting deaths of king birendra and family in nepal were engineered to basically make nepal a chinese territory. similarly, these acts suggest that there are some vested interests at play in rajasthan that are up to no good. beware, vasundhara raje!

kanchan gupta: Kill in the name of Islam, and then point a finger at others!

may 25th, 2008

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Kanchan

Sunday Pioneer / Column: Coffe Break/ May 25, 2008
Islam's enemy within
Kanchan Gupta
At a recent conference on radical Islam, attended by scholars from India and South-East Asian countries, it was irritating to hear professors from Jamia Millia Islamia repeating the canard about the 9/11 terrorist attacks being an elaborate conspiracy hatched by the Christians (of America) and the Jews (of Israel) to "defame Islam" and use the globally televised images of the imploding twin towers as justification for the US-led "war against Muslims". The first time I heard this astonishing fiction was in Cairo where I had arrived soon after the terrifying attack, led by an Egyptian, Mohammed Atta, on the World Trade Center, one of the symbols of American power. The war in Iraq had not yet begun but the Taliban hoodlums, including Mullah Omar, were fleeing Afghanistan to save their lives. The fall of a 'model Islamic state' and the walloping the 'soldiers of god' were receiving from the invading kafirs had greatly distressed my friends in the Muslim Brotherhood who had wrongly believed that the flattening of the twin towers would signal the liberation of Cairo, not Kabul. Instead, they were shocked to see a tsunami of anger striking Arab shores. Rather than accept the 9/11 attacks had proved to be counter-productive, they chose the path of denial. Whispered allegations, anonymous e-mail and stories buried in the inside pages of Arabic newspapers began to do the rounds, spreading the patently false claim that the attack on the twin towers and the Pentagon had been planned and executed by the Americans and the Israelis. To substantiate this absurd claim, there were further absurd claims — Jews did not report for work on that fateful day, only the Mossad could have carried out an operation of this scale, the CIA had ensured the hijackers would not be frisked, etc. I found the assertions mildly repugnant and largely amusing, attributing the fiction to the street Arab's lack of access to facts.

Seven years later, when I hear that absurd claim being repeated, that too by those who should know better, I don't feel amused, but irritated. And so it happened at the conference on radical Islam when a professor of Jamia Millia Islamia questioned the authenticity of events as they unfolded on September 11, 2001, two of his colleagues nodding their heads vigorously in approval. My irritation gave way to anger when he went on to suggest that analyses of video images of the hijacked aircraft being flown into the twin towers showed they were "studio-generated". Only someone who has undergone lobotomy would say something so stupid in public. But more than being silly, there's a sinister purpose to such comments and they should not be attributed to a lobotomised brain; Union Home Minister Shivraj Patil would vouch for this. A lie repeated again and again, as Paul Joseph Goebbels proved through word and deed, tends to be believed by the masses. Islamofascists, both at home and abroad, who peddle the myth that 'Islam is the solution' and thus see nothing wrong with the ghastly crimes committed in the name of Islam, would naturally take to Goebbelsian propaganda tactics like a duck takes to water. Fiction propagated slyly at conferences and seminars, mentioned between the lines in newspaper articles, and slipped into Friday sermons by mullahs after the jumma namaaz, acquires a certain legitimacy and is soon perceived as fact.

We have seen this happen on more than one occasion. When Hindus were forced to flee their ancestral homes in the Kashmir Valley by killer squads of Islamists who indulged in rapacious depredations and revelled in the slaughter of innocent men, women and children, an insidious campaign was launched, pinning the blame on Mr Jagmohan, then Governor of Jammu & Kashmir: He was accused of telling the Hindus to flee the Valley. Strangely, this fiction was believed by the secular intelligentsia which, in any event, is desperate to clutch at straws to absolve Islamic fanatics of their crimes and eager to paint Islamist marauders in the most glowing of colours. Similar tactics were — and continue to be — used in the wake of the slaughter of kar sevaks in Godhra and to tar Hindus by blaming them for the violence that followed. After the bombing of commuter trains in Mumbai, killing 187 people, it was blatantly suggested by our homegrown Islamists that the massacre was the handiwork of either "Government agencies" or "Hindu organisations".

They are now using the same tactics in their response to the jihadi attack on Jaipur on May 14, in which at least 80 people were killed and many more maimed. The Hindustan Express, a Delhi-based Urdu newspaper, pontificated in an editorial comment on May 16, "Apart from elements like Lashkar-e-Tayyeba, Al Qaeda or HuJI (who may possibly be involved in these explosions) why should we not think also of those international powers and agencies who are known to the Government for their discomfort towards Indo-Pak peace?" Why not, indeed! The Jamaat-e-Islami's biweekly journal, Daawat, was nauseatingly sly in its comments on May 19, "The truth cannot be out without changing the formula for the probe into the bomb blasts. Instead of going through the formality of a probe and connecting the links, we will have to see which group of people gets political benefit out of such incidents." The only group that stands to benefit from the bloodbath in Jaipur, the Jamaat-e-Islami, whose mullahs pretend to be as innocent as Goldilocks, needs to be told, comprises those who subscribe to the slogan, "Islam is the solution."

These are the people who are at ease with explosives being strapped to an eight-year-old girl and the button on the remote control being pushed as she reaches out to take a chocolate from a soldier (not an American) in Iraq. They are untouched and unmoved by the sight of the blood of innocent victims, as was spilled on the streets of Jaipur, of their perverse ideology. They are fully aware of their criminal misdeeds, but they want us to believe they are not to blame. And if you dare point a finger at radical Islam and its army of Islamofascists, they will accuse you of indulging in Islamophobia.

It's time we called their bluff. The only other option is to subjugate ourselves to those who know no mercy and meekly accept Islam as the solution.

Kanchan Gupta
Associate Editor,
The Pioneer,

bjp wins karnataka

may 25th 2008

the beginning of the end for sonia and rahul. imagine, wherever the italians campaign (eg. gujarat and karnataka), the bjp wins. so they must be the bjp's star campaigners.

sonia was really clever in gujarat with her 'mouth ka saudagar' comment (yes, she thought it meant 'mouth of a merchant', not 'merchant of death'), which that great screenwriter mr. shabana azmi came up with, and that got the bjp a 2/3rds majority. too bad mr. shabana azmi didn't think of something really clever for karnataka, or else the bjp would have got a 2/3rds majority there too.


bjp 111
kkkangress 80
jds 27 (who actually voted for that bum deve gowda?)

where is cnn-ibn and star reporter rajdeep sardesai who had predicted a 2/3rds majority for the kkkangress?

this spells doom for the kkkangress in the center as well, not to mention for karunanidhi in tamil nadu and for samuel padre reddy in andhra.

iphone 1.0 fire sale coming

may 25th, 2008

imagine iphone 1.0s coming to india for Euro 99 like tmobile is selling in germany. that's only rs. 6000 or so. since there is no 3G in india these phones will work just fine for the moment until 3G is rolled out

israeli analyst beats up on obama and suggests that yanks have 'lost' the middle east, basically

may 25th, 2008

i just found this in my mailbox, i know nothing about GLORIA.

the analyst quotes arch-racist churchill about dhimmitude and giving in to bullies.

he also quotes obama-bambi and his pusillanimousness towards the mohammedans (which of course may well be because he is a manchurian candidate funded by the mohammedans indirectly).

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: The Global Research in International Affairs (GLORIA) Center <>
Date: Sun, May 25, 2008 at 2:13 PM
Subject: Barry Rubin, "The Fall of Lebanon".

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The Fall of Lebanon
Barry Rubin
May 24, 2008

"If you have tears, prepare to shed them now....
Oh, what a fall was there...
Then I, and you, and all of us fell down."
--William Shakespeare, "Julius Caesar," Act 3, Scene 1.

May 21, 2008, is a date--like December 7 (1941) and September 11 (2001)--that should now live in infamy. Yet who will notice, mourn, or act the wiser for it?

On that day, the Beirut spring was buried under the reign of Hizballah.

Speaking on October 5, 1938, after Britain and France effectively turned Czechoslovakia over to Nazi Germany, Winston Churchill said, "What everybody would like to ignore or forget must nevertheless be stated, namely, that we have sustained a total and unmitigated defeat...."[1]

In contrast, Assistant Secretary of State David Welch said that the agreement over Lebanon was, "A necessary and positive step." At least when one sells out a country one should recognize this has happened rather than pretend otherwise. But this is precisely what took place at Munich, when the deal made was proclaimed as a concession that brought peace and resolved Germany's last territorial demand in the region.

Churchill knew better and his words perfectly suit the situation in Lebanon today:

"The utmost [Western diplomacy] has been able to gain for Czechoslovakia...has been that the German dictator, instead of snatching the victuals from the table, has been content to have them served to him course by course."

Yes, that's it exactly. On every point, Hizballah, Iran, and Syria, got all they wanted from Lebanon's government: its surrender of sovereignty. They have veto power over the government; one-third of the cabinet; election changes to ensure victory in the next balloting; and they will have their candidate installed as president.

... deleted

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update on IFIH's new website

may 24th, 2008

definitely worthwhile. michel and IFIH are doing a lot of good stuff.

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We have also started building up the Resources section, adding over 20 new papers since the website's launch in February, and an entire book as well: South Indian Influences in the Far East by the great Indian historian K. A. Nilakanta Sastri. Do visit the Resources section.


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ToI: Mystery Indian analyst at Goldman spooks world economy

may 24th, 2008

good for you, 'spike' murti. i read another article about him in the NYT where he says it is a good thing that oil prices are going up, so that people will be weaned off our crack-like addiction, and he said he would be happy if he were out of a job as an oil analyst if oil became less important. i say, amen to that.

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From: ven

Mystery Indian analyst at Goldman spooks world economy
10 May 2008, 0104 hrs IST,Chidanand Rajghatta,TNN

WASHINGTON: They are calling him Arjun ''Spike'' Murti, but his real middle name is Narayana, the supreme manifestation of the Hindu god Vishnu. Supreme he is, in the oil world. The little known Indian analyst at Goldman Sachs has become a cause cilhbre — a doomsday prophet — for his forecasts about oil prices, based on what he calls the ''super-spike'' theory, predicated on rising demand for crude and limitations in refining capacity.

Murti, 38, now a managing director at Goldman Sachs, first came to the fore as far back as 2003-2004 when he predicted that oil prices would breach $80 a barrel when it was still in the 30s. He was sneered at. He was mocked again when he predicted in 2005 that it would double from $50 to $100 before the end of the decade. Last month, when he forecast that a barrel of oil could even touch $200, no one was laughing as it surged to $125 on Friday.

So little is known about Murti that it is driving the info-hungry media batty. Unlike many analysts, he does not appear on business television; he does not give interviews (he did not respond to emails for this story), and there are no pictures of him in the public domain.

Database searches do not provide much information (other than his dire forecasts) except that he lives in New Jersey with his wife Rita and sold a million dollar home couple of years back. And oh, he ran a 5km race in Summit, NJ in 2006, timing 24:49m.

He's the phantom analyst who's got the world market spooked. Some of what he is — a blunt-speaking, candid analyst — can be gleaned from his one appearance before the US House Committee on Energy and Commerce in July 2004, where he is introduced as a ''managing director and senior equity investment analyst'' covering the oil sector at Goldman Sachs, his lair for nearly a decade.

In a trenchant testimony that clearly spoke to the crisis developing today, Murti basically tells US lawmakers that the country is up schitt creek, to use that euphonious euphemism, unless it weans itself away from gas-guzzling SUVs, particularly since it has not build any new refineries for the past 30 years and the administration offers few incentives to energy companies to do so.

''The lack of fuel switching options for transportation fuels and consumer preferences for large, powerful, and comfortable vehicles are the key reasons oil demand...Very simply, most Americans would rather own a large, gas-guzzling SUV and pay more for gasoline than an embarrassingly cramped but fuel-efficient Mini,'' he tells the Congressional panel.

''In our view,'' he continues, ''it would be logical for the US government to proactively implement policies that encourage a reduction in the growth rate of oil demand. We note that the cost of waiting will likely result in much greater economic damage over the long term than the short-term inconvenience of no longer being able to buy an inexpensive SUV as an example.''

Examples of logical demand reduction choices he suggests include *Disincentivize the use of SUVs for mass markets *Encourage market adoption of hybrid vehicles *Introduce incentives to use mass transportation in major population centres (e.g. tax city driving during certain hours of the day) etc.

Obviously, few one paid any heed in the US — and in India for that matter, which has blindly followed American fossil fuel-based auto culture. ''Maybe he's a big Buffy fan or something,'' one blogger sneered, referring to the vampire slayer in the film and TV series, when he first forecast the sharp spike in oil prices. Some conspiracy theorists suggested darkly that his predictions were aimed at helping energy majors rake in windfall profits.

But many in financial media backed him. ''Murti's report is a 30-page piece of logical analysis that was oversimplified,'' noted Fortune, dismissing the notion of insider trading as ''idiotic.'' Newsweek 's Fareed Zakaria noted as far back as 2006 that given the consumption patterns in US, which he called "gorilla of globas gas,'' Murti's forecast did not look bubbly anymore. Murti himself never once attributed the demand from India, which consumes 2.5 million barrels of oil a day (one third of China and one eighth of US) for the spike.

Today, most doubters of Murti's spike theory stand punctured as price for a barrel of crude moves up from looking like a basketball score to a Twenty20 total. As they moan about paying $3.65 a gallon at the pump, Americans could well be muttering Narayana, Narayana...

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Burmese Rice Christist starving own countrymen!4913C7C8A2EA4A30!609.entry

The US policy on Burma is inspired by - predictably - the Christian missionary experience. It is quite like the desert semites to kill others when they are in trouble, they love the idea of death and many ways of achieving it. Most of all they love suffering (when it is inflicted on others that is); like that vicious old hag in Calcutta that the Red Brigade loves to worship.

Another good perspective on Burma is here -- Karnataka: Hung or clear?

may 24th, 2008

pretty good chance that the bjp will win karnataka.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: May 24, 2008 4:52 PM
Subject: Karnataka: Hung or clear?


Karnataka: Hung or clear?


Saturday, 24 May, 2008 , 04:06 PM




At the time of UP Assembly elections, the pollsters were of the opinion that the road to Delhi is via Lucknow and to the shock of the nation Mayawathi has captured Lucknow with a majority of her own. The Congress party, which was hoping for a revival of fortunes depending on the non-existent factors like the charisma of Sonia and Rahul and the magic of the name 'Gandhi', bite the dust, with the lowest ever performance in its history. During the Gujarat elections, the psephologists were of the opinion that it would end the so-called 'communal' politics of BJP and its Sangh Parivaar by giving a resounding victory to the 'Secular' Congress and exactly the opposite happened. Congress was drubbed and the same got repeated in the Himachal elections, where the pollsters of the 'secular parivaar' were conspicuously abstaining from the adventurous exercises of conducting 'opinion' and 'exit' polls.


... deleted

Friday, May 23, 2008

an unsung champion for the rain forests

may 23rd, 2008

not surprisingly, a hindu.

compare him to reagan's secretary of the interior, james watt, a loony christist, who said that it was okay to cut down forests and strip mine "because the world will end in 2000" apparently because it was the alleged 2000th anniversary of the alleged birth of the alleged jesus christ (existence be upon him).

semitics are bad for the earth. they come from the desert, and they wont rest until the entire earth is a desert. that is my "goat theory of semitic ideologies". goats are native to hard-scrabble scrubland with thin soil (ie semi arid places like the alleged 'holy land' [sic] -- or semi-arid west asia. wherever a goat goes, it will convert that land to be the same semi-arid hard-scrabble scrubland. how? their sharp hooves damage the land, and they eat the plants down to the roots, so they are highly damaging to the vegetation. you let loose a few goats on a lush landscape, and hey presto, shortly it will become like their native habitats. similarly, you take a semite from his native desert to any other place, and he'll quickly turn it into a desert :-(

book on the arcelor mittal battle

may 22nd, 2008

sounds interesting.

Cold Steel: Lakshmi Mittal and the takeover that defined an Era
by Tim Bouquet, Byron Ousey
List Price: £20, Special Price: Rs.650/-
Greenleaf Price: Rs.520/- (20% off) (Price Valid 10th May, 2008, Outstation
Courier Charges Extra)
Book starts shipping from 12th May, 2008

A compelling account of the biggest corporate takeovers of recent years,
and an insight into the life of Lakshmi Mittal, the world's fourth richest
man. COLD STEEL is the gripping story of the world's biggest and most hard-
fought industry takeover of recent years, an epic corporate battle that
would send shockwaves through the political corridors of Europe, excite the
world's financial markets, enrich thirty hedge funds and transform the
global steel industry. In 2006, the two largest steel-producers went head
to head in a bitter battle for total market domination. Lakshmi Mittal, a
Calcutta-born industrialist who had raised himself up from humble
beginnings to become the world's fourth-richest man, proposes a friendly
merger with rival Arcelor, a pan-European company whose interested parties
include the governments of Spain, Luxembourg and Belgium. Arcelor's
mercurial CEO, Frenchman Guy Dolle, firmly refuses, and the scene is set
for a massive hostile takeover involving billions of dollars of finance,
government and shareholder manoeuvring, and accusations of jingoism and
double-dealing. Fast-paced and electrifying.

"Bangladeshi" Mohammedans persecuting Hindus in Assam

Those precious Bangladeshi Mohammedans again, doing what they always do, butchering Hindus. Right in the middle of a global food crisis and inflation in the prices of essential commodities, Man(?)Mohan Singh donates 50,000 tonnes of Rice, 30,000 tonnes of Wheat plus $50 million to the SOUTH ASIA comrades that the psec imagination is infatuated with.

All that on top of Lallu Yadav's very first action as Union Railway Minister, i.e. to legalise smuggling of cattle on Indian Railway freight wagons for consumption by the perpetually hungry "Bangladeshis". Looks like the UPA psec scum bags are very determined to supply all the ingredients for a Mohammedan Biryani feeding frenzy across the border in East Pakistan.

So, how do those gentle and compassionate Bangladeshi Mohammedans respond to the dhimmi UPA's excessive and unwarranted generosity? Why, by waging demographic warfare against the Indian nation, of course! Assam is practically lost to the nation due to the dhimmitude of the Kaangress over several decades. Apparently, the Bangladeshi Mohammedan illegal population in Assam has reached critical mass - They decide election results in several constituencies and are coalition partners in the KKKanngress state regime. Therefore, they're indulging in unchecked killing and rape of Assamese Hindus, encroachment and desecration of Hindu temples.

They're clearly emboldened by the fact that the repositories of Ahom identity,
the AASU (All Assam Students Union) and the separatist group ULFA have been co-opted into the grand design of Islamisation of Assam. (KKKangress and psec AGP were bought over years ago)

ULFA will massacre innocent Bihari labourers and other Hindi speaking people, but not lift their little fingers to defend native Assamese Hindus from those rapacious "Bangladeshis". Rather like the unwillingness of the LTTE's loonie bin Christist ideologues to get involved when Ethnic Tamil Hindus are oppressed by Malaysian Jihadis, don't you think?.

I don't blame the Bangladeshi illegals at all. They are merely putting into action all their intrinsic barbarian characteristics and the Jihadi doctrine inculcated in them ever since Mohammedan butcher "KALA PAHAR" carried out his initial implementation of the Arabization of East Bengal. The first Mohammedan incursions into Assam were beaten back with heavy casualties by the courageous Hindu resistance under LACHIT BARPHUKAN. But, the Mohammedan demographic warfare has continued over the centuries, assisted at various points in time by such Mohammedan darlings of the Indian pseudo-liberals as Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed and Hussain Shaheen Suhrawardy, the latter two it must be noted - were bosom friends of "Mahatma" Gandhi.

Wikipedia entry about an important Vaishnava place of pilgrimage in Assam:

"Madan Kamdev, at 35 km from the city of Guwahati is an important archeological site with ancient ruins of temples and other structures.

Hajo and the sacred place of Hayagriba Madhava are two important religious places both for the Hindus and the Buddhists. One of the temples, which is known as the Haygriba Madhava temple is a Bishnu temple for the Hindus and at the same time an important shrine for the Tibetan Buddhists. The Buddhists believe that the Buddha attained nirvana at this place. The temple was destroyed by Kalapahar and was rebuilt by the Koch king Raghudev in 1543. Another temple in proximity was built by the Ahom king Pramatta Singha, where 'doul' - a grand religious festival is celebrated every year. There is a large pond with a giant turtle close to the temple. Puwa Macca in Hajo is an important religious place for Muslims with a mosque built in 1657 during the time of Mughal's invasion."

From Siva:

It's unbelievable that illegal aliens can commit such an atrocity and the state does nothing. Is there an end to Islamic barbarism and Congress' traitorous behavior for sake of few votes? Please place it on the main page and pass this around so that this news reaches the right people and some action is taken to push these barbarians back to where they belong.

Bangladeshis pose a threat to Vaishnavas
Wednesday, May 21, 2008 (Guwahati)

Illegal Bangladeshi migrants in Assam were encroaching land of nearly 900 Vaishnava monasteries across the state threatening the existence and safety of the people there, a former director general of museums claimed.

The 16th century monasteries set up with land provided by the Ahom and Koch kings now had most of their huge estates encroached upon by the migrants resorting to forcible taking away of idols and valuable antiquities, dacoity, molestation and other criminal activities, said former director general of museums Rabin Choudhury.

He added that even some religious heads had been killed by them who has been engaged in the protection work of the monasteries since 1984.

Quoting a report, he said that about 32 monasteries land were under encroachment threatening the past glory of these Vaishnava institutions of culture, literature, music and religion.
In another judgement of the Board of Revenue, Choudhury said that land belonging to a particular religious institution and people belonging to another religion cannot encroach upon people belonging to other religions.

Despite this, he asserted that the government ignoring all these directions was yet to take any measures or issue instructions for the monasteries protection.

Himalaya Convener Shiladitya Dev also asserted that recently some churches had been built on monasteries land in the world's largest river island and Vaishnavite centre Majuli in Jorhat district

Thursday, May 22, 2008

NDA shone in comparison

may 22nd, 2008

the UPA is a do-nothing government with an embarrassing invertebrate as 'leader'. see this nytimes article for the kind of damage a knock-kneed person can cause to the country as he is browbeaten by other, smarter, more aggressive foes.

incidentally this article shows yet again how obama is a fraud. but i will instantly become an obama fan and campaign as vigorously for him as possible if mccain chooses -- perish the thought -- that white wanna-be rice christist bobby jindal as his VP candidate. i will choose the devil over the deep sea, because obama doesn't necessarily have a big beef against india (unless my conjecture is right and he's a manchurian candidate for the mohammedans and the chinese).

but jindal will almost certainly launch a nuclear strike against india either a) to *prove* finally that he is not at all indian, b) to help the christist goal of having the christist north-east secede. he is an extreme opportunist, although most converts are opportunists he stands out. he figured out early on that he couldn't change his race, so his best bet to be a successful politician was to become a bubba and a vigorous and extreme one at that.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Sush

NDA shone in comparison

By Ajoy Bose

Op-ed – May 22, 2008


As the Congress-led UPA crosses the four-year mark, it finds itself weighed down by confusion and a diminished Prime Minister. Lack of firm policy at home and abroad, coupled with skyrocketing prices and a faltering economy, make the Government look rudderless and irresolute


As the United Progressive Alliance Government celebrates its fourth anniversary, it is interesting to compare the current mood in the corridors of power with that prevailing after the previous National Democratic Alliance regime had completed four years in power. Indeed, the contrast is palpable. While the NDA appeared to be brimming with self-confidence, led by a larger-than-life Prime Minister, the UPA looks exactly the opposite -- a confused Government with a visibly diminished leader.


The Vajpayee Government as it entered its last lap was hailed by large sections of the media as sitting pretty on both the domestic and foreign policy fronts. India seemed poised for rapid industrialisation, fuelled by closer relations between the NDA regime and both global powers, the US and China. Official clout was decisively wielded by the chief prime ministerial aide, Mr Brajesh Mishra, even as the two main stalwarts in power, Mr Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Mr LK Advani, were, or at least appeared to be, on the same page after several years.


Compare this with the daily media bashing of the Manmohan Singh Government for its lack of direction in both domestic and foreign policy-making. Spiralling prices and an economic slowdown have gone hand-in-hand with the bottom falling out of the India-US nuclear deal and a tentative blow-hot-blow-cold relationship with China. To compound the dismal image of the present regime, the Prime Minister and his close aides appear demoralised and weakened amid internecine warfare within the Congress.


The other interesting contrast between the NDA and the UPA at the four-year mark is the relative difficulty or ease with which they negotiated their initial years in power. Mr Vajpyaee and the NDA were besieged by a sea of troubles that ranged from the Kandahar surrender to the terrorist attack on Parliament to the Gujarat riots -- a series of crises that rocked the first few years of the previous regime. Compared to the NDA, the Manmohan Singh Government sailed through its first three years with barely a serious crisis.


Not surprisingly, the NDA looked even better as it seemed to dramatically improve its position from its earlier instability as the five-year Lok Sabha term drew to a close. The reverse is true for the UPA whose sudden descent into political uncertainty and lack of direction from a fairly peaceful first three years in office has made Mr Singh look that much more fragile.


This is no longer just a matter of media projection but what the political protagonists themselves believe. After all, such was the self-confidence of the NDA that it advanced the Lok Sabha poll to take advantage of what it thought was a groundswell of public support for Mr Vajpayee. On the other hand, the UPA is not even properly celebrating the fourth anniversary of its Government and indications are that it will hold the next general election only at the very end of its full term.


It is also difficult to forget the electoral boost to the BJP just after the NDA completed four years in power, compared to the series of electoral setbacks suffered by the Congress this year. At the end of 2003, the BJP swept to power in Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan, ousting Congress Governments in these key north Indian States. In contrast, the Congress has suffered a series of poll debacles over the past year in Gujarat, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand. A question mark hangs over the party's prospects even in the old Congress bastion of Karnataka where it should normally have been the front-runner in the aftermath of the ignominious collapse of the BJP-Janata Dal (S) alliance that has forced an early poll.


Having drawn the above comparison between the mood within the NDA and the UPA at the four-year mark, it needs to be pointed out what did happen in the 2004 Lok Sabha election despite the euphoria that preceded the poll. Indeed, the celebrations by the NDA were short-lived and its slogans of 'India Shining' and 'Feel Good Factor' describing the up-beat mood in the ruling coalition only made the electoral defeat that followed all the more unpalatable. As a matter of fact, the collapse of the BJP-led coalition, which had felt so good about itself after four years in power, has almost become a permanent warning signal for political parties in this country not to start counting their chickens before they are hatched.


The electoral outcome of 2004 underlined some important paradigms of politics in India today. It showed that the surface stability of a Government or the authority of a leader can hide the undercurrent of popular sentiment that can sweep both aside. The defeat of the NDA was also a result of the loss of key allies of the BJP like the DMK, the BSP and Mr Ram Vilas Paswan's LJP, ironically caused by a sense of over-confidence in the ruling party. Most important, it underlined the perils of believing media hype about the supposed popularity or unpopularity of a regime.


Congress apologists may point at the downfall of the NDA at the final hurdle after looking invincible at the penultimate one and claim that their party will traverse the opposite path from a position of gloom and doom to ultimate success. But they will do so at their own risk. For although there are many reasons for the NDA to have fallen on its face despite feeling cock-a-hoop at the four-year mark, none of them remotely helps the Congress to retrieve itself from its present hopeless situation.


The Congress would have to be very desperate indeed to genuinely believe that things are looking so bleak at the moment, they can only get better by the time the Lok Sabha election is held.