Wednesday, July 23, 2014

remembering the time the US shot down an iranian passenger plane, and lied about it

it's nice that they are so morally indignant about MH17 now.

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"Love People, Not Pleasure"

The unhappiest people I have ever met are those most dedicated to their own self-aggrandizement — the pundits, the TV loudmouths, the media know-it-alls. They build themselves up and promote their images, but feel awful most of the time. That’s the paradox of fame. Just like drugs and alcohol, once you become addicted, you can’t live without it. But you can’t live with it, either.

And then there’s social media. Today, each of us can build a personal little fan base, thanks to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and the like. It puts a minor form of fame-seeking within each person’s reach. And several studies show that it can make us unhappy.

What do you post to Facebook? Pictures of yourself yelling at your kids, or having a hard time at work? No, you post smiling photos of a hiking trip with friends. You build a fake life — or at least an incomplete one — and share it. Furthermore, you consume almost exclusively the fake lives of your social media “friends.”

In 2004, two economists looked into whether more sexual variety led to greater well-being. They looked at data from about 16,000 adult Americans who were asked confidentially how many sex partners they had had in the preceding year, and about their happiness. Across men and women alike, the data show that the optimal number of partners is one.

This might seem totally counter intuitive. How can it be that these very things can give us unhappiness instead of happiness? We look for these things to fill an inner emptiness. They may bring a brief satisfaction, but it never lasts, and it is never enough. And so we crave more. We can’t quite pin down what it is that we seek.

This paradox has a word in Sanskrit: upadana, which refers to the cycle of craving and grasping. As the Dhammapada puts it: “Like the monkey seeking fruits in the forest, he leaps from life to life... Whoever is overcome by this wretched and sticky craving, his sorrows grow like grass after the rains.”

Declaring war on our own basic desires, on these destructive impulses, is not about asceticism or Puritanism. It is about being a prudent person who seeks to avoid unnecessary suffering.

|| न सुखात् लभते सुखम् ||
Desirelessness is the the highest bliss
NYT: Love People, Not Pleasure

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

India the Next Basketball Superpower?

Simran "Sim" Bhullar may become the first Indian-origin player to be signed by the NBA:

Quick notes: Secular grant, eco-justice...

Fwd: Evidence of the Rs 5500/- Crores NDTV Money Laundering Scam

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From: Aslam Durani
Date: Tue, Jul 22, 2014 at 6:28 PM
Subject: Fwd: Evidence of the Rs 5500/- Crores NDTV Money Laundering Scam
To: Aslam Durani

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From: Madhu Kishwar

Evidence of the Rs 5500/- Crores NDTV Money Laundering Scam 

In response to MANUSHI's expose of Rs 5500 Cr. NDTV-Chidambaram money laundering scam, NDTV had at first sent MANUSHI a legal notice threatening a defamation suit unless we apologized for exposing NDTV's role in the hawala scam. MANUSHI refused to apologize or withdraw those charges because we had offered strong documentary evidence of the unearthing of the scam by the Income Tax Department. NDTV did not carry out its threat of taking us to court on charges of "defamation."

On 16th July, 2014 NDTV  has again threatened to take MANUSHI to court and reiterated   that "Ms Kishwar didn't even try to provide any shred of evidence whatsoever for this totally non-existent and imaginary "scam". ( I am sharing below a letter sent to me by Mr. S.K. Gupta, advocate for S.K. Srivastava, Commissioner of Income Tax providing incontrovertible evidence of this money laundering racket by NDTV.


    Madhu Purnima Kishwar
    Founder MANUSHI
    Professor, Centre for the Study of Developing Societies
    Tel: 011 23978851, 08826377770

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    Fwd: The BJP is not rewriting history by Vivek Gumaste in rediff

    hmmm... he refers to an old piece of mine as evidence of skulduggery by lefties :-)

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    From: sanjeev nayyar
    Date: Tue, Jul 22, 2014 at 7:48 PM
    Subject: The BJP is not rewriting history by Vivek Gumaste in rediff

    The BJP is not rewriting history by Vivek Gumaste in Rediff. 22/7/14

    One cannot but infer that this brouhaha is a crafty ploy to create an issue out of a non-issue. An overview of post-independent India's history reveals that it is not the BJP or the Sangh Parivar but Marxist historians who have been guilty of debasing history to suit their vested interests, says Vivek Gumaste.

    It is deja vu all over again -- to use the grammatically redundant phrase popularised by the Yankee ex-manager Yogi Bera. The same hackneyed charges are been bandied around, the same shrill diatribes replete with half-truths, hyperbole and innuendos rent the air and as in the past one finds that there is more fluff than substance in these accusations.

    It is a ditto replay of the early days of the first Bharatiya Janata Party government (in 1988) when its ideological detractors went into an overdrive mode to discredit the party. Unsubstantiated charges about distortion of history and saffronisation of education were levelled against the government, needless controversies were engendered and sordid rumours about church-burning planted with impunity -- all with the express intent of creating a climate of fear, apprehension and uncertainty about the motives of the new government.

    After suffering a devastating defeat in the recent elections one would have expected these worthies to exhibit some good sense. But alas, old habits die hard and they are back to turning dirty tricks in order to distract the BJP from focusing on good governance.

    Firing the first salvo in this version 2.0 of this ideological battle was one of the usual suspects, Sitaram Yechury a Communist Party of India-Marxist politburo member and MP. In an article sensationally titled, 'Poison pen: Attempt to rewrite India's history is dangerous' (Hindustan Times, July 14) that is logically flawed, factually challenged and reeks of ideological prejudice, he charges the BJP with attempting to mangle history by wilfully destroying historically sensitive files. The specific file in question being one that reflects the minutes of a cabinet meeting prior to announcing Mahatma Gandhi's death in 1948.

    Imputing a covert design to a simple act of housekeeping, he claims that this disposal of outdated files is a part of a larger sinister agenda: 'This is part of the overall project of rewriting Indian history in order to negate its rich diversity… It is part of the overall objective to straightjacket Indian history into a monolithic record of the glorification of 'Hindus' alone. Such an effort will necessarily have as its immediate corollary the danger of changing our entire education system and syllabi to dovetail the advancement of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh project.'

    Let us recapitulate the current train of events and scrutinise them to test the validity of this charge.

    On June 23, PTI reported that: "On the direction of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Union home ministry is on a cleanliness drive… has destroyed nearly 1.5 lakh files that had gathered dust for years. While going through the steel almirahs of North Block, officials also found some interesting files which gave an insight to some historic moments."

    One 'interesting file' had details about the cabinet meeting alluded to above. When asked whether these files were saved or junked, an official expressed ignorance.

    Subsequently, Home Minister Rajnath Singh clarified the misperceptions emanating from the PTI report in his statement to the Rajya Sabha on July 14.

    One, he indicated that the process of identifying the files to be destroyed was done between August 9, 2012 and May 2, 2013 during the UPA regime. Two, he told the House that destruction of the files had been done in accordance with existing government regulations. Files of historic importance are usually sent to the National Archives. Third, he assured the House that no file relating to Mahatma Gandhi, former President Rajendra Prasad, former Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri or the last Indian Viceroy Lord Mountbatten had been destroyed.

    The assertions of Yechury's article that there is an attempt to rewrite India's history need to be analysed in light of the above facts. If historical files were not destroyed in the first place as per the home minister, then the entire premise of the article falls apart and none of the corollaries that follow like distortion of history and saffronisation of education hold water.
    Therefore one cannot but infer that this brouhaha is a crafty ploy to create an issue out of a non-issue. An overview of post-independent India's history reveals that it is not the BJP or the Sangh Parivar but Marxist historians who have been guilty of debasing history to suit their vested interests as this excerpt from Rajeev Srinivasan's
    article, 'Indians Will No Longer be Impressed with Marxist Histrionics' indicates:

    "The West Bengal government in 1989 issued guidelines that said: 'Muslim rule should never attract any criticism. Destruction of temples by Muslim rulers and invaders should not be mentioned.' Dated 28 April, 1989, it [the circular] is issued by the West Bengal Secondary Board. It is in Bengali, and carries the number "Syl/89/1".

    "All the West Bengal government recognised secondary school headmasters are being informed," it begins, "that in the history textbooks recommended by this board for class IX the following amendments to the chapter on the medieval period have been decided after due discussions and review by experts."

    Written in Bengali and designated as true (Shuddo) and false (Ashuddo), some of these deliberate distortions are listed below.

    Ashuddo: "Sultan Mahmud used force for widespread murder, loot, destruction and conversion."
    Shuddo: "There was widespread loot and destruction by Mahmud", i.e. no reference to murder or forcible conversion.
    Ashuddo: "The non-believers had to embrace Islam or death".
    Shuddo: All matters on this page to be deleted.
    Ashuddo: "He looted valuables worth 2 crore dirham from the Somnath temple and used the Shivling as a step leading to the masjid in Ghazni."
    Shuddo: Delete "and used the Shivling as a step leading to the masjid in Ghazni."

    In addition, the BJP has been exonerated by the Supreme Court. Responding to a PIL filed by Aruna Roy and others, the apex court in its verdict of September 12, 2002 categorically dismissed the libel that the BJP government had tried to saffronise education.

    The BJP must dismiss these catcalls with the derision they merit and concentrate on its goal of national development.

    Warm Regards
    sanjeev nayyar
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    Sunday, July 20, 2014

    Quick notes: Secularistan in Karnataka, RoP perverts...

    • No funds for govt schools, but..: Karnataka govt allocates Rs 47 crore to give honorariums to chief imams and muezzins (who call people for prayer).

    • Vibgyor school rape: The CCTV camera footage showed Mustafa dragging the six-year-old student into a room on July 3 afternoon. The camera footage also showed the girl crying. A Bihar native, Mustafa's laptop had videos of schoolchildren being raped. According to the police, a school in Whitefield had terminated Mustafa’s services after his alleged involvement in a sexual assault case. But the matter was not reported to the police.

    • Frazer Town Rape: Nasir, 28, the main accused in the case, had sexually assaulted at least 20 other women in the past. He is believed to have shot videos of the incidents and had blackmailed the victims into silence. "None of them have come forward to report the incidents," the officer said. Police have arrested three others who were involved in the 'Frazer Town horror' incident - Mohammed Hafeez (32), Mohammed Ishaq Sawood (32) and Shoaib Shiek Mohammed (27).

    • RoP:

    • Indian superman lifts a motorcycle up a ladder on his head: Not sure if we can be proud of this, though.

    Saturday, July 19, 2014

    ISRO Earned $54 Million from Foreign Launches

    ISRO earned $54 million from launching foreign satellites over the past 3 years:

    That's a number that could be expected to grow as India brings into service its next-generation launcher, the GSLV-MkIII. Other platforms like the Reusable Launch Vehicle could also provide similar services.

    Love Jihad Enters New Territory

    The Talibanization of Jihad continues:

    This may however make them increasingly the butt of jokes.

    Friday, July 18, 2014

    Quick notes: Battle for Kobane, Rapists' new trick...

    • Syria: With heavy weapons seized from Iraq, ISIS returns to Syria to try and crush the Kurds there. A possible Rwanda redux but Obama won't help.

    • Shamelessly aping the Arabs: Bhatkal kin ‘martyred’ in Afghanistan.

    • Escape route for rapists: After a year in jail, rape accused pleads he is minor

    • Fertility: How staying up late could hurt your fertility

    • Rethink transport: Finland's largest city to eliminate most private cars by 2025

    • 5G Calling: China universities started the study of upper GHz bands almost 10 years ago.... (When will we hear such things about Indian Universities?)

    • Ustad Bismillah Khan - Purbi Dhun:

    Thursday, July 17, 2014

    al qaeda plans for final solution (hey, where's anand patwardhan/rakesh sharma?) for india

    no lefties want to take movies of this? 

    oh, forgot muslim plans to wipe out hindus are kosher (oops. halal. my bad).

    the saintliness of francis

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    NaMo's flight was close behind

    I personally feel it is in Bharat's national interest to minimize NaMo's international air travel. The security of the person of Narendra bhai Modi is too valuable to the nation to risk.

    There are other ranking officials and Union cabinet members who can be deputed on behalf of the P.M to represent the nation at international summits etc.

    Many of these, the U.N in particular are merely glorified debating fora - and do not accomplish anything of utility.

    malaysian airlines hard luck stories

    mh 370 and now mh 17.

    was this plane just in the wrong place at the wrong time?

    or is there something more sinister going on?

    i heard speculative reports that putin's flight, and modi's flight, were following the same flight path a little later. 

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    unrealtimes: how different people saw the BRIC summit. hilarious