Wednesday, January 17, 2018

China Builds Base at Doklam, Near India's Chicken Neck

China has been found to have built a base on the Doklam Plateau, near India's Siliguri Corridor, or Chicken Neck:

Fwd: India’s hawkish posture+ Continuance of Declaration on Disturbed Area in Nagaland+India’s Army not as strong

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1. India Should Approach Nepal As An Equal, Not Like A Patronising Elder Brother 15.1.18 by Jaideep Prabhu
2. India's defence strategy on right track 15.1.18 by N S Venkataraman
3. Netanyahu's visit consolidates momentum 17.1.18 by Kanwal Sibal Still not on Economic Times site.
5. India's Army not as strong 16.1.18 OPED
'Sino-Indian relations have reached a turning point that either the two countries find an acceptable position for their ties and a mechanism to coordinate, or their relations will be a burden to the two rising power'
6. Assessing China's Strategic Behaviour During Republic Day and the Shangrila Dialogue 2018 17.1.18 by Maj Gen Rajiv N
7. Japan's Geopolitical Assertiveness is an Asian Security Imperative in 2018 16.1.18 by Dr Subhash Kapila
8. Continuance of Declaration on Disturbed Area in Nagaland is a Decision based on Perception without Foresight 16.1.18 by Gautam Sen
9. India's hawkish posture 17.1.18 by Talat Masood
It is, however, possible that India could face problem in acquiring the great power status unless it develops a modicum of relations with Pakistan and is more willingly accepted as a benign power by other countries of the region. Whereas Pakistan's ability to deal with India more effectively would very much depend on its ability to consolidate democracy by resolving its internal contradictions, especially the imbalance between civil-military relations
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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Fwd: 70th ARMY DAY Special -

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Namaskar & Vanakkam Friends,

15th January is Army Day. India owes a lot to its army. They not only protect the borders but also help in just about every natural calamity. Even make railway footbridges as one is being made in Mumbai. In Ladakh they run schools, vocational training centres and even make sanitary napkins. We must be proud of having a dedicated army. I only hope they are changing their systems and structures to keep pace with rapid developments taking place globally.  

You can your Army by contributing to the Army Relief Fund. We offer three options in link one. You can pay tribute to the soldiers who made the supreme sacrifice by visiting the war memorials.

1. Contribute to Indian Army Relief Fund Two options are contributing to the army relief fund. The third is to a Army NGO which rehabs those who get disabled in action - this is based in Pune.

2. Visit Kargil War Memorial. India's first televised war. Moral of this war - never let your guard down.

3. Rezang-la War Memorial Ladakh. 123 soldiers of the 12 Kumaon Regiment fought this war in November 1962, at a height of over 15,000 feet, killing atleast a 1,000 Chinese soldiers. Tributes to the brave team led by Major Shaitan Singh.

4. Siachen Base Camp. Only when you visit the camp and glacier do you know the difficult conditions in which jawans guard the borders.

5. Jaswantgarh War Memorial. This memorial is enroute to Tawang and made in memory of Team Jaswant Singh who fought the Chinese bravely in 1962.

6. Should the Indian Army being running schools in Jammu and Kashmir? During my 2016 trip covered various social service activities by the Army. Is the army suppose to runs schools?

7. Army Goodwill School Kargil. This is a lovely school with super facilities. Do see. Wish had studied there.

warm regards

sanjeev nayyar

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Fwd: Harvard Tamil Chair - synopsis of my issues

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  • Last year, I took a risk when I publicly and assertively challenged the merits of the Harvard Tamil Chair: most Tamil people I spoke with expressed solidarity with Harvard and found my views too provocative.
  • So I decided to call for a debate with the proponents of the Chair. The organizers of Swadeshi Indology Conference 3 in IIT Madras tried to bring the supporters of the Chair to debate me, but this was not easy. Eventually, a Tamil media person came forth and we had an amicable discussion at the conference in December 2017.
  • He confirmed that he is pro-Dravidian, and a supporter of the Harvard Tamil Chair. But by the end of our conversation, he was hedging his position because it became clear that he and others supporting the chair have not done their homework, and had rushed to do it as a way to "feel good" in the glory of Harvard's aura.
  • None of the supporters of this Chair seem to have prior experience in such negotiations, and this became clear as I raised specific issues based on my years of experience dealing with similar academic chairs.
  • The complete videos from the conference will take time to edit/publish. But I have decided to bring a few clips from this Harvard Tamil Chair panel to the public in the meantime. I am doing this because of a recent scathing attack against Harvard on grounds that are irrelevant to the issues concerning this Chair - the attack focuses on things like Harvard's endowment being invested in hedge funds, and a false allegation that the co-founder of the chair has backed out.

Please watch and post your comments on Facebook/YouTube.


To help us continue this innovative and provocative alternative to mainstream media, we invite your donations to our tax-exempt foundation in USA or in India: DONATE





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Fwd: Judges Versus Chief Justice Of India: What Was Said And Left Unsaid by Sanjeev Nayyar in Swarayamag

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Judges Versus Chief Justice Of India: What Was Said And Left Unsaid
By Sanjeev Nayyar, January 16 2018
The judges' letter to the Chief Justice of India has stirred up the hornet's nest, but will the debates that ensued help reduce judicial delays benefiting the common man and improve the country's economic standing?
The article refers to the seven page letter, sudden raising death of Judge Loya, questions on Memorandum of Procedure, can judges be penalised other than by impeachment, basis of action against Justice CS Karnan. Lastly strategy and implications of current events.
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sanjeev nayyar
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Sunday, January 14, 2018

PSLV C-40 Successfully Deploys 31 Satellites

ISRO's PSLV C-40 mission has successfully deployed 31 satellites into their intended orbits:

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Quick notes: Temple lands, Dharma lesson...

  • Hindus robbed by 'Vikas': BJP-led Maharashtra govt to sell vast tracts held by temple trusts. The State Cabinet amended existing laws, allowing transfer of Devasthan Inams land held by individuals and 4,000 temple trusts, including the ones at Shirdi, Siddhivinayak, Pandharpur and Mahalaxmi in Kolhapur.... vikas gando thayo chhe

  • Muslims rewarded by 'Vikas': Same govt increases the budget of Haj Committee.

  • Shia board's warning: Shia Central Waqf Board urges govt to shut down madrassas in the country, alleging that education imparted in these Islamic schools encouraged students to join terrorist ranks.

  • Chinese H1-B: China is issuing long-term visas to lure highly skilled people from abroad to work in the country. Technology leaders, entrepreneurs and scientists from in-demand sectors are among those eligible to apply.

  • Growing innovation back home: Chinese workers abandon Silicon Valley for riches back home

  • Dharma lesson by Max Muller:  What India teaches us is that in a state advancing towards civilization, there must be always two castes or two classes of men, a caste of Brahmans or of thinkers, and a caste of Kshatriyas, who are to fight; possibly other castes also of those who are to work and of those who are to serve. Great wars went on in India, but they were left to be fought by the warriors by profession. The peasants in their villages remained quiet, accepting the consequences, whatever they might be, and the Brahmans lived on, thinking and dreaming in their forests, satisfied to rule after the battle was over.

    And what applies to military struggles seems to me to apply to all struggles—political, religious, social, commercial, and even literary. Let those who love to fight, fight; but let others who are fond of quiet work go on undisturbed in their own special callings.

  • AWAKE: The Life of Yogananda

Friday, January 12, 2018

Judicial Coup Attempt by Congress/Left

It looks like the Congress is attempting some kind of maneuver to mount a coup against the Chief Justice of India's Supreme Court Dipak Misra, after a sudden press conference by 4 other Supreme Court justices demanding impeachment of Chief Justice Misra. This follows the Chief Justice's decision to re-open the 1984 Riots case.

Ending Pakistan's Double Game

Zalmay Khalilzad writes about how to end Pakistan's double game:

He mentions targeted sanctions aimed at specific personalities within the Pakistani state responsible for supporting terrorism - and even extending the sanctions to their family members too. That would certainly cause some sharp pain to the Pakistanis.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Ex-ISRO Chief Joins UAE Space Mission

Former ISRO chief K Radhakrishnan is helping United Arab Emirates to develop their space program:

I'm not a fan of this idea at all - we shouldn't be mentoring these people - if they want to develop space technology, they should do it themselves, and not on our backs. These people take credit for all kinds of things originally invented in India, and plus they'll only provide our tech to the Pakistanis anyway. Indian govt should keep our people out of their space programs, and just chalk it up to "western pressure" if necessary.

Fwd: Making sense of Pakistan+The Iranian crisis is not yet over+Fears of China reducing US debt jolt markets amid trade friction+ Trading in YUAN

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New design of Global Times has a section titled 'China India' China U.S.' China Europe'

1. By denying river water data to us, Beijing is using the resource as a tool of coercive diplomacy by Brahma C 10.1.18

2. India can't copy China's technology success without understanding its origins 10.1.18
'Instead of following this kind of misleading advice, it is suggested that India should seek more cooperation with China in the digital economy to turn its technology ambitions into reality. '
3. Advances In Technology: Battlefield Helicopters 10.1.18 by Gp Capt AK Sachdev
4. China Develops its Border with India: Yume again in the news 9.1.18 by Claude Arpi
6. Making sense of Pakistan 11.1.18 by G Parthasarathy
Pakistan's air force chief has warned that American drones operating against the Taliban and Haqqani network inside Pakistani airspace would be shot down. Pakistan has also hinted that the US would be unable to arm and equip its military in Afghanistan, as its only viable lines of communication to Afghanistan are through Pakistani territory and airspace. What causes and motivates this Pakistani bluster?
When North Korea shocked the world by exploding a thermonuclear bomb on September 3, 2017, Trump described the action as 'very hostile' and 'dangerous to the US'. Barely a month earlier he had warned North Korea of 'fire and fury' if it continued provocative actions, while describing the policies of South Korea's new President, seeking reconciliation with North Korea as 'appeasement'.'
8. Trading in YUAN 11.1.18 by K Hussein
So there is nothing new in the Jan 2 announcement of the State Bank. It is possible that at the moment, the Chinese authorities are simply focused on creating the pathways through which yuan settlement can be effected. Once in place, they will turn their attention towards getting increased utilisation. A set of incentives will be offered for the purpose, but until then, it remains business as usual.'
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Monday, January 08, 2018

Quick notes: Moringa craze, Clean meat...

  • Moringa craze takes over: Drumstick leaves, the superfood of 2018... soon, poor Indians won't be able to afford it

  • Why fiber is good for you: Dietary fiber = undigested by humans = food for gut bacteria. Byproduct is short-chain fatty acids, absorbed by intestinal cells, which use it as fuel.

  • Clean meat: Cell-cultured “clean” meat is grown by extracting cells from an animal and then growing those cells in a bioreactor filled with a high-tech nutrient-dense liquid. The cells feed on the liquid and proliferate, producing chicken meat that’s molecularly identical to conventional meat without having ever slaughtered an animal.

  • Tax on disposable coffee cups: Bengaluru should consider this.

  • Maneeshaa Panchakam: He who is firmly established in the Pure Consciousness – be he a Chandala (outcaste) or a Brahmana, such a one is indeed worthy of being a Guru.

    ..dridha prajna api yasya asti chet, chandaalah astu sah tu dvijah astu guruh iti..

  • Bollywood's lack of ideas: What happened to all those life-changing films like V. Shantaram's Do Aankhen Barah Haath (about prison reform), Mehboob Khan's Mother India (about matriarchal pride and dignity), Bimal Roy's Sujata (about eradicating the caste system).....?

  • Slam vs Slam: Islamic State declares war on rival Hamas with video execution

  • It's Time to End Pak's Double Game: Pakistan concocted a complex strategy of cooperating on logistics and occasional help with hunting Al Qaeda leaders in exchange for massive U.S. aid, while simultaneously building out a clandestine program to reconstitute the Taliban.