Thursday, September 19, 2019

Quick notes: Drone attack | Orbital deviation...

Monday, September 16, 2019

Quick notes: RCEP trap | GM Mosquito...

  • RCEP trap: Beijing desperately needs preferential access to markets such as India due to its tariff war with the US. This is a major driving force behind RCEP. Even without a Free Trade Agreement, Chinese goods swamp Indian markets.

  • String of pearls: Deals with Thailand, Bangladesh show China's rise as warship exporter. The largest user of Chinese weapon systems in India's neighbourhood has been Pakistan 

  • Point-of-Presence: China has been 'hijacking the vital internet backbone of western countries'

  • Unforeseen outcomes: GM Mosquito project has gone wrong, failed experiment may have strengthened wild bugs. Not only did numbers bounce back up in the months after the test, but some of the native bugs had retained genes from the engineered mosquitoes.

  • Independent India's biggest failure: India fails to feature in the top 300 World University Rankings 2020 list

  • Making a mockery of FDI norms: Indian's top trader body seeks ban on Amazon, Flipkart's festive season sale. “By offering deep discounts ranging from 10% to 80% on their e-commerce portals, these companies are clearly influencing the prices and create an uneven level playing field which is in direct contravention of the policy”.

  • Mahishasura Mardini Stotram by Jannat Nazir

  • Soybean oil is more obesogenic and diabetogenic than sugar or coconut oil.

  • BKS Iyengar: Yoga is universal

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Urban Naxals Re-branding Themselves as "International Media"

It seems like the Indian Left are redistributing themselves under foreign media banners and calling themselves "international media" to launder their dirty politics.

Neither of these 2 "journalists" look very international to me - they look like standard Urban Naxals - even while wearing the label of "Deutsche Welle".

@2:26 Notice her gratuitous use of the phrase "Hindu nationalist govt" instead of just saying "govt".

The Indian Left have taken the lead in dominating the Indian media to spread their lies, and the Right was slow to develop their own organizations as a response. Now the same Indian Left are taking the lead in camouflaging themselves as "international media". The Right needs to adopt the same tactics and get its viewpoint conveyed under international brand names as well - but how long will it lag on doing the needful?

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Quick notes: Traffic fines | Lamborghini e-motor...

  • Traffic fines in Europe: Speeding tickets are linked to your income in Finland, Switzerland and UK. . . France, Finland, Spain and Germany all have laws that can send speeding repeat offenders to jail.

  • Supercapacitors for supercars: Lamborghini employs supercapacitors rather than a battery in its most powerful car ever... Supercapacitors in conjunction with a somewhat slower and more stable battery chemistry hold lot of promise in automobiles.

  • Article 370 ripple effect? Netanyahu vows to annex all settlements, starting with Jordan Valley

  • Dirty export: Dirty air from Indo-Gangetic plains messing up neighborhood... Roughly 30% of the boundary layer ozone in eastern India and Bangladesh comes from the Indo-Gangetic Plain and central India.

  • China pushes RCEP to extend its trade hegemony: India openly blamed China for unfair trade policies that created an enormous trade deficit. “The big question now is if they would like to proceed without India, which could cause some big push back from New Zealand and Australia.”

  • Thillana Brindavani:

  • Tavleen Singh discovers Hindutva: "Savarkar rejects the caste system and makes a serious case for Hindus to respect science and modern technology. One of the things he disapproved of totally was cow worship".

  • British atrocities: Archbishop of Canterbury apologizes for massacre in India

  • Here’s why: India’s Moon Mission was anything but a failure.

  • Nirmala shared uncomfortable truth: Ride-hail services and Metro rail resulting in Peak Car?

  • Awesome Without Allah:

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Trump Fires John Bolton

Trump has fired his neocon National Security Advisor, John Bolton. This may have implications for India in Afghanistan, as Bolton was a key opponent in Trump's bid for peace talks with Taliban. As we know, Trump recently walked out of talks with the Taliban, which gave India a sigh of relief, since any peace deal with Taliban would re-enable Pak takeover of at least Southern Afghanistan, where it could shift all its terror training camps. At least Trump's secretary of state Pompeo still opposes any deal leading to a hasty US withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Perhaps Bolton's removal will at least give India more leeway on Iran, which Bolton was known to be very hardline against, although Trump himself isn't that far apart on that. India needs more cooperation with Iran to counter Pak in Afghanistan.

Sunday, September 08, 2019

Chandrayaan 2 - a landing that was not to be and Prime minister Modi’s epochal address

A compilation of my posts from Friday, September 6, 2019 and Saturday, September 7, 2019.

It was lunchtime in California and I was streaming the anticipated Chandrayaan-2 landing live on YouTube at my workplace and listening to audio from “Tiranga Yatra” in a loop in Hindi, Telugu, Kannada and Tamil - fired up with nationalistic pride at the historic occasion.

I was rooting for India’s lander to plant our national flag and engrave the Ashoka Chakra on the Moon’s surface. 

I admit that I was shamelessly crying in my office - when it became known later 
that communication had been lost with the lander. Luckily, it was late Friday afternoon in California and presence of people around me was thin.

Following is what I wrote later:

“It's been a heady and emotional day for all Indians - even those of us who are sitting thousands of miles away from home.

Shri. Narendra Modi's address today to ISRO scientists is surely one of the finest motivational speeches ever by a Prime Minister of India. His personal gesture of
hugging and consoling an inconsolable Director of ISRO was 

It is not just the ISRO scientists, but all of India that was feeling a bit demoralized.

This is truly exemplary leadership at its finest. He made many brilliant points about India's intrinsic civilizational strength and indomitable spirit in the face of grave challenges. 

Prime Minister Modi did not have to spell it out - but hinted at it - We have been a “wounded 
civilization” in the eloquent description of 
V.S Naipaul and have endured many great calamities, including:

- The Mohammedan conquest of India, which was described by Will Durant, the American historian as “The bloodiest chapter in the history of mankind”, including many mortal blows such as the conquest of Sindh by Mohammed Bin Qasim, the multiple demolitions of Somnath Mandir by Mahmoud Ghaznavi, Malik Kafur’s conquest of the Deccan and reaching all the way up to Rameswaram, the fall of the great Vijayanagara empire, genocidal foreign rule for 1300 years, the demolition of thousands of our most sacred Temples and forcible conversion into Masjids and forced conversion of the masses, millions of Hindus enslaved and marched to the slave markets of
Baghdad, Damascus, Cairo, Central Asia etc; 
Hundreds of thousands perishing on the way - so much so that an entire mountain range in Afghanistan was named the “Hindu Kush” (meaning “slaughter of the Hindus”)

- 300 years of European Christist colonialism
that saw the Portuguese Christist inquisition in Goa, the starvation genocide of millions by the British and many, many unspeakable atrocities and genocides that culminated in
the vivisection of Mother India in 1947 to create a permanent dagger embedded in her flesh called “Paakistan”.

- Humiliation by Communist China’s perfidy   in the 1962 war.

- To add insult to injury, 70 years of suffocating Nehruvian Stalinist rule.

Didn’t we endure it all and yet, survive to rise again? Didn’t we rise up again after absorbing each and every grievous wound inflicted on Mother India which would have otherwise comprised a mortal, terminal blow?

The Prime Minister's brilliant, inspired and inspiring oratory and touching gesture is analogous to Lord Shri Krishna's motivational speech (aka the Gita) to a demoralized Arjuna on the battlefield of Kurukshetra! 

Narendra Modi, spoke not just as the Prime Minister of India, but as the torchbearer of the proud Hindu civilization that is rising again from the ashes.

I proudly declare that I'm a born Hindu nationalist and a "BHAKT" ONLY of Hindutva and Bharat - NOT of any individual, party or organization! 
Why? Because, ONLY Hindutva and Bharat are permanent and immortal!

But, this is indeed worthy of "BHAKTI"!

Even arch ideological foes such as some otherwise obnoxious NDTV anchors are praising P.M Modi's inspirational leadership today!

The Director of ISRO, Dr. Sivan also apparently hails from a very humble background. His journey is very similar to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s own story. 

My sympathy is always with the underdog - Narendra Modi is the underdog, Dr. Sivan is the underdog, ISRO is the underdog and, there is no greater underdog than India itself!”

Saturday, September 07, 2019

Quick notes: Origins of farming | Cost of parking...

  • Origin of farming: “A mainstream view is that farming came to South Asia through the large-scale movement of Iranian farmers. But the absence of Iranian farmer DNA in the Indus Valley individual suggests instead that farming in South Asia arose on its own, either through local invention or adoption of ideas or some combination”.
    Genome of nearly 5000-year-old woman links modern Indians to ancient civilization: “This research, for the first time, has established the fact that people of Harappan civilisation are the ancestors of most population of South Asia. For the first time, the research indicates movement of people from east to west.

  • The high cost of free parking: Just because you don't pay anything for parking doesn't mean the cost is not there. It is still there, just the driver isn't paying for it... It is esitmated that in America, there are 8 parking lots for every car!

  • Why India must prioritize Railways over Road transport: Railways require less land than most roads and that is visible even to the naked eye of an onlooker. This is especially important in the old world where many countries including India have dense populations and agricultural land is of great value.

  • Finally, some sense: Nitin Gadkari says Hybrids must get same reduced GST benefit as EVs. . . . EVs not a panacea, can actually increase pollution where power gen is from coal.

  • Kerala: Left Front shifts a little right on Sabarimala

  • China 'hacked' Indian, other Asian telcos: To spy on Uighur travellers,  Chinese hackers have compromised telecoms operators in countries including India, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Thailand and Malaysia

  • Zao: China’s face-swapping app provokes privacy poncern

  • How Britain's opium trade impoverished Indians: How a few thousand opium clerks controlled millions of peasants, forcing them to produce a crop that actually harmed them. The British Indian monopoly on opium continued until India won independence in 1947

  • Insanity in the name of Vikas: