Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Idiot Arun Gandhi Resigns

After making anti-semitic remarks, Arun Gandhi, loud-mouthed grandson of the Mahatma, has resigned his post as head of the Gandhi Foundation, institute, or whatever name he's given to his attempt to sponge off granddaddy's name.


habc said...

That gives me an idea. Romila Thapar, Sandeep Pandey etc. must be encouraged to express their views on the Jews - after all its a free country and all that;)

That leads me to another thought - instead of cursing MoFo Hussain, they should just spread a rumor that the painted a portrait of the prophet. Obviously we strongly discourage people from acting on rumors;)

habc said...

also why call a malicious evil nasty guy an idiot and give him a free pass?

Brownian Motion said...

Sponge off is right. I remember listening to him on NPR many years ago and the idiot referred to M K Gandhi as "Grandfather" as in "Grandfather said this" or "Grandfather did that". That was his sole identity - the grandson of the famous grandfather.