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top 10 brands in asia

apr 30, 2007

not one indian brand.

from the FT, apr 23rd:

1. china mobile
2. toyota
3. ntt docomo
4. industrial and commercial bank of china
5. honda
6. bank of china
7. samsung
8. canon
9. sony
10. nissan

i am not quite sure how these guys define 'top brand', but i am startled that iconic brands like toyota and sony have been overtaken by these unknown chinese brands, not exactly in exciting areas either -- i mean, bloody banks. i therefore question the research methodology. i think they cannot just let the usual white-guy fascination with '1 billion chinese' determine the value of the brand: it has to be normalized against population.

i am a hindu, but...

apr 30th, 2007

these are the five worst words in the english language. nehru was won, he has succeeded in his project of macaulayizing india's middle class: a bunch of deracinated, worthless cannon-fodder for the storm troopers of godman ratzinger, comrade hu, and the king of saudi arabia.

gurcharan das's telling editorial, worth reading in full.

I am a Hindu, but...
Gurcharan Das

The confident, handsome friend of our son gave a telling reply to a visiting
Englishwoman the other day in Khan Market. "I am a Hindu, but...", and he went
into a winding reply about his beliefs. He hastily added that he was an Indian
first. It was a perfectly honest answer, and any other person might have made it
about Islam or Christianity. But I sensed an unhappy defensiveness � the 'but'
betrayed that he was ashamed of being a Hindu. This happened a few weeks after I
got a call from one of Delhi's best schools, asking me to speak to its students.
"Oh good", I said, "in that case, I shall speak about dharma and the moral
dilemmas in the Mahabharata."

The principal's horrified reaction was, "Oh don't, please! There are important
secularists on our governing board, and I don't want a controversy about
teaching religion." I protested ineffectually, "But surely the Mahabharata is a
literary epic, and dharma is about right and wrong. Where does religion come

As I think about these two incidents, I ask myself, why should these two
successful young professionals be embarrassed of their heritage? Something has
clearly gone wrong. With the rise in religious fundamentalism, it seems to me
that it is difficult to talk about one's deepest beliefs. Liberal Hindus are
reluctant to admit being Hindu for fear they will be automatically linked to the
RSS. I certainly blame Hindutva nationalists who have appropriated our culture
and tradition into a political agenda. But I also blame our secularists who
behave no better than fundamentalists in their antipathy to tradition. One of
the strengths of Western civilisation is that in times of crisis, it seeks
sustenance and inspiration from the rational ideals of Greece and Rome, from
Homer, Pericles and Virgil.

My fear is that modern, liberal Indians may not have any use for their past, and
they will abdicate our wonderful traditions to the narrow, closed minds of
fanatical Hindu nationalists. If Italians are proud of the Divine Comedy, the
Spanish of Don Quixote, and the Greeks of the Iliad, why should 'secularist'
Indians be ambivalent about the Mahabharata? Why should it become 'untouchable'
for a sensitive, modern, school principal? In part this is due to ignorance. We
do not read our ancient classics with a critical mind as secular works of
literature and philosophy, as young Americans read the Western classics in their
first year of college as a part of their "core curriculum".

So, we depend on our grandmothers or Amar Chitra Katha or second rate serials on
Sunday morning television. Meanwhile, the Sangh Parivar steps into this vacuum
with its shrunken, defensive, and inaccurate version of our history and happily
appropriates this empty space. And the richness of tradition is lost to this
generation. No one reads Edmund Burke these days. He opposed the French
Revolution because he feared that killing the church and aristocracy would cut
off links with the past. I too value continuity in our "custom, community and
natural feeling" in Burke's language, which is so necessary to realise our full
human potential. To respect tradition means that one must criticise it as our
19th century reformers did. But I fear that our secularism is unwittingly
undermining tradition. The challenge before modern, decent Indians today, it
seems to me, is essentially the same as the one Ram Mohan Roy faced in the early
19th century: how to grow up mentally healthy, integrated Indians? How do we combine our liberal modernity with our traditions
in order to fully realise our potential?

FEER article: Have China Scholars All Been Bought?

apr 30th, 2007

sorry, no url. the chinese buy all these people, and also bully the ones that don't get with their program. so do the mohammedans, the yanks, and the vatican. hindus need to spend good money in buying 'scholars' and 'journalists'. they wlll all sing for their supper.

some years ago, i publicly offered to sing for the kaangress and wrote a sample piece on how i'd make a good sycophant for rajiv gandhi. alas, they did not offer me any money. sigh. that makes me feel like pond scum. not even the kaangress wants me. maybe i should make the same offer to the mohammedans. or maybe it's like woody allen/groucho marx said, he didn't want to join any club that would have him. so i guess i have to wait to be invited to sing like a canary, it's not good to offer to be one.

regarding this article, i am amazed at how much like the massively multi-player game Second Life china is. it is a make-believe kind of place. it's not real, but lots of people convince themselves that it is real life.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Brahma

Have China Scholars All Been Bought?
April 2007 Far Eastern Economic Review
by Carsten A. Holz

Academics who study China, which includes the author, habitually please the
Chinese Communist Party, sometimes consciously, and often unconsciously. Our
incentives are to conform, and we do so in numerous ways: through the
research questions we ask or don't ask, through the facts we report or
ignore, through our use of language, and through what and how we teach.

Foreign academics must cooperate with academics in China to collect data and
co-author research. Surveys are conducted in a manner that is acceptable to
the Party, and their content is limited to politically acceptable questions.
For academics in China, such choices come naturally. The Western side plays

China researchers are equally constrained in their solo research. Some
Western China scholars have relatives in China. Others own apartments there.
Those China scholars whose mother tongue is not Chinese have studied the
language for years and have built their careers on this large and
nontransferable investment. We benefit from our connections in China to
obtain information and insights, and we protect these connections. Everybody
is happy, Western readers for the up-to-date view from academia, we
ourselves for prospering in our jobs, and the Party for getting us to do its
advertising. China is fairly unique in that the incentives for academics all
go one way: One does not upset the Party.

What happens when we don't play along is all too obvious. We can't attract
Chinese collaborators. When we poke around in China to do research we run
into trouble. Li Shaomin, associate professor in the marketing department of
City University in Hong Kong and a U.S. citizen, spent five months in a
Chinese jail on charges of "endangering state security." In his own words,
his crimes were his critical views of China's political system, his visits
to Taiwan, his use of Taiwanese funds to conduct research on politically
sensitive issues, and his collecting research data in China. City University
offered no support, and once he was released he went to teach at Old
Dominion University in Virginia. One may wonder what five months in the
hands of Chinese secret police does to one's psyche, and what means the
Party used to silence Mr. Li. To academics in Hong Kong, the signal was not

China researchers across different disciplines may not all be equally
affected. Economists and political scientists are likely to come up against
the Party constraint frequently, and perhaps severely. But even sociologists
or ethnographers can reach the forbidden zone when doing network studies or
examining ethnic minority cultures.

Our self-censorship takes many forms. We ask Western instead of
China-relevant questions. We try to explain the profitability of state-owned
enterprises (SOEs) by basic economic factors, when it may make more sense to
explain it by the quality of enterprise management (hand-picked by the
Party's "Organization Department"), or by the political constraints an
enterprise faces, or by the political and bureaucratic channels through
which an enterprise interacts with its owners, employees, suppliers and
buyers. But how to collect systematic information about the influence of the
Party on the operation of a state-owned or state-controlled enterprise, when
these are typically matters that nobody in the enterprise will speak about?

We talk about economic institutions and their development over time as if
they were institutions in the West. "Price administration" regulations,
central and local, abound, giving officials far-reaching powers to interfere
in the price-setting process. Yet we accept official statistics that show
90% of all prices, by trading value, to be market-determined. We do not
question the meaning of the Chinese word shichang, translated as "market,"
but presume it to be the same as in the West.

Similarly, we take at face value China's Company Law, which makes no mention
of the Party, even though the Party is likely to still call the shots in the
companies organized under the Company Law. Only if one digs deeper will one
find unambiguous evidence: The Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee and the
Shaanxi government in a joint circular of 2006 explicitly require the Party
cell in state-owned enterprises (including "companies") to participate in
all major enterprise decisions; the circular also requests that in all
provincial state-owned enterprises the chairman of the board of directors
and the Party secretary, in principle, are one and the same person. At the
national level, the leadership of the 50 largest central state-owned
enterprises—enterprises that invest around the world—is directly appointed
by the Politburo. Economists do not ask what it means if the Party center
increasingly runs enterprises in the U.S. and Europe.

The governor and Party secretary of China's central bank, Zhou Xiaochuan,
writes extensively in Chinese about "comprehensively accelerating central
bank work" based on the "three represents" (the Party represents the
"advanced productive forces, the advanced Chinese culture and the basic
interests of the Chinese people"). He describes the three represents as
"guiding macroeconomic policy" in ways that defy any Western concept of
logic. And yet we take this person as seriously as if we were dealing with
the governor of a Western central bank, as if China's central bank were
truly setting monetary policy, and as if the channels through which monetary
policy operates in China and the impact monetary policy has on the economy
are the same as in the West.

Are we naïve? Or are we justified in ignoring the central bank governor's
second—or rather, first—life as Party secretary? Are we subconsciously
shutting out something that we do not comprehend, or something we do not
want to see because it doesn't fit into our neat, Western economic concepts?
Article after article pores over the potential economic reasons for the
increase in income inequality in China. We ignore the fact that of the 3,220
Chinese citizens with a personal wealth of 100 million yuan ($13 million) or
more, 2, 932 are children of high-level cadres. Of the key positions in the
five industrial sectors—finance, foreign trade, land development,
large-scale engineering and securities—85% to 90% are held by children of
high-level cadres.

With the introduction of each new element of reform and transition, cadres
enrich themselves: the dual track price system, the nonperforming loans, the
asset-stripping of SOEs, the misuse of funds in investment companies and in
private pension accounts. The overwhelmingly irregular transformation of
rural into urban land may well qualify as "systematic looting" by local
"leaders." Local cadres are heavily invested in the small, unsafe coal mines
they are supposed to close, and nobody knows how they obtained their stakes
in these operations.

A general dearth of economic information shapes our research. Statistics on
specific current issues are collected by the National Bureau of Statistics
on special request of the Party Central Committee and the State Council.
None of this information is likely to be available to the public. The
quality of the statistics that are published comes with a large question
mark. Outside the realm of official statistics, government departments at
all levels collect and control internal information. What is published tends
to be propaganda—pieces of information released with an ulterior objective
in mind. One solution for China economists then is to resign themselves to
conducting sterilized surveys and to building abstract models on the basis
of convenient assumptions—of perfect competition, profit maximization given
a production technology, household utility maximization with respect to
consumption and subject to financial constraints, etc. How much this can
tell us about China is unclear.

Other China economists openly accept favors from the Party. We can use our
connections to link up with government cadres. We may be hosted in field
research by local governments and local Party committees. A local Party
committee, at one point, helped me out by providing a car, a Party cadre and
a local government official. They directed me to enterprise managers who,
presumably, gave all the right answers. The hosts were invariably highly
supportive, but I ended up working in exactly the box in which they were
thinking and operating. (This seems to be the only research project that I
never completed.) Furthermore, those who go to the field and interview
cadres may not only unwillingly become a tool of the Party, but also a tool
in departmental infighting.

Our use of language to conform to the image the Party wishes to project is
pervasive. Would the description "a secret society characterized by an
attitude of popular hostility to law and government" not properly describe
the secrecy of the Party's operations, its supremacy above the law and its
total control of government? In Webster's New World College Dictionary, this
is the definition of "mafia."

We speak of the Chinese "government" without further qualification when more
than 95% of the "leadership cadres" are Party members, key decisions are
reached by leadership cadres in their function as members of Party work
committees, the staff of the government Personnel Ministry is virtually
identical to the staff of the Party Organization Department, the staff of
the Supervision Ministry is virtually identical to the staff of the Party
Disciplinary Commission, and the staff of the PRC Central Military
Commission is usually 100% identical to the staff of the Chinese Communist
Party's Central Military Commission. Does China's government actually govern
China, or is it merely an organ that implements Party decisions? By using
the word "government," is it correct to grant the Chinese "government" this
association with other, in particular Western, governments, or would it not
be more accurate to call it the "government with Chinese characteristics" or
the "mafia's front man"? Who questions the legitimacy of the Party
leadership to rule China, and to rule it the way it does?

The Party's—or, the mafia's—terminology pervades our writing and teaching.
We do not ask if the Chinese Communist Party is communist, the People's
Congresses are congresses of the people, the People's Liberation Army is
liberating or suppressing the people, or if the judges are not all appointed
by the Party and answer to the Party. We say "Tiananmen incident," in
conformance with Party terminology, but called it "Tiananmen massacre" right
after the 1989 Tiananmen massacre, when "incident" would have made us look
too submissive to the Party.

Which Western textbook on China's political system elaborates on the Party's
selection and de facto appointment of government officials and parliamentary
delegates, and, furthermore, points out these procedures as different from
how we view political parties, government and parliament in the West? By
following the Party's lead in giving the names of Western institutions to
fake Chinese imitations, we sanctify the Party's pretenses. We are not even
willing to call China what its own constitution calls it: a dictatorship (a
"people's democratic dictatorship led by the working class and based on the
alliance of workers and peasants, which is in essence the dictatorship of
the proletariat").

Who lays out the systematic sale of leadership positions across Chinese
governments and Party committees? The Heilongjiang scandal provides the
going price list from the province down to the county level, a list not to
be found in any textbook. The publicly known scope of the sale of positions
does not leave much room for interpretation. For these salesmen and
saleswomen of government positions to have nothing to fear, the rule of the
mafia and its code of silence must be powerful beyond imagination.

What is not normal is accepted as normal for China. Hackers were collecting
the incoming emails of a faculty member of the University of Hong Kong from
the university's server until they were found out in June 2005, when they
accidentally deleted emails. The hackers came from three mainland Internet
provider addresses, and all three IP addresses are state telecommunications
firms. Within China, the staff of the foreign students' dormitories includes
public security officials who keep tabs on foreign students and compile each
student's file. In a Shanghai institution of tertiary education, typing
"Jiang Zemin" into a search engine from a computer located on campus, three
times in a row, leads to the automatic shutdown of access to that search
engine for the whole campus. The Party is rumored to employ tens of
thousands of Internet "police." Phone calls are listened to, if not
systematically recorded. Emails are filtered and sometimes not delivered.
Who will not learn to instinctively avoid what the Party does not want them
to think or do?

Party propaganda has found its way deeply into our thinking. The importance
of "social stability" and nowadays a "harmonious society" are accepted
unconditionally as important for China. But is a country with more than 200
incidents of social unrest every day really socially stable, and its society
harmonious? Or does "socially stable" mean no more than acceptance of the
rule of the mafia?

"Local government bad, central government good" is another propaganda truism
that is accepted unquestioningly in the foreign research community,
informing and shaping research questions. Yet, viewing the Party as a mafia,
there is no room for such niceties, and reporting outside academia indeed
suggests that the center hides a rather hideous second face, and inevitably
does so for a purpose.

We see the "ends"—successful reform—and don't question the "means." The
Party's growth mantra is faithfully accepted as the overarching objective
for the country and the one measure of successful reform. Nobody lingers on
the political mechanisms through which growth is achieved. The mafia runs
China rather efficiently, so why worry about how it is done, and what the
"side effects" are? We obviously know of the labor camps into which people
disappear without judiciary review, of torture inflicted by the personnel of
state "security" organs, and of the treatment of Falun Gong, but choose to
move on with our sterilized research and teaching. We ignore that China's
political system is responsible for 30 million dead from starvation in the
Great Leap Forward, and 750,000 to 1.5 million murders during the Cultural
Revolution. What can make Western academics stop and think twice about who
they have bedded down with?

If academics don't, who will? The World Bank and other international
organizations won't because they profit from dealing with China. Their
banking relationship depends on amicable cooperation with the Party, and a
de facto requirement of their research collaboration is that the final
report and the public statements are acceptable to Party censors. The
research departments of Western investment banks won't because the banks'
other arms likely depend on business with China.

Does this all matter? Does it matter if China researchers ignore the
political context in which they operate and the political constraints that
shape their work? Does it matter if we present China to the West the way the
Party leadership must like us to present China, providing narrow answers to
our self-censored research questions and offering a sanitized picture of
China's political system?

The size of China's economy will exceed that of the U.S., in purchasing
power terms, by 2008 or 2009. China is a country with which Western
economies are increasingly intertwined: A quarter of Chinese industry is
foreign-owned and we depend on Chinese industry for cheap consumer goods.
Ultimately, our pensions, invested in multinationals that increasingly
produce in China, depend on the continued economic rise of China. But does
the West understand that country and its rulers? At what point, and through
what channels, will the Party leadership with its different views of human
rights and the citizens' rights affect our choices of political organization
and political freedoms in the West (as it has affected academic research and
teaching)? And to what extent are China researchers guilty of putting their
own rice bowl before honest thinking and teaching?

Mr. Holz is an economist and professor in the social science division of the
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

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‘India has a future in ethanol’

apr 30th, 2007

it would be great if we stopped eating all that sugar (india has a diabetes pandemic) and instead burned it in cars.
two birds with one stone.

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From: Shahryar

'India has a future in ethanol'

[ THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 23, 2006 12:17:27 AM]

If sugar is the new Internet, India may well be its Silicon Valley. As the second largest producer in an increasingly sucrose-deficit global market, India is the new star on the commodity investment horizon. Leading analyst and Paris-based broker Jonathan Kingsman tells Nidhi Nath Srinivas why foreign investors are making a beeline for the new honey pot. Excerpts:

... deleted

UK's Telegraph now reporting that Raoul Maino is a "Cambridge" grad?!?!?

apr 30th, 2007

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From: Kumar

Wow. What will they write next? That he single-handedly ousted the British from India in his past life as his grandfather? Oh, they can't say that because he's Christian and they don't believe in reincarnation...oops. No, they can write that Raoul Maino single-handedly prevented know! RAOUL MAINO CREATED THE INDIAN SOFTWARE INDUSTRY!!!!

That's it! Eureka!

I thought he did a degree from Rollins? I guess now his handlers are sticking with the "Cambridge" story.

Oh well. I guess it's been a nice 5000 years of Hindu culture soon to be annihilated through our own stupidity and sloth. A shining and exemplary history of invention, composing of poems, epics, and scriptures, home of several major religions, the birthplace of some of the greatest inventions of the human mind, and this is the {EXPLETIVE DELETED -- MODERATOR} that India ends up with? How do these guys exert so much influence? What is the secret? Am I missing something?

kanchan gupta: PM takes India for granted.

apr 30th, 2007

rather dangerous man, this prime minister. the us nuclear pact business has been a revelation to many.

in addition,r he has violated the constitution of india, which all these liberals swear by up and down, by declaring that mohammedans will get first dibs on resources. this means the pm is saying that all citizens are not equal. he should be impeached for violating the constitution, even though that is a flawed document.

someone please help with the URL.

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From: Kanchan

The Pioneer / April 27, 2007
Edit Page Main Article

What consensus,

Prime Minister?


Even those who know him and admire his erudition would not disagree  with noted economist and former West Bengal Finance Minister Ashok Mitra being described as an unreconstructed Marxist with an acid tongue. In fact, Mr Mitra revels in being rude — although he makes an exception if he takes a shine to you, which is a very big if — and unlike other Bengali bhadralok Marxists believes bhadrata and Marxism do not go hand-in-hand. Those who can recall his days as West Bengal's Finance Minister — an office he held till he marched out of Mr Jyoti Basu's Government after being bypassed on a rather petty issue — would also remember his infamous outburst: "I am not a bhadralok, I am a Communist."

It is, therefore, not surprising that in his autobiography, A Prattler's Tale, Mr Mitra should have dipped his pen in verjuice before putting down his description of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on paper. Rather overstating   a facet of his personality, Mr Mitra writes, I am afraid there is little scope for politeness here." But what follows is an apt description of India's accidental Prime Minister: "His timidity is the product of his civil servant's mind, which many mistake as humility." As if that were not scathing enough, he goes on to write about Mr Manmohan Singh's "lamb-like devotion to the Nehru household".

... deleted

Brzezinski Gets Confronted

Speaking of sellouts -- Zbigniew Brzezinski, the Dr Strangelove of Atlanticism, gets confronted while giving a speech. Does he care that 9/11 was the price to pay for his jihadi project to liberate his precious Poland? But what's the big deal about a few crazy armed Taliban, right? Just remember that Pol Pot's genocidal regime didn't magically harvest weapons and funds from the rice paddies. They got them from the Sino-Atlanticist alliance.

Selling Out to Sell F16s

If you think what the Whitehouse did to Valerie Plame was bad, just look at what they did to Richard Barlow, all just to ensure F16s could be sold to Pak.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

rajeev in pioneer on caste

apr 29th, 2007

of course, the URL may not last for long.

and the other side of the debate:

Glorious People's Republic

Here are some of the less-advertised pictures of the Glorious People's Glorious Republic of Glorious China. Funny how these don't make it into the Communist Party publications.

The 'Wal-Mart effect' strikes again

apr 29th, 2007

what might happen in the wake of wal-mart's entry. thanks to girish for the forward.

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From: Girish

A case study of great significance to India.
The 'Wal-Mart effect' strikes again
By slashing prices on flat-panel TVs, the retail giant has clobbered another sector -- this time, consumer-electronics stores.
This article was reported and written by Pallavi Gogoi for BusinessWeek.

... deleted

Solar Loans Lighting Rural India

It's good to see that solar power is making its way out to rural India, to providing lighting to those beyond the reach of India's slow infrastructure growth. Energy supply and distribution are a fundamental constraint on India's economic growth, and solar is a good way to help people bypass India's infrastructure bottlenecks. Just as Nokia handsets are made locally and are starting to be exported, likewise so too could India see growth in local manufacturing of solar power systems, along with eventual exports to other parts of the developing world.

Indian Army will imbibe Pentagon tactics...


Saturday, April 28, 2007

Call of Duty 4

The trailer for the much-awaited Call of Duty 4 is now out. Notice how the enemy is once again Russian. Not Arab, not Chinese, not Taliban, not AlQaeda -- but Russian.

not exactly a brilliant idea, laloo prasad

apr 28, 2007

next up: all signs in the railways will be in hindi, for 'uniformity's sake'.

this is the sort of crass idiocy that nurtures the other set of idiots, the 'dravidians'.

one would think that noodles (those food-like substances that scream "triple bypass") would be the first thing to be dropped from the menu. idlis and dosas are among the most healthy items in the indian menu, and i find them available all over the country, including in remotest bihar. people actually like masala dosas, they are healthy, they are cheap. of course these are all good reasons to drop them. maybe laloo also has a plan to introduce some of those tainted dog-food products from the us, repackaged as 'exotic american spam'.

Indian Railways Changes the Menu - Idlis and Dosas to be Eliminated

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM, INDIA, April 26, 2007: If Indian Railways has its way idlis and dosas may be on the way out from railway cuisine. The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited (IRCTC ) is planning to introduce a new system to create uniformity in its catering service across the country. As per the plan, only 21 approved food items will be served on trains - a move that South Indian rail passengers feel is in bad taste.

The IRCTC has decided to remove the south Indian delicacies from the menu, initially on a pilot basis for three months. "People from different regions have different food habits, and there has to be some consideration for that and meals have to be given accordingly," said Dr Sivam, IT Consultant.

The IRCTC used to have more than one hundred items on its menu. Nevertheless, to bring uniformity, it has approved a new menu with 21 items. Noodles, vegetable burger and assorted pakoras are what are now available for the passengers. "Everyone must be given his or her food of choice. If you give only North Indian food, it is like forcing you to have that food," said passenger Ravindran Nair. To deprive the South Indian of his idlis and dosas is tantamount to a cultural onslaught. If the Indian Railways goes ahead with its decision, it should be prepared to face stiff resistance from down south.

Pak Minister Injured in Suicide Bombing

Pak Interior Minister Aftab Khan Sherpao was injured in a suicide bombing attack. And as Manmohan would say, "but isn't Pakistan too a victim of terrorism?"
Only if you count what's self-inflicted.

Friday, April 27, 2007

B Raman's Views on LTTE

Sometimes the things B Raman says worry me. In his latest comments, he says "India should not have anything to do with the LTTE so long as it is led by Rajiv's assassins. If it removes them, the Govt. of India should give it its full backing."

I personally don't think India should resume support for LTTE under any circumstances. Going beyond the fact that they assassinated an Indian Prime Minister -- one whose political heritage I don't particularly like -- they attacked our army, connived with our enemies, and fanatically profess a racially exclusivist ideology. I think they've done a lot more harm to India than Sri Lanka has done, so I don't see why they should get our favoritism.

I certainly hope that B Raman isn't harbouring a closeted Hamid Gul streak, where the ex-spymasters and retired generals have the soft corner for their pashtun relatives across the border, even to the point of defying the national interest. RAW should uphold a better tradition than ISI, by staying within state lines.

The LTTE are completely untrustworthy, and are engaged in international criminal activities across the world. I think that Karuna may not be as bad as Prabhakaran, but I'm not sure
what the extent of his role was in anti-Indian activities.

Richard Gere??

Indian courts are after actor Richard Gere for kissing Shilpa Shetty. Where does the country come up with these nutty decision-makers? Even bollywood plot-writers couldn't come up with this bilge. I'm sure the CPI(M) are howling with glee, given Gere's support for the State Enemy and Splittist #1 Dalai Lama.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

India becomes a Trillion Dollar Economy

Finally we join the Big League of 10 countries with a Trillion Dollar economy, with the US leading at $12 Trillion GDP.

India becomes trillion dollar economy

Trillion cheers for booming India

Bat Ye'or & 'Palestinianism'
From the person that coined 'Eurabia' - another interesting term 'Palestinianism'; which is indeed a good diagnosis. The Islamic world guilts everyone (and demonizes Israel) by whipping out the Palestine card; the Atlanticists have succumbed.

Incidentally if the occupation of ones land is sufficient cause for brutal violence; why do we not see Tibetan Buddhist suicide bombers? Ever heard the Grand 'Mufti' of Tibetans - the Dalai Lama - call for the death of Chinese non-combatants?

rajiv malhotra: Whiteness Studies and Implications for Indian-American Identity

apr 26th, 2007

rajiv always has very interesting things to say.

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From: Rajiv Malhotra
Date: Apr 27, 2007 2:45 AM
Subject: Whiteness Studies and Implications for Indian-American Identity

My latest article on the way whiteness in america impacts Indians is
now posted at:

Rajiv Malhotra

wolfowitz gets deeper in trouble

apr 26th, 2007

i guess wolfie is not willing to go 'gentle into that good night'.

i read the letter in the financial times written by a whole bunch of ex-world bank vps etc. pretty clear they despise the guy.

yet he's determined to hang on to this nice sinecure. i used to imagine bill clinton clinging to the potted plants and office furniture while he's being dragged out of the white house by the bouncers after he was impeached. of course, clinton escaped that fate. now i can see wolfowitz doing the clinging to the office furniture :-)

this guy is like a) all the politicians, b) all the cricket stars in india. shameless doesn't begin to describe it.

Swaminathan Aiyar-Laloo better than Nehru
Interesting piece by Swami on how Laloo is bad - but still better than Nehru. This is not as outrageous as it sounds. Sure he has built up a personal fortune by pillaging the state, but certainly not more than the Gandhi family (specially Antonia with her sundry Gandhi Foundations). Laloo has played the politics of freezing caste and pandering to Muslims - but certainly not as badly as Indira Gandhi did - or son Rajiv Gandhi.

The only reason that media folks in Delhi get upset with him is that he does not give two hoots about what they feel - unlike the 'first family' - which is all for the ELM kissing their white bottoms. Having said all that - I still prefer Nitish Kumar and Sushil Modi to Laloo!

atlanticists are worried that the 'deal' will go awry

apr 26th, 2007

as usual, if the atlanticists are worried about something, that means it's a good thing for india.

this one-sided 'deal' needs to be revoked. there's practically no benefit to india, and lots to the us: they get to trap india in old, unreliable technology where they have a stranglehold on the raw materials. it's as if india, instead of going with (new) cellular telephony, went back to (old) 1980s' land-line technology where the US is the only supplier of fiber optic cable. complete supplier power and no buyer power.

of course, the invertebrates in the UPA will find ways of bending over some more to satisfy the likes of this sokolski who is a total ayatollah and who wants to give away the northeast to china.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Maoists = Taliban (or is it the other way round)

Still more proof that the Maoists who hold sway over large parts of India are no different from the Taliban.

In fact, they may be worse.

In a new low, the Taliban is now using minors (12 year old boys) to behead "American spies"

A continuous 2 1/2-minute shot then shows the victim lying on his side on a patch of rubble-strewn ground. A man holds Nabi by his beard while the boy, wearing a camouflage military jacket and oversized white sneakers, cuts into the throat. Other men and boys call out "Allahu akbar!" — "God is great!" — as blood spurts from the wound.

The film, overlain with jihadi songs, then shows the boy hacking and slashing at the man's neck until the head is severed.

Truly ghoulish but entirely unsurprising.

Unwilling to stomach such oneupmanship, the Maoists have gone one further -- they will now use newborns to spread their brand of hate.
DANTEWADA (Chhattisgarh): Maoists here have ordered pregnant women to deliver only at makeshift camps run by women guerrillas so that the children can dedicate themselves to extreme left ideology.

"The children, boys or girls, will be enrolled as new cadres and will be brought up in a culture that will help fulfil the long-awaited dream of liberating the red zone," he added. Police say the 20,000 armed Maoists who operate in India have formed the 'red zone' from southern India to Nepal's border [emphasis added].
Can GoI declare CPI(Maoist) and their brethren "Terrorist organisations" who are out to Balkanise India? Oh sorry.. i forgot that MMS aspires to do the same

Arvind Lavakare on what makes him puke...


Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Turkey Turning Towards Islam

Turkey's middle class are becoming more Islamic, and I'm actually thinking this is not a bad thing for us. So far, we've seen the Europeans emerge as the Islamic world's greatest allies, with the Atlanticists leading the defense of everything Islamic. This is due to the fact that their nearest Islamic neighbors and erstwhile adversaries, the Turks, have been subdued. If Turkey were to become more Islamic, India wouldn't really be affected, but there would once again be that pressure on the Gates of Vienna (ie. the borders of Europe). This would help to dislodge the pro-Islamist sentiment amongst the Atlanticists. Even Gandhi once counseled the Indian Congress Party to support the Muslim demand for return of the Caliphate in Turkey -- though obviously he did so to cater to the vote bank. However, I'm thinking that this isn't such a bad idea, in hindsight. After all, why should we give the Euros a free ride? They want to be pro-Islamic, so let them then be overrun by Islam. That'll teach 'em: be careful what you ask for, because you just might get it.

Maharashtra Govt. after Temple Wealth: VHP


terrific article on food-like substances in america

apr 24th, 2007

the result of perverse farm subsidies. we need to pay far more attention to this than we do now as part of the reformulation of indian agriculture policies. attack the subsidies in all forums such as WTO, and ensure that they don't kill indian farmers or indian farm products. as it is, american subsidies for cotton lead directly to the suicides of farmers in vidarbha.

Taiwan says it would win war with China

More power to Taiwan! Now Taiwan is Red China's Achilles' Heel. India should fully exploit it and cultivate Taiwan just as China does Pakistan. Give them missiles and also anti-missile defence systems, etc. Can't expect the UPA to do any such stuff though. Hoping a future Indian Govt. does.

Agriculture - Whose subsidy is more effective?

Still at the Federal Trough: Farm Subsidies for the Rich and Famous Shattered Records in 2001
Although dated - this study is very interesting. US Agriculture subsidies mainly benefit large corporations who proceed to reduce the family farmer to penury. US subsidies depress world prices, so when seen on the global scale, the Indian farmer is the same as the average family farmer in the US.

Is agriculture a question of whose subsidy is more effective? Is it 'economies of scale' in production or is it 'economies of scale' in receipt of government handout?

What should India do to target, consolidate and streamline subsidy payments to make them more effective.
How can Indian farm subsidies be converted from inefficient family farmer subsidization to be efficient large farm subsidization?

Could differential subsidization for cooperatives (greater subsidy for co-operatives with large farm holdings) be the answer?

Earth-like Planet Found

Gliese 581C, the 3rd planet orbiting around the red dwarf star Gliese 581, is the most earth-like planet yet to have been found outside the solar system. With a mass 5 times that of earth, a gravity of 1.6G, and a temperature between 0 and 40 degrees celsius, it orbits around its star every 13 days. With stargazing being a strong Indian tradition, it's amazing to think that we have now passed the era of searching for stars, and have now moved on to the era of searching for other earths. Only time and more investigation will tell if Gliese581C harbours enough water for life.

Without quota, every caste would be a forward cast
More on how the caste 'problem' is essentially created out of the rapidly shrinking goodies to be handed by the welfare state ('mammaries' is what Nizhal Yodha calls it). I quite agree - the issue is one of poor ability of the community to participate as the arbitrary state gets in the way of a highly creative society.

The downside of this is that it configures people to respond only to the 'politics of grievance mongering'

4M Report - 23 Apr 2007

apr 24th, 2007

the inimitable sabha report.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: SABHA < >
Date: Apr 24, 2007 8:22 AM
Subject: 4M Report - 23 Apr 2007


SABHA - 4M Report Arvind Kumar, 23 Apr 2007

Your regular dose of pseudosecularism

  1. Blood oozes from Indian Jesus statue, bishop confirms

    It is official. A statue of Jesus is oozing blood and it is truly a miracle!
    UCA News reports Church people in the central Indian diocese say that on Monday they started noticing bloodlike substance oozing from the eyes of a statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus kept in an open yard. "I am convinced it is a miracle," Fr Paul Pappachan, the assistant parish priest, told UCA News. The red substance tasted like blood, he said. "I just can't understand it."
    The assistant parish priest conducted detailed analysis before determining that it was blood that was oozing out from the statue.
    The priest said he then ascended the statue's concrete lotus-shaped pedestal and dipped his finger into the red liquid. "After smelling it, I tasted it," he recalled. He repeated this action four times, he said, and every time he did so, he sensed the smell and taste of "real blood."

  2. Prakash Karat: They didn't attend meetings, so we shot them

    Justifying the Nandigram Pogrom conducted by the Communist government in West Bengal, in which dozens of people were mowed down in an operation reminiscent of the Tiananmen Square Massacre, Prakash Karat, the General Secretary of the Communist Party of India (Marxist), explained that the internal enemies of the state who were slaughtered had refused to attend the party meetings and that is why the police force was set upon them.
    It is these same elements who refused to attend all-party meetings repeatedly called by the district administration. The last all-party meeting held on March 10 decided that the administration should move to restore communications and normalcy in the area. It is in this connection that the police entered the area on March 14. In the ensuing confrontation, 14 people died and many injured including policemen.

  3. Saudi man loses part of nose after wives attack him

    Thanks to Sanjeev who sent this one in. A Saudi man lost a part of his nose after his enraged wives attacked him for threatening to marry a third woman. The man now has a plan to restore his dignity.
    "I never realised they would get so worked up. But the only way to restore my dignity is really to take a third wife," he said, adding, "I don't know what I'm going to lose next if I do that."

  4. From the pages of history: Nehru attacks Roosevelt for long stint in office

    A news item in the Deccan Herald reported in 1957 that Jawaharlal Nehru attacked Franklin Roosevelt of USA for holding the office of the President of the United States for 12 years.
    Prime Minister Nehru's observations at the Parliamentary Congress Party meeting on Friday evening that one and the same person should not hold office for inordinately long periods because such practice was anti-progress, has been hailed here as the highest watermark of democratic thinking.
    His references to President Roosevelt left no doubt whom he had in mind most.
    Nehru remained the Prime Minister of India for 17 years after he first appointed himself to the post. The Nehru dynasty has clung on to power for five generations.

  5. Advances in Communist technology

    Sreedhar sends in a news item from The Statesman. The latest in Communist technology is to dredge sand from a river and dump it just a few hundred meters away in the river itself!
    The Muriganga, a distributory of the Hooghly, is dying a slow death and the district administration as well as the state government is doing precious little to save it.
    "The dredging operations in the Muriganga river are not being carried out in a proper and scientific manner resulting in drainage of public money," alleged Captain Avijit Sinha, chairman of Maeksin Shipping Company. The sand dredged out of the river should be dumped on land, but they dump it only a few hundred metres away, in the river itself, he said.

  6. Professor uses Microsoft Powerpoint to generate DNA data!

    In an earlier edition of the 4M Report we pointed out that a professor had used the Aryan Invasion Theory to prove the Aryan Invasion Theory. Professor Stoneking seems to be an expert in Nazi science and apparently there is more to his work in this field.

    According to Prof. H.J. Bandelt of the University of Hamburg, Stoneking reused old data after touching it up (apparently with Microsoft Powerpoint) and his fabrication of data is similar to Monty Python's 'dead parrot sketch.' Monty Python's Flying Circus was a British television comedy show that aired between 1969 and 1974. Click here to read about the similarity with Monty Python's 'dead parrot sketch.' The presentation was made by the professor at an academic conference on Human Evolution and Disease' that was held in Hyderabad.

    Click here for another presentation by the professor at Heidelberg that shows the old data juxtaposed with the "new" data which is identical to the earlier data except for one mutation that seemed to have occurred in his Microsoft Powerpoint file!

  7. MSNBC highlights hatred by South Asians

    According to a report by MSNBC, a website run by South Asians has indulged in posting hateful comments against Koreans. This has happened in the aftermath of a shooting by a Korean-American on the Virginia Tech. campus that left 32 people dead.
    The bodies had barely been removed when the racial epithets started pouring in. Cho Seung-Hui, the 23-year-old identified as the killer of 32 on the Virginia Tech campus, may have lived in the state since his elementary school days, but to the bigots in the blogosphere it was his origins in Korea that mattered most. "Koreans are the most hotheaded and macho of East Asians," wrote one unnamed commentator on the Sepia Mutiny blog. "They are also sick and tired of losing their Korean girlfriends to white men with an Asian fetish."

    The vitriol of comments like these has shocked America's Korean community, leaving it braced for a backlash and scrambling to control the damage caused by distorted stereotypes.

    At SABHA, we are shocked by the vitriolic attack on Koreans launched at Sepia Mutiny. Despite being South Asians, we wish to clarify that we do not have any connections with the website mentioned by MSNBC.

  8. Islamic group suggest ways to become civilized

    Sreedhar alerts us to the fact that Tamil Nadu Muslim Munnetra Kazham (TMMK) has fabulous plans to civilize the world. The TMMK has a simple method to determine the truth. An official of TMMK explained their truth meter.
    "Once a man swears on Allah, we believe him," said Khaludeen.
    TMMK also has plans to prevent people from taking the law into their own hands.
    Said Dr Bhagat Singh, the TMMK's district secretary: "The youths (accused of killing Mumtaz) should not have taken law into their hands. They read the Quran and make their own interpretations. To prevent such incidents, the Government should introduce the practice of stoning immoral women to death. Many Middle-East countries follow this practice and keep women under check. That's the only way to handle such issues."

South Asian Bleeding Hearts Association welcomes comments, suggestions and leads for items published here. Please send your comments to If you wish to unsubscribe, or have been forwarded this mail and would like to subscribe, click here.

the security implications of climate change

apr 24th, 2007

food security will be a major casualty.

karna syndrome, and chindia

apr 24th, 2007

i have been hearing a lot about 'chindia' which to me is completely bogus. china is china, an imperialist nightmare. india is like karna, the one with immense potential who was handicapped by difficulties not of his own making, always the hard-luck kid.

i need to write about the 'karna syndrome'. karna is the most interesting character, in fact the hero of the mahabharata, in my opinion. the one with the greatest endowment, the one whose good intentions always turn out negatively. it is a curse, a cosmic handicap. this is what is afflicting india as well: always the bridesmaid, never the bride, to mix metaphors wildly.

and back to the 'chindia', if there is an alliance between india and china (remember hindi-chini-bhai-bhai) it will be like an alliance with microsoft for a small software company. all the benefit will accrue to china (like to microsoft) and india (like the small company) will be screwed.

kristof bashes india

apr 24th, 2007

actually he does have a point or two.

this is from the nytimes, and i found it posted at this blog via google. therefore i am not violating the nytimes' copyright.

Interesting Blog on the recent YSS commie conference

apr 24th, 2007

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: AH

Here is a first hand report on the recent YSS conference

response: america's desired map of india: minus kashmir, arunachal, northeast

apr 24th, 2007

folks, do write to the SSI as suggested below by dr. m.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: M


I recd my copy of the book last Friday and have already drawn the SSI's
attention to the map. They need to hear from others as well.

Pls ask your readers to direct their comments at the follwoing address:
Professor Douglas C. Lovelace, Jr.
US Army War College
122 Forbes Ave
Carlisle, PA 17013-5244

As for the book's editor, Henry Sokolski, the less said the better.  He
is an old, diehard non-proliferationist, staunchly anti-Iran in his
writings.Mr Henry Sokolski has been a major opposnent of the Indo-US


PS: BTW, from my recent discussions in New Delhi recently, India is
likely to walk away from the Indo-US nuclear deal because the Henry Hyde
Act is very different from the July 18, 2005 agreement and places legal
constraints on enrichment, reprocessing and N-testing. The Bush-Singh
agreement on civilian nuclear energy has now been transaformed into a
nonproliferation agreement.


-----Original Message-----
From: Rajeev
Subject: america's desired map of india: minus kashmir, arunachal,

The Dracula houses in Kerala: get thee to a nunnery, woman!

apr 24th, 2007

sexual and other abuse of women in christism. of course, the ELM does not say anything about this. the sister abhaya story has been completely swept under the carpet.

there is also the divine nagar christist 'ashram', where a hindu girl was robbed, raped and murdered. she had been foolish enough to go there for 'meditation'.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Rama

nalanda university comes back, sort of

apr 24th, 2007

so they are reviving nalanda. but note, the advisers are those poseurs amartya sen and jean dreze. therefore, they will teach: persian and chinese, but not sanskrit! they will teach buddhist studies, but not hindu studies!

how very predictable!

also note that it was "turks" who burned nalanda, not "mohammedans".

Monday, April 23, 2007

Pollution 'hits China's farmland'
What the Marigold Brothers (Yechuri & Karat) and Harkishen Singh Surjeet did not tell you about China's 'progress'.

This is India's future too - unless plans for 'Chemical Hubs' and other pie-in-the-sky are abandoned and real focus is brought to the agri sector . Remember - before giving them jobs - you have to give them food!!!

symphony based on indian ragas

apr 23rd, 2007

here's what i got from kannikeswaran: he's obviously a musical man, and he has also put together this great site on indian temples:


Hello Rajeev:
It is my pleasure to let you know of the upcoming performance of a choral symphonic work that I have written. The Sound of Seasons, is a choral symphony celebrating the ragas of Indian Classical music that are associated with the 6 seasons of vasanta, grishma, varsha, sharad, hemanta and shishira.
It is to be performed by the Cincinnati Chamber Orchestra (the first performance of a raga based work by this orchestra) along with the Indian children's choir (from the Beyond Seasons workshop that is now about 9 months old), the Cincinnati children's choir, and the Shanti choir ( ).
Indian arts have a profound relationship with all aspects of existence. The fact that there are ragas associated with seasons, and that they have survived the test of time says something about the universality and all embracing approach of our culture that we cherish so much.
It gives me great pleasure to write to you about this concert and to invite you to this performance (Sunday, May 6 2007). This project has been in the works for over a year and children of the Indian diaspora here have been learning these ragas, almost in tune with the changing seasons. After the spectacular success of Shanti, ( it has been great working with the next generation of community singers.
Look forward to hearing from you. For more info, please see
Thank you.

godman ratzinger says science too narrow to explain creation

apr 23rd, 2007

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Moksha

Quotes from the The American Taliban

apr 23rd, 2007

interesting quotes from some good ole boys and girls in the US

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Moksha

protesting christist atrocities

apr 23rd, 2007

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Kumar


We are trying to make Hindus worldwide aware of the activities of YSR Reddy, the christian CM of AP. I spoke to some people in Tirupati and it's absolutely incredible how brazenly this *** is behaving. The thing that amazes me is that he has to be intelligent enough to realize that he is isolating and pissing off most of his constituents. Who is backing this guy up? I know the madam is definitely backing him, but he must be getting support from other places as well.

Barclays to Acquire ABN Amro for $91.16B


Sunday, April 22, 2007

Bharat Karnad: Nuclear testing is the crux

Dated article and might have been posted before, but still a good read...

hate-mongering against koreans in aftermath of shooting

apr 22nd, 2007

tragic. now the bigots are after korean-americans, according to newsweek. this will spread to all east asians. remember someone beating some chinese to death in detroit thinking they were japanese? this is also like people targeting indians thinking they were iranians during the hostage crisis in the 1980s.

in my personal experience, korean-americans have been diligent and hard-working people. many are also very religious.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: A

Some people have come out with outrageous statements against Koreans. Newsweek has refused to retract the statement and the sepia mutiny hatemongers are upset.

 Cho Seung-Hui, the 23-year-old identified as the killer of 32 on the Virginia Tech campus, may have lived in the state since his elementary school days, but to the bigots in the blogosphere it was his origins in Korea that mattered most. "Koreans are the most hotheaded and macho of East Asians," wrote one unnamed commentator on the Sepia Mutiny blog. "They are also sick and tired of losing their Korean girlfriends to white men with an Asian fetish."

Saturday, April 21, 2007

newsletter/group-zine 'arise, awake': read michel danino's remarkable piece

apr 21st, 2007

as usual, michel danino hits the nail on the head. he's one of the most perceptive writers on the state of hindus and indians today.

america's desired map of india: minus kashmir, arunachal, northeast

apr 21st, 2007

i got the following mail from a reader.

on checking the link on the iranian site, i came across the henry sokolski book's cover. i guess this guy is a non-proliferation ayatollah, and i suspect he is an atlanticist democrat. not that it matters, nor the content of his book. but the blatant violation of india's territorial integrity is what shocked me.

1. kashmir completely given away to pakistan and china
2. arunachal pradesh given away to china
3. the entire northeast a different country: presumably christist-stan

with nepal also in communist hands (also supported by christist interests) this is a sweeping master-plan for turning india into a truncated client state of china.

i have seen this very truncated map of india in many US government/quango publications. this is what the US has in mind for india. remember there was a detailed analysis by some us army college of war guy talking about splitting pakistan up? well, they have a similar goal for india as well.

manmohan singh has led india up the garden path with this nuclear deal. the reality is that the US is only interested in thwarting the thorium-fueled fast-breeder ambitions of india. this also enters into the rama-setu destruction, because once that barrier is gone, the next tsunami will wipe out kerala's thorium-bearing coastal sends: ie, end of india's independent nuclear energy capability.

this is one serious conspiracy emerging.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Arya

India's relations with Iran, China worry US: report  362 pages PDF report dated 4/19/07
            This whole Indo-Nuclear agreement is a bogus one... India is being trapped... I have been a long time reader of your blog and know what your position are. However, I always thought that there was a space for some sort of an agreement that could be reach... But it is increasingly becoming evident, that it is nothing but a conspiracy against india, bought by our alleged Prime Minister... How the whole deal has manifested from Civilian nuclear deal to application toward NPT/CTBT guidelines, and at last, India's relationship with Iran.... What was agreed on July 2005 has been lost in shrewed thinking of USA....
Above all that, then there is supply of Uranium. Uranium has already reached $94/pound from what was just $7/pound in 2000... Check out the following link Uranium price - will it hit $100 this year? - Money Week

See what's free at

10 easy steps: How to become an Intellectual in India

apr 22nd, 2007

yes, you too can do it. as has been demonstrated by many, it's easy to become a jholawala/wali regardless of your intellect or lack thereof.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: AH

How to become an Intellectual in India
For getting the status of an intellectual, the caste, religion, sex, age, language or any other regional or linguistic parameters are not a criteria.
 * It is easy to get the status, if you are a Hindu who always criticizes his own religion and sanathana dharma
* Your education qualification, actual intelligence, vocabulary, position, etc do not have any bearing for getting the status
.* You should always be little and denigrate Indian heritage and culture, whenever you get opportunity or even by creating opportunity.
 * Always make fun of Hindu dharma and ancient Hindu scholars, saffron colour, Omkar, temples and priests
 * You have to make the show that you have the authority to criticize Hindu dharma.
 * Try to find a good place in the electronic media screen and print media.
 *Keep a charisma for attracting the media people; give them whatever they need for doing so.
 * Keep the relation with them very strong.
 * Tell always the positives about other religion while degrading and denigrating Hindu dharma.
* This will give a good image as an 'impartial and unbiased scholar'
* You will automatically become famous as a pakka secular leader and other intellectuals push you up.
* What ever you say- think- or do look only for your personal benefit.
 * Take the opportunity to understand the future benefits also, even if the ruling ministers and ruling party change.
* Speeches should be so designed to get maximum clapping/ applause from the audience.
* Keep appropriate facial expression depending upon what and where you say.
* Create an impression that you are a sincere and dedicated leader of the common man.
* Use as much confusing words as possible so that in future you can easily change you words, opinions and visions.
 * Select words in such a way that nobody understands what you really mean by saying so.
 * If anything wrong happens in the future from your expressions you can easily put all the   blame on the media.
* You should never quote anything from Indian heritage or ancient Indian books because it is cheap to quote indigenous knowledge.
 * Quote always the Russian, Chinese or even from Iraq leaders.
* If you are compelled to quote from India, quote only from Jawaharlal Nehru's words.
 * For justifying your view point take quotations from great (late) foreign scholars even if they have not told so.
 * This will help you in the long run because those leaders will not come back for questioning you.
 * You should only be careful to note that when and where you are quoting.
*Use as many quotations as possible from foreign scholars of your status for denigrating Indian heritage and culture.
 *You can use even outdated scientific data and observation for this purpose.
*You can add your own words while quoting their words, because nobody is going to verify those statements.
 * Only try to create an impression that your quotations originally belong to a great foreign scholar. * Inform indirectly, the audience that you also read books.
 * your speech, or writing should never give any doubts to your audience or readers about its authenticity and originality, even if it belongs to others.
*Never praise the past – present and future India.
 *Never do so for Sanskriti and make it a point that you never quote from Sanskrit books.
*Keep this in mind even if you are delivering lecture in Sanskrit institutes.
* You can see many intellectuals of your type in almost all the Sanskrit institutes, Ayurveda colleges and Vaastu gurukulam
*share your views with them for further degrading our cultural heritage.
 * If you have time to spare tell all the memorable negatives about Hindu dharma in Sanskrit institutes also. So that people will appreciate you secular, rational and scientific vision
which can even fetch you some Sanskrit based awards.
 * Due to the circumstances, if you are forced to say something good about our heritage, take all precaution and say as though you are quoting from a foreign leader.
 * But create an impression, that you are also an authority to talk about India and inform indirectly that you also know about Indian culture at an equal level to some of our prime ministers.
* Keep in your mind that even when you protest against cocoa cola, Pepsi and American multinationals use similar words against Indian contribution to science or technology.
 * Appreciate only foreign scientists and scholars, if possible from Russia or China.
 * Belittle and denigrate Indian scientific and technological heritage whenever and wherever possible and encourage younger generation to do so.
 * But make sure that your children are studying in reputed excellent dharmic institutes where Indian culture is taught to the core, preferably outside your State.
* If you have the qualification to read the school books and happen to read any heritage knowledge in the syllabus, proclaim that it is Hindu fundamentalism and the protest against the move towards Saffronisation, Hinduisation, Indianisation and so on.
* If you have enough followers and they have courage, declare a Hartal against all type of saffronisation.
 * If you are quoting the words of someone, try to make sure that the name of the scholar is not familiar to the audience, and also see that the book is not available in printed form.
* Tell that the 'particular' scholar said it in Rangoon or Korea, in 1938 Feb 28th.
 *Make sure that nobody verifies your statements or quotations
 * Since your future as an intellectual remains exclusively on how many press conferences you hold and press release you give, make sure that at-least one per week is done.
 * You can get sponsorship for the expenses without any difficulty
* Express your shock through media on the sad and sudden demise of other intellectuals.
 * Try to become one of the speakers for giving felicitation address in as much meetings as possible.
* Praise the organizers as much as possible, which will benefit you in the course of time.
 * Try to participate in funerals processions, chain making, group running for building patriotism, etc. if possible be in the front.
* Stand near by the famous people so that your photo also will appear in the media.
 * You elevate all useless (of course useful for you) fellows, in return they will elevate you, so help each other
* Always put the first signature in mass memorandum, preferably in presence of the media photographers.
 * Do not follow law and order; this can get a place in media easily.
* You have to say that you are violating the law and order for the people.
 * Even if you lack professional or technical qualification, try to get a seat as syndicate or senate member of the Universities, or at least as Devaswom Board president, or Chairman,
etc which does not need any qualification and quality. Getting higher position as the Toddy Workers Welfare Board, Fisher Men Welfare Board, etc., need higher qualifications.
* If the press reporters or general public ask some general question to you, say 'you know much better than me' and save yourself.
* If the situation goes little negative and more questions flow on the same subject, tell something about Aryan Invasion.
* If the situation further worsens and more questions come, criticize the caste system in Hindu dharma.
* If nothing else is available for saving yourself from the press people tell something negative about Amma, Swamy or Guruji, and declare that all the present problems in India are created by them
*Make sure to tell good about Mother Teresa, Bukari Imam and St Xavier Francis, even though he has destroyed 480 temples and converted thousands of Goan Hindus to Christianity in Goa.
*Or as the last tool, before attempting a walk out, tell that all the problem including Tsunami, Katrina, Rita, Wilma and the Plague in Surat and Iraq problem are all created by Sangha Parivar organizations.
*Talk like a genius who can speak about any subject at any time.
 * In foreign countries, before delivering lectures, do not 'drink' too much, even if the organizers are giving free
* See that your tongue is not slipping while delivering lecture.
* Make sure that you read from paper, in foreign countries if you have consumed drinks beyond the limit.
* Remember that it is natural many intellectuals consume more when they visit foreign countries, because better quality and unlimited quantity liquor is available free of cost for the guests.
 *Still keep a 'natural seriousness' of an intellectual in your face.
*If you are sure that your control on leg and tongue is loosing, give the written matter to one of your colleagues to read, if he has a better control over his body.
* Create an impression that you are not 'speaking' because of jetlag or you are tired
* Tell in one line that "I am not well and hence giving the paper to so and so to read my message".
* Try to build your own style in using words and hand action during speech
* If you cannot build an original set of natural action during for the speech, copy the method
followed by someone who is no more.
*Try to build up associations 'fans' or followers.
* Criticize any Indian at any level either going up or down, but keep a minimum standard while criticizing a foreigner.
*You should always remember that the memory of the 'reacting people' is less and really memorizing people will not react.
*Whenever you are contradicting your own earlier statements, inform the audience that it is because of their ignorance they feel that you are contradicting the earlier statement.
 *Make the audience feel that you know about India also.
* While talking something about India, ask what happened in 1936 Feb 29 ( after making sure that it is a leap year), as though something happened on that day.
*If you are forced to resign from some position due to your criminal background, tell that it is for the people you threw the position and tell that let the people decide on your quality.
*Declare those statements with dignity and at low voice.
 *If you get some negative points on others from the newspapers, use those statements appropriately in your speech. Create an image that you are also aware about what is happening around us.
 * Make the people aware that you know what are all happening in Iraq, Houston, Iran, Korea,  Lanka and also in Mizoram…
*Quote something from Ethiopia and never say anything negative about Tianen men square or Cuba.
*Never say any negative about Kashmir and Nagaland or the activities of the minorities in those States.
*Tell anything negative about Military or police action in Kashmir or Nagaland making sure that you do not touch anything against minorities.
*Even if you have to say something about minority fundamentalism, say that it is due to majority fundamentalism.
*At times when you have to tell something about yourself, tell politely with tears in eyes that you are a freedom fighter, and son of the great freedom fighter so and so (give the name) who worked with Mahatma Gandhi and Jinna.
* You have to say proudly that you have inherited the dharmic values from your parents, also patriotism and nationalism, which is in your blood.
*Whenever you have to apologize do it boldly and say that you are apologizing for the people and nation.
*Express your gratitude to the great scholars for elevating you to this level after making sure that those people are already dead.
*While expressing your gratitude, try to become over polite and if possible weep or make weeping sound.
* Create an impression that you are a simple man.
*At the time of apologizing create a philosophical environment by quoting Bhagavad-Gita, even if you are quoting wrongly, no body is going to ask any questions because generally the audience who come to listen to your speech, will be ignorant about Geetha.
*Whenever you have to change your vision and opinion, tell that opinion is not iron pestle. Hence change and changing the opinion are the rule of the nature.
*You can even suddenly jump from atheism to religion, because everyone of the atheists does it in the last part of their life.
* If you feel bad for doing so, tell that you have done it for your wife.
* Also inform that you will repeat it for your wife, so that no body will criticize you.
*While delivering lectures to Christians tell that in the next janma you want to be Christian, to the Muslim audience tell that you want to become a Muslim, in the next janma.
*Tell them, in your speech that Upanishads and Vedas are taken from Koran and Bible.
*Try to attend 'all religious meet" as a representative of Hinduism and tell negative about Hinduism. It will be printed in big letters in media.
*Learn two or three lines from Koran or Bible and quote appropriately for getting the applause.
* Give as much good messages from Hindu books and tell that these are all from Koran and Bible.
* You will definitely get many more chances.
* Remember many speakers are charging Rs.3000+ TA + 'something' for delivering such lectures against Hinduism in Kerala.
*If you are a failure as an 'intellectual speaker', write books by copying from some old foreign books in full or chapter wise.
* Remove few lines here and there add something special, without grammar mistakes, give a novel title and release the book.
* Take sponsorship from wherever possible it will fetch you the livelihood for many generations.
* Take the 50 :50 share, if you are giving the inauguration session for contract.
*Spend some money for getting a court ban on the book, file a petition, this will give enough publicity for the book.
* Intentionally put few controversial lines in the book, so that getting a ban becomes easy.
*There are many Christian writers who write about Hinduism, they will help you how to write on the subjects in which you are fully ignorant.
* You can start writing against Hinduism first, with their help, so that the marketing is easy and building your career also becomes easy.
* Many churches and Christian agents will help you directly and indirectly for propagating your anti Hindu messages.
* Be in contact with the media people, whenever you are travelling.
*Offer a cup of tea or something and keep the friendship strong always.
*Build relationship with five star hotel owners, workers, toddy shop workers union, minority leaders during travelling from place to place.
*This relation will have life long benefit for an intellectual.
*When you get some award, tell that at this age you are not thinking about the award.
* Give some money to some organization and tell them to give half of that as an award to yourself.
* It is the easiest method for getting awards.
*When you stand for receiving the award, keep a philosophical facial expression that you are much beyond the level of accepting an award.
* By following these techniques, you can spend your manushya janma fruitfully for making enough money, position, name and fame, even though it may not have any use for anyone other than yourself.
*Definitely some ministers will inaugurate your bust/ statue for the crows to sit.
* They may also venture to put your name for some drainage canals.

*Support the minorities always even when they destroy temples, go for terrorism, do anti national activities, attack police or media persons.
*Keep silence against all minority mooted terrorism.
*Always justify the bomb blasts, killings, storing weapons in houses and religious institutes, if done by minorities.
*Do not say anything about foreign fund flow for conversion and terrorism.
*Partake in hartal for releasing the terrorist leaders and put your signature in mass memorandum.
*Be an active human right activist for minorities only.
* Support UGC salary for the urdu and Arabi teachers in Madrasas even though they are illiterate.
*Support grant for building Madrasas, mosques, and pension for mullahs and moulavis.
*If a Hindu priest is murdered, do not utter even a single word, but a sand particle fallen on minority priest, straight away blame Hindu fundamentalists.
*If any Hindu institute is taken over by government justify it with powerful words.
*If minority gundas attack the press people, tell to suspend the police or taking action against the police even though they were 200 kilometres away from the site of attack.
*Always speak against the atrocities against minorities by majority community and police, particularly when the election season approaches.
*If the heritage subjects are to be included in the syllabus, divide it 1:1:1 for Hindus, Christians and Muslims.
 * For the Muslims support Arabian history and for the Christians something from the life of St George, St Philomena or something what happened in Jerusalem.
* If your supporters destroyed public property, say that it is the second freedom struggle.
* If others did so tell that it is against democracy.
* If your followers attach police or police station say that it is the second Chowri Chowra.
*If your followers happened to be a killer, make sure that he gets the pension for freedom fighters.
*Justify Gherao, hartal, bandh if and only if your followers did it.
* When you approach to old age, tell that you are not an anti hindu.
*Declare that your wife going to temple and you accompany your wife in the old age are personal affairs.
*When you follow religious customs, make it sure that no one tells it publicly.
 * Select your own cast for the post of son in law and daughter in law, even when you fight vigorously against cast system.
* If you are an atheist, say that even in Russia and China people go to Budha vihar. So you also follow their footsteps and that too for seeing what is happening in Hindu temples.
* You should know that all intellectuals, atheists and progressives in Kerala go to temple when they cross the age of 65.
* You have also to find a suitable justification for that like Kerala intellectuals.
*Remember that for getting the certificate of an intellectual, no quality or qualification is required.
* Neither poorva janma punyam, poorva janma karma phalam, blessings of your parents or blessings of your gurus nor even your horoscope factors.
*You should only learn how to use your eyes, ears and tongue.
*You should have a thick skin and highly flexible tongue, suitable friends and adjustable wife.
*All the above special qualities are given only to very selected people by the creator. Hence the intellectuals are very few in numbers.
*If you fall within this, you can spend this janma lavishly, under others expenses, without working much, with name and fame. Your janma can be made useful to you and your family, by cheating others and making everyone fools.
*Let god bless all intellectuals who are the assets of India for misguiding all the good people.