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Brahma - Tibet exposes China’s Achilles heel!4913C7C8A2EA4A30!575.entry:
"Just as the 1936 Berlin Olympics set the stage for Nazi Germany’s collapse"

I don't know about that - Nazi Germany put up a very long fight after the 1936 Olympics before it's back was broken in Africa and the Middle East (a critical theater of the second war that Indian soldiers helped the allies to win).

I fear there is going to be war involving China and some other Asian power - it's all the surplus Han Testosterone. They have too many men with no girls for them to marry. Either (or all) of India, Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia are going to get hit. China will spare Indonesia and Malaysia - they are Muslim and remind the Hans of themselves

perfect epitaph for you-know-who

mar 30th, 2008

"with a few more brains, he'd be a half-wit".

i am not talking about the average yank "johnny can't read" type -- they are kept deliberately dumbed down by the US media and establishment so that they can be easily roused via a few sound-bytes. i am talking about a famous man living in india. or a famous dead man who lived in india.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

A night without an end in Kannur

mar 30th, 2008

communist reign of terror in malabar. they kill hindus left and right. i believe 2,000 hindus have been murdered by communists (and their pals the mohammedans) in a decade of state-supported terror.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Manju

How communists win elections in Kerala.. Please click on the link below to go to the page. I

Check This Out!!!

Log on to :

help the families of hindus murdered in malabar by communists and mohammedans

mar 30th, 2008

the final solution: communists are simply killing hindus in kannur district. and in calicut, it is mohammedans doing it.

i got this appeal to help the poor hindus. i believe it is a genuine appeal.

note in particular 24-33, the victims in maraad when a group of armed mohammedans ambushed them on a beach where they were relaxing. these were fishermen, presumably scheduled caste. but nobody is bothered about their rights. everyone is worried that the mohammedans have not been able to come back and occupy their houses among hindus. yes, these were people who had known about the coming massacre and had strategically left the area en masse quietly a day before; and from whose mosques blood-stained swords were found; note that mohammedan women had formed a cordon around the mosques to prevent police from going in. so the mohammedan females are active collaborators in jihad.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Prakash

Dear Rajeev,
  How are you ? Could you please post the below message in your blog ?
We need to support the hindu members in kannur at any cost ...
Thanks for your time.


--Forwarded Message Attachment--
Date: Sat, 22 Mar 2008 14:52:39 -0500
Subject: Sangh Parivar - Vasudhaiva Kutumbhkam

Sangh Parivar - Vasudhaiva Kutumbhkam

Donate for Kannur Violence Victims: An appeal to all Hindu Sisters and Brothers

Posted: 21 Mar 2008 01:10 PM CDT


As posted here:

The CPI(M) terror in Kannur last week took the life of 5 dedicated Hindu activists. More than a dozen Hindu activists have been maimed and become handicapped in the violence. 40 houses of Swayamsevaks have been destroyed by the CPI(M) terrorists in this violence. As on date more than 70 Hindu activists killed by CPI(M) goons in Kannur district. The only allegation against these innocent Hindu brothers was, they believe in Sanathana Dharma which opposes CPI(M).

Victims of CPI(M) / Islamic terror in Kerala since 2000:

1. Thayakandi Prasanth - Panoor- 2 Jan 01

2. Rajesh Konkachi - ,, - 4 Mar 01

3.T Aswinikumar, Poyiloor - ,, -22 Feb 02

4. M Surendran,Poyiloor - ,, -22 Feb 02

5. CK Sujesh - Melur - 2 Mar 02

6. P Sunil - Melur - 2 Mar 02

7. Uthaman Chavassery - mattanor- 2002

8. Ammu Amma Thillankeri - iritti- 2002

9. Shaji paduvilayi - Koothuparamba- 17 Nov 03

10.T Aswinikumar,punnad - Iritti- 10 Mar 05

11.Sooraj mozhappilangad- Thalasery-7 Jul 05

12. E Preman, moozhikkara- Thalasery- 5 Nov 05

13. Adv. Valsaraj - Panoor- 5th Mar 07

14. Pramod mooriyad -Koothuparamba-16 Oct 07

15. Biju kodunganoor- Trivandrum- 1 Dec 06

16.G Chandran vallikunnam-Chengannur-20 Apr 07

17.N Sunilkumar kilimanur-Attingal-9 May 06

18.Unnimenon punnayoorkulam-Guruvayur-

19.Damodaran ambalathara- Kanhangad-23 June 03

20.Udayan kottapara- Kanhangad-22 Oct 2000

21.Jayachandran ajanoor- Kanhangad- Aug 03

22.Ravendran-Tirur-20 Jan 07

23.Laxman -Tirur- 16 Feb 07

24.T Kunjumon Marad- Kozhikode-3 Jan 02

25.T Shimjith Marad - Kozhikode -3 Jan 02

26.AP Dasan Marad- Kozhikode -2 May 03

27.P Gopalan Marad- Kozhikode -2May 03

28 A Krishnan Marad- Kozhikode -2May 03

29.C Madhavan Marad- Kozhikode -2 May 03

30. C Chandran Marad- Kozhikode -2 May 03

31.T Santhosh Marad- Kozhikode -2 May 03

32.T preji Marad- Kozhikode -2 May 03

33.T Pushaparaj-Marad- Kozhikode -2 May 03

34.Vinod vallikunnam-Chengannur-23 Dec 07

35. Sujith-Engandiyur, Triprayar 17.12.06

36. Shaju- Alur, Chalakudi, 12. 02.2007

37.Nikhil- Thalasery-6 Mar 08

38.Sathyan-Koothuparamba-6 Mar 08

39.Mahesh-Chittariparamba-6 Mar 08

40.Suresh Babu-Kodiyeri-7 Mar 08

41.KV Surendran-Illathuthazham-7 Mar 08

42. Vinod Kumar -Chengannur-23 Dec '07

We appeal to all Hindu sisters and brothers across the globe to help the poor family members of these victims in Kannur who have contributed their life to uphold Sanathana Dharma.

Contribution may please send to the following account:

Kannur Jilla peeditha Sahaya Nidhi

Vijaya Bank

MG Road, Cochin. Kerala - India

Account Number : 2022 010 1000 6664

For those sending contribution from US, Europe & Middle East.


State Bank Of Travancore (SBT),

PB No 1858, Kaloor PO,

Ernakulam 682 017, Kerala - India

S.B. A/c No. 67047668502

IFSC Code (For Online Fund transfer) - SBTR0000327

SWIFT CODE: SBTRINBBFED (For those sending contribution from Middle East countries).

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mao's bowel movements

mar 30th, 2008

alas, mao's bowel movements were of more interest than india's interests to j nehru, v k krishna menon, and k n panikkar.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Aravind

"Mao's bowel movements were a more urgent priority for him and the Yenan rank and file than were the movements of the Japanese imperial forces. The Soviet Union's offensive operations in Manchuria in August 1945 was the military tour de force that delivered China's Ruhr from Japan's one million-strong Kwangtung Army with its arsenal of guns, tanks and aircraft. If the US had got hold of this formidable force and turned it over to its protégé Chiang, the Chinese civil war might have had a different outcome. Quite a thought, is it not?" - Inflation-hit voters could pay UPA back

mar 30, 2008

i guess this means no snap polls? rahul "discovery" nehru will be put back in his bubble to be released again next time the UPA wants to lose an election.

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From: <M

Inflation-hit voters could pay UPA back New Delhi/Bangalore: Wholesale price inflation is the highest in 13 months and likely indicates a steeper increase in retail prices of most products, most importantly food—bad news for the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government in a year when it faces crucial electoral tests in key states before next year's elections to the Lok Sabha. The worst-hit The first of the five states going to polls this year is the most affected in terms of an increase in prices of food and other essential commodities. In Karnataka, inflation as measured by CPIAL rose at double-digit rates seven times between April 2007 and January. In the case of CPIIW, the inflation rate topped 7% in eight of the 10 months.  In Chhattisgarh, which doesn't have a CPIAL, inflation based on CPIIW crossed double digits in seven of the 10 months. Consumer price index-based inflation measures follow the same trend as wholesale price-based measures, but with a lag. That could mean that the coming months could witness significant increases in prices as the indices play catch-up.  Consumers in these states aren't happy at what they see as the local and Union governments' inaction.   
Manju saw this story and thought you might be interested to view it:

Inflation-hit voters could pay UPA back

Wholesale price-based inflation measures mask the actual increase in prices, especially of food

Click here to view full story

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© 2007, HT Media Ltd | All rights reserved | 18-20 KG Marg, New Delhi,110001 | To view our privacy, Click here. - After please-all budget, inflation a party-pooper

mar 30th, 2008

inflation chickens coming home to roost? good on ya, p. chidambaram!

inflation is galloping at 20+% in india.

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From: <M

Hi Rajeev,    Narasimha Rao of Livemint is very accurate in predicting the trends.  Price Rice and Food shortage are 2 of the reasons that Aam Admi will revert back to NDA. Dream Budget or Rahul's roadshow may not matter much.   In one of our surveys conducted recently in Delhi, 36% of residents said 'price rise' was the biggest problem facing them
Manju saw this story and thought you might be interested to view it:

After please-all budget, inflation a party-pooper

In one of our surveys conducted recently in Delhi, 36% of residents said 'price rise' was the biggest problem facing them

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Han Imperialism

There was a rally held by Chinese in Toronto, expressing solidarity with Beijing and denouncing Tibetans. Like pan-Islamism, Han nationalism is also now increasingly asserting itself to elbow out smaller communities. This is assisted by Chinese media abroad which are increasingly toeing Beijing's line.

one man's view of what's happening in the christist vs. christist standoff in tamil nadu

mar 30th, 2008

social justice, my foot. it is the 'dravidian' middle-castes (whether hindu or christist-convert) like vanniyars, thevars, naickers and nadars, who are most violently anti-harijan. and these are the champions of 'social justice'. hey, evr naicker, you lying thug, see what has become of your nihilist movement -- it's being exposed for the fraud it is.

---------- Forwarded message ----------



The Issue: -


Eraiyur is a small village in Villupuram District of Tamil Nadu. This village is dominated by the "Vanniyar" (Backward Class) community (around 20,000 people) and some 2000 Harijans (Scheduled Castes) are also living there. The Catholic Church has converted both the communities long time back and it has also established the "Our Lady of the Rosary" Parish, supposedly in the 17th Century. This parish comes under the Cuddalore-Pondicherry Archdiocese. The Vanniyars are supposed to be slightly superior to Harijans in the social order and hence the former treated the latter as "Untouchables". This caste discrimination has been going on for hundreds of years. Vexed by this discrimination, the Harijans built a new Church on their own by name "Our Lady of Perpetual Help". They demanded the Archbishop to recognize this newly built Church as a separate Parish and asked for a separate Priest. As the Vaniyars are a dominant community, the diocese with an intention of not rubbing them on the wrong side, has been dodging on this issue for quite some time, without making any sincere attempt to abolish the practice of discrimination there by ditching the Harijans. Archbishop Anthony Anantharayar of the Cuddalore-Pondicherry Archdiocese, has been aware of this burning issue, but did not take effective & timely measures to solve the issue, which has resulted in the "utter failure" of the "never failing" Jesus, as the people have been converted on the famous promise "All are equal in the eyes of the Lord"!


The Politics: -


At this juncture, the champions of social justice, the great Dravidian Politicians entered the scene with the sole aim of abolishing untouchability and achieving social justice! The Harijans listen to VCK (Viduthalai Chiruthaikal Katchi) leader Thol.Thirumavalavan and the Vanniyars listen to PMK (Pattaali Makkal Katchi) leader Mr.Ramadoss. Both the leaders have together founded the so-called "Tamil Protection Movement" in order to serve the Tamil Causes and protect the language of Tamil and they enjoy an excellent & close rapport with each other and both of them are also having good relationship the Christian Religious Heads of the state. But, in order to "achieve social justice", here in Eraiyur, they have "obviously" decided to work "separately"! The Harijan Converts sat on a hunger strike on the second week of March placing their demands of recognition of Parish, appointment of Priest, etc. The Vanniyar Converts, some five hundred of them, who got infuriated, attacked the Harijan colony and burnt down some thirty hutments. The police force, which came to control the situation, resorted to firing in which two Vanniyar Converts lost their lives. The District Administration (Collector, Superintendent of Police, District Revenue Officer) under the leadership of Higher Education Minister Mr.Ponmudi (he hails from Vilupuram) organized "Peace Talks" between the two communities represented by their respective leaders, which helped only for a brief period of lull. The point to note here is that, the political leaders of VCK and PMK have not participated in the so-called peace talks! Again after a few days, Vanniyar Converts attacked the Harijan Converts and burnt down two more hutments. Now, the Harijan Converts belonging to the nearby villages of Villupuram and Cuddalore districts have closed down their Churches as a mark of protest against the Catholic Diocese and also as a mark of support to their brethren from Eraiyur.     


The 'Head'y Politics: -


 Though the 'converted' village Eraiyur has been burning for quite sometime, it seems the state machineries are in no mood to solve the issue. The Vanniyar converts want to continue the discrimination against the Harijan converts and the Church, which converted both the communities on false promises and allurement has not done anything worthwhile for them for the past several years. So, when the inevitable happened, ordinary poor and innocent heads have born the brunt. When the "ordinary heads" of Vanniyar Converts and Harijan Converts are "head on" against each other, the "powerful heads" (PMK & VCK) of both the communities and the "Religious Heads" (Diocese) are watching, playing & enjoying the game of communal politics with glee! The "State Head" (DMK), which claims itself to be a champion of social justice, is not at all bothered, as it doesn't have an iota of vote bank there in Eraiyur! The same is the case with the "Dravidian Head" (DK), the "Chicken Heads" (Alien headed Congress) and the "Commie Heads" (CPI & CPM). All these "Political Heads", which combined together to harass, ill-treat and threaten the poor "Brahmin Heads" in Temples in the name of "Tamil Cause" & "Social Justice", are conspicuous by their lack of action here in Eraiyur! The 'state head' 'caste heads' and the 'religious heads' share power and enjoy an excellent camaraderie with one another, but do not have the sincerity and will to put an end to the ugly episode. The 'caste heads', which are backed up & allegedly funded by the 'religious heads' of the revealed order, would do everything to prevent the "home-coming" (re-conversion) of the 'ordinary heads', while at the same time maintaining the issue alive and keeping their vote-banks in tact!


Latest reports say that, while the "Hindu Heads" are in a laid-back & lethargic attitude without utilizing the opportunity, prominent "Muslim Heads" of TMMK and Thauheed Jamad are already camping on the spot to fish in troubled waters with the uninterrupted supply of "Oil Money" to 'convert' the already converted ordinary heads! At this point of time, the Vanniyar Converts have sent feelers to Hindu Makkal Katchi, the only small & proactive "Hindu Head", for a "home-coming", which was "cautiously" and rightly so, received by HMK with an advice to the Vanniyar converts to relinquish "untouchability". The Harijan Converts are also thinking of reconverting to Hinduism. The HMK President Mr.Arjun Sampath, who is making arrangements for a grand "Home-Coming" ceremony for some two hundred and odd families of Christian & Muslim Converts in Thirunelveli District on the auspicious "Chithirai Thirunaal" day of Tamil New Year on the 14th of April – forget about the "Dravidian New Year" announced by the government on Pongal Day -  has categorically conveyed his opinion that there is no question of continuing the practice of untocuhability after the home-coming, as the Vanniyar Converts wanted to continue their discrimination practices against the Harijans even after reconversion to Hinduism. This arrogance & adamancy should not be encouraged by Hindus, who have reformed a lot over the years due to the unstinted efforts of trusted "Religious Heads" and not the distrustful "Rational Heads"! The "Hindu Heads" must become active and enlighten the "Ordinary Heads" of Vanniyar converts and Harijan converts to ditch their present "Religious Heads", discard their "Caste Heads", discourage & decline the "Muslim Heads" and embrace each other after embracing their parent religion that is "Sanatana Dharma"!  


Remembering Kanthampatti: -


The Eraiyur episode reminds us of another incident, which happened in Kanthampatti village near Omalur Town in Salem District a few months ago. There it was an issue concerning Temple entry. In Kanthampatti, Vanniyars have not been allowing "entry" for the Harijans into the Droupathy Amman Temple and the Temple has been locked for the last forty years, and the irony is that, the Temple falls under the jurisdiction of HR & CE Department! Both the PMK (Vanniyar Party) and VCK (Harijan Party) belong to the ruling DMK headed Democratic Progressive Allaince and they are deliberately keeping the issue alive in order to play politics every year keeping their vote-banks in tact, while actually it could be solved in no time, if they have the will & sincerity. It is only the "Religion" and "place of worship", which differ in both the places, but, in Kanthampaati, the religious leaders have not involved in the ugly politics while in Eraiyur the religious leaders have played their roles to the perfection in conversion, connivance and discrimination.


Conclusion: -


As the "Dravidian Heads" have been repeatedly making a farcical claim that they have worked hard and abolished untouchability, reformed the society and achieved social justice, the incidents like Eraiyur and Kanthampatti raise their "ugly heads" every now and then to prove that, the once glorious Tamil Nadu has become "Head Less"! As the state had become "Headless", the people of the state have lost their faces and become "Faceless"! Cheers to Davidianism and the so-called self-respect movement, which are under practice for the last forty years! Can any one say that there is no "social justice" in Dravida Nadu? Don't be stupid, only Aryans and Anti-Tamils will say that! 


                                                                                                    -  B.R.Haran.

Fitna Geert Wilders' new film on Islam and Terrorism (alternate url)

mar 30th, 2008

it's also on youtube. i saw it, and the guy is simply stating a bunch of facts. of course, mohammedans don't like facts about their bigotry and violence being brought out.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Sriram

Hi Rajeev,
  Liveleak removed the video bowing to pressure from islamic groups.Here is a link which still has the movie


gulfnews: Hung parliament likely after poll

mar 30th, 2008

so much for the 'dream budget', p chidambaram's latest attempt to bring the GDP growth rate down to the nehruvian rate of growth of 2-3%.

but mayavati is about as painful to deal with as jayalalitha. she will demand to be made PM. but i guess that's better than rahul 'kingini-kuttan' nehru. at least she doesn't look like a dear caught in the headlights.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: M

M spotted this article on and thought you should see it.
Note from M : Hi Rajeev, Here is good news. Left will be significantly lesser force. UPA below NDA in vote percentage. Generally challenger during campaign gains much more. So NDA could be closer to majority (inspite of CNN-IBN and NDTV proclaiming how Rahul is changing India). There is not mention of whether AGP, AIADMK, INLD, TDP, TC are part of NDA or UPA. But if they will be counted with NDA, I forsee NDA close to 350 higher than mandate of 1999. Also one more fact whenever congress came in direct fight with BJP without any allies that it got badly mauled. The situation may not be much different this year in Karnataka, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh , Delhi and Chattisgarh. Ideal situation would be for congress to get reduced to arond 50 seats same that of BSP and communists. It is like since every ruling party since 1984 has lost 100 seats in next general elction (excluding BJP in 2004 which lost only 40 seats).
The details you provide on this page will not be used to send unsolicited email, and will not be sold to a 3rd party.
To see this story with its photo and related links on the Gulf News website, go to

George Fernandes says it like it is -- Calls China "Enemy No.1"

The one man who's never shied from telling it like it is.

NEW DELHI: Describing as an "error" the NDA government's decision to recognise Tibet as a part of China, former Defence Minister George Fernandes has said the Communist nation was "potential threat number one" to India and flayed the UPA dispensation for allowing it to be "bullied".

Commenting on the recent incident of Indian Ambassador Nirupama Rao being summoned by the Chinese Foreign Ministry past midnight, Fernandes said New Delhi had "surrendered" over the issue.

"Well, our government allowed it. It has no shame," he said, adding that the government should have advised its envoy to wait till the next day. "Elsewhere that's what would have happened."
Rao was summoned past midnight to register concern over breach of security at Chinese Embassy here.

"India has sold out to China," he alleged. Asked whether India was being "bullied" by China, Fernandes replied "absolutely, and it accepts it."

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Will China Collapse?

The article seems a bit far fetched and conspiracy-theory like; but it could be true.

If the US can delay it's own economic recovery long enough - they can cause China to collapse without firing a shot - much as they did to the Soviets. Sweet irony of course - the Yanks will in the end move in to buy Chinese 'manufacturing' - not outsourced production; only outsourced pollution.

All the more reasons to invest in Nukes, ICBM's and agriculture (not to mention recent price rise of grains is the business of the future)

The Struggle Between India and China

Here's a good article by Bill Emmott on the coming struggle between India, China and Japan. I'm glad that Japan is increasingly looking at India for partnership, but it seems rather overdue on their part, as if they're succumbing to change only after their situation becomes dire enough to force them towards it. Anyway, this article is mainly about India and China.

The comments below the article are useful, too.

discovery of india [sic]

mar 29, 2008

the story goes that rahul nehru (originally raoul maino) is 'discovering india' by traveling in comfort to some villages in orissa etc. he, i am told, was astonished to realize that there was a) poverty, b) starvation, c) disease, d) death. he had not been aware of these things, as he is a bubble-boy. (i guess this makes him exactly like the buddha -- and yeah, his indian name is that of the buddha's son -- so i propose he be called the buddha from now on).

here is, however, what actually went on in the background: christist machinations. why are we not surprised?

also, this 'discovering india' business has been milked by at least four generations of the nehru dynasty. it's getting a little stale. below is what the great writer o v vijayan said about jawaharlal and *his* discovery [sic], which resulted in the book 'discovery of india', which should be classified under 'fiction'. as it is about as accurate about indian history as the jesus hoax is about roman history. reminds me of what somebody said about barbara crossette's utterings about india: "this is the last book you should read about india. if you know anything about india, you will realize it's completely wrong. if you know nothing about india, you will learn nothing about india from this book."

from my old column on jawaharlal (, quoting o v vijayan in "the path of the prophet"

My cherished people, he said, his voice dulled by thirst: I am nobody, I am merely one who has worn the vestments of the king of the starving. I claimed to have discovered India, but all I saw was, like Narcissus, my own aged face in the flowing mirror of the Ganga. Ganga, mother, daughter, sister, lover, why did you not cover up the wrinkles on my face? My god, I did not discover anything, other than myself; and other than the throne I built for my daughter and my grandson. My god, forgive me, a revolution cannot exist without self-glorification; the glimpses of world history that I have seen frighten me.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Tibet, the Story of a Tragedy

A video worth watching

League of Nations -> United Nations -> League of Democracies

McCain wants to replace the United Nations with a League of Democracies. Sounds fine by me. It'll save us from having to beg for a UN Security Council seat. And it'll keep China out of the club:

JOHN MCCAIN (R), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: We have to strengthen our global alliance as the core of a new global compact, a league of democracies that can harness the vast influence of the more than 100 democratic nations around the world to advance our values and defend our shared interests.


HUME: And in that league of democracies, Senator McCain would not include Russia. He would include countries like India and Brazil, both of whom have democratic systems and both of whom have, at least to some extent, in the case of Brazil, market economies. India is, I guess, a market economy and it has always been a democracy. So, what about his ideas, a kinder, gentler diplomacy, perhaps, with our allies, but what else? What about this speech — Charles.

KRAUTHAMMER: Well, I like the idea of the league of democracies, and only in part because I and others had proposed it about six years ago. What I like about it, it's got a hidden agenda. It looks as if it's all about listening and joining with allies, all the kind of stuff you'd hear a John Kerry say, except that the idea here, which McCain can't say, but I can, is to essentially kill the U.N.

No one is going to walk out of the U.N. There's a lot of emotional attachment to it in the United States, so we're not going to leave. How do you kill it? You establish a parallel institution of democracies that actually does stuff, that actually acts in the world, and that is not acting either against our interests or doing nothing, as the U.N. almost all the time does. And that's a good idea.

He secondly proposed that we kick Russia out of the G8. That's a mistake. Again, you don't kick them out. Keep the G8 as a useless institution of, you know, windbagging and talking. Establish a parallel institution with the other seven, add, as he proposed, Brazil and India, and create a new — give it a new name, and that way...

HUME: Make it an economical alliance, as well.

KRAUTHAMMER: With an economical alliance. In other words, what we need are new — we tried after World War II, universal institutions, including everybody. The problem is if you include everyone, Cuba, Chavez and all these guys, it's going to end up either useless or bad, as we've learned in the U.N. experience, so the new idea, which is 50 years late, but I think is coming now, is establish institutions of real democracies and act together with them in that structure.

HUME: If you can.

Here are some Youtube videos of the speech:

saudi hypocrisy on the rights of non-mohammedans. eh? what rights? non-mohammedans must all be killed.

mar 28th, 2008

although this news comes from some loony-bin christist website, it is interesting. the mohammedans are doing the usual semitic thing, viz. "what's ours is ours; what's yours is open to discussion".

in other words, we mohammedans *DEMAND* that our ideology and our peculiarities be given respect by everybody else. but we will not respect anybody else's ideologies. why? we are god's chosen people. and it says so in our book, which was dictated personally by god a little while before god asked his prophet to fly to heaven on a winged horse. see, therefore it must be true.

reminds me of another 'chosen people' and a nice ditty about them: rhymes too --

how odd of god
to choose the jews :-)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

British Muslim woman convicted of penning poems about beheadings

mar 27, 2008

amazing sense of entitlement!

she wants to behead people, and she's not bothered about them or their families.

this is because mohammedanism doesn't teach empathy. i believe little kids are encouraged to watch lambs' throats being slit and participate in it. so the taking of a human ife becomes easy and simple: it's just like slicing the lamb's throat.

but she "wept" when she was sentenced to house arrest!

ie. mohammedans can do anything, but even the mildest punishment they cannot take. this is what limey multiculturalism has come to: mohammedans can demand everything but they will not give any rights to anybody else. why? their semitic ideology is superior to everything else. see, their book says so.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: ven
Date: Fri, Mar 28, 2008 at 10:15 AM
Subject: British Muslim woman convicted of penning poems about beheadings

"The 23-year-old Muslim wrote of her desire to become a martyr and listed her favourite videos as the "beheading ones".

British Muslim woman convicted of penning poems about beheadings
Last updated at 08:30am on 9th November 2007

An airport worker who wrote poems about beheadings is the first woman to be found guilty under new terror laws.

Samina Malik, who liked to call herself a "lyrical terrorist", called for attacks on the West and described "poisoned bullets" capable of killing an entire street in her poetry.

The 23-year-old Muslim wrote of her desire to become a martyr and listed her favourite videos as the "beheading ones".

Described as a "committed Islamic extremist", Malik, a shop assistant at Heathrow, hoarded an extensive collection of terrorism manuals, the Old Bailey heard.

She was a member of an extremist group linked to Omar Bakri Mohammed, a hate preacher who fled to Lebanon from Britain two years ago.

Yesterday a jury found her guilty of possessing documents likely to be used for terrorism under the Terrorism Act 2000, by a majority of ten to one, after deliberating for 19 hours.

Malik, who wore a black head scarf, wept as the verdict was read out.

Earlier she was cleared of the more serious offence of having articles for a terrorist purpose.

Judge Peter Beaumont told Malik that she was an enigma.

He granted her bail which amounted to a house arrest. But he warned her a custodial sentence was inevitable.

Quisling, china-worshipper on Mt. Road justifies Tibet genocide

mar 27th, 2008

n ram is merely singing for his supper. he has to do *something* so that the uninterrupted supply of funds comes in for his pathetic rags, esp frontline.

i wonder why n ram does not go live in china, considering it is his heaven on earth. i guess his handlers find him much more useful as a fifth columnist in india. bloody jaichand, judas, race-traitor.

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From: kalyan97
Date: Thu, Mar 27, 2008 at 6:53 AM
Subject: Quisling, china-tern worshipper on Mt. Road, Chennai, justifies Tibet genocide

Date:26/03/2008 URL:


The question of Tibet

If you go by western media reports, the propaganda of the so-called
'Tibetan government-in-exile' in Dharamsala and the votaries of the
'Free Tibet' cause, or by the fulminations of Nancy Pelosi and the
Hollywood glitterati, Tibet is in the throes of a mass democratic
uprising against Han Chinese communist rule. Some of the more fanciful
news stories, images, and opinion pieces on the 'democratic' potential
of this uprising have been put out by leading western newspapers and
television networks. The reality is that the riot that broke out in
Lhasa on March 14 and claimed a confirmed toll of 22 lives involved
violent, ransacking mobs, including 300 militant monks from the
Drepung Monastery, who marched in tandem with a foiled 'March to
Tibet' by groups of monks across the border in India.

In Lhasa, the rioters committed murder, arson, and other acts of
savagery against innocent civilians and caused huge damage to public
and private property. The atrocities included dousing one man with
petrol and setting him alight, beating a patrol policeman and carving
out a fist-size piece of his flesh, and torching a school with 800
terrorised pupils cowering inside.

Visual images and independent eyewitness accounts attest to this ugly
reality, which even compelled the Dalai Lama to threaten to resign.
There was violence also in Tibetan ethnic areas in the adjacent
provinces of Gansu and Sichuan, which, according to official
estimates, took an injury toll of more than 700. Western analyses have
linked these incidents to the March 10 anniversary of the failed 1959
Tibetan uprising, non-progress in the talks between the Dalai Lama's
emissaries and Beijing, China's human rights record, and the Beijing
Olympic Games, which will of course be held as scheduled from August 8
to 24.

Recent accounts, however, express unease and sadness over the
containment of the troubles, the 'large-scale,' if belated and
politically slow, response by Beijing, and the 'brutal ease' with
which the protests have been 'smothered'. In another context, say
Pakistan under Pervez Musharraf, such a response would have been
called exemplary restraint. As evidence accumulates, the realisation
dawns that it is too much to expect any legitimate government of a
major country to turn the other cheek to such savagery and breakdown
of public order. So there is a shift in the key demand made on China:
it must 'initiate' a dialogue with the Dalai Lama to find a
sustainable political solution in Tibet.

But this is precisely what China has done for over three decades. The
framework of the political solution is there for all to see. There is
not a single government in the world that either disputes the status
of Tibet; or does not recognise it as a part of the People's Republic
of China; or is willing to accord any kind of legal recognition to the
Dalai Lama's 'government-in-exile.'

This situation certainly presents a contrast to the lack of an
international consensus on the legal status of Kashmir. Nevertheless,
there remains a Tibet political question, represented by the ideology
and politics of the Dalai Lama and the 'independence for Tibet'
movement, and it has an international as well as a domestic dimension.

This is an era of unprecedented development for the Chinese economy,
which has grown at nearly 10 per cent a year for three decades. Tibet
itself is on an economic roll: it has sustained an annual growth rate
of more than 12 per cent over the past six years and is now on a 13-14
per cent growth trajectory. A new politics of conciliation towards the
Dalai Lama's camp has been shaped by this era, and since 2002, six
rounds of discussion have taken place between the representatives of
the Dalai Lama and the Chinese government. The former have stated that
the Dalai Lama's current approach is to "look to the future as opposed
to Tibet's history to resolve its status vis-À-vis China," and that
the crux of his 'Middle Way' approach is to "recognise today's reality
that Tibet is part of the People's Republic of China … and not raise
the issue of separation from China in working on a mutually acceptable
solution for Tibet."

The real problem arises from two demands pressed by the Dalai Lama.
The first is his concept of 'high-level' or 'maximum' autonomy in line
with the 'one country, two systems' principle. The Chinese government
points out that this is applicable only to Hong Kong, Macao, and
Taiwan, and that the kind of autonomy that the Dalai Lama demanded in
November 2005 cannot possibly be accommodated within the Chinese
Constitution. Secondly, the 2.6 million Tibetans in the Tibet
Autonomous Region (TAR), which constitutes one-eighth of China's
territory, form only 40 per cent of the total population of Tibetans
in China. The Chinese government makes the perfectly reasonable point
that acceptance of the demand for 'Greater Tibet' or 'one
administrative entity' for all 6.5 million ethnic Tibetans means
breaking up Qinghai, Gansu, Sichuan, and Yunnan provinces, doing
ethnic re-engineering, if not 'cleansing', and causing enormous
disruption and damage to China's society and political system. This
demand too is ruled out, as any comparable demand to break up States
in India would be.

Multi-ethnic India is no stranger to such challenges to its
territorial integrity: just consider the armed insurgency challenges,
in some cases with external fuelling, in Jammu & Kashmir and in
several parts of the North-East. Although the United Progressive
Alliance government has made some statements about the Tibet incidents
that hew close to the Washington line, it will be pleased that the
studied official Chinese response has been to highlight India's "clear
and consistent" stand on the status of Tibet as part of the People's
Republic of China. New Delhi has allowed too much latitude to the
Dalai Lama and the Tibetan discontents for their political activities
on Indian soil, which go against the stand that they are not allowed
"to engage in anti-China political activities in India," a principle
reaffirmed by External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee in Washington
on March 24. The time has come for India to use the leverage that
comes with hosting the Dalai Lama and his followers since 1959 to
persuade or pressure him to get real about the future of Tibet — and
engage in a sincere dialogue with Beijing to find a reasonable, just,
and sustainable political solution within the framework of one China.

CAPEEM 1, Witzel et al 0: Harvard Donkey Trial moves forward

mar 27th, 2008

good for you, CAPEEM, and arvind kumar!

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From: kalyan97
Date: Fri, Mar 28, 2008 at 7:23 AM
Subject: Fwd: Harvard Donkey Trial moves forward

This is a brilliant victory for CAPEEM in the Harvard Donkey Trial! Like the Scopes Monkey Trial, the Harvard Donkey Trial pits science against creationism with Hindus on the side of science and the Harvard professor Witzel, who has been some sort of a volunteer for an fanatical evangelical group in Colorado, on the side of creationism. Witzel famously claimed that horses in India were donkeys in order to push the biblical Japhetic Race Theory into textbooks..

The HAF case was supposed to completely destroy the CAPEEM lawsuit, but CAPEEM has not only argued its way out of this situation, but also turned it to their advantage! The HAF ruling now is supposed to help their claims of discrimination. This is absolute genius!

We wait for bated breath for the analysis from Witzel's assistant, the rabid Christist fanatic Steve Farmer who advocated the support for the Colorado evangelicals, for an analysis of the judgment and a claim that CAPEEM actually lost the motion and there is no case that is active. He can use his biblical mathematics in which repeated multiplication of 1 with itself yields other numbers.

Witzel must be feeling really desperate that the claims on having visions of Jesus will now be challenged. Maybe, he should send another SOS to Reverend John Dayal.
Dr. S. Kalyanaraman

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From: <>
Date: Thu, Mar 27, 2008 at 9:21 AM
Subject: PRESS RELEASE: Court rejects Motion against CAPEEM in textbook lawsuit


26 Mar 2008

Los Angeles, California

Judge denies Motion for Summary Judgment against CAPEEM

California Parents for the Equalization of Educational Materials (CAPEEM) scored a major victory on Tuesday when Judge Frank C. Damrell, Jr. of the United States District Court of the Eastern District of California rejected  the defendants' motion to dismiss CAPEEM's lawsuit to correct inaccuracies in sixth grade history textbooks. CAPEEM's complaint contends that the process to adopt the textbooks discriminated against Hindus and that the textbooks indulge in indoctrination of Abrahamic religions while using disparaging language against Hinduism.

The motion for summary judgment asking for the dismissal of the lawsuit was filed by the office of California's Attorney General on behalf of the officials of the State Board of Education and the California Department of Education. Judge Damrell rejected the claim that an earlier ruling in a lawsuit filed in a state court by the Hindu American Foundation (HAF) had definitively settled the issues raised by CAPEEM in its lawsuit.

The judge pointed out that the ruling in the HAF case strengthened CAPEEM's claim of discrimination against its members.  Judge Damrell noted, "the superior court found in favor of the HAF plaintiffs on their state APA claim; arguably, this finding lends support to CAPEEM's claims in this case that defendants conducted the adoption process in a manner that was discriminatory.&#xu201D;

The judge also agreed with CAPEEM's claim that the issues in the two cases were different:  ". . . Similarly, the superior court concluded the textbooks at issue there did not violate the state standards for content, as promulgated by defendants. This court could find defendants violated the Establishment Clause without reaching a judgment that is inconsistent with that of the superior court; this court could find that the underlying standards themselves violate the Establishment Clause.&#xu201D;

Reacting to the judgment, Arvind Kumar, a director of CAPEEM said, "the arguments in the Defendants' motion posed the biggest challenge to us so far and we are happy to have won this victory. We can now focus our energies on our main claims in the lawsuit.&#xu201D;

CAPEEM's attorneys Venkat Balasubramani and Michael Newdow expressed satisfaction with the order. This was the third motion filed by the defendants against CAPEEM in attempts to seek summary dismissal of the lawsuit.

For more information contact:

Arvind Kumar (646) 594-4397  

CAPEEM  is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization with tax ID 56-2565521. If you do not wish to receive updates from CAPEEM, please reply to this email with the word 'unsubscribe' in the subject line.

ratzy pees in his pants. Again. Vatican: convert who slammed Islam doesn't express pope's views

mar 27th, 2008

as usual, ratzy is backpedaling furiously, as he is terrified the mohammedans will cut his head off. he likes to make little pinpricks, but then he rationalizes and apologizes. he does cut a sorry figure. impotent is the word that springs to mind.

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From: Shahr

Vatican: convert who slammed Islam doesn't express pope's views

The Associated Press
Thursday, March 27, 2008
VATICAN CITY: The convert from Islam who denounced what he called "inherent" violence in Islam a day after Pope Benedict XVI baptized him was not expressing the pope's views, a Vatican spokesman said Thursday.
Magdi Allam, an Egyptian-born deputy editor of Corriere della Sera newspaper and frequent commentator on Islamic terrorism, "has the right to express his own ideas, which remain his personal ideas, without obviously becoming in any way the official expression of the positions of the pope or the Holy See," said the Rev. Federico Lombardi, the chief Vatican spokesman.
Benedict baptized Allam, 55, in St. Peter's Basilica on Saturday night during an Easter vigil ceremony televised worldwide.
Lombardi told Vatican Radio that "to welcome into the church a new believer obviously does not signify marrying all his ideas and views, particularly on political or social subjects."
Allam sparked anger in the Muslim world when he wrote in Corriere della Sera a day after his baptism that Islam is "physiologically violent and historically conflictual."
Among those criticizing the Vatican for allowing Allam to convert in such a high-profile way was a Muslim scholar, Aref Ali Nayed, who participated in recent Vatican talks to improve Catholic-Muslim relations.
Nayed, who directs the Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Center in Amman, Jordan, denounced what he called "the Vatican's deliberate and provocative act."
Nayed also expressed dismay that the baptism was held while "sincere Muslims and Catholics are working very hard to mend ruptures."
Earlier this month, Nayed participated in two days of talks at the Vatican to prepare for an audience in November between the pontiff and Muslim religious leaders and scholars.
Lombardi said the Vatican holds Nayed in "very high esteem" and expressed satisfaction that he still was wants to pursue dialogue.
The Vatican wants to mend relations with moderate Islam and has placed importance on the upcoming audience with representatives of 138 Muslim scholars who wrote to the pope last year calling for greater Muslim-Christian dialogue.
That dialogue "is of extreme importance, and shouldn't be interrupted," Lombardi said. "It takes priority over episodes that can be the object of misunderstanding."
A speech by the pope in 2006 citing a medieval emperor's words about Islam and violence angered many in the Muslim world.
Benedict later expressed regret that the speech had caused anger.
Allam has built his career as commentator and book author on attacking Islamic extremism and supporting Israel.
On Tuesday, the Vatican newspaper L'Osservatore Romano described his baptism as a papal "gesture" aimed at stressing religious freedom and harboring "no hostile intentions" toward Islam.

Yahoo! for Good helps you make a difference

rvaidya: India's Soverign Wealth Fund {sic]

mar 27th, 2008

great article by professor vaidya.

there are absolutely trillions of dollars stashed away in these european bank accounts by congress 'leaders'. let us get an accounting of this.

i am sure if this money can be extracted, it will pay off india's national debt immediately.

india generates lots of capital, and the nehruvians have been very good at extracting it and putting it in these numbered accounts. just like the british did: it is colonial loot.

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From: Vaidya



India's Sovereign Wealth fund—Bring it back











tax evasion by christists in AP

mar 27th, 2008

first they steal the land; then they refuse to pay even the taxes on the land; then they use the land to convert.

such great law-abiding people the christists are! the only answer: take the land back. but of course samuel reddy will scream his head off, so will john dayal et al.

actually the best thing to do is for the government to give the christist-stolen land to mohammedans. if they take the land, the christists will keep quiet, as they pee in their pants about mohammedan violence.

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From: Ma

Hi Rajeev,

See who is evading taxes.



Pak People-Power: Take a Hike, Uncle Sam

In the wake of Pakistan's elections, the Pakistani public and their public figures are reading the riot act to the Americans. Ouch!

Looks like War on Terror is about to take a nosedive. And that may after all be why the Pak Army allowed such elections to go through without interference in the first place. The Army are sick and tired of being cannon-fodder for a war they've been forcibly drafted into and don't support. Given their dependency on US weaponry, they themselves don't have the backbone to tell Uncle Sam to get lost -- so they've enlisted the Pakistani public to do this for them, via people-power and a popularly-elected civilian govt.

And yet while we can derive some short-term satisfaction at the US predicament, it's prudent to look ahead with concern at whether there might be a resumption in terrorism against India in Kashmir, now that erstwhile US-stooge Musharraf is on the way out, and Pakistan feels freer to do what it really wants again.

I'm still hoping that the US will continue to lean on even the elected civilian govt in Pak, to force them to toe the line, but won't bet the farm on it. After all, the elected politicos don't want to end up like Mushy, and Pak people-power is ascendant at the moment. So it's now time for another round of weird political stunts, including prescriptions for more "peace treaties" with the militants. Let's see who ends up squirming more -- Islamabad or Washington.

YouTube Insight

YouTube has introduced a new audience analytics tool called Insight, which allows video uploaders to learn more about which people are watching their videos (ie. where, when, how many broken down by country, date, etc)

So Rajeev, if you want to go for video blogging (vlogging?) using Wordpress, etc, with YouTube-embedded videos, then this could be useful.

I've already checked it out, and found that more people watched my Ramayana videos from the US, and around various holiday periods. It'll be interesting to see if they add more capabilities to it.

Google originally bought YouTube with an eye for eventually finding a way to make money from it, and this type of detailed audience analysis may be a potent "killer app" for it. This would help marketers to better target specific audiences.


Here is Geert Wilders' new film on Islam and Terrorism: Fitna

India should replace Russia in G8: McCain

Well, he says India and Brazil, actually:
"We should start by ensuring that the G-8, the group of eight highly industrialized states, becomes again a club of leading market democracies: it should include Brazil and India but exclude Russia."

Here's a transcript of McCain's speech.

He makes various references to China, such as its economic strength, and also says that the US and China aren't absolutely destined to be adversaries, but that no alliance is possible without political liberalization there.

All in all, not a bad speech. We seemed to garner more favour than China did, which is a good sign. His anger towards Russia could push it and China together, which might be bad for us. I don't see why Russia gets criticized more than China, though.

However, it's good that he at least spoke of requiring political liberalization in China. That speaks to the feelings of the Chinese people themselves, bypassing their govt. And ultimately, it may only be the 1 billion-strong Chinese population who have the power to defeat the Beijing autocracy.

The 2 am call: Tarun Vijay

Hope a future Govt. of India summons the Chinese ambassador at 2:10 AM and gives him or her exactly an hour to get out of India...

Interview with Capt. Bharat Verma

...Our very pacifist society never really understood military power. It was surprising that after 1,000 years of slavery and domination, India had not learnt any lesson...

...Today, the country is going through a major transition. The younger generation has just started taking over. This transition will be completed by 2012. Then India will not be as 'pacifist' as it is today. It will be more assertive as you saw it happening in Australia recently. The problem is that New Delhi is still ruled by people born under foreign domination. Mostly they were told what to do. Analysis was the forte of the foreign master. Today, the younger generation is street smart, confident, and well educated. Their assertiveness by 2012 will start changing the soft, irrational and passive policies towards China exercised by the present set up. It will be far more assertive and equipped with sufficient power to take on such adversaries in our vicinity...

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Pseudo-liberal justification of demographic warfare by Bangladeshi Mohammedans

There he goes again - Vir Sanghvi, with his disingenuous minimisation of Mohammedan demographic warfare aimed at the decimation of Hindu civilisation once and for all.

The dhimmi nut doesn't just stop with minimisation of the scale of "Bangladeshi" aggression. He actually has the audacity to rationalise it with the chimera of SOUTH ASIAN solidarity!! This one sentence is a colossal insult without parallel to the memory of millions of Hindu victims of Islamic genocide on Indian soil, particularly those hundreds of thousands of dishonoured female victims of "Direct Action" by Muslim League thugs.
"So, there are many Bangladeshis in the border districts of West Bengal. Because there are few cultural differences, they fit in easily with the local people. Many of these Bangladeshis do then make their way to such cities as Calcutta or Delhi.

This by itself should not be a cause for much concern. We were all part of the same country till 1947 and it is inevitable that people will keep moving between the nations of South Asia, no matter how the international boundaries are drawn....."

The pseudo-secular atrocity is compounded further by his equation of Hindu refugees from West and East Pakistan with illegal Mohammedan aggressors. Genocide of Hindus by the Islamists is apparently not sufficient to whet the appetite of the Indian "secularist" masochists. Any Hindu survivors fleeing Islamic holocaust have to be equated with the "economic migrant" Mohammedans, branded "illegal" and deported back to Jihadi hell!
Only then perhaps, the dhimmi lust for Hindu beating gets satiated.
Really, I'm not inventing all this. Vir Sanghvi says so in his article in the "Hindustan Times". This fellow should be tried for treason.
"Not only is the answer obvious but here’s another fact: many of those who have left Bangladesh and opted for India are Hindus who feel increasingly alienated because of the Islam-isation of Bangladeshi society. But, do you ever hear of a drive against illegal Hindu immigrants? On the contrary, such parties as the BJP have invited Bangladeshi Hindus to seek shelter in India...."

A Tale of Two Peoples :

mar 26th, 2008

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From: Yash

A Tale of Two Peoples
Dennis Prager -March 25, 08
The long-suffering Tibetans have been in the news. This happens perhaps once or twice a decade.
In a more moral world, however, public opinion would be far more preoccupied with Tibetans than with Palestinians, would be as harsh on China as it is on Israel, and would be as fawning on Israel as it now is on China.
But, alas, the world is, as it has always been, a largely mean-spirited and morally insensitive place, where might is far more highly regarded than right.
Consider the facts:
Tibet, at least 1,400 years old, is one of the world's oldest nations, has its own language, its own religion and even its own ethnicity. Over 1 million of its people have been killed by the Chinese, its culture has been systematically obliterated, 6,000 of its 6,200 monasteries have been looted and destroyed, and most of its monks have been tortured, murdered or exiled.
Palestinians have none of these characteristics. There has never been a Palestinian country, never been a Palestinian language, never been a Palestinian ethnicity, never been a Palestinian religion in any way distinct from Islam elsewhere.
 Indeed, "Palestinian" had always meant any individual living in the geographic area called Palestine. For most of the first half of the 20th century, "Palestinian" and "Palestine" almost always referred to the Jews of Palestine.
The United Jewish Appeal, the worldwide Jewish charity that provided the nascent Jewish state with much of its money, was actually known as the United Palestine Appeal.
Compared to Tibetans, few Palestinians have been killed, its culture has not been destroyed nor its mosques looted or plundered, and Palestinians have received billions of dollars from the international community.
Unlike the dying Tibetan nation, there are far more Palestinians today than when Israel was created.
None of this means that a distinct Palestinian national identity does not now exist. Since Israel's creation such an identity has arisen and does indeed exist.
Nor does any of this deny that many Palestinians suffered as a result of the creation of the third Jewish state in the area, known -- since the Romans renamed Judea -- as "Palestine."
But it does mean that of all the causes the world could have adopted, the Palestinians' deserved to be near the bottom and the Tibetans' near the top. This is especially so since the Palestinians could have had a state of their own from 1947 on, and they have caused great suffering in the world, while the far more persecuted Tibetans have been characterized by a morally rigorous doctrine of nonviolence.
So, the question is, why?
Why have the Palestinians received such undeserved attention and support, and the far more aggrieved and persecuted and moral Tibetans given virtually no support or attention?
The first reason is terror. Some time ago, the Palestinian leadership decided, with the overwhelming support of the Palestinian people, that murdering as many innocent people -- first Jews, and then anyone else -- was the fastest way to garner world attention. They were right.
On the other hand, as The Economist notes in its March 28, 2008 issue, "Tibetan nationalists have hardly ever resorted to terrorist tactics…"
It is interesting to speculate how the world would have reacted had Tibetans hijacked international flights, slaughtered Chinese citizens in Chinese restaurants and temples, on Chinese buses and trains, and massacred Chinese schoolchildren.
The second reason is oil and support from powerful fellow Arabs. The Palestinians have rich friends who control the world's most needed commodity, oil.
The Palestinians have the unqualified support of all Middle Eastern oil-producing nations and the support of the Muslim world beyond the Middle East. The Tibetans are poor and have the support of no nations, let alone oil-producing ones.
The third reason is Israel. To deny that pro-Palestinian activism in the world is sometimes related to hostility toward Jews is to deny the obvious.
It is not possible that the unearned preoccupation with the Palestinians is unrelated to the fact that their enemy is the one Jewish state in the world. Israel's Jewishness is a major part of the Muslim world's hatred of Israel.
It is also part of Europe's hostility toward Israel: Portraying Israel as oppressors assuages some of Europe's guilt about the Holocaust -- "see, the Jews act no better than we did." Hence the ubiquitous comparisons of Israel to Nazis.
A fourth reason is China. If Tibet had been crushed by a white European nation, the Tibetans would have elicited far more sympathy. But, alas, their near-genocidal oppressor is not white.
And the world does not take mass murder committed by non-whites nearly as seriously as it takes anything done by Westerners against non-Westerners. Furthermore, China is far more powerful and frightening than Israel.
Israel has a great army and nuclear weapons, but it is pro-West, it is a free and democratic society, and it has seven million people in a piece of land as small as Belize.
China has nuclear weapons, has a trillion U.S. dollars, an increasingly mighty army and navy, is neither free nor democratic, is anti-Western, and has 1.2 billion people in a country that dominates the Asian continent.
A fifth reason is the world's Left. As a general rule, the Left demonizes Israel and has loved China since it became Communist in 1948. And given the power of the Left in the world's media, in the political life of so many nations, and in the universities and the arts, it is no wonder vicious China has been idolized and humane Israel demonized.
The sixth reason is the United Nations, where Israel has been condemned in more General Assembly and Security Council resolutions than any other country in the world.
At the same time, the UN has voted China onto its Security Council and has never condemned it. China's sponsoring of Sudan and its genocidal acts against its non-Arab black population, as in Darfur, goes largely unremarked on at the UN, let alone condemned, just as is the case with its cultural genocide, ethnic cleansing and military occupation of Tibet.
The seventh reason is television news, the primary source of news for much of mankind. Aside from its leftist tilt, television news reports only what it can video.
And almost no country is televised as much as Israel, while video reports in Tibet are forbidden, as they are almost anywhere in China except where strictly monitored by the Chinese authorities. No video, no TV news. And no TV, no concern.
So while grieving Palestinians and the accidental killings of Palestinians during morally necessary Israeli retaliations against terrorists are routinely televised, the slaughter of over a million Tibetans and the extinguishing of Tibetan Buddhism and culture are non-events as far as television news is concerned.
The world is unfair, unjust and morally twisted. And rarely more so than in its support for the Palestinians -- no matter how many innocents they target for murder and no matter how much Nazi-like anti-Semitism permeates their media -- and its neglect of the cruelly treated, humane Tibetans.

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UN official questions illegal detention of Hindu leadership in Malaysia

If even the Semitically inclined UN is beginning to acknowledge the systematic religious cleansing of the disenfranchised Hindu minority by the tin pot Malay Jihadi regime - the implication is that rather macabre trampling of human dignities is taking place. The professional agitators for human rights, the torchbearers of "secularism" and "liberalism", "Gandhianism" and other such imaginary notions will be extremely reticent when it comes to victimisation of Hindus by state sponsored Mohammedan terrorism.

The leaders of the Hindu Rights Action Forum (HRAF) of Malaysia, silently suffering illegal incarceration by the Jihadi regime deserve a salute for their fortitude. These are real freedom fighters - not some dirty old men with clean fronts, like Indira Ghandi's honorary brother, chief "Palestinian" terrorist Yasser Arafat.

Discussion on Tibet (Kerala, Mar 29, 2008)

mar 26th, 2008

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Friends of Tibet <>
Date: Tue, Mar 25, 2008 at 11:17 PM
Subject: Discussion on Tibet (Kerala, Mar 29, 2008)
To: undisclosed-recipients

Tibetan Government-in-Exile in India led by His Holiness the Dalai
Lama says more than 140 people were massacred and thousand others were
injured by the Chinese army since March 10, 2008, the 49th Anniversary
of the Tibetan Uprising Day. The Chinese government claims the death
toll is only 22 and accuses the Dalai Lama for 'masterminding' the
recent violence inside Chinese occupied Tibet. Is China using the
People's Liberation Army to crush the Tibetan people's struggle?

Join an open discussion organised by Friends of Tibet in association
with Design & People. The Discussion will be held on March 29, 2008 at
Lumirere, Opposite Andhra Cultural Centre, 13th Main Road, Panampilly
Nagar, Cochin at 11am. Panelists:

Dr Sebastian Paul (Member of Parliament)
Dr KS Radhakrishnan (Vice Chancellor, Sanskrit University)
Dr Venugopal (Editor, Bashaposhini)
Yesudasan (Political Cartoonist)
Adv Joshi Jacob (Samajvaadi Jana Parishad)
Adv N Nagareshan (Swadeshi Jagran Manch)
Geo Jose (NAPM)
Fr Prasanth (CMI)
Lhakpa Phanthok (Tibetan refugee living in Kochi) and many others.

To know more about this event, call: 9847044248, 9895103483 or email:

. . . . .
Friends of Tibet, PO Box: 16674, Bombay 400050, India.
. . . . .
Friends of Tibet is a people's movement to keep alive the issue of
Tibet through direct action. Our activities are aimed at ending
China's occupation of Tibet and the suffering of the Tibetan people.
Friends of Tibet supports the continued struggle of the Tibetan people
for independence. To know more, visit:
. . . . .

china is not particularly alarmed as everybody waffles while tibetans die

mar 26th, 2008

clearly the chinese know who to suck up to. hint: it's not manmohan

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: v

'China alarmed over rising support'
26 Mar 2008, 0111 hrs IST,Indrani Bagchi,TNN

NEW DELHI: Global strategic analyst Stratfor believes that Beijing was
disturbed by the sight of Pranab Mukherjee and Condoleezza Rice
jointly addressing the Tibet issue in Washington.

"Alarm is rising in Beijing that the US, India and other nations —
including the UK — are actively supporting the Dalai Lama in an
attempt to force policy changes in China. Protecting its territorial
integrity is of utmost concern to China... Beijing is hypersensitive
to real or perceived threats, always assuming the worst about
outsiders' motives," global strategic analyst Stratfor said.

"India's decision to allow the Dalai Lama to seek refuge in northern
India in 1959 has perturbed the Chinese government ever since. Beijing
believes India could control him more effectively if it wished to —
and as New Delhi has in the past — but is simply choosing not to," it

In India though, China plays a unique "divide" card — wooing Congress,
while treating the UPA government with thinly veiled contempt. A
delegation from the Communist Party of China's international cell
visited Congress headquarters here to propose a seminar in Beijing at
the end of 2008 to commemorate 20 years of Rajiv Gandhi's visit to
China in 1988.

The leader of the delegation, Li Jinjun, also formally proposed that
Rahul Gandhi head the Indian delegation. While there was little
mention of Manmohan Singh's visit to China, there were glowing
references to Sonia Gandhi's trip.

Over the weekend, the EU parliament made its first call for a limited
boycott of the Olympic Games in Beijing. Its president, Hans-Gert
Pottering, told a German daily, "If there continue to be no signals of
compromise, I consider boycott measures to be justified."

The only other European leader to endorse this has been French foreign
minister Bernard Kouchner, but this call has received little traction
from around the world. Back home, MEA's silence on China's arrogant
behaviour with Indian diplomats is attributed to India's traditional
diffidence towards the Chinese. This is the second diplomatic
aggression by the Chinese towards India in the last few months after
China protested against the PM's visit to Arunachal Pradesh in

Last time, India stuck to an anodyne statement about Arunachal being
an integral part of India. MEA, caught off balance by China yet again,
will wait for the foreign minister and the foreign secretary to return
from Washington before taking a position.