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Monday, May 25, 2009

North Korea conducts 2nd Nuclear test

Hahahahahaha... So much for the carrot & stick diplomacy led by the US. China is back to thumbing its nose again via its proxy.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Dhimmi Carter on the India-US nuclear deal

So, the Yank "Deal" for India undermines peace, eh?
China is a signatory to the NPT. Did that stop them from proliferating to Pakistan?
Not a single word about the secondary proliferation of WMD by Pakistan to a veritable
who's who of the world's rogue states.

"If India's demand is acceptable, why should other technologically advanced NPT signatories, such as ......, Saudi Arabia, and Japan - to say nothing of less responsible nations - continue to restrain themselves? "

Saudi Arabia is a technologically advanced, responsible state?
What a dhimmi this Carter is!

Note that Carter, although a Democrat is a self proclaimed evangelical.
So, this position fits right into his christist worldview. That Hindus are essentially a moral, non-violent, law abiding, non-interfering, tolerant people does not suffice. They are condemned to hell for not accepting jesus.
Similarly, India's track record on non-proliferation, terrorism, democracy,
non-aggression, human rights etc is not sufficient to the Carters of this world.
India is a "sinner" until it is totally emasculated and reduced to an American dependency, a banana republic like Mexico.....

Actually, it is good news that Carter is adding his twisted logic to the
Yank opposition to the "deal". Even the anarchy of the Indian communists is an
acceptable means to the end of scuttling this charter of slavery.
It is also an opportunity for the foolhardy Indian lobbyists in the U.S to distinguish between friend and foe.