Sunday, January 27, 2008

India's Highest Growth Districts

By Laveesh Bhandari
Founder Director, Indicus Analytics

While district-level income estimates are a crucial input for policy making, few states publish these estimates at this level. And even if some states have taken the initiative to publishing these estimates, there are time lags involved.

‘District GDP of India, 2006-07’ is an effort by Indicus Analytics to fill this gap and provide the first-ever estimates of district gross domestic product across all states & UT’s of India, and across primary, secondary and tertiary sector.

District-level GDP estimations have broadly followed the methodology published by CSO with appropriate changes, wherever required due to inconsistency in data availability across time, districts and states. The main data sources used for the analysis are NAS, CSO, RBI, Census (2001), National Sample Survey Organisation, NDSSPI, etc.

Income estimates across districts can be helpful in recognising industries/sectors that are driving or retarding economic growth at the district level. Also, these estimates can be very much useful in facilitating better resource management for policy implementation at micro and macro levels and to remove the constraints imposed by lack of reliable data on latest situation at the district level.

From the perspective of the corporate sector, this can help in understanding the vast Indian market and its wide variations within districts. Last but not the least, this can provide valuable background information to credit facilitating companies and investors to prioritise locations for further investment.

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