Friday, September 24, 2021

gutierrez at the UN. is he scolding biden?

i have the feeling this is intended for the consumption of the biden administration: "A breakdown in trust is leading to a breakdown in values. Promises, after all, are worthless if people don't see results in their daily lives. Failure to deliver creates space for some of the darkest impulses of humanity. It provides oxygen for easy-fixes, pseudo-solutions and conspiracy theories. It is kindling to stoke ancient grievances.  Cultural  supremacy.  Ideological dominance.  Violent misogyny.  The targeting of the most vulnerable including refugees and migrants."

stinging words, given how the US just screwed over its afghan allies, and then turned around and screwed over the Quad and the EU in the pursuit of a new bloc, the white anglosphere AUKUS.

Thursday, September 23, 2021

Quick notes: Baloch fix | Amazon 'legal expenses'...

  • Could the US Support Balochistan Independence? As Pakistan not only turns away from the US but, through its Taliban proxies and China, tries to humiliate Washington, a new generation of American strategists, policymakers, and intelligence professionals may reconsider the redlines that have governed bilateral ties since the Truman administration.. A future American administration may try a “Kuwait” solution with Balochistan.

  • Amazon lawyers accused of bribery: Amazon spent Rs 8,546 cr in legal expenses to 'remain' in India.. Fees funneled into bribing govt officials.

  • Blow to pharma MNCs: India won't buy Pfizer, Moderna vaccines amid local output.

  • China's military has an Achilles' heel: Low troop morale and inexperience

  • China accounts for 40% of 6G patent filings: In a survey covering 20,000 patent applications for nine core 6G technologies, China topped the list with 40.3% of filings, followed by the U.S. with 35.2%.

  • Throw away Chinese phones: Lithuania finds built-in censorship tools and security flaws.

  • Cultural burning: When Western settlers forcibly removed Native American tribes from their land and banned their religious ceremonies, cultural burning largely disappeared. "There was actually a bounty on California Indian people. The governor had announced a war of extermination". Now, Goode and other tribal leaders have been reaching out to ecologists, researchers and fire agencies about the importance of Indigenous knowledge.. To manage wildfire, California looks to what tribes have known all along.

  • Keezhadi: Retracing ancient Indian heritage via Tamil Nadu. The findings are seen as archaeological corroboration of events or places mentioned in Sangam literature; in fact, carbon dating of the six artefacts from the site is seen as evidence that the Sangam Era began three centuries earlier than thought, making Keeladi contemporaneous with the Gangetic Plains civilisation in north India.

  • Newly minted socialist:

  • Mohd Aman: Rajasthani maand kesariya balam

the beginning of the end of the china story?

Now reading 'EMPIRE'

A gift from my god friend Naidu. Good stuff about the maritime empire of Rajendra Chola the Great. 

gagandeep kang has played some games in this wuhanvirus scene

i suspect there's a pfizer angle with CMC vellore. 

Yes, Gagandeep, but lack of data hasn't prevented you or the others in the Christian medical college Vellore 'gang of three' from pontificating on all sorts of things without making much sense.

Fwd: Lithuania urges people to throw away Chinese phones - BBC News

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Lithuania urges people to throw away Chinese phones - BBC News

total silence on furin cleavage bombshell from daszak's ecohealth

India's Masterplan to Counter China

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Sunday, September 19, 2021

revolution may be coming to china?

Quick notes: Plural India | Lucid Air...

  • I speak Kannada, and I’m no less Indian: I was a proud Hindi-speaking Indian then, though Kannada was my mother tongue! After all, we had to speak Hindi to be called Indian, in the Hindi nation, didn’t we? “Hindi hain hum?”

    It was only after I got to understand India and the idea of India that I realised that I don’t need Hindi to prove my Indianness. It’s absolutely okay for a Kannadiga to not know Hindi. It doesn’t make him a lesser Indian. This needs to be echoed time and again. Only then can we build a plural India.

    When I looked around, it dawned on me gradually that my mother tongue, Kannada, was being pushed to a corner in its own abode. It’s high time we implemented a two-language education policy in Karnataka to save our children from the excessive burden of learning Hindi. That would be the first right step in the right direction. Let’s hope no Kannada child in Karnataka, in the future, spends his childhood in a Hindi environment and starts looking down on his own language!

    "For North Indians, there is no Telugu, Tamil, Kannada or Malayali—it’s all Madrasi; all South Indian food is idli sambar; all people south of the Vindhyas speak as if they are gargling with stones, never mind Punjabi was not even a word when the Cholas were ruling large parts of Southern Asia".

  • China increasingly rejects English: Elementary schools cannot conduct English tests. . . . . . . . . . So unlike Macaulayists here

  • EV range leader: Lucid Air 520-mile range ousts Tesla from top spot.

    China leaping ahead in EVs: Xpeng P5 electric sedan starts around $25,000, leads in driver-assistance tech, aims for Europe

    Elon Musk praises Chinese automakers: "I have a great deal of respect for the many Chinese automakers for driving these (EV) technologies".

  • Manavendra Singh Shekhawat: Traditional water wisdom.

  • Imbalance: In one year, Himachal Pradesh loses 18.52% of snow cover

  • 5000 saplings in 48 hours: Meet the cyclist brothers working to make a greener TN a reality

  • Life at 50C: How to cool a megacity
  • Side-effects: Boys more at risk from Pfizer jab side-effect than Covid

  • Kerala could become another Afghanistan:“There has been so much Talibanization happening in Kerala in the past 25 years. In the next 5-10 years Kerala could become another Afghanistan" - K.J. Alphons

the death of science: victor davis hanson of the hoover institution

the media is complicit.

the poor quality of media. unquestioning acceptance of claims from SOME people. exact same thing in india, too. only here anything the modi govt says is questioned. there anything the biden govt says is gospel.