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Missionary Impossible - Lessons for Hindus

jan 30th, 2008

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Missionary Impossible


Most Christian denominations, including Roman Catholic and Orthodox churches and most mainline Protestant groups, such as the United Church, no longer have programs to convert Jews. On the other hand, Evangelical Protestants, who now number over 75 million in North America, devote more than $250 million per year and a tremendous amount of energy to promote their faith among Jews. These Evangelicals fund over 900 different ministries in North America alone, that specifically target the Jewish community for conversion. Jews for Jesus is the largest and best-known of these groups.


Why do Evangelical Christians seek toconvert us?


Evangelicals assert that the only way to have a relationship with G-d is by embracing Jesus. They

feel driven to "save" all non-Christians who they believe will be doomed to an eternity in hell unless they convert.


Jews for Jesus and similar groups claim to be Jews who have come to believe in



Actually, many members of groups like Jews for Jesus and even their leadership are gentiles. They are not and have never been Jews.


They claim that it is "Jewish" to believe in Jesus and that Jews can retain their

Jewish identity even after becoming Christians.


Regardless of their superficial attempts to appear Jewish, "Jews for Jesus" is an oxymoron and a

theological contradiction. Putting on skullcaps or sprinkling their conversations with Hebrew or Yiddish expressions doesn't change the fact that they are following a religion that is not Jewish! A Jew who converts to Christianity is like a vegetarian who begins to eat meat. Even if he continues to eat vegetables, his diet can no longer be considered vegetarian.


But isn't it true that Evangelical Christians are very supportive of Israel?


Yes. Many Evangelicals are lending important political and financial support to the State of

Israel. However, most of them also engage in, or support, efforts to convert Jews.


Are these missionary groups really a serious threat?


Yes. Unfortunately, these groups have become increasingly successful. Of the

1.4 million Jews who have converted more than 275,000 Jews have been converted by these deceptive and aggressive groups.


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Shahryar said...

In a document titled "Declaration of Lord Jesus" (written by Ratzinger) the Vatican proclaims non-Christians to be in a “gravely deficient situation” and that even non-Catholic churches have “defects” because they do not acknowledge the primacy of the Pope. This of course means that the Vatican refuses to acknowledge the spiritual right (and freedom) of non-Catholics. This consigns non-Christians to hell, and the only way they can save themselves is by becoming Christians, preferably Catholics, by submitting to the Pope.

The Evangelists need to target Catholics and aim to destroy the Vatican instead of wasting their resources on minorities like Jews, Amerindians, etc.