Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Move to malign Sai Baba fails

mar 31st, 2009

so the sai baba was not doing anything dubious.

what happened to all the alleged "1000s of cases"? i guess it is like the "2000 muslims killed in gujarat" and "78 virgins" and "jesus christ" and "'saint' thomas who came to india". pure figments of the imagination. very convenient for those with vested interests.

i do hope the sai baba folks sue this crazy drug-addict/lush for $100 million bucks just to make a point. the co-defendants the BBC and the danish channel surely have deep enough pockets and will settle out of court for $10 million to avoid punitive damages in libel.

and yes, as sandhya says, the ELM will not say a word about this. actually it will, if india today is named as a co-defendant in the defamation suit. they will crawl, they will beg, they will lick anybody's boots.

actually such a suit could be a broad one, with amicus curiae briefs filed by the CAPEEM, the HAF, and others. it could terrorize people like witzel and courtright who persist in lies, libel and defamation about hinduism and hindus.

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From: Shahryar

Tuesday, March 31, 2009 |

Move to malign Sai Baba fails

Sandhya jain

On March 14, a lingering, insidious smear campaign against Sathya Sai Baba quietly fizzled out when Channel Nine MSN removed a biased anti-Baba broadcast from its official Website. Ardent Sai defamer Robert Priddy admitted on his blog that Channel Nine MSN "would not have removed the video had there not been legitimate complaints about the content and disinformation in their video".

Sai Baba devotees following the so-called sex scandal case were gratified to find that over the past few years many accusers were exposed as liars and worse. The main accuser, who inspired a BBC documentary, withdrew his California court case against the Sai Baba Society on realising exposure was nigh.

As usual, when false accusations are made against Hindu gurus, a high-decibel media campaign begins. But when the innocence of the accused is established, the cacophony melts into stoic silence. It is to the credit of devotees that anti-Sai Baba information has been purged from US Government and UNESCO Websites, among others.

... deleted

Japan - why demography is destiny


sad to see the Japanese in a bad way. If India ever had a 'natural ally' it is the Japanese and not the Pakistan-loving Yanks.

Japan has huge amount of reserves ---> we need money for infrastructure spending (thanks for the memories PC!);
Japan has a shrinking population and needs to earn more on their reserves --> we have a growing population that will work and earn;
Japan needs to shrink the strategic space for China --> we need to enlarge our space

Hans are next in line for getting old before getting rich. except they have a full generation of angry, unmarried young men to get through. hence the attack on India - and the carting away of poor Vietnamese girls

the 'vampire of cochin' resurfaces!

mar 30th, 2009

the 'vampire of cochin' who had quietly vanished under the vatican's "identity-change and criminal-protection plan" seems to have been rousted.

wonder of wonders, he has been living with the nubile 25-year-old woman whom he had "adopted"!


of course the ELM is completely silent about the antics of this hornball godman. not only did he 'adopt' the young woman and get 'spiritual nourishment' from her, he sprinked her blood around his ornate bishop's palace, and promised that her to-be-born son, who would be born bearing an iron rod, would fix the various problems the church faced. it is left as an exercise to the reader as to who is supposed to be the father of the to-be-born son. i am sure it was going to be another virgin birth.

first-class example of what christism does to the brain (using the term loosely, of course). i wonder what has happened to thattunkal's massage parlors and hospitals in cochin. vatican must be making money off of them.

incidentally, his replacement -- one godman acharuparambil -- has been observed recently telling the kkkangress which candidates to choose. no, no, this is *not* interference in the state by the church. it is entirely 'pseudo-secular'. that is, semites can do anything they want.

christist maniac murders one-year-old hindu boy via starving him to death

mar 31st, 2009

the ELM will obviously not carry this news as it makes those christist nutcases look bad. what do you have to say, t n ninan, pamela philipose, b g verghese, arundhati susan roy, a j philip and a whole host of other kerala christists who have infiltrated the media?

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From: Arvind
Subject: Bobby Jindal should watch out!
To: Rajeev Srinivasan

I'm worried for Bobby (real name Piyush) Jindal. He has already done some crazy stuff like chasing away demons. Authorities should take Piyush's wife and kids into protective custody.


A Maryland woman involved with a group described as a religious cult pleaded guilty in the starvation death of her son, but insisted that the charges be dropped when he is resurrected.
Ramkissoon, a member of a group called One Mind Ministries, believes Javon Thompson, her year-old son, will rise again, and as part of her plea agreement, authorities agreed to the clause.
Authorities believe the boy's body was then placed into a wheeled suitcase along with mothballs and fabric-softener sheets, documents said.
Silverman described her as a petite, soft-spoken woman who rejected her family's Hindu religion, became a devout Christian and wanted to raise her son in that religion.

'Swiss black money can take India to the top' -- R. Vaidyanathan

mar 31st, 2009

the good professor and dr kalyan on colonial and neo-colonial loot.

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From: S. Kalyanaraman <kalyan97@gmail.com>
Date: Wed, Apr 1, 2009 at 4:52 AM
Subject: 'Swiss black money can take India to the top' -- R. Vaidyanathan




'Swiss black money can take India to the top'

Vicky Nanjappa | March 31, 2009 | 19:41 IST


Indian money stashed in the Swiss Bank has become a focal point of debate, especially after the Leader of Opposition and the Bharatiya Janata Party's prime ministerial candidate L K Advani raised the issue on Sunday. If elected, the BJP has vowed to bring the black money back home. Though the Congress dismissed the idea, the Swiss bank issue is slowly becoming a hot election issue.

... deleted

challenge: double the number of daily hits on this blog

i know the rough numbers of daily hits on this blog. i challenge you guys to double it in the next one month, (by end april), by inviting more and more of your friends to read it regularly. if you do so, then we'll put in place the kinds of improvements we were planning.-- including trying out a content management system. 
in other words, i request YOU to demonstrate you have a stake in this blog. we'll have to spend on various things to put up a better product here -- and that costs money, eg. for a server, software, bandwidth, some admin. we will need to generate more money from this blog. one way of doing this would be to plaster more ads here and ask you to click on them. another would be to put in a paypal mechanism so you can make small (or large) contributions.
but none of this is worth it unless it is reaching a very large number of people on a regular basis. i need your help to do this.  
and i will put up a poll to help us find out what types of topics interest you. we can modify posting rates accordingly.
so i request you to help us increase the traffic on this blog. there are so many of you who are followers, each of you can easily sign up 2-3 other followers; and there must be a number of you who are silent lurkers. you should tell your friends to lurk, or post their opinions (of course, this is a moderated blog, and certain comments may not see the light of day).

Monday, March 30, 2009

hans doing their usual thing - spying and stealing information

this technique will be how they fight wars in the coming years; they call it hurling the "assassin's mace" (a concept in Sun Tzu). the center-piece of this war-fighting will be to exploit vulnerabilities in the power, transportation and communications infrastructure. incidentally this has already started happening - http://www.securityfocus.com/brief/666

wonder which "South Asian" government is being monitored? - just note that our embassy in Washington is already infected. I wonder if Government of India buys any Lenovo equipment (gulp!)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

languages dying

mar 29th, 2009

monoculture is bad in anything: religion, language, agriculture. diversity is good. so the disappearance of languages is something to be regretted.


Mockery is Worthwhile

Is it really petty and mean to mock Islamic militancy, as the leftists claim? Think again:


Mockery may be a highly effective way to fight terrorism. After all, it's a war of ideas.

US Hardening Stance on Pak

From BBC:
In recent days three top American generals have turned their guns on Pakistan, accusing elements of its main intelligence agency, the ISI, of supporting Taliban and al-Qaeda militants.

This probably explains why even NYT & Co are publishing some articles critical of Pak. It's being done at the behest of the US govt. It seems to indicate a change in strategy.

Obama Bringing in More Muslims

Obama is seeking to bring more Muslims into his administration, according to this report in the Denver Post. At least Americans will come to know what it's like to live in an Indian-style political setup.

the media really wants varun to roll over and die - so raoul gets to eat all the cake

the more I read about the ongoing varun gandhi drama - the more I an convinced that this is a political hit job to somehow - anyhow - stop him from being elected. of course - he is the the most obvious counter to the family appeal because he is much more charismatic than raoul. also he is much, much more educated. he is the first nehru since jawahar to actually get a degree - and it is not in advanced basket-weaving.

now they have brought up the NSA on him - this is simply overkill

these engligh media cretins in India never learn - the more they villify somebody the more popular he will get. if he and the BJP play it right there will be good votes to be had from this positive polarisation of votes - not to mention using the 'martyr' effect.an interesting interview with the guy - I have no reason to disbelieve him

this just in: and renuka chowdhury had to be put into a restraining jacket after hearing this, and was led away blabbering: taliban, taliban, hollywood taliban

mar 29th, 2009


meanwhile, the tamil sangam has denied rumors that it has offered renuka chowdhury an honorary vice-president position.

The camel steadily making its way into our tent...

mar 29th, 2009

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From: A P

"With 42 seats in the Lok Sabha, the Election Commission has listed West Bengal as one of the largest States. Since 2004, when the last general election was held, the State has added a whopping 48.86 lakh new voters, which exclude electors in the armed services. Interestingly, seven districts bordering Bangladesh have witnessed the maximum rise in the number of voters, so much that after delimitation Malda has been split into two constituencies - North and South Malda."

"Charity" chief focus of arms probe

mar 29th, 2009

what goes in madrasas, which are now, thanks to arjun singh, treated the same as CBSE schools.

maybe CBSE curricula will soon include arms-handling and bomb-building. only halal bombs, please. we "charities" are very particular.

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From: Shahryar

Charity chief focus of arms probe
Bangladeshi police investigating a huge arms haul in the south of the country are investigating the possible role of the head of a British charity.
... deleted

The weapons cache was found at an Islamic school, or madrassa, allegedly run by a charity based in Manchester.
Bomb-making equipment
Newspaper reports in Britain say that Dr Mostafa - the head of the Green Crescent charity which runs the madrassa - had previously been tried for plotting explosions in the UK.
In November 2008 Dr Mostafa was found guilty by a court in Manchester of possession of dangerous weapons and making a false statement about baggage cargo at the city's airport.

sonofusion: was Taleyarkhan unfairly maligned?

mar 29th, 2009

rustom taleyarkhan is from mumbai and is an IIT madras alumnus.

now it is even more murky: does sonofusion work? are the allegations about taleyarkhan false? is this an example of professional jealousy? the secretary testimony certainly is damning about the department head.

if the department head was not guilty, why did he settle with taleyarkhan?

does this mean -- especially as cold fusion is showing signs of revival -- that sonofusion is also not discredited?

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From: Arvind

Taleyarkhan settles suit with 1 of 2 colleagues

Lot of dirt about the Purdue guy who went after Taleyarkhan:

Scientists find new evidence for existence of 'cold fusion'

mar 29th, 2009

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From: Shahryar


more on 5111 kaliyuga

mar 29th, 2009

To: "Mookambika" <srimookambika-devi@yahoogroups.com>
Date: Saturday, 28 March, 2009, 11:16 AM

According to Bharatheeya Callender this universe is 196 Crore year old
2 Ayanam             =  1 Year
1 Year                  =   1 Deva day
360 year               =   1 Divya varsha
Kritha yuga           =   4800 Divya varsha = 17,28,000 years
Thretha Yuga        =   3600 Divya vrasha = 12,96,000 years
Dwapara yuga      =    2400 Divya varsha =   864,000  years
Kaliyug                =    1200 Divya varsha =   432,000 years
(kitha + thretha + Dwapara + kali )  = Chathur yug = Mahayugam
71 Mahayug          = 1 Manwantharam ( Now 7th Manwantharam )
14 Manwantharam =  1 Kalapam
2 Kalpam              =  1 Brahma Divasam
360 Brahma Divasam = 1 Brahma varasham
50 Brahma varasham = 1 Parardam
2 parardam               =  1 Mahakalpam (maha Pralayam)
our thrudi is 16 times minutest than 1 second ( thamara dala cheda kalam)
In this Kalpa it is now 7 th Manwantharam
7 th manu is called vaivaswatha Manu
in this manwantharam 27 chathur yuga has passed
it is now the 28 th chathuryuga going on
it is now the 28 th kali yug of vaivaswatha manwantharam
in this kaliyug 5110 years have gone and now it is 5111

Get rid of Add-Ons in your email ID. Get yourname@ymail.com. Sign up now!

kashmiri girls forced to marry terrorists. but hey, this does not get renuka chowdhury, women's rights maven and taliban expert, excited

mar 29th, 2009

renuka, who knows the taliban well, has concluded that mohammedan women *want* to marry terrorists. yes, really. so no question of this being talibanization.

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From: K

...and the "secular, progressive" harpies and banshees will be, well, silent harpies and banshees - a miracle if you were waiting for one.

Friday, March 27, 2009

when the real taliban are in action, with the support of the state, no renuka chowdhury or the elm shouts about talibanization

mar 27th, 2009


this is the utmost in hypocrisy. see post below, where hindu girl is raped and now is being urged to convert and marry the rapist so he can get out of jail. http://rajeev2004.blogspot.com/2009/03/no-shouting-about-taliban-by-renuka.html

here the girl converts and marries a hindu, and the STATE POLICE (gestapo-equivalent) assault the girl and this giri woman (relative of former president) and there is no protest anywhere in the country.

look at the asymmetry!

moral: mohammedans can do anything in dhimmi india.

Bart Ehrman on the lies, extrapolations and fabrications in the bible

mar 27th, 2009

we have talked in this blog before about bart ehrman (former fundamentalist who quit the church in disgust and became a major scholar on the bible) who has systematically shown that large chunks of the allegedly divine bible are entirely human fabrications, transcription errors, and hoax insertions from the medieval period. here's more from him.

no wonder the bible (one of the idols of christists along with the idol of the mutilated corpse of the dead arab on a stick) is such profound garbage. one of the american founding fathers (jefferson, i think) went through it and tore out every page that had something offensive, violent, bigoted and misogynistic. when he finished, he found that he only had the covers left. it is basically a handbook for evil created by the godmen for their own self-aggrandizement after the council of nicea in 345 ce (approx) which codified christism as a power-hungry, imperialist death cult bent on world domination.

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From: Shahryar

... deleted

The Friends of the BJP: a forum of high-flying businessmen and professionals

mar 27th, 2009

PLUs for BJP :-)

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From: sri

BJP friends: 'People like you'


Jaitley at the meeting in Delhi. (PTI)

New Delhi, March 26: The Friends of the BJP, a forum of high-flying
businessmen and professionals, is trying to create a new urban voter
who ultimately becomes the voice of India, knocking the aam aadmi off
his poll perch.

This voter will be animated by a passion for economic growth, stronger
reforms, national security and good governance.

... deleted

tibet is paradise: Xinhua Ram

mar 27th, 2009

of course he would say that. he gets paid to.

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From: <thehindu@web1.hinduonnet.com>
Date: Sat, Mar 28, 2009 at 2:32 AM

If Tibet needs 'Democratic reform' and 'Social Emanicipation', what about China?
This article has been sent to you by Xinhua Ram ( nram@thehindu.co.in )
Source: The Hindu (http://www.hinduonnet.com/2009/03/28/stories/2009032854911000.htm)

Link: Tamil version of The Myth of St. Thomas and the Mylapore Shiva Temple

mar 27th, 2009

worth reading, in english or in tamil. to reiterate, the portuguese destroyed the ancient mylapore shiva temple and built their san thome cathedral on top of it. just goes to show how christists have always been terrorists.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Swami

The Myth of St. Thomas and the Mylapore Shiva Temple
Translated into Tamil by Dr. B.M. Sundaram

chandrabhan prasad: return to feudalism

mar 27, 2009

ooh... that is a stinging blow! and to think it comes from a prasad, who emphasizes he's a harijan, is a double blow!

is he in effect calling communists pimps?


One of the big mistakes socialism made was to dismiss man's innate abilities of creating wealth. So disastrous the socialism turned that all erstwhile socialist republics of the East Europe and Russia are now largest exporters of female bodies. West Bengal comes only next to them.

tehelka.com: interview with ram madhav of the rss

mar 27th, 2009

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From: sri
 RSS Members Are Present Even In The Congress Party'
From Tehelka Magazine, Vol 6, Issue 13, Dated Apr 04, 2009
The election of 58-year-old Mohan Bhagwat as the Sarsanghchalak, or chief, of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) has signaled a generational change in the controversial Hindu supremacist organisation. The youngest-ever RSS chief, Bhagwat, a bachelor and a full-time RSS activist for decades, has his social and political agenda cut out. The RSS General Secretary since 2000, one of Bhagwat's key goals is to expand his organisation's base. Ram Madhav, 43, a key Bhagwat aide and the RSS' national spokesperson, talks to AJIT SAHI about his new boss and the challenges the RSS now faces.
... deleted

i vote for this giveaway to mohammedans

mar 27th, 2009

i think a perfect 'haj subsidy' is as follows, heck, i'll even donate something out of my own pocket:

give each mohammedan family an FM radio and broadcast their calls five times a day over a dedicated FM channel.

this would save the rest of us from being woken up at all hours by this tuneless caterwauling that the mullahs practise. arabic is a particularly ugly language to hear (it may be marginally better than chinese) so it is simply torture to impose it on us.

this is what, for instance, the singaporeans do, so that they are not all bothered at odd hours by some fellow screeching stuff you can't understand. (of course, it's probably better that you don't understand, because i suspect the content is not exactly "all religions are the same", "all indians are my brothers and sisters", "be nice to your neighbor" etc.)

happy yuga-adi!

mar 27th, 2009

i guess it is kali yuga 5111. of course, in kerala the calendars no longer have kali yuga. they have saka era (i have no idea why the central government insists of using this) and the malayalam era.

no shouting about taliban by renuka chowdhury? no prizes for guessing why

mar 27th, 2009

this is like the story of the iraqi woman who got women raped so that she could then turn them into suicide bombers.

here the hindu girl (must be, if it were a christist, john dayal and ratzy would have been screaming. on 2nd thought, no, john dayal is scared of mohammedans, didn't utter a peep when mohammedans cut off the head of a christist guy in bangalore for the crime of marrying a mohammedan woman) is raped, disgraced, and then the rapist's mother shows her the way: become a mohammedan baby factory and all will be well.

of course this is just fine with renuka chowdhury, shabana, teesta and the harpies ("loose women of bangalore" or something) who made so much noise about the mangalore incident.

first it was the economy; now it is the home ministry -- the exploits of p chidambaram

mar 27th, 2009
are they going to cancel the commonwealth games 2010 as well, not just the IPL?
i hope so, both are ridiculous. i think cricket sucks, and few athletes consider the commonwealth games very important.
and chidambaram will assure all of us that everything is under control. no need to panic. for him, that is. he has VIP security.
we should hire him out to the americans, or better still the chinese. or even the UN. guaranteed, they'll immediately suck wind.
the capitulation on the IPL is basically manmohan singh and chidambaram saying, "we cannot guarantee any sort of security in india". as the ever-vigilant and ever-gleeful james astill pointed out, this "re-hyphenates" india and pakistan.
exactly like arjun singh "re-toxified" the textbooks.
what a bunch of achievers the UPA are! one better than the next. from the point of view of the US, china, the vatican, or pakistan, that is.

nytimes: Afghan Strikes by Taliban Get Pakistan Help; no s**t, sherlock!

mar 27th, 2009

they just figured this out *now*? goodness, does the bear do its thing in the woods? is ratzy catholic? is the ISI the taliban?

yes, san did post this below. but i am wondering why this atlanticist paper has suddenly jumped on this bandwagon. remember that just last week the wsj had published a glowing (but idiotic) story about how there was this great relationship between the ISI-turned-army-chief kiyani and top US army brass. what, that yank admiral mullen was an idiot, or what?


i think the nytimes is trying to make the wsj look bad, that's about it.

everybody in the yank establishment knows taliban == ISI. they only maintain this polite fiction that they are different to hoodwink the very willing-to-be-hoodwinked manmohan singh.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Girish


Afghan Strikes by Taliban Get Pakistan Help, U.S. Aides Say

... deleted

Thursday, March 26, 2009

india's fisc deficit highest in the world: thank you UPA "dream team"


the reason Chidambaram and Manmohan are called a dream team is that they do little else but dream. or wet dreams in their case; future generations will pay for this through their nose.

Philosophically speaking - deficit spending in India is not the paap-karm it is in the west. this is because the domestic savings rate, at mid thirties percent is high enough to sustain government overspending. the problem is what you get (or do not get) in return. no assets, no employement and income generation, no long term economic velocity - no nothing.

chidambaram ran a deficit simply to get 50k crores for recapitalising swiss banks

P.S - do not get me wrong guys. I think everyone including Indian government should balance their budget. but it makes me weep to see hard won indian savings been thrown away by these economic assassins

why Obama's bluster on outsourcing will fail


Bailed-out firms that Obama stops from hiring Indian outsourcing companies will hire IBM - which sends the work to - you guessed it - India. This trend will only strengthen in hard times when everyone is trying to cut back on budgets. IBM's increased hiring in India is no favor - they recognize the threat to their competitive position by Indian IT Service companies.

of course chidambaram will claim "Manmohan and I got all these jobs to India". since he will do this with a sense of false gravitas - and because he wears glasses; the press in india will fall over themselves telling us how true that is. meanwhile party cadres will clean up all of India's savings. this will cause India's economic death.

to which chidamabaram will say - a la Monty Python - it's not dead it's resting.

Hanuman: the Videogame - for Playstation2

While the look may be a little dated, it's still alright for an early attempt.

Shut NGOs' Foreign Funding

Here's an illuminating article on the spread and nature of NGOs in India. It certainly casts light on the dodgy nature of so many of these dubious entities. It's time that India borrows a page from Russia, and blocks foreign funding for these shady establishments, many of which aren't even complying with Indian laws.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pak Continues to Backstab US

Pakistan continues its treacherous policy of milking the US for billions in aid, while helping to plan strikes against US forces. It's amazing how the US just keeps bending over for more from Pak.

hate speech by disgusting christist

mar 25th, 2009

this of course is because his god, the alleged jesus, is a total hoax who never existed. and according to leo panakkal, an ex-christist, jesus = lucifer = satan. intriguing, eh?

see information about leo's book here, or do a google search:

CAG Finds 50,000 Crores unaccounted for!

mar 25th, 2009

wait a minute, who says they are unaccounted for? they are in the numbered swiss accounts of various kkkangressis!

just like the 70,000 crore that has vanished (aka NREGS) into kkkangress party cadres' pockets.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: A P 

Mar 18, 2009


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Comptroller & Auditor General of India has found that Rs 50,000 crore is unaccounted for and 'missing from the central government's coffers' -- Modi

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday night alleged that a report by the Comptroller and Auditor General of India had found that Rs 50,000 crore was unaccounted for and 'missing from the central government's coffers'.

"The country wants to know from Prime Minster Manmohan Singh about this money that has simply vanished," Modi, who launched the election campaign of the Bharatiya Janata Party-Shiv Sena alliance in Maharashtra on Sunday, said.

... deleted

varadarajan goes nuts on varun

mar 25th, 2009

i wonder what he has to say about the apparent capitulation to the CTBT that is being done in the background now.

no stench, i suppose?

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Vijay 
The Editor
The Hindu

Re: 'That Familiar Stench:From Guruji to Atalji,Masterji to Varun'
by Siddharth Varadarajan,The Hindu,March 24,2009.

Dear Editor,

I am a regular reader of the online edition of The Hindu and Mr.Varadarajan's articles in international magazines such as Counterpoint and have been appreciative of his independent journalistic viewpoints.

I was therefore surprised that The Hindu, noted for its sobriety, should have published the above mentioned article. It is shockingly hateful both of Varun Gandhi,the BJP,the Sangh Parivar etc.

It would seem that Mr.Varadarajan has lost his bearings.

The liberal media in general have acted as judge and executioner of the hapless young politician Varun Gandhi without giving him a fair hearing. He has repeatedly said that the tape that showed him making the alleged 'hate speech' against minorities was doctored. Indeed, independent investigations have affirmed that there are 17 cuts.It is unfortunate too  that the Election Commission did not bother to have it examined by forensic experts.

Mr. Varadarajan as a responsible journalist could have waited till those tests were done. At the very least he could have done some investigative journalism at Pilibhit to check out the serious situation there of infiltration from the Nepalese border of arms and fake currency, the victimisation of the minority community there(the Hindus) etc.

Instead he has joined the ranks of the liberal media who have ignored the communalism of senior Congress leaders such as Imran Kidwai whose speech at Chandigarh on March 15,2009, was quite public and quite communal.
He has been quoted as saying:

"I regret not being a mufti.Had I been one, I would have issued just one fatwa that going with the BJP amounts to committing kufr."

It is reported that Congress officials and even a Union Minister were present at this speech.

The liberal media has not made much of this. And Mr. Varadarajan has gone a step further in indicting all of the Sangh Parivar, including Atal Bihari Vajpayee in his list of offensive characters whose stench is unbearable(Ironically, Bollywood film idol Shah Ruk Khan,quite a balanced person, has stated recently how much he admired Vajpayee).

Such hateful views from a responsible journalist are unbecoming.

And I am sure I speak for many Indians in the Diaspora when I say that Varun Gandhi has done us all proud by saying that he is an Indian,a Hindu and a Gandhi in equal measure.

Mr. Varadarajan is not a Gandhi but he is certainly an Indian and a Hindu and one wonders why he goes out of his way to pillory Varun for such sentiments.


rajeev on rediff about the UPA's terrible report card on the economy

mar 25th, 2009

Monday, March 23, 2009

varun gandhi spoke the unpleasant truth: kanchan gupta

mar 23rd, 2009
kanchan is right, of course. the media and the kkkangress simply hide all the terrible things the (mohammedan) taliban do. and all mohammedans are either active taliban or they, by their silence, are implicit partners of the taliban. i doubt if more than 5 mohammedans in all of india have ever protested anything terrible the terrorists did. shabana? never, not once. teesta? of course not. i can only think of rizwan salim (although he may not even be living in india), taslima nasrin (and oh, we know what happened to her), and salman rushdie (of course, he groveled later and begged for mercy). and maybe mj akbar once or twice, tentatively.

Rolling Stone subtly blames Indians for the crisis

mar 23rd, 2009
i have been thinking along the same lines, to be honest. the subprime crisis is actually the revenge of the IT guys. the posh bankers with their million dollar bonuses lost control of their operations to the backroom quant-jocks, a bunch of whom are in fact indians. the rocket scientists did what they were asked to do, and the bankers soon couldn't understand what they were doing. but their greed prevented them from stopping the quant-jocks from inventing even more bizarre models.
this is payback, in a way, for robert clive and the raj :-) take that, anglo-americans :-)
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From: swami



Check this out:

The problem was, none of this was based on reality. "The banks knew they were selling crap," says a London-based trader from one of the bailed-out companies. To get AAA ratings, the CDOs relied not on their actual underlying assets but on crazy mathematical formulas that the banks cooked up to make the investments look safer than they really were. "They had some back room somewhere where a bunch of Indian guys who'd been doing nothing but math for God knows how many years would come up with some kind of model saying that this or that combination of debtors would only default once every 10,000 years," says one young trader who sold CDOs for a major investment bank. "It was nuts."


violation of human rights!: Iran women to get equal insurance

mar 23rd, 2009
no, this cannot be! it is a violation of human rights to give mohammedan women the same value as mohammedan men.
quick, teesta and shabana and angana and the ANHAD woman -- you must protest!
and oh, even worse -- non-mohammedans to get the same?
quick, get vijay and biju and sitaram and prakash and aamir and shahruck to protest!
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From: Shahryar
Iran women to get equal insurance
Insurance companies in Iran will have to pay the same compensation for women and men in the case of death or injury, the Iranian government has said.
Previously, insurance policies have paid women or their families half of what a man or his relatives receive.
Iranian Justice Minister Gholamhoseyn Elham said the companies would also have to make equal payouts to Muslims and non-Muslims.
Non-Muslims and their relatives also currently receive less than Muslims.
The new requirements come into force at the start of the Iranian new year on Saturday.

Published: 2009/03/19 17:15:01 GMT


tamil christists (dmk?) doing their thing: SUPPORT TERROR, COMMIT TREASON, GET AWAY WITH IT! - II (Law unto themselves)

mar 23rd, 2009
LTTE (christist-dominated) and their supporters in tamil nadu (christists and crypto-christists) go on the warpath.
btw, for those who don't believe pirabakaran is a christist, his son's name is charles anthony. do a google search.

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(Law unto themselves)


... deleted

madani is a very dubious character

mar 23rd, 2009
but his sins are always swept under the carpet because everybody is scared of the mohammedans rioting, or they want to appease them for their votes.
it goes to show once again that there are no 'moderate' mohammedans, because not one mohammedan has stood up and questioned madani's activities.
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From: Naresh
Madani row worsens; CM summons ATS head
19/03/2009 15:25:34  
PNS | Thiruvananthapuram
The controversies over the CPI(M)'s links with PDP chairman Abdul Nasser Madani gathered momentum on Thursday with LDF Government's Chief Minister VS Achuthanandan summoning Deputy Inspector General TK Vinod Kumar, head of the Kerala Police's anti-terror squad (ATS), investigating the cases related to the killing of four Malayalee militants in Kashmir in October last.
The Chief Minister summoned Vinod Kumar after reports appeared that the Home Ministry, looked after by CPI(M)'s Kodiyeri Balakrishnan, had put a freeze on the investigations by the ATS not to antagonise Madani to avoid embarrassment in the polls. The CPI(M) was depending heavily on Madani for winning Muslim votes in Ponnani and other certain other seats.
However, Vinod Kumar, who had met Achuthanandan with Director General of Police Jacob Punnoose, told him that there were no hindrances in the probes by the ATS. Jacob Punnoose told the Chief Minister that the squad had come across several crucial evidences but these could not be shared with the media at this juncture.
Achuthanandan had on Wednesday told newsmen that he would look into the reports about the connections of Madani and his wife Sufiya with the militants killed in Kashmir, the terror operatives arrested by the ATS and those who were yet to be trapped. According to reports, the arrested militants with links to Lashkar-e-Tayyeba and Indian Mujahiddeen had told the police that they had been in close contact with Madani and his wife.
However, within hours of the Chief Minister's promise, Home Minister Kodiyeri Balakrishnan said that there would be no new probes against Madani as all the new reports related to old events.
The police had known that Indian Mujahideen's southern commandant Sainuddeen alias Abdul Sattar, now in the custody of Karnataka Police had close contacts with Madani and Sufiya. Sattar's daughter Fazeela Begum had been attending school in Kochi staying at Sufiya Madani's house. It was also reported that Madani had attended religious camps in Hyderabad with his help.
School principal Suja had told the police that Fazeela's school records had shown Sufiya as the local guardian of the girl. But after the search for Sainuddeen and other militants intensified, the girl was reportedly shifted to a secret place. Mani alias Yufuf, a Tamilian by origin and who had looked after Madani in the Coimbatore prison, had worked in Sufiya's shop in Ernakulam.
The police had also learned that the four militants killed in Kashymir had earlier celebrated Id at Sufiya's place. The police had got several witness depositions that Sufiya had been the source of inspiration for the burning of Tamil Nadu bus at Kalamassery on September 9, 2005. The allegation was that even after getting all these information, the ATS had not been allowed to question Madani or Sufiya or to carry the probe further.
Reports also said that the CPI(M) did not want to disturb its relationship with Madani which would be detrimental to the interests of the party and the LDF it led. There were allegations that Madani was deciding several matters related to LDF's poll strategies. Madani was said to have proposed the name of Hussein Randathani as the Left Independent candidate in Ponnani seat, which had also led to a standoff between the CPI and the CPI(M).
Meanwhile, Opposition leader Oommen Chandy asked the Chief Minister to exercise his special powers to investigate the allegations being raised against Madani. He said in New Delhi that the approach of Kodiyeri that even issues related to national security were not serious should be seen seriously.
"Kodiyeri is saying that the allegations against Madani are not new. What does he mean by that? Malayalee militants get killed in Kashmir, a clandestine meeting takes place in Aluva and militants hold training camp in Vagamon. But still the Home Minister does not view any of these as new," said Chandy.
"The Chief Minister is saying he would look into the allegations against Madani. But the Home Minister says there will be no inquiry. The people of Kerala want to know about what is going to happen," he added.
At the same time, BJP national vice-president Vehkiah Naidu said in Kochi that probe would be held against Madani if the NDA came to power after the coming Lok Sabha election.

Anantnag to rename as Islamabad - What our Media failed to Highlight

mar 23rd, 2009
more pandering to the wily kashmiri mohammedans.
and this is just fine as far as the ELM is concerned.
similarly, the river 'kishenganga' has been changed to 'neelum'.
well, the right thing would be to rename ahmedabad as karnavati and hyderabad as bhagyanagar, and allahabad as prayag. these places have nothing to do with mohammedans, they existed with those even before mohammed invented his ideology.
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From: Naresh
Anantnag to rename as Islamabad - What our Media failed to Highlight
17/03/2009 15:42:27  Courtesy:R Koul
Muslims in Kashmir are trying to remove all Hindu religious symbols and rename ancient places. Also hundreds of temples have been either encroached or destroyed.
We are deeply anguished to learn that a bill has been introduced in the J&K assembly by the PDP, MLA Peerzada Manzoor Hussain proposing to change the name of historic Anantnag town to Islamabad.
The mentality and intent behind the introduction of this bill is clearly to Islamize the entire nomenclature of the valley which has been a cradle of Hindu civilization for the last 5000 years.
This is part of the same process by which the names of 700 villages in the valley have been changed. Even the names of the landmarks like the Shankaracharya Hill has been changed to Takht-i-Sulaiman and the name of historic Hari Parbat has been changed to Koh-i-Maran.
The officialdom seems to be colluding with these forces as we see the same in the proposed name of the Srinagar airport as Shaikh-ul-Alam airport. In the country we see a process of going back to the original and historical names but here we see a process of destroying history and historical names. Given a choice these forces would change the names of their ancestors even.
PDP has all along followed an agenda of Islamic imperialism. It may be recalled that it was the same party whose patron was responsible for engineering the Anantnag riots against Kashmiri Pandits in 1986.
Even the late Chief Minister G.M.Shah in an interview had indicted Mufti Sayed for fermenting Anantnag riots against Kashmiri Pandits to destabilize his government than.
The process of genocide and exodus started with the Anantnag riots of 1986 and culminated in the complete exodus of Kashmiri Hindus in 1990.
This mindset is visible in the statement of Mehbooba Mufti who recently said that the land from Panchtarni to amaranth belongs to Maliks, as if Amarnath was their personal fiefdom.

Tata Nano Launches

Tata Nano has been officially launched, and will be appearing in showrooms from April onwards, even though it will not actually be available until July.

The interior room seems really impressive relative to the external dimensions.

Still, as nifty as it is, I'd say wait for the diesel model, as that would give more power.

more on the charlie chaplin statue: it was illegal too

mar 23rd, 2009
i have just found that the famous charlie chaplin statue that some joker wanted to build (67 feet high, that's six floors high) was within 300 meters of the beach, there is a strict ordinance in the Coastal Regulatory Zone ordinance that disallows any permanent structures closer than 500 meter from the beach.
so not only was this ridiculous and stupid, it was illegal too.
of course, none of this mattered to the ELM taliban who made such a fuss about it.
i still fail to see how a gigantic statue of a white guy clown was going to be of any value, esthetic, cultural or otherwise. it was simply going to be an eyesore, and i think it was a deliberate attempt by this joker hegde somebody to get some attention. and part of the kkkangress' continuing attempts to destabilize the bjp karnataka government.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

oh good, finally high-fructose corn syrup is getting a bad rap

mar 21st, 2009

this is one of the really negative outcomes of the farm bill: it has encouraged the overproduction of high fructose corn syrup which is found in absolutely every product. check your labels and refuse to buy anything that has (in the US) this ingredient.

not that sugar is good, but at least it is not subsidized to the extent corn is. in other words, the govt has been paying the agribusiness guys good money to make americans fat! 

and then the govt pays doctors much more to neglect diabetes-prone people until they need to have limbs cut off and stuff. a doctor who puts a person on a low-carb and low-calorie diet to prevent diabetes gets nothing; but if he amputates their diabetes-wrecked limbs, be makes a good bit of money. talk of perverse incentives.

mark my words, the healthcare timebomb (what is it, 16% of GDP?) is an even bigger problem for the us than the subprime crisis. americans spend huge amounts of money to get crummy healthcare results. 

the funny thing is india is following straight down that disastrous path of high insurance cover, high prices charged by hospitals because people don't care since they have insurance, therefore high premia charged to employers by insurers, which makes employers (eg. general motors) uncompetitive -- and so on. the cycle is already visible in kerala.

we are so good at copying the very worst things that the white guys do!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Why is Varun Gandhi angry + excerpts of his speech

mar 20th, 2009

of course, when karunanidhi said far worse things about hindus, the election commission and others did not get excited.

when the kkkangress won the no-confidence vote with bags of money, the fat bengali communist speaker quickly swept it under the carpet, and nothing has come of this serious criminal offense.. but when some BJP MPs had taken money to ask questions in parliament, the fat bengali speaker immediately dismissed 12 of them. 

the fat bengali speaker also said he wouldn't vote with the BJP.

these incidents both show the total worthlessness and one-sidedness. just like cec-designate navin chawla, who is clearly a one-sided person.

moral: if you are a complete anti-hindu bigot in kkkangress-ruled india, you are treated like a king. if you are a hindu, you are stepped on. hindus need to recognize this and wipe out the kkkangress in this election.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Swami

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: sri v
From the exceprts made available he has not criticized any community directly..

The first the reason behind his outburst is below

from abhishek mehrotra

Hi Saw ur chat with Raajdeep on CNN-IBN yesterday. U were fabulous.
Made them speechless. Keep it up.Best Wishes Abhishek


In a prime time discussion with Rajdeep Sardesai on CNN-IBN on 17th
March at 9 pm show veteran journalist and columnist Tarun Vijay said
that Varun Gandhi hasn't spoken against any community. Pilibhit is run
under a complete Islamic dispensation with the District Magistrate,
Additional D.M., Sub Divisional Magistrate- all Muslims posted there.

Its represented by three MLAs and all of them are Muslims. In the last
couple of months five hundred cows were slaughtered by Muslims and
reported to administration through Maneka Gandhi's office. Nothing
happened. Kidnappings and rapes of Hindu girls is a matter of

Its a border area , neighbouring Nepal and hence all sorts of criminal
activities goes on. So in this situation Varun Gandhi only tried to
infuse some confidence and assure them that they are not alone. Varun
only sworn on Gita as a Hindu. Any one, including me would do that-if
someone attacks my sister or mother , I would say-I shall not spare
the attacker. Varun's missive was against the traitors and
anti-national's like Afzal and Kasab. He was emotional and didnt utter
the words that are being attributed to him ie naming any community

Excerpts ..

Badey daraawne naam hotey hain inke... Karimullah, Mazharullah...
Varun Gandhi kaat daalega...'
Express news service, Mar 18, 2009

New Delhi: The following are excerpts from speeches that Varun Gandhi
is shown as delivering in at least two locations earlier this month in
Pilibhit, from where he is contesting as the BJP candidate. The
speeches figure in a video recording viewed by The Indian Express. On
the directions of the Election Commission, the police today registered
a criminal case against Gandhi.

Yeh panja nahi hai, yeh kamal ka haath hai. Yeh kat** ke galey ko kaat
dega chunaav ke baad. Jai Shri Ram! Ram ji ki jai! Varun Gandhi kaat
daalega! Kaat denge us haath ko, kaat denge, kaat daalega!

[This is not the (Congress symbol) 'hand', this is the hand of the
'lotus'. It will cut the throat of the (derogatory reference to a
Muslim) after the elections... Varun Gandhi will cut... Cut that hand,
cut it, cut it.]

Apne jao, apne gaon mein jao aur halla karo ki saara Hindu ek tarfa ho
jao, chhetra ko Pakistan hone se bachao, aur saara Hindu ek tarfa ho
[Go to your villages and give the call that all Hindus must unite to
save this area from becoming Pakistan…]

Kya yeh sach nahin hai… ki usko bola gaya ki mataji aapka naam kya
hai... agar usne bola ki Bimla Devi, to usko kahaa ki dekhenge,
sochenge... pehle paanch hazaar rupaye do... aur agar uska naam hai
Saira Bano ya jo bhi Begum Hukum Begum... hum to jaante nahin hain...
badey daraawne naam hotey hain inke... Karimullah... Mazharullah....
agar raat ko kabhi dikh jaayen... to darr rahen hain...

[Is it not true... that if (a woman) is asked her name and she says
Bimla Devi, she is told we'll see, we'll think (about giving
Government aid), give us Rs 5,000 first... But if her name is Saira
Bano or whatever begum Hukum Begum... I don't even know... These
people have such scary-sounding names... Karimullah, Mazharullah... If
you ever encountered them at night, you'd be scared...]

Meri ek behan hai... to ek pamphlet chhapa tha jisme saare
pratiyashiyon ka picture likha hua hai... toh meri behan... us bitiya
ne kaha... Bhaiya mujhe nahi pata tha ki aapke chhetra mein Osama bin
Laden chunaav lad rahein hain... Maine kaha beta Osama bin Laden ko to
America pakad nahi liya lekin Varun Gandhi ke to pakad mein bahut aane
waale hain chunaav ke baad!

[I have a sister… there was a pamphlet with pictures of all the
candidates… so this child told me, 'I didn't know that Osama bin Laden
is contesting from your area.' I told her, 'America couldn't get
Osama, but Varun Gandhi is going to get a lot of people after the


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What happens if more Varun Gandhis don't expose the reality?

mar 20th, 2009

how mohammedans act where they are in a majority. this we have also seen in j&k and increasingly in w bengal and kerala. 

incidentally, that fellow qazi something has views -- horrifying as they are, see http://rajeev2004.blogspot.com/2009/03/what-teesta-and-shabana-and-angana.html
-- that are considered "moderate" in pakistan.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Sushil 
Date: Thu, Mar 19, 2009 at 3:11 PM
Subject: What happens if more Varun Gandhis don't expose the reality?
To: Rajeev 

the link -
This is in NWFP - closer to Peshawar in Pure-istan...
If more leaders, politicians have the guts like Varun Gandhi to highlight the reality facing Hindus in the Indian continent.....we won't have Islamo-fascists & crypto-Islamists calling the shots in India......which might well be on it's way to becoming 'Mughalstan' ....if the Ghandys-Paswans-Yadavs-Setalvads-Burkhas-Sardesais-Karats-etc have their way....
I think nothing short of a neo-holocaust (not the 'genocide' of Teesta) happening will wake Hindus up....


Don’t Just Vote - Make it Count - ‘Become the SWING VOTER’

mar 20th, 2009

the semites have had a field day as swing voters. of course they vote en bloc as suggested by their godmen. in places like kerala, with hindus reduced to a small minority, this is our last-ditch chance -- as the semites divide up the spoils amongst the reds, greens and whites, we can at least control which of the thugs come to power, and extract a small ounce of flesh for that.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: arun

A mythbursting analysis ......- atleast for me, it was an eye opener ....... even if u r not in India or are are not in a position to vote,  recommend forwarding to all who, as the article claims may ultimately make a difference......
Don't Just Vote - Make it Count - 'Become the SWING VOTER'
by RK Misra

There is a myth that the Educated Civil Society, being small in numbers, can not influence the electoral outcome. Consequently majority of us are not motivated to engage with the political class. Many of us abstain from voting because we believe that we are too small in numbers to change the ways of Indian politics. However, a closer analysis will reveal that in this age of coalition politics, with so many parties and candidates, victory margins are very small. In fact, most MPs in urban centres win by margins of just few thousand votes.

4 out of 7 seats in Delhi were won by narrow margins in 2004 Lok Sabha elections - New Delhi - 12784, South Delhi-16005, Delhi Sadar - 15974 & Karol Bagh 37,629. Mumbai also had similar figures, 3 out of 7 seats were won by less than 25,000 votes - Mumbai South-10246, Mumbai - South Central-22188, Mumbai North Central - 13,329.

This is not true only for Metro, even smaller cities across the country have witnessed similar trends. Victory margin in Kanpur was just 5,638 votes, Nashik - 15,058 votes, Ranchi -15,421 votes, Allahabad - 28,383 votes and Bangalore North - 30,358 votes.

Another myth is that Indian politics is decided by rural India. Hence issues relevant to the city dwellers and educated civil society are of no relevance to political parties as they do not need urban votes to come to power. The fact is that 2009 Lok Sabha will have 120+ MPs (out of 543) from Urban Areas.

Just concluded delimitation of constituencies has dramatically increased the number of urban constituencies, which will further grow as India urbanizes. 120 is a huge number, given the coalition politics where Mrs. Mayawati, with potentially 50 MPs, will have the real possibility to stake the claim for Prime Minister's post.

We also need to note that in 2009 elections we have more than 10 Crore First Time Voters, majority of them in urban areas. Compare this with the vote difference between two national parties, Congress and BJP in 2004 Lok Sabha Elections, just  98 Lakh votes of total 38.99 crore votes olled.

In 2004 Lok Sabha polls BJP got 22.2% and Congress - 26.7% of the total votes polled - 38.99 crores (58%) of total 67.15 crore registered voters.

ELECTIONs-2009 are DIFFERENT in many ways. Post 26/11 people are willing to get out and get counted. We have the real opportunity to MAKE A DIFFERENCE, this time around. So how do we do it?

Each major party and candidate have their own committed vote bank based on ideology, caste, religion, region or language which they nurture and hold by giving sops, favours, appeasement and promises.  During the elections, what all political parties need and fear the most are the SWING votes, which usually decide the winner.  This number is not very large, specially in urban areas and presents an opportunity for educated civil society to come together and elect the candidate and party of their choice.

It is certainly not difficult to bring together 10,000-25,000 educated people in each urban parliamentary constituency as SWING VOTE BANK, who will vote based on the issues of "Good Governance & Economic Development". If this happens, these 'Educated Swing Votes' will make every political party reach out to them and ask for their issues to be included in their agenda.

Now the question is, how do we organize these educated people, analyze & interact with major candidates/party and make an informed decision to VOTE with a real possibility of having a winner of our choice.

Use of technology will make it possible, Obama has shown it working. We are technology savvy and quick to adapt.

"Change India" has created a CHANGE platform, which you can join by sending an SMS - START CHANGE to 575758.

The target should be to get around 30,000 people in each of the constituencies across 25 cities of the country, accounting for around 50-60 MPs. Details of the candidates/parties will be shared via SMS and website and a deserving consensus candidate will be decided using a web & sms POLL.

We can make a BIG impact in the next Lok Sabha election and hold our winners accountable.

'Choice is Ours'.  Opportunity is NOW, as nation wants to bring a CHANGE in our political system.

Swami Ramdev: Commander in Chief to 80 Crore "Sleeper Cells"; I Salute you.

mar 20th, 2009

interesting comment.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Anand G.Sharma

Param Anukarneeya Swami Ramdev,
Revered Master, my most humble obeisance to you.
I am sending this email to many prominant persons (1000+) whom I presume to be Patriots and True Bharatiya to core, and expect them to think on the following matter of paramount importance and do some thing concrete, collectively, before its too late.
Almost 10 years back I wrote and emailed an essay on "Yadaa Yadaa hi Dharmasya Glaanirbhavati Bharatah" explaining why Lord Shri Krishna has forgotten his words and will not come any more, but assumptions are after all assumptions and subject to change when I see you as a Torch-bearer to a new revolution "Bharat Swabhimaan" to awaken Bharat-wasees. I see you as savior of Pride of my much abused Motherland - Bharat.   Nevertheless, I still fail to understand as to why "Glaani"  (deterioration) of "Dharma" (duties) happen "Yadaa Yadaa" (frequently, and not Yadaa Kadaa = once in a while).
Revered Swamiji, you have taken the most difficult task of becoming self-appointed Commander-in-Chief of  our 80 Crore "Sleeper Cells". May the force of Yog be with you and we earnestly in our humble manner, are with you in this greatest task ever undertaken in the written history of Bharat. Witnessing the plight of my Motherland- Bharat, I composed about 30 short poems during the period of 1997 - 2001 and emailing them regularly to individuals for the reason that none of the newspaper cared or dared to print and TV channel took notice. Most of them simply can not print as the contents are patriotic and hence in contrast with the "Real Intentions" of their "Real Masters".
Today, on the auspicious occasion of Shiv Ratri, let us collectively drink the cup of Bitter Truth, if not the KaalKoot poison as taken in by Lord Shiv. The Truth is always Bitter and it is that, out of total 115 Crore population of Bharat, 80 Crore are "Sleeper Cells" and it is proved by over a 100 year old clarion call given by Swami Vivekanand to "Arise and Awake" to this countrymen, and till now, every true Bharateeya to his/her heart is repeating it.   Kumbhakarna used to sleep only 6 months and awake for 1 day,  but very sadly, for over 2000 years our countrymen have either prefered to sleep or they are pretending to sleep to avoid facing immediate and clear danger by practicing "Ostrich Mentality".  No other Country or Civilisation in the World have ever given a single "Arise and Awake" call to its countrymen, where as ours is the only Country and Civilisation which is giving this call for ages. Obviously; we are "Certified Sleepers".
Balance 35 Crore, (115 Crore - 80 Crore = 35 Crore)  they are self-defined "Secularist" and have no concern what so ever for the well-being of Bharat. Call it Paradox or Irony; the most Rabid Communalists call themselves "Secularists". And we, the "Real Secularists" without ever crowing from the roof-tops about practicing "Sarva Dharma Sadbhaav" policy,  are branded as "Communalists"!!!  Sadbhaav and Sambhaav are two different things. With other's school of though we can have Sadbhaav; but definately we can not have Sambhaav, equate at same level, two school of thoughts which are poles apart and contrary to each other.
This 35 Crore of  "Secularists" comprise of  25 Crore who have Extra-Territorial Religious Obeisance to the school of thought which continue to consider and practice Bharat as enemy country - always fit to loot, rape, plunder and to bleed it to death by 1000 cuts.
The remaining 10 Crore of self-styled "Secularists" practice Extra-Territorial Political Ideologies, those too who treat Bharat as enemy country and spare no opportunity to suck it dry. Even leeches leave a body when their stomach can not take any more of blood, but these "Secularists" are worse than blood-sucking parasites.
Attacking a country from outside now draws adverse opinion from rest of the World, but destroying a country from within through planted "Trojans" and clandestinely helped by populace with "Salable Conscience" - is termed as internal disturbance and the World does not bother.
These 35 Crore of "Secularists" of  Extra-Territorial Religio-political character can be controlled only if  these 80 Crore "Sleeper Cells" really wake up and arise to call of their duties towards their Motherland - Bharat.    Dharma is performing Duty.   The "Secularists" are performing very sincerely their "Dharma" of  sucking the blood of Bharat Maata. The "Secularists" do not deviate from their duties come what may, but these 80 Crore "Sleeper Cells" are NOT performing their duties, so actually we have 80 Crore "Adharmees".
There may some exceptions which could be counted on fingers, but we must not forget that Bharat is subject to attack for the last 2000 years and in war everybody is suspect unless proved innocent by history of  un-broken chain of patriotic deeds. We also must not forget that "Trojans" inflict more harm than the enemy army at borders. Enemy army attacks from without but "Trojans" weaken the structure like white ants and instigate proxy attacks from "within".  To sustain their subversive activities monetary support too is generated from within and our "Secular Leaders"  have always been too obliging only to remain in power. I will be least surprised if some day it is found that large sums generously pumped into developmental projects are siphoned off to feed "Trojans" and their cross-border masters.
Revered Master, on one thing I differ with you. Genes or blood group of us the Pro-Bharat and that of Anti-Bharat may be same, but it is the "School of Thoughts" which controls the mind.  Every thing is "In" the mind, its manifestation is "Out" side.  Therefore destroying merely the "Camps" will serve no purpose; Terrorism is in the "Mind".   I hope you have gone through my write up "Treat the 'Root-Cause' of 'Disease'; not the 'Symptom'  - Attack on India, 26 Nov., 2008."  Terrorism is the New Avtaar of War. And Bharat is @ WAR. The old cliché "All are innocent till proven guilty"  does not mean any thing, in case we REALLY want to fight terrorism.  We must maintain - "All and every one is a suspect, till proven otherwise".
History has repeated itself many times but we prefer to remain in perpetual hibernation. Some times I strongly feel that besides 3 names given to our country, Bharat, Hindusthan and India, should also be named as HiberNation (country of deep sleepers) or HiberiaBe-Gairatistan (country of people with no self-respect), ShunndhDesh (Eunuch land). What ever and when ever there is some patritosm shown by us the Hindus, can be equated with "Marghatiya Vairaagya". Just like bubble when a soda bottle is opened.
As if the deep sleep of 80 Crore of "Sleeper Cells" is not enough, all of Hindu Religious preachers are straining them self  ceaselessly to administer heavy dose of opium in guise of imaginary and fictitious stories of personal escapades of multitude of Gods and Goddesses.  I have not seen or heard a single Hindu Religious preacher exhorting the listeners to perform their worldly duties to go and vote. None of them are going to vote themselves, so how can they ask others?   I consider them all as Anti-Bharat and Enemy Agents appointed to keep the gullible public sleeping. I have to say only one thing; Ati-Bhakti Chowrasya Lakchhnam.
Bharat and "Real" Bharatwasees will be saved only when they heed advise of our Religious Scriptures and act upon them. Just by listening and singing hymns is not going to save us from Enemy. Did Shri Ram and Shri Krishna started singing Bhajans and doing Bhakti while facing enemies or applied "Shakti" and "Shathey Shaathayam Samaacharet" policy?  Had Hindus "Understood" and then "Practiced" even 1% of teachings of our Religious Scriptures, Bharat could not have been enslaved at all, but the fact is; we continue to be slaves of petty barbarians and their agents.  I am a travelling salesman of high precision machine componants. I have studied only once but occassional review to refresh it, the rules and regulations, technical details and parameters, do's and dont's, and "Understood" what is to be done to differentiate between "Genuine" and "Spurious" materials, as well as buyers. Question is : Why I remember by heart all the instructions? The answer is; they are linked with my livelihood and I can not afford to ignore them. The same formula applies to the vast majority of Hindus who have never cared to remember the teachings simply because it is "Time Pass" to them. Time pass is "Killing Time" and "Time" spares none. Those who Kill Time; Time Kills them. It is height of pity that Hindu Religious Preachers are "Teaching" for ages and Hindus have not "Understood" a word. Marz Badhtaa Gayaa - Jyon Jyon Davaa Kee. The way Hindu Religious Preachers are "Proliferating", cropping us like mushrooms, it seems to be a clear case of "Demand and Supply". The big question is - Are they doing any real service to Bharat and safeguard Sanatan Dharma or just selling Gods and their stories to gullible Hindus so that they can live happily for generations?
Once again, and at every moment, my obeisance to you and your teachings,
Anand Sharma
Composed : Maha Shivratri, Feb.23,2009\Emailed : March 20, 2009.

mutilated arab Corpse god followers indulge in forced conversion in Ludhiana

mar 20th, 2009

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From: sri 


Tension grips Jamalpur following 'forced conversion'

Ludhiana Tension gripped the Economic Weaker Section (EWS) colony in
Jamalpur on the Chandigarh Road following allegations and counter
allegations of forced conversion to Christianity and subsequent
destroying of Bible scriptures.
According to sources, on late Sunday evening some persons allegedly
stormed into a small church in the EWS colony and damaged holy
scriptures. "The assailants also manhandled the members of our
community and did not spare even women," said Albert Dua of the
Christian United Federation.

But some persons from the rival group said that some members of the
church were forcibly converting a man and the mother of the man had
threatened self immolation if he was converted. But Albert Dua denied
all the allegations .

After receiving the information, the officers from the district and
police administration reached the spot and tried to pacify both

SP (Headquarters) Harish Kumar, SP City II Harjinder Singh, DSP
Harmohan Singh and the area sub divisional magistrate (SDM) were among
those who went to the area to take a stock of the situation and to
broker peace.

SSP Dr Sukhchain Singh Gill said, "The situation is fully under
control and thankfully it did not take an ugly turn. Both groups have
almost reached to an understanding and the matter is likely to be
resolved soon."

atlanticist on countries made vulnerable by the global downturn

mar 20th, 2009

no, it wasn't written by pakistan-lover james astill, so, alas, pakistan is high on the list. 

flip bought by cisco

mar 20th, 2009

i have one of their video cameras and i just love it. basically, just one button! push to record, push again to stop. and then just attach the thing to your laptop USB connector and it will store your videos on the laptop and even post them on youtube etc. quite easily. 

let them put up a statue of a clown (say karunanidhi or laloo) near the vatican first

mar 20th, 2009

look at the fuss that the ELM and the white-guy press are making over this. the white guys are shocked that someone wouldn't want a white guy's giant statue ruining the countryside. let them show the other cheek, and put up a statue of say raj kapoor's awara somewhere in the US or limey-land or the vatican. then we can talk. incidentally, are then *any* statues of any indian anywhere else in the world? i can think of one or two tiny gandhi busts in the us, and then there's the statue of radhabinod pal at yasukuni the war memorial in tokyo, but that's about it. yet we have a whole bunch of statues of white guys in india. why not tear them all down? down with the white guy statues, i say!

despite the spin put on this by the ELM and the pseudo-seculars, the issue is as follows: a giant statue of charlie chaplin, a clown, (do you know how big a 67 foot statue is?) will be overhanging a temple. it ruins the view and is disgusting. 

why can't they put this clown up right next to one of the many churches in mangalore?

of course not, the ratzy-people would object.

similarly, on the beach in trivandrum, there is a giant 50-foot reclining statue of an obviously sexually roused and voluptuous woman, titled mermaid. this is right smack in front of a devi temple. 

in the vicinity, there is a huge mary church and at least four more churches. there are at least six mohammedan mosques within one square kilometer. (the semites are competing to capture the waterfront, for purposes you can imagine). of course, nobody would dare erect the pornographic statue next to the semitic entities. the one old hindu temple is victimized.

ah, yes, all religions are treated equally in india, indeed.

national disgrace: christists taliban shoot another hindu, and nobody cares

mar 20th, 2009

mohammedan tactic = attack with swords
christist tactic = attack with ak-47s

goal: world domination

what the christists have done successfully in the northeast (shooting various hindu leaders there without any retaliation) they are now bringing to orissa.

religion, not caste, behind reservations

mar 20th, 2009

by radha rajan. this is the reason why the dhimmi nehruvian state has been clamoring for reservations -- not for the hindus, but for the benefit of the semites.


Religion, not caste, hides behind reservations


It is a measure of the success of the Christian propaganda machinery that idiot Hindus have no threat-perception of their own. How else can we explain that notwithstanding the barbaric Crusades, Atlantic slave trade, White Christian European colonialism, the near-total extermination of the native peoples of North and South America, and the total destruction of the faiths and cultures of Native Americans, Africans and growing sections of Asians, uni-polar or bi-polar world order, the poles are always located in the Christian world, Hindus see the sword of Islam clearly but do not see or sense the Christian cancer eating into the vitals of the Hindu nation?


Horrified senior advocates of the Madras High Court who read my Plainspeak column 'Madras High Court lawyers' mutiny – the church's first big step' are pressing the panic button. The idea that the Bar and judiciary has been brought to its knees by a section of lawyers espousing Tamil Eelam and that Eelam will be a Tamil Christian state, has jolted their grey cells into feverish activity. While no immediate decisive result of the brain activity is expected, at least a beginning has been made towards kindling awareness within this self-absorbed community about the simmering Tamil chauvinist political cauldron.


In all government and government-aided institutions, including institutions of politics and administration and institutions of higher learning, elevation to top posts at any level or grade is simply a matter of emerging as the senior-most worker at the right time at the end of the assembly line; unless the post happens to be a political appointment – like the Rashtrapati Bhavan, NSA, Governor of a state, Vice-Chancellor of a university or Director of the CBI. For some posts like Chief Justices of High Courts and the Supreme Court, Commissioners and Directors-General of Police, Vice-Chancellors, Directors, and Deans, a person must not only be ready at the delivery point in the assembly line but must also be on the right side of the ruling dispensation. Needless to say, stakes are very high because these posts come with power, privilege and pelf. Needless to say again, what goes into the assembly line determines what comes out of it at the end and at the top.


The writer was present at the Judicial Academy last month to depose before Justice Srikrishna who was appointed to look into events leading to February 19 in the Madras High Court. The writer and her friends were intimidated by a menacing group of lawyers who demanded that we be evicted from the premises and that we should not be allowed to depose. It is besides the matter that we refused to be intimidated but the writer had been carefully observing the hordes of lawyers who had thronged the venue; the bulk comprised Christians and anti-Hindu dravidian Tamil chauvinists (as distinct from Tamil Hindus). This triggered the question 'why'? Why were RC Paul Kanagaraj and a dravidian Tamil S Prabakaran heading the Madras High Court Advocates' Association and the Tamil Nadu Advocates Association? How did they become Presidents of these organizations?


This question demanded an urgent response because these two individuals are credited with the dubious distinction of getting the Madras and Tamil Nadu Bar to espouse a foreign policy issue (which is not the domain of the judiciary), besides celebrating a notified Christian Tamil terrorist's birthday in the High Court premises; they are singularly responsible for paralyzing the Tamil Nadu judiciary which has worked for only ten days in this calendar year. The answer to the 'why and how' the state's advocates' associations slipped into their control is rooted in the peculiar reservations policy of successive dravidian Tamil Nadu governments, both DMK and AIADMK. Reservations which stand at 69%, is way above the national policy of 50% reservation quota for the socially and economic non-forward castes. So far, attempts to challenge this abnormality in the courts and bring it on par with the national numbers have met with ferocious opposition from all dravidian Tamil parties.


The Brahmins and other non-Brahmin forward castes, even if the families live in penury, are kept out of the reservation quota in higher education and government jobs. Children of economically backward temple pujaris who earn a pittance, children of socially and economically backward Brahmins who carry the dead in their community to the cremation ground, children of poverty-stricken vaidikas who do not eat two full meals in a day, are also kept out of the reservation quota regime. If a section of the Hindu forward castes are kept out of the quota regime, it would be expected that those brought into the quota spectrum would belong to the socially and economically backward 'castes'. But is that the case? How many of us know that the 'c' in the OBC and MBC is not caste but 'class' here and 'community' there. Economically backward Hindus are kept out of the empowering quota regime because of their 'caste' but Christians and Muslims are brought into the fold in the guise of 'class'.


The hidden face of religion behind reservations



  • Let me cite the much-acclaimed Sachar Commission report, Table 10.3
  • Around 40% of all Muslims are already enjoying the benefits of reservation under the OBC quota
  • The percentage of Muslims and Christians who are cornering the benefits of reservation in the BC and OBC quota vary from state to state
  • West Bengal – 2.4%
  • Uttar Pradesh – 62%
  • Kerala, where the Muslims constitute 25% of the total state population, 99% are classified as OBCs and are claiming reservation quota
  • In Tamil Nadu 93.3% Muslims have been notified as OBC by the state government in 2004-2005 whereas in 1999-2000 83% of Muslims were notified as OBC – a steep increase of 10% in just five years!



  • All-India population as per 2001 Census – 2.3% or 24.2 million
  • 1/3 of all Christian population is tribal. Of the remaining 2/3, around 70% claim backward status
  • North-east – 5.3 million tribal Christians which is 1/4 – 1/5 of the total Christian population. The North-east Christians are all tribal people
  • Orissa – 8 lakh tribal Christians

·  Bihar and Jharkhand – 1.1 million tribal Christians

·  Of the remaining 16 million Christians, 60-70% of all Christians in the southern states of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Orissa are notified as OBCs with percentages varying from state to state as indicated earlier

  • Only 10% of all Christians in the country are not availing of any kind of reservation and these would be largely the Goan and the Syrian Christians.  


Now let us look at some hard facts about the politics and religion behind reservations.


  • All-India reservation – total 50%. ST 7.5%, SC 15%, OBC 27.5%.
  • All-India tribal population stands at 8.2% while all-India SC population is 16.2%
  • Christians constitute only 10% of the total tribal population but they corner 90% of all ST reservation quotas in higher education and government employment.
  • J&K has 11% tribal population but they probably get nothing.
  • Around 70% of Christians and Muslims have been brought into the quota regime as backward communities or backward classes
  • There is no category called Scheduled Caste Christians or Muslims. When the church demands reservation for so-called dalit Christians and God forbid, that it may ever happen, then the church will de-notify large segments of the OBC Christian population and re-classify them as Scheduled Castes so that they can corner all the benefits of SC reservation just as they are cornering all the benefits of the ST reservation quota.


This cornering is made possible only because of the constitutional right provided to minorities to start and run educational institutions. There is a move now afoot to equate degrees obtained from Muslim madarasas to the CBSE board so that the Muslims in the OBC spectrum may be enabled to corner another major chunk of the benefits of reservation just as the Christians are doing now.


Under the Gandhi-Nehru inspired secular political dispensation, Hindu OBCs and Hindu STs are being systematically disempowered economically just as the Hindus of the country are being disempowered politically. The economic and political disempowerment of the Hindus is directly proportional to the empowerment of the two most-well-organized so-called global Abrahamic minorities.


To get back to how the likes of Paul Kanagaraj and S Prabakaran have ascended to the powerful positions they now hold, we will have to look at the face of the religions behind the Tamil Nadu reservation quota regime. Paul Kanagaraj and S Prabakaran were elected Presidents by the advocates of the Madras High Court and Tamil Nadu courts respectively. These advocates have only to be registered in the Bar; it is of no consequence that they may not have made a single appearance in the court to argue a case. The bulk of these advocates enter the courts directly from law colleges where admission to the courses is governed by Tamil Nadu's distinctively anti-Hindu reservation policy.

What is true of admission to law colleges is true of medical colleges, engineering colleges, IITs, IIMs, and admission to all under-graduate and post-graduate courses in the Sciences and Humanities. Let us now look at the reservation quota regime in Tamil Nadu


Tamil Nadu total 69% reservation


  • 50% BC + MBC – 30% BC, 20% MBC
  • 18% SC – 15% + 3% exclusively for Arundhatiyar community
  • 1% for ST
  • About 90% of all Muslims and Christians have been included for reservation under the 30% BC category
  • 70% of all Tamil Nadu population is considered BC, a very unusual and high percentage.
  • 50% of the 70% BC population is qualified for reservation.


Now let us see how this works in real terms by taking admission to medical colleges as an example. There are altogether 3000 medical seats of which 30% or 900 seats are allotted to the BC. 600 seats or 20% of the total are allotted to the MBC.


Christians constitute 6.5% of the total Tamil Nadu population while Muslims constitute 5.5%. Of the total 6.5% of Christians, 6.1% or around 80% of the total Christian population have been classified as BC. This is 1/9 of the total population. BC Christians were cornering 300 seats out of the 900 medical seats every year; that is 1/9 of the population was claiming 1/3 of the share of seats. And that is why Christian politicians and the Christian clergy met the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister to ask him to rescind the order granting 3.5% reservation for Christians. The Tamil Nadu government promptly rescinded the order and allowed the Christians to come back into the 30% BC quota segment which was getting them phenomenal returns. Christians must be removed from the 30% BC quota unless we want a situation someday in the near future when they may rampage across the entire BC spectrum. Giving this super-forward religion even 3.5% quota is bad enough but allowing them to occupy the elephant's space in the BC quota segment is willful betrayal of the cause of Hindu backward classes.     


The same would be true of all professional colleges and in admissions to all under-graduate and post-graduate degrees too. We must not be beguiled into thinking that the remaining seats go to Hindu BCs and MBCs. If we consider the possibility that preference in reservation is given to anti-Hindu, irreligious dravidian Tamils with marked political affiliations, then we begin to understand what is happening in the Madras High Court and in all other courts of Tamil Nadu. Reservation benefits are being hogged by the minorities and anti-Hindu dravidian Tamils. Tamil Hindu SCs, BCs and MBCs are being increasingly marginalized and alienated from the mainstream.


Events of February 17 and February 19 in the Madras High Court are only a violent expression of what has been happening for more than a decade now in Tamil Nadu's educational institutions of higher learning. The Tamil Nadu government had announced 3.5% exclusive reservation for Christians and Muslims. This 7% minority reservation quota was supposed to have been hived off the 30% BC reservation quota. In the beginning, the church welcomed the move but soon beat the retreat when it realised that under the 3.5% exclusive quota, Christian BCs were eligible only for 105 seats as against the 300 seats it was snatching from the mouths of Hindu BCs.


Now let us look at the last government deception which is proving fatal to Hindu Backward class and castes. According to the 2001 Census report which for the first time was collecting such data on the basis of religion, if we consider urbanization and literacy as indicators or indices of forwardness, then in Tamil Nadu –


  • Male literacy is Christians 90%, Muslims also 90%, Hindus 81.5%
  • Female literacy is Christians 82%, Muslims 76%, Hindus 62.5%
  • Urbanized percentage – Christians 56%, Muslims 73%, Hindus 41%


If we have to avert a social bloody revolution, then Indian polity must begin to define forward and backward and also address the anomaly of the 'c' in FC and BC. Keeping Hindus out of reservation on the basis of caste but bringing in the Christians and Muslims into the quota regime with the fig-leaf of class is disempowering more and more socially and economically backward Hindus. Classifying Christians as backward is akin to classifying the Brahmin caste as backward class just to enable them to corner the empowering benefits of affirmative reservations in higher education and government employment. This is perversion and anti-Hinduism of the most shameless kind. The Sachar Commission Report and the Tamil Nadu reservation policy rest on some fuzzy all-India misconceptions and deceptions whereas the truth of the backwardness of the Hindus, if one goes by the 2001 census indices of forwardness, is more acute and visible. Hindu caste, religious and political leaders must wake up to this appalling truth. The silence had to be broken yet again.    


Radha Rajan,

17th March, 2009.