Friday, January 17, 2020

Quick notes: Love jihad | Diabetes drug...

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Quick notes: Arrested landing | China R&D...

  • Triumph of indigenous technologies: Landing on an aircraft carrier deck is the ultimate and most daunting challenge for a fighter pilot. With this Tejas landing, India enters a select group of nations with the capability.. ADA says it is targeting the first flight of Tejas Mark-2 by 2025-26 and induction into service by 2031

  • How China took pole-position in 5G tech: Companies from China own 36% of all 5G standard-essential patents. U.S. firms, by contrast, including Qualcomm and Intel, hold just 14% of critical 5G patents. Telecom companies around the world—including those operating in places where Huawei gear might be off-limits—will have to pay royalties to Huawei to license that tech. “It means guaranteed revenue”.

    Huawei’s prowess stems partly from the fact that it now regularly outspends its rivals in R&D, a fact that has alarmed some policy makers in Washington. In 2017, the company spent $13 billion on R&D, more than its chief rivals, Ericsson and Nokia combined.

    Some of Huawei’s proposals are now fundamental building blocks of 5G. They include one highly prized technique called “polar coding,” a method for correcting errors in data transmission. Huawei poured resources into developing it, and polar coding became a rallying cry for Huawei and its Chinese peers at standards meetings.

  • Radiation from phones: Xiaomi, OnePlus phones emit maximum radiation, Samsung phones emit the least.. . . . .  The inconvenient truth about cancer and mobile phones.

  • Bezos faces protests from Indian traders: Traders have waged a battle against online retailers Amazon and Flipkart, accusing them of deep discounts and flouting India’s foreign investment rules.

  • 70% of Amaravati prone to floods: IIT-Madras says cost of construction in the area would be very high due to the pile foundation required to be laid. The raft foundation with basement was not advisable due to the groundwater level at 2.50 metres to 5 metres below the ground level. 

  • #DeleteFacebook:

Thursday, January 09, 2020

Quick notes: Lies are cool | Binge watching...

  • Pursuit of profit: Facebook says it’s cool with lies in political ads

  • Addicted generation: Sleep deprivation from bingeing on Netflix, Amazon Prime causing health decline in India.

  • China roundup:
    - Peaceful rise: China tried to threaten Taiwan by weaponizing tourism.
    - Han espionage: Chinese “tourist” accused of espionage in the US.
    - See no evil: Pope keeps silent on persecution of Uighurs.
    - Corporate espionage: 5G is where China and the west finally diverge.
    - EUV tech: US pressed Dutch hard to cancel China chip-equipment sale

  • Nasima Akter, fearless surfer: They tried to force her into prostitution. Instead, she hit the waves.

  • Confessions of a slaughterhouse worker: "When I was a child I dreamed of becoming a vet. Instead, I ended up working in a slaughterhouse. Cows being brought in would get scared and panic, which was pretty terrifying for all of us too. There were countless occasions when, despite following all of the procedures for stunning, slaughterers would get kicked by a massive, spasming cow as they hoisted it up to the machine for slaughter.". 
  • ‘Green measles’ problem: Fragmentation of India's forested zones with no corridors connecting them. Many of these reserves, like Panna, had no tigers left in them. 

Sunday, January 05, 2020

Quick notes: e-yuan | Young scientists...

Monday, December 30, 2019

Quick notes: 5G trials | Displaced tribals...

  • 5G trials: Modi sarkar allows Huawei to conduct 5G trials in India

    - Chinese hackers bypassing Two-Factor Authentication

    - China's intelligence services stole volumes of intellectual property from scores of companies in a hack dubbed "Cloud Hopper" that was worse than previously assumed

  • The cold war no one is watching: China's ability to manufucture weaponry is much more efficient and advanced than India's.. It has consistently and aggressively underwritten the modernization of the arms industry in the form of steadily increasing defense budgets. This is paying off in terms of making China a more formidable force to reckon with.

  • Displacing native tribals, bringing in Christists? How Kerala govt’s forced relocation has deprived tribal communities of their rights. Many are now struggling to survive away from the forest area, which generations of tribal communities have relied on for resources and their livelihood.

  • Sadhguru on CAA & NRC: Calmly sends liberal dead bodies to the morgue.

  • Showing the way: Former students of NIT, Trichy commit $3 million for research activities at their alma mater and for the institute's scholarships programmes. . . . hope others will follow.

  • Power plant emissions: Mazda challenges EV assumptions, claims long-range EVs are bad for the planet . . . . India should focus on Hybrids for now

  • Indian Navy bans Facebook, restricts smartphone use: The directive comes weeks after seven sailors were nabbed for leaking information to Pakistan after being virtually honey-trapped on social media. . . . . . US Navy bans TikTok .

  • Your data is your property: Don't let billionaires profit from it

  • Kneeling down: A space debris accord with US to clip India's options

  • Fearless Hindu: 19 year old negotiates important policy changes at Stanford University to serve his Hindu lifestyle.

Saturday, December 28, 2019

Andhra police form 'Soldiers for Jesus' group

This is a naked attempt to intimidate Hindus using official machinery
of the state government of Andhra Pradesh and a precursor to forcible
conversions of vulnerable sections of the population to the Abrahamic
binary death cult.

This is a rapacious assault on the constitution, freedom, democracy and
the very antithesis of genuine "secularism" i.e. the separation of Church
and State.

The morons in the predatory Christist NGO aka the USCIRF will, of course
not care about this atrocity. In fact, they may derive an unspeakable pleasure of
a sadistic nature - witnessing the audacity of "Christian Love" in action, destroying
an ancient civilization that intends no harm to them.

"Religious Freedom" as defined by the evangelical USCIRF constitutes the
"freedom" to "choose" one of several Christist denominations such as
Pentacostal ["Pentacoastal" in Andhra :) ], Methodist, Southern Baptist etc.

Because of the perfidy of the TDP falling into John Reddy's trap of
"special status" etc., John Reddy was able to score a spectacular electoral victory
and Modi Sarkar needs John Reddy's support to pass critical legislation in the
Rajya Sabha.

However, this is an unacceptable infringement of the religious freedom of Hindus and their right
to exist peacefully in the cradle of their 30,000 year old civilization.

I do hope that it is challenged through all possible legal and constitutional means.
Hindu employees of other state governments have been terminated for much less -
for example, simply attending a RSS Shakha in their free time in Madhya Pradesh.

The Union government must also take note and prevent an unimpeded orgy by
the soul vultures.

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Quick notes: Spin is off | Trade war lost...

  • “Sheltering Minority Refugees Act”: This govt simply does not understand the art of telling its story and managing the narrative internationally.

  • KKKaangress foments unrest: Joins hands with Breaking India forces. 

  • Economy in a mess: States say Centre close to sovereign default.

  • Mohandas Pai: BJP's big disconnect with South and East India

  • Unified Payments Interface: Google thinks India’s UPI can become a global model.

  • Trump lost the trade war: China stood firm and won. The sad truth is that the U.S. will continue to run huge wealth and technology transfers to China financed by America’s increasing net foreign debt that will show as net foreign assets on China’s books.

    If losing some $17 billion in agricultural exports to China due to the trade war was tough for farmers, imagine a much larger market, with China taking some $50 billion away from American agribusiness in the future should relations deteriorate.

    This is not France versus Germany. This is a capitalist democracy versus a Frankenstein economy that’s one-part capitalist, one part state-controlled, and run by a single political party — the Communist Party — long considered the enemy of Western democracies.