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border issue - Let's talk, says China, with feet in Arunachal

may 31st, 2007


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Barbed diplomacy On Tuesday, China advocated a reasonable settlement of the row over Arunachal Pradesh The suggestion is paradoxical considering Beijing refused to grant a visa to an IAS officer from Arunachal; China claims the state as its territory India retaliated by cancelling the visit of more than 100 IAS officers to China Normally, India would have kept any Arunachali resident out of a delegation to China. The inclusion may be India's expression of displeasure over the neighbour's bellicose stand China added mockery to the consternation it is causing to India over Arunachal Pradesh by declaring on Tuesday that bilateral differences should not be over played and advocating a fair and reasonable settlement of the boundary row. The suggestion is paradoxical considering that Beijing refused to grant a visa to an IAS officer from Arunachal because China claims the state as its territory.

"We hold that the boundary issue between China and India should be settled fairly and reasonably at an early date through friendly consultations," China's foreign ministry spokesperson Jiang Yu was quoted as saying by news agencies.

Jiang was reacting to New Delhi's decision to cancel the visit of more than 100 IAS officers to China in response to Beijing's denial of visa to Gonesh Koyu.

Asked to comment on this, Jiang said: "China welcomes the friendly exchanges between the two nations." Her later parry included: "We welcome the Indian personnel to visit China and participate in the training programme."

Normally, India would have discreetly kept any Arunachali resident out of a delegation to China. Delhi recognises that China does not grant visas to Arunachal citizens on government tours. But on this occasion Koyu was included deliberately.

China's bellicose stand on Arunachal Pradesh, which it has assumed since November, has displeased India. That month, Sun Yuxi, China's ambassador to India, had claimed the entire state as part of China. The announcement came on the eve of China President Hu Jintao's visit to India. A senior official said India feels China's refusal to grant a visa violated the spirit of an agreement the two sides signed to improve ties despite the boundary issue.

For its part, China was surprised by India's decision to call off the visit of the IAS officers. It is apparently keen that a way out is found to overcome what it believes is a 'technical problem'.

The Chinese are indicating that they are not averse to allowing Koyu an entry permit.

This means he can visit China, but unlike the other delegates, he will not have the visa stamp endorsed in his passport. Instead, he would be provided with a separate entry book let. But India is in no mood to accept the Chinese offer.

However, with Manmohan Singh scheduled to visit China later this year, the current coldness between the two countries will not lead to an overall freeze in the relationship.

External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee recently met Yanch Jiechi, his ministerial counterpart in China, during an Asia-Europe meeting in Hamburg.

During a 40-minute discussion, the two agreed that special representatives will continue with their work with the encouragement and guidance of the political leadership.

They also reviewed the MoU for defence cooperation (2006) and said dates would be determined for the annual meeting of the defence dialogue mechanism.

ROTFL: Who says Indian Media isn't biased?

may 31, 2007

i say the indian media is also might entertaining. will the right number of buddhists please stand up?

since the media are making up things, any number will do. this is why these guys are such a good fit with cedric '2000' prakash, william 'i deal in what *could* have happened, not what happened. that's left to lesser mortals' dalrymple, et al.

in their defence, though, most of them are innumerate, anyway.

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From: Sanjeev
Date: May 31, 2007 12:15 AM
Subject: Who says Indian Media isn't biased?

Here are some reports on the number of people who were part of "big" conversion program in Mumbai; Makes you wonder, if even 1st class math is a required for becoming a journalist in India.

It was the biggest mass conversion in recent history as over one lakh Hindu tribals converted to Budhism in Mumbai on Sunday.

Unlike Dalits who converted before, this time a majority of those who converted were from castes which are lower in hierarchy than Dalits.

Those who converted include nomadic and denotified communities who had travelled from distant Marathwada, Vidharbha and even Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.

The Republican Party of India organised the conversion ceremony.

 MUMBAI (Reuters) - About 50,000 Indian low-caste Hindus and nomadic tribespeople converted to Buddhism before a vast crowd on Sunday in the hope of escaping the rigidity of the ancient Hindu caste system and finding a life of dignity.
MUMBAI, India: About 2,000 low-caste Hindu Indians bowed before orange-robed monks and recited prayers as they converted to Buddhism in a mass ceremony Sunday that they said would bring them dignity in a society that considers them "untouchables."
BBC Link
"We estimate that close to 5,000 Dalits have chosen the path towards Buddhism by the end of the day," said Shravan Gaikwad, representative of the Samatha Sainik Dal, a Dalit group.

Community of differences
A very interesting piece by Mr. Grewal on how dissent or difference is shunned in the Sikh religious establishment.

This is the logical outcome of believing that all wisdom was revealed only to a select few prophets and is resident in only one revealed book. It is only that fact that Sikhism was born of the womb of its Hindu mother that has stopped it from becoming a totally fanatic death cult.

I must emphasise here that the central message of the Granth Sahib - which I have read several times over - is one not only of tolerance but of encouraging pluralism in our people. In fact the Granth Sahib is very Vaishnava in that sense. It is however, the politico-military identity that the final Guru gave us that has become deformed!

rajeev in india currents debating the immigration reform proposals on the table

may 31, 2007

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

China's penchant for executions

Departing from its usual gushing tone on China, the Economist utters some home-truths about it. China leads the world in yearly execution of hapless victims. If I am not mistaken, they even send mobile execution vans around (the sort used by 3rd world countries to round-up & kill stray dogs) to kill people with lethal injection etc. I am sure N.Ram would approve of such methods...

bangladeshi mohammedan murders, burns hindu family in los angeles

may 30th, 2007
second recent hate crime in america by the beloved 'south asian' brothers. first one last week was when a sikh boy had his hair chopped off forcibly in new york. second is this.

it is clearly a religious hate crime.

i wonder what 'saja' and 'foil' and 'asha' and 'aids' and 'sahmat' and all the others have to say about this.

every one of the 'secularists' will be extremely quiet, including teesta and shabana.

the moral of the story: they will keep doing it because hindus do not retaliate.

imagine, this is a bangladeshi, who's bought a 1-way ticket because he's sure he can hide there and never be caught. and this is the nation that's going to be underwater soon. not a moment too soon, clearly.

this is what comes of cowardice by the indian government.

would a mohammedan dare do this to a jew? no, because they know the israeli secret service will track them down and punish them and their relatives.

this is a premedidated and absolutely brutal act of jihad by more than one mohammedan. i hope the principal culprit enjoys his stay in san quentin.

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From: Sanjay M
Subject: Bangladeshi Muslim Suspect identified in murder of Hindu family in Anaheim, CA

Date: Wed, 30 May 2007 17:56:34 +0000
Mime-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: text/plain; format=flowed
X-OriginalArrivalTime: 30 May 2007 17:56:37.0981 (UTC) FILETIME=[DEA268D0:01C7A2E3]

This is a disturbing story, so I'm sorry if you find it disturbing :

An entire Hindu family has been destroyed, right here in Southern California
by Jihadis.
The secular Indian media will probably say that they insulted Islam, the
"religion of peace"
Or that they deserved it because they were Gujaratis.

Had this happened in India, we could have counted on Lallu Yadav to appoint
an inquiry commission headed by a Bengali judge to establish that they
committed suicide.

Or Manmohan Singh to say that Muslims have the first claim on the nation's
which apparently includes Hindu women.

But, I believe in the U.S.A and it's constitutional guarantee of the right
"Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness". In this case, it is too late
for all of the above,
but hopefully, the U.S criminal justice system will deliver justice fast.

There is a lesson in this tragedy for all of us who have daughters, i.e. to
inculcate Hindu religious values and cultural nationalism from childhood. At
the bare minimum, an ability to distinguish friend from foe.


rajeev in the pioneer on demolition man achuthanandan in kerala

may 30, 2007

of course this URL won't last. i find this really peculiar on the part of the pioneer. why can't they use just one URL for the darn text the whole time?

Ethnic cleansing of Hindus in Bangladesh

may 30th, 2007

and this is what goes on in that benighted land.

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From: Moksha - Bangladeshi Muslim Suspect identified in deaths of Anaheim Hills father, daughter

may 30, 2007

absolutely shocking. yet again, a mohammedan (or more) massacres hindus for not converting.

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From: Sanjay


Could you please post a link to this on your blog ?
An entire Hindu family has been destroyed, right here in Southern California by Jihadis.
Hopefully, the U.S criminal justice system will deliver justice fast.


NY times article on dabbawallas

may 30th, 2007

but of course, whatever would we have done if the brits hadn't come calling?

lived a lot better, that's what, without those blighters stealing $10 trillion from us.

and the nytimes is a little late to the party re mumbai's dabbawallas. they have been eulogized to death: they were 'discovered' by scientific american or somebody 10 years ago, and they are even supposed to be doing six sigma. if i am not mistaken, there have been harvard business review articles about them too. talk of 'tube-light' in the indian idiom! [of course, tube lights were also introduced by kind white imperialists.]

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From: Soniya

Hello Rajeev,

I am an ardent reader of your blog. I came across this article in
NYtimes and thought of writing to you.

Excerpts from the article:

"The word comes from tiffin dabba, a colonial reference to a box
containing a light meal, and walla, the man who carries. "

"The British introduced the service 125 years ago after the city was
flooded by workers from different regions."

So, we owe it all to the nice British guys. What could we do without them?


CPM to donate a crore to the Palestinians

may 30th, 2007

why does it not occur to the commies to ask why there is no 'communist party of palestine'?

we know the answer: as soon as the mohammedans cease to need commies as useful idiots, they shoot them. (reminds me of the film "they shoot commies, don't they?". well it's actually horses, not commies, but same difference.)

observe that there is a 'communist party of israel' and there is no 'communist party of xxxx' where xxxx is any mohammedan/arab country. [including bangladesh, which exported all commies to west bengal by the simple expedient of grabbing their wives, daughters, sisters, and their land. those who still didn't get the message were liquidated.]

also, i remember the commies going around shaking down people in kerala a few months ago. yeah, 'collected from cadre', indeed. more like 'extorted forcibly from ordinary people who don't give a rat's ass about palestinians, but were forced to part with their money by commie thugs, who then blew up 90% of it on cheap moonshine and floozies.' which explains what they did with the 10 crores they collected.

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From: thirdeye

CPM to donate a crore to the Palestinians


CPI(M) Rajya Sabha MP and politburo member Sitaram Yechury will be handing over a donation of Rs one crore, collected by the CPI(M) from its cadre last year, to the Palestinian Medical Relief Society (PMRS). He will be handing over the money at the international delegates meet, which will discuss the world campaign for Israeli-Palestinian peace on June 2.

The peace initiative spearheaded by the Communist Party of Israel and the Palestinian People's Party in Jerusalem will be held to find a just solution to the Palestinian crisis. Party sources said the humanitarian aid could not be handed over earlier due to some hurdles raised by the Reserve Bank. RBI has since approved the party donation.

Talking to DNA, Yechury said he would hand over the cash to the PMRS and would hold talks with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. Yechury said he would visit the disputed territory and hold talks with leaders and intellectuals.

Lauding the role of the Communist Party of Israel, he said it is a "courageous" party working under "exacting circumstances". The party has been interacting on a regular basis with the CPI(M) on various international issues. The Israeli comrades had also attended the last CPI(M) meet at Hyderabad.

As part of the initiative the leaders will tour the Separation Wall and meet with Palestinian Popular Committees, from June 2-4. They will also engage in a dialogue with Israeli peace activists, visit the Palestinian Legislative Council and meet with President Mahmoud Abbas (Abu-Mazen).
source: DNA

pakistani does insider trading

may 30th, 2007

how does this work in the framework of 'mohammedan banking'? is insider trading considered acceptable, although interest payments are not?

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

CAPEEM forces witzel to confess fraudulent wikipedia edits

may 29th, 2007

interesting, now CAPEEM is forcing the DFN [sic -- it should really be called the dalit enslavement network for its goal is to get dalits to be the coolies of christists] and witzel to reveal all sorts of things. this subpeona bit and compulsion are pretty powerful [pallekonda please note].

this witzel guy is an even lower life than previously thought. he must be getting a *lot* of money from the usual suspects, which explains steve farmer's violent rantings too. singing for supper, the third oldest profession?

donate some money to CAPEEM, please. they are seriously embarrassing all these frauds.

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From: kalyan97

Witzel's evangelical wikipedia edits
Michael Witzel of Harvard University has been engaging in evangelism in the guise of teaching Sanskrit, indology.
It's time for reckoning; it is time to ask Witzel to quit his position in Harvard University.

In one of the emails produced by Dalit Freedom Network, Witzel notes "(p)lease check what Wikipedia says about your organization…They always put back what I erase." In reaction to the forwarded message, DFN's Executive Director asks whether "(DFN) can… edit this ourselves… I do not want to start being identified as a mission (sic) organization…" …many principals of DFN are unabashed in their antagonism towards Hinduism.


See how Witzel edited, repeatedly, his multiple evangelical posts, in the context of the California Textbook issue:


Wikipedia frowns on people editing pages about themselves, especially those who clean up negative descriptions of themselves.

The IP address noted above shows that Witzel has done that too.


In my view, this conduct should also attract ethics/academic standards committees in Highebr Educational institutions like Harvard University and Members of Harvard Corporation. Surely, this is conduct unbecoming of a professor occupying a chair in a prestigious university.  Will Harvard Corporation ethics and academic standards enforcement administrators take note and act to save the image of the prestigious institution?


The Subpoena and motion to compel Witzel—a veritable expose of Witzel's anti-hindu tirades, trampling upon Hindu Civil Rights --  is available at the URL:

Lava & Kusha - Preview Trailer

Here's the animated preview trailer video for Lava & Kusha - The Twin Warriors:

Nice animation, but I think they really need to improve the voiceover. I'd read that they're outsourcing the sound/dubbing to a London studio, and hopefully that will improve things. But good effort overall.

Heheh, Hanuman looks like He-Man with Homer Simpson's unshaven 5 o'clock shadow. ;)
Personally, I'd prefer the Marvel/Sunbow style of superhero animation, if possible.

Hmm, I wonder what Nina Paley will think of this? It mentions "betrayal" but we've yet to see how they do the ending. There are a lot of variations on Lava-Kusha khanda, so it's hard to tell.

Lefty Schism - Unions vs Illegals

I found the emerging schism on illegal immigration interesting. US labour unions are opposed to illegal immigrants, in a departure from their general Lefty solidarity on everything else. I wonder how similar that political dynamic is in India? Do Indian labour unions see illegals from Bangladesh as allies or as a threat?

Perhaps India's best bet for accelerating economic reforms is to decentralize economic policy, to allow the local state govts more decision-making power in economic policy. That way, the naturally socialist-leaning states (eg. W.Bengal) will wallow in the socialist morass of their own making, while more economically progressive states (eg. Gujarat) can leave them behind in the dust. Competitive Darwinism will prevail, and the electorates in the backward states will ultimately revolt to kick out those keeping them behind, as occurred in Bihar.

Monday, May 28, 2007

'We Are Children of the Tropics'

may 28th, 2007

sounds like pointless nay-saying about global warming.

but the man heads a 'vertebrate department', and should be asked to comment on india's politicians. :-)

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From: Shahryar

SPIEGEL ONLINE - May 8, 2007, 05:08 PM


'We Are Children of the Tropics'

Biologist Josef Reichholf discusses the benefits of a warmer climate for animals and plants, large cities as centers of biological diversity and the myth of the return of malaria.
SPIEGEL: Mr. Reichholf, are you worried about global warming?
Josef Reichholf: No. Personally, I'm even looking forward to a milder climate. But it will also not pose any major problems for mankind as a whole.

china continues to improve its educational system

may 28th, 2007

whereas india's ruling dynasty is most keen on keeping its people 'barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen, and preferably illiterate, too'.

the reason is that educated people cannot stand the idea of dynasties and empty promises.

here's kristof painting a picture of rapid advancement in china. it is true that they have sworn to create 1,000 universities that will be world-class.

meanwhile, india is creating nalanda. with amartya sen in charge, naturally it will be a useless university, just like his fellow-communist k n pannikar destroyed sri sankara sanskrit university in kerala.

Repay Army, Mufti tells Valley Muslims

Why is the Indian Army being so naive and nice to these scoundrels?

Not just to the Indian Army for its sacrifices, these guys should also repay the Indian Nation for all the atrocities that they committed against it, including the hounding-out of the Kashmiri Pandits...

Animated Films

The story of Lava and Kusha will soon be released as an animated movie called The Warrior Twins

Meanwhile the animated film Ghatotkacha, based on Bhima's half-rakshasa son, has already hit Cannes:

Hmm, I dunno, they seem to have made him too cutesy, just like the Sahara One version of Hanuman. Indians seem to have a Western-acquired bias that all animation has to look like Mickey Mouse or Porky Pig. The rest of Asia seems to have a more sophisticated attitude.

The husband also rises
Javed Akhtar goes to bat for the Jihadi's - not that it will make the least bit of difference - Modi will likely win a THIRD term - this when every other government gets shown the door with anti-incumbency.
It seems that the case on DIG Vanzara is not going too well either - Nathubha Jadeja - the star prosecution witness recanted; and the search of soil samples near Vanzara's residence turned up blank too - due to floods last year in which incriminating evidence seems to have 'washed away'
Asian Age sermonising on 'obstruction' can be ignored - if Afzal-huggers (or Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt) can subvert the judicial process - well - so can the cops!

Arun Shourie's new book

An extract of Arun Shourie's new book on how to improve governance in India. He is essentially arguing for India to adopt a US -Presidential model, but based on the French electoral process. It does make a compelling case - needing to cross the 50% mark will ensure that everyone is perpetually bound to do a "Mayawati-2007" in every Presidential election i.e. build rainbow coalitions and instead of fragmenting the electorate into multiple pieces - fragment it into only two pieces.

Most importantly - this will completely blunt the Islamist ploy of tactical negative voting against the BJP/NDA.

How Indian politicians will defeat this model is fairly obvious. They will have one impeachment motion every week in the legislature; this because every puny politician in India really does think that he could be the next elected President. In fact this is quite true for even non-politicians such as Subramanian Swamy.

However, the book seems to be more than just about the arithmetic as is obvious from Ashok Malik's review of it in the Pioneer


Thanks a lot to all - KapiDhwaja, Nizhal Yoddha, Arvind, Raghu, Non-Carborundum, Habc, S.
Yep, married life is fun, but the fact that patneejee does not mind my drinking (as long as I dont do it in front of her, and dont exceed the quota set for the week) helps.
Also, drinking reminds me - Why is drinking considered bad (in general) in Indian society? When it was acceptable in India many centuries ago, plus our Gods endorse it. Is it the effect of Islamic colonialism ? Maybe it also explains why calling someone a suar

S, I dont have that old gentleman's email or contact.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Kanishka Bombings - the second class citizens of Canada
To follow through on Rajeev's recent editorial in the Pioneer. This book comprehensively documents the Air India bombings and the status of the Kanishka victims and their families as second class citizens of "Multi Culti Land"
I have written a somewhat more detailed review on Rajeev's other blog here. The Canadian authorities continued to look away as long as it was brown people being killed - and actually allowed sundry Khalsa terrorist organisations to receive charitable donations for years afterwards - complete with tax breaks for the donor's!
What a shame on the Indian journalistic establishment - that this is being written by a courageous white woman - who carried on despite mailed death threats and calls for execution on Punjabi Radio stations in BC.

The mess in Pakistan
A short and delightful piece by Rajinder Puri; Pakistan indeed defies all analysis. However, there is near certainty about it being on it's way to becoming Talibanistan. As Irfan Hussain noted in this opinion piece the monster has turned itself on its master

Saturday, May 26, 2007 : Army takes stock as Chinese take plots in Arunachal Pradesh

may 26th, 2007

meanwhile, the resourceful chinese nibble away at indian territory while our invertebrate emperors fiddle.

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From: thirdeye

Full Story can be found at

Army takes stock as Chinese take plots in Arunachal Pradesh
By - Rajesh Sinha

Top brass meets in Assam, reviews activities along unmarked border

Christists plan for Beijing Olympics

may 26th, 2007

you have to hand it to these thugs: they *are* resourceful at smelling out opportunities.

it may also be quite entertaining to watch the chinese communists applying some pain to these jesus freaks' broad bottoms. we shall see how ingenious the darn chinese are.

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From: Srikanth

Christian Groups Plan for Olympic 'Harvest' in Beijing

China exports foods "unfit for human consumption"

may 26th, 2007

why am i not surprised? cacoethes does have a point, that it is not really FUD, the chinese are genuinely good at exporting poison in the form of manufactured food/medicine. there was some stuff about wheat gluten and also about melamine (sp?), a coal derivative used as a protein-like substance.

btw, there will soon be a similar scare, i predict, organized by the pharma companies, about generic drugs from india. it is also a fact that some large %ge of the drugs in india are indeed spurious/dangerous.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: R-Gm

China exports foods "unfit for human consumption"


Dear Rajeev

On your blog "chinese pigs are dying" , Shahryar posted the following comment:

>>>Does this qualify as FUD?
Excerpt from Food boom brings unpalatable truths:
China's huge food export market could be making the world sick, write Ariana Eunjung Cha in Shanghai and Kelly Burke. … …
China has been especially poor at meeting international standards. The US subjects only a small fraction of its food imports to close inspection, but each month rejects about 200 shipments from China, mostly due to concerns about pesticides, antibiotics and misleading labelling. In February, border inspectors for the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) blocked peas tainted by pesticides, dried plums containing banned additives, pepper contaminated with salmonella and frozen crayfish that were filthy. … …


Here is another report, now in (By Washington Post correspondent RICK WEISS):
Posted on Sun, May. 20, 2007

Making China clean up its act
The Food and Drug Administration detained 107 Chinese food imports at U.S. ports last month, agency documents reveal, along with more than 1,000 shipments of tainted Chinese dietary supplements, toxic Chinese cosmetics and counterfeit Chinese medicines. … …

China's less-than-stellar behavior as a food exporter is revealed in stomach-turning detail in FDA "refusal reports" filed by U.S. inspectors, who can check less than 1 percent of regulated imports. A sample of what they reported in April:

Dried apples preserved with a cancer-causing chemical.
Frozen catfish laden with banned antibiotics.
Scallops and sardines coated with putrefying bacteria.
Mushrooms laced with illegal pesticides.
Juices and fruits rejected as "filthy."
Prunes tinted with chemical dyes not approved for human consumption.
Frozen breaded shrimp preserved with nitrofuran, a cancer-causing antibacterial.
Swordfish rejected as "poisonous."


I wish our government would sit up and take notice, what with Chinese products flooding our markets and drowning our own – e.g. apples.

I request you to bring this specifically to Shahryar's notice.
Thanks and Regards

blog entry on medical education

may 26th, 2007

timely, in view of the trehan controversy

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: A

Hello friends

I have posted a new article on my blog.
This time, I have written about something that has impacted me
personally and several others like me: the largely un-talked about
crisis in medical education in maharashtra

Please also revert with comments

best wishes


nuclear weapons are good in *some* dictators' hands: economist

may 26th, 2007

note that the atlanticist is not so bothered about the nukes in pakistan's hands, and is quite thrilled about the 'break-india's-kneecaps' nuclear 'deal' put forth by america.

note the last paragraph:
"As in Congo, where a dictator was unable to ensure the secure storage of the nuclear material, or as in North Korea, where a dictator seems keen to develop nuclear weapons, the lesson for Russia over Myanmar should be clear: spreading nuclear technology to troubled countries is a bad idea."

that is, unless the troubled country's name starts with P-A-K.

swami sandip chaitanya's CDs (in malayalam)

may 26th, 2007

i had mentioned previously, the swami's programs that i have watched are absolutely fascinating. here is a way to order the video/audio online.

i have watched a bit of his sampurna gita yajna, and it's amazingly interesting. brings the text alive, contemporary, and not the least bit abstruse, but very accessible to ordinary humans.

Tavleen Singh- Doctor, heal thy government
Perhaps the best response to the neo-socialism of the non-PM. Maybe to assuage the feeling of helplessness and anger the poor feel when seeing the rich; he cans ask the Gandhi family to make do with fewer cars - and tax his own assets at 90%?

China denies visa to IAS officer from Arunchal Pradesh

The Chinese are at it again, with regards to Arunachal Pradesh...

As Rajeev had said before, China (& the Pakis) always follow the principle of "What is mine is mine, while what is yours is negotiable" when it comes to border settlement with India.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Hate Crime

In a New York highschool, a Pakistani attacks a Sikh student and cuts off his hair, in the name of Islam. This incident has been charged under hate crime laws. Here is some coverage on the NYT site, along with responses.

Indian Evangelist K.A. Paul arrested in Houston

may 25th, 2007

say it ain't so! the great apostle, closest to yhwh that one can get to, jet-setter, has actually been arrested. first jaichand, then this. what is the world coming to? don't the police know that these godmen are above the law? they are 'religious minorities' who can do anything!

now watch k a paul use the 'i am a racial minority' card to complain about racism against indians!

and wonder of wonders, saja is not whining about the 'human rights' of these guys? quick, were is FOIL, where is sugata bose? why aren't john dayal and cedric prakash complaining about the violation of chrisists' rights in christists' own country? where is the godman ratzy?

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: AH Venkitesh
Date: May 26, 2007 4:25 AM
Subject: Indian Evangelist K.A. Paul arrested in Houston

CRIME: Evangelist K.A. Paul arrested
May 24, 2007

now this is one good idea: recaptchas

may 25th, 2007

using wasted human time productively.

the communists should take a hint from this: their propaganda people produce enormous amounts of deliciously turgid text (that is *almost* indistinguishable from english). this job should be left to the dada engines which automatically produce post-modern writing that sounds exactly like these people, including the 'eminent historians' (see early post on this blog about dada engines) and such poor sods should be quietly moved on to other jobs. or put to sleep.

but then, what will 'china's national newspaper' do? there will be a sepulchral silence at jnu, too, as these 'living dead' roam the halls, eager for pieces of juicy marxian text to sink their teeth into. the mind boggles.

collectibles (!)

may 25th, 2007

i guess there is no need to dwell on which 'relic' of which famous non-existent personality this article reminds me of.

rotfl. napoleon's penis, indeed. similarly, alleged foreskins. 'wedding rings'. orgasms when sucked on. amazing what people will believe. i also like the shriveled skeleton of 'saint' francis xavier. a crazed fan apparently bit off a piece of this a few years ago. wonder if she got an orgasm.

Pratap Mehta on neo-Manmohanomics
An instructive piece by Mehta on the non-PM's shocker about 'conspicuous spending'. The problem in India is not the well earning businessman - it is the poorly spending government. While they should really be working toward efficient (i.e. rightly targeted) & effective (i.e minimal 'leakage') spending of government funds - the political class in India has provided nothing but wasteful boondoggles. Although all political parties are guilty of this - the Congress-Left latcher's-on of the welfare state are the worst.

The highest paid people in India are now the B-school or IIT types - as opposed to the Sethji's & Nawab's of yore ; this represents the fact that inherited wealth is no longer the only game in town. The neo-wealthy make their money of wages (or stock options) as opposed to milking assets (interest or rent etc.). This represents a greater 'democratisation' of wealth.

The solution - as suggested by me many times before - provide greater tax-incentive for donations to independent, voluntary institutions working for the general good; and start Milton Friedman's School Voucher scheme where you subsidise the service consumer (student) as opposed to the provider (absentee government school teacher)

The List: The World’s Fastest-Growing Religions

may 25th, 2007

this sounds a little cockamamie to me. ignorant babble.

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Date: May 22,

Asru: exhibition preview online

may 25th, 2007

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From: arun

Dear Rajeev
Please see a message from HRCBM-FACT regarding the ASRU - exhibition on Bangladesh. Hope you can post it on your blog

The traveling exhibit will be open at the Rayburn Congressional Building at the US Capitol on July 30 -July 31, 2007.  We look forward to your support and participation in this effort to educate and highlight the plight of Hindus and other religious minorities in Bangladesh.
An exhibition preview is available online now with selected few panels for viewing.

Back after a break

I am back, after a long break, during which I tied the knot. I visited northern India beyond Jaipur for the first time. Lovely green country, but all wasted by the Mullah-yams.

I met a nice old gentleman on my return journey. This man, an engineer, is now retired but travels all over the country helping farmers improve their output. He advises them on rainwater harvesting and the crops to grow, and how to grow them. And he was pretty much anti-Nehru. He told me an interesting anecdote on Gandhi. His uncle used to live in Gandhi's ashram. Some other people / hangers-on / Congressi style sycophants complained to Gandhi regarding him. He used to eat chana daal sprouts. Well, its supposed to increase bull-like qualities ;-) So Gandhi"jee" called him and asked him to stop doing that. He said - I am not here because I have accepted you as my guru. I am here because I want to do something for my country.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Nussbaum Critiqued

I thought this one was worth reading. Sure, it's a bit hard on the RSS, but aside from that it was a well articulated critique of the Nussbaum phenomenon. It's good to see that awareness of the Atlanticist spectre is growing, because it allows us to better put the problem into perspective to formulate a response, rather than helplessly scratching our heads in confused and frustrated puzzlement.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

United Passive Alliance

The IE rams the Kaangress sarkar for being incompetent.
The op-editor claims that even the *gasp* NDA was better!
As our columnist today argues, the NDA had more by way of both symbol and substance when it came to infrastructure and that the UPA’s failure is all the less defensible when one considers the economic policy talent it has at its disposal. Just one example makes the UPA’s confused thinking clear: three years have passed without a single step being taken in planning for regulators in the infrastructure sectors.
IE picks out MMS and MS (Montek) for being gassy with little impact. Perhaps this will be follwed by a "give it up to Rahul baba" recommendation?

His Dark Materials

His Dark Materials is an epic fantasy trilogy written by Phillip Pullman, which follows the adventures of a young girl across multiple alternate worlds, as she struggles to liberate her own world from the rule of an all-powerful and oppressive church. The Magisterium, as the ruling church is called, is a thinly-veiled caricature of the Roman Catholic Church which controls most of the world and seeks to dominate all others. The movie preview trailer for The Golden Compass, the first installment of the trilogy, is now online.

rajeev in pioneer on the air india kanishka bombing

may 22nd, 2007

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Hail to the Nussbaumber

I'm sure most of you know who Martha Nussbaum is. But for those who don't, please read her latest article, because she just can't stop spewing. This lady should be sued for Hate Speech. I'm not sure what's driving her, but there's obviously something going on that's fueling her zeal.

Vir Sanghvi on art, tolerance & religion

Vir Sanghvi, a self-proclaimed liberal does some liberal-bashing calling his fellow liberals' double-standards with regard to Hinduism versus other religions.

Entrepreneurs Getting Younger

13-yr old Anshul Samar caught attention at the 2007 TiE conference, as the youngest entrepreneur who was seeking $100K to fund his startup. His venture Elementeo is a gaming company seeking to make educational games. It's nice to see little kids thinking big, and getting a head start on business skills.

Dhimmi No - 1

Mob Stones India Police After Rites For Muslims Killed in Mosque Blast - New York Times

How come I am reading this in the New York Times and not in any of our much vaunted English dailies? Nothing in The 'Chindu'?
In a most brazen act of Dhimmitude - the Chief Minister Samuel Reddy apologised for this police action!!!!! Unbelievable but true - YSR = Dhimmi No. 1

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Yanks pay Pakis to kill NATO soldiers - New York Times;en=8d85128b70029860&ei=5088&partner=rssnyt&emc=rss

Notice how the dumb Yankees are paying the Pakistanis money while the Pakistanis open fire to support Taliban incursions -more that TWO DOZEN times...
Also notice how the perfidious Yankees - our 'stategic ally' does not give a hoot that a lot of the money goes to buy heavy machinery used to counter India - and that such machinery has nothing to do with the dubious 'war on terror'. So much for friends!

Rambo's Back.

Hehe, wanna see some Sly moves?

Rambo's coming -- to Burma.

I think the original plan was for him to fight the Taliban, but then the war on terror got unpopular. And Hollywood and the whole Left Coast are so PC that they can't do anything un-Islamic.

So Burma's the next best choice.

You gotta admit though, it's entertaining seeing the One Man Army plow thru all the bad yellow guys, like Virginia Tech in reverse. I guess the Myanmar troops are less skilled than the NVA, because it seems like he kills a whole lot more of them this time.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Shekhar Gupta on Punjab unrest
An instructive piece by Gupta on the current Sacha Sauda imbroglio in Punjab - a mess entirely of the Congress Parties' making. Interestingly - nobody found it beneath 'secularism' when the Congress openly asks a religious head for affirmation of its political platform or candidates.

The really tragic part as I recall was that the current Punjab Congress chief - Amarinder Singh - actually resigned the Congress and his Parliament seat when Bluestar happened. I guess it is not enough for him to reap the whirlwind once - he just has to do it all over again.

This time it will not be Sikh vs. Hindu though - but Akali vs. Dera Sacha Sauda (or Sikh vs. Lower Caste Sikh). I guess the commies will then step in to explain how this is 'class conflict' due to 'exploitation over the millenia' - all this contrary to how 'Sikhism does not believe in caste' and was 'a reformation as it mixed Hinduism and Islam'!!!!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Revolutionary Biotech and Nanotech

Jonathan Rothberg may be turning into the Steve Jobs of biotechnology, and soon even for nanotechnology as well. Take a look at his latest company, Raindance Technologies.

He is developing a system that he claims will do for lab analysis what the microchip and Personal Computer did for information technology. I see more of a telecom analogy -- the way packet-switching networks were an improvement over continuous-circuit communications. But it could potentially banish lab glassware, as the transistor did to the vacuum tube. This Personal Laboratory System will generate and route 2500 packets (droplets) per second through its network of microfluidic channels -- that's nearly 10 million per hour -- allowing a myriad of analytical procedures to be done on each one. Go to the Technology page on that site, and click on some of the icons in the sidebar, to see how it operates.

Imagine the implications for combinatorial chemistry or complex synthesis, whether for bio-engineered organisms or assembly of sophisticated nano-bots. Imagine for example that each droplet could act like an egg, gestating and hatching an individual bio-organism or nano-device. At an output rate of almost 10 million per hour, you could create a small army of them very quickly. Or you could do a complex set of analyses to decode a genome very quickly.

Meanwhile, here is a 2-part feature on the company Rothberg first became famous for founding, 454 Life Sciences, and how the gene-reader he invented could change the face of bio-medicine:
Part I and Part II.

America's 'Tech Brahmins'

Speaking of Venture Capital firms & Private Equity, here is an interesting article...

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Pakistan, Post-Musharraf

Stratfor has an article on post-Musharraf Pakistan. Foreshadowing? Mushy's time as American's favorite Pak son looks like it's coming to an end. No wonder he's suddenly now making renewed suggestions for an all-Muslim force to secure Iraq. All the Americans have accomplished from their doomed dalliance with Musharraf, is to lose time and allow their opponents time to form up against them.

Hindu Deaths In a Christian Center in Kerala: 10,000 and counting

may 15th, 2007

by the usual inflation applied by the 'secularists', i guess i am justified in claiming that 10,000 people were murdered by the 'divine' satanist center.

note how 894 hindus + mohammedans killed in gujarat have been inflated by most notably the christist bigot cedric prakash to "2,000 mohammedans" killed. this has been parroted by the entire communist media.

so, cedric, how about "10,000 hindus killed in christist murder center in kerala"?

yeah, that's the ticket. let's now start a jehad against oommen chandy and k m mani, the main christist politicians in kerala.

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From: Srikanth

You have posted on the Christian healing Center controversy in Kerala.

I have a news link that you may like to read.


request for email ids

may 15th, 2007

reader chris asked for my email address. it is rajeev.srinivasan at

someone else -- i forget who -- casually asked me for san's, kapidhwaja's, ghostwriter's email address. you must be kidding. why on earth would i give you their email ids? if you haven't noticed it yet, i go to some pains to conceal the email ids of those who write to me; it's not up to me to make people's identities public.

if you want to reach them, and all other readers of this blog, just post a comment.

Alexander's Setu

Researchers have found evidence to validate how Alexander the Great's army were able to build a kilometre-long bridge out to the island of Tyre, in order to lay seige to it.

bill to increase skilled worker levels

may 15th, 2007

interesting that there's apparently enough support to the idea that the US needs to make itself more competitive and attractive to skilled overseas workers.

but the part about making it easier for doctors will definitely be shot down by the medical association, among the three best trade unions in the US, the others being the american association of retired persons and the jewish group. by keeping doctor supply down they have managed to keep doctor salaries high. incidentally there is now a move to have fast-food type quick-care medical centers staffed by nurses, which can take care of 90% of the types of casual hospital visits that today cost so much money.

private equity in india

may 15th, 2007

b raman sets up center for china studies

may 15, 2007

this is a good initiative.

although i guess there's already a chennai center for china studies. it's called 'the hindu' newspaper (otherwise known as 'china's national newspaper') :-(

economist talks about how the europeans are scared of china

may 15, 2007

Thomson & Reuters to Merge, while Daimler Benz gets rid of Chrysler

Thomson-Reuters Merger
Private Equity firm Cerberus to buy Chrysler from Benz

Monday, May 14, 2007

60,000 IT professionals in US return home over past 4 years


Brazil's Native Americans offended by Ratzinger's comments

may 14th, 2007

what an arrogant, inhuman, imperialist bigot this godman is! but then maybe its not the person, but the institution of godman-ism that is to blame. this statement by the godman in brazil is almost exactly the same as what the previous godman said in india on diwali day a few years ago, that they brought 'light' to india's darkness. in fact it is the exact opposite: they brought spiritual darkness and satanism to a shining, spiritually advanced civilization.

also, we should stop calling these people 'indians', as it is diluting our brand value, along with that 'south asian' crap. they are native americans.

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From: Moksha

Brazil's Indians offended by Pope comments
Outraged Indian leaders in Brazil said on Monday they were offended by Pope Benedict 's "arrogant and disrespectful" comments that the Roman Catholic Church had purified them and a revival of their religions would be a backward step.
In a speech to Latin American and Caribbean bishops at the end of a visit to Brazil, the Pope said the Church had not imposed itself on the indigenous peoples of the Americas.

They had welcomed the arrival of European priests at the time of the conquest as they were "silently longing" for Christianity, he said.

Millions of tribal Indians are believed to have died as a result of European colonization backed by the Church since Columbus landed in the Americas in 1492, through slaughter, disease or enslavement.

Many Indians today struggle for survival, stripped of their traditional ways of life and excluded from society.

"It's arrogant and disrespectful to consider our cultural heritage secondary to theirs," said Jecinaldo Satere Mawe, chief coordinator of the Amazon Indian group Coiab.

Several Indian groups sent a letter to the Pope last week asking for his support in defending their ancestral lands and culture. They said the Indians had suffered a "process of genocide" since the first European colonizers had arrived.

Priests blessed conquistadors as they waged war on the indigenous peoples, although some later defended them and many today are the most vociferous allies of Indians.

"The state used the Church to do the dirty work in colonizing the Indians but they already asked forgiveness for that ... so is the Pope taking back the Church's word?" said Dionito Jose de Souza a leader of the Makuxi tribe in northern Roraima state.

yes, malaysia, truly mohammedan, not truly asian

may 14th, 2007

malaysians are taking the lead in being more-mohammedan-than-thou. thank you, saudi arabia! your extreme fanaticism is catching on.

and let's note that the country is only about 60% mohammedan, and that 80% of the wealth is in the hands of the chinese. once again, whenever and wherever mohammedans reach a certain level of the population, they indulge in brutalizing non-mohammedans. this is true even for the allegedly 'gentle' malays and indonesians, not so violent and bloodthirsty (or so it is believed) as the barbarian arabs. looks like mohammedanism makes everybody an arab (which it is meant to).

tarun vijay is editor of the RSS mouthpiece panchajanya.

Printed from
The Times of India -Breaking news, views. reviews, cricket from across India
Not truly Asian
9 May, 2007 l 1437 hrs IST lTarun Vijay

SMS NEWS to 8888 for latest updates
My last visit to Kuala Lumpur and its outskirts showcased a vibrant, futuristic society which boasted a booming economy and the strength to resist "western pressures", as they tried to put it.

... deleted

rajeev on on the mayawati victory and the persistence of caste

may 14th, 2007

a carbon-footprint-neutral skyscraper?

may 14th, 2007

that would be good. it would be even better if the arabs show us how to avoid using their hydrocarbons!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Prattle from Ratzinger

On a visit to Latin America, Ratzinger tries to feign credibility when he attacks both Marxism and Capitalism, but in the end strikes out at the local native religions:
“The utopia of going back to breathe life into the pre-Columbus religions, separating them from Christ and from the universal church, would not be a step forward; indeed, it would be a step back” and “a retreat towards a stage in history anchored in the past.”
When all else fails, run to the arms of good ol' Saint Columbus. With Saints like this, who needs Satan?

Reservations for Poor 'Upper Castes'

Mayawati, clearly delighted at her newfound success, is now calling for reservations to be extended to poor 'upper castes' as well as non-Hindu minorities. Well, this is an interesting psychological breakthrough for her, in recognizing that 'upper castes' can be economically backward as well. She's obviously able to get away with this stance because of her background, in contrast to a BJP that would never dare to call for such things. It's too bad that she's not willing to address the issue of extra-territorialism amongst minorities, when she's willing to extend quotas to them.

But this does pose a problem for meritocracy. If you give everybody quota entitlements, then who the hell has to work hard?

But it's still politically significant that you have a 'lower-caste' leader willing to go on record that 'upper castes' are human beings suffering economic deprivation too. It shows the greater ability of 'upper castes' to influence BSP from within, rather than from outside. This soft-power influence and its possibilities should not be sneezed at.

Brits wake up to Pak links
The Brits wake up and find who is turning their capital into 'Londonistan'. This may have been occasioned by American threats to have Paki Brits apply for a visa prior to coming to America.
Overall, it is too late for the British. The only thing you can say in their favor is that the government does not sit on it's hands while passing anti-terror laws at home. This is more that can be said about the Mullah-hugging, POTA-hating idiots who run India!!!

Euros Pounce on Putin

Here come the Euro-propagandists of Atlanticism again, whing about their "chills" and "shivers" at Putin's latest remarks.

Putin is only saying what the rest of the world is thinking. So when a darling of Atlanticism like George Soros compares the Bush admin to 1930s Germany, then the Atlanticists consider it a valid warning. But if Putin says something similar, then it's suddenly "chilling" and "shocking" and causing "shivers down the spine".

What a joke. What a bunch of predatory ruthless rats the Europeans are.

christopher hitchens bashes the semitic religions

may 12, 2007

hitchens is someone who can be respected: a principled atheist. however, like dawkins before him (see discussion we had here on dawkins' even more incendiary book bashing that, in his words, 'fictional' 'monster', the semitic god yhwh) i suspect everything hitchens shows to be idiotic is strictly true only of the semitic faiths (including communism). these old or new leftists in the west have not been exposed to the far more interesting and challenging religions of the east -- hinduism and buddhism are infinitely more satisfying as religions (and they are not dictatorial edicts telling people what to do). these people should read the gita and the upanishads and the buddhist scriptures, and they will find that, indeed, there are religions that make sense. oddly enough, these religions don't even push you into god-worship.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

3D Printing, Rapid Prototyping Coming Your Way

A company called IdeaLabs has come out with the cheapest 3D printer yet, called the Desktop Factory. 3D printers are low-end rapid prototyping machines which are now starting to radically drop in price. The higher-end machines are larger and can look similar to photocopy machines:

Even though it still retains the word "prototyping" in it due to its origins in making quick mockups over 20 years ago, the technology has gradually evolved to the point of being able to directly manufacture full-strength quality parts having complex geometries unachievable by more traditional machining methods. The most cutting-edge rapid prototyping techniques, such as E-Beam Melting, can be used to manufacture production-quality high-strength aerospace parts.

With the cost of 3D printers coming down, they are a disruptive technology forecasted to cause a radical change in the manufacturing landscape akin to what the desktop publishing revolution did for the print industry. These devices are increasingly in reach of the small business, and soon to the ordinary consumer as well.

So for those of you who are concerned that Indian manufacturing in the future will only run rampant to trap us in a world of smoggy smokestacks, toxic waste sites and mass over-production/over-consumption, recognize that on the advanced end of the evolutionary chain awaits a time of calibrated exacting use of materials, limited production runs of sophisticated products, and quality over quantity.

FIACONA President arrested while attempting to murder Hindu

may 10th, 2007

the very aptly named (jaichand) christist convert exhibits his true tendencies. much like the sister abhaya murder and numerous other killings: the christist's semitic instinct is murder.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Arvind

Do you know what the sentence for aggravated assault with intent to murder in Illinois is?

Crusader arrested in US for disrupting peaceful Hindu protest
5/9/2007 9:54:05 AM

Plan to disrupt the Peaceful Protest was foiled in Chicago

On May 6, 2007 nearly 500 people were peacefully protesting in Chicago expressing their concern for the plight of Hindu Temples in Andhra Pradesh during Honorable Chief Minister's visit to USA.

A group of five people came into the middle of demonstration and started asking why we were doing the protest. One of the Protesters gave the booklet containing the information. Protesters took the booklets when they did not want. Then one gentleman, later identified as Dr. Jayachand Pallekonda went behind Mr Praveen Gandhi and started choking his throat with his fingers. Mr Gandhi was not even able to shout as his throat was being pressed very hard. Nearby police saw the incident immediately, rushed behind Dr Pallekonda pulled his hands off Mr Gandhi and handcuffed him.

Then took away from the Protest area and filed a case. Hearing is set for May 23, 2007 in Rosemont, Il. Mr. Gandhi was taken to the emergency hospital the next day due to the swollen glands. Dr. Pallekonda is seen on the left side of the picture with black outfit. Dr. Jayachand Pallekonda is President of Federation of Indian American Christian Organization of North America, Washington, DC.

Mayawati Wants Delhi

In the wake of her unexpectedly strong showing in the UP elections, Mayawati has announced that she wants BSP to lead the central govt in New Delhi also. Well, at least nobody can accuse her of thinking too small. Although she comes from a dyed-in-the-wool socialist background, she seems to have recently realized the great rewards to be reaped from abandoning the politics of caste-division.

We need to think about this. If a dalit-led party stripped of its caste-baiting were to embrace all other Hindu communities, it could make for a usefully stable centre-of-gravity that opponents wouldn't be able to crack.

But would it amount to a socialist takeover of the country? As the W.Bengal marxists have shown, once in power even the most vociferous socialists are willing to wholeheartedly embrace the forward-looking vision of capitalist growth over the dead-end stagnation they all inwardly know socialism represents.

Only Nixon can go to China. Likewise, it might take the lower-class credentials of a Mayawati to rally the entire Hindu community more solidly under a common banner, so that the nation can plunge ahead into the more aggressive economic reforms necessary to sustain and build on current economic momentum.

I'd prefer if a party with a more longstanding record on free market privatization like BJP were to be the spearhead of economic renewal. But because of the current lacklustre leadership, it's not clear that BJP is pushing strongly enough in the right direction. If Rajnath is favoring caste-based quotas, then what the hell do we need him for?

I'm wondering if a BSP-led national govt with BJP as a junior partner, might not be comparable to a Court of Akbar, the Moghul ruler who allowed himself to be advised by Brahmins and other infidels. What we would want to particularly avoid is an electoral face-off at the national level between BSP and BJP, which would only play into the hands of the Congress, the two Yadavs, the leftists and the other regional parochialists.

If Mayawati's current giddiness over her newfound success could persuade her to open up to Modi, that might be a useful axis to oust Sonia & Family from their Delhi Darbar(let's not forget Arjun, either). Maybe somebody like a Kalyan Singh could become a broker for this. With a more solid low-caste electoral mandate, economic reforms could then be pursued more vigorously.

Ship-Building: India's Next Star Industry

India's ship is coming in. Just like the Japanese, Koreans and Chinese before us, now Indians are set to become the latest big ship-builders.

With India's long protruding coastline, and its medium proximity to other resource-rich nations across the ocean, it's absolutely important for us to become a big sea-trading nation. Developing maritime commerce, along with our own big fleet of sea-going ships will also help us to improve our indigenous naval capabilities, as maritime defense will be of great importance as well.

Ship-building is also a good industry for creating blue-collar jobs, too. I can't wait for the day when India breaks the record for world's largest ship.

Friday, May 11, 2007

and this torture when he married a mohammedan girl

may 11th, 2007

imagine what would have happened if, horrors, it had been a marriage to a hindu who had resisted converting to mohammedanism!

'raghu' amin? sounds like a fabrication, doesn't it?

UP Results - Pluses and Minuses

Well, the results of the UP elections are in, and Mayawati's BSP has won with a landslide, enabling her to go it alone with a simple majority. This was only possible due to her cessation of caste-baiting and her willingness to reach out to "upper caste" groups. In a limited way, we can see similarities to the Bihar elections, where the other Yadav got knocked out and even lost the confidence of the Muslim vote due to the unprecedented crime wave.

And speaking of criminality, the public was treated to the sight of Mulayam's henchmen and the police carting off piles of records for mass shredding. At least Mulayam didn't pull a Jehanabad-style guerrilla raid in the hopes of starting a civil war. No chance of that, with Madame keeping him under constant surveillance - something she wouldn't do with her erstwhile ally and subsequent Railway Minister Lalu.

Mayawati now seems to be emerging as a homegrown Madame herself, after assiduously courting the "upper castes". Another overweight, overbearing Jayalalitha - but one with a large power base. Sonia better watch out, or everyone from Jaswant Singh to the commies will be lining up at Ms Mayawati's door. Despite his swagger, the youngest Gandhi brat failed to raise the Congress Party's fortunes beyond the bought constituencies.

Meanwhile, BJP took a drubbing, and I'm inclined to blame Rajnath Singh. Ever since he took over,the public hasn't seen or heard much of this guy. He's supposed to be billed as a low-key backroom broker who supposedly understands the rural masses better than Advani, Vajpayee after their India Shining debacle. So what did Mr Rural do? Nothing fantastic to attract the voters, from what I see. He's also been seen marginalizing Modi, who looks to me like a better and more charismatic leader for BJP to seize the voters' imagination.

As a fan of the late PV Narasimha Rao, I'm not automatically knocking the low-key backroom brokering approach, but that seems to mainly be advantageous when you're already in power. If you're out of power and want to get in, you'd better get some visibility. If Rajnath was such a good deal-maker and so in touch with the rural masses, then why didn't he at least cut a deal with BSP, to keep her from poaching their constituencies? A better approach would have been a hard-charging campaign, like Modi did in Gujarat. Nah, I'm not a big fan of Rajnath's plodding style. It would be better if he got rotated back to the backroom, and let somebody better like Modi come forward to forge ahead.

Failing that, maybe we need to hire Karl Rove.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Nagpur: Future Metros Being Groomed

The city of Nagpur is one among various being groomed as the next wave of future metropolises of India. Hopefully, some meticulous planning and design will create a new generation of melting-pot cities that are more livable and capable of sucking in the tens of millions who will migrate there to work and live. I'm strongly in favour of a melting-pot society, as opposed to our current ever-fractious, tribalized model, and big cities are the way to go for that. More people will work and live together in close contact, and will absorb culture from each other, fusing into a common Indian identity. The forging of a strong and unbreakable alloy, as Jagmohan said.

With strong urban planning, the next generation of cities will rise like new Benares, organizing the population into streamlined productive existence coupled with convenience of amenities. These engines of assimilation and advancement will convert India's vast human potential into a successful reality. There will be no possibility of wheel-jam strikes, or ethnic ghettos as no-go areas for police.

When you think about it, the teeming hyper-congestion of India's current few metropolises is due to the lack of alternatives. Rather than exclusively trying to reform these ailing giants and taking on their numerous entrenched interest lobbies, instead a second wave of cities can be prepared in order to promote better lifestyle and a promising vision of the future.

Not so coincidentally, Nagpur is the birthplace of RSS as well.

Monkey’s and DMK war
I guess ideological fanaticism and personal venality are not the only hallmarks that the 'Dravidians' have borrowed from the Mohammedans; family infighting and brother assaulting brother are also borrowed cultural traits (anyone remember Dara Shikoh vs. Aurangzeb)
Calling a man named Stalin a monkey is actually a compliment!!!

one fantastic CD: holy chants of shiva and shakti

may 9th, 2007

this is one of the best devotional CDs i have ever heard. these girls have voices as clear as bells, and their sanskrit pronunciation is effortless and pure. kudos to ghayatri devi. and the modernized beat is not obtrusive but very attractive. i bought it in india for rs. 150, lent it to somebody and now cant find it. but i have it on my ipod and it's absolutely fantastic. i don't usually gush over music that much but this CD is addictive.

one in particular, 'chandrasekhara ashtakam' is awesome, i listen to it over and over again: i love the chorus -- 'chandrasekharamashraye mama kim karishyati vaiyamam, chandrasekhara chandrasekhara chandrasekhara pahimam, chandrasekhara chandrasekhara chandrasekhara rakshamam'

i wonder if ghayatri devi and stephen devassy (!) have produced any other such efforts. i'd buy their work in a heartbeat. if i remember right from the liner notes, they are members of some ashram.

btw, so that you know about my level of knowledge of devotional music, another of my favorites has been 'chants of shiva from the banks of the ganges' from times music/art of living.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Tharoor blasts US lawmakers over letter to PM

This probably is one of the rare occasions when I like 'secular' Tharoor for speaking his mind.

Tamil Brahmins: The best second-rate men in the world

may 9th, 2007

interesting. actually it's usually better to be the power behind the throne. you don't get impeached that easily. just ask henry kissinger, war criminal extraordinaire, living happily in his senescence in cambridge, ma.

anybody remember reading an interesting short story by kipling, 'the miracle of purun bhagat'? quite a good one, about a self-effacing minister who then became a miracle-working monk.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: AH Venkitesh

Columns by N S Jagannathan

Tamil Brahmins: The best second-rate men in the world

This piece, it must be explained at the outset, is not a history of the Tamil Brahmins, or a gratulatory account of the community's famous achievers. It is more in the nature of a portraiture of the "average or the median" member of the species.

In an endeavour of this kind seeking to crystallize the unique qualities of a whole people, it would be misleading to talk of the "tall poppies", the all-time greats, such as Sir T Muthuswami Iyer, G Subramania Iyer, Subramania Bharati, Rajaji, Satyamurti, Sir C V Raman, Srinivasa Ramanujan, Madurai Mani Iyer or Ariyakudi Ramanuja Iyengar.

... deleted