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catholic godmen to face sex drive tests: no, castrate the blighters!

oct 31st, 2008

the church is trying to minimize future financial damage by identifying the hornball godmen who will be raping little boys and impregnating nuns.

gee, what will this do to our old friend and neighbor of ratzy, the cardinal tommaso, the one with the 'wide stance'? i wonder if this would have caught our other good friend, the vampire of cochin, the 'adopter' of a bleeding 26-year-old woman, and believer in a 2-year old with an iron rod.

i guess this will severely deplete the ranks of godmen, considering how many of them have actually been caught buggering little boys. what, 80% of them do it? there was also the news some time ago that christist godmen in the US were 4 times more likely to have AIDS than the general population. yup, they were all celibate, too. not!

actually, i have a better suggestion for ratzy, which i offer free of charge. just castrate all your godmen, that will cause you less financial trauma down the road. there will be high-pitched castrati voices giving sermons, but that's a small price to pay to avoid the billions of dollars you are coughing up in sexual-predator lawsuit settlements. better safe than sorry, ratzy!

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Priests to face 'sex drive tests'

The Roman Catholic Church has issued guidance for future priests to have psychological tests to weed out those unable to control their sexual urges.

A senior churchman said a series of sex scandals had contributed to the rewriting of the guidelines.

The authors said screening would help avoid "tragic situations" caused by what they termed psychological defects.

The guidance says the voluntary tests should also aim to vet for those with "deep-seated homosexual tendencies".

Among other traits that might make a candidate unsuitable for the priesthood, the advice lists "uncertain sexual identity," "excessive rigidity of character" and "strong affective dependencies".

The document also makes reference to heterosexual urges.

Seminarians should be barred if testing makes it "evident the candidate has difficulty living in celibacy: That is, if celibacy for him is lived as a burden so heavy that it compromises his affective and relational equilibrium", it says.

Catholic officials continue to fixate on the offenders and ignore the larger problem
US-based victims group SNAP

The advice stipulates priests must have a "positive and stable sense of one's masculine identity".

The document, approved by Pope Benedict XVI and made public on Thursday, stresses that the screening must always have the candidate's consent.

The Catholic Church has been rocked by a series of sex scandals in recent years involving paedophile priests, notably in the US, Latin America and Europe, triggering lawsuits that have cost hundreds of millions of dollars in settlements.

And a seminary in Austria was shut down in August 2004 after revelations that students openly indulged in homosexual conduct.

Gay rights groups have accused the Church of using homosexuals as scapegoats for abuse scandals.

The Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests (SNAP), a US-based group of victims of sexual abuse, said the revised guidelines did not go far enough.

"Catholic officials continue to fixate on the offenders and ignore the larger problem: The Church's virtually unchanged culture of secrecy and unchecked power in the hierarchy," it said in a statement.

"These broader factors are deeply rooted in the Church and contribute heavily to extensive and ongoing clergy sex abuse and cover up."

Story from BBC NEWS:

Published: 2008/10/30 21:11:22 GMT

porsche's financial coup

oct 31st, 2008

this is way cool. reminds me of george soros' relentless attack ont he british pound; or the unsuccessful 'corner' of the silver market that the hunt brothers attempted some time ago. yes, it is hard to feel bad for hedge funds, but let us remember our pension funds have been investing in hedge funds :-(

also, i guess there's a regulatory failure: porsche should have been forced to reveal its stake earlier. otherwise there's too much information asymmetry, not a good thing for a market which is supposed to have no information arbitrage opportunities.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

TIME on Guwahati Bombings

TIME magazine has an article on the bombings in Guwahati.

atlanticist heart bleeds for Bangladeshi Muslims

James "what the hell is going on in Pakistan" Astill goes after Bodo tribesmen - no doubt after talking to his chums in the secular press in Delhi. those prickly nationalist devils, the hindus - they are at it again

the reality is that the bangladeshi mohammedans have been the aggressors in assam all along. they have simply squatted in india and bred like flies. complete demographic warfare. of course - they are doing it to prove manmohan wrong - it is bangladeshi muslims, not indian muslims who have first right on india's resources

of course these 'muslims' become 'radicals' when they riot in bradford town back in the ol' blighty. no tears from this economist fart then

Indonesian parliament passes anti-porn bill

oct 30th, 2008

the idea is to restrict non-mohammedan thought. hindus have warned that dance, music etc. will be under the purview of this bill. so will images of hindu deities.

taliban wins again.

and what is the kkkangress government doing about this? nada, zilch, nothing.

what did the kkkangress government do when mohammedan malaysis banned the hindu human rights group? nada, zilch, nothing.

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Indonesian parliament passes anti-porn bill

Thu Oct 30, 2008 10:18am GMT
By Olivia Rondonuwu and Telly Nathalia
JAKARTA (Reuters) - Indonesia's parliament on Thursday passed an anti-pornography bill, despite strong opposition from minority groups who consider it a threat to artistic, religious, and cultural freedom.
The anti-porn bill was pushed by a small group of Islamist parties in predominantly Muslim, but officially secular, Indonesia, and its passage was greeted by claps and shouts of "Allahu Akbar," or "God is great" from supporters in parliament.
Indonesia will hold parliamentary and presidential elections next year, and few politicians are willing to risk upsetting the smaller Islamist parties as these could play an important role in forming coalitions.
However, some Indonesians, particularly the Hindu and Christian minorities, see the anti-porn bill as a sign of creeping intolerance when it comes to religious and cultural differences, with the agenda increasingly influenced by hardline Muslim groups.
Balkan Kaplale, head of the parliamentary committee which drafted the bill, said the legislation was necessary given the increasing immorality of Indonesian society, as shown by the rise in adultery cases and use of obscene language.
"If Christians put a suit on dead bodies and Muslims put on a white shroud, why can't the living do that?" said Kaplale, a member of parliament for President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono's Democrat Party, in a recent interview with Reuters.
"If a husband and wife are in one room, nobody is prohibiting it, because it's pleasure, but legal. What is being protested is if they are not husband and wife...that must not happen."
Two members of parliament were fired by their parties in the last year or so, following scandals in which they were caught in adulterous relationships on mobile phone cameras.
Earlier this month, news that a wealthy Muslim cleric had taken a 12-year-old girl as his second wife prompted a public outcry.
The matter is under investigation by the authorities.
In the final legislation, pornography is described as "pictures, sketches, photos, writing, voice, sound, moving picture, animation, cartoons, conversation, gestures, or other communications shown in public with salacious content or sexual exploitation that violate the moral values of society."
Offenders face up to 15 years imprisonment. The maximum penalty for lending or downloading pornographic material is four years in jail or a 2 billion rupiah ($189,600) fine.
The bill, which has been under discussion for years, has sparked protests and acrimonious debate, particularly in predominantly Hindu Bali, a resort island which depends heavily on tourism, because of concerns about the impact on local artists and foreign visitors.
Critics say that the exceptions to the bill for sexually explicit cultural and artistic material are too vague, and that by allowing civil organizations to play a role in preventing pornography, this could open the door for vigilante groups to take the law into their own hands.
It is not just Indonesians who have expressed concerns about the controversial bill. Several foreign governments, including Denmark, the United States, and the Philippines, have sent official letters of enquiry.
"I told them your country has porn bill, so why do you interfere so much here," Kaplale said.
(Editing by Sara Webb and Samjeev Miglani)
© Thomson Reuters 2008. All rights reserved. Users may download and print extracts of content from this website for their own personal and non-commercial use only.

ok, that settles it: atlanticist endorses obama

oct 30th, 2008

if i had any residual, lingering thoughts that obama was a good candidate, this settles it. since the atlanticist has endorsed him, i now know that i have no need to change my mind. if they like him, then clearly he's the wrong candidate.

go, mccain!

perfect gift idea: a manmohan singh voodoo doll?

oct 30th, 2008

they're laughing at sarkozy's vanities. we should do the same with that pompous disaster manmohan singh.

some entrepreneur needs to make a manmohan doll complete with his famous statements like "the countries resources are first for mohammedans", "i can't sleep because someone called a mohammedan a terrorist", "i am not a mole", "the kkkangress did not kill sikhs in 1984", "just trust me: the nuclear deal will bring electricity so cheap we won't even bother to meter it", "here, let me, a mere retainer prime minister, genuflect to the 3-year-old nehru dynasty scion".

60 Indians die in bomb blasts - no skin of my back says PM

that's right - Manmohan will lose no sleep. as long as the muslims have first right on Indian resources - they can keep doing whatever they like. of course there is no Islamic terrorism.

no...... actually these blasts are all the doing of Hindu terrorists - it's all the fault of Sadhvi Pragya Thakur

From 'tolerant' to militant Hindu - the course of Indian polity

oct 30th, 2008

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From: Radha

Dear all, this is the text of the latest Vigil Plainspeak. This will soon be available on the vigil website under 'Plainspeak'. regards, RR

From 'tolerant' to militant Hindu – the course of Indian polity


The Maharashtra ATS has arrested two men and two women on suspicion for the Malegaon blasts, thus coming close to realizing the wild fantasy of some our experts – to find the yeti named 'Hindu terrorist' in their lifetime. They looked foolishly for him in the LTTE and they sought him desperately in the ULFA and now think they have found him and also her finally in Maharashtra. The possible involvement of Sadhvi Pragya Singh and Sushree Sashikala, former President, Durga Vahini, in the blasts even if it is only as 'ideologues', is proof of the lively Hindu tradition of women warriors. Unlike the captive women in their communities who are regularly used as human shields by terrorists belonging to the Abrahamic faiths, Hindu women have always stepped into the battlefield as soldiers alongside men; Sadhwi Pragya Singh has followed naturally in the footsteps of Santi Ghose Das and Suniti Chaudhury Ghosh and Major Upadhyaya and Sameer Kulkarni are only carrying forward the torch proudly held aloft by Madanlal Dhingra and Bhagat Singh.


Not just the arrest itself, but the reaction from the BJP and the secular media to the alleged involvement of Sadhvi Pragya Singh in the Malegaon blasts is as laughable as it is predictable. If the Maharashtra government is faithfully playing the colonial British government, then the BJP's Venkaiah Naidu is playing Gandhi while our media is playing itself. Savarkar was arrested because the British thought he was the ideologue who inspired Madanlal Dhingra to assassinate Curzon-Wyllie in London in July 1909 while Tilak was arrested because the British government thought he was the ideologue who inspired the Chapekar brothers to assassinate British ICS officer Walter Rand in June 1897. All three – Tilak, Aurobindo and Savarkar were tried and found guilty of sedition against the British monarch. The Maharashtra ATS with no conclusive proof that Sadhvi Pragya Singh planted the explosives herself and unable so far to arrest the person or persons who planted the explosives, have instead arrested the Sadhvi merely on suspicion that she may have been the ideologue who inspired the act; Deja vu.


India's secular polity stopped short when news broke that two former armymen, one of them of the rank of Major had also been arrested on suspicion of having trained the 'Hindu terrorists' in use of explosives. It is besides the point that no Hindu terrorist has been arrested so far. Venkaiah Naidu, when shown pictures of Sadhvi Pragya Singh seated along with the BJP President Rajnath Singh and the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Shivrajsingh Chauhan, went into convulsions and spluttered incoherently about how instead of pointing a finger at the BJP the media should pose the question to organizations which were using people like the Sadhvi for political reasons. While it is not clear to which organizations Naidu was referring, this much was clear – he was rattled by the very idea of the BJP being accused of violence; even terrorism. He distanced himself and his party speedily from Sadhvi Pragya Singh and declared that the party had nothing to do with the Sadhvi's thoughts or actions; Advani of course is on record that terrorism, even if it is jihad, has no religion while on another occasion he has held re-conversion to be as reprehensible as conversion itself.


Let's go back in time to 1909 when Gandhi was aspiring for a greater role for himself in India, a role which would make him powerful and which would come with the privilege of sitting at the high table with powerful Englishmen. Gandhi therefore began to position himself as being different from the towering intellectuals and warriors of the time. As speedily as Venkaiah Naidu, Gandhi distanced himself from Tilak, Aurobindo and Savarkar to Lord Ampthill, former Governor and Viceroy Pro-tem in India –


Will you excuse me for saying that I know of no Indian, whether here, in South Africa or in India, who had so steadily, even defiantly, set his face against sedition—as I understand it— as I have. It is part of my faith not to have anything to do with it, even at the risk of my life. Most people, that is, most Indians and Anglo-Indians, express their detestation of bomb throwing and violence in words or in unreasonable action. The movement in the Transvaal, with which I have identified myself, is an eloquent and standing protest in action against such methods. The test of passive resistance is self-suffering and not infliction of suffering on others. We have, therefore, not only never received a single farthing from " the party of sedition" in India or else-where, but even if there was any offer, we should, if we were true to our principles, decline to receive it. (Excerpts from 'Letter to Lord Ampthill', London July 29, 1909, CWMG Vol. 9, pp 447-49)


And again –


Your Lordship's question was whether passive resistance was financed or fomented from India.

I am fully aware of the allegation that we are acting in co-operation with the Extremist Party in India. I however give Your Lordship the emphatic assurance that the charge is totally without foundation. Indian passive resistance in the Transvaal had its rise in that Colony and has been continued absolutely independent of anything that is being said or done in India; indeed, sometimes, even in defiance of what has been said or written to the contrary in India or elsewhere. Our movement is absolutely unconnected with any extremist movement in India. I do not know the extremists personally.

.....and now Mr. Henry S.L. Polak is in Bombay, from the Transvaal, in order to place the position before the Indian public. He has gone there with definite instructions not to come into touch with the Extremist Party, but to be guided largely by the Editor of The Times of India, Professor Gokhale and the Aga Khan. It would be improper for me not to add that I follow what is going on in India with the keenest interest and some of the phases of the national movement with the gravest anxiety. (Excerpts from 'Letter to Lord Ampthill', August 4, 1909, CWMG Vol. 9, pp 457-590)


When the Indian National Congress split at the time of the Surat Congress in December 1909, the two factions were called 'Nationalists' and 'Moderates'. Gandhi, like Venkaiah Naidu was so anxious not to be seen to be associated with Tilak and Aurobindo which would jeopardize his political ambitions that he renamed the 'Nationalist' faction the 'Extremist party'. Just so we understand this clearly, the forefather to Sonia Gandhi's Congress, the Congress of GK Gokhale, MK Gandhi, Motilal Nehru and his son Jawaharlal Nehru distanced itself from and repudiated its own men, Congressmen Tilak and Aurobindo. Leading lawyers in the Congress Party like GK Gokhale and MK Gandhi refused to defend Tilak, Aurobindo and Savarkar in court; instead they sat back and watched in complete inaction and deafening silence, the British government dispatching Aurobindo to prison while Tilak and Savarkar were sentenced to transportation for life, away from India. A few years later, the Congress and Gandhi would not lift its little finger to defend or save Bhagat Singh and Gandhi would machinate to have Subhash Bose thrown out of the Congress party. Tilak, Aurobindo, Savarkar, Bhagat Singh and Bose, let me add were all advocates of armed resistance and use of force in the cause of political freedom.


Pontificating to ordinary Indians on use of force to attain political freedom, Gandhi wrote about Tilak's exile in the Indian Opinion, a journal he edited in South Africa. He first played the grieving crocodile and then bared his teeth:


The sentence passed on Mr. Tilak, the great patriot, is terrible. The few days' imprisonment which the Transvaal Indians suffer is as nothing compared to transportation for six years. The sentence is not so much surprising as terrible. At the same time it is nothing to be unhappy about. It is not surprising that a Government we seek to defy should inflict oppressive measures on us.

Yet we should not blindly follow the policies of those whom we regard as great. It would be casting a reflection on Mr. Tilak's greatness to argue that his writings had no bitterness in them or to offer some such defence. Pungent, bitter and penetrating writing was his objective. He aimed at inciting Indians against British rule. To attempt to minimize this would be to detract from Mr. Tilak's greatness.

The rulers are justified, from their point of view, in taking action against such a man. We would do the same in their place.

What we need to consider is whether Indians should accept the views of Mr. Tilak and his party. We submit, after great deliberation, that Mr. Tilak's views should be rejected. It will be harmful, even useless, to use force or violence for uprooting that rule. Freedom gained through violence would not endure. (Sentence on the great Tilak, Indian Opinion, 1-8-1908, CWMG Vol. 9, pp 28-29)


Lest we forget, Gandhi's pious platitudes on self-suffering and non-violence had no impact on the Muslim League or its determination to achieve Pakistan through jihad against the Hindus. Even now, secularists in the country, which includes the English language print and electronic media, refuse to attribute religion to jihad. They take objection to phrases like Islamic terror and Muslim terrorists with specious arguments like terrorism has no religion, do not communalise terrorism, etc etc. But in the last week the media has been generous in its use of phrases like saffron terror (incidentally they never called jihad 'green terror'), Hindu terror, Hindu extremism and Hindutva fundamentalism.


Equating acts of revenge and self-defense with the original crime or with a perceived threat to survival on the basis of bogus morality is White Christian tactic to enable it to stride uninterrupted towards world domination. Thus the perpetrators of all original crimes against humanity – crusades, jihad, colonialism, slavery, genocide and destruction of non-Islamic, non-Christian cultures, peoples and religions are walking free while Saddam Hussein, Robert Mugabe, Slobodan Milosevich, Narendra Modi and Hindu nationalists invite White Christian and Islamic wrath.


Sadhvi Pragya Singh, Sameer Kulkarni and Major Upadhyaya are Hindu nationalists who have picked up arms to defend the Hindu bhumi against Islamic jihadis and evengelising Christians – both of whom want to alter the religious demography of the Hindu nation by preying upon tribal and Hindu communities. If Indian polity will not protect the Hindu bhumi from predatory religions and their practitioners, Hindu society will have to do it. Sadhvi Pragya Singh, Sameer Kulkarni and Major Upadhyaya are everything I do not have the courage or the commitment to be. If those setting off explosives in trains and temples, those seeking to vivisect the Hindu bhumi to carve out a dar-ul-Islam or a Kingdom Of God are doing this in the name of their religion, seeking refuge behind the minority-ist Indian Constitution, then those that stop them in their tracks with acts of revenge are also doing the same in the name of their religion because this nation's territoryis the janmabhumi of Hindus.


This nation has to remain Hindu. Either Indian polity reigns in these monstrous religions or lives to see Hindu society doing it. Indian polity must ask itself why ex-servicemen are training Hindu nationalists into becoming Bhagat Singh and Madanlal Dhingra and why Sadhvi Pragya Singh felt compelled to follow in the footsteps of the brave women of the Jugantar party. Hindus were not protected by state power then; Hindus are not protected by state power now. Manmohan Singh, Advani and Amar Singh are following faithfully in the footsteps of Gokhale, Gandhi and Nehru. Why are we pretending to be surprised that History is playing itself out again? But this time, I assure you, there will be neither vivisection of the Hindu bhumi nor Hindu tolerance. The tolerant Hindu is becoming a militant Hindu – his dharma demands this transformation. As Aurobindo put it, "It is the nature of the pressure that determines the nature of the resistance".


The threat to the Hindu bhumi from jihad and the evangelising Church is enormous – both have declared their unrelenting intention to destroy the kaffir and to convert the Hindu. If Hindu resistance is stirring strong passions, well Aurobindo said it again, perfectly –


If hatred is demoralising, it is also stimulating. The web of life has been made a mingled strain of good and evil and God works his ends through evil as well as through the good. Let us discharge our minds of hate, but let us not deprecate a great and necessary movement because, in the inevitable course of human nature, it has engendered feelings of hostility and hatred. If hatred came, it was necessary that it should come as a stimulus, as a means of awakening. When tamas, inertia, torpor have benumbed a nation, the strongest forms of rajas are necessary to break the spell; there is no form of rajas so strong as hatred. Through rajas we rise to sattva and for the Indian temperament, the transition does not take long (Aurobindo on the Morality of Boycott, Bande Mataram, page 127)                


Sadhvi Pragya Singh, Major Upadhyaya and Sameer Kulkarni have demonstrated to Hindus and Indian polity alike that it is the primary responsibility of the State to protect not only national borders but also the sense of nationhood. When the nationhood of a people is threatened by predatory religions, the very nation is threatened. In such times, the call of nationalism to those with a stake in this bhumi, is irresistible. If Hindus disown the Sadhvi, the Major and Kulkarni, we are as guilty as Gandhi, Gokhale and Nehru when they disowned Tilak, Aurobindo and Savarkar.


Radha Rajan,

30th October, 2008 



Wednesday, October 29, 2008

even ratzy couldn't stand 'vampire of cochin', who has moved to bangalore; beware, bangaloreans

oct 30th, 2008

it takes a lot to embarrass the thick-skinned godman ratzy, him being the erstwhile grand inquisitor as well as an incarnation of that bloodthirsty torquemada. but even he felt bad about this blighter the vampire of cochin, "dr" john thattunkal, and has kicked him out.

or was he kicked upstairs?

ratzy has invited him to the vatican to get the juicy details of the "adoption", i suspect.

here's the report on this, again verbatin translation from the kerala kaumudi, october 27th.

================= begin verbatim translation ==============

"john thattunkal leaves bishop's palace"

thoppumpadi, cochin. the suspended cochin biship dr. john thattunkal left the bishop's palace yesterday. it is believed he went to bangalore.

dr. john thattunkal left surreptitiously before the godmen of the "kooriya", the diocese's operational committe, took charge.

there are hints that it was with the consent of the administrator of the diocese, archbishop dr. daniel acharuparambil. it is believed that the bishop has gone to the "kothalengo" seminary in bangalore. he will have to appear before the bishop commission investigating his adoption racket. subsequently, he will have to go the vatican as he has been summoned by the pope godman.

it was inappropriate for him to stay in the bishop's palace as he had lost the administrative charge of the place, bishop thattunkal had said to his pals. he had been spending all his time in prayer after he had been suspended. the "kothalengo" seminary in bangalore is an outfit that gives a lot of importance to praying. vicars like antony thachara (vicar general), augustine nellikkaveli (chancellor), dominic aluvapparambil (procurator) et al took charge yesterday. archbishop dr. daniel acharuparambil announced the appointments in a conference of godmen.

it is usual to remove oneself from the bishop's house once the bishop title is lost, godmen circles said. it is difficult for the suspended bishop and the replacement administrative body to coexist in the same palace. archbishop dr. daniel acharuparambil of the arch-diocese of varappuzha, which had taken over the diocese of cochin, will be visiting cochin on alternate days, and thus handling the administration in both centers. he will pay more attention to cochin.

============= end of verbatim translation ==============

in the usual tradition of the church, which always protects its criminals, murderers and other 'holy fathers', the blighter has been quietly packed off to bangalore. surely the irrepressible "dr doom" john thattunkal will arise again with his bloody ways. [actually, i have a technical question: the blood that his "adopted daughter" is alleged to have hemorrhaged as soon as she touched the jesus idol, was that perhaps menstrual blood? which would be good, because otherwise the vampire would have had to pierce the girl's body to extract blood for the sacrifice he conducted sprinkling her blood, while he was wearing black robes -- isn't this like serious worship of the Other Guy? but then the difference between the Other Guy and YHWH is vanishingly small.]

also, whatever happened to the son she was supposed to produce, who would appear with an iron rod etc.? was "dr doom" laboring mightily to impregnate her, too?

strangely enough, the mohammedan terrorists who are found aplenty in north kerala also have a pit stop in bangalore. i guess birds of a feather...

so now if the incidences of vampirism in bangalore start increasing, you know where to look. yes, and you can soon expect a bunch of massage parlors and hotels to come up in benami names funded by this fellow. these padres of mammon aka yhwh the bloody really know how to make their money! i have no idea where the "kothelongo" seminary is in bangalore, but women in the vicinity had better beware. actually, if there are any nuns in the place, they better beware first, lest they have to bear the boy-child with the iron rod who will "save" the church in 2011, at the ripe old age of 2!

steven-cohen-level "analysis" of pak-afghan-india situation

oct 29th, 2008

i find the puerileness and banality of these "analyses" mind-numbing. i thought only steven cohen was capable of these, but clearly he has a bunch of acolytes.

the yanks have been "giving" to pakistan for years, and see where it got them.
the kkkangress has been "giving" to pakistan for years, and see where it got them.

it's time to turn the record over, and stop giving. start sending some bullets. and start taking. for instance, take their nukes.

if i understand correctly, this commentary is derived from the axiom, "a strong, peaceful and united pakistan is good for india". wrong. a weak, chaotic and broken-up pakistan is good for india, because then the baluchis, sindhis, pashtuns etc will be quite happy to attack the punjabis. and leave the rest of us alone.

incidentally, there was an earthquake yesterday in baluchistan that killed at least 200 people, but i don't see the sob-sister pals of pakistan eagerly rushing to offer aid. it's only when punjabis are killed that everybody's bothered.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Brahma Chellaney 


From: Stanley Weiss []
Sent: Wednesday, October 29, 2008 7:52 PM
To: Stanley Weiss
Subject: FYI: Stanley A. Weiss and Maharajakrishna Rasgotra Op-Ed




Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Pakistan and Afghanistan: The Enemy is Not India

By Maharajakrishna Rasgotra and Stanley A. Weiss


NEW DELHI—The road to stability in Afghanistan, it is now clear, runs through Pakistan—specifically the tribal areas that Taliban and al Qaeda fighters use as a sanctuary.  Less understood is that the road to stability in the tribal areas, and across the region, also runs through India.


Old fears of India, with which Pakistan has fought three wars since their 1947 partition, are at the root of much of today's dangerous Pakistani behavior.  Islamabad's long-running goal of achieving "strategic depth" with a compliant Afghanistan lingers in elements of its army and powerful spy agency, the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), and their support to anti-Afghan Islamic militants.


Even now, with those militants turning their guns on the Pakistani government and with Pakistani forces engaged in a long-overdue offensive in the tribal areas, most of Pakistan's military remains deployed in the east—toward India and disputed Kashmir.


The result?  When American officials recently pressed Pakistan's army chief Ashfaq Kayani to be more aggressive in the tribal areas, he claimed, according to Newsweek, that he lacked the military capability to confront several sizable insurgent strongholds at once.


Islamabad's fears of India are surpassed only by its fears of ethnic disintegration.  Many of its ethnic parts, cobbled together like so many other post-colonial states, have never accepted Punjabi domination of the government and military, which—unlike in India—has prevented the emergence of stable federal structure of more or less equal, autonomous units.


Indeed, among Islamabad's greatest worries is that the tens of millions of Pashtuns on either side of the border with Afghanistan could realize their ancient dreams of an independent Pashtunistan.

Islamabad therefore misreads Indian efforts to promote security and economic development in Afghanistan, including New Delhi's massive $1 billion reconstruction program, as attempts to isolate or encircle Pakistan.  The answer from Pakistani-backed militants?  This summer's deadly suicide bombing of the Indian embassy in Kabul.


If old Pakistani fears of India are key to understanding Pakistani behavior toward Afghanistan, then removing those fears is key to changing that behavior.


As the dominant political and economic power in the region, India should take the lead.  New Delhi should continue to assure Islamabad that India's only objective is a truly independent, united, stable and drug-free Afghanistan.


Specifically, India could offer credible assurances of the security of Pakistan's eastern frontier, explore mutual force reductions on that frontier and unilaterally open its borders—including the Line of Control that divides Kashmir—to tariff-free trade.


For its part, Islamabad must recognize that a stable Afghanistan to its west and a friendly India to the east will help prevent a catastrophic implosion in Pakistan.  Finally assured of a secured eastern frontier with India, Pakistan should build on its recent offensive and deploy enough troops in the west to secure the border with Afghanistan, followed by extensive investments in education and development in the tribal regions.


Islamabad should put an end to financing, arming, training and infiltrating terrorists into Kashmir and other parts of India.  This would pave the way for other confidence-building steps—visits of senior military leaders, free trade and joint economic ventures.


The United States could help allay any lingering fears in Islamabad by endorsing Indian assurances of the integrity of Pakistan's eastern frontier.  More broadly, Washington should support Pakistan's fragile democracy by focusing aid on economic and social development rather than the military.


With Pakistan finally assured that India no longer poses a threat, India could then consider a truly historic step worthy of a great and growing power—contributing military forces to stabilizing Afghanistan.  Such a deployment would require a joint request from Kabul, Washington and the United Nations.  Indian training teams could play a critical role in strengthening the Afghan military and police.


Reconciliation between Pakistan and India and the presence of Indian forces in Afghanistan may seem illusory.  But the return of civilian government in Islamabad gives new hope.  If attention can be focused on the real and growing terrorist threat to the region—not those imagined in Islamabad—then fear and loathing in Pakistan could finally give way to trust and cooperation in Afghanistan.


Maharajakrishna Rasgotra, a former foreign secretary of India, is president of the Observer Research Foundation, a think tank in New Delhi. Stanley A. Weiss is founding chairman of Business Executives for National Security, a nonpartisan organization based in Washington.



Atlanticist get around to admitting Indian greatness

they are right- Hindus have no problems with science. that is true only for desert death cults and Stalinists like Nehru. The moon is also at the heart of Hinduism's lunar calendar systems - and not just astrology as tunku v reckons

a nice touch that Ganesha doing a spacewalk. of course, they cannot have something like that when the Hans did their spacewalks - no - that would be considered rude!!!!

Happy Deepavali!

oct 29th, 2008

i have put this up on posterous. worth taking a look.

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From: Rajeev Srinivasan

oct 28th, 2008

good presentation. i appreciate the trouble taken to put this nice presentation together.

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From: P.N.Kumar
Dear brothers,

Kindly save this PowerPoint presentation and circulate widely. Every Hindu should know the significance of this all unifying festival, especially the Tamil Hindus - as there are some vested interests (Missionary, Mullah, Marxist & Macaulayist Media network) doing over time to divide them from the main stream Hindus now.

Best regards,



Hindu Wisdom Update

oct 29th, 2008

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This is to let you know that Hindu Wisdom -  has just been updated:

October 28, 2008 - Subh Deepavali

Three chapters have been added in the current update.

·         Quotes 421-440 - Lady Callcott, Henri Bergson, Sir Brajendranath Seal, Edward Washburn Hopkins, Sir George Edward Gordon Catlin, Vera Christine Chute Collum, Ed Vishwanathan, Ernest E Wood, S N (Surendranath) Dasgupta, Major Francis Yeats-Brown, Savitri Devi, Samuel Johnson, John Moffitt, Lowell Jackson Thomas, Martin Gray, Mani Bhaumik and others..( more ).

·         Glimpses XX on Hinduism and India - This chapter features tracing of a Glorious Hindu Legacy in Mynmar (Burma) as well as takes an in depth look at the menace of religious conversion in India. (more...).

·         Glimpses XXI on Hinduism and India - This chapter features tracing of a Glorious Hindu Legacy in Nepal as well as has interesting information on varied aspects of Hinduism and India. (more...).

In addition all chapters have been updated with additional information and images.
For more details on chapters refer to the Contents page.

Best Regards,
Ms. Sushama Londhe
Hindu Wisdom
Author of:  A Tribute to Hinduism: Thoughts and Wisdom spanning continents and time about India and her culture, Pragun Publications, New Delhi, India, 2008. Get your copy at:


Puppet mentality

oct 29th, 2008

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From: निरवधि सीमा

Hey Rajeev, did you read this,

So now these so-called communal Minorities, Dhimmis, and NGOs will approve all the bills before the parliament does. Then Mr. Manmoron Singh, what is the need for MPs, Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha? Once a puppet, always a puppet. I wonder how subservient have the people especially Sanatan Dharm Anuyayi (Hindus) in Bharat become that they can tolerate such pathetic no-class government's 3rd class treatment. It is a wonder that there is no mass revolt yet and this Antonia Maino run government has survived this long. May be because there is no unity and allot of regional chauvinism. But still I don't understand such pusillanimous attitude of fellow Anuyayi. Wake up people and protest. Don't expect others to do it for you. If you want your rights, you have to demand it yourself.

Nirvdhi Seema

Dallas, TX

I am just a freelance activist and observer speaking out for the cause of Sanatan Dharm, its Anuyayi and the atrocities on Dharm in and outside Bharat. I like to express my views on the current socio-political environment in US and Bharat with facts. I am also inquisitive to learn about the true (not Nehruvian-Marxist-Anglicized-Islamified doctored version) history of Bharat which is subverted and suppressed despite right to freedom of speech. I am a staunch believer of our holy Shastr and that ॥सत्यमेव जयते नानृतं॥ (Truth Alone Triumphs, not falsehood) - Mundak Upanishad 3.1.6. As we know God Shiv ji is the truth, he is limitless and has no boundary. Hence, my pen-name Nirvdhi Seema (Limitless Boundary). I do all this in my spare time as a selfless contribution to my God, my religion, and the society. Rest of the time I am just another blue collar working for bread and butter.

kkkangress home minister prostrates himself before ayatollah-type

oct 29th, 2008

this blighter, some orthodox christist godman, is the guy who was separated at birth from ayatollah ruhollah khomeini.

see shivraj patil practically kissing the bugger's feet.

and see kerala chief minister, the communist v s achuthanandan, and two of his communist ministers, kodiyeri balakrishnan and s sarma, looking on beamingly.

disgusting, isn't it?

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From: Rama


christist terrorism in korea: Buddhism under Siege 1982-1996

oct 29th, 2008

what the christists have planned for hindus.

see their use of the godman and the use of the timing of major buddhist events to disrespect them. the same as has been done on deepavali by godman johnpaul and on janmashtami by the orissa godmen in murdering swami lakshmananda.

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From: Ram
Buddhism under Siege 1982-1996

A Chronology of Fifteen Years of Incidents Against Buddhism in South

The following is an incomplete listing of defamations, acts of vandalism
and arson attacks against Buddhist temples and facilities in South Korea
which have occurred since 1982 and which have earned the attention of
the news media and the dismay of the Buddhist population in the country.

Buddhism under Siege 1982-1996 : Fifteen Years of Incidents Against
Buddhism in South Korea including at least twenty temples or Buddhist
shrines seriously damaged or totally destroyed by arson since 1986.

Sources :
Newspapers :
Dong A Ilbo daily newspaper (Seoul), May 2, 1990, p. 1
Pulgyo Shinmun weekly newspaper (Seoul), May 28, 1996, p. 4
Pôp Po Shinmun weekly newspaper (Seoul), May 15, 1996
Hyôndae Pulgyo weekly newspaper (Seoul), May 22, 1996
Kitokkyo Shinmun weekly newspaper (Seoul), July, 1996 advertisement
(Other major dailies and such weeklies as the Haedong Pulgyo and
regional papers have not been consulted at this time.)

Reports :
We have also corroborated and compared reports of incidents with records
maintained in the headquarters of the Chogye Order in Seoul and the
official written police report on the incidents at Hwagyesa, Pônwôn
Chôngsa and Samsông Am (Hermitage).

TV :
A cable TV report (BTN) of the Pônwôn Chôngsa and Samsông Am incidents
was also consulted.

(The modified McCune-Reischauer system of transliteration as appears in
the Korea Journal of the Korean National Commission for Unesco is
utilized for Korean names)

1982 May.A man by the name of Myông Chinhong organizes religious
gatherings in Seoul to publicly denounce Buddhism. He erects a banner
"Jesus Heaven, Buddhism Hell!" He claims to have once been a Buddhist
monk who has "repented," though no records can be found to support the
claim of his ordination. Using this claim, he puts up posters claiming:
"A Dharma Hall is a hall of demons."

1983 March 1. During a Christian revival meeting held on the occasion of
Korean Independence Day observations, a woman falsely claims to have
been the daughter of a famous Zen master and revered national
independence hero, Paek Yongsông. She makes statements denouncing

1984 February. Red crucifixes are painted on priceless temple wall
paintings at Muryangsa Temple and Ilsônsa on Samgaksan Mountain outside
Seoul. Dirt is smeared on the paintings and on a statue of the Buddha
located outside one of the temples. A large ancient carving of the
Buddha chiselled into stone is damaged with axe-like instruments.

May. Ignoring the pleas of Buddhist leaders, the Roman Catholic Church
invites Pope John Paul II to visit South Korea to celebrate the
bicentennial of the church in Korea. This event happens to fall during
the annual national Buddha's Birthday holiday celebrations. Because it
is the first ever visit of a Roman pontiff to South Korea, and because
the Vatican announces that 93 Koreans and 10 French missionary martyrs
will be beatified as saints during the visit, the visit becomes a major
national event. It is the first time that a canonization ceremony is
held outside of Rome and the largest number ever canonized at one time.
This ceremony gives Korea the fourth largest number of Catholic saints
in the world. When the Pope tours the country, in the days immediately
preceding and during Buddha's Birthday, there are immense traffic jams
which diminish attendance at Buddhist events in several key cities.
Buddhist leaders protest the timing of the event as "disrespectful" and
"in bad taste" because the Korean and Roman Catholic Churches schedule
the mass beatification ceremonies to take place during Buddha's Birthday
celebrations, a day sacred to Buddhists and a national holiday.

... deleted

Congress rabidly against Hindus

oct 29th, 2008

actually i am not bothered about the smear of "hindu terrorists". yes,
hindu can be terrorists too. what, you thought only mohammedans and
christists can be terrorists? sorry. in fact, some of you p-secs may
find yourselves bumped off by hindu terrorists. any more questions?

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From: Naresh

Now that the elections are nearing, these traitors will cook up
anything to protect their anti-national votebank, since these evil
congi-commies have nothing postive & concrete to show for their
achievements except divisiveness to cling to power with disregard to
national security. It is like a drowing catching at a straw.

These congies & their surrogates themselves are & have always been
involved in terrorist plots since the begining of their inception.

Naresh Khanna

Blasts: Sadhvi, 2 others charged with murder

PTI | October 24, 2008 | 18:27 IST

A young sadhvi suspected to have links with a Hindu right wing group
and two other men were slapped with murder charges on Friday after
they were arrested for their alleged involvement in the Malegaon
blasts in which the police said the deadly RDX was used.

Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur along with Shamlal Sahu and Shivnarayan
Singh, all hailing from Madhya Pradesh, were produced before a chief
judicial magistrate K D Boche in Nashik in Maharashtra which remanded
them to police custody till November 3.

Public prosecutor Ajay�Miisar said the crime committed by the three
was a "serious offence" and they were booked under charges of murder,
attempt to murder and voluntarily causing grievous hurt under IPC
Sections 302, 307 and 326 respectively.

The sadhvi, who is based in Indore but who regularly visited Surat to
give lectures, was picked up from the diamond city by the Anti
Terrorist Squad of the Mumbai police. Shamlal Sahu and Shivnarayan
Singh were brought from Indore in MP for questioning to Mumbai. The
arrests were made in the last one week.

Misar�said the motorcycle used in the Malegaon blasts on September 29�
in which five persons were killed belonged to the sadhvi. (How many
Sadhvis ride motorcycles ? Answer: NONE. It is deep rooted ploy by
anti-national evil congi-commie brigade to malign Hindus while
protecting the real xtian/moslem terrorists supported by
themselves)-NKBesides having links with the Bharatiya Janata Party's
student wing the Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parishad, she is suspected
to be associated with the Indore-based radical Hindu Jagran Manch
accused of involvement in the blasts in Malegaon as well as in Modasa
in Gujarat in which one person was killed. The right-wing outfit has
denied the charge.

Misar claimed that following the Malegaon blasts the sadhvi, who also
is believed to be a member of Surat-based Vande Mataram Sanghatan, had
several telephone conversations -- all lasting "400 minutes" -- with
the other two.

Misar�said forensic reports have shown that RDX was used in the Malegaon blasts.

The state had asked for 14 days custody, but the court gave only 11
days' custoday, he added.

Pragya's father Chanderpal Thakur said he does not believe his
daughter was involved in the blasts.

"Her nature would not have allowed her to do something like this. It
is a different thing that she may have known about it but I don't
believe that she was involved," he said.


URL for this article:

Sree Narayana Guru's Karma Sandesham - audio file

oct 29th, 2008

i haven't listened to this, but dr. gopalakrishnan does have a lot of
good stuff on the iish website in mp3 format as well (mostly in

sri narayana guru was an extraordinary religious figure as well: and
it is noteworthy that he totally rejected the idea of conversion -- he
said it was neither necessary nor sufficient. he realized that
conversion was simply a way of taking on a new tyranny.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: K Govindan

Here is the link to a rather long audio file 1 h 54m. Dr. N.
Gopalakrishnan's Malayalam speech can be listened at leisure, like
listening to an audio book.

Thankfully, there is an upcoming generation of noteworthy spiritual
scholars, who are able to comprehend, through Sree Narayana Guru's
writings, his true mission and messages; and not just see the Guru
merely as a 'social reformer'.

Best regards, Govindan

spengler is a jerk, and atimes is funded by china, but this is an interesting analysis on the meltdown

oct 29th, 2008

a contrarian view.

christian science monitor gives up its print edition

oct 29th, 2008

for a christist-owned paper, this is actually a damn decent paper. i
mean, compare it to the malayala manorama, which is such a poisonous
christist-fundamentalist paper!

so the SCM is going web-only. let us hope that china's national paper
from chennai will also face this fate soon.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Kashmir Valley Drying Up

The Kashmir Valley is in danger of drying up. Aww, how sorry I feel for them -- NOT. Apparently, the Kolahoi glacier that supplies the Valley of Kashmir with drinking water is rapidly disappearing, due to global warming. Hell, if I'd known about the fundamental importance of this glacier before, I'd have suggested dropping a dirty bomb there. Let's see how long people can shriek at us with parched throats. The outflow from the glacier also ultimately feeds the Jhelum river in Pakistan. So they'll get hit too.

The Economist seems to be alarmed, saying that it would intensify conflict in Kashmir. Nah, I think it's the opposite. A little dehydration should help to pacify these rabid maniacs quite nicely, and give them pause for thought.

Is poor Pakistan not getting all the water from us that it wants? Well, don't blame us, blame global warming. Revenge is a dish best served dry.

Military School denies training any "Hindu terrorists"

Of course, no such creatures exist - therefore they cannot possibly be "trained" in terror. The real terrorists in India are the Jihadis, the Christist evangelicals and their Maovadi lapdogs. Their genocidal terrorism is enabled by "SECULAR"
Stalinist politicians and the christist controlled Indian media.

The bogey of "Hindu terrorism" (sic)is merely the latest creation of the Pseudo-secular dirty tricks department. It is not even a brand new idea emerging from these windbags. The progenitor of the Nehruvian Stalinist cult in India himself had invented this mythology of "Hindu fascism" and attempted to muzzle Hindu nationalism by banning the RSS in the immediate aftermath of the partition.
A few thousand Hindu nationalists, Brahmins in particular were massacred and women dishonoured across Maharashtra by protagonists of "Gandhianism" (sic)in a state sponsored "SECULAR" pogrom unleashed by KKKaangress thugs using the "Mahatma's" (sic) slaying as an excuse. This, in fact was "independent" India's first act of genocide against Hindus - to be repeated in the 1984 genocide of Sikhs, again by the brutal Kaangress thugs.

Both Indira Ghandi and Narasimha Rao attempted to equate Hindu nationalism with real Islamist terror to appear even handed when forced to take the most limited action against Mohammedan separatists. Despite the cognitive dissonance endemic to dhimmi India, the disingenuous tactic of "fairness" never succeeded completely, because a small residue of common sense and ingrained historical memory does exist in the Indian people, that assists them in the precise identification of traitors and terrorists.

Accordingly, the alert citizen will need to make a couple of observations about the latest Goebbelsian disinformation campaign by the "SECULARS" :

1) Is the "government" not violating the human rights of Hindu nationalists
by placing them in indefinite illegal detention - without a shred of evidence to prove any culpability in "terrorism"? Does the concept of innocence until proven guilty simply not apply when Hindus are maliciously accused of wrongdoing? Isn't some draconian law being misused to persecute the MINORITY of Hindu nationalists?

2) Are the "government" and the media not deliberately injuring Hindu sentiment by repeatedly labeling innocent young people as "HINDU TERRORISTS"? Now, we are all aware of a "SECULAR" Indian convention; Indeed, it has been repeatedly drilled into us Ad Infinitum by the "SECULARS" that "TERRORISTS HAVE NO RELIGION".

Therefore, conceding the bogey of "terrorism" in this instance for argument's sake - is the "SECULAR" dictum not being violated by labeling individuals as "HINDU TERRORISTS"? Does this also not violate the "ALL RELIGIONS ARE EQUAL" rule? i.e. If all "religions" are equal, as the Dhimmis say - and Islam is a "Religion of Peace" and Christism is a "Religion of Love", then how can Hindus alone be qualified as "terrorists"? Hm mm, sounds like all religions are NOT equal after all for the "SECULARS".

3) OK, granted that Hindus do not deserve any human rights and are almost certainly "terrorists". Is yet another "SECULAR" law not being violated by totally obscuring the ROOT CAUSES of Hindu "terrorism"? How can the "government" and the tabloid Indian media minimise POVERTY and ILLITERACY as causative factors for misguiding some unemployed youth?

Pseudo Secularism is inconsistent, illogical and fatally flawed even in it's pathetic "balanced" attempt to equate Hindu nationalism with real Jihadi terrorism.

Tuesday, 28 October , 2008, 21:18

Nagpur: The Bhosla Military School has categorically denied imparting terrorist training to the Malegaon bomb blast accused or anyone else in the past, terming media reports to that effect as part of irresponsible and malicious propaganda.

“We heard the names of the Malegaon bomb accused, including Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur, for the first time when reports about their arrest appeared in the print and electronic media in the last some days,"
the school's Nagpur branch director Satish Salpekar said on Tuesday.


Congress's hidden agenda to eventually unravel Indian Armed Forces

oct 28th, 2008

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Naresh

A Dangerous Imbalance

A Callous State, An Apathetic Society and Disgruntled Soldiers. The
discontent over the Pay Commission recommendations is just one of the
manifestations of unprecedented turmoil and dissatisfaction in the
armed forces ......

Harsh V. Pant

Rethink India's development - Prof. R Vaidyanathan

Rethink required on imitating the American model of development

"Perhaps we should go for the Scandinavian model of high taxation and larger social security net since our business leaders have moved away from dharmic (the right course, as prescribed by religion) methods to asuric (pertaining to demons) ways"

Caught between the edification of Indian spiritualism and regression of Marxist materialism - the good professor has defaulted to stinking Nehruvian-statism.

I disagree with the professor on this one. The enlargement of the state will not provide safety nets to needy families and communities (I am glad the prof did not say individuals) - it will only lead to black money for the rich and Swiss-bank money for those in charge of the state. Sounds familiar?

In these days of Chandrayaan - the professor confuses the objective (safety net) with the delivery vehicle (the state)

First - the state should exit it's role in all areas - save defense, communications and external affairs.
Second - we need to build up institutions that allow the individual to contribute to community based delivery vehicles (read temples, charities, NGO's) - we need to subject these institutions to independent audit and high standards for disclosure.
Last - the state should also enlarge (in a BIG way) facilities for deducting taxable income for contributions made to community-based delivery vehicles

In India - we need to give up on the market and the state as delivery vehicles in favor of the community. Of course, we already have the propulsion fuel of Dharma to launch these delivery vehicles!!!!

Indian troops drinking military into the red: report

oct 28th, 2008

well, the UPA govt won't give the soldiers a decent salary, so they have to make it up through bootlegging.

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From: Shahryar

... deleted

radha rajan: This nation is not an idea

oct 28th, 2008

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From: Radha Rajan
Date: Tue, Oct 28, 2008 at 9:50 PM
Subject: This nation is not an idea

Dear all, this is the URL of my column for the RSS organ 'The Organiser' spl deepavalli edition. Regards, RR

This nation is not an idea
By Radha Rajan

A round the world, with the sole exception of India, countries use state power to deal with threats to national security. Until around the last quarter of the twentieth century, notwithstanding Islam's vivisection of the Hindu nation in 1947, the world understood national security generally to mean only external threats to the nation by another country through what is referred to as 'conventional warfare'—army, air-force and navy.

Even as methods of warfare 'evolved' as one of the definitive indices to being a 'developed' nation, acquiring more and more destructive powers and capabilities, the weapons of conventional warfare had to include scientifically advanced methods of decimating an entire populace through chemical and biological substances and nuclear weapons. The post-colonial era expanded the understanding of national security to account for internal insurgencies and separatist movements which were overtly and covertly encouraged by hostile states as war-by-other-means to attain foreign policy strategic objectives.

... deleted

Pakistan Says Eight Died in U.S. Missile Attack -

oct 28th, 2008

the us needs to keep attacking pakistan.

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tarun vijay: Pushing Hindus into a corner

oct 28th, 2008

i had been meaning to write something along these lines: the shrinking space for hindus. i am glad tarun did it. i have been swamped with other stuff, so no writing these days.

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From: Shahryar

.URL for this article:

Tarun Vijay | October 27, 2008 | 14:14 IST

One Diwali the highly revered monk of Hindus, Swami Jayendra Saraswati, was arrested while performing puja. The secular world celebrated it as a victory of law and constitutional propriety. When nothing was proved, all the chargesheets turned bunkum, the Supreme Court gave a verdict favouring the swami's release on bail, but no one retracted the strong, often abusive words used for the Hindu monk. It was met with silence as if nothing important had happened.
One Krishna Janmashtami night, another ochre-robed reformist monk, Swami Lakshmanananda, was murdered along with an aged Hindu nun, Ma Bhaktimoyee, in his ashram.
Secularists tried to direct and guide the entire investigation till the arrested murderers confessed that swami's work among tribals made prosylitisation difficult and hence they took the violent way.
The media linked the violence post-Lakshmanananda's murder to various Hindu organisations and completely ignored the brutal killing of the sanyasi and the lady monk.
This Diwali, Hindus were labelled as 'terrorists'.

... deleted

'Hate' preachers facing UK ban

oct 28th, 2008

i am sure manmohan singh will spend sleepless nights wondering how his favorite mohammedan terrorists will be able to get into the UK now.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Shahryar


'Hate' preachers facing UK ban

... deleted

Here Comes Anti-Globalization Lobby

The anti-globalization lobby is attempting to quickly spin the current economic crisis as a sign that globalization is unraveling. Considering that globalization has strongly helped India's turnaround, I don't think we should let them have the last word. After all, US deficit spending is not some novelty of the past 10 years. Actually, it was the Atlanticist-leaning Woodrow Wilson who created the US Federal reserve, to help finance his foreign/military adventurist policies in Europe, which played no small part in causing WW1 and later WW2. It has been the Fed's ability to unreservedly create dollars out of thin air, which has enabled US profligacy.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Antony admits he has failed the Nation and its Air Force

Scary stuff, this.
Must be part of Manmohan's piss process -- to allow paki and han jets to intrude into India.
They are, after all, our friends!
Guess this means the pakis can rain piss, sorry -- peace, sorry -- bombs from the air and we won't even know what's hitting us?

Bangalore: The Indian Air Force has a “serious problem” because the Government couldn’t supply it crucial radars and other equipment on time, Defence Minister A K Antony has admitted.

The CAG, in its performance audit, has said that the Defence Ministry failed to ensure timely acquisition, upgradation, replacement and modernisation of radars and associated equipment, leaving the country's air defence most ineffective.

The 2008 CAG report, presented to Parliament on Friday, said the IAF does not possess adequate number of surveillance radars needed for providing efficient and reliable detection capabilities for ensuring credible air defence of the country.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

vikram seth's very moving poem i always send out on deepavali

oct 26th, 2008

rest then, disquieted heart. a toast to all exiles.

DIWALI --- Vikram Seth

Three years of neurotic
Guy Fawkes Days-I recall
That lonely hankering-
But I am home after all.

Home. These walls, this sky
Splintered with wakes of light
These mud-lamps beaded round
The eaves, this festive night,

These streets, these voices...yet
The old insensate dread,
Abeyant as that love,
Once more shifts in my head.

Five? Six? generations ago
Somewhere in the Punjab
My father's family,farmers,
Perhaps had a small shop

And two generations later
Could send a son to a school
To gain the conqueror's
Authoritarian seal:

English! Six-armed god,
Key to a job, to power,
Snobbery, the good life,
This separateness, this fear.

English: beloved language
of Jonson, Wordsworth's tongue-
These my "meridian names"
Whose grooves I crawl along.

The Moghuls fought and ruled
And settled. Even while
They hungered for musk-melon,
Rose, peach, nightingale,

The land assumed their love.
At sixty they could not
Retire westwards. The British
Made us the Orient.

How could an Englishman say
About the divan-e-khas
"If there is heaven on earth
It is this; it is this; it is this."?

Macaulay the prophet of learning
Chewed at his pen: one taste
Of Western wisdom "surpasses
All the books of the East,"

And Kalidas, Shankaracharya,
Panini, Bhaskar, Kabir,
Surdas sank, and we welcomed
The reign of Shakespeare.

The undigested Hobbes,
The Mill who later ground
(Through talk of liberty)
The Raj out of the land ...

O happy breed of Babus,
I march on with your purpose;
We will have railways, common law
And a good postal service-

And I twist along
Those grooves from image to image,
Violet, elm-tree, swan,
Pork-pie, gable, scrimmage

And as we title our memoirs
"Roses in December"
Though we all know that here
Roses *grow* in December

And we import songs
Composed in the U.S
For Vietnam (not even
Our local horrors grip us)

And as, over gin at the Club,
I note that egregious member
Strut just perceptibly more
When with a foreigner,

I know that the whole world
Means exile of our breed
Who are not home at home
And are abroad abroad,

Huddled in towns, while around:
"He died last week. My boys
Are starving. Daily we dig
The ground for sweet potatoes."

"The landlord's hirelings broke
My husband's ribs-and I
Grow blind in the smoke of the hearth."
"Who will take care of me

When I am old? No-one
Is left." So it goes on,
The cyclic shadow-play
Under the sinister sun;

That sun that, were there water,
Could bless the dispirited land,
Coaxing three crops a year
From this same yieldless ground.

Yet would these parched wraiths still
Starve in their ruins, while
"Silkworms around them grow
Into fat cocoons?", Sad soil,

This may as well be my home.
Because no other nation
Moves me thus? What of that?
Cause for congratulation?

This could well be my home;
I am too used to the flavor
Of tenous fixity;
I have been brought to savour

Its phases: the winter wheat-
The flowers of Har-ki-Doon -
The sal forests - the hills
Inflamed with rhododendron -

The first smell of the Rains
On the baked earth-the peaks
Snow-drowned in permanence--
The single mountain lakes.

What if my tongue is warped?
I need no words to gaze
At Ajanta, those flaked caves,
Or at the tomb of Mumtaz;

And when an alap of Marwa
Swims on slow flute-notes over
The neighbours' roofs at sunset
Wordlessly like a lover

It holds me-till the strain
Of exile, here or there,
Subverts the trance, the fear
Of fear found everywhere.

"But freedom?" the notes would sing...
Parole is enough. Tonight
Below the fire-crossed sky
Of the Festival of Light.

Give your soul leave to feel
What distilled peace it can;
In lieu of joy, at least
This lapsing anodyne.

"The world is a bridge. Pass over it,
Building no house upon it."
Acceptance may come with time;
Rest, then disquieted heart.


oct 26th, 2008

when a mohammedan ad-man starts waxing eloquent about modi, then you know something is up.

alas, it could also be that the mohammedans have modi in their gun-sights, of course.

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From: Heritage





Why India needs Narendra Modi?


Suhel Seth


Posted online: Oct 19, 2008 at 2338 hrs

Let me begin with a set of disclosures: I have perhaps written more articles against Modi and his handling of the post-Godhra scenario than most people have; I have called him a modern-day Hitler and have always said that Godhra shall remain an enduring blemish not just on him but on India's political class. I still believe that what happened in Gujarat during the Godhra riots is something we as a nation will pay a heavy price for. But the fact is that time has moved on. As has Narendra Modi. He is not the only politician in India who has been accused of communalism. It is strange that the whole country venerates the Congress Party as the secular messiah but it was that party that presided over the riots in 1984 in which over 3,500 Sikhs died: thrice the number killed in Gujarat.

The fact of the matter is that there is no better performer than Narendra Modi in India's political structure. Three weeks ago, I had gone to Ahmedabad to address the YPO and I thought it would be a good opportunity to catch up with Modi. I called him the evening before and I was given an appointment for the very day I was getting into Ahmedabad. And it was not some official meeting but instead one at his house. As frugal as the man Modi is.

And this is something that the Gandhis and Mayawatis need to learn from Modi. There were no fawning staff members; no secretaries running around; no hangers on…just the two of us with one servant who was there serving tea. And what was most impressive was the passion which Modi exuded. The passion for development; the passion for an invigorated Gujarat; the passion for the uplifting the living standards of the people in his state and the joy with which he recounted simple yet memorable data-points. For instance, almost all of the milk consumed in Singapore is supplied by Gujarat; or for that matter all the tomatoes that are eaten in Afghanistan are produced in Gujarat or the potatoes that Canadians gorge on are all farmed in Gujarat. But it was industry that was equally close to his heart.

It was almost like a child, that he rushed and got a coffee table book on GIFT: the proposed Gujarat Industrial City that will come up on the banks of the Sabarmarti: something that will put the Dubais and the Hong Kongs of this world to shame. And while on the Sabarmati, it is Modi who has created the inter-linking of rivers so that now the Sabarmati is no longer dry.

He then spoke about how he was very keen that Ratan Tata sets up the Nano plant in Gujarat: he told me how he had related the story of the Parsi Navsari priests to Ratan and how touched Ratan was: the story is, when the Navsari priests, (the first Parsis) landed in Gujarat, the ruler of Gujarat sent them a glass of milk, full to the brim and said, there was no place for them: the priests added some sugar to the milk and sent it back saying that they would integrate beautifully with the locals and would only add value to the state.

Narendra Modi is clearly a man in a hurry and he has every reason to be. There is no question in any one's mind that he is the trump card for the BJP after Advani and Modi realises that. People like Rajnath Singh are simply weak irritants I would imagine. He also believes that the country has no apolitical strategy to counter terrorism and in fact he told me how he had alerted the Prime Minister, the Home Minister and the NSA about the impending bomb blasts in Delhi and they did not take him seriously. And then the September 13 blasts happened! It was this resolve of Modi's that I found very admirable. There is a clear intolerance of terrorism and terrorists which is evident in the way the man functions; now there are many cynics who call it minority-bashing but the truth of the matter is that Modi genuinely means business as far as law and order is concerned.

I left Modi's house deeply impressed with the man as Chief Minister: he was clearly passionate and what's more deeply committed. When I sat in the car, I asked my driver what he thought of Modi and his simple reply was Modi is God. Before him, there was nothing. No roads, no power, no infrastructure. Today, Gujarat is a power surplus state. Today, Gujarat attracts more industry than all the states put together. Today, Gujarat is the preferred investment destination for almost every multi-national and what's more, there is an integrity that is missing in other states.

After I finished talking to the YPO (Young President's Organisation) members, I asked some of them very casually, what they thought of Modi. Strangely, this was one area there was no class differential on. They too said he was God.

But what they also added very quickly was if India has just five Narendra Modis, we would be a great country. I don't know if this was typical Gujarati exaggeration or a reflection of the kind of leadership India now needs! There is however, no question in my mind, that his flaws apart, Narendra Modi today, is truly a transformational leader! And we need many more like him!

The writer is Managing Partner, Counselage