Saturday, January 19, 2008

malaysia: very clever -- we buy their worthless palm oil, leading to indian farmer suicides and rainforest destruction

jan 18th, 2008

talk of a deal that is really bad for all concerned, except for the mohammedan bigots running malaysia:

1. india imports huge amounts of palm oil from malaysia, get this, at prices that are allegedly higher than the support price of substitutes

2. this is depressing the price of oilseeds such as coconuts, leading to coconut farmers committing suicide in kerala and tamil nadu and karnataka, and the land being turned over into residential land

3. the malaysians and indonesians are cutting down rainforests to plant oil palms. poor orangutans and other creatures are being exterminated

4. india is providing, on a barter basis, services like RITES' railway advice, in exchange for palm oil

5. manufacturers of soaps and beauty products are getting addicted to dumped palm oil, thus further depressing prices for indian oilseeds. a WTO anti-dumping complaint may be in order regarding the pricing of malaysian palm oil, which looks suspiciously like it is below actual costs

could it get any worse for all concerned? the only gainers -- the fanatical mohammedan fundamentalists of malaysia.

india accounts for a large portion of malaysia's palm oil experts. if india were to put a stop to this, immediately the mohammedans will discover some respect for india. as of now, they know they merely have to say "hindu fundamentalist RSS" and manmohan, who is just waiting for an excuse, will immediately say, "ok, you mohammedans are superior human beings, please tell me in front of whom i should grovel".

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