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the ceremonial topis of vijayanagar

jul 30th, 2007

i did notice the magnificent headgear of krishnadeva raya on his
statue in tirupati.

interesting that egyptian royalty also had rather spectacular headgear.

India's Space Ambitions Soar

ISRO is picking up the pace in pursuit of loftier and grander achievements. The Avatar project for a flyback scramjet booster is certainly one of their more ambitious goals. It remains to be seen how things will pan out, though.

But now ISRO is even setting up their own training programs to cultivate the necessary talent for the growing space program.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Fwd: [PINR] 30 July 2007: India's Interests at Stake in Relationship with China

jul 29, 2007

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Date: Jul 30, 2007 7:08 AM
Subject: [PINR] 30 July 2007:  India's Interests at Stake in Relationship with China
To: rajeev

Power and Interest News Report (PINR)
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30 July 2007


India's Interests at Stake in Relationship with China
Drafted By: Dr. Harsh V. Pant

As India embarks on redefining its foreign policy priorities to match its growing weight in the international system, it has become imperative for Indian policymakers to learn from the country's past in order to frame appropriate policies for the future. The Central Intelligence Agency recently declassified its decades-old documents, referred to as the "family jewels," which included the CIA's own assessment of the reasons behind India's debacle in the 1962 Sino-Indian war. While the documents do not reveal any major new insight into the events, it reinforces some of the issues that India should not ignore.

... deleted

NDF's open support of terrorism

jul 29th, 2007

now that haneef has been saved, maybe manmohan singh can stay awake
nights worrying about how koya is being demonized.

actually manmohan singh has probably taken care of this by bringing in
e. ahamed (surely a friend of SIMI and NDF if not an active member)
into the union cabinet. e. ahamed is fulfilling his role as 'minister
for the protection of mohammedans worldwide' to perfection.

i am not bothered about koya being anti-american, but this sort of
virulent mohammedan fundamentalism is being directed against hindus in
india. and being embraced by the craven political class. these are the
people who are supporting NDF chief madani, in jail in tamil nadu in
great luxury at taxpayer expense (and often eulogized by karunanidhi
et al) with a retinue of 5 ayurvedic physicians etc.

the entire kerala assembly passed a resolution that madani should be
released. even though he is the terrorist behind the coimbatore blasts
that killed 57.

why? there are the swelling mohammedan numbers in kerala -- they are
breeding like mad (kerala mohammedan couples on average have 5-6
children, in contrast christists have 3-4 children, and hindus have
1-2. can we say demographic death spiral, boys and girls?)

and there's the huge amounts of counterfeit (courtesy pakistan) money
and real money (courtesy arabs) landing on the kerala coast, along
with weapons.

the kerala and karnataka coast is going to the new bangladesh for
infiltration by the ISI. makes sense -- it is the closest to the
arabs, and there are already substantial networks of hawala and people
flow between the kerala coast and the gulf.

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From: arun

"I was very happy, excited, on September 11th. Someone called me to
switch on BBC and I saw the aircraft crashing into the World Trade
Center and I saw it crumbling down -- down like the United States and
I was laughing… Osama Bin Laden gave Americans back what they had done
to the world. It was a wonderful thing! What else can a helpless
people do? There should be more of it [terrorism] in U.S. Why not?"

P. Koya is one of the 13 Supreme Council members of the National
Democratic Front (NDF), an Islamic organization based in Calicut,
Kerala. He is also one of the founding members of the Students Islamic
Movement of India (SIMI), which was banned by the BJP government in
2001 for supporting terror and was accused of involvement in the 2003
train bombings in Mumbai.........

When Feds Forget Freedom of Faith (and the Fundies Who Love Them)

jul 29th, 2007

why isn't a group of indian MPs writing to the us president in protest
against this? the BJP should surely take this up. making a little
noise will put the yanks on the defensive, as demonstrated by the
chinese again and again.

after all, yank congressmen are constantly lecturing india in similar
fashion by writing intrusive letters about internal matters, the
latest inspired by the 'dalit freedom network' yammering about the
caste system.

this is a good article.

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From: Sushama

When Feds Forget Freedom of Faith (and the Fundies Who Love Them)

By Tim Mitchell

It took America, a nation that supposedly prides itself on religious
freedom and diversity, over 200 years since its establishment to ask
someone from one of the largest non-Abrahamic faiths in the world to
give a prayer in both its House of Representatives and Senate. This
delayed invitation, in addition to America 's ongoing support of
evangelical Christian missionary efforts in the Hindu homeland of
India , makes this inclusion of a Hindu chaplain feel more backhanded
than genuine, even if protestors hadn't been present.

more at:

forgot to mention this: rajeev on rediff on presidential candidates in the US and india

jul 29, 2007

it was written before the indian presidential 'election', but rediff
in its infinite wisdom chose to run it afterwards.

part 1 is not linked to part 2 on

Coastal K'taka on terror radar: Pakistan-based terror groups are planning to set up base

jul 29th, 2007

mohammedans already have their redoubts in coastal karnataka, areas
where the population is almost entirely them.

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From: AH

Coastal K'taka on terror radar

Friday July 27, 03:39 AM

If the revelations made by six Al-Badr men arrested in Kutch two weeks
ago are anything to go by, some Pakistan-based terror groups are
planning to set up base in the coastal areas of Karnataka, including
Karwar. The area houses INS Kadamba, a strategic Naval base.


2 nuns held for torturing students’ torture to convert:

jul 29th, 2007

naturally, manmohan singh wont lose sleep over this incident. i wonder
if he's losing sleep over the fact that a bunch of gujarati mohammedan
tourists in jammu and kashmir were blown up by 'the boys'. naaah,
that'll be up to teesta setalvad to scream like a banshee that
narendra modi must resign because gujarati mohammedans were killed by
kashmiri mohammedans.

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From: bharat

2 nuns held for students' torture'-torture.aspx


Bhubaneswar, July 28: Tension prevailed in Baghamara village near
Baripada in Mayurbhanj district as the police arrested two Catholic
nuns on Saturday after two girls, who studied at the residential
school run by the local Catholic church, accused them of physical
torture and forcing them to attend prayers.

District superintendent of police Sanjaya Kumar Singh told this
newspaper over the phone that Sister Mary and Sister Prema were
arrested by the police on Saturday morning and a case had been
registered against them under Sections 323 and 506 of the Indian Penal
Code and Section 4 of the Orissa Freedom of Religion Act.

The arrested nuns were produced in a local court and later forwarded
to judicial custody after their bail plea was rejected.

The SP said investigation revealed prima facie evidence in the
allegations of the girls and witnesses also confirmed physical torture
by the teacher.

The two girls, Sarojini Murmu (14) of Nachipur village and Anjana
Behera (11) had fled from the school on July 20.

Article from American Thinker: Why Does the Left Hate Israel?

jul 29th, 2007

although the analogy is a little stretched, and the writer believes
'western civilization' [sic] is a panacea, the point is well-taken.
the leftists simply hate india too. indian leftists are all stooges of
the chinese.

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From: American Thinker

Why Does the Left Hate Israel? -

The sender added this message:
Hi Rajeev,

Came across this excellent essay on AmericanThinker. It is
totally in reference to the US-Israeli context. But replacing certain
keywords in Indian context, it applies to India well.



American Thinker

Top ideologue repudiates violent jihad

jul 29th, 2007

intriguing. i suppose this guy will now 'die mysteriously'.

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From: AH

Top ideologue repudiates violent jihad

Revisionist message rattles Al-Qaeda leader

Cairo: In a prison cell south of Cairo, a repentant Egyptian terrorist leader is putting the finishing touches to a remarkable recantation that undermines the Muslim theological basis for violent jihad and is set to generate furious controversy among former comrades still fighting with Al-Qaeda.


more on shameless christist attempts to dissociate Yoga from Hinduism

from the article,

Yoga is a form of spiritual practice that predates Hinduism, according to Christopher Key Chapple, professor of Indic and Comparative Theology at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. He says yoga is found in several major faith traditions.

Yeah Right! Hope some legal action can be taken against these scoundrels a la CAPEEM...

PS: Copy and paste this link on a new window to circumvent the registration process.

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crisil on the indian economy

jul 28, 2007

from this page:

Industrial growth to moderate to 8.4-9.1 per cent in 2007-08

Export momentum unfazed by rupee appreciation; imports to be buoyant

Inflation to be around 5.0 per cent in 2007-08

Credit growth expected to be steady

Rupee to trade at 40.5 against the dollar

G-sec yield to be in 7.8-8.0 per cent range

Major risks to global growth: Oil prices, slowdown in US, global liquidity

nytimes on terror: defined of course (see photos) as white guys getting killed

july 28, 2007

very narrow definition indeed. and therefore musharraf as 'key ally
against terror'. the bush administration and state department belief
is that if musharraf's pet murderers are killing indians, they will be
desisting from killing white people.

this is why it is so interesting that the haneef, kaleef, sabeel-type
terrorists are refraining from killing indians, and focusing on
killing whites, especially brits. (yanks are nice people, at least,
even if their governments are not. the brits are wholly without any
saving grace, the insufferable prigs. except one or two, like
christopher hitchens, who so deliciously savages m. teresa and the
godfathers of the church like godman ratzinger. and maybe a few scots
who loathe the english.)

which is why i don't quite understand all the breast-beating about
haneef et al. exactly what is the problem? britain has been exporting
terrorists to india for some time. good example is that fellow omar
sheikh who was responsible for killing a lot of indians, and was one
of those released by the kandahar hijacking. and lots of other
brit-born pakistani terrorists who have come to india as well. so why
is it such a big deal that india is exporting, in kind, the same type
of terrorists?

i never thought i'd ever see the day i saw eye-to-eye with e. ahamed
(india's minister for saving mohammedans everywhere in the world), but
i guess haneef-kaleef-sabeel should be given a heros' welcome. in
other words, "thank you for wanting to kill villainous and perfidious
brits, not indians. good on ya, mates! too bad you were so dumb".

racism unbound: how white guys beat up on chinese, as witzel et al and the senate bigots do to hindus today

jul 28th, 2007

the only difference is that the chinese stood together, and did not
have jaichands amongst them unlike the indian sepoys who in many ways
stand only for the interests of whites today.

increased japanese interest in india: good news; declining fisheries: bad news

jul 28, 2007

it's high time the japanese invested in india instead of their enemy
number one, china. and it's beginning to happen.

you see this in india on the ground. there are more japanese people
visiting bangalore, for the toyota operations and its suppliers, delhi
for honda, and i suppose chennai for the ford and bmw operations.
there are one or two fairly good japanese restaurants i know of:
dahlia in bangalore and chennai, and i'm told there's a good one near
adyar in chennai, whose name i don't remember, and there are others in
delhi and mumbai. as a fan of the subtle flavors of japanese food, i
am pleased. one of the pleasures of california is the easy
availability of japanese (as well as vietnamese, thai, cambodian and
other asian) food.

incidentally, the long-talked-about crash in fish populations has come
about. the tuna catch has crashed seriously, and now the japanese are
finding it increasingly hard to find good tuna for sushi.

there are diminishing fish catches in kerala, too. instead of the
popular ney-meen (which i think is tuna), formerly species that were
thrown away as trash are now the only things available from the

mohammedan priest's weasel words on conversion and apostasy

jul 27th, 2007

as i said before, the mullah is not really saying it's okay to convert
out of mohammedanism. he's saying "i want to say something that will
be considered acceptable to the white guys, but in reality i am still
saying that we'll kill apostates".

there's a lot of syntactic sleight-of-hand here, just as in the
US-nuclear 'deal'.

the treatment mohammedans get; contrast to the white trash disrupting hindu prayer to senate

jul 27th, 2007

anything mohammedans want they can get through intimidation and bribes.

this is what the christists do in india successfully, so i am not very
sympathetic to their yammerings about excessive solicitousness towards

why does the hindu get humiliated? simple: hindus don't go around
doing shooting people or doing suicide bombing.

Jaswant Singh on India's Nepal policy

Posting in full as Pioneer's links are shortlived...

Blind leads the blind

Jaswant Singh

The 'non-Government' of Manmohan Singh, by 'outsourcing' India's Nepal policy to the CPI(M), may be wreaking the same havoc that Indira Gandhi had unleashed by sub-contracting policy on Sri Lanka to a group of politicians based in Chennai

The present non-Government in New Delhi has a non-policy on Nepal. I call it non-Government because of the extent of its not simply non-functioning, but also mal-functioning. I don't think there is an absence of policy with regard to just Nepal. It is also so with regard to all countries. It has an extremely limited focus, mainly on non-issues. For long, we did not even have a Minister of External Affairs. The Prime Minister chose to hold the portfolio himself. Finally, we now have an experienced Minister.

As a preface, I would like to say that it is a well-established fact that mistakes in the realm of international affairs affect many generations with the unresolved issues. In India's case, there are three issues that are still burning: Jammu & Kashmir, China and Sri Lanka. Now, coming to Nepal, our relations with that country are inextricably linked by geography and history. The devout do not consider pilgrimage to the four dhams as complete without a visit to Pashupatinath. You cannot obliterate it from the consciousness of the people of India.

I had, on several occasions, while witnessing Nepal's descent into chaos, appealed to Mr Manmohan Singh to take some initiatives to save Nepal. I also pleaded to him not to outsource the management of Nepal affairs to the CPI(M). Subsequently, out of frustration, I stated in Parliament that I once had the occasion to caution Mrs Indira Gandhi: "Madam please don't allow the foreign policies of India with regard to Sri Lanka to be made in Madras." What I said then was borne out by subsequent events. On more than one occasion, I had said the same to Mr Manmohan Singh.

Legitimacy of the present Nepal Government: Let us reflect on what has happened. The King has been unseated by what seems to be a groundswell of disenchantment. Thereafter, what followed was a series of events in which India was involved. But how were we safeguarding India's national interests to that they were not jeopardised in the evolving situation? The United States has become "active" in Nepal taking advantage of India's inaction. Britain was the only western power with a direct relationship with Nepal. India had inherited that relationship.

For a long time, the western world looked at Nepal through the Indian prism. When the NDA was in power, the US used to publicly state that it was India that should influence the situation in Nepal and Sri Lanka. This was recognition of India's geopolitical relevance in the sub-continent. But now, under Mr Manmohan Singh, India has abdicated its role and totally withdrawn from Nepal. Naturally, external forces have moved in.

Henceforth, we will probably see more activism by not only the US, but also China, Pakistan and Bangladesh. What the present Prime Minister of India does not realise is that there cannot be a vacuum in international affairs. If India does not act, then others will move in. The American foreign policy platform is currently in a shell-shocked state. I believe their experiences in South Asia - Pakistan and Afghanistan - is not every encouraging.

I don't think Americans have a Nepal policy as such. They have an ad hoc platform, which they wish to employ because now, for the first time, they are physically in the landmass of the sub-continent. They are in Afghanistan, they are in Pakistan. I am disturbed by their role in Nepal.

Dangers of the spread of Maoism: We must recognise the enormity of the challenge that we face today. I believe that the gravest internal challenge is the spread of Maoist violence. If the UPA Government permits this Maoist malignancy to combine with the Maoist element in Nepal, then that would be internationalising India's internal problem. I fear not only for the 168 districts that are currently recognised by our agencies as "disturbed" by Maoists, but the entire North-East.

I am not being alarmist, but simply underscoring a situation fraught with danger. It is the gravest internal challenge at the moment. How are we to recognise it unless we identify its contours and the dimensions and then address the many challenges it would throw up?

I also find it totally inexplicable that it has been found necessary to declare Nepal as a "secular" nation. If Nepal is not a Hindu nation, then what is it? It posed no challenge to anybody by upholding that status. Nepal has always been the most accommodative, unassertive country in the world. Anybody was welcome there. That is why it was home to the flower children, the hippies and the Dum-Maro-Dum types on the one hand, and the most ascetic, devout followers of Advaita on the other. I find the imposition of this new description a great loss. It was totally unnecessary. As in the case of India, you cannot just wipe out the consciousness of the citizens who are from the sanatana dharma. I believe that Nepal will always remain a Hindu nation and nothing less.

The future of the monarchy is really something for the people of Nepal to decide. It is my hope that they will decide wisely and with sagacity. I have always held the view that Nepal has two pillars of stability - a political and a social. A constitutional monarchy and an elected and responsible democracy. You cannot destroy either of these pillars and create a new Nepal from the debris. Both would give stability. Exactly what shape this constitutional monarchy would have is for the people of Nepal to decide, as, indeed, it is for them to work out how the future Parliament is to evolve.

Elections to the Constituent Assembly are due in November. I have no direct source of information as to whether the conditions there favour the holding of polls. The UPA Government seldom shares information with us. It is well-known that the disarming process of the Maoists was only in name and only a third of the weapons were surrendered. The activities of the Young Communist League are indeed worrisome. There are questions about delimitation that continue to hang. How do you hold elections when the forces of law and order enforcement have themselves been disenabled?

It is time India paid heed to the warning signs coming from Nepal. Its present policy is one of the blind following the blind.

-- The above is the summary of a conversation that the former External Affairs Minister and present Leader of the Opposition in the Rajya Sabha had with The Pioneer

entertaining, esp the part about the paper plant and bibles

jul 27th, 2007

all about the catholic church.

yea, the lord moveth in mysterious ways indeed.

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From: K

Nuke test will spike deal: US

Here is what the US said within hours after the non-PM and his band of advisors portrayed nuke deal as a success.

Bharat Karnad et al were correct after all. This deal is all about stunting India's strategic options at the current level. CTBT, FMCT, NPT etc. through the back door.

Friday, July 27, 2007

The Dark Knight - Coming in Summer 2008

Here's a preview trailer for The Dark Knight, the next Batman movie coming in summer of 2008. In the previous movie of the franchise, Batman Begins, we saw Batman fighting it out with some Central Asian warlord aboard a large "sky train" as it hurtled on a collision course with a skyscraper. The warlord of course wants to punish America for being a bastion of corruption. Gee, how many more glaring 9/11 references can you have?

But listen to the lines from the latest trailer.
Actor Michael Caine, playing Batman's butler and mentor Alfred, says in his 'Alfie' cockney accent:

"... and in their desperation, they turned to a man they didn't fully understand.
Some men aren't looking for anything logical.
They can't be bought, bullied, reasoned, or negotiated with.
Some men just want to watch the world burn..."

Yes, some men want to watch the world burn, just as long as they can get their kidney dialysis treatments in Rawalpindi, and their 72 virgins later on. I'm not talking about the Joker, of course.

But it's still interesting to dissect American cultural politics by seeing how far some will reach into Americana lore while seeking room to maneuver in winning the battle for hearts and minds.

tightening the noose: Nicholas Burns on the US-India 123 Peaceful Nuclear Cooperation Agreement

jul 27th, 2007

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From: Ram Narayanan


On-The-Record Briefing on the Status of the U.S.-India Civil Nuclear
Cooperation Initiative and the Text of the Bilateral Agreement for
Peaceful Nuclear Cooperation (123 Agreement)

R. Nicholas Burns, Under Secretary for Political Affairs

Washington, DC
July 27, 2007

View Video

(10:25 a.m. EST)

UNDER SECRETARY BURNS: Good morning. As you know, President Bush just
issued a statement commending the work done to complete the U.S.-India
Civil Nuclear Accord, the so-called 123 Agreement. And as you also
know, about 90 minutes ago, Secretary of State Rice and the Indian
Minister of External Affairs Pranab Mukherjee issued a joint statement
attesting to the fact that the United States and India have completed
successful negotiations on this bilateral agreement. This is also
known as the 123 Agreement.

I'd like to say a few words today about the agreement. I'd like to try
to put it into context for you, as to why it's important in the
development of our relationship, and then try to sketch out the
outlines of that relationship.
In my view, this is perhaps the single most important initiative that
India and the United States have agreed to in the 60 years of our
relationship. It is indeed historic. It's already become the symbolic
centerpiece of a growing global partnership between our two countries.
And it reaffirms the commitment to cooperate in civil nuclear trade
that was first agreed by President Bush and Prime Minister Singh on
July 18th, 2005, here in Washington, and then reaffirmed by them at
their summit in New Delhi on March 2nd of 2006.


yes, it's the biggest trap the idiot indians have fallen into in 60 years.

i was telling an IFS man this the other day: the indian negotiators
don't understand game theory, and also they confuse the means and the

the end here is energy independence, but during the negotiations the
indians have become convinced that the end goal is the 'nuclear deal'.
it isn't. it is only one of the means. but the indians will concede
everything to make the 'nuclear deal' happen.

this is like the negotiations with pakistan over the cessation of
terrorism, which is the end goal. but partway through, the indians
become convinced that the 'indo-pak bus service must start' is the
goal. it isn't. it is only one of the (alleged) means. but the indians
will concede everything because 'the bus service must go on even if
terrorists are mowing down people left right and center'.

game theory is the answer. also, balls. and love for the nation.

alas, india's negotiators are unstructured, unsure of themselves, and
probably 'bought' with american money.

i warned some time ago when the indian side was getting to be packed
with malayalees that some catastrophe was going to happen. one was
nepal. the second is this nuclear deal.

remember: krishna menon, k n panikkar, m o mathai. india gives away
tibet and kashmir, which we'll suffer from forever.

a k antony, shiv shankar menon, vincent george, hormis tharakan, m k
narayanan, a k nair. india gives away nepal and the hard-won
independent nuclear capability.

i tell you, we are one screwed-up country full of people who are
'friends of china', 'friends of america', friends of godman
ratzinger'. anybody who is a 'friend of india' is immediately
demonized as a 'hindu communalist fascist' and hounded relentlessly.
why is this a country of mir jafars and jaichands? i despair.

brahma chellaney: Frail Deal Built on Word Play

jul 25, 2007

while the 'woman president' hoopla is pre-occupying the country,
manmohan singh and party are selling the country's national interests
down the river.

remember the speculation that the american mole in the indian
government jaswant singh talked about was manmohan singh himself, and
that jaswant singh was forced to shut up because of grave threats
against him and his family?

also note that china has been very very quiet about this 'deal'. china
is never quiet about something that would affect its national
interests (remember how much they shouted about india's nuclear tests
in 1998?). i think the yanks have assured china that they have finally
managed to emasculate india completely.

what jawaharlal nehru accomplished with the surrender of tibet
manmohan singh has accomplished with the surrender of the nuclear
capability: giving up one's solid bargaining leverage in return for
absolutely nothing.

manmohan singh has succeeded in becoming the worst prime minister in
india's history. jawaharlal nehru has so far held that distinction.
however, nehru was just an idiot whose main preoccupation was white
women. manmohan singh is not an idiot, he is deliberately selling
india for dollars.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Brahma Chellaney

Frail Deal Built on Wordplay

Brahma Chellaney

Asian Age, July 28, 2007

While the Indian foreign minister has claimed "all concerns of India
have been reflected and adequately addressed" in the just-concluded
bilateral civil nuclear cooperation agreement under Section 123 of the
US Atomic Energy Act (AEC), Washington has asserted that the accord
safeguards US interests "from a variety of different perspectives." In
public comments and background briefings, the two governments have
zealously sought to put their own spin. The true picture would be
known once they unwrap the still-secret text. New Delhi in particular
appears anxious to soften public opinion at home before releasing the
fine print.

Two important points, however, have already been admitted
by both sides — that the so-called 123 agreement expressly states that
nuclear cooperation would be governed by "national laws" of the two
parties; and that its text is within the parameters set by the
India-specific, conditions-laden Hyde Act. As US Undersecretary of
State Nicholas Burns has bragged, "We're very satisfied because we
know the agreement is well within the bounds of the Hyde Act."

In fact, US officials have gone to the extent of saying
that the concessions they made in the fine print are more in the form
of semantic guile than in substance, designed to help India address
critics at home and seal the accord. The Washington Times, close to
the White House, has quoted administration and congressional sources
as saying that "some language is deliberately vague to help both sides
save face" and that the text was "deliberately written in a way that
can be interpreted differently by the two sides".

In other words, both sides can claim success, while in reality the
cooperation would be conditioned by the Hyde Act, euphemistically
referred to in the text as the applicability of "national laws". That
is exactly what this columnist had warned in a two-part article last
May 14-15 — that if the 123 agreement were to be in consonance with
the Hyde Act and yet not rub salt on Indian wounds, there was only one
way out: semantic subterfuge in the fine print. The reluctance to
release the text more than a week after the agreement was concluded is
a sign that there have been only semantic compromises on key issues.
And US officials are saying so.

For India, this represents a major climb-down: having told Parliament
that the Hyde Act contained provisions that were either "prescriptive"
in ways incompatible with the July 18, 2005 joint statement or
"extraneous" to engagement "between friends," New Delhi has come round
to accepting cooperation with the US on the basis of the onerous and
grating conditions in the US legislation. Indeed, in defining India's
bottom-line in Parliament last August 17, Prime Minister Manmohan
Singh had admitted: "We have concerns over both the House and Senate
versions of the Bill."

However, once the US legislative process was completed without meeting
most of the PM's benchmarks, New Delhi readily entered the next stage
— negotiations over a 123 agreement — by pretending that Dr. Singh's
assurances to Parliament could be addressed in that process. That was
just a charade to buy political space, given that India's deal-related
commitments by then had already been expanded and turned into
immutable legal obligations through US domestic law.

New Delhi was aware that even if the 123 agreement did not incorporate
the controversial conditions of the Hyde Act, it would hardly free
India from their obligations. America has always maintained that
because such a bilateral agreement is a requirement not under
international law but under US law, it cannot supersede American law.
Washington has only reinforced its legal position by incorporating in
the 123-agreement text the primacy of "national laws."

New Delhi indeed knows from its bitter Tarapur experience that a 123
agreement has little sanctity in international law. The earlier
Indo-US 123 accord, signed in 1963, was abandoned by Washington in
1978 — four years after the first Indian nuclear test — simply by
enacting a new domestic law that retroactively overrode the bilateral
pact. That broke with impunity a guarantee to supply "timely" fuel "as
needed" for the US-built Tarapur plant.

Now, New Delhi claims it has secured assured fuel supply in the new
123 agreement, and that in the event of any disruption, the US would
find an alternative source. But US officials are already disputing
that. The Washington Times has quoted officials as saying "the
language does not commit them to do anything specific. Rather, if
there is an interruption because of technical or logistical
difficulties, they will try to do what is appropriate." That is in
line with the Hyde Act, which says assured fuel supply covers only
disruption due to "market failures or similar reasons," not sanctions
arising from India's non-compliance with US-imposed conditions.

More broadly, it should not be forgotten that only after India has
complied with all the Hyde Act's preconditions that the US Congress
would take up the final deal for approval. And although the Hyde Act
provides for an up-or-down vote on a joint resolution — a practice
that does not permit any amendment — the legislation's own explanatory
statement reserves the right for Congress to "pass a joint resolution
of approval with conditions" by giving up "the expedited procedures
offered by Sections 123 and 130 of the AEA." That is exactly what
happened with the US nuclear deal with China, when Congress attached
three conditions to its 1985 joint resolution of approval, resulting
in a nearly 13-year hold.

But before the final Indo-US deal can go before Congress, it has to
secure approval from the 35-nation International Atomic Energy Agency
board and the 45-state Nuclear Suppliers' Group. Even in the best-case
scenario, with all the remaining hurdles being crossed, the US will
perpetually hang the threat of re-imposition of civil nuclear
sanctions to enforce India's compliance with the Hyde Act's
post-implementation conditions.

New Delhi is itching to enter into a new 123 agreement without
resolving the outstanding issues from the earlier 123 accord. The
Tarapur spent fuel has been accumulating for 36 years. Washington has
neither compensated New Delhi for the large costs it continues to
incur to store the highly radioactive spent fuel nor allowed India to
reprocess it by accepting that IAEA safeguards can be effectively
applied at the PREFRE facility specially built for this purpose.

While the PM had pledged to secure the removal of
"restrictions on all aspects of cooperation," including "reprocessing
spent fuel," the US, under the new 123 accord, has conceded only a
theoretical right to India to reprocess, with the practical right to
be worked out in negotiations with the US in the future. India would
build a new reprocessing facility with safeguards involving US
participation. This not only prolongs the Tarapur imbroglio but also
raises a larger question: why acquiesce to the US having a political
say on reprocessing when the issue of safeguards involves only the

Take another issue — a perpetual nuclear test ban on
India. Through the means of a domestic law, America today seeks to
implicitly bind India to an international pact whose ratification the
US Senate rejected in 1999 — the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty.

Such a test ban, as both sides have admitted, cannot be,
and has not been, diluted by the 123 agreement. Even the US "right to
return" remains untouched. However, as the Washington Times puts it,
"to help New Delhi save face domestically, the administration agreed
to consult with the Indian government before taking any action in
response to a test, officials said. The Indians presented that
language as a major US concession, but US officials said consultations
do not mean much in practice."

New Delhi should be fully cognizant of what it is getting into. It
would be effectively embracing CTBT-plus obligations that no nation
has done. Although the PM had pledged that India is "not prepared to
go beyond a unilateral voluntary moratorium on nuclear testing," the
Hyde Act seeks to enforce a tight, irrevocable test prohibition
against India by actually going beyond the existing provisions of US
law, which empower the president to continue exports on strategic
grounds despite a test. By decreeing that the waiver for India will
automatically terminate with any Indian test, the Hyde Act itself
admits that it goes "beyond Section 129" of AEC.

Besides seeking "full and immediate use of US rights to demand the
return of all nuclear-related items … if India were to test," the Act
goes beyond even the CTBT by specifying in technical terms what is
prohibited for India. In the CTBT negotiations, the US had
successfully opposed an Article I definition of a "nuclear explosion"
to leave open loopholes for "permissible activities" of the type it
carries out at its Nevada test site. While refusing to accede to the
CTBT itself, the US would be enforcing CTBT-plus obligations on India.
Once India has imported power reactors worth billions of dollars, the
Hyde Act will effectively bear it down.

Against this background, the debate on the 123 agreement
needs to be conducted in a sober, realistic way, not through spin and
hoopla. By papering over fundamental differences, the deal could
engender serious Indo-US discord in the years ahead. That danger is
already manifest from the conflicting analysis of the still-secret 123
agreement by official briefers. One US congressional official is
quoted as saying, "The way the Indians are reading it is not correct
from the administration's point of view."

Too often in its independent history, India has rushed to
believe what it wanted to believe, only to cry betrayal later.

Government to pay for yet another mohamedan's family

After our "Clean PM" asked Australia to treat Haneef nicely.. oops.. fairly (of course, because Haneef is a mohamedan), there is another case of the government using tax payer money to help another mohemaden family! Of course, nothing wrong with it(government should help every citizen, regardless of religion), but then would the case have been the same if a Hindu is involved ?? Why the double-standards? Why is the government coming to the rescue of almost every mohemadan caught or dead in foreign countries, while it has never done that for a Hindu (unless he/she is a Hindu only in name, ie a pseudo-secular). And no prizes for guessing, Madhu Koda , the CM of Jharkhand, is an independent supported by UPA.

Meanwhile, in Pune, police had to resort to a lathi-charge after some hundreds of mohamedans started stone-throwing after the municipal corporation demolished a dargah, right in the middle of the road. First of all, they grab land illegally and build a dargah with some green cloth over some stone slab (and they say they are not idol-worshippers.. LOLzz ). Then they are given free land to shift the dargah, about 12 years ago. They keep the land but dont shift the dargah. When the municipal authorities demolish the mosque, they indulge in violence, etc so predictably and so on. I do recall that place, I have been there. The dargah is bang in the middle of the road, and is a major traffic hindrance.

I wont be surprised if the government announces compensation worth lacs of rupees, and builds the dargah at the other site with public funds !!

This reminds me of an incident which happened in Mumbai, when I was there. The BMC(the Municipal Corporation of Mumbai.. its still called BMC) was on a illegal places of worship demolition drive. In Mulund, they demolished a small Hindu temple, but left alone a large mosque intact, just a few meters away. The larger mosque was much more of a hindrance, but still left intact, so as to "not hurt minority sentiments" or fear of minority (read mohemadan) violence. How long are we supposed to live in fear of islamic violence and terrorism. And how much should we be shortchanged in the name of minority welfare and secularism. How much of our decisions be based on "hurt minority sentiments" and fear of islamic reaction? Well, even our spineless PM is afraid of expressing condolences for the Mumbai train blast victims, lest it offends the mohemadans :)

Thursday, July 26, 2007

raman writes book exposing moles in the PMO; his email id is hacked. coincidence?

jul 26th 2007

you decide, gentle reader.

as ghostwriter said, pc alexander (kerala christist) was pmo head at
the time of the french mole. he resigned. his punishment? he was made
governor of maharashtra for 25 years, and he was talked about as a
presidential candidate last time around. conclusion: kerala christists
get promoted when they sacrifice the national interest. they always
have big-daddy godfather kerala christists in the dynasty: eg. mo
mathai at one time, vincent george today.

btw, i don't know if you guys noticed, pratibha patil's new PA:
christy fernandes. now why is this not a surprise? (probably a kerala
christist too, although a
fisherman-converted-by-francis-xavier-by-fire-and-sword latin, not the
usual ezhava-converted-by-money-and-blandishments syrian.)

here's a nigerian scam mail going around under raman's id; followed by
what reader santhosh got when he replied to it. note that the sender's
signature ("rahman") may be a slight give-away. lots of nigerians are
mohammedans so they are familiar with the name 'rahman'.

====== original mail from raman's id ======

How are you doing today? I am sorry i didn't inform you about my
traveling to Africa for a program called "Empowering Youth to Fight
Racism, HIV/AIDS, Poverty and Lack of Education, the program is taking
place in three major countries in Africa which is Ghana, South Africa
and Nigeria. It as been a very sad and bad moment for me, the present
condition that i found myself is very hard for me to explain.

I am really stranded in Nigeria because I forgot my little bag in
the Taxi where my money, passport, documents and other valuable things
were kept on my way to the Hotel am staying, I am facing a hard time
here because i have no money on me. I am now owning a hotel bill of $
1550 and they wanted me to pay the bill soon else they will have to
seize my bag and hand me over to the Hotel Management., I need this
help from you urgently to help me back home, I need you to help me
with the hotel bill and i will also need $1600 to feed and help myself
back home so please can you help me with a sum of $3500 to sort out my
problems here? I need this help so much and on time because i am in a
terrible and tight situation here, I don't even have money to feed
myself for a day which means i had been starving so please understand
how urgent i needed your help.

I am sending you this e-mail from the city Library and I only have
30 min, I will appreciate what so ever you can afford to send me for
now and I promise to pay back your money as soon as i return home so
please let me know on time so that i can forward you the details you
need to transfer the money through Money Gram or Western Union.


santhosh's mail:

Here's a Nigerian fraud email that I got from B.Raman's account,
after I "agreed" to help him with his problem.

Please alert Raman if there is any other way to reach him.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: B. Raman <>
Date: Jul 26, 2007 2:45 PM
Subject: Transfer Details
To: santhosh

Thank you so much for your reply and concern, please i need your help
so much in this matter, i have not been able to check my mail due to
the net work problem over here. please i am still sorting out my
passport issue, you can send me the money through the Hotel Mnager
Name. Below is the details you will need to transfer me the money
through Money Gram or Western Union.

Name: Donald Adams
Address: 34 Allen Avenue
City: Victoria Island
State: Lagos State
Country: Nigeria

Text Question: To Whom
Answer: Duncan

You should be able to send me the money through Money Gram or Western
Union with the above details, I will do really appreciate your help as
soon as possible to enable me out of this problem.
You should scan and send me the transfer receipt for a confirmation;
I will really appreciate your help in this matter.


Tata Motors Buys Jaguar,Land Rover

Thanks to reader Harish, this is BIG NEWS! Wow! This M&A provides far more visibility than a lot of other overseas Indian M&A deals indeed.

CAPEEM standing up against 'dalit' thugs and witzel

jul 26th, 2007

CAPEEM deserves our monetary support for exposing the shenanigans of the sepoy crowd, christists and other criminals.

arun vajpayee, like jesus christ, is another non-existent entity, a hoax, manufactured by christists for their nefarious activities.

i love witzel's email trail: the guy is a foul-mouthed, lying, common felon. i guess he's being a good nazi, a good fascist, and a good christist. manipulating wikipedia entries -- that is what the harvard professor is up to in his spare time. meanwhile his pit-bull steve farmer has been rather quiet, possibly because he's not protected by harvard's establishment. but these devil-worshippers are the visible, ugly face of christism: in that sense, they are truly representative of the ideology, just as was m. teresa.

kancha ilaiah is, along with the 'dravidians', another example of a stealth christist making lots of money from the white conversion machine.

'Dalit' twist to textbook row

India's internal affairs are increasingly witnessing an interventionist American nexus. Even as the Supreme Court asks the Union Government to justify giving so-called 'Dalit Christians' a share in the quota for Scheduled Castes, it may be instructive to see how US policy has inveigled itself into our domestic discourse, while maintaining severe pressure upon its own Hindu citizens of Indian origin.

The manner in which these issues play out is enlightening. Harvard professor Michael Witzel's supporters in the California textbook battle include two evangelical bodies: Dalit Freedom Network and Dalit Solidarity Forum in the USA. DFN president Joseph D'Souza also heads the All-India Christian Council; he appealed to a US Congressional Committee to get 'Scheduled Caste' status for India's 'Dalit' Christians.

This utilisation of converts by overseas co-religionists for covert agendas fuels Hindu anger against conversions. The DFN's mission is to partner Dalits in their "quest for religious freedom" (obviously these are non-Hindu Dalits), and includes upholding the "legacy of Mother Teresa who showed god's love in word and deed... and to follow the command of Jesus Christ who called us to be 'the salt of the earth' and 'the light of the world'." Its board of directors includes only two Indians, both Christians: Mr Joseph D'Souza and Mr Kumar Swamy. The rest are white Americans, namely, Ms Melody Divine, a former adviser to anti-Hindu Arizona Congressman Trent Franks; Mr Peter Dance; Mr Bob Beltz, Ms Nanci Ricks, Mr Richard Sweeney, Mr Cliff Young, Mr Ken Heulitt and Mr Gene Kissinger (chairman).

The DSF-USA is run by the Rector of St Alban's Church, Oakland, New Jersey. It works closely with Christian Aid, which sent a fax to the California State Board of Education (SBE) from the Church premises, but tries to conceal the fact that it is a proselytising group. Mr Lars Martin Fosse, a signatory of Prof Witzel's letter to the SBE, appealed to Mr John Dayal of the All-India Christian Council for assistance in their fight with the Hindu community that is demanding proper representation of its faith in American textbooks. Sure enough, DFN and DSF-USA jumped into the fray.

California Parents for the Equalisation of Educational Materials (CAPEEM), which is challenging Prof Witzel's role as content-review expert in the history-social science textbook review and adoption process, has discovered his deep involvement with evangelical groups like DFN, which can be proven through a trail of e-mails. Prof Witzel was active in erasing information about DFN's missionary nature on the free Internet encyclopaedia, Wikipedia. DFN director Nanci Ricks said she did not want the agency to be known as a 'missions' organisation.

CAPEEM learnt Prof Witzel advised DFN how to intervene in the public hearing on the textbook adoption process in California. Here DFN directors misrepresented themselves as a group of Dalits by suppressing their Christian identity. Prof Shiva G Bajpai, the independent expert engaged by the California SBE to debate every Hindu edit/correction with Prof Witzel in a private meeting on January 6, 2006, found that Prof Witzel and his cohorts in the US and India did not want to rectify the depiction of India and Hindu dharma in textbooks.

As Witzel and his friends are firmly entrenched in American academia, few established scholars dared challenge their version of Indian history and culture. Prof Bajpai could wrestle more than 75 per cent of the desired changes solely on the basis of his professional acumen and status as the only historian of ancient India in California. Prof Bajpai now believes that winning the war against the demeaning portrayal of India and Hindu dharma necessitates the rise of a new class of academics sensitive to the mission of reclaiming agency over Hindu studies and early Indian history and culture. This also involves cracking the formidable nexus between the establishment academics and publishing industry and media, which has hitherto been virtually immune to criticism and reform.

America's Hindu community has been dissatisfied with the final changes approved in 2006 as these have failed to rectify material errors about Hindu religion, culture and history. After inputs from myriad sources about Prof Witzel's biases, CAPEEM approached the courts to subpoena him to place on record his letters/e-mail exchanges with textbook publishers about the (textbook revision) Adoption Process; with the California Board; with Stanley Wolpert, James Heitzman, Shiva Bajpai, or Steve Farmer about the adoption process; postings to the Indo-Eurasian Research List; exchanges with third parties (like DFN) about the adoption process; exchanges with racial purist Roger Pearson or anyone associated with the Journal of Indo-European Studies; exchanges with Arun Vajpayee (the mysterious 'student' who asked Prof Witzel to stop the acceptance of changes in the textbooks); communications passing on edits/revisions of Hindu groups; transmitting textbooks (or portions) revised as part of the adoption process; exchanges with Harvard University regarding the adoption process; communications about the purpose of the Indo-Eurasian Research List; and so on.

CAPEEM believes Prof Witzel's conduct during the adoption process is central to its case as he (and others) were 'hostile' academic advisers and engaged in secret manoeuvres. A full disclosure of the records sought could reveal procedural improprieties by them. While the California Department of Education (CDE) barred Prof Bajpai from any contact with publishers, Prof Witzel enjoyed this freedom.

His exchanges with DFN are relevant to show anti-Hindu bias as many of its key figures are unabashedly antagonistic towards Hindu dharma. Prof Kancha Ilaiah, who signed a DFN letter to the CDE, claims he "hate(s) Hinduism" and calls it "a cult of worshipping certain violent figures... Hinduism is basically a spiritual fascist cult". Prof Witzel's exchanges with Roger Pearson, in whose journal his article was published, and certain Internet postings also establish deep prejudice.

The flip side of the California debate is a misconceived effort to associate American perceptions of India with the fabulous wealth of the Indian-American community, which is "buying protection" in its adopted land through bankrolling candidates for congressional and presidential elections; and the desire of corporate America to invest in India's blooming economy. This could be the thin edge of the wedge. Any attempt to accord primacy to secular education and employment (Mammon) is counter to the Hindu ethos wherein the hierarchy of values (varnas) ranks mercantile and wealth-generating groups (Vaishya varna) as third, well after spiritual preceptors (Brahmin) and those who uphold the power of the state (Kshatriya).

A nation with no memory
See the favored personal assistant - (PA) route that foreign spy agencies go for; and you will realize why Rajeev always keeps ranting about Kerala Christists near Sonia's (Singh's?) kitchen cabinet.

I know I know - the list of PA's clearly shows more Hindus; but fact is Christist PA's are more susceptible to bribing (being that christism is after all a business) ; and Kerala Christist are most susceptible (being that between them the Church and the Commies in Kerala do not leave anything for the 'common christist' to hog)

Your column

jul 25th, 2007

i have to admit this email made me feel good, although i am a believer
in the gita's maxim of "tulya nindau stutir mauni" (equally
indifferent to abuse, praise and silence).

if i am making a difference in the perspective of at least a few
people, and helping them to aspire to do more for something greater
than themselves -- that is to say, the nation -- then all the hassle
is worth it. i believe that india can be number 1, the best in the
world -- it was, for so long. we just lost our way.

but i do admit the 'ticket-collector' bit threw me :-)

thank you, v. (v is an investment banker).

yes, most of vijayan's works are available in translation by himself.
vijayan's english is fabulous, occasionally even better than his
original malayalam. he was an original, a genius. there is an omnibus
edition of his works from penguin india. his last, magisterial work,
'generations', is not translated: he was working on it when his health
failed. his first, 'the epic of khasak', was released worldwide in
translation by viking a few years ago to good reviews.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: v

Dear Rajeev,

I read with great feeling your recent column on Rediff, especially the last
line on Mother India. Your words have power, my friend, and your columns
such as the ones enumerating the idea of 'Pax Indica' have stirred many a
heart. Keep it going. Maybe your role in Indian history will be similar to
that of the ticket collector who threw out Mahatma Gandhi from the
first-class railway compartment in the South African train. Let me explain.

It was perhaps that one singular instance that awakened the Mahatma in
Mohandas, who was till then an ordinary barrister. The resultant political
movement ended what you have described as Britain's trillion dollar loot of
India. That ticket collector perhaps caused billions of dollars of wealth
erosion for Britain by his act.

You, on the other hand. by awakening dormant Indians such as me, might just
inspire a handful of us to become the future tycoons of the globe which
might thereby create billions of dollars of wealth for the Mother. Your
contribution will therefore be similar: creating enormous wealth for India
-- something 'achieved' by that over-zealous ticket collector too !!

I talk of wealth, because that is the field I am associated with. Maybe
others will be inspired by the Pax Indica idea to go on to become
outstanding writers, doctors, et al. Who knows?

On a separate note, are you aware of English translations of Shri Vijayan's

Take care my friend, and thanks for preserving the annonymity as always,
especially as I use my office mail to write to you !


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

us cuts aid to india. thank god

jul 25th, 2007

praise be to the lord.

that means that much less covert funding for the christists.

these aid agencies are the geniuses who have been shouting from the
rooftops about india's AIDS catastrophe, which turned out to be about
1/3 as severe as their cassandra predictions.

also, randall tobias -- another genius. he was one of the guys that
brought at&t to the verge of bankruptcy through a huge and senseless
acquisition spree. some corporate sensibility he will have! he caused
att to be bought by one of its offspring, sbc!

how not to get fat: don't have fat friends. :-)

jul 25th, 2007

Newsflash! India Admits Terrorism Threat!

Stop the presses! Those stuck-up Indians are finally admitting that they suffer from terrorism too! This is in stark contrast to the saintly Atlanticist mouthpieces like NYT, who have been constantly warning Indians that they face a dire threat from terrorism! Amelia Gentlemen, the successor to Barbara Crossette, has apparently saved us again from our own myopic ignorance.

Apparently, Denial ain't just a river in Egypt -- it's a river in India too!

Golly, what would we do without the vigilant ethics of the NYT to finally force us to see that India too suffers from Islamist terrorism? After all these decades of our own denial about terrorist atrocities, the Atlanticists are warning us to wake up! Next week, they may actually warn us that China has occupied Tibet. We're always the last to know -- no wonder we're to blame for everything.

TOI-let paper bleeding hearts
How come tey never show the wailing relatives of Kashmiri Hindus that are killed by the Jihadi's everyday? No - that would not be appropriate given the 'editorial policy' of the TOI-let; the greatest weather-vane in India!!
Coming soon - Teesta & Indira Jaisingh to campaign for commuting Farooq Pawle's death sentence. Soon to be joined by Shabana, 'hubby' Javed, Arundhati R and assorted other sick secular idiots.

P.S. - I am just waiting for the sentencing of one 'Sanju baba' in the same case

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Did an Indian Invent the Radio?

I know, I know -- Indians are always pretentiously trying to take credit for inventing this or that, to glorify the civilization, etc. But I came across various articles recently on how it may have been an Indian scientist Jagdish Chandra Bose who invented the wireless radio, and not the Italian Guglielmo Marconi. That's one hell of an accomplishment, if true. Haha, too bad he didn't get the patent rights. Anyway, it's worth reading a little more about the fellow. Instead of making these maligning caricature movies like Guru, perhaps it would have been nice for Indian cinema to make a movie about scientific pioneers like Bose, Raman, or even Ramanujan. Where would we all be without them today? Hastening slowly on Indian freeways

jul 24th, 2007

yet another way in which the UPA is 'developing' india.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Manju

a bit like henry ford on the model T: "you can have any color, as long as it's black"

jul 24th, 2007

what the scholar means is: "you can convert to any religion, as long
as it's mohammedanism".

in other words, status quo: apostates will die.

Samskrita-Bharati USA Residential Camp 2007

jul 24th, 2007

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: arun

Dear Rajeev

Please post on your blog. In fact, this year, there is only one camp
in East Coast and so this can be seen as the All-of-North-America
camp. Founder of SB , Krishnashastryji will be there along with
teachers and participants from around the US

All info including links to reports on past camps , pics and online
registration are available at

In particular, a great opportunity for students as 100$ covers food,
stay and instructions for all 4 days

thanks and regards


!! Unique opportunity to learn Samskritam in a fun-filled camp !!

Samskrita Bharati
4-day Residential Samskritam Camp

Where? Kiddie Keepwell Camp - 35 Roosevelt Drive,
Edison, NJ 08837.

When? Fri Aug 31, 2007 to Mon Sep 3, 2pm
(Reporting time Thursday Aug 30, 7:00 PM)

Faculty? Experienced Samskrita Bharati instructors from India & USA


Beginner (NO prior knowledge of Samskritam)
Intermediate I (Basic conversational skills in Samskritam)
Intermediate II (Medium level conversational skills in Samskritam)
Advanced (Good conversational skills & Intermediate grammar)

Fees? $200 (1st person in the family);
$175 (2nd adult); $150 (3rd adult); $125 (4th and beyond)
$100 for students/chindren (Children below 5 years free!!)

Participants are encouraged to attend with family. Special programs for kids.
Fee includes lodging, food and study-material. Various sessions with emphasis
on Spoken Samskritam, selected portions from Literature and Grammar.

Camp also features activities like Yoga, prANAyAma, games & entertainment
programs in simple and easy-to-understand Samskritam. All in a beautiful and
a natural environ similar to our ancient gurukulam. A rare opportunity
indeed to

learn to speak in Samskritam!

Register online:

For further information contact:

Arun Sankar: 240-338-8525
Raju Duggirala: 617-843-1050
Rajesh Rachabhattuni: 571-214-4574
Giri Bharathan: 978-761-1142
Vidya R.: 617-899-9122
Mohanram Ramalingkam: 302-613-4089
Jyotsna Kalavar: 412-380-7069


Treat yourself to a wonderful retreat this summer.

Samskrita Bharati is a voluntary & non-profit organization that is
dedicated to bring
Samskritam back to daily life.Web

urbanization correlated with decreasing rainfall

jul 24th, 2007

Putin puts the Limeys in their place

If only India had leaders like him...

From the article,

They have long forgotten that it is a long time since Britain was a colonial power," he told Russian TV.

Mr Putin said Britain's behaviour was "clearly a remnant of a colonial mindset".

"They don't have any colonies. And Russia, thank God, has never been a colony of Great Britain," he said.

Karen Armstrong: Inability to tolerate Islam contradicts western values

jul 24th, 2007

karen armstrong is one of those stealth mohammedans. if i remember, she's the one who accompanied bush to a mosque after 9/11, and she was fully veiled in mohammedan style. she's an academic who has either been bought with wah'abi money, or she's a convert who's doing this out of conviction.

there are several others in the west who are trotted out by mohammedans (or communists) as 'experts on mohammedanism'. since they are white, and have western names, and sometimes are academics, people tend to get the wrong impression of them. they are sleepers for the mohammedan cause, and presumably have salted away big bucks in their numbered swiss accounts as reward.
another excellent example is george galloway, a british mp.

one more would be william dalrymple, a 'historian' [sic]

all this reminds me of another 'expert', stephen cohen, an ill-informed nobody, but he's trotted out as *the* expert on india by various americans. sort of like that idiot banshee barbara crossette.

also note how karen armstrong has nothing to say about the torture of that poor hindu woman revathi in malaysia who's being forced to accept mohammedanism against her wishes and her best judgment. that's fine with karen "stealth-mohammedan" armstrong.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Anand 

and now a westerner preaches , how west should UNDERSTAND and EVEN TOLERATE ISLAM--only 8 per cent of respondents condoned the 9/11 atrocities- it seems- she wants every body in the west to be dhimmi??
Inability to tolerate Islam contradicts western values

Karen Armstrong

Free speech is now the rallying cry of escalating tensions, but we can also use it to expose double standards on both sides.

In the 17th century, when some Iranian mullahs were trying to limit freedom of expression, Mulla Sadra, the great mystical philosopher, insisted that all Muslims were perfectly capable of thinking for themselves and that any religiosity based on intellectual repression and inquisitorial coercion was "polluted." Mulla Sadra exerted a profound influence on generations of Iranians, but it is ironic that his most famous disciple was probably Ayatollah Khomeini, aut hor of the fatwa against Salman Rushdie.

This type of contradiction is becoming increasingly frequent in our polarised world, as I discovered last month, when I arrived in Kuala Lumpur to find that the Malaysian Government had banned three of my books as "incompatible with peace and social harmony." This was surprising because the government had invited me to Malaysia, and sponsored two of my public lectures. Its position was absurd, because it is impossible to exert this type of censorship in the electronic age. In fact, my books seemed so popular in Malaysia that I found myself wondering if the veto was part of a Machiavellian plot to entice the public to read them.


Monday, July 23, 2007

inflation may come back: andy mukherjee of bloomberg

july 23, 2007

The Peaceful Majority

jul 23, 2007

especially for siva. allowing the 'dravidians' to represent the rest
of you tamils and to destroy your civilizational roots is a crime in
and of itself; and they will consume you and utterly destroy you if
you don't watch out. i see echoes of the worst of christist bigotry in
the way the 'dravidians' are carrying on.

i agree this is true for others as well: we keralites are allowing the
marx-mullah-missionary combine to eradicate our civilization, and it's
dying without a whimper.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: justindia

The peaceful majority

Aurthor unknown

July 17, 2007

I used to know a man whose family was German aristocracy prior to
World War II. He was a German Jew. They owned a number of large
industries and estates. I asked him how many German people were true
Nazis, and the answer he gave has stuck with me and guided my attitude
toward fanaticism ever since.

"Very few people were true Nazis," he said, "but many enjoyed the
return of German pride; and many more were too busy to care. I was one
of those who just thought the Nazis were a bunch of fools. So, the
majority just sat back and let it all happen. Then, before we knew it,
they owned us; and we had lost control, and the end of the world had
come. My family lost everything. I ended up in a concentration camp,
and the Allies destroyed my factories."

We are told again and again, by "experts" and "talking heads" that
Islam is the religion of peace, and that the vast majority of Muslims
just want to live in peace.

Although this unqualified assertion may be true, it is entirely
irrelevant. It is meaningless fluff, meant to make us feel better, and
meant to somehow diminish the specter of fanatics rampaging across the
globe in the name of Islam. The fact is that the fanatics rule Islam,
at this moment in history, as the Nazis did, in their time in history.

It is the fanatics who march. It is the fanatics who wage any one of
50 shooting wars worldwide. It is the fanatics who systematically
slaughter Christian or tribal groups throughout Africa, and are
gradually taking over the entire continent in an Islamic wave. It is
the fanatics who bomb, behead, murder, or honor kill. It is the
fanatics who take over mosque after mosque. It is the fanatics who
zealously spread the stoning and hanging of rape victims and

The hard quantifiable fact is that the" peaceful majority" is the
"silent majority," and it is cowed and extraneous.


Communist Russia was comprised of Russians who just wanted to live in
peace, yet the Russian Communists were responsible for the murder of
about 20 million people. The peaceful majority were irrelevant.

China's huge population was peaceful as well, but Chinese Communists
managed to kill a staggering 70 million people.

The average Japanese individual, prior to World War 2, was not a
warmongering sadist. Yet, Japan murdered and slaughtered its way
across Southeast Asia in an orgy of killing, that included the
systematic murder of 12 million Chinese civilians - most killed by
sword, shovel, and bayonet.

And, who can forget Rwanda, which collapsed into butchery. Could it
not be said that the majority of Rwandans were "peace loving?"

History lessons are often incredibly simple and blunt, yet for all our
powers of reason, we often miss the most basic and uncomplicated of

Peace-loving Muslims have been made irrelevant by their silence.

Peace-loving Muslims will become our enemy if they don't speak up,
because like my friend from Germany, they will awake one day, and find
that the fanatics own them, and the end of their world will have

Peace-loving Germans, Japanese, Chinese, Russians, Rwandans, Serbs,
Afghans, Iraqis, Palestinians, Somalis, Nigerians, Algerians, and many
others, have died - because the peaceful majority did not speak up
until it was too late.

As for us who watch, it all unfold; we must pay attention to the only
group that counts; the fanatics who threaten our way of life.

Lastly, I wish to add: At the risk of offending someone, I sincerely
think that anyone who rejects this as just another political rant, or
doubts the seriousness of this issue, or just deletes it without
sending it on, is part of the problem.

chinese caught spying in US

jul 23, 2007

the chinese are always looking for ways to help their country of origin.

sort of like all the coconut christists are always trying to help the
vatican or the baptists.

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From: Tambi Dude

I can't imagine anyone else appreciating this news more than you :-)

Sexual abuse not just a Catholic problem: Vatican

jul 23, 2007

along the lines of "it's not only mohammedans who are terrorists".

yes, it is true, people other than catholics do indulge in pedophilia,
but 95% of those having sex with children are catholics. now that does
bring up a good question. why? answer: they are satanic, they are into
mind-control, they like having power over others, they are told that
sex is bad.

the other 5% are baptists like the bakkers, jimmy swaggart, et al

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From: Sushama

Sexual abuse not just a Catholic problem: Vatican

Swaminarayan Temple Opens in Toronto

A really big temple has opened just a couple of blocks from where I live. Funny, I never noticed it before, even though I drive by the spot everyday, going to and from work. They must have sprang it up very quickly. I'm not religious, but this thing is really something to gawk at. Very large, and everything is imported and hand-carved. The Prime Minister of Canada and the Premier of Ontario both showed up for the dedication ceremony yesterday. I don't know why they built it in an industrial zone, though. Anyhow, it's very visible from Highway 427. - Soft on terror and hard on emotions

jul 23, 2007

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From: MP

MP saw this story and thought you might be interested to view it:

Soft on terror and hard on emotions

With some of its recent actions, the UPA government at the Centre has
alienated the middle classes and has handed them conversational topics
to berate the ruling coalition
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Christist CM of Andhra stoops to lowest possible level: Insults Chandrababu Naidu's mother


Posting in part as Pioneer doesn't archive...

Mother of all insults by Andhra CM

Omer Farooq | Hyderabad

YSR lashes out at Chandrababu in unparliamentary way

The Andhra Pradesh Assembly witnessed an unprecedented clash between the ruling Congress party and almost the entire Opposition when Chief Minister YS Rajasekhara Reddy, in an intemperate outburst against leader of Opposition N Chandrababu Naidu, dragged Naidu's mother into the debate.

Replying to the allegations of serious irregularities in mining activity in the Obulapuram area of Anantapur by the company of Janardhan Reddy, Rajasekhara said that he would expose Naidu in such a way that he would regret his birth.

"What I am saying now is only a preamble. There are a lot of things to say. After I complete what I have to say, Chandrababu, you will, in fact, regret why unnecessarily you came into your mother's womb and you will feel that it would have been better if you were not born at all. What are you talking! I will expose you," the Chief Minister said as the entire House was left stunned for some time before the TDP benches burst into protest.

The outburst, which left almost all the Opposition members shocked and pained, came after the Question Hour when the TDP members tried to raise the issue of alleged siphoning off of minerals from Obulapuram mining area, the scene of a protest by the TDP since Saturday.

The issue rocked the House right from the morning when 21 TDP members were suspended after they tried to press for an adjournment motion on the issue

during the Question Hour. After the question hour when they returned to the House, the TDP members again raised the issue.......

Rama Setu: UPA sinking billions in the ocean

jul 23, 2007

all for the stupid vanity of that buffoon, the 'dravidian' t r baalu,
who thinks he's the godfather of the tamils. more bigoted souls than
these 'dravidians' are hard to find.

what is sad about them is that they have been thoroughly semiticized.
their 'scriptures' are exactly like the deuteronomy and so forth, and
say, "hate, hate, kill, kill."

this is really sad because tamil nadu used to be, once upon a time, a
civilized place.

the 'dravidians' demonstrate what happens to people who have been
forcibly uprooted from their moorings. they become 'vaastuhara' --
those bereft of self-image. they are the most pathetic of humans.

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From: kalyan97

July 29, 2007

UPA sinking billions in the ocean

Sethusamudram project does not make any nautical sense
By Capt. (Retd.) H. Balakrishnan

The environmental factors of cyclonic activity and siltation rates in
the Palk Bay area impinge on shipping safety. It is also understood
that maintenance dredging may have to be undertaken through the year
to maintain dredged depths. This could lead to substantially
increasing the costs of the SSCP.


(A) Business Line; December 29, 2004; "Will We Ever Learn"; P. Devarajan.
(B) "Is the Sethusamudram Shipping Canal Project Technically
Feasible?"; R. Ramesh
(C) "Cyclones, Tsunami and the Sethusamudram Project"; Papri Sri
Raman; (
(D) Frontline; Vol 22 Issue 01, January 01-14, 2005; "Of Gains and
Loses"; T.S. Subramanian
(E) "Strategic Security and Sethusamudram Project"; Col. R. Hariharan
(Retd);; Paper No: 1713
(F) "Countering LTTE's Air Capability"; B. Raman;; Paper No: 2222
(G) "Maritime Related Terrorism"- Michael Richardson

poor countries more worried about global warming

jun 23rd, 2007

naturally, we end up having to shovel the shit after the white guys
have enjoyed the good stuff.

As frightening as it can get -- Jehadi sleeper cells in South India

jul 23, 2007

i remember taking the konkan railway through karnataka and arriving at a railway station (i forget the name, maybe it was bhatkal) which was startling: it had about 200 women in full black burqa and an equal number of men in mohammedan outfits. it looked like something out of saudi arabia or the gulf emirates. it looked like the place had nothing but mohammedans. this was on the karnataka coast.

kasargod is in kerala, on the karnataka border. northern kerala is dominated by mohammedans. it is believed that several thousand crore rupees (some counterfeit, others smuggled) finds its way to fund total mohammedan control of coastal kerala. all the better, you see, to land weapons and terrorists there to fan out to the rest of india, or to "correct" the few hindus left in the region -- as seen in the maraad incident where mohammedans ambushed and murdered hindu fishermen. which is another way of saying, "flee, or die: the coast belongs to us".

this is happening on the malabar coast, and i believe similiar gun-running happens near ratnagiri on the konkan coast.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: AH

South India a bed of sleeper cells, say....
   By: J Dey
   July 15, 2007

Batkal Bunder and the few fishing boats there are used in hawala activities 

KASARGOD: The emergence of Bangalore links in the Glasgow bombing has virtually caught the Indian intelligence napping.

Central intelligence agencies are now suspecting there could still be dozens of 'sleeper cells' hibernating in the southern states of the country.
Yet, what the central intelligence officials have failed to unearth are the 'hawala' syndicates that fund these terrorist activities. This despite the fact that some of the networks were identified and discussed during a recent intelligence meeting here.

Obviously, some of the networks are under surveillance, but action is yet to be initiated. Intelligence agencies like the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) and Intelligence Bureau are finding it difficult to break down the almost full-proof syndicates.

"It is surprising that these sleeper cells have not struck so far," remarked a senior police officer from Kasargod in North Kerala, who does not want to be named. The Southern states are buzzing with activities favourable for the terrorists, said the policeman.

The officer's fear was evident from the fact that he ensured that the Sunday MiD DAY team was not trailed by terrorist watchers.

"I hope you understand, the situation is very bad here. They (terrorists) might even kill me for disclosing facts," the officer pointed out.

It is said that the local police are either conniving or that there is not enough information to act upon.

Gold trade in Kasargod has come under the scanner of various agencies

Kasargod hawala hub

According to the officer, Kasargod is one of the main hubs of financial activities for terrorist organisations in recent years. The money, mostly counterfeit notes from Pakistan, Bangkok and a Gulf country, finds its way into India.

Incidentally, there were three separate seizures of fake currencies since Monday. This could only be an eyewash, as sources indicate that the network runs deep and a few thousand crore have already been pumped into places like Uppala, Kahangad, Hosadurg and Kozhikode. Many use gold business as a front.

Investigations indicate that the Pakistani Inter Services Intelligence has been routing largesse through their fronts in Gulf countries. Thousands of acres of land have been bought along the wind swept shore. There is not much space left along the national highway either. It is an overnight rags to riches for many. A glaring case is a supplier of school bags who suddenly owns a few hundred acres of land.

Among the swaying palms and sylvan landscape, everything seems normal, but deep inside the picturesque creeks, fake currencies are smuggled by powerful boats. The coasts are virtually unguarded and the gangs are often armed with automatic weapons, sources confirm.

Corrupt police to be pulled up

Carriers use women pillion riders to smuggle in fake notes from Batkal in Karnataka, a four-hour ride. Batkal, like Kasargod, has attained notoriety for links with hawala syndicates.

A posting at airports like Kozhikode, Karipur, Nedubaserry could fetch around Rs 2 lakh a week, insiders disclosed. It is said the money is paid for looking the other way.

In fact, in a news report just yesterday, Home Minister Kodiyeri Balakrishnan is planning to scale up vigilance activities to expose corrupt practices within the police department in Kerala. "To ensure effective functioning of government agencies, the state should have an effective intelligence system which should be entrusted with efficient police personnel," he said inaugurating the CID's Special Branch and Crime Branch offices here.

Help from hawala

How does the money from hawala help the terrorists? Firstly, the recipients are recruited as sympathisers. Secondly, part of the counterfeit currencies which are exchanged for genuine notes are wired to sleeper cells across the country as funds. An overseas cell also needs money for carrying out their activities.

"It will not be surprising if the money from Kasargod can be wired to several sleeper cells in Bangalore and Hyderabad," informed an intelligence officer. 

It is said that huge bribes from terrorist front organisations have corroded the police network. Local officials would rather opt for a huge 'hafta' than taking on the organisations.

The operative is to follow the code of silence. Different tasks are assigned to separate groups in isolation and the entire plot is never unearthed.

Smuggling networks in Batkal are also exploited by the terrorists. At least, the trail from the Mumbai blasts lead to one of the operatives here.

An honest intelligence officer pointed out that it is almost impossible to smash a terrorist network without busting their source of funds.

B. Raman writes a book on RAW

To be released next week, this is the first book on RAW written by an authoritative source.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Best Products of 2007

Businessweek has announced its list of best products for 2007. Check out their slideshow feature to see these products. Some of them are pretty eye-catching and thought-provoking.


jul 22, 2007

these guys are pretty good at using new technologies.

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From: <<<ThirdEye>>>

A world wide web of terror

Jul 12th 2007
From The Economist print edition

Al-Qaeda's most famous web propagandist is jailed, but the internet remains its best friend


BY HIS own admission, he never fired a single bullet or "stood for a second in a trench" in the great jihad against America. Yet the man who called himself "Irhabi007"-a play on the Arabic word for terrorist and the code-name for James Bond-was far more important than any foot soldier or suicide-bomber in Iraq. He led the charge of jihad on the internet.

In doing so, Irhabi007 was a central figure in enabling al-Qaeda to reconstitute itself after the fall of the Taliban and its eviction from Afghanistan. Al-Qaeda ("the base") and its followers moved to cyberspace, the ultimate ungoverned territory, where jihadists have set up virtual schools for ideological and military training and active propaganda arms.

... deleted

The most headline-grabbing material on the internet is the military manuals-whether as books, films or PowerPoint slides-giving instruction on a myriad of subjects, not least weapons, assassination techniques, the manufacture of poisons and how to make explosives. But intelligence agencies say there is nothing like having hands-on experience in a place like Iraq, or at least a training camp. In the latest attempted attacks in London and Glasgow, for example, the attackers clearly botched the manufacture of their car bombs even though many of the alleged plotters were well educated.

Still, internet-based compilations such as the vast and constantly updated "Encyclopedia of Preparation", as well as militant e-magazines such as the Tip of the Camel's Hump (used to mean "the pinnacle") found on Irhabi007's computer, make it easier for self-starting groups around the world to try their hand at terrorism. The Dutch counter-terrorism office, which publishes many of its studies on extremism, concludes that the existence of virtual training camps "has the effect of lowering the threshold against the commission of attacks".

... deleted

Open university of jihad

One of the most prolific al-Qaeda strategists is Abu Musab al-Suri. He is now in American custody, but his 1,600-page opus, "The Global Islamic Call to Resistance", survives. It advocates the creation in the West of self-starting, independent terrorist cells, not directly affiliated to existing groups, to stage spectacular attacks.

... deleted

So Irhabi007 may be off the internet, but others like him remain. Among the most prolific is a figure who roams the web by the name of, yes, Irhabi11.