Friday, May 26, 2017

Quick notes: Executive compensation, Radio-inactive...

  • Amid IT job cuts and bleak outlook: Infosys offers hefty stock compensation to top executives 

  • Radio-Inactive: Switzerland to phase out nuclear power and replace it with renewable energy

  • Radioactive math: “Nuclear waste processing is an extremely complicated technical problem. We haven’t fully cracked it yet.” 

  • Countering OBOR: The US has revived two major infrastructure projects in South and Southeast Asia in which India would be a vital player.

  • Kashmiri tragedy: Nehru was distrustful of the army, interfered in military operations, and succumbed to civilian advice in 1948 just when the army was gaining initiative and could deliver far larger gains if they were allowed to do their job. In 1962, he trusted Krishna Menon’s assessment over the professionalism of his army chief even when Chinese troops were killing Indian soldiers.

  • A classic Telugu song composed in Chinese language:

  • Instagram worst social media app for young people's mental health: Only YouTube had a net-positive effect among the respondents. Every other social network came back with a net-negative effect. (In order from least negative to most, they were: Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram.) "It is easy for our perspective of reality to become distorted. Socializing from behind a screen can also be uniquely isolating, obscuring mental health challenges even more than usual."

  • Solar Hazard! How do you shut system down a photo voltaic system in case of fire? On the PV array side of the switch, the conductors are generally energized during daylight hours—typically at voltages of 300 volts dc or more. On the other side of the switch, often connected to an inverter with large input capacitors, the capacitors and parallel PV array circuits can keep that part of the circuit energized long after the switch is opened.

Fwd: CPEC is a sea change+Global Consequences of the Trump Presidency+Pakistan’s Womb Bomb: Deadlier than its Nuclear Bomb

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1. China's imperial overreach by Brahma C 25.5.17
2. How 2001 Parliament attack allowed Osama bin Laden's escape from Tora Bora 25.5.17 by sandeep unnithan
3. CPEC is a sea change: It transforms the matrix of opportunities and threats in India's neighbourhood 25.5.17 by swagota ganguly
'Most Marshall Plan aid was in the form of grants instead of loans; Europeans themselves were asked to create their own plans to rebuild their countries; technical assistance was provided to European manufacturers. Moreover the Americans extended Marshall Plan-like aid to Asian countries such as Japan, Taiwan and South Korea, and opened their market to them without reciprocal benefits.
According to Ruchir Sharma, Morgan Stanley's chief global strategist, China has kept its growth going after the 2008 financial crash mainly through stimulus measures, by pumping debt into wasteful projects. China's public and private debts have grown from a manageable 150% of GDP during the boom years to an unsustainable 260% now. '
Pakistan was made to refuse a loan offer from the multilateral Asian Development Bank for its $8 billion Peshawar-Karachi railway line, whose funds must be drawn from a Chinese bank instead.'
4. China's Belt and Road Initiative: India must Stay Out by brig gurmeet kanwal 25.5.17
5. Global Consequences of the Trump Presidency 26.5.17 by deepal kapoor
6. Pakistan's Womb Bomb: Deadlier than its Nuclear Bomb 26.5.17 by col anil athale
7. US warship sends vague message in South China Sea 25.5.17 \OPED
8. Is Singapore exploited by India in joint military drill to 'contain' China? OPED 25.5.17
'China and India also have territorial disputes and India is known to shelter Tibetan separatists. India also views the China-Pakistan relationship with concern.'
9. Pakistan's US problem first betrayal 26.5.17 by dr rabia akhtar
Johnson categorically told Ayub that if Pakistan-US alliance had any chance of survival in future, Pakistan would need to stay away from China. '
10. Indian armed forces joint doctrine: Elusive quest for integration 26.5.17 by pushpan das
11. Manchester attack aftermath: 'Good terrorist, bad terrorist' syndrome must end quickly'  25.5.17 by lt gen prakash katoch
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Fwd: The controversy on KANYADAANA

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From: Bharat Gupt Please read and respond
Many things like this have to be taken up.
It is disgusting that some senior BJP leadership has fallen victim to this
Marxist deconstruction of the serious concept of Daana.
There is a section in the BJP which is ready to reform and re-edit
even the Manusmriti. They want to bring out a modern expunged edition
of dharmashastras, and this, seeing the absence of professional 
scholars in the ranks of BJP,  will result in towing the Marxist discourse
internalised by some modern right wing reformists.
These reformists are not even the NRI anglophones but desi bhaashaawaalaas.
They do not know how they are being made into useful idiots
by Marxist discourse.
Let us not allow pseudo reformists do cause great harm.
A major political family in Nagpur from the BJP has prided in performing vivaah without kanyadaan. This sort of bravado shows a complete ignorance of tradition…
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Bharat Gupt
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Trustee and Executive Member
(Ministry of Culture), New Delhi
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KPS Gill passes on

shanti. the great cop who broke the back of pak-instigated revolt in punjab. we need someone like him to do the same for pak-instigated revolt in J&K

of course he was rewarded for his success with a witch-hunt in which he was accused of sexual assault on women. i have no idea if it was true or not, but the commies/lefties succeeded in humiliating him. 

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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

are india's startups losing their sheen?

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ft on the prospects of india's growth (book review)

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china is biting off more than it can chew: chellaney

imperial hubris. america's was that it could fight a bunch of wars at the same time. china's is that it can get an empire by stealth by fooling all its neighbors

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India Most Populous Nation, Not China: Chinese Scholar

Chinese scholar Yi Fuxian says that India has already passed China to become the world's most populous country, due to overestimates of China's population by its govt. India's population is currently at 1.32 billion, while China's population has been revised downward from 1.38 billion to 1.29 billion.

Bellatrix Aerospace Approaches Capital Markets

Bellatrix Aerospace has decided to go into defense contracting - presumably because it will get them money faster. They expect to raise the required capital in the next few months:

Hopefully they'll continue towards their space dreams.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

China's Credit Rating Downgraded

Moody's has downgraded China's sovereign credit rating:

Moody's warns another downgrade may happen in the future:

22 Killed in Manchester Bombing

A suicide bomber detonated a blast at a concert for Ariana Grande, whose main fans are young girls. ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack, in which 22 have died so far (more are in critical condition):

The bomber has been identified as 22-year old Salman Abedi, a British born person of Libyan descent.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Fwd: Water pincer against India+The Agni-II Trial Failure+ Furthering India-Japan Defence Cooperation

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From: Sanjeev Nayyar

1. German Analyst Siegfried Wolf gives his assessment on China's OBOR scheme, and why the EU has misgivings about it:
2. Water pincer against India by Brahma C 16.5.17
The Bunji and Bhasha dams, which will largely benefit the dominant Punjab province, located downstream, are set to enlarge China's strategic footprint in the restive, Shia-majority Gilgit-Baltistan.
The Bhasha Dam alone will flood 200 square kilometers of Gilgit-Baltistan, displacing at least 28,000 residents and submerging some significant archaeological sites.
The IWT is binational but China has emerged as the third party through its Gilgit dam activities and upstream control of two of the six Indus-system rivers.'
2a. Skipping OBOR Summit would reflect 'India First' Policy 16.5.17 maj gen sb asthana
3. India needs to think beyond rift with China 16.5.17 OPED
Rising nationalism has made Indian public opinion extremely sensitive on China-related issues. Indians are keen to compare themselves with China on development and international status, but meanwhile strongly object to China developing friendly cooperation with Pakistan, for fear that Sino-Pakistani ties are targeting India.'
4. India should rethink its position on B&R initiative, find solutions: experts 16.5.17
5. Where Chinese media get India wrong by sanjeev nayyar May 2017
6. Furthering India-Japan Defence Cooperation: Arun Jaitley indicates a new approach 15.5.17 by amit cowshish
7. The Agni-II Trial Failure: Evaluation rather than Flagellation is needed 15.5.17 by sanjay badri maharaj 
'On May 4, 2017, India's Strategic Forces Command (SFC) conducted an unsuccessful user trial of the Agni-II Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile (IRBM). This failure marks the third unsuccessful test – either development flight or user trial – of the missile and comes after a series of five consecutive successful user trials.'
8. The Law keeper and the soldier by noel ellis 4.5.17
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Sunday, May 21, 2017

CPEC: Paki-Chini Bhai-Bhai

Pakistan's Dawn newspaper published a leaked copy of the CPEC agreement, which Pakistan signed onto with China at the OBOR summit:

The details aren't very rosy for Pakistan at all - it's more like a way for Pakistan to become indentured to China. Pakistan will be able to borrow $50B to spend on infrastructure projects - contracted out to Chinese companies - and it will have to pay that money back at relatively high rates of interest, including a requirement for timebound repayment of the principal. Islam may not approve of high interest rates, but obviously China doesn't mind them. China will help to set up a lot of surveillance technology for the Pak govt, which may not be to the benefit of Pakistan's general population. The money Pakistan borrows must be spent on Chinese contractors and Chinese goods - and the terms of this deal are to be deliberately kept hidden from public scrutiny - the better to hide the kickbacks.

Meanwhile the Baloch Liberation Army has just carried out a fresh attack on Pak Army near the CPEC route at Turbat:

Saturday, May 20, 2017

China Kills/Imprisons 20 CIA Spies in 2 Years

China was able to achieve a ruthless purge of CIA informants from its govt, to cripple US spying operations against it:

From the final weeks of 2010 through the end of 2012, according to former American officials, the Chinese killed at least a dozen of the C.I.A.’s sources. According to three of the officials, one was shot in front of his colleagues in the courtyard of a government building — a message to others who might have been working for the C.I.A.

ELM Channels Balk At Ratings As Arnab's RepublicTV Sweeps

Controversy has erupted as major english-language news channels withdraw from the existing ratings service for measuring viewership, accusing it of reporting inflated numbers for Arnab's RepublicTV:

Reacting to an observation made on Facebook on an report detailing the decision of a  few English TV news channels to boycott BARC, Joshi observed, “What the recalcitrant measurement subjects need to introspect on are the following two issues: how many times have they used multiple frequencies? How long will their advertising proposition survive without a credible, agnostic measure? Many of them (the boycotting TV news channels) also have print businesses and (they) can't be oblivious to the havoc wreaked upon revenues by the absence of a readership measure for an indefinitely long period.”

The whiners are themselves hypocrites, because they themselves have engaged in the same tactics they accuse RepublicTV of.

What's clear is that Arnab & RepublicTV are able to attract far more english-language viewers than the rest of ELM - and this has the ELM terrified. With a much larger english-language viewership, RepublicTV will be able to suck advertisers away from the ELM establishment. This will hit them where it hurts most - in their pocketbook.

What's amazing is that it's taken this long to mount a challenge against the ELM on their own turf - this should have been done a couple of decades ago. Now that the game is on, it's best for iron-clad methods of measurement to be adopted, in order to provide iron-clad proof to advertisers on whom the market really prefers, and thereby give ELM the drubbing they deserve, in front of everyone.