Sunday, January 20, 2008

Cedric Prakash bleats "fascism" on Gujarat

Looks like the scoundrel is back from his blood tasting orgies for
"Christmas" to resume his hateful rhetoric in 2008. His latest contribution
to "secularist" mythology being a dangerous equation of Mohammedan and pseudo-secularist oppression of Taslima Nasreen with punitive action against the perverted apologists in the ELM for the masochist M.F Hussain.

Including the dirty old man in a list of candidates for the Bharat Ratna was a pre-meditated and frontal attack on the cultural foundations of the Indian republic and Hinduism itself. Taslima Nasrin's literature which the Mohammedans are objecting to - does not touch upon the ROP, it's tenets or any of it's central figures. It merely critiques the ROP's evident intolerance in action in "Bangladesh", in particular the religious cleansing of Hindus, including the bestial gang rapes of defenseless women, that incidentally includes those from the Christian and Buddhist minorities. For this, poor Taslima has been hounded and physically attacked by the Mullahs with the "secularist" establishment's complicity.

M.F Hussain's "art" deliberately injures Hindu religious sentiment by depicting it's deities not just in the nude, but in sexually explicit, unconventional and unacceptable postures. It is not as if Taslima Nasrin depicted any central figure of Islam in the nude or otherwise distasteful manner that would be considered offensive. Therefore, the comparison of the two cases is totally hollow and devoid of any fact, reason or logic.

The UPA dhimmis do not hesitate to arrest the head of PETA for allegedly blindfolding "Mahatma" Gandhi's statue in their protest against "Dravidian" barbarism. Why can't the dhimmis restrain the NDTV stealth christists from lacerating Hindu sentiment by elevating M.F Hussain to the status of a national hero? Is it because they take the intrinsically tolerant and non-violent Hindus for granted and expect them to meekly capitulate in unconditional surrender? In the face of extreme provocation by their enemies and complete inaction by the authorities, a few Hindu nationalists taking vigilante action is justified. The citizens of a country cannot remain mute spectators when it's enemies are operationalising a plan to annihilate it's core religious and cultural values.

BTW, Why on earth is the BJP's Rajnath Singh allowing himself to be led by the pseudo-secular propagandists on the punitive action issue? At the bare minimum, the BJP should be asking counter questions about NDTV's hateful eulogy of M.F Hussain that was the direct provocation for action. It should be setting the agenda by condemning his perverted "Art" and aggressively following up on expediting his legal prosecution. This is expected of them when they claim to represent a Hindu nationalist worldview. The spectacle of Rajnath Singh going defensive against the hate speech of Cedric Prakash is downright ridiculous.

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