Monday, January 14, 2008

bharat ratna for karunanidhi and musharraf's dog

jan 14th, 2008

there are the usual assholes calling for a bharat ratna for karunanidhi.

in a strange way, that would stand to reason: he represents the ultimate values of nehruvian stalinism -- nihilism, anti-hinduism, crypto-christism, exploitation of the masses based on lies, keeping people poor so that they can be used, love for mohammedanism, an ideology that is a complete fraud, fraternization with terrorists and mass-murderers, anti-nationalism, love for chinese. why, karunanidhi is almost exactly like manmohan singh + p chidambaram + arjun singh + sonia gandhi put together.

therefore it is quite apt that the nehruvian stalinist state would give karunanidhi the bharat ratna.

next candidate for bharat ratna: musharraf's dog butch. why? it's too hard to give the award to musharraf, although shekhar gupta would champion it. so next best, musharraf's dog. or maybe posthumously to benazir bhutto.

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Uddharet said...

"South American rodent weighed 1 ton, was size of a bull" :
“Uruguayan scientists say they have uncovered fossil evidence of the biggest species of rodent ever found, one that scurried across wooded areas of South America about 4 million years ago, when the continent was not connected to North America.”
One should award Rat Ratna to this extinct rodent.