Saturday, January 26, 2008

Arch Dhimmi idiot chanting "Hindu terrorist" yet again

Kuldip Nayyar is another senile old apologist for Islamic Jihad whose USP is dhimmi verbal flatulence and Urdu nostalgia of the "Lahore school". Dhimmitude coming from people like I.K Gujral, Kuldip Nayyar, Khushwant Singh, Rajinder Sachar et al, i.e. all "Ethnic Indians" who were ethnically cleansed from the "Land of the Pure" is particularly revolting.

I have several childhood friends hailing from Punjabi and Sindhi Hindu families that were uprooted from their ancestral lands by Muslim League thugs during partition and forced into an existence of squalor having lost their wealth and in many cases, their womenfolk to Islamic genocide. They walked into dhimmi India with only their lives and the clothes on their bodies intact and rebuilt their wealth through sheer hard work and enterprise. I feel violated to hear scoundrels like Kuldip Nayyar demonising these Hindus as "terrorists" and "fundamentalists".

Having spent a lifetime demonising Hindu nationalists, Nayyar just cannot stop chanting the dhimmi mantra of "Hindu terrorism" even in his twilight years. This, of course is music to Mullah, Missionary, Marxist ears. Their media organs immediately give credence to any garbage coming from his mouth.
Bloody traitors. These fellows need to be punished.

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