Thursday, June 21, 2018

Quick notes: Dust bowl, Gyro car...

  • Dust Bowl: Depleting groundwater, unsustainable agriculture and deforestation are turning large parts of North India into a Dust Bowl.

  • Two-Wheeled Gyro Car: The two-wheeled electric car of the future is being tested in China: During a test drive, the gyrocar was quiet and stable, and more nimble than a traditional car when making turns.

  • EVs in India: Kia to build electric cars in India by late 2019

  • Reciprocal tariffs: India slaps tariffs on 29 items from the US. However, ‘motorcycles above 800cc’ dropped from the list.

  • 111-Million-Ton Trash Problem: China, the world’s biggest waste importer is no longer buying... Data shows India increasing plastic scrap imports

  • Vegan footed: As customers turn away from leather shoes, the beef industry is left with a glut of hides

  • Water Purification: Scientist create cheap and effective water filtration medium from the Moringa Oleifera (drumsticks), a tree native to India. Kills microorganisms and reduces turbidity, adhering to particulate and organic matter. 

  • Ye theeruga nanu:

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Fwd: Trump n Kim leave the denuclearization details for later+Why India cannot delay making its own defence equipment+ Will China repeat an Aksai Chin?

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1. Doklam standoff anniversary: Will China repeat an Aksai Chin? 12.6.18 by Brahma C
But, a year later, it is apparent that an India increasingly mired in domestic politics has failed both to defend Bhutan's territorial sovereignty and to thwart the Chinese threat to its "Chicken Neck". Satellite images show China is building an alternative road from eastern Doklam toward the Jampheri Ridge. So, despite blocking a road construction last summer in Doklam's southwest, India finds its "Chicken Neck" looking vulnerable again. China, with its extensive new all-weather military infrastructure and forward-deployments in Doklam, is now capable of executing deep incursions into India's Siliguri Corridor.
SN – With the Chinese talk less, let actions speak. Remember Chinese love to look good and strong in front of their own people. Also note that in case of war India might have to fight on borders in Rajasthan, Punjab, Jammu, Ladakh, Uttaranchal, Sikkim, Arunachal and Doklam. Will the Russians help us in a war with China-Pak.
The Chinese specialise in winning without firing a bullet. They did that to the U.S. by capturing their markets and also in the South China Sea.
The signed document does not mention a "complete, verifiable and irreversible dismantlement" of North Korea's nuclear weapons and facilities. Trump noted that in the document Kim reaffirms his "unwavering commitment to complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula." He was implying this commitment is just as good as CVID.
3. Why India cannot delay making its own defence equipment 12.6.18 by Lt Gen P R Shankar 
5. Promote complete denuclearization of Korean peninsula 12.6.18 OPED
7. The Indo Pacific and Pakistan 12.6.18 by Zakar A
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Monday, June 11, 2018

Fwd: When guns fall silent +Plausible solution to J&K+Amit Shah and Rajnath review situation along border with Pak, China+Myanmar Army: civil relations and insurgency

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1. India and China can recaliberate their ties 11.6.18 by nitin gokhale
The trick for India—weaker of the two, militarily and economically—is to remain engaged with China on the basis of its own national interest and simultaneously build military and economic deterrence.'
This is the first time the Taliban has ever announced a ceasefire. But analysts expect some violence to continue. If there is a significant reduction in violence in the coming days, it would be seen as an important gesture from the Taliban and its backers in Rawalpindi.
In the last few days, the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was on the phone with General Bajwa. He was reportedly discussing the peace process between Pakistan and Afghanistan.
3. Culture is at the root of Indian nationhood 12.6.18 by Sandhya Jain VG read is on Pranab Speech
4. Rajnath Singh's announcement on new battalions in Jammu and Kashmir serves little purpose except political posturing: 11.6.18 by Lt Gen Prakash Katoch
SN – More battalions cost money. It seems MHA suffers from little budget constraints unlike the Indian Army.
4a. Amit Shah and Rajnath review situation along border with Pak, China 12.6.18
4b. Plausible solution to J&K by Dr Satya pal Gupta 12.6.18
It needs to be realized that Jammu and Kashmir State is unnatural wedlock of three regions Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh. All the three regions have distinct identities: geographically, historically, culturally and linguistically; these are different from each other. And that the people of three regions have different social and political aspirations.
In the inclusion of Article-370 in Indian constitution and in accords of 1952, 1975 and 1986, the opinion of Kashmiri leadership was only taken into account and the wishes of people of Jammu and Ladakh regions were given a little consideration. Jammu region which constitutes almost 50 percent of the State's population and has an area 70 percent more than that of Kashmir Valley, (with hilly and difficult terrain), is under represented in the state legislature and in Lok Sabha. It has only 37 seats against 46 of Kashmir valley. Its representation in Lok Sabha is two against three from Kashmir Valley.
The share of Jammu in civil secretariat services is merely about 15 per cent and in over all Jammu and Kashmir services it is about 30 percent. Jammu region contributes about seventy percent revenue in the state exchequer where as only 30% funds are allocated for its development out of State exchequer. Jammu also faced discrimination in the allocation of grants from the Centre.
Kashmir, because of its political and administrative domination and hegemony, influences the thinking process of Muslim population of Poonch, Rajouri, Kishtwar, Doda and Ramban which have hilly terrain and have majority of Muslim population. As a result, the separatist tendencies have also started erupting in these districts. 
 As a result the strength of Kashmir based employees in the Government Departments located in Jammu region is increasing tremendously day by day.
It may also be mentioned that no effort is being made to deport Bangladeshis and Rohingyas whose population is estimated about 50,000 in Jammu province.t may also be mentioned that no effort is being made to deport Bangladeshis and Rohingyas whose population is estimated about 50,000 in Jammu province.
To solve the Jammu and Kashmir imbroglio the following is being submitted for your considerations:
SN – Jammu is the golden goose in J&K. The Kashmiris shall not rest till it becomes Muslim dominated. ANYONE who thinks otherwise should read Thoughts on Pakistan by Dr Ambedkar.
5. U.S. more provocative on the Taiwan question 12.6.18 OPED
'First, we can't be led by the nose by the US. We must build leverage to deal with the US and Taiwan, let both parties know they will pay the price no matter what provocations they make.
We must draw a red line for the US and Taiwan. Once crossed, a serious Taiwan Straits crisis will be triggered. For instance, visits by US warships to Taiwan or direct participation of American troops in Taiwan defense will disrupt the entire cross-Straits situation. 
6. Myanmar Army: civil relations and insurgency 11.6.18 by Dr S Chandrasekharan
1. It is time for Indian Pharma co's to tap the Chinese market 11.6.18
Even in China, there are frequent cases of smuggling and selling Indian-made drugs, and the enormous underground market for Indian medicine is a sign of the huge demand for cost-efficient treatments for cancer and other diseases in China. 
China's regulatory system is different from those in India and the US. Drugs are special products that affect human health, so China is moving very deliberately and cautiously. Despite the low cost and high quality of Indian drugs, there are still plenty of fake drugs from India. 

2. China Russia to co produce aircraft by 2023 11.6.18
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Quick notes: Fugitive shelter, Groundwater economy...

Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Quick notes: Student visas, School admissions...

  • To maintain its technological edge: US will limit visas for Chinese tech students

  • Ireland takes on the Catholic Church: Under a school admissions bill that passed the lower house of the Irish parliament, Catholic elementary schools would be barred from discriminating in favor of children of their own “religious ethos.” ... when will secular India do this?

  • New dimension: Chariot From Pre-Iron Age Found During Excavation in UP's Sanauli

  • Enough for 300 years: India might hold world's second largest gas hydrate reserves

  • Wipe out: Cumulative losses at public sector banks were large enough to wipe out almost all of the govt's capital injections of $13 billion in 2017-18

  • Ram Govind Hari: A treasure from Sant Kabir

  • Ather Energy: The launch of this e-scooter is a moment of reckoning for India’s EV market. 

  • Bike-friendly: Contributing to the larger movement of making Bengaluru roads friendly for cyclists, residents of Sanjaynagar plan to restrict motor vehicles to designated hours on certain days of every month.

  • Reality check: Unlike the US and China which have hundreds of educational programmes in data science and AI, India has next-to-nothing. Only 4% of AI professionals in the country have worked on cutting-edge technologies like deep learning and neural networks. 

  • Patanjali gets Yogi jolt: Rs 20 bn food park project not allowed in UP 

Monday, June 04, 2018

google's ethical framework for AI

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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Quick notes: Chinese trap, Prosperity gospel...