Thursday, January 17, 2008

prediction: churches will be epicenter of new flesh-eating bacteria epidemic

jan 16th, 2008

you heard it here first -- given the tendency of the 'holy' 'fathers' to sodomize lots of young boys, this could be a pandemic. solution: burn down the churches pronto!

see, this is why the wise villagers in orissa were burning down those so-called churches there.

recently there was some news that illinois and the airlines were trying to hunt down everyone who might have come in contact with a passenger who had flown from india to chicago, and who had TB. (a fine instance of white racism and over-reaction).

now i guess india should hunt down everyone who comes into contact with all the missionaries (including the soon-to-be-sainted gladys staines) and test them for this disease, (or maybe it should be mandatory for white people in general, especially journalists), and ideally deport them as carriers of this deadly disease. (but of course i dream. that would take a lot more vertebrae than manmohan "freshly returned from sucking up to the chinese" singh.)

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karyakarta92 said...

Random sampling from areas in India with an excessive infestation of christists will reveal the presence of such bacteria. After all, who introduced Syphilis to Indian soil?Of course, the bloody colonial christist Europeans. How did AIDS make it's way to India? It arrived after John Dayal and Cedric Prakash returned from an internship at the Vatican. Which states in India have the highest proportion of drug abusers and AIDS patients? Surprise, they are those whose moral fiber has been ravaged by the evil cannibalistic death cult of christism - Goa,Nagaland, Mizoram etc. This is why it may not be a bad idea to borrow a leaf from the Mohammednas in their treatment of hateful missionaries. It would help contain STD's in India, which these bastards introduced and then make a big show of combating with "faith healing", "abstinence" and other such christist crap.
I wonder if the ghoul of Calcutta's mor(t)al remains can be exhumed for a proper forensic examination. It may indicate the presence of bacteria that a NUN would find hard to explain!