Monday, September 30, 2013

the myth of 'saint' thomas in india. yet another RoL lie, one of many

the vatican is the world's oldest, richest, and most ruthless multinational corporation. 

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Sunday, September 29, 2013

kerala model (of sen-rothschild). the reality is slavery, like these poor nepalis suffer from

no, it is not because of any redistribution as that pompous sen-rothschild claims, but because poor malayali men have been living and dying in slavery conditions and sending blood money back that kerala is prosperous.

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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Quick notes: Qatar World Cup, unmanned QF16...

Article: IPCC climate report: six things we've learned

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Friday, September 27, 2013

can modi govern?

interesting writeup by vidyasagar, an AI researcher. he wrote a thoughtful and much-appreciated piece years ago on the process of returning to india from the US.


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L'Affaire Dreyfus Continues

The controversy thrown up around V K Singh has grown more serious, with the angry general returning fire thru allegations of J&K ministers being paid money. But regardless of the damage to national interests, let's remember that it's the govt which spilled the whole issue into the public domain in the first place, by wrongly leaking a secret report to malign the general:

The solution to keeping politics from overriding national interest is obvious -- nationalism. Putting national interest above everything else is what nationalism is all about, by definition.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

who is congress' PM candidate? are they dumping rahul? my rediff piece

It was amusing to see some soi-disant intellectuals and pundits pontificating on whether Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi should be the Bharatiya Janata Party's candidate for the prime minister's post in 2014. What was interesting was the touching concern these people had for the BJP's chances of winning.

They intoned gravely about how Modi's candidacy would be bad for the BJP (I could practically hear the tut-tutting in the background). This would have been laudable if only these experts hadn't been furiously reviling the BJP as the devil incarnate for as long as I can remember.

Be that as it may, now that Modi, their bĂȘte-noire, has been chosen, it would only be fair to discuss threadbare the possible choices for the PM candidate for the Indian National Congress. 

The reason is that the most obvious candidate, Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi, has begun to be curiously downplayed by the Congress -- almost as though they were embarrassed by him; of course, I must be wrong, because, as a dynast, he commands absolute loyalty.

But people on average are paying less attention to Rahul Gandhi. I say this partly based on data from (external link, may need a sign-inGoogle Trends, which shows that interest in "Rahul Gandhi" peaked in August 2011 and has languished since then, with little general interest above a baseline. This doesn't suggest his campaign is on fire, especially as compared to surging interest in "Narendra Modi".

But more importantly, it looks as though Rahul has been absent in a number of situations where he could have made an impression. For instance, there was hardly a word from him -- and it would surely have been a sign of leadership if he had spoken – in: a) the Delhi gang rape in December 2012, b) the Uttarakhand flood in June, or c) the Muzaffarpur riots in August.

Surely his handlers in the Congress would have wanted to have him get some mileage. Unless, of course, they were afraid it would boomerang based on a poor performance.

There is precedent for backfiring: Rahul got a lot of attention for his April speech to the Confederation of Indian Industry, wherein his speech-writer came up with metaphors of bee-hives and rescue boats. But Rahul's delivery was mystifying, as though he were sleep-walking. Furthermore, he made an unfortunate sotto voce statement as he was flipping through his notes, trying to find his place: "I've lost it".

That was sort of a Freudian slip. Pretty unfortunate.

Besides, Rahul was not exactly successful in organising the Uttar Pradesh poll effort last year, and the Congress didn't do well there. And there is the real possibility that politics really isn't Rahul's cup of tea. He is trying -- as in two speeches recently -- but it isn't clear he can or wants to be responsible for running a government. He seems to be going through the motions because that's what's expected of him, not because of any great passion for politics.

The question of the hour is whether the Congress has given up on the idea of Rahul leading them as the shining knight on a white horse to a third successive term in government. This, even though Prime Minister Manmohan Singh recently announced -- unprompted, if I am not mistaken -- that he would be happy to serve under Rahul.

Naturally, there is no better candidate than a scion of the Nehru Dynasty. If not Rahul, then there's Priyanka Vadra -- but she has the serious baggage of the dubious land deals of her husband Robert. And her child is probably a little too young to be heir to the throne, although, in comparison, the Bhutto clan did anoint a callow youth to the post.

Well, there is another bearer of the Nehru genes -- Varun Feroze Gandhi, but a little bird tells me that he would not be acceptable.

The Congress must feel some pressure to come up with a Plan B, now that Modi is making waves and has more or less got -- even if grudgingly -- some acceptance from his entire party. And it may occur to Rahul that he should follow in his mother's footsteps and manage from behind the scenes, with a regent in place: power without responsibility, thus quite a lot more than a leader manque.

Therefore, I shall provide here, gratis, my list of the other eligible candidates.

My premise is that Congress candidates are chosen based on name recall, accomplishments and winnability. That is not altogether different from how most political candidates are chosen anywhere in the world.

Based on name recall, nobody will be as good as a Nehru scion, but there is one other who can be considered: Sachin Tendulkar. He can guarantee a huge turnout wherever he goes. Whether that will turn into votes we do not know, but going by a pretty impressive show by former cricketer Imran Khan in Pakistan maybe a star cricketer can capture some votes and the proven Congress machine can get hold of enough of the rest -- enough to win.

I have been told by some women that Rahul is handsome. Apparently this matters, at least to some women voters. I was told, by an otherwise sensible Indian-American woman friend in San Diego, that she voted for Obama "because he is handsome." In that case, there are a couple of others that should be considered, especially because they have solid resumes and records of accomplishment.

That would be Union Minister of State for Human Resource Development Shashi Tharoor and Reserve Bank of India Governor Raghuram Rajan. Both of them would be guaranteed to get the female vote; both have solid track records.

Tharoor, who writes very well and became famous with his work in the United Nations, won handily in Trivandrum a few years ago because the entire female population voted en massefor him. Rajan is considered a 'rock-star' economist, and has a history of making bold and correct economic predictions. Both of these gentlemen have substantial name recognition, at least among the chatterati.

Speaking of track records, there are two others: Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen and Infosys co-founder Nandan Nilekani. Sen, a darling of the current establishment, can wave his Nobel Prize about, and impress people. He could well be another Manmohan Singh, a regent-cum-economist, who provides the masque and the mythology while, behind the scenes, the usual suspects carry on.

Nilekani, the darling of the urban middle class crowd, is a long-shot, although he may content himself this time with dipping his toe in the water in Bangalore south.

As party stalwarts, there are of course Finance Minister P Chidambaram and External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid. Both have played many roles in government and have been around the block a bit. Chidambaram carries his Harvard Business School cachet; anything with Harvard has a fan-following in India.

Either of them should be able to command enough clout within the party machine. But can they win? Chidambaram carries the handicap of being a southerner, and Khurshid that of being a Muslim.

In terms of being successful vote-getters, there are several Congress chief ministers who have mastered the art in their home states. Any one of these people can be elevated to the post, and with suitable support from the party machine, they can do the trick for the Congress. People such as New Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dixit come to mind.

Similarly, there is an entire cohort of bright young things in Parliament, for instance the likes of Union Ministers Sachin Pilot and Jyotiraditya Scindia who must be getting groomed for bigger and better things.

So the Congress has a plethora of prime ministerial candidates. Unfortunately, nobody is perfect, and given the formidable competition from Modi, it behooves them to announce their man/woman immediately.

So who will it be? Priyanka? Tendulkar? Tharoor? Rajan? Chidambaram? Sen? Khurshid? Dixit? Or will Rahul be forced to take on a role that he clearly is uncomfortable with? As a certain TV anchor might bellow, "We the people want to know!"

The ball is in your court, Congress!

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"Secular" court prohibits brain mapping on Jihadi terrorist

One more fine instance of the excessive compassion of India's Nehruvian Stalinist establishment - for "minorities", that is, particularly the most rabid, obscurantist, seditious, anti-national Jihad terrorists.

The "honourable" judge's tender concern for the arrested Jihadi's "old age" and "poor health" is
very touching!

In comparison, poor Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur was forcibly subjected to the brain mapping procedure not less than 20 times - as a result of which, she has been diagnosed with Cancer. This is the price imposed by the "secular" totalitarian Congress fascists - merely for being a Hindu and a Hindu nationalist to boot.

Recently, the "juvenile" argument was deployed to exculpate the "secular" rapist in the infamous Delhi gang rape incident.

Now, the "old age" criterion is being deployed to acquit Jihadi butcher Abdul Karim Tunda.

Enough is enough. This travesty, indeed rape of justice is unacceptable. If a pervert is old enough to commit rape, then he is old enough to face the legal consequences.

Similarly, if a terrorist mastermind is "youthful" enough to be a "Ghazi", i.e. wage Jihad
against a nation of "infidels", then he is logically "fit" for any punitive action imposed by the law of the land.

A butcher like Abdul Karim Tunda would be put in front of a
firing squad, in any other self respecting nation...

Tunda refuses brain mapping test, court dismisses police plea

"A Delhi court has dismissed a police plea for permission to conduct brain mapping test of Abdul Karim Tunda after the arrested top LeT bomb expert refused to give his consent for it citing his old age and health problems."

Fwd: Teesta Setalvad's perjury & deceit exposed in R.B. Sreekumar's taped conversation

i can't follow what's being said in this link, but maybe you can. 

also, more on teesta:

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Aslam Durani <>
Date: Sun, Sep 22, 2013 at 9:49 AM
Subject: Teesta Setalvad's perjury & deceit exposed in R.B. Sreekumar's taped conversation
To: Aslam Durani <>

Teesta Setalvad's perjury & deceit exposed in R.B. Sreekumar's taped conversation



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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Fwd: EPG Economic and Strategic Consulting's Report launch on HFB

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Wed, Sep 25, 2013 at 11:05 PM
Subject: EPG Economic and Strategic Consulting's Report launch on HFB

Dear All,

The Hindu Forum of Britain (HFB), the largest umbrella body of Hindu organisations in Britain, commissioned EPG Economic and Strategic Consulting for a full review of the organisation and its activities. The aim of the report was to evaluate the social impact generated by the HFB, and to enable it to reposition its strategy in terms of delivery and service to the Hindu community and the wider British society. It provides an evaluation of the social impact of the HFB's community and charitable activities and measures it in monetary terms. The event is expected to be attended by Members of Parliament, media, inter-faith and community leaders.

The report will be launched at the following time and venue, kindly hosted by Alok Sharma MP

Date: Thursday 10th October 2013.  Time: 9-11am.

Location: Atlee Hall, Portcullis House, Westminster.

The HFB would be delighted to have the pleasure of your attendance

Kind regards,
Swaminathan Vaidyanathan
Secretary General
Hindu Forum of Britain.

Vascroft Estate
861 Coronation Road
Park Royal
London NW10 7PT

Phone: 020 8965 0671
Fax:    020 8965 0672
Mobile: 07534601008

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Quake island off Gwadar

The island that popped up near Gwadar is the fourth in this region since 1945. One of the best known mud volcanoes of the region, the Chandragup, is located just inland from this location, a little way off the Hingol river. The volcano serves as a holy site for Hindu pilgrims who make their offerings here in April each year before proceeding to the nearby cave temple of Hinglaj.

BBC: Pakistan quake island off Gwadar 'emits flammable gas'

Fwd: Why Baba Ramdev was held at Heathrow Airport for questioning

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Bharata Bharati
Date: Mon, Sep 23, 2013 at 8:28 PM
Subject: Why Baba Ramdev was held at Heathrow Airport for questioning

Dear All,
This is to confirm that Heathrow immigration indicated that there was indeed a notation in Baba Ramdev's passport, visible to their scanners, which prompted a red alert. Apparently, such alerts signify a drug warlord or terror suspect. This is what led to his eight hour detention immediately on arrival and insistence that he report to the authorities the following day at 2 pm, exactly when the Vivekananda 150th anniversary conference was scheduled to commence. A decision had been evidently taken to deport him on a 3.15pm Air India flight back to India.
The sweet little Asian thing who first interviewed him had no idea that there was a someone called Baba Ramdev, clearly a worthy product of Britain's comprehensive education, notorious for ensuring ignorance and illiteracy!
UK immigration relented following decisive intervention from the Rt. Honourable Keith Vaz, MP, Chair of the Home Office Parliamentary Select Committee, who spoke at length to immigration officials (his wife is a senior immigration expert) and berated them roundly! He also spoke to the Home Secretary and 10 Downing Street. Keith Vaz subsequently accompanied Baba Ramdev to Terminal 5 at Heathrow, having extended an unprecedented invitation to Baba Ramdev to visit him at home to discuss the situation. Mr Vaz also demanded postponement of the immigration interview with Baba Ramdev to 4pm because he knew there was 3.15pm flight on which Baba Ramdev might be expelled from the UK.
The immigration office doors, previously firmly shut to Baba Ramdev's supporters, including lawyers, was immediately opened. Vaz unceremoniously demanded the instant return to Baba Ramdev's of his passport as well as all his seized leaflets and personal diary, which happened within 5 minutes. UK immigration also granted a 2-year multiple entry Visa to Baba Ramdev on its own initiative.
Baba Ramdev was to be met by Jesse Jaskson at the airport in the US because of concerns how US immigration would react to the alert in his passport. He left last night after a hugely successful conference at which Shri Venkiah Naidu was also present.

Dear Friends,
The information that it was suggested to Heathrow immigration that Baba Ramdev was a 'terrorist' is confirmed, but I wish to check the supposed markings in his passport to convey such a message. I have asked to see his passport, when I meet him this afternoon.
On reflection, it seemed to me unusual that anyone in Delhi immigration would actually leave behind physical evidence of such an outrage, which therefore merits verification. However, all other facts are verified, some by sources, including the British Home Office that UK Muslim groups were incited to lodge a protest about the presence of a 'Hindu extremist' in the UK.
Baba Ramdev was evidently poised for deportation, which was halted because of the personal intervention of Keith Vaz, MP because as the chair of the parliamentary Home Office Select Committee. He was at the press conference after Baba Ramdev was allowed to remain in the UK.

On 21 September 2013 22:13, ddddd wrote:
I spent the afternoon in Heathrow with Baba Ramdev. The critical reason for UK immigration seeking to deny him entry to the UK (though they relented when MP Keith Vaz, Chair of the Parliamentary Home Affairs Committee arrived to intervene) originated in Delhi. Delhi immigration had stamped Ram Dev's  passport with a code that designated him a terrorist. It is the equivalent of an Interpol Red Corner notice. He was held for 8 hours and then required to attend another interview with UK immigration exactly at the time the conference was scheduled to begin the next day.

There were Muslim protests against him that were evidently instigated by the Congress party as well.

Baba Ramdev was only able to attend the Vivekananda 150th anniversary celebrations for its final ten minutes, after which  the venue needed to be vacated. But he gave a really great speech to the 800 people who had waited patiently for 4 hours.


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Introducing the NAMO

 A new smartphone is being launched as a tribute to Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi

The lower-cost Saffron 1 will come in 2 variants, while the more expensive Saffron 2 model will have more deluxe features.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

kashmiri separatist invites more fundamentalists to invade

a bit like 'saint' francis xavier requested the inquisition to come to goa, or various RoP have invited RoP invaders to come loot, pillage, rape etc. 

note: sorry, had posted the wrong link earlier, ie. this one on brookings. please ignore

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india's sagging economy: brookings institution

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Training Surgeons Using Google Glass

India is the perfect place for the Google Glass, according to the first surgeon in the country to perform an operation wearing the optical device.

J.S. Rajkumar, a tech-savvy laparoscopic surgeon at the Lifeline Multi Speciality Hospital in Chennai, on Tuesday carried out two operations wearing Glass, which uses a tiny, voice-controlled, Wi-Fi-enabled computer on the face.

“As you operate you can webcast to three or four senior surgeons sitting in Chennai, Delhi or Hyderabad and we would be able guide those rural surgeons,” Mr. Rajkumar said. “It’s implications are huge,” he added.
WSJ: ‘Google Glass Could Help Rural Surgeons’

Quick notes: Silent Revolution, Nordic backlash..

ROL goonda walks free: trouble expected in "SamaikhyAndhra"

Much anticipated "match fixing"
by the dynasty - a precursor to
his return to the KKKaangress.
After all, Samuel Reddy's evangelical ideology and his corrupt band of thugs are natural allies of the totalitarian fascists dedicated to the preservation of India's ruling Stalinist dispensation.

This goonda would be expected to stoke the embers of "SamaikhyAndhra" (sic) by instigating the Penta-Coastals.

It would be a great calamity if the Penta-Coastals cannot see beyond their pathological urge to
keep their colony of Telangana
forever and end up contributing to Samuel Reddy's dream of "Bible Rajyam" in SamaikhyAndhra.

A goonda Kaangress government will endeavour to
commandeer the Gold reserves of the Tirupati Devasthanam for
"secular" purposes, i.e. to finance hare brained schemes of the NAC kitchen cabinet to further bankrupt the country, including direct transfer of cash into the bank accounts of the Kaangress' ROL & ROP footsoldiers - an entitlement that will be hard to undo in the future.

Why don't the RBI, Directorate
of Revenue Intelligence etc investigate the Catholic church's
ill gotten assets in India as a source of revenue? The church is purportedly the 2nd largest employer in India after GOI itself !! The church's budget exceeds that of the Indian Navy!! And that is just the Catholic church -
the combined assets of the other
evangelical churches in India is
also in the order of billions of dollars.

This wealth - all looted from India originally needs to be confiscated and re-purposed for the welfare of all the nation's citizens, regardless of religious allegiance.

The church's interest in preserving it's colossal assets looted from the people of India - is behind the otherwise inexplicable release of incarcerated thugs that will certainly foment regional and communal discord in A.P.

The Economist | America, Russia and Syria: The weakened West

Warmongering Economist humiliated, licks its wounds

The Economist | America, Russia and Syria: The weakened West via @theeconomist

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Monday, September 23, 2013

Dentist Saves Dad, Others

Suveer Sachdeva ran to the nearby WestGate mall to save his dentist father and staff, while the attack was going on:

Fox's Bob Beckel on Muslim Apathy

Bob Beckel of Fox News asks why more Muslims aren't standing up to make extremists and their views unpopular in the Muslim world:

It's called apathy, Bob. Most Muslims know they'll always receive respect and courtesy in non-Muslim societies, even if their societies don't give the same courtesy and respect back to non-Muslims.

Indian Idea or Congress Idea?

Meghnad Desai has written an interesting piece on how the Congress has manufactured many of our modern myths, conveniently dovetailing them for its own interests:

Sunday, September 22, 2013

navaratri concerts at padmanabha swami temple, trivandrum

* Navarathri Festival 2013 *
* October 5 to 13 , 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm every evening*
* Venue :Navarathri Mandapam , *
* Near Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple. *
and about the festival:

the temple on the equinox day, sept 22nd, at sunset, from

Saturday , October 5th
Main Kriti : Devi Jagajjanani - Shankarabharanam
*Prince Rama Varma - Vocal *
***Avaneeswaram Sri S.R. Vinu - Violin*
*Bangalore Sri V.Paraveen - Mridangam*
*Manjoor Sri Unnikrishnan - Ghatam*
Sunday, October 6th
Main Kriti : Pahimam Sri Vageeshwari - Kalyani
*Prof.Parassala B.Ponnammal -Vocal*
*Sri M.Rajeev - Violin*
*Nanjil Sri Arul - Mridangam*
*Kottayam Sri Murali - Ghatam*
Monday , October 7th
Main Kriti : Devi Pavane - Saveri
*Trichur Sri Ramachandran - Vocal*
*Sri S.R.Mahadev Sharma - Violin*
*Palakkad Sri Maheshkumar - Mridangam*
*Udupi Sridhar - Ghatam*
Tuesday , October 8th
Main Kriti : Bharati Maamava- Thodi
*Bombay Sisters Smt C.Saroja and Smt C.Lalitha - Vocal*
***Smt S.R.Rajashree - Violin*
*Sri K.R.Ganesh - Mridangam*
*Adichanalloor Sri Anilkumar - Ghatam*
Wednesday , October 9th
Main Kriti : Janani Maamava - Bhairavi
*Smt Jayashree Aravind - Veena *
*Dr G.Babu - Mridangam*
*Udupi Sridhar - Ghatam ***
**Thursday , October 10th
Main Kriti : Saroruhasana Jaaye - Kamavardhini
*Sri T.V. Gopalakrishnan - Vocal*
*Sri S.Varadarajan - Violin*
*Sri Padmanabhan - Mridangam*
*Tripunitura Sri Radhakrishnan - Ghatam*
Friday , October 11th
Main Kriti : Janani Pahi - Suddha Saveri
*Sri Sanjay Subrahmanyan - Vocal*
*Sri S.Varadarajan - Violin*
*Palghat Sri. K.S.Maheshkumar - Mridangam*
***Alathur Sri Rajaganesh - Kanjira*
*Perukavu Sri P.L. Sudheer - Ghatam**
Saturday , October 12th
Main Kriti : Pahi Janani - Nattakurinji
*Mavellikara Sri P.Subramaniam - Vocal*
*Edapally Sri Ajith - Violin*
*Sri Balakrishna Kamath - Mridangam *
*Kannur Sri P.K.Santosh - Ghatam*
Sunday , October 13th
Main Kriti: Pahi Parvatanandini - Arabhi
*Kum.Amrutha Venkatesh - Vocal*
*Avaneeswaram Sri S.R.Vinu - Violin*
*Sri S.J.Arjun Ganesh - Mridangam*
There are no entry tickets or passes.
As a traditional Kerala Temple there are restrictions
- including dress code.
No applause - no cellphones - no cameras.
Listeners are expected to be on the Mandapam throughout
the evening concert and are not expected to leave until the conclusion.
Of course no food and drinks.

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Micro-Apartments: Answer for Housing Shortages?

Cities like New York and Vancouver are trying out micro-apartments to address the need for more affordable dwellings. Such small-sized apartments have long been a feature in places like Japan and HongKong. I wonder if Indian cities would also benefit from them.

Article: Daniel Lieberman: 'Dieting is a disaster for everyone'

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Article: ‘Scuse Me While I Solve This Immigration Problem

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The Economist | German economic history: Where the angst comes from

India's future under #upa3

The Economist | German economic history: Where the angst comes from via @theeconomist

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Nairobi Attack

Gunmen from Al-Shabab, the Somali affiliate of AlQaeda, stormed the Westgate Mall in Nairobi, Kenya yesterday, in an attack very similar to the 26-11 terrorist incident.
"They were questioning people, and they said, 'If you are Muslim you are on the safer side, but if you are Hindu or Christian you will be killed,' " Mr. Omoding said.

 Upto 68 people are dead so far, and another 40 people may still be hostages of the terrorists.

L'Affaire Dreyfus Indian-Style

I remember it was Rajeev who first quoted L'Affaire Dreyfus to us 15 years ago and said: J'Accuse!

Now we've seen that retired army chief V K Singh, only a day after appearing next to Modi at a rally, has been hit with charges of sedition. The main purpose of the rally was to promote the welfare of ex-servicemen, an issue which V K Singh has taken a leading role in.

Apparently, a "report" was put together 6 months ago, alleging that V K Singh sought to overthrow J&K's elected govt, and had created a secret military unit to be used for this. That the "report" came and went without provoking any action at all confirms it as the nonsense that it is. But now, after the retired V K Singh shows up on stage next to Modi, suddenly this "report" has been leaked to the Indian Express newspaper and the govt claims it now needs to investigate V K Singh for treason.

Oh, and of course V K Singh has also now been accused of blocking the promotion of his successor too. Wasn't that same line also used by the govt against former ISRO chief Dr G Madhavan Nair when they scapegoated him? It seems like the govt has gotten so used to sticking its knife into the backs of top public servants that it doesn't even bother to vary the script anymore.

Quick notes: Jihad-al-nikah, FDI in defense...

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Baba Ramdev detained at Heathrow airport

Why? His name is not KHAN.
Limey lapdogs persecuting Indian opposition figures at the instance of their proxies in India.

Is it a coincidence that this occurs the next day after Gen. V.K Singh (retd) is subjected to a witchhunt for sharing a platform with NaMo.

I pray for NaMo's success and
above all for his security. The dynasty is evil personified and has eliminated several historical figures who would have posed a threat to their hegemony over India.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Quick notes: Jolly Canal, 64-bit A7...

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sonia Served With US Court Summons

A Sikh group has served Sonia Gandhi with a US Court summons while she was on a hospital visit to the United States:

The summons is in relation to the Congress Party's sekoolar conduct in 1984.

US Offers India Latest Carrier Tech

The US is offering to help India design its next generation aircraft carrier, and is including its latest electric catapult technology in the offer:

India currently relies upon ski-jump technology to launch its carrier-based aircraft.

Article: Turds in the holy water. So what?

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Congress: 'Akhilesh Worse Than Modi'

In the wake of the Muzzafarnagar riots, Rashid Alvi of the Congress Party has declared Akhilesh Yadav to be 'worse than Modi':

At this rate, Modi should charge Congress royalties for using his name -- Rs.10 for every vote Congress manages to poach.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Article: UK enters global online university race

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Article: How to pick up women (with science)

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Quick notes: Coal as charity, Tesla storms Europe...

Congress Relief as US Fed Says No Taper

India's ruling Congress must be breathing a sigh of relief as the US Federal Reserve decides not to taper its Quantitative Easing program:

With the withdrawal of the inflation-vigilant Larry Summers from the race for Bernanke's replacement, America may be headed for stagflation-lite over the remainder of Obama's term.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Rajnikanth to Join Politics?

 Is veteran filmstar Rajnikanth about to take the plunge into politics?

His could be quite a dramatic entrance, with interesting effects, if it happens.

Gardiner Harris is a Mentalcase

Here comes Gardiner Harris and his poison pen:

According to him, Hindus can do no right and Muslims can do no wrong. The nomination of Modi is a "violent start" in his view. The shrill shrieking left-wingers at the NYT really have their knives out.

Wikileaks, however, has revealed other views from the US:

Monday, September 16, 2013

Congress Not Rushing for Rahul

Seeing the many obvious liabilities of Rahul as a candidate, and perhaps not wishing to repeat their UP debacle, the Congress is in no hurry to declare Rahul as their pick for PM:

It seems likely that the party high command is desperately shopping around for another figurehead like Manmohan, who can get them election votes and then have his strings pulled from behind afterwards - basically, a continuation of the current arrangement. There's currently nobody like that within the Congress Party, especially given that Manmohan has already declared his "eagerness" to serve under Rahul's prime ministership. Congress may have to settle for an alliance with Nitish, in exchange for giving "special status" to Bihar.

Even if they don't declare anyone as PM candidate, it should be easy enough for BJP to campaign against Congress while targeting Rahul as their de facto "leader"/"yuvaraj"/mascot. In the absence of a clearly defined candidate, the Congress will have left themselves open to attack.

Healthy living can turn our cells' clock back - health - 17 September 2013 - New Scientist

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Quick notes: Mother tongue in playschools, 787 glitch...

  • Centre wants all teaching in playschools to be in the mother tongue or the local vernacular language. "Once you start in the language that the child is comfortable in, it is very easy to move to the next level. Starting in the mother tongue gives a tremendous boost to the child's development."

    Some commonsense, finally. Foreign language medium in early education will ensure that we remain a nation of imitators, longing for all things phoren.

  • Pakistan's Frankenstein: Taliban claim killing of Pakistani General

  • Boeing's 787 Dreamliner suffers another glitch: A Norwegian Air Shuttle flight couldn't handle the full weight of the 250 passengers on board.

  • Speculators exploit ethanol credits: Ethanol credits, which cost 7 cents each in January, peaked at $1.43 in July, and now are trading for 60 cents. “These things weren’t designed to become a speculative item. For the life of me I can’t see the justification for it.”

Sunday, September 15, 2013

disrupting medicine with low-cost computational devices

When Smartphones Do a Doctor's Job

A simple, cheap way to measure eyesight may face resistance.

Why It Matters

Much of what doctors do could be automated.

Part of our Business Report:

A Cure for Health-Care Costs

Health-care spending is out of control. Can technology save us money?

View Report
screen grab of EyeNetra app

Eye app: A smartphone displays a measurement of the refractive error of a person's eyes.

Vitor Pamplona isn't a doctor. He's not even an optician. He can't write you a prescription for glasses, or sell you a pair. Still, he's pretty sure he's going to disrupt the $75 billion global eye-care market.

At EyeNetra, the startup he cofounded, goofy curiosities like plastic eyeballs line the shelves, and a 3-D printing machine whirs in the background. It's printing out prototypes of a device that will attach to your smartphone and, in a minute or two, tell you what kind of eyeglasses you need.

The device, called the Netra-G, is based on some clever optics and software Pamplona came up with—a way to measure the refractive error of the eye using a smartphone screen and an inexpensive pair of plastic binoculars. The whole setup might cost a few dollars to make. It does the job of a $5,000 instrument called an autorefractor.

More important, just about anyone could use it. That's where the disruption comes in—and the trouble. Right now, only doctors or optometrists can prescribe glasses or contact lenses. Pamplona, a brash Brazilian programmer who arrived in the U.S. a few years ago, thinks that won't always be the case. "We're changing medicine by providing the user the right to measure themselves," he says. "We see doctors as more of a coach."

Mobile phones are giving rise to a new class of clip-on diagnostic devices that could challenge doctors' monopoly on diagnosing disease, not just errors in vision. Since doctors' fees account for over 20 percent of U.S. health-care spending—and fully 3 percent of the country's GDP on their own—such devices could potentially slash costs as well.

eye netrax table

EyeNetra has received more than $2 million in financing from the outspoken Silicon Valley investor Vinod Khosla, who last year antagonized doctors by calling what they do "witchcraft" and predicting that 80 percent of their work diagnosing and prescribing could be done by machines.

Khosla's investment fund is also backing several other similar ventures, including AliveCor (see "Your Heartbeat on an iPhone"), which sells a heart monitor that attaches to an iPhone, and Cellscope, a company developing a phone camera that could let parents diagnose a child's ear infection (see "Parents Could Skip the Doctor's Office with This Device".)

... more deleted

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Richard Dawkins steps in it again -

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Quick notes: Smarter diagnosis, Indian fabs...

  • Vinod Khosla's push into smarter diagnostics: Mobile phones are giving rise to a new class of clip-on diagnostic devices that could challenge doctors’ monopoly on diagnosing disease. Last year, Khosla antagonized doctors by calling what they do “witchcraft” and predicting that 80 percent of their work diagnosing and prescribing could be done by machines.

  • 2 Fabs Get the Final Approval in India. Two consortiums, including IBM and STMicroelectronics, have proposed building semiconductor wafer plants in India costing a total of $8 billion.

  • More burden on Indian tax payer: Civil servants to be entitled to free medical treatment abroad.

  • 'Politicians should take lessons in secularism from Army': Modi

  • BJP celebrates Modi's anointment

  • Enjoy while it lasts: Sure of a drubbing in the next elections, Andhra Pradesh Congress ministers unwilling to leave the ministry "even for a minute".

  • Digvijay Singh regrets allotting land to Asaram during his tenure. Tomorrow, he will regret taking potshots on Sushma Swaraj over this issue.
  • A Hindu hell on earth: Families are being torn apart by their desperation to flee persecution in Pakistan - Asia - World - The Independent

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    Saturday, September 14, 2013

    Article: Free Massive Online Education Provider, Coursera, Begins To Find A Path To Profits

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    Who Will Head UPA: Rahul or Nitish?

    Nitish Kumar had broken ties with BJP ostensibly over the elevation of Narendra Modi, sensing a threat to his own vote bank. Will the wily Congress embrace him by fielding him as their candidate for PM?

    Doing so would weaken Rahul's chances for succession, which Sonia probably keeps uppermost in her mind. But the Congress rank-and-file might feel differently, due to Rahul's obvious weaknesses. Will there be a tug-of-war between Sonia and the Congress realpolitikers? If so, then who's survival instincts are likely to win out?

    The Economist | Obesity: Wider understanding

    The Economist | Obesity: Wider understanding via @theeconomist

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    Friday, September 13, 2013

    BJP Declares Modi as PM Candidate

    Narendra Modi has been declared the BJP's candidate for Prime Minister:

    This is of course triggering the predictable shrieks from the Congress.

    The amazing thing about the upcoming elections which mustn't be forgotten is the prospect that the son of a poor tea stall owner could become the next leader of the entire country.

    Thursday, September 12, 2013

    Quick notes: Tech town, village of warriors...

    First China Ship Crossing of Arctic Ocean

    For the first time, a Chinese ship has crossed the Arctic Ocean, sailing from the Chinese coast directly to Europe across waters that were previously frozen and intraversible:

    India likes to think that in any conflict with China, it could easily block access to the Indian Ocean for Chinese shipping. But the Chinese have been looking to create new routes that bypass the Indian Ocean.

    Socialism Kills: The Human Cost of Delayed Economic Reform in India | Cato Institute

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    Groupon's Onion Bargain

    Recently, the online social e-commerce site Groupon offered Indians a great deal on the price of onions:

    Will bargains on basic food staples become prized incentives to lure in consumers in India's distorted economy? We're talking about a country that has more cellphones than toilets, after all.

    Wednesday, September 11, 2013

    Article: How having worms could ward off diabetes

    Worms could be the next weapon in the fight against autoimmune diseases such as type 1 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn's disease, and lupus.

    The worms, or helminths as biologists call the …

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    Article: Has Apple reached the limits of the beautiful with its new iPhones?

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    12 Years Ago...

    I was in an online chatroom 12 years ago, when the 9-11 attacks occurred:

    You can read my comments (made under the name "sanman") as events were actually unfolding.

    Quick notes: Jobs' last gift, Item numbers...

    • One of Steve Jobs' last gifts was left in a brown box and handed out at his memorial service.  Inside the brown box was a copy of "Autobiography of a Yogi" by Hindu guru Paramahansa Yogananda. 

    • Next Lok Sabha elections are expected to be the most expensive in history. Those expenses are largely borne by under-the-table payments from Indian oligarchs, who will expect a return for their investments

    • With the Supreme Court monitoring the probe, Coalgate could well morph from a financial scam into a serious political crisis.  

    • India and CBI need freedom from Kaangress: We need freedom from babudom: CBI tells Supreme Court

    • Item numbers: The combination of raunchy lyrics and dance movements with sexual overtones, often portrayed by the female lead for a male-dominated on-screen audience, may push persons already primed for wrongdoing towards exploiting opportunities for rape. “Collective encouragement is one reason why many young men fail to appreciate the severity of the crime”.

    • USA: Some 95% of 2009-2012 Income Gains Went to Wealthiest 1%

    • Alternative Energy: Geothermal growth is on fire! Except in Kaangress ruled India.

    Cells Inside Mice Turned Embryonic

    Scientists have been able to modify the cells inside adult mice and regress them back into an embryonic state which might enable them to regenerate or rebuild damaged tissue structures:,0,3939125.story

    Unfortunately, the technique is far from perfect, as the reverted stem cells have a tendency to grow tumors. One day however, this might become the basis for the long-awaited regenerative medicine which could enable people to re-grow lost arms, legs, eyes, and other organs.

    Can Emotional Intelligence Be Taught?

    Hopefully it can:

    Tuesday, September 10, 2013

    NYT says: even the corrupt are sick of corruption. subtext: see, UPA doing good, let it continue in power

    naturally, the atlanticists want the italian and other RoL in power. so they will never admit that it is the rise of narendra modi that is causing a reevaluation of bribe raj.

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    MuzaffarNagar, U.P riots: a reaction to SECULAR rape

    The MuzaffarNagar riots are not some mischief mongering by "right wing" Hindoos. This is apparently a natural reaction to a grave provocation by ROP Jihad Romeos. See below for a shockingly long list of atrocities waged by the ROP "youth" under the benign watch of Maulana Singh Yadav. It is actually surprising that the reaction took such a long time to come and was quite restrained - in proportion to these atrocities. 

    1) Dec 21, 2012: Muzaffarnagar panchayat offers rape victim 1.5 L to keep quiet. Alleged Rapist? Tasavvur.

    2)Dec 24, 2012: Minor girl gang-raped by 3 youths in Muzaffarnagar. Alleged Rapists?Javed, Pervaiz & Mannan 

    3) Dec 29, 2012: Girl was raped in Muzaffarnagar. Alleged Rapits? Shauqueen and Rahil.

    4) 17 Feb 18, 2013: Gang-rape by 4, filmed in Muzaffarnagar. Alleged Rapists? Naushad, Pravaiz, Hasan & Nazar.

    5) Jul 8, 2013: Man shot for demanding arrest of gangrapists. Alleged Murderers? Bhura, Afzal, Mehtab, Yusuf, Farid, Hashim & Islam

    6) Aug 23, 2013: A schoolgirl gangraped by 5 youths in Muzaffarnagar. Alleged main Rapist? Salman.

    7) Aug 24, 2013: A Class IX student raped by youth in Muzaffarnagar. Alleged Rapist? Dilshad.

     Aug 30, 2013: Muslim cleric arrested for abducting 11 year old girl. Alleged Abductor? Imam Abdul Rahim.

    9) Feb 2013 : Woman gangraped by four men and FILMED. Rapists ? Naushad, Pravaiz, Hasan and Nazar

    For a complete list of crimes, check the following crisp work of reporting: 

    Article: Testicle size may indicate men's childcare aptitude, suggests US study

    Junk science, but I liked the reverse causation. Childcare makes your gonads shrink!

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    Monday, September 09, 2013

    Quick notes: FDI in R&D, Safer Cars...

    • Low-end wart in FDI in research: Most of the activities in Indian R&D centres of Foreign corporations are relatively unimportant with little long-term gains for the country. “Foreign corporations believe our educational system probably does not inculcate the skills for innovation.”  (... Macaulay's children, not supposed to think original)

    • A proposal to force Reliance Industries to give up 86 per cent of eastern offshore KG-D6 gas block, including 8 gas discoveries worth at least $8 billion, has been put up to Petroleum Minister.

    • NYT Editorial: India in Reverse: Mr. Singh has been an ineffectual leader without much authority. The real power is held by his political patron, Sonia Gandhi, who leads the Indian National Congress Party, which has expressed little concern for the country’s ailing economy. In the nine years that the coalition government has been in power, several ministers have resigned in corruption scandals; large infrastructure projects have been delayed by mismanagement; the government’s budget deficit has ballooned, thanks to wasteful spending like subsidies for diesel fuel; and politics have thwarted reforms in labor and education.

    • Why Electric Cars Are Safer: “An engine block is just too rigid. So the shock wave is pretty much transferred to the area directly behind the engine, with minimal energy absorption.”

    • How to make Eco friendly Ganesha:

    Sunday, September 08, 2013

    Vinayaka Chathurthi

    Ganesh Chathurthi greetings to all Hindu brothers!!! May VighnaHarta, the destroyer of obstacles obliterate the enemies of the Hindu nation and remove all obstacles to the establishment of Hindu freedom!!!

    #HinduUnity, Om Kranti Kranti Krantihih!!!

    Article: Singapore: safe haven, model society

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    Re: Dicey dalliances with Islamists by Brahma C

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    On 8 Sep 2013 16:35, "sanjeev nayyar"  wrote:
    > High time countries deny U.S. Presidents a visa because they are promoting Islamic terrorism worldwide.
    > Dicey dalliances with Islamists by Brahma C Sept 6 in Japan Times.
    > U.S. President Barack Obama's insistence on employing air power to punish Syria even if such a war breaches international law and unleashes major unintended consequences is just the latest chapter in a more than two-year U.S. policy whose calculations have gone wrong in backing jihad against Syrian President Bashar Assad's dictatorial rule. Military strikes could compound Obama's policy missteps, including inadvertently strengthening the hands of gun-toting Islamists.
    > Before an internal insurrection in 2011 turned Syria into a proxy battleground for regional and global powers, the country probably was the most liberal, secular Muslim state in the arc of Islam. Today, it is a broken state — its social fabric in tatters, its physical infrastructure largely wrecked, and its cities pummeled daily by urban warfare, with much of the northern region under the sway of hardline Islamist groups, especially the Al Nusra Front.
    > As also happened in Afghanistan from the 1980s and more recently in Libya, the spirit of jihad the United States helped instill in Syria to overthrow Assad — along with the supply of petrodollar-funded Western arms through Turkey and Jordan — has spawned hardcore Islamist militants wedded to the al-Qaida ideology. Al Nusra now overshadows the Free Syrian Army, established with help from the U.S. and the region's old colonial powers, Britain and France.
    > In another major setback for Obama's policy, the once-tottering Assad regime has not only survived but consolidated its hold in Damascus and militarily gained the upper hand across much of the central and southern regions, with rebel hold limited to some pockets, including in suburban Damascus.
    > The setbacks have compelled Obama to fundamentally alter his goals. From aiming to topple the Assad regime — a prospect that seemed so likely until last year that CIA teams in Turkey extended their rebel-support operations to northern Syria before this region came under the sway of the pro-al-Qaida groups — Obama has swung to seeking a military stalemate in Syria.
    > Obama believes a protracted stalemate, despite its high humanitarian cost, would eventually open up a possible negotiated settlement. Because regime forces currently have the upper hand against the rebels, he wants to level the playing field by degrading their capabilities through concentrated air strikes.
    > The visceral response to the alleged poison-gas attack — despite the relatively small number of fatalities from it compared with the death toll in the continuing civil war — shows that the chemical-weapon issue is just a fig leaf for Obama's Mission Stalemate, a scenario that will keep regime and rebel forces at each other's throats, thereby ensuring the Assad government's continual bleed and bottling up the independent Islamist groups. Given that Obama's missteps has left him with only bad options on Syria, he has settled for ensuring a military stalemate where Arabs kill Arabs, with the rebel weapons for killing paid for by Arab sheiks.
    > The resolve to correct the military balance in Syria by wiping out much of the air capability of the ascendant government forces, however, will exact a heavy price regionally.
    > The U.S. will not be able to control the developments its attack triggers. Indeed, the larger fallout will likely increase America's reliance on unsavory Islamist rulers in countries ranging from Saudi Arabia and Qatar to Turkey and the United Arab Emirates. There is also the distinct prospect of an al-Qaida haven stretching across northern Syria and into Iraq.
    > The spread of Muslim radicalism across large parts of the world has created a fertile ground for greater international terrorism. As an unintended byproduct of U.S. policies in support of or against regimes, al-Qaida type groups have gained ground in the Middle East and North Africa.
    > The U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq created a major opening for al-Qaida, whose affiliates now represent the Sunni struggle against Iraq's Shiite-dominated government. Grisly bombings have become commonplace.
    > Regime change in Libya has brought chaos and the rise of al-Qaida, leading to the Benghazi killing of the U.S. ambassador. It has also exacerbated human-rights abuses and humanitarian suffering, imposed a system based on Shariah law, and promoted cross-border movement of weapons and militants to haunt neighbors' security.
    > America's propping up of the regimes in Yemen and Saudi Arabia has contributed to the rise of the group, al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula. Meanwhile, by allowing the Taliban to open a de facto diplomatic mission in Doha, Qatar, Obama has signaled U.S. desperation to cut a deal with this thuggish, Pakistan-backed Afghan militia that enforces medieval Islamic practices in the areas it controls.
    > So what can be done? The lesson U.S. policymakers must heed is to take the long-range view and not be guided by narrow geopolitical considerations that involuntarily strengthen Islamists.
    > Unfortunately, U.S. policy's dalliance with Islamist-leaning rulers has long been guided by the consideration that the cloak of Islam helps to protect the credibility of leaders who might otherwise be seen by their public as foreign puppets.
    > Washington must now stop condoning the rulers of the oil sheikdoms for their alliance with radical clerics and for exporting militant Islam. It must also cease providing political succor to Islamists elsewhere. Until the military ousted him, the Muslim Brotherhood's Mohammed Morsi was America's man in Cairo.
    > By supporting Islamist rulers, Washington — even if unintentionally — has promoted a growing conflict between Islamist and secular forces in Muslim countries, best illustrated by Turkey, which was wracked by unprecedented anti-government protests this summer. Obama has mollycoddled Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan by ignoring his heavy-handed efforts to annul secularism and free speech, and turn himself into a 21st-century sultan.
    > Erdogan, who as Istanbul's mayor declared that "our only goal is an Islamic state," has jailed more journalists than any other country, including China, and thrown one in five of Turkey's generals and half of its admirals in jail since becoming prime minister in 2003. Today, he is Obama's most hawkish ally against Assad.
    > Motivated by the larger geopolitical goal of containing Shiite Iran and its regional allies, U.S. policy has myopically embraced Sunni rulers steeped in religious and political bigotry, even though they pose a transnational threat to the values of freedom and secularism. Arab monarchs have continued to fund Muslim extremist groups and madrassas (Islamic schools) in other countries — from the Philippines and India to South Africa and Venezuela.
    > U.S.-British-French policies in the arc of Islam, even if by accident, are contributing to an internally driven trend evident from the Maghreb to the Afghanistan-Pakistan belt — Muslims killing Muslims. This trend, of course, has been principally aided by the export of Wahhabi Islam by the sheiks in Riyadh, Doha, Abu Dhabi and elsewhere, and by the consequent rise of Islamist groups. These policies have averted the feared clash between civilizations, yet they have been a factor in the ongoing clash within a civilization. The effects of this clash are likely to be destabilizing regionally and counterproductive to the interests of the free world.
    > Against this background, Obama would do well to heed tea party icon Sarah Palin's advice on Syria, "Let Allah sort it out" — unless Obama believes Allah has chosen him to do that.
    > Brahma Chellaney is a geostrategist and the author, most recently, of "Water, Peace, and War" (Rowman & Littlefield, 2013).
    > Warm Regards
    > sanjeev nayyar
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    Saturday, September 07, 2013

    Teens Driving Smartphone Sales

    It seems that the teenage demographic in India are the ones most inclined to switch over to smartphones from the older feature phones:

    Quick notes: Energy security, bike lanes...