Friday, January 11, 2008

Who is a secularist? --

jan 11th, 2008

this was published in the ToI.

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Who is a secularist?
Mahesh Jethmalani
10 Jan 2008 

Modi's stunning success in the recent elections has left the entire secular establishment — read politicians, the media and activists — distraught. While a magnanimous minority of Modi's detractors attributes his success to his charismatic leadership and the success of the bijli, sadak, paani programme, the majority believes that it is the result of acute communal polarisation by Modi within the state.

The unpalatable truth is that it is the secular establishment, by its ineffectual handling of the communal issue, which has polarised the Gujarat polity.
Worse, in adopting the cause of the Islamic terrorist as a part of the secular faith, it has confused the cause of the deserving Muslim with the undeserving one.

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Vinod_Sharma said...

Mahesh Jethmalani got it right but was unable to muster courage to say what has emerged quite clearly: the 'secular establishment' and other 'pseudo-secularists' are not secular at all and should be honestly called 'minority communalists' whose sole interest in getting Muslim votes.

These communalists present the greatest danger to the fabric of the society and the country as a whole.

socal said...

Can't believe MSM would allow such article to be published! Looks like someone's waking up from secular stupor.