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Bigot Arun Gandhi Forced to Quit fake MK Gandhi Institute of Non-Violence for Anti Semitic remarks

jan 31st, 2008

more on why the 'gandhi' name has now been hijacked by scoundrels and free-loaders. some of them are making very effective use of the name.

this arun is not only a bigot, but he is also stupid. he should have known better than to take on the jews. they are organized and effective; unlike the poor brainwashed hindus.

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Not Gandhian, or is it?

Ramesh N Rao

Mahatma Gandhi sired four sons, and his family history has become as
rich and complex as any fable in Hindu mythology and may be more
colourful and mixed than any post-modernist parable. Some in the
family have leveraged the Mahatma's name to carve out a career for
themselves, and of them, one grandson, Mr Arun Gandhi, came to the
United States to launch his programme of non-violence. He founded the
MK Gandhi Institute For Non-violence.

Mr Arun Gandhi was recently in the news. Invited by The Washington
Post to contribute to an online discussion, 'On Faith', he wrote,
"Jewish identity in the past has been locked into the holocaust
experience -- a German burden that the Jews have not been able to
shed. It is a very good example of how a community can overplay a
historic experience to the point that it begins to repulse friends."

Not content with that initial salvo, he asserted that the "Jewish
identity in the future appears bleak", and any nation that "remains
anchored to the past is unable to move ahead and, especially a nation
that believes its survival can only be ensured by weapons and bombs".
Finally, he went overboard, saying that "Israel and the Jews are the
biggest players" in the modern "culture of violence".

More than 400 responses flooded the newspaper. Mr Gandhi wrote a
half-hearted apology, poorly worded. He wrote that he had criticised
other Governments too and so his criticism of the Israeli Government
was not special. He then speciously commented that "... (if) people
hold on to historic grievances too firmly it can lead to bitterness
and the loss of support from those who would be friends".

He did not tell his readers why he had singled out Jews. Don't Muslims
all over the world hold historic grievances, not just against the
Jews, but also against many other groups? And is not the continuing
violence in West Asia based on a concerted effort by surrounding
Muslim nations that have vowed to wipe Israel off the map of the

Given the tepid and defensive "apology", readers wrote back even more
angrily. Mr Abraham Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League said, "I
think it's shameful that a peace institute would be headed up by a
bigot... One would hope that the grandson of such an illustrious human
being would be more sensitive to Jewish history." Mr Judea Pearl,
father of slain journalist Daniel Pearl, said, "My son Daniel died
mighty proud of his Jewish identity. He, like the millions of decent
and peace-seeking Israelis, and Americans who proudly carry on their
Jewish heritage, did not see his identity as 'dependent on violence'
as the title of Gandhi's article implies...".

Soon, Mr Gandhi submitted his resignation as president of the MK
Gandhi Institute of Non-Violence. Given the incendiary nature of the
flap, the University of Rochester, where the institute is located,
accepted his resignation.

This brings us to the more important question about Mr Gandhi, which
others have not asked: Was his blog entry an aberration, a single
instance of misjudgement and analysis, or was this part of an ongoing
pattern of selective attacks and selective support to religious

The Mahatma had advised Jews, when they faced extinction at the hands
of the Nazis, "... to lay down the arms you have... You will invite
Herr Hitler and Signor Mussolini to take what they want of the
countries you call your possessions...". Louis Fisher, Gandhi's
biographer, asked him: "You mean that the Jews should have committed
collective suicide?" Gandhi responded, "Yes, that would have been
heroism." May be, his grandson wants the same.

The Mahatma was consistent in his advice to Hindus, too. When faced
with violence perpetrated by Muslims, he asked them to not fight back
but die "honourably". Many Hindus succumbed to the Mahatma's advice,
and hundreds of thousands of Hindus were killed, raped and assaulted,
over a period of three decades that the Mahatma's writ ran over India.

Gandhi never advised Muslims to lay down their arms. He sang, "Ishwar,
Allah tere naam" but did not acknowledge that Muslims would never
accept Allah be called anything but Allah. He did not ask Muslims to
look into their hearts and find why they so hated their Hindu
neighbours and fellow countrymen.

In an essay I had raised the question as to what would have happened
had the Mahatma not backed Jawaharlal Nehru to become India's first
Prime Minister instead of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. Drawing from Durga
Das' book, India from Curzon to Nehru and After, to point out how the
Mahatma manipulated India's leaders and masses to do his bidding, it
would not be incorrect to suggest that the Mahatma's support to the
Khilafat movement led to the massacre of thousands of Hindus and the
rape of hundreds of Hindu women in what is known as the Moplah

Responding to that essay, Mr Arun Gandhi wrote that the "Moplah
rebellion" had nothing to do with the Khilafat movement, and that
Gandhi's support of Nehru was because he wanted to "encourage young
blood in a party dominated by old people"! Mr Gandhi concluded his
rather wayward response by saying that if his grandfather had not
returned to India from South Africa in 1915, the Congress would have
continued to be a "country club," and that the Hindu Mahasabha and the
RSS "...could have mobilised people into a civil war against Muslims
to teach that Hindustan is for Hindus and they better behave...",
forgetting that before the Mahatma there were great Congressmen like
Gopal Krishna Gokhale and Bal Gangadhar Tilak who had both indigenised
the Congress and made it a people's party.

Mr Gandhi later acknowledged a connection between the Khilafat
Movement and the Moplah Massacre. "But history is not often an
accurate recording of events," he complained, and launched a tirade
against the RSS. I had said nothing about the RSS in my essay, but Mr
Gandhi raised the spectre of a Hindu extremist group that would
ethnically cleanse Muslims out of India. He also accused the 1940s
bureaucrats and politicians of India of collusion in the assassination
of his grandfather.

It is, therefore, not surprising that this loose-lipped Gandhi scion
would pen something so obnoxious as he did for The Washington Post.
But the disciplined Jews would not take this lying down, and Mr Gandhi
has had to resign in shame.

Mr Gandhi's many cousins, nephews, uncles and aunts have succumbed to
the lore and lure of their famous ancestor. In fact, his son, Mr
Tushar Gandhi, too wags a similar loose tongue, and poses as a
'secular, progressive' person. Meanwhile, the Mahatma's grandson
follows in his grandfather's footsteps, blinkered about political and
religious dynamics. But he lacks the Mahatma's charisma.

-- Prof Rao is Chair of the Department of Communication Studies and
Theatre at Longwood University, USA

Hyderabad: Majlis Ittehadul Muslimeen (MIM) drives our minister

jan 31st, 2008

another mini-pakistan in india. soon they'll be imposing taliban rules in the old city of hyderabad.

why isn't samuel reddy complaining?

that was a rhetorical question. we know the answer: it's because sonia is terrified that the mohammedans will slaughter her and her brat.

inescapable conclusion: if hindus also start getting violent, they will get a lot more respect. non-violence is for the birds, clearly, gandhi notwithstanding.

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Peaceful Islam at work here.,%20drives%20out%20minister

Hyderabad, Jan 30: The civil supplies minister, Mr K. Venkata Krishna Reddy, was literally driven out of the old city by workers of the Majlis Ittehadul Muslimeen on Wednesday and was arrogantly snubbed by its leaders. The shaken minister was left apologising to the Owaisis. Mr Krishna Reddy's embarrassing experience made it evident that the MIM's writ runs in the old city and the ruling party can do nothing about it.

The minister had reached the old city to conduct surprise checks on fair price shops. However, as soon as he stepped into Talabkatta along with the legal meteorology controller, Ms Tejdeep Kaur, other officials and mediapersons, he was surrounded by fair price shop dealers and local MIM workers. The MIM workers obstructed the convoy and started pushing the minister back, raising slogans against him. They told him that he could not visit the locality without prior permission from the local legislator, Mr Akbaruddin Owaisi.

Though Mr Krishna Reddy tried to explain the reason for his visit, the mob was not willing to listen and asked him to leave the place. The minister then called up Mr Owaisi. It was evident that the MLA blasted him over the phone since all that the minister could say in reply was: "yes..., sorry..., sorry...." Then Mr Krishna Reddy turned his convoy to Darussalam, the MIM headquarters, to meet the party's leaders.

When mediapersons asked the minister about the change of plan, he said that Mr Owaisi had invited him for tea. However, the Owaisis were not present at Darussalam. The MIM legislators, Mr Maqtada Khan, Mr Mumtaz Khan and Mr Moazam Khan, remained seated on their chairs did not even welcome Mr Krishna Reddy. "Why did you visit the old city without informing us," they asked him. "What are you doing here?"

Looking sheepish, the minister tried to talk about his friendly ties with the Owaisi family for decades. "Mr Akbaruddin Owaisi invited me over for tea," he said. However, the MLAs cryptically replied that Mr Akbaruddin Owaisi had already left and that Salar — Sultan Salahuddin Owaisi — was not available. The minister then requested for a glass of water, drank it and left the premises. While returning, he also faced a round of sharp criticism from mediapersons who were angry with the minister rushing them to the MIM office.

Australia to Apologize to Aborigines

jan 31st, 2008

and these are the people waxing all indignant about an alleged racist taunt. aussies have been among the worst racists in the world. good question to ask them: how come there are no aborigines in the cricket team? they had to import a semi-black guy from abroad, why? the *only* aboriginal sportsperson i can remember from australia ever was yvonne goolagong. so that means there's massive, systemic discrimination against aborigines. i mean, even pakistan has one oppressed hindu in their cricket team, and sri lanka has one oppressed tamil, but australia has no aborigine. and this is in a sports-mad country.

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To atone for their sins and to say sorry for their hideous crimes, the White man should give the land back to the Aborigines...
Australia to Apologize to Aborigines
Published: January 31, 2008

SYDNEY, Australia — The new Australian government of Prime Minister Kevin Rudd will apologize for past mistreatment of the country's Aboriginal minority when Parliament convenes next month, addressing an issue that has blighted race relations in Australia for years.

In a measure of the importance Mr. Rudd attaches to the issue, the apology will be the first item of business for the new government when Parliament first convenes on Feb. 13, Jenny Macklin, the federal minister for indigenous affairs, said Wednesday.

Ms. Macklin said she had consulted widely with Aboriginal leaders, but it was still not clear what form the apology would take. However, she said the government would not bow to longstanding demands for a fund to compensate those damaged by the policies of past governments.

The history of relations between Australia's Aboriginal population and the broader population is one of brutality and neglect. Tens of thousands of Aboriginals died from disease, warfare and dispossession in the years after European settlement, and it was not until 1962 that they were able to vote in national elections.

But the most lasting damage was done by the policy of removing Aboriginal children and placing them either with white families or in state institutions as part of a drive to assimilate them with the white population.

A comprehensive 1997 report estimates that between one in three and one in 10 Aboriginal children, the so-called stolen generations, were taken from their homes and families in the century until the policy was formally abandoned in 1969.

"A national apology to the stolen generations and their families is a first, necessary step to move forward from the past," Ms. Macklin said.

"The apology will be made on behalf of the Australian government and does not attribute guilt to the current generation of Australian people," she said.

Marcia Langton, professor of Australian indigenous studies at the University of Melbourne, said the apology was a good first step, but she added that it was hard to see where the government's program would go from there.

"There can't be any next step without a compensation fund," Ms. Langton, who is also one of Australia's most prominent Aboriginal advocates, said Wednesday.

She said she suspected that the apology was aimed more at pleasing the core voter base of Mr. Rudd's Labor Party than Aboriginal people themselves.

"It's difficult not to be cynical," said Ms. Langton.

The previous government of Prime Minister John Howard, which was convincingly beaten in elections last November, had refused to apologize to the Aboriginal community for past wrongs.

"There are millions of Australians who will never entertain an apology because they don't believe that there is anything to apologize for," Mr. Howard told a local radio station last year.

"They are sorry for past mistreatment but that is different from assuming responsibility for it," he said.

Many of Mr. Howard's critics believed that he was unwilling to apologize because it would open the flood gates to potentially massive claims for compensation.

Ms. Langton estimated that some 13,000 members of the stolen generations still survive.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders make up some 2.5 percent of the overall population, but many eke out an existence on the margins of society.

Life expectancy for Aboriginal people is 17 years lower than the rest of the country; they are 13 times more likely to be incarcerated; three times more likely to be unemployed; and twice as likely to be victims of violence or threatened violence.

Successive governments have been wary of intervening in Aboriginal affairs, and many blame policies implemented in the 1970s as part of a drive to empower indigenous Australians for further marginalizing them.

The permit system, which bars outsiders from visiting Aboriginal communities without the permission of community leaders, has come in for particular criticism. It was designed to preserve indigenous culture, but critics say it has created ghettos and is partially responsible for an environment in many communities where alcoholism, violence and child abuse have become endemic.

A report issued by the government of the Northern Territory last year uncovered widespread evidence of child neglect and sexual abuse. The report triggered a wide-ranging and controversial intervention by the Howard government in the territory, which included removing the permit system from the Northern Territory and mandating that half of welfare payments could only be spent on food.

The Rudd government has committed itself to reviewing the intervention, but it has yet to come up with a comprehensive plan. Many indigenous Australians are distrustful of government interference in their lives, and although the plan for an apology has been broadly welcomed as an important symbolic step, designing acceptable practical measures will be more difficult.

why are we not surprised?: St Stephen's College row: Thampu's appointment illegal

jan 31st, 2008

(kapidhwaja, sorry am posting this repeating your post. this got stuck in my outbox.)

yet another fraudulent christist. it comes naturally to them after all the hoaxes they absorb as though with mother's milk.

i wonder why that prize patsy/catspaw swami agnivesh has nothing to say about his erstwhile pal showing himself to be a worthy godman, lying and cheating.

lo, jesus christ would be merciful (if only he actually existed). see how thampu and pals have kindly created yet another 'miracle' in support of jesus' magical powers? i wonder when ratzy will give thampu a fast-track 'beatification' considering that the PhD appeared in the mail in the nick of time. a true miracle, indeed! thomas, he of the two skeletons, should be jealous.

i love the degree in theology from an agricultural college. what, valson thampu has extended the christist padre practice of buggering children to buggering farmyard animals? lo, that would be truly miraculous, and would save the church lots of money as these animals cannot talk.

quick, ratzy, get thampu a job at the vatican (although he may, like tommasso of the wide stance, get himself into trouble too).

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St Stephen's College row: Thampu's appointment illegal
Parikshit Luthra / CNN-IBN

Published on Wed, Jan 30, 2008 at 23:23, Updated at Thu, Jan 31, 2008 in Nation section

DU ROW: Delhi University has declared Thampu's appointment illegal in an affidavit.

New Delhi: Delhi University has more than its fair share of controversies and the latest one is over the appointment of Reverend Valsan Thampu as OSD of St Stephen's College for it is now becoming increasingly clear that Thampu's appointment is illegal on all counts.

Valson Thampu has been in the news ever since he took over as OSD on the May 9, 2007.

The legality of Valsan Thampu's appointment as Officer on Special Duty at St Stephen's college in Delhi was questioned right from the first day.

However, a can of worms opened up soon after a petition was filed in the National Commission for Minority Educational Institutions.

In an affidavit before the Commission, the Delhi University declared Thampu's appointment as illegal.

"University ordinances seek PhD degree. The qualifications of OSD should be the same as that are for the principal," said Delhi University's Vice-Chancellor, Deepak Pental.

In order to authenticate his appointment and become eligible for the post of principal, Rev Thampu needed a PhD degree.

According to the Delhi University Teacher's Association he did not have a PhD till November 2007.

CNN-IBN learnt that he obtained a degree next month from Allahabad Agricultural University, but in Theology, which is not recognised by the UGC.

A spokesperson from the Allahabad Agricultural Institute (deemed Univeristy) said, "Dr Thampu – Rev Thampu – who was the principal of St Stephen's College in Delhi, he has also completed (a degree)."

Meanwhile, Rev Thampu has allegedly been threatening all those who have dared to question his authority.

Two teachers of the history department have been given a show-cause notice.

The DUTA is now urging the vice chancellor to take prompt action and want an independent inquiry to take place.

Sethusamudram poses a security threat: Coast Guard

From the article,

..Director General of the Coast Guard on Thursday said that the project poses a security threat to the country...

...the project was economically unviable as both the Navy and international shipping agencies would not be able to use the canal. The project, if it becomes operational, would incur a loss of Rs 3,000 crore every year, he claimed...

Christist Valson Thampu in a spot of trouble with his fake PhD degree

The resentment of St Stephen's College teachers against Officer on Special Duty (OSD) Reverend Valson Thampu went public on Monday. Some teachers of the College, led by the Delhi University Teachers Association (DUTA) leaders, held a Press conference demanding immediate removal of Thampu and an independent inquiry by DU into the procurement of PhD degree by him. The DUTA came down heavily on continuation of Thampu as the OSD and announced to go on a dharna from Tuesday.


ISI hires Dawood to kill Advani, Modi

jan 30th, 2006

very 'secular' of them. the kkkangress would approve, as noted by y below.

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ISI hires Dawood to kill Advani, Modi
January 30, 2008
Security around senior Bharatiya Janata Party leader L K Advani and Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi [Images] was reviewed on Tuesday following intelligence inputs that global terrorist Dawood Ibrahim [Images] has been asked by Pakistan's Inter Services Intelligence to assassinate them.
The inputs to central agencies have come from various sources indicating that Dawood had been approached by ISI to carry out the plot, sources said.
Immediately after receiving the inputs, the review of security of Advani, who is a 'Z-plus' protectee was done, and was found the arrangements satisfactory.
The Centre also sent an advisory to Gujarat government for taking necessary steps to beef up the security of Modi who also enjoys Z-plus category security.
The intelligence inputs suggested that Dawood, who has been designated by the US as a global terrorist having links with the Al Qaeda, had been roped in after several sleeper cells of various terror groups failed to execute the plan.

P.S. And Congress sure wants Modi and Advani out anyway.

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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The myth of Mahatma Gandhi

jan 30th, 2008

they say that you must never eat at a place called 'mother's'.

or play poker with a guy named 'doc'.

add to that: don't trust anybody named gandhi. with the nehru dynasty and the mainos taking over the name, and with parasites like arun gandhi making hay out of it, the name has become something to beware of. this, of course, assuming that mohandas k. was the god we have all been told he is. arvind does puncture that saintly image a bit, i guess.

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The myth of Mahatma Gandhi
Tuesday, 29 January , 2008, 23:31

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Missionary Impossible - Lessons for Hindus

jan 30th, 2008

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Missionary Impossible


Most Christian denominations, including Roman Catholic and Orthodox churches and most mainline Protestant groups, such as the United Church, no longer have programs to convert Jews. On the other hand, Evangelical Protestants, who now number over 75 million in North America, devote more than $250 million per year and a tremendous amount of energy to promote their faith among Jews. These Evangelicals fund over 900 different ministries in North America alone, that specifically target the Jewish community for conversion. Jews for Jesus is the largest and best-known of these groups.


Why do Evangelical Christians seek toconvert us?


Evangelicals assert that the only way to have a relationship with G-d is by embracing Jesus. They

feel driven to "save" all non-Christians who they believe will be doomed to an eternity in hell unless they convert.


Jews for Jesus and similar groups claim to be Jews who have come to believe in



Actually, many members of groups like Jews for Jesus and even their leadership are gentiles. They are not and have never been Jews.


They claim that it is "Jewish" to believe in Jesus and that Jews can retain their

Jewish identity even after becoming Christians.


Regardless of their superficial attempts to appear Jewish, "Jews for Jesus" is an oxymoron and a

theological contradiction. Putting on skullcaps or sprinkling their conversations with Hebrew or Yiddish expressions doesn't change the fact that they are following a religion that is not Jewish! A Jew who converts to Christianity is like a vegetarian who begins to eat meat. Even if he continues to eat vegetables, his diet can no longer be considered vegetarian.


But isn't it true that Evangelical Christians are very supportive of Israel?


Yes. Many Evangelicals are lending important political and financial support to the State of

Israel. However, most of them also engage in, or support, efforts to convert Jews.


Are these missionary groups really a serious threat?


Yes. Unfortunately, these groups have become increasingly successful. Of the

1.4 million Jews who have converted more than 275,000 Jews have been converted by these deceptive and aggressive groups.


More at:


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

christism defined

jan 29th, 2008

reminds me of what a harijan friend of mine told me. some evangelical maniac female, not even a white missionary type but some garden variety varghese or kurian or something, asked him how he could worship that horrible kali with a garland of skulls around her, dancing the dance of death.

he thought about it for a moment and told her, "yes, i admit i am a savage. but why do you civilized christists worship the mutilated corpse of a dead arab stuck on a stick?"

her jaw dropped, and she stammered, "but, but... the cross is a symbol..!!"

so he said, "well, then, kali is also a symbol."

she never bothered to evangelize him again after that. moral of the story: she who lives in glass houses, etc. and this is a true story of what happened in trivandrum.

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From: Sushama

malayalam actor gopi passes away: he was on par with the greats like brando and gielgud

jan 29th, 2008

'bharat' gopi was one of the best actors in the world. very few actors in bollywood come anywhere near him, i am sorry to say. perhaps sanjeev kumar did.

just two incandescent, scintillating performances made gopi one of the best actors around.

one, as shobha warrier describes below, as the carefree, thoughtless, child-man in Kodiyettam (The Ascent), a gem of a film by adoor gopalakrishnan; but shobha, alas, doesn't talk about how he grows into a responsible person over time as he observes his boss, a truck driver, deals with his family and his er... wives (he had several, one in each town :-)

and that is the kodiyettam, the ascent, or literally, the flag-hoisting -- in the end, he returns, a mature, full man, ready to take care of his long-suffering wife and to start a family of his own. in the backdrop is a great temple festival, with its fireworks.

there is a remarkable scene in which he goes to 'see' his bride-to-be; but all he's interested in is stuffing his face with relish, not in the woman. and indeed, there is a lot of eating in this film. at the time adoor defended it by saying how eating and loving were perhaps the most elemental and universal of human acts. i also liked the film a lot because of the regional accents and the location of the film -- near my ancestral village in central travancore.

and then there is Chidambaram; a masterpiece by g aravindan, in which the guilt-stricken gopi flees from his high-ranges cattle station, at matuppetti on the kerala-tamil nadu border. there he had become involved with the wife of one of his employees -- they are played by smita patil and srinivasan. the enraged srinivasan hacks smita to death; the guilt-wracked gopi flees, mortifying his flesh, in a death-wish induced state of unconcern for himself. he drags his carcass from whorehouse to tavern and finally ends up at the great temple at chidambaram. where he finds, scarred as though by a sickle, smita patil as the woman who minds the footwear. but is it really her, or is he hallucinating? is it a sign from god that he has suffered enough?

i don't think there has been a better exploration of crime and punishment in indian cinema. and it was based on a brilliant short story by C V Sreeraman, who passed away about two months ago. it was gloriously shot by master cinematographer shaji n karun, and there is one particularly magnificent tracking shot of the fleeing gopi that i still remember vividly after 20 years.

just these two performances (one with each of the best-ever film-makers in malayalam, aravindan and adoor), were enough to raise gopi to the stature of a world-class actor. of course, he did much more. i didn't know about his stroke and his book on cinema.

there is one more under-rated, world-class actor in malayalam -- tilakan. he reminds me of gene hackman -- the consummate character actor, physically nothing to look at, but a wizard once he puts on the grease-paint.

godspeed, bharat gopi!

Monday, January 28, 2008

India pays for Nehru's folly

jan 29th, 2008

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From: Sushama

India pays for Nehru's folly 


by A Surya Prakash

Edit page daily – January 29, 2008


Republic Day is a day of celebration, but it also has its poignant moments, especially when the President confers gallantry awards on brave soldiers who lay down their lives in the line of duty. Often those who are honoured are young men in uniform who make the supreme sacrifice while pushing back militants trained in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir and sent into Jammu & Kashmir to indulge in murder and mayhem. While we salute the latest batch of martyrs, we need to reflect on the events that led to Pakistan occupying one-third of the State and setting up the base to carry on a relentless proxy war against us.


One such event, which has cost the nation dear, was India's fateful decision to complain to the United Nations when Pakistan invaded Jammu & Kashmir in October 1947. Two books that have hit the stands in recent weeks throw fresh light on this historic blunder committed by India's first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. While leaders like Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, the then Home Minister, wanted firm and swift military action to throw out the invaders, Nehru's pusillanimity led him to beseech the world body and later to meekly submit to the UN Security Council's advice to end military action. The ceasefire, ordered by Nehru, prevented the Indian Army from completely regaining the lost territory and was instrumental in the creation of a geographical entity that is known the world over as Pakistan-occupied Kashmir.


The fact that Nehru's moves vis-à-vis Kashmir caused much disappointment and even anger among political leaders and Army commanders is reinforced by new evidence available in Air Marshal (rtd) KC Cariappa's eponymous biography of his father Field Marshal KM Cariappa, India's most distinguished soldier, and Prof Makkhan Lal's Secular Politics, Communal Agenda -- A history of Politics in India from 1860 to 1953, the first in a three-part series that covers events up to 2007.


According to Air Marshal Cariappa, the Government went against the advice of both military commanders who were directly involved in the operations: "Father was then the General Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Western Command, and Maj Gen Thimayya was the operational commander. They were convinced that capture of Muzzafarabad, now the capital of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, was imminent. The Army, however, was ordered to suspend all offensive operations with effect from January1, 1949 even though the enemy continued fighting." Field Marshal Cariappa had later said that the Army had its 'tail up' and was "confident of clearing most of Kashmir and re-investing Gilgit". But orders were received to cease fire. "He ( Field Marshal Cariappa) said the Army was very disappointed by the decision, but orders were orders."


This has been corroborated by other sources as well. For example, long years ago S Nijalingappa, former President of the Congress, had told this writer of his chance meeting with Maj Gen Thimmayya at Teen Murti Bhavan, the official residence of the Prime Minister, around the time Nehru was contemplating a ceasefire. According to Nijalingappa, the General told Nehru that the Army needed two weeks more to regain lost territory but the Prime Minister was adamant. The General found Nehru's attitude inexplicable. He left Teen Murti Bhavan in disgust.


Air Marshal Cariappa also reproduces Lt Gen SM Shrinagesh's comment on the Jammu & Kashmir fiasco. According to him, "Lt Gen Cariappa was ordered not to carry out offensive operations which would threaten Pakistan's security" and the air force was told not to attack vital bridges used by Pakistan! "The language which the RIAF used on receiving these instructions had to be heard to be believed."


Air Marshal Cariappa says a few years hence his father asked Nehru the reason for the ceasefire. Nehru, on hindsight, conceded that the ceasefire order ought to have been delayed. He reportedly told Cariappa, "Quite frankly, looking back on it now, I think we should have given you a few more days, ten or fifteen days more. Things would have been different."


Many of Nehru's colleagues in Government were also distressed by the complaint to the UN and all that followed. This included Sardar Patel, BR Ambedkar and several others.


In his book, Prof Makkhan Lal says that though Pakistan invaded Jammu & Kashmir on October 22, 1947, Nehru had information in September about Pakistan's aggressive designs but did not initiate any pre-emptive action. Prof Lal says that but for Sardar Patel's decisive action (getting the Maharaja to sign the Instrument of Accession and air-lifting troops to Srinagar in the early hours of October 27), India would have lost Jammu & Kashmir forever.


This view is reinforced by the reminiscences of VP Menon, who was then Secretary in the States Department, and NV Gadgil, a Minister in the Nehru Cabinet. Prof Lal quotes Gadgil as having said, "I am afraid Nehru is responsible for the prolongation of the problem through his willingness to compromise at every stage... Had Vallabhbhai been the man to handle the Kashmir question, he would have settled it long ago. At least, he would never have settled with a partial control of Jammu & Kashmir. He would have occupied the whole of the State and would never have allowed it to be elevated to international importance."


As we grieve with the families of those brave soldiers who lay down their lives defending India's territorial integrity, we need to ask ourselves as to what we need to do to put an end to this constant bleeding that Pakistan is subjecting us to. We can make a beginning by getting to the truth about Jammu & Kashmir. In order to do this, we must trash the mythology that prevails about Nehru's infallibility and greatness. We must also firmly reject attempts by historians patronised by the Nehru-Gandhi family to dwarf the contribution of Sardar Patel, Ambedkar, Field Marshal Cariappa, Gen Thimmayya, VP Menon and others, in their effort to sustain the myths they have created about Nehru. 


While chronicling the integration of 554 princely states to form the Indian Union, Menon had said that since the time of Mahmud Ghazni, for eight centuries India has been subjected to periodical invasions from the North-West. Ghazni led 17 of these incursions. Keeping up this tradition, the very first act of the new state of Pakistan was to launch an invasion from the North-West.


Yet, Nehru, much against the advice of military commanders, allowed Pakistan to retain part of the looted territory, thereby jeopardising India's security forever. Recalling this, Menon warned, "A nation that forgets its history or its geography does so at its peril". It is never too late to heed this warning. But in order to do so, we must first get our history right and then remember it.



Sunday, January 27, 2008

India's Highest Growth Districts

By Laveesh Bhandari
Founder Director, Indicus Analytics

While district-level income estimates are a crucial input for policy making, few states publish these estimates at this level. And even if some states have taken the initiative to publishing these estimates, there are time lags involved.

‘District GDP of India, 2006-07’ is an effort by Indicus Analytics to fill this gap and provide the first-ever estimates of district gross domestic product across all states & UT’s of India, and across primary, secondary and tertiary sector.

District-level GDP estimations have broadly followed the methodology published by CSO with appropriate changes, wherever required due to inconsistency in data availability across time, districts and states. The main data sources used for the analysis are NAS, CSO, RBI, Census (2001), National Sample Survey Organisation, NDSSPI, etc.

Income estimates across districts can be helpful in recognising industries/sectors that are driving or retarding economic growth at the district level. Also, these estimates can be very much useful in facilitating better resource management for policy implementation at micro and macro levels and to remove the constraints imposed by lack of reliable data on latest situation at the district level.

From the perspective of the corporate sector, this can help in understanding the vast Indian market and its wide variations within districts. Last but not the least, this can provide valuable background information to credit facilitating companies and investors to prioritise locations for further investment.

Christist padre abusing children in L.A, Church does nothing

Yet another Catholic paedophile padre, this time in Los Angeles sexually abusing 4 siblings - 3 girls and a boy, taking advantage of a dead father and an impoverished mother. The "Holy Church" apparently was aware of the perverted "father's" evil doings for many years and took absolutely no action, didn't even lift their little fingers in the defense of exploited children.

So much for christist "compassion" and "morals" (sic).....
And these are the same fellows who want to "reach out" and "spread the love" among us "heathen" Hindus loudly proclaiming their false concern for "exploited" and "disenfranchised" peoples.

Jewish lobby getting annoyed with Barak Hussain Obama's Christism

Being born to a Mohammedan father and having grown up with a Mohammedan step-father makes him a Mohammedan till eternity per Sharia law. Americans are understandably uncomfortable about the Islamic antecedents of the man who wants to be President. Therefore, he's trying to con them by conspicuously advertising his adherence to christism. ROTFL. And now, the influential Jewish lobby is getting increasingly impatient and annoyed with his pandering to christist obscurantism because they do not want to be subjugated by christist aggression.

Christist collaboration with and indeed the Vatican's inspiration of their persecutors over the millennia, including the Nazis and Mussolini's fascists must be quite fresh in their memory. Despite a common lineage of Semitic prophets, Judaism has reformed over the centuries and is not a hateful imperialistic binary cult like christism. They have serious questions about fundamental dogmas such as Yesu's alleged existence and Mary's alleged virginity for instance and do not seek converts.

Does this mean the beginning of Obama's end? It should be. In a logical world, advertising one's affiliation to a cannibalistic ("flesh of Yesu") vampire cult ("blood of Yesu") like christism that celebrates morbid things like Crucifixion (even mythical) should be a liability.

Tehelka Struggles to Sell Copies

Tehelka is struggling to sell copies. Awww, how sorrrry I feel for them - not. Maybe if they focused less on selling out their country, and more on unbiased news coverage, then they wouldn't be seen as the rentable shills they are.

The Atlanticists and their mouthpieces like IHT are predictably pining away for their favorite NGO flunkies and their hardships. Boohoo.

Scandinavian christists want to mediate on Kashmiri "Self determination"

"Oslo, Jan 27: Kashmir the Central Board of the Norwegian Christian Democratic Party has demanded his government to consider a Kashmir specific mediation role amid to solve the conflict amicable between India and Pakistan. Fakhar S Khan Secretary information of Kashmiri-Scandinavian-Council (KSC) is a statement has said that several prominent Kashmiri politicians, including Mirwaiz Omer Farooq chairman Hurriyat Conference (APHC-M) have been perusing Norway and civil society groups to take interest into the Kashmir conflict and act as a mediator. Because Norway had played very constructive role in Sri Lanka and some other conflict areas during last couple of decades............

Note: The Kashmiri-Scandinavian-Council (KSC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the Kashmiri cause, both within Scandinavia and internationally. In Scandinavia, the KSC is working with academicians, intelligentsia, policy-makers, NGOs, media, students and the conscientious Scandinavians to raise their level of awareness about Kashmiri people's struggle for their right of self-determination as enshrined in successive United Nations resolutions. It is also dedicated to promote and encourage the association of Kashmiris in Norway and rest of the Scandinavia. ]"
..... deleted

Looks like the Kashmiri emporia are stirring up sanctimoniousness in the already pompous Vegetable Lasagna Norwegians. Unwilling and unable to confront their own transformation into Eurabia and encouraged by their intervention in Sri Lanka at the invitation of the LTTE's christist leadership, they apparently believe that all of SOUTH ASIA is up for grabs.

A message needs to be forcefully conveyed to these dhimmis on an urgent basis
to "BACK OFF,NOW" not only on Kashmir, but also on anything SOUTH ASIA related. What business does a two-bit country like Norway (or Sweden, Finland or Denmark) that cannot protect its women from deliberately targeted gang rapes by Mohammedan immigrants on its own soil, in its own capital city at that - have sermonising to India about issues impinging on our sovereignty and national security?

The Scandinavians are neck deep in "socialist multiculturalism" dhimmitude
on their own soil, but when it comes to India and the Hindus - their christism is suddenly awake. Or is this their way of preparing for the eventuality of their existence as "Turkic Caucasian Muslims" like their Bosnian and Chechen cousins?

Coming soon to a hospital near you: Christo Ayurveda & Christo Homeopathy

See the article and ignore all the characteristic self righteousness and "morality" to be expected of the christist missionary. They're gradually realising that government enforced christist monopoly in the health care
and education sectors cannot be sustained forever. The fraudulent christist
"philanthropy" in these areas is having its back broken by the advent of quality private institutions and Hindu charitable organisations.

"Indian systems of medicine is again one of those areas where attention would be helpful. The Indian Systems of Medicine & Homoeopathy continue to be widely used due to their accessibility, efficacy and affordability. The Indian medicine system is also embedded in the beliefs of a wide section of the public and continues to be an integral and important part of their lives and for some, it is also a way of life. Complementary and Alternative Medicine or Traditional Medicine is rapidly growing worldwide. In India also, there is resurgence of interest in Indian Systems of Medicine. People are becoming concerned about the adverse effects of chemical based drugs and the escalating costs of conventional health care. Longer life expectancy and life style related problems have brought with them an increased risk of developing chronic, debilitating diseases such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes and mental disorders.

Although new treatments and technologies for dealing with them are plentiful, nonetheless more and more patients are now looking for simpler, gentler therapies for improving the quality of life and avoiding problems of toxicity. Ayurveda, Homoeopathy, Siddha, Unani, Yoga and Naturopathy offer a wide range of preventive, promotive and curative treatments that are both cost effective and efficacious...."
.... deleted

That is, the Indian people are seeing through the christist evangelical
conspiracy and choosing non-christist alternatives for education and health care, now that there are more choices with the gradual collapse of Kaangress Stalinism.
ROTFL. Therefore, in order to stay "relevant", christists are turning their attention to things such as Ayurveda, Homeopathy etc. for inculturation purposes after the success of Christo-yoga in the West. Some kind of pre-emptive action needs to be taken to deny any space for christist inculturation in traditional Indic medicine.

desi uncle tom outlines sonia kkkangress's plan for the future

jan 27th, 2008

george kennan once expressed america's strategic plan thus:

"america has 8% of the world's population and enjoys 50% of its resources. our foreign policy is intended to keep it that way".

conversely, here's what the nehru kkkangress wants:

"india has 16% of the world's population and enjoys 3% of its resources. nehruvian stalinist policies are intended to keep it that way"

this parag khanna is clearly in sync with nehru and manmohan singh and sitaram yechuri as to india's place in the world: a third-world pathetic backwater equated with pakistan, whereas china, well, china are the masters of the universe. and i just loved the fact that parag khanna (who is this guy? never heard of him. must be one of the sepoys like sugata bose and so forth) has just re-introduced the india-pak-equal-equal story. when over the last five years we had all gotten away from that and gotten into china-india-equal-equal. of course the chinese and the pakistanis don't like this, so they have got this guy to go back to equating india, a great civilization, with pakistan, a failing, nothing state.

khanna seems to be forgetting that europe is going to be eurabia soon. and that china is likely to fall apart from centrifugal forces. i think khanna's thesis is absurd; for the foreseeable future, america, even though it's limping, will continue to be first among equals, simply because it is a remote, continent-sized nation. europe will sink with the weight of its arabs. china will fall apart. the chinese and arab money being invested in america will simply get nationalized by the americans one fine day. and his thesis that "eurasia" is key is wrong -- it is only since 1750 that europe was anywhere in the picture. it was "asia" that was always the leader, and it was a bipolar system, with india and china as the poles. europe was an afterthought, a land full of primitive savages. until they invented "guns, germs and steel", that is. but europe has no core competence going forward, especially as they will be busy being dhimmis.

i didn't read this thing, just got ram narayan's forward. but one part i do agree with, and i have been saying it for years -- the chinese are going to walk into russian siberia any day now. i had forecast it would happen in 2005, but i was obviously a little off.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Ram Narayanan

Parag Khanna, senior research fellow in the American Strategy Program of the New America Foundation, has written a book "The Second World: Empires and Influence in the New Global Order," to be published by Random House in March. The following essay titled, "Waving Goodbye to Hegemony", published in today's NEW YORK TIMES MAGAZINE is adapted from that book.

Some excerpts:

**China has absorbed Taiwan and is steadily increasing its naval presence around the Pacific Rim and, from the Pakistani port of Gwadar, on the Arabian Sea. The European Union has expanded to well over 30 members and has secure oil and gas flows from North Africa, Russia and the Caspian Sea, as well as substantial nuclear energy. America's standing in the world remains in steady decline.

** [America is] competing — and losing — in a geopolitical marketplace alongside the world's other superpowers: the European Union and China. This is geopolitics in the 21st century: the new Big Three. Not Russia, an increasingly depopulated expanse run by; not an incoherent Islam embroiled in internal wars; and not India, lagging decades behind China in both development and strategic appetite. The Big Three make the rules — their own rules — without any one of them dominating. And the others are left to choose their suitors in this post-American world.

**China is pulling off the most difficult of superpower feats: simultaneously maintaining positive ties with the world's crucial pairs of regional rivals: Venezuela and Brazil, Saudi Arabia and Iran, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, India and Pakistan. At this stage, Western diplomats have only mustered the wherewithal to quietly denounce Chinese aid policies and value-neutral alliances, but they are far from being able to do much of anything about them.  


Waving Goodbye to Hegemony

Published: January 27, 2008 

pioneer: Secular means anti-Indian

jan 27th, 2008

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Sushama

Secular means anti-Indian 


Indulata Das

Edit page - dailypioneer Jan 22, 2008


The Washoe County Commission in the US observed Sanskrit Day on January 12 and organised a two-day seminar to mark the occasion. What could be more ironical than knowing that a Sanskrit seminar was held on American soil while the mother of most Indian languages, the dev bhasha (language of gods), is ignored in its own country.


Sanskrit, German scholar Max Müller had observed, was the greatest language of the world. Mahatma Gandhi had said that without the knowledge of Sanskrit, nobody could become a truly learned man. Only in India could such a language take shape and flourish. Unfortunately, Government does not realise what a national treasure this language is; this reminds one of the Sanskrit saying which means "a monkey cannot value the gift of a necklace of pearls".


This cannot be a result of ignorance. It must be a part of the larger conspiracy to eliminate Indian languages. Our present-day rulers are doing with impunity what Lord Macaulay could only partly achieve through his policies in the 19th century. His system of education has now got a new name -- 'secular education'. It seems it is now a sin to teach students the glory of ancient India.


Everything non-Indian, even anti-Indian, is being taught in classroom in order to give the curriculum a 'secular' look. If our textbooks praise the Vedic period, the descendants of Lord Macaulay raise a hue and cry. The authors of the textbooks would rather heap praise on the Mughal period in order to add a 'secular' colour to the books.


If the 'secularists' find some tatsam (undistorted) words in Hindi textbooks, they accuse it is 'saffronisation' of Hindi. In order to make the Hindi books 'secular', the language has to be replete with words of Arabic and Persian origin.


The mere mention of the word Ganesh, the lord of wisdom, in a textbook of a south Indian State, was so unbearable for the self-styled champions of secularism in the country that the chapter had to be replaced by one on an animal. But an entire opening chapter, "Jisu mahan" (Jesus, the great), of a Government textbook in a North-Eastern State invites no resentment from any quarter.


nyt: mushy to bushy -- "drop dead!"

jan 27th, 2008

most edifying spectacle, the "important ally in the war on terror" saying "no thank you, we'd rather you not kill the terrorists".

like the man said, how does mush manage his 'reality-distortion field'? are the yanks that dumb? no, they are not -- so they have a good angle in this somewhere, although it is not obvious to the lay person.

an interesting article from the san francisco newspapers: good stuff by this vanni capelli. amazingly sensible coming from an italian. these guys are usually little lambs for the godmen of the vatican or the assorted far-right churches of the american south.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

church child abuse (from 2002, boston globe)

jan 26th, 2008

shivaji's blog posted this link. i think it's instructive and deserves its own post. surely they have learned how to commit buggery more carefully, and to cover their tracks better, five years later.

Uninspiring President.

jan 26th, 2008

comment from someone who watched the republic day parade. interesting. the non-PM did his "i am a butler" thing in the US congress. the non-president is doing it on TV.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Ra

Watching the lady was most depressing. The head of the state of this glorious civilisation must look good, sound good. Is that too much to expect. We had the greatness of this nation marching proudly and here was this lady accepting their respects.
A nation's symbols must look good, make one feel proud and feel inspired. Our presidents so far looked good in their achkans tho many of them failed to inspire but this president neither looked good nor sound good. 
All that zari draped over the shoulder, the coat hanging long and loose, unless a woman looks like Indira Gandhi, winter clothes even if worn on a flashy silk saree is unkind to women whom you would not notice anywhere in any gathering.
Indira Gandhi looked imperious and powerful even when she was wading in knee-deep water. Few women can hold themselves like that. Our rashtrapati havan, our people deserved better. This President looks like our newly minted one and two re coins - for all that they shine with newness, they are vacuous.

IER Fan Club Demolishes Oily Hindootva Bamiyan Lies

jan 26th, 2008

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Indology Fan Club

My Hindootvadin Friends,
Please consider publishing my latest blog entry on your blogs and website.
Recently the Hindootvadins have disguised themselves as Japanese and claimed that cave oil paintings of Buddhas in the Bamiyan caves of Afghanistan, predate the invention of Oil Painting by Saint Pico, Patron Saint (Farmer) of IER (Indo-Euro-Racist club).

immigrant keralite information

jan 26tth, 2008

a new study by zacharia and irudaya rajan of the center for development studies, trivandrum, suggests:

1. the number of out-migrants from kerala to the arab world has leveled off
2. 75% of mohammedan families in kerala have at least one person in the middle east; in contrast, only 25% of hindu families do. (that's the result of those illegal ads that say "only mohammedans and christists need apply")

and other interesting data. i read a short article in the eco times online about it, sorry didn't save the URL

more of bill gates' money to go into conversion activities

jan 26th, 2008

ashok alexander, head of the bill gates foundation in india, will surely be in charge of this money when it comes to india.

what are the chances that these funds will be discreetly channeled into samuel reddy's conversion activities?

on a bigger scale, why is it that all foreign NGOs in india necessarily have chrisists as their heads? it is part of the job description.

off-topic: the end of men?

jan 26th, 2008

apparently men are going to be consigned to the waste-heap of history.

Arch Dhimmi idiot chanting "Hindu terrorist" yet again

Kuldip Nayyar is another senile old apologist for Islamic Jihad whose USP is dhimmi verbal flatulence and Urdu nostalgia of the "Lahore school". Dhimmitude coming from people like I.K Gujral, Kuldip Nayyar, Khushwant Singh, Rajinder Sachar et al, i.e. all "Ethnic Indians" who were ethnically cleansed from the "Land of the Pure" is particularly revolting.

I have several childhood friends hailing from Punjabi and Sindhi Hindu families that were uprooted from their ancestral lands by Muslim League thugs during partition and forced into an existence of squalor having lost their wealth and in many cases, their womenfolk to Islamic genocide. They walked into dhimmi India with only their lives and the clothes on their bodies intact and rebuilt their wealth through sheer hard work and enterprise. I feel violated to hear scoundrels like Kuldip Nayyar demonising these Hindus as "terrorists" and "fundamentalists".

Having spent a lifetime demonising Hindu nationalists, Nayyar just cannot stop chanting the dhimmi mantra of "Hindu terrorism" even in his twilight years. This, of course is music to Mullah, Missionary, Marxist ears. Their media organs immediately give credence to any garbage coming from his mouth.
Bloody traitors. These fellows need to be punished.

Is the Dravidian christist Baalu a marine engineer?

Neither the illiterate christist neanderthal TR Baalu nor half literate head "Dravidian" neanderthal Karunanidhi have any technical credentials or economic management background whatsoever. Therefore, by their own argument, they have no locus standi on what is merely a matter of Rama's engineering degree (according to them). The chief of Naval staff, Admiral Suresh Mehta has gone on record stating that the Sethusamudram project will be inconsequential to defense preparedness. Dravidian christist Baalu immediately bleated against the Admiral's statement to the Union Defence minister, who happens to be a Kerala christist, allegedly with a "clean" image! Therefore, this is a legitimate question that needs to be asked. Are these Dravidian neanderthals qualified in marine geology, marine archaeology, structural engineering, strategic planning etc. Given the obnoxious behaviour of the "Dravidian" swines, there is clearly a case for the military not deferring to civilian "authority" in Indian dhimmocracy.

Islamic tolerance alert from "modern, progressive" Malaysia

An "ethnic Chinese" man was buried as a Muslim despite opposition from his immediate family. The ""ethnic Chinese" person, incidentally happened to be Buddhist. The Malay Mohammedan Jihadis would not dare take such liberties with practitioners of other binary cults, for obvious reasons. Hindus and Buddhists are an eternal soft target to selectively target for imposition of the most obnoxious Sharia injunctions precisely due to their intrinsic liberalism. Will all those "Neo-Buddhists" of the Ambedkarite persuasion take note?

Friday, January 25, 2008

How the mighty have fallen

The TOI put out an interesting link to their reportage 58 years ago - on the proclamation of the Indian republic. It makes interesting reading.

The two news items that will catch your eyes
1- The Commies had terrorist like plans to - DISRUPT REPUBLIC DAY PROCLAMATION - that's right folks - so much love for the people
2- Muslims of Jabalpur voluntarily gave up eating beef.

How things have changed from the days when the TOI actually reported news like this. A great fall indeed!!!!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

so when rahul becomes king, 0% of aid will go to the poor

jan 24th, 2008

when rajiv was pm, 15% of aid went to the poor, and 85% was stolen by the kkkaangress

when sonia is acting pm, 5% of aid goes to the poor, and 95% is stolen by the kkkaangress

when rahul becomes pm, 0% of aid will go to the poor, and 100% will be stolen by the kkkaaangress

who died and made him a 'senior politician'?

and the limeys are giving aid to india because of 'moral reasons'. ROTFL. the creeps stole $10 trillion (or is it now $12.5 trillion) from us, and they are talking about morals.

more on the end of the american century

jan 24th, 2008

kill hindus, get paid by sonia government

jan 24th, 2008


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: v
Subject: Now, dole for jihadis' kin

Now, dole for jihadis' kin

Pioneer News Service | New Delhi

The Centre has decided to provide a relief package to the dependents of militants killed in encounters with security forces in Jammu and Kashmir.    

The decision, which is first of its kind in India, will cover hundreds of families whose men took up guns and led the Pakistan-backed separatist movement killing and maiming thousands of innocent civilians and men of security forces.

According to a PTI report, besides a relief package for the dependents of the militants, the Government will also come out with an aid package for the Kashmir pandits.

The twin measures were finalised at a meeting convened by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to evolve a "blueprint for a new future" in Jammu and Kashmir.

The agency quoting official sources said the high-level meeting also firmed up steps for easing travel between the two parts of Kashmir and decided to take up the matter with Pakistan at the earliest.

Union Home Minister Shivraj Patil, Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad and National Security Advisor MK Narayanan were present at the meeting.

The package would be in place soon after holding consultations with other Central Ministries, including Finance Ministry, sources said.

With 2008 being the election year in militancy-hit Jammu and Kashmir, an announcement of people-friendly packages is likely to be made by the Prime Minister at a later date when he is likely to travel to the border State.

Manmohan Singh reviewed the recommendations of the Standing Committee and a Monitoring Mechanism set up after the third round table on Kashmir last year for ensuring implementation of suggestions made by the working groups on Kashmir.

The Prime Minister, while setting up the two committees last year, had said that his Government was keenly working for a "blueprint for new future" for the State.

The meeting favoured increased cross-LoC movement of people and goods and said consultations with Pakistan should be held for easing the travel of people from Jammu and Kashmir.

The Prime Minister asked the officials in the militancy-hit State to reduce the amount of time taken in clearing passengers for across LoC bus travel, they said.

During the meeting, it was decided to take up the issues of promoting pilgrim tourism in either parts of Kashmir, no travel permit requirement for senior citizens and increase goods exchange with Pakistan, they said.

The important issue to resolve the problems of refugees from Pakistan, who migrated to Jammu and Kashmir in 1947, in a time-bound manner was also taken up during the meeting and all concerned Ministries were asked to make a speedy assessment before a package is finalised for them as well, sources said.

The State Chief Minister has been raising the voice for providing financial relief to the kin of militants killed in police encounters, reasoning that it was not the fault of widows and orphans if their bread-earners had taken to gun.

Yanks "willing" to send troops to Pakistan

WASHINGTON - The Bush administration is willing to send a small number of U.S. combat troops to Pakistan to help fight the insurgency there if Pakistani authorities ask for such help, Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Thursday.
"We remain ready, willing and able to assist the Pakistanis and to partner with them to provide additional training, to conduct joint operations, should they desire to do so, " Gates told a news conference.

Gates said the Pakistani government has not requested any additional assistance in the weeks since al-Qaida and affiliated extremists have intensified their fighting inside Pakistan. And he stressed that the United States would respect the Pakistanis' judgment on the utility of American military assistance

It is about time that the actual troop deployment took place in this rogue state that is an integral part of the Real "Axis of evil". We're far beyond the point where mouthing dhimmi platitudes about "willingness" to deploy suffice. Note the dhimmi caveat of a Pakistani request being a pre-requisite for action! Yeah, right - as if that will be forthcoming, ever. In fact, Musharraf recently issued an open warning (threat?) to the Yanks that they would regret the day they launched any military action in the "land of the pure". It is incomprehensible why the Yanks would still fall for the facade of "Stalwart ally in war on terror" despite all this. Is it a case of unnatural Christo-yoga ("head in the arse", to borrow a phrase) clouding their judgement and intellectual faculties?

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Christist schools in Tamil Nadu sexually abusing children

The story on Rediff carefully and deliberately negates the christist paedophilia angle to it. But, nobody is fooled. It is common knowledge that low life Dravidian christist vampires like TR Baalu and Ezra Sargunam are in an evangelical overdrive in that state and use the state enforced christist monopoly in the education and health care sectors to further their diabolical agenda of "soul harvesting". Therefore, if sexual abuse is happening on school premises, look no further than the nearest church and the most proximate "father" in white robes as the source of oppression most vile.

This is so typical of the sick christist modus operandi - rape a helpless young student, then tell her that makes her a christist. After that, it's easy enough for these wolves to brainwash the neo-convert into joining the "clergy", thus perpetuating the cycle of hate and abuse. GOI disallows foreign investment in higher education. Why should primary and secondary education be available as a platform for Ratzy's boys to propagate their imperialism? Every last christist "educational institution" and "hospital" in India needs to be nationalised and detoxified because they constitute an existential threat to India's cultural core of Hinduism.
Education is an unglamorous subject in government and tends to get neglected. This needs to be a top priority for Hindu nationalists.

Arab girl marries Hindu, has passport confiscated

The "secular progressive" brigade raised hell on the Rizwanur suicide case. LOL. After miserably failing to prove the Todi family's involvement in the suicide, they started bleating that they "encouraged" his suicide!! In this case, an Arab Muslim girl from Bahrain married a Hindu man from Bangalore and adopted Hinduism. Good for her. After nearly two decades and two children, she had per passport revoked by consular officials of the "progressive and liberal emirate" of Bahrain with an accompanying reprimand for her apostasy. Is there any other self respecting country on this planet that tolerates such blatant transgressions on its sovereign soil?

Do Michael Witzel & Martha Nussbaum work part-time for United Airlines?

It would certainly appear to be the case given the openly racist behaviour by the flight attendants in question in this latest incident. Bloody bigots. Why is it that riff raff like these flight attendants assume a divine right to denigrate Hindus and Hindus alone? United Airlines or any other entity would be genuflecting to the aggrieved party if they happened to be adherents of the "Religion of Peace". Truly a bizarre world.

Day of reckoning - Joe Stiglitz

The good professor thinks that it might be curtains. He also had this op-ed in the NYT today suggesting temporary curatives. I don't think that this is the end - but only the beginning of the end of the great American financial empire. You have to agree with him on American consumption though - it is not sustainable and cannot be financed forever.

The problem is that the Yanks are too vested in the oil economy. Everything - transport, city planning, infrastructure (read highways), political campaign finance- everything is geared for the consumption of oil. Add to the fact that though the American family has shrunk - the average size of the American home has grown. All this being sold to people who cannot even afford it in the first place. What is the difference in this vs. China spending billions on Shanghai skyscrapers that nobody occupies? Both are unproductive assets.

For India - the worst of it is that the Chi-rabians are wining in this blood bath

Idiot Arun Gandhi Resigns

After making anti-semitic remarks, Arun Gandhi, loud-mouthed grandson of the Mahatma, has resigned his post as head of the Gandhi Foundation, institute, or whatever name he's given to his attempt to sponge off granddaddy's name.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

documentary on indic influence on other cultures in Greater India

jan 22nd, 2008

sounds like an inspiring documentary, although i haven't seen it. but i have been to enough places in indonesia, cambodia etc. to know -- especially in bali and java and cambodia -- that the imprint left by indic culture is very great despite the efforts of the chinese to erase it.

also, we need to propagate the term Greater India. this is not a new invention, as it used to be in widespread usage fifty years ago to denote all of southeast asia, an indian cultural hinterland. but now the term Greater China is much in vogue, and india has been reduced to 'south asia' by the pakistanis, chinese and the useful idiots.

i suggest we constantly reemphasize the Greater India term and bring it back into circulation.

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Dear friends
Dr.S.Krishnasamy the famous producer of the much acclaimed Indus valley to Indira Gandhi has produced a wonderful documentary on the inflience of Hindu religion and culture in the far east.It is to be aired shortly by doordhardhan.
Pl pass on this info to all your friends so everyone particularly the younger generation gets to know what a great culture we are the proud owners of

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Indian Imprints



Ancient India had a profound impact on the rest of Asia.  Hinduism and Buddhism as well as concepts of architecture, aesthetics, dance, music and much mythology spread from India to several Asian countries. Except for the pioneering work of a few Indian historians, India has not paid adequate attention to exploring this glorious trans-national Indian impact.


To focus attention on the thrust of ancient cultural and religions connections between India  and South East Asia, the internationally acclaimed creative team of Dr S Krishnaswamy and Dr Mohana Krishnaswamy, of Krishnaswamy Associates, Chennai, have brought out a TV Documentary Serial titled "INDIAN IMPRINTS", covering five chosen countries – Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. After years of intensive study, they traveled extensively in the region, initially for research, and then for filming in three schedules, in 2006, filming more than a hundred ancient monuments and temples, reflecting the profound living Indian impact on that region. The serial, conceived on a massive scale, in 18 episodes of 25 minutes each, combines a gripping  style with authenticity, interspersed with dance forms of the region,  brief interviews with statesmen, artistes,  Hindu Priests and scholars of those nations. It also takes you to remote Hindu temples, with live pooja of unbroken tradition of a thousand years in those far off lands! The serial is ready and is awaiting telecast at Prime Time on the National network of Doordarshan (watch for the date yet to be announced).


Having received the prestigious LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD for Documentary Films, from the US International Film & Video Festival, in 2005 – the first Afro-Asian to be so honored in the four decades of that festival in Los Angeles – Dr. S. Krishnaswamy, Writer-Director, considers INDIAN IMPRINTS as the most ambitious, satisfying   and monumental work of his career. The producer of the serial, Dr. Mohana Krishnaswamy, has collaborated with him in the meticulous research. Since its inception in 1964, Krishnaswamy Associates has produced several national and international award winning documentaries and TV serials devoted to Indian history and culture.


The Subject Consultant for INDIAN IMPRINTS is Prof Lokesh Chandra, a renowned authority, and Director of the International Academy of Indian Culture. The other members of the team include international award winning cinematographer, Madhu Ambat.