Thursday, August 16, 2018

De-platforming in India Imminent

Media outlets run by Alex Jones, a libertarian independent journalist, whose subscriber base was instrumental in getting Trump elected, have been de-platformed in a brazenly coordinated move by Google, Facebook, Apple, and Twitter, among others.

To kick a man further when he is down, the main portal – was also brought down by hackers.

Nationalist forces will face this Orwellian unexistence unless they push back strongly. The Modi administration needs to rein in Big Tech before it tries its dirty tricks here. Indulging the likes of Schmuckerberg at public forums, and intertwining government machinery with these private platforms does not help at all.

A bit of b***h slapping of these entities, including that Sundar Pichai guy (slimeball) is in order, lest they are entertaining such thoughts.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Modi Announces 'Gaganyaan', India's First Manned Spaceflight by 2022

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his Independence Day speech, has announced that India will carry out a manned spaceflight mission by (or before) 2022:

For India, this is as momentous as JFK's speech exhorting Americans to go to the Moon.

The mission will be called Gaganyaan.

Quick notes: Citizens' data, Sinking Jakarta...

  • India looks to curb U.S. tech giants’ power: India wants to slap new rules on Amazon, Google, Facebook and other firms, using a page from China's playbook to take control of citizens' data. Draft rules call for companies to store local user data in India and make it accessible to govt.

  • Jittery Islamabad: India to help build a dam in the Kabul river basin in Afghanistan. Islamabad views the proposed dam, as well as similar projects on the Kabul river and its tributaries in Afghanistan, reducing the flow of water into Pakistan.

  • Jakarta, the fastest-sinking city in the world: When groundwater is pumped out, the land above it sinks as if it is sitting on a deflating balloon - and this leads to land subsidence.

  • Swachh Bharat should recruit these: A crew of crows has been trained to pick up trash

  • Poison or cure? Arsenic can help treat cancer, study finds. That’s ironic because arsenic itself is a carcinogen

  • Major Success: India's missile defenses can now take on decoys. That's a Really Big Deal.

  • Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar: The man behind Nasa's mission to touch the Sun. "Chandra, as he was popularly known, is another astrophysicist with his name tagged to a space mission, NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory"

  • Daily Vision Routine :

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Quick notes: South China sea, Jihadi wives...

  • Confrontation looming? Japan will soon help Vietnam extract gas from the South China sea. How will China respond? .... China has spent much of the past two years fortifying these islands, including placing missiles on the Spratly island chain.

  • Wives of Jihadis: Wave of ‘disappointed’ wives are divorcing ISIS jihadis

  • Rohit Prasad: The Indian engineer who is the brain behind Alexa

  • Indra Nooyi: “Whether you are from the IITs or the IIMs, the Indian education system dishes to foreign companies the best and the brightest. In today’s world, as we CEOs look for truly global leaders who can pilot through all of the volatility in the world, Indian leaders are rising to the top. So every time we go out to look for leaders there are usually four or five people who have been educated in the IITs or the IIMs that show up.

    So the big question that I keep asking myself is if people who have been educated in India always bubble up to the top then why is it that these leaders want to leave India? Doesn’t India need these leaders? Even if they leave India, shouldn’t there be a round trip ticket for them to come back to India, so they can help India get to a better place. So I think one of the big issues we should talk about is not just lessons in leadership or what the leaders need to do today but what can India do to bring those leaders back to India, so India itself can become an even more powerful economy going forward.” 

  • Certified pSecular: Andhra govt officially organizing Jesus event..?

  • Lithuanian and Sanskrit:
    Sanskrit: Kas tvam asi? Asmi svapnas tava tamasi nakte. Agniṃ dadau te hridi tada viśpatir devas tvam asi.
    Lithuanian: Kas tu esi? Esmi sapnas tavo tamsioje naktyje. Ugnį daviau tau širdy, tada viešpatis dievas tu esi.
    English: “Who are you? I am a dream in your dark night. I gave you fire in heart, then you become a God”.

  • Bolava Vitthal - Ranjani Gayatri

  • Zuck wants to own you: Facebook wants your banking information, too. Banks are worried about the breadth of information being sought.

Monday, August 06, 2018

Quick notes: Peaceful fall, Helicopter UAV...