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this is what c kunte posted on his blog

jan 29th, 2009

in case you haven't heard, c kunte has been sued by NDTV and forced to apologize and retract everything he said. c kunte is a simple blogger who happened to feel the ire of the ELM. i present his case here for your information so you have all the facts at your disposal and can form your opinion based on facts.

i think the blogosphere is up in arms about this, as it was about the attack by the Ponytailed One, one arindam something, on a blogger who trashed the IIPM (which is a mysterious business school that makes very tall claims about itself and its alumni -- something along the lines of "dare to think beyond the iims and iits" and how its placement history is extraordinary. i have no idea how true the claims are, but the blogger who trashed it thought they were making it all up. it has a ponytailed fellow as its vice-chairman or something, who got pretty upset and forced the blogger to recant).

in the case of c kunte, whose right to freedom of expression has been attacked by ndtv, here is what he said. you decide for yourself if this is libelous and defamatory. this is the google cache of his page sent to me by a reader.

i think he has been browbeaten and intimidated by ndtv. poor fellow probably does not want a protracted legal battle, which we can all understand.

but this is typical nehruvian stalinism. NDTV has learned well from the fascist hangers-on of the powers-that-be (remember their frivolous lawsuit in the us which was thrown out of court?) 

there are also some technicalities. if kunte ran this on a US server, he would be protected by US first-amendment rights. and he should hire narain kataria's lawyers and countersue ndtv for $100 million.

in this context, interesting article from the atlanticist about how there is a lot of 'libel tourism' in limey-land these days. trust the limeys to come up with this new market opportunity:

the cache of c kunte's blog:

Date: Saturday, 06 Dec 2008 10:23

Instead of apologizing, and introspecting on how to improve, this is the kind of crap we get in response to shoddy journalism.

Radhika Sahasranaman rips the guts of that response on a 3000 strong, and growing Facebook group, whose title couldn't have sent signals any clearer:

NDTV's response is in itself a giveaway of misplaced notions: "In the absence of any instructions on site and in the absence of any such framework we broke NO rules" ("convenient transference of responsibility" or what?); and the entire argument, she concludes, amounts to "which television journalist tops the charts or falls to the bottom" (is that how they keep score?). It is important that we don't shoot the messenger but when the messenger loses the message, there is something to be done. Which is why, for once, I will take Barkha's advice. Use the remote control when emote control doesn't work.

— Radhika Sahasranaman

Do read her entire post. (Sign-up on Facebook just to read this—if nothing; I guarantee it's worth it.) She conveys it with such clarity, that I kept reading it over and over.

Here's another:

TV news would no doubt argue that most other critiques of 26/11 coverage have been answered, too. Shoving mikes in front of distressed people? They wanted to share. Too close to the theatre of operation? If someone told us we would have moved away. And just in case anyone still has doubts, Narayana Murthy and Suketu Mehta, among many others, rated 26/11 coverage as first class.

Maybe the Government goofed up not laying down rules of coverage. Does that end all questions on journalistic responsibility? Think about it. If journalists, especially senior editors, say they need the government to tell them how to do their business, they are opening a door many politicians would love to never shut again.

Saubhik Chakrabarti on Indian Express

The choice could not have been simpler: you either kick the idiocy, and if that does not work, then kick the idiot out.

Update: Oh, by the way, there is a framework (Self-Regulation Guidelines for the Broadcasting Sector [pdf]) for anyone who cares—and has been in existence for more than a year.

Update 2: NSG says media got in the way, wants guidelines.

Update 3: Presstalk: In the name of fair and balanced.

Update 4: The Hoot: "Those who argue that viewers can use the remote to not watch what they find unethical or irresponsible should note that many in India did, people went to offices and went to vote but the TV all the same managed to give important information to the backers of the terrorists who were glued to their screens. The remote is not the solution to such irresponsibility."

Harini Calamur: "Week 1 - Post 26/11 - Quo Vadis News Media?"

it's true this poor afghan girl deserves our sympathy, but why doesn't JNU protest when arabs do this with indian girls all the time?

jan 31st, 2009

that was a rhetorical question. the red-green axis in action.

and rama lakshmi of hindu-baiting fame is ever-ready to report on these things.

superb use of power by russia

jan 31st, 2009

have to take my hat off to the russians for the excellent example of building and using supplier power, as well as strategic intent. of course, this is why the atlanticist has been railing against putin -- the guy knows what he's doing with this hydrocarbons and the NATO types are feeling the heat (no pun intended). this is why the nuclear 'deal' is such a stupid thing -- the kkkangress is putting india at the mercy of dodgy suppliers like the convict-land. bad, bad idea.

this is also why the turkmenistan-afghanistan-pakistan-india pipeline (which the yanks want to build and which is one of the reasons they invaded afghanistan) and the iran-pakistan-india pipeline (which the kkkangress and communists are eager to build) are totally misguided. of course, somebody has paid the appropriate 'netas' big money, so these projects will live on. 

this is the equivalent of putting your neck in the custody of known vampires.

so russia has an OGEC (organization of oil exporting countries). if only we had the brains, we could set up an OFEC (organization of food exporting countries) and squeeze the rest of the world for all they're worth. 

Friday, January 30, 2009

screwing the armed forces: one of the kkkangress' great achievements

jan 30th, 2009

  *A Disquiet Within: Astigmatism In Civil-Military Relations
by:  Ashwini Channan



The Jantar Mantar, a unique structure raised in 1724 by Sawai Jain Singh II
of Jaipur, lies in the heart of India 's capital near Connaught place.  It's
fame is not only in being a timekeeper of celestial bodies but also in post
independent India as a symbol of it's democracy on display – evidenced by
the symbolism of protests against perceived injustices.  Since December 16
last year, (a day which symbolised the surrender in Dhaka of the remnants of
Pakistani Army to the Indian Army in 1971) it has been playing host to a
relay fast by the Indian Ex-Servicemen's Movement (IESM).  This public
display, a unique form of protest by the veterans of the uniformed
fraternity reveals deep fissures that exist in the understanding of
civil-military relationships by the politicians, the bureaucracy and a
public which is yet unaware of the contours of this distress.

... deleted

VCs who made most money in the last 5 years

jan 30th, 2009

the indian (not south asian) contingent is not doing badly. but vinod khosla has dropped out of the top 10 (i didnt go through all 100).

Tata Motors' Reversal of Fortune

Businessweek reports that Tata Motors is now on the back foot, before it can even get the Nano out of the starting gates.

From WSJ: China's New Propaganda Machine

jan 30th, 2009

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Raghu 

Namaste Rajeev,
China expanding propaganda machine..

cultural festivals: iim a and iim b

jan 30th, 2009

i believe iim ahmedabad's cultural festival chaos09 is going on now and that iim bangalore's festival unmaad09 is about to kick off tomorrow. 

the former started off yesterday with a concert by hari prasad chaurasia. 

the latter is starting tomorrow with a concert by somebody named kk (kk? must be a familiar name to the young) on the 31st. see the following link for details:

i do like the word unmadam or as the hindi guys say, unmaad. so it is un-mad, but it means 'mad(ness)'! a word that means its own opposite? this is sort of like my favorite urdu word (and pretty much the only one i know!) - insaniyat, which to me means insanity.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Barkha's Bark and Bite

Barkha Dutt and NDTV have decided to sue a blogger for defamation, after he criticized her behaviour during her "reporting" on the Mumbai attacks:

Here's another article which also drew attention to Barkha's widely-discussed behaviour:

Maybe NDTV should likewise sue those who published that article, too -- oh, wait... ;P

(UPDATE: NDTV has removed their own article out of embarrassment, so here's a link to a PDF copy of it.)

The Remote-Controlled Beetle

No, not Herbie the Love Bug, from the Disney movies. Something more hi-tech:

This is another sign that microelectronics and insects may be a very compatible mating.

That beetle could carry useful sensors.
Or tungsten-loaded explosives.

Here's an interesting video to watch:

software bomb put in by indian into fannie mae's servers?

jan 29th, 2009

read this on good morning silicon valley, haven't heard of this anywhere else.

Fortune favored McAfee's warning with an example fresh from the headlines. In Washington, Rajendrasinh Makwana, who recently lost his contract job with mortgage giant Fannie Mae, was charged this week with planting a dangerous piece of time-bomb code in the company's server software as a parting gesture. The script, designed to cut access to and then wipe the company's servers, was set to go off on Jan. 31, but it was discovered, "only by chance," a few days after Makwana left. According to an FBI statement, "Had this malicious script executed, [Fannie Mae] engineers expect it would have caused millions of dollars of damage and reduced if not shutdown operations at [Fannie Mae] for at least one week. The total damage would include cleaning out and restoring all 4,000 of [Fannie Mae's] servers, restoring and securing the automation of mortgages, and restoring all data that was erased." Makwana is free on $100,000 bail.

'Bright' Future for Kerala Research?

And the academic grantsmanship is also busily happening in Kerala, too. The Chief Minister's daughter seems to have somehow landed funding for research projects she isn't even remotely qualified for:

The future suddenly looks "Bright" from all sides.
(Or, as the song goes, "the future's so bright, I gotta wear shades")

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

stanford gets $100 million energy center; renewables good; huge food crisis forecast for tropics

jan 28th, 2009

energy center:

renewables better than others:

looming food crisis as yields plummet:

shashi tharoor - india's israel envy

jan 28th, 2009

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From: Srikanth

Got this link via

India, according to Tharoor, is "envious" of Israel. i seriously doubt that the UPA is envious of Israel. They must be thanking their stars that India's hands are tied. After all, an attack on Islamic Pakistan is hardly the ideal preparation for a general election (read : hardly the ideal preparation to woo Muslim voters)

"Great Insights" of P. Chidambaram !

jan 28th, 2009

p chidambaram is one of the worst villains in the kkkangress rogues' gallery.

figures. he's a product of the harvard business school, which produced many other charlatans, like rebecca marks of enron.

india *was* the richest country in the world until the limeys came and stole $10 trillion.

the kkkangress has followed in their footsteps. there was a mail doing the rounds that said $1.5 trillion in assets were held in swiss banks by indians. this dwarfs the $400 billion held by chinese. wanna bet 99% of the $1.5 trillion is in numbered accounts held by the kkkangress, the dmk, and the samajwadi party?

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From: <info

The Legendary wealth of India

Arnold Hermann Ludwig Heeran (1760-1842) German historian and Egyptologist has observed:

"India has been celebrated even in the earliest times for her riches."  

The wealth, splendor and prosperity of India had made a strong impression on the mind of Alexander the Great, and that when he left Persia for India, he told his army that they were starting for that "Golden India" where there was endless wealth, and that what they had seen in Persia was as nothing compared to the riches of India. Chamber's Encyclopedia says" "India has been celebrated during many ages for its wealth." The writer of the article "Hindustan" in the Encyclopedia Britannica remarks that India "was naturally reputed to be the seat of immense riches." 


Milton voiced the popular belief when he sang of the wealth of India: 


"High on a throne of royal state which far
Outshone the wealth of Ormuz and of Ind (India)
Or where the gorgeous East with richest hand
Showers on her kings barbaric, pearl and gold."   


According to Economist Angus Maddison (1926 - ) in The World Economy: A Millennial Perspective, the region that today comprises the Indian subcontinent held the largest share of the world's gross domestic product until the beginning of the 16th century, when it was rivaled by China, and then again throughout most of the 18th century.  At the end of the 16th century, India's great wealth sustained a population of more than one hundred million people. 


In "India, the Silicon Jewel of the East" (Digital Journal, May 13, 2004), Paul William Roberts states, "There was an abundance of arable land, and the state of Indian agriculture compared favorably with any of the Western European countries. Right down to the subsistence-oriented peasant, everyone saw a good return on land and labor. There was a large and vigorous skilled workforce turning out not just cotton but luxury items for the barons, courts and ruling classes. Consequently, the economy produced a fabulous financial surplus." 


"Great Insights" of P. Chidambaram

P. Chidambaram (1945 - ) has liked "Slumdog Millionaire" and now is asking all Indians to feel "inspired" by it. He has seen nothing wrong with the movie, its racial prejudice and its stereotyping of India as a land of unspeakable poverty, horrors, oppression, squalor and crime. The movie shows this as the "reality" of India . And to rub salt into our wounds, Chidambaram is asking us to feel "inspired" with this image of our country that has been projected to the whole world!

But then, Chidambaram is the same "leader" who had said that India was never a rich country ! "India was a country where rivers of milk and honey used to flow, is a great historical myth, believes Union Finance Minister P Chidambaram.  "The poverty has always been there in India and whoever propounded the myth about India being a rich country is wrong," he said. The old teaching that India was a country of milk and honey about five centuries ago was factually incorrect, Chidamabaram said. "Poverty was there and is still there in India , though prosperous pockets existed here and there," he said. 

The finance minister said the books that propounded the glorious past of India were liable to be burnt.  

Perhaps he needs to be reminded that Babar, who called India Sone ki Chidiya.

(source: "Great Insights" of P. Chidambaram -

For more -


about mohammedan world conquest dreams: CHASING A MIRAGE

jan 28th, 2009

and about those who mouth inanities like "all terrorists are mohammedans, but not all mohammedans are terrorists". that may be literally true, but even the non-terrorist mohammedans are happy to enjoy the benefits of what the terrorists do -- eg. they have happily swiped the properties of hindus (who are defined as enemy aliens) in bangladesh. in that case, two things:

1. they cannot complain when the acts of terrorists brings down the wrath of others on them (eg. when the israelis hit them with an artillery barrage)

2. they cannot claim they are innocent, because they never spoke up against the terrorists, and in effect are fifth-columnists of the terrorists, as all those who support the sleeper calls (aka 'kashmiri emporia') in india are

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: K

'Chasing a Mirage' by Tarek Fatah <>
Craig Read - Jan. 22, 2009

The great myth is that all Muslims are moderates and only a few extremists
tarnish the holy ideology called Islam. It is about as intelligent as saying
that for 3 generations from Bismarck to Hitler, all Germans were moderates,
more interested in brautwurst und bier, than in world supremacy and that the
great unwashed German mass of course did not support Germany's run of
dictators from 1865 to 1945. So it goes with Islam.

The benefit of Fatah's book is that is lays bare to ridicule the idea that
there is nothing inherently fascistic in political Islam, or that all
Muslims just want to be BMW owning tolerants. It is written by a leading
Canadian Muslim leader, a co-founder of the Muslim Canadian Council of
Toronto, and a person who struggles with fitting Islam into a
secular-tolerant Canadian society. And it is quite a struggle.

Fatah is a reformed Pakistani Marxist who rejects Islamic claims to world
domination, a one-world Umma, or the establishment of a new Caliphate to
safeguard Islam's destiny. Hence the title - Chasing an Illusion or the
fantasy of a new Muslim caliphate and the recreation of Islam's so-called
mythical golden age. For his trouble and rather considerable courage, he is
of course routinely vilified within the Muslim community with Muslim
sock-puppets and little minds denigrating his pro Western and liberal

... deleted


Making of Unbeliever @

For Moderate Muslims @

Ayaan Hirsi Ali & Islam @

Obsession @

Zardari's Ransom Note

If you want terrorism to go away then hand us Kashmir, says Zardari in the Washington Post.

response to arab-israeli conflict

jan 28th, 2009

someone wrote to me asking for points on this issue. my response:

the arab-israeli conflict should be of no interest to hindus. it is not our business. the only indians who are interested are the pseudo-secular communist types. let them do the intellectual masturbation and hair-splitting. leave them to it, it will keep them out of their usual anti-hindu mischief for a while.

it is somebody else's problem, hindus shouldn't waste their time on it. good relations with israel are important for weapons supply. also, typically there are no jews killing hindus, although plenty of hindus have been killed by arabs/mohammedans. on average, israel is better for hindus.

why get involved? does china get involved in the arab-israeli thing? no. best to keep out noses out of things that don't concern us directly. we should just mouth meaningless platitudes like "we wish that there will be a lasting and just peace in gaza and the west bank, and that all parties learn how to live peacefully with each other and prosper." which is a polite way of saying, "we don't care".

funeral of hindu man tortured to death by malay police; kkkangress has no issue

jan 28th, 2009

compare this to e. ahamed flying out to saudi arabia to get one malayali mohammedan released, who was about to lose his 'eye for an eye'. or the major efforts to get back a malayali christist named samkutty was held by iraqis, the central government intervened, the foreign minister flew there, and they got him released.

but when maniappan ramankutty, a kerala hindu, was held by the taliban, e. ahamed simply "wasn't available". maniappan ramankutty was decapitated.

this is a good metaphor for the status of hindus in india: second-class citizens whose lives don't matter.

here is the news of further brutalization of hindus in malaysia. if the bjp comes to power, i hope they immediately cut off all commercial relationships with malayasia. all those ads about "malayasia... truly asia" are mind-boggling. so is the import of cheap palm oil that is hurting indian producers. of course, the kkkangress is engaging malaysia more and more -- as is approprite for mohammedan brothers-in-arms under the ummah.

white boys discover maya: we may all be holographic projections :-)

jan 28th, 2009

nytimes: new year brings somber mode to china

jan 28th, 2009

yeah, i'd be somber too if 2.5 to 4 million people got laid off. there's the possibility these blighters will riot. and it may be, as someone commented -- i'm sorry i forgot who -- on this blog about the necessity for china to go to war to kill off some of these surplus people. i have long postulated that china needs to go to war to kill off the 30 million guys who will never have wives because those female foetuses have been murdered. these people will need to be killed via war.

i thought the first target would be russian siberia, but it could well be india.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

NDTV = Nehru Dynasty TV. good one, m. patil :-)

jan 27th, 2009

unfortunate but true. sadly, this is true of cnn-ibn as well (c nehru news - i believe nehru) :-( and all other news outlets in dhimmi india.

why give padma awards to deserving sportspeople? plenty of christist creeps to give them to

jan 27th, 2009

there is john dayal, kancha ilaih, kanimozhi karunadhi's pal gaspar, john "vampire of cochin" thattunkal, kottoor, puthrukkayil, seffi, all who are ahead of some mere sportspeople in line for the padma awards.

actually, i am surprised there was nothing awarded to spectacular olympic loser anju bobby george.

Tipu Sultan's forcible conversion of 30,000 Manglorean Catholics

jan 27th, 2009

this is something i didn't know. the mangalorean christists were, of course, converted at gunpoint by 'saint' francis xavier in the first place. some of them were people who had migrated from the northwest because of mohammedan invasions -- there is a book, 'sarasvati's children', by some christist person from mangalore which suggests that many of the coastal karnataka people were migrants from the sarasvati river region.

i think sushil is wrong about jews -- if i am not mistaken, mohammedans consider jews and chrisits both people of the book, and therefore deserving to live as dhimmis (because, i believe the argument goes, they all worship the same semitic jealous god known as yhwh to both jews and christists, and as allah to mohammedans). hindus were outside the pale of this -- basically in the mohammedan view, hindus have no right to exist.

this, of course, is the view taken by the kkkangress and the limeys as well.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Sushil


Found this piece on Wikipedia's English section front page - 'did you know' section

Here is the link -

Ofcourse, the Christians were helping the British in their campaign against the 'Wolf' ....sorry.....tiger (is it?) of Mysore. Enraged he killed tens of thousands in a similar fashion to his dealing of the Hindus of the Malabar (whose only crime was to be pagan!)

This article is in light of the NCM award to the wolf in sheep's clothing - Cedric Prakash who ran the campaign against Modi about the POST-GODHRA riots.

NCM award to Catholic priest for 2002 riots campaign

Obviously, Cedric is part of the Congress' plan to spread the 'good word' till none of the Hindoos remain. Wonder what he thinks if he were aware of the Islamist sultan's treatment of his 'fellow christians' ......British support not witholding!

Well, dhimmi's should be awarded...even if they are 'people of the book' (Christians are called 'Ahl-i-kitab in contrast to the Jews who don't deserve the basic mercy of life).



how malay bigots treat hindus

jan 27th, 2009

and now indonesia follows the lead of the obnoxious mahathir-types (btw, ironic that mahathir's mother is a kerala mohammedan).

if india's "leaders" had any cojones, they'd stick it to the bleeding malays.

that reminds me: any chance that manmohan is getting a backbone implant as part of his 11-hour surgery? never mind. that was a rhetorical question. maybe he's getting a heart implant, so that apartheid against hindus begins to affect him, not only the problems of mohammedan terrorists.

limey meltdown: Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of people

jan 27, 2009

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Kumar

Put your smiley face on! Don't worry Limeys...we'll take care of you. I think "Slimey" is more apt. I still don't believe this article completely. Limeys are the slimiest and most ruthless people on the face of the earth. They'll figure out a way to exploit someone else out of this mess. I'm afraid that someone else will be us - through our quislings and sepoys...what a shame.

The Euro Won't Be around in 20 Years: Jim Rogers

  • Monday January 26, 2009, 2:06 pm EST

The euro will not be around in the next 20 years, but Britain would have been better off had it joined the single European currency when it had a chance, legendary investor Jim Rogers told a British newspaper.

"Not being in the euro is a competitive disadvantage," Rogers told UK paper "Metro."

"It makes it more expensive and more cumbersome to do business with the rest of the world. But I am not sure the euro (BIS: EUR-TN) will last 20 years," he said. "The Italians and Germans will be in chaos because they have no plan B."

Also in the next 20 years China "may well be the largest economy in the world," Rogers said.

He reiterated his view that the pound (BIS: GBP-TN) will continue to weaken, as the City of London suffers because of the financial crisis and North Sea oil is drying up.

Britain is "a deeply indebted nation, the government is spending gigantic amounts of taxpayer money propping up banks which should have been allowed to fail," Rogers said. "If I was a British taxpayer I'd be totally outraged!"

He could not forecast an end for the economic troubles.

"We're certainly not out of whatever we're in and whatever we're in is getting worse," Rogers said.

For those worried about their future prospects, his advice was: "if you speak Chinese, go to China. Or try farming. I'm more optimistic about agriculture than any other industry. If not farming, anything to do with raw materials or natural resources."

exactly: What did I get it for, asks Sister Nirmala

jan 27th, 2009

absolutely right, you don't have any merit, dearie nirmala. you don't deserve it.

she has no other merit other than being a christist jerk, and a convert.

similarly, cedric prakash, the christist snake who manufactured the "2000 mohammedans killed in gujarat" hoax, has also been awarded some padma thing.

moral: if you are a good foot-soldier for the vatican and baptists, you are surely going to get padma awards from the government of sonia "vatican" nehru. eg. the staines female

forecast: in future, padma awards will go to:

a. km mani, kerala revenue minister for life under all kkkangress governments, for giving away huge tracts of forest and public land to christists. he will also be sainted by ratzy

b. john dayal, christist whiner and apologist

c. valson "allahad agricultural university phd in farmyard animal abuse" thampu, christist bigot and manipulator of useful idiots like that moron agnivesh.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: sri

We too wonder why. Another blatant case of minority appeasement under
Christian Sonia raj

What did I get it for, asks Sister Nirmala

Kolkata January 25
"What did I get it for?" was the spontaneous reaction of Missionaries
of Charity superior general Sister Nirmala when she was informed this
evening that she has been awarded the Padma Vibhushan. "When she heard
the news, her first reaction was: 'what did I get if for?," MC sources
told PTI.

Later, when contacted, she said, "This is a recognition from the
Government of India of the little that we have been able to do for the
poorest of the poor." The mood in the Mother House, the order's
international headquarters here, was that of elation as the nuns
learnt of the award given to their global head.

"We are all very happy. This is an occasion of great joy for us," an
MC nun said, adding that the good news is being given to all houses of
the order in the country and abroad.

The Padma Vibhushan for Sister Nirmala is the highest Indian
recognition given to the Missionaries of Charity after the Bharat
Ratna which was awarded to the order's founder Mother Teresa in March

Mother Teresa, who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979, stepped
down as the MC superior general in 1996, handing over the reigns of
the organisation to Sister Nirmala. About a year after Sister Nirmala
became the MC superior- general, Mother Teresa died on September 5,
1997. — PTI

Manipur village bans Christianazi preaching --An example for Indian villages to follow

jan 27th, 2009

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: sri

Manipur village bans Christianazi preaching --An example for Indian villages to follow

AICC, India's premier fascist Christian organization is whining about  the inability of its Christianazi hoodlums  to convert and destroy the native religion of one particular village in Imphal, Chringmeirong Rongmei Village which apparently has put up notices restricting these snakes from indulging in satanic Christianity propaganda in its village and create divisions and communal problems

This is a great step that should be emulated. Notices against Christian propaganda should be pasted on all of India's villages, houses, slums, apartments, housing estates in rural areas and towns, so to protect our people  from missionary scums infecting those places with the deadly Christian cancer virus. Once even one Christian ebola virus makes it presence it will lead to Kandhamal like situationss where it ill keep multiplying and eventually lead to genocide, enslavement and decimation of native Hindus.

Here is the notice and excerpts as reported by fascist AICC

"Chringmeirong Rongmei Village council, pasted on the notice board on the village
gate in Manipuri is translated as: "No Christian activities and propagation within Chingmeirong Kabui (Rongmei) village Ward No. 173, any living person violating this order will be punished under the rules and regulation of the village council - By Order Village Council/Village Chief, Chingmeirong."

Under this law, three families from Chingmeirong Rongmei village were penalised. Kaphun Kamei, around 50 years old, along with his wife and children were the latest victims. Their house cum church building was dismantled by villagers on December 14, 2008, after imposing the fines prescribed by the village council.

Past incidents of the diktat ordered by the village council against Christians include the following as reported by the Sangai Express on September 13, 2007. Kahaolung Malungmei was fined a pig and rice beer jar and later banished from the village for becoming a Christian on October 12, 1995. On July 16, 1997, Kumari Kalingjon was fined Rs 5000. Kaphun Malangmei was fined Rs 5000 and chased out of the village after his house was burned on July 10, 2006."

Church Dismantled in Manipur
DIMAPUR, DEC18 [NPN] : A church building and the house of a pastor were reportedly dismantled while the pastor, his wife and children were also beaten up by miscreants in the heart of Imphal city, Manipur, on December 14 night, reports news portal News Blaze.

Fascist AICC

manufacturing "Hindu Taliban" [sic] on Demand

jan 27th, 2009

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: K

I just happened to read this news in the Chindu, which probably has an element of truth (gasp!) and supports San's suspicion that the incident might have been stage managed.
"One of them stripped a girl and groped her. She was also badly beaten up. We are still trying to trace her," she said. According to her, several girls were targeted similarly. "They were laughing when they were doing all this. It was just fun for them," she said. The attackers then targeted the men who dared come to the rescue of the girls. The narrator herself was slapped a few times.
What tormented her was the reaction of certain sections of the media. "They arrived on the scene even before the attackers did," she said, and added, "there was no nude dancing or prostitution going on there as reported."  She and a few other victims are now trying to form a support group of those who were attacked in the incident. "Some of the women are in shock because of the humiliation they had to face on television," she said. "We are trying to get professional counsellors for the victims and for their families."
Please archive the news report before it undergoes magical metamorphosis.

et tu?: now Naidu promises separate corporation for Christists

jan 27th, 2009

competitive pandering. naidu wants to outdo samuel reddy in pandering to christists. this seems to indicate that the crypto-christists of AP have become a sizeable force.

nobody is creating any corporations to protect hindu interests.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Girish

GUNTUR: A separate corporation will be opened in the State to provide protection to all the Christian properties, renovate churches, and provide amounts to larger number of Christians to travel to Bethlehem, said Telugu Desam Party President Nara Chandrababu Naidu.

hindustan times: the prime minister of gujarat

jan 27th, 2009

Monday, January 26, 2009

Hindu Taliban on Demand

I'm sure you've seen the latest video of "Hindu hooligans" outraging the modesty of some unfortunate pub-going women in Mangalore.

This footage was not recorded by bystanders or passers by. Instead, NDTV seems to have somehow conveniently been in position to directly record this attack as it occurred -- in the run-up to elections, by another convenient coincidence. My goodness, it's a good thing we have daring journalism like this and Tehelka-style "stings" happening at just the right moment to help voters make up their minds and do the "right thing".

Gee, why do I suddenly feel that post-123 India is going to end up with a couple of decades of uninterrupted rule by the Nehru-Gandhi clan, à la Mubarak's Egypt? Can't have those Asians going wayward or uppety, now can we?

Sunday, January 25, 2009

BBC Does an Al-Jazeera

Does anybody remember those telethons by Al-Jazeera? Now BBC's going the same route.

So now BBC will be openly partisan, instead of outwardly denying its biases, because it will be launching so-called humanitarian appeals for the Palestinian side in the Gaza conflict.

Well, at least now they can throw away all pretenses of being "impartial" - as if they ever were.
How long before they start doing this crap on Kashmir?

republic day message: reposting comment by displaced 19-year-old kashmiri pandit aditya raj kaul

jan 25th, 2009

if you have any tears to shed, shed them for the kashmiri pundits, not palestinians.

is this republic worth celebrating when it allows its citizens to be massacred and ethnically cleansed? 

why aren't the celebrations turning to ashes in the mouths of all these puffed-up politicians?

india is neither a republic nor a democracy: it is a kakistocracy, ruled not by the people, but by the very worst possible thugs.


19 years to the 19th day of 1990: Exodus of Kashmiri Pandits

- By Aditya Raj Kaul

Visit the Link -

I wake and feel the fell of dark, not day
What hours, O what black hours we have spent…
- Gerard Manley Hopkins

19th January 1990. Kashmir was breathing still; Kashmiri Pandits lay hidden like frightened pigeons in their own nest. Today on behalf of my fellow brothers and sisters, I wish to revisit the pain of my separation from my own home 19 years ago, when the cruel hands of Allah-Wallahs butchered members of my community for being idol worshipers, for rejecting the call for unholy jihad and for siding with their own nation India. The Islamic murderers played dire warnings from their Mosques which pierced each nerve of anybody who held a Hindu name. As the sun turned pale, exhortations became louder, and three taped slogans repeatedly played their terror: 'Kashmir mei agar rehna hai, Allah-O-Akbar kehna hai' (If you want to stay in Kashmir, you have to say Allah is great); 'Yahan kya chalega, Nizam-e-Mustafa' (What do we want here? Rule of Shariah); 'Asi gachchi Pakistan, Batao roas te Batanev san' (We want Pakistan along with Hindu women but without their men).

The roots of this unparalleled tragedy are immersed in 1986 with a well-planned strategy to execute Hindus from the valley. By 1990, the population saw their age old temples turned to ruins and lives at risk. As Pakistan stepped up their campaign against India, new Islamic terror outfits suddenly mushroomed in the state. As Jamait-e-Islami financed all madarsas to poison them against the minority Hindus and India, Pakistan further dictated youth to launch Jihad against India. A terror strike so meticulously planned that its unprecedented display was terrifying. As camps in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK) began to provide training to innumerable Muslim men, India witnessed the emergence of the bloodiest Kalashnikov culture in the valley. The victims- innocent and non-violent minority- the Kashmiri Pandits.

The Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah, abandoned his responsibilities and the administration, the state and people lay like cattle on an open road. The hidden fact of rigged elections in 1987 had by then become a lucid statement. Today 22 years later, Omar Abdullah takes position of the same majestic throne, though I wonder how efficiently he would carry forward the state of affairs. Will he like his father ruin the backbone of the state and leave the minority Hindus helpless as always, or will he rise above politics, religion to create space for Pandits in their valley? The unanswered question lingers on.

When Farooq Abdullah escaped underground, Jagmohan took reigns as the governor of the state. Though not very competent to handle an already ruined socio-political situation, he as a mark of remarkable leadership helped Kashmiri Pandits receive safe shelter. Jagmohan charted out an exceptional strategy to counter Islamic fanatics and also opened his Durbar (Office) to public irrespective of time. He visited families of the martyred Hindus. About one such meeting with the family of Satish Tickoo, murdered by communal JKLF goon Bitta Karate , he wrote an outstanding excerpt in his book, 'My Frozen Turbulence in Kashmir'- "In Habba-Kadal, except for the long row of our vehicles, nothing was seen on the streets. The afternoon rain appeared to have soaked the houses with depression. The few windows that were open were without even the usual dim light. The dark clouds overhead completed the picture of gloom… The house of Tickoo was like a shattered nest. Everything lay scattered. The grim atmosphere around told the tale more vividly..."

He further wrote, "As I was about to leave, Satish's uncle who was a bit vociferous and assertive, insisted that I should go upstairs and see the family deity. I agreed. A calm majestic figure was soon visible. It looked so imposing even in the darkness… With tears in their eyes, the family members thanked me and the accompanying officers. We were all moved over the sad plight of the family".

However one excerpt that mirrored my anxiety of 19 years was composed in words by Jagmohan, "Looking at the compact and enmeshed houses, and the by-lanes which acted like fine threads of a well-knit fabric, I wondered how these families, who had all their Gods and Goddesses here, and had deep roots in the soil, could leave and settle in distant and unfamiliar lands. Sometimes life is unaccountably cruel. And we human beings have, perhaps, no option but to suffer – suffer in silence, or wail".

Satish Tickoo was not the lone martyr who fell to the bullets of so-called revolutionaries. Tika lal Taploo, Nilkanth Ganjoo, Sarla Bhat, and countless others followed the target list of JKLF and other Islamic Terror outfits backed by Pakistan financially, psychologically and politically. An absent government, collapsed administration, and a petrified community saw despondency set in. As the moonlight of January 19, 1990 wore itself out, despondency gave way to desperation. Tens of thousands of Kashmiri Pandits across the valley decided to take an agonizing decision, to flee their homeland and save their lives and religion from rabid Jihadis…

…Thus took place a 20th century Exodus.

Pandits left the valley, with an approximate statistics of more than three lakh and fifty thousand. Almost a thousand Pandit men, women and children were slaughtered to death in 1990 alone by these revolutionaries of Islam. Surprisingly on paper, official figures clogged at only 209 killed! Alas! Soon the J&K government shall disown the whole Pandit community as aborigines of Kashmir.

In this 19th year, a few hundred frightened Pandits still live scattered across the valley in far flung areas hoping against hope for peace and their brethren to step on the snow once again.

This 19th year embarks upon a history of bullets to makeshift camps in Jammu with torturous summer heat to snake and scorpion bites and finally dreadful diseases. Seven camps in Jammu are an uninhabitable asylum for around 50,000 Kashmiri Pandits. The only perceptible change is an upgradation of some to permanent structures.

My heart bleeds when I watch communal turned pseudo-secular Kashmiri separatists grab the headlines while the plight of the Pandits remains a non-issue. It isn't the so-called Azaadi that the people of Kashmir desire. They long for an immediate crackdown on terrorists, an end to the separatist elements and those unbearable puppets in the Valley- all for normalcy to return. Though sidelined for now, the political patronage they enjoy could soon take the voices from the Hurriyat and JKLF spreading propaganda of terror and hatred to the frontlines of politics.

An entire community uprooted from the land of their ancestors is today struggling for its identity. The weak-kneed Indian state shamelessly panders to Islamic terrorists and separatists who claim they are the final arbiters of Jammu and Kashmir's destiny. A part of India's cultural heritage is destroyed; a chapter of India's civilization has been erased. And, our jhola-wallah brigade of 'secular' activists unabashedly turns their back to the plight of Kashmiri Pandits. To them I believe, 'Hindu sorrow, inflicted by Islamic terror' is a truth perhaps too harsh to accept. Thereby hangs a tragic tale that is completely wiped out from public memory.

I am reminded of a stanza by a Jewish poet: '...without identity in a street nameless to me, I am a stranger: I am longings, I am fears. I am child longing to belong to his lost childhood and not be outside the present, always withdrawn, apart...'

I'm as old as the terrorism in the Valley. In these 19 years, the only time I felt the breeze of my land was through the closed windows of my airplane. She beckons me and I am too desperate now to grab its serene quilt. My mother nature has summoned me, and I shall answer her call soon, very soon.

Till then, in this 19th year of exile like the unanswered questions of our human rights …my struggle for existence also continues.

historian professor sreedhara menon gets padma bhushan award

jan 25th, 2009

this is good news. he has been the scourge of the communists in kerala. as a well-known historian of kerala, he has exposed various claims by the communists about, for instance, the greatness of ems nambudiripad and of the great sacrifices [sic] that the communists made for india. in fact, they wanted him to modify chapters of a history of kerala that he wrote so as to glorify the communists and especially ems namburidipad. he refused to, went to court claiming interference in freedom expression, and won. the communists obviously hate him. the fact that the kkkangress felt emboldened to give him this award is an indication of how little they feel they need the communists in the coming election. 

Missionary agenda of YSR CM of Andhra Pradesh: From the Horse's Mouth

jan 25th, 2009

this is how the republic is supporting 'secularism', ie. the eradication of hinduism. very appropriate on republic day.

samuel reddy evangelizes at taxpayer expense.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Sriram 

  This is from someone in the hinduism forum who compiled data on the christist YSR on distributing state money to the missionaries.


There are always allegations about the missionary zeal of the Christian Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Y.S Rajasekhara Reddy or commonly known as YSR. But many times due to absence of hard evidence, these are often discarded as nothing more than chest-thumping.

For people who believe only in "evidences" here it is. its a  collection of  all the Government Orders (GO) by the Government of AP allotting funds to various Churches in AP.  source of information is no secret either. It is the online portal of Govt of AP listing all the GOs it issued (the government portals are treasure houses of information; you just have to know how to dig out what you need). You can see the data in this page:

The following is the summary of the data from that sheet:

1. The GO portal is active only from February 2008, hence the data  given is only of 1 year (ie., Feb 2008 to Jan 2009). Note that although vast, it is by no means comprehensive (ie., I have shown Govt 263.07 lakhs to Christian institutions. This amount is the minimum spent on them, not the maximum).

2. But even for a single year, an amount of 263.07 lakhs was given as aid to various Christian institutions.

3. More than 258 churches benefited from these grants for construction/renovation of churches.

4. An amount of 1316.54 lakhs was given as aid to various Muslim institutions through Wakf boards.

5. Not a single GO granting any aid to a Hindu temple can be found. This in spite of the fact that in AP, the Hindu temples are managed by the Endowments Ministry (put it simply they take all the money which the temples generate).

6. Govt takes away all the money which Hindu temples generate, but do not grant a single penny to any of its temples. It does not touch the money from Christian and Muslim institutions, but grants them huge amounts of money.

I have always argued that the "Missionary Charity" is just a myth ( ). These new evidence only reinforce my earlier points. I do not want to waste more words how the Christian CM of AP is perusing his missionary zeal not just through individual actions, but also through direct grants from the Government of AP. As I said, the facts speak louder. Let the reader judge for himself.

DalitFreedomNetwork: Deccan Herald - Kerala nun's sexcapade stuns church

jan 25th, 2009

the dalit freedom network is doing good work in exposing the shenanigans of ratzy's boys and girls.

i like this nun's story. i remember reading in the malayalam media that the godwoman showed no remorse. she said she was bonking the guy with full consent. she just had no idea his camera phone was on. she was like, "yeah, i did it. so what?" i am sure she would have blown the whistle and revealed that the godmen were constantly bonking all the godwomen, but the media suppressed that.

----- Forwarded Message ----
From: Pastor <>
Sent: Tuesday, August 12, 2008 11:21:41 PM
Subject: DalitFreedomNetwork: Deccan Herald - Kerala nun's sexcapade stuns church

Deccan Herald - Kerala nun's sexcapade stuns church
From R Gopakumar, DH News Service, Thiruvananthapuram:
A nun who was caught on a cellphone video clip having sex in a hospital room in Kochi has been stripped of her nunhood and sent back home.

The incident that happened at the hospital run by the Congregation of the Mother of Carmel (CMC) at Aluva has left the clergy stunned.

The 37-year-old nun hailing from Alappuzha had attained nunhood 20 years ago and was employed as a receptionist of the hospital, according to a senior hospital official. "Some of our well-wishers rang us up and said they had come across a familiar face in a video that was being circulated,'' she said when contacted over phone.
The church authorities inspected the clip and found that there was substance in the allegation. When the nun was shown the video she admitted that the woman in the film was indeed her. The nun was having an affair with the hospital driver.

"She also revealed that they had sex in a room in the hospital, but that she had no idea that the  encounter was being filmed,'' the source said.


-- - I mean, what is it about a decent email service?

Help save the Indian Tribals and Dalits from Evangelists,
who Degrade the Tribal and Dalit Culture & tradition with a View to "Harvesting our Souls"

Message from The Google Group "Dalit Freedom Network".
To post to or unsubscribe from this group, send email to

king of atlanticists gloats that china is sucking wind

jan 25th, 2009

couldn't happen to a better, more deserving people. hope we will see full-scale riots in china as the testostrone-crazed (woman-less), unemployable (no jobs in factories and the farms are all paved over), exiled emigrants (kicked out of the cities) -- all 200 million of them -- start demanding the return of the old 'iron rice bowl', ie. the bloody government had better feed them. the appartchiks who siphoned off all the money (like the communists of west bengal and kerala) are probably beginning to quake in their boots a little.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: <tambidude

ratzy pardons and embraces Holocaust denier, Jews furious

jan 25th, 2009
i have noticed that, alas, a lot of hindus are also anti-jewish. this
is because of incessant anti-jewish propaganda by the reds and the
greens. actually the jews are the victims of arab aggression (and have
been the victims of christist aggression for centuries). the
palestinians are the victims of arab uncaringness. every palestinian
could have been accommodated and rehabilitated by saudi arabia and
other rich oil states.

in any case, if palestinians are being brutalized by israel, hindus
have been ethnically cleansed, brutalized and oppressed by mohammedans
in kashmir. they are living in squalid refugee camps for 19 years. so
instead of wasting your breath on palestinians, do something for the

i used to find it quite entertaining when kerala's communists would
show up at my parents' house asking for donations for the 'palestinian
cause'. i asked them, "did any palestinian donate for any indian
cause, like tsunamis or earthquakes?". they used to get pretty upset,
because i wouldn't give them any money, and we both knew that the
funds were going to not the palestinians, but to the local 'red fund
for boozing and whoring'.

oh yeah, pius x and limey holocaust-denier. fine bunch. i am sure the
limey has got instructions from the labor party to kiss arab ass.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: n

Pope pardons Holocaust denier, Jews furious

25 Jan 2009, 0036 hrs IST, REUTERS

VATICAN CITY: Pope Benedict on Saturday rehabilitated a traditionalist
bishop who denies the Holocaust, despite warnings from Jewish leaders
that it would seriously harm Catholic-Jewish relations and foment

The Vatican said the pope issued a decree lifting the excommunication
of four traditionalist bishops who were thrown out of the Roman
Catholic Church in 1988 for being ordained without Vatican permission.
The four bishops lead the ultra-conservative Society of Saint Pius X
(SSPX), which has about 600,000 members and rejected modernisations of
Roman Catholic worship and doctrine.

... deleted

Book release: Red hammer over Calcutta University 1984-1987

jan 25th, 2009

one of the reasons why bengal remains backward: deliberate destruction of educational institutions by the communists.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Saurav 

How did Calcutta University degenerate from a position of primacy to one of utter despair? How did it lose the respect of its peers? Professor Santosh Bhattacharya, a former card carrying Communist, was VC of the university between 1984-87. His immaculate researched and stunningly documented book described how the ruling communist party systematically destroyed a great university

Published by the Statesman, Rs. 595/- .

KOLKATA, Jan. 23: Red Hammer Over Calcutta University (1984-1987), a book, which leading publishers in the country had declined to publish as its contents reveal bitter and controversial facts about Calcutta University in the period between 1984 and 1987, was released at Kolkata Press Club this evening.

The book, authored by former V-C of CU, Prof. Santosh Bhattacharyya and published by The Statesman, was released by Prof. Amlan Dutta, former V-C of Visva-Bharati and North Bengal University. Prof Bhattacharyya said that he started writing the book in 1999 and completed it in two years. Since then he has been in search of a publisher who can take up the challenge to publish a book containing controversies about the most prestigious educational institute of the state. It was on 23 December, 2007 that he had sent a letter to The Statesman and on the same day he received a positive reply. Prof Dutta said: "The book is an important historic document as it tells how Communist rule in the state attempted to establish some kind of totalitarian control over the educational institution." Former registrar of V-B Prof Dilip Mukhopadhyay and the editor and managing director of The Statesman, Mr Ravindra Kumar, were also present on the occasion. Mr Kumar said The Statesman decided to publish the book because it revealed facts with meticulous documentation. n SNS

->> Kindly include this post in your blog

Dr. Saurav Basu

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after the whites, it's the reds getting caught with hand in honey-pot: pinarayi vijayan and the lavalin case

jan 25th, 2009

we have seen john "your honor, i was only getting spiritual nourishment from the sexy 25-year-old" thattunkal aka the vampire of cochin.

the judge's reaction: "bwahahahahaha". he rolls on the floor, laughing so much that tears come out of his eyes. when he recovers, he asks thattunkal to approach and asks him quietly: "this is such a great scam! how can i get a pneumatic 25-year-old? can i talk of 'legal nourishment'"? it is not recorded what the vampire said in response.

then of course there's the kottoor-puthrukkyail-seffi menage-a-trois.

the judge apparently wanted to know in which order kottoor and puthrukkayil were bonking seffi. who went first, etc. he was also curious as to why they felt the need to do it in the kitchen, and not in the privacy of the godmen's lavish chambers. seffi explained: "we were just looking to add some masala to our affair, your honor. and of course, where do you get the masala except in the kitchen?"

anyway, the whites have been thoroughly humiliated and laughed at by all concerned. and oh, the church finally relieved the murderer-fornicators of their duties (eg. as 'chancellor' -- whatever that means, etc.) these guys really have no shame, do they? talk of the epidermis of a rhinoceros!

and they had to go back to the pius xth convent, and while a jeering crowd waited outside, had to recreate the murder. it is not clear if they recreated the bonking as well. actually, it would have been just as well they didn't. none of the three murderers is exactly a spring chicken. who wants to see, as they say in malayalam, 'moori-srngaram', ie the amorousness of old cattle? or, to put in idiomatically in english, the amorousness of old goats.

and now, here comes news further news that pinarayi vijayan, the utterly insufferable (and very wealthy) communist supremo is being prosectued for corruption on a large scale in the lavalin palm-oil affair, which he okayed as electricity minister, apparently enriching himself and assorted hangers-on.

of course, the red brigade is crying, "poliitical vendetta", etc. to which, the response is the usual anodyne pseudo-secular response whenever a hindu is being unfairly brutalized: "let the law take its course". yeah, take that, bozos!,+CPM,+Pinarayi+Vijayan,+Ernakulam&SectionName=X7s7i|xOZ5Y=

yes, even the chinese newspaper had to carry the story, must have broken n ram's heart, i suppose:

from the 'pot-calling-kettle-black' department: ratzy accuses obama of arrogance

jan 25th, 2009

is there anybody more arrogant than the insufferable christists with their certainty, among other things, that the sun revolves around the earth?

and oh, no pun intended on the 'black' part.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: <info@

Vatican accuses Obama of 'arrogance'

A senior Vatican official on Saturday attacked US President Barack Obama for "arrogance" for overturning a ban on state funding for

family-planning groups that carry out or facilitate abortions overseas.

... deleted

what do women want, sexually speaking?

jan 25th, 2009

the latest in scientific research. useful information to those interested in women. 

the answer, of course, is that women themselves don't know what they want. :-)

The Hoax of "Vasudev Kutumbakam"

jan 25th, 2009

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Sanjay
This is my own and that a stranger -- that is the calculation of the narrow minded; for the magnanimous hearts however, the entire earth is but a family. -- ancient Sanskrit shloka.
This shloka with the words "Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam" ("entire word is one family") has become very popular in recent decades. India's leaders quote it in ther speeches. India's foriegn policy is claimed to be based on it. It has actually been inscribed in stone at India's parliament house! It has been greatfully internalised by Indian liberals ('internationalists') as well as Hindutva-types both as a way to give legitimacy to their respective world views.
However, one intrepid researcher Sarvesh K. Tiwari has discovered that "its usage in public discourse springs from a superficial or even a perverted understanding." He adds:
If we study the original sources which recited it in the first place, it becomes amazingly apparent that its popular understanding is simply blundered, and its application in the matters of policy is a height of ignorance and squarely flawed.
This Sanskrit verse is found neither in Rig Veda or Mahabharata, nor in Puranas or Manusmriti. So where was it lifted from? It actually occures mainly in Hitopdesha and Panchatantra (both a collection of fables imparting wisdom to children). But here is the bombshell: In all the two, people who prescribe this verse or believe in it have been declared either as fools or as scam artists out to cheat others and take over their property!
In Hitopdesha, "the verse is spoken by a shrewd subversionist. The lesson being that one has to exercise discretion from unwittingly trusting such brotherhood-preachers, and that the price for befriending and sheltering the wrong kind under the influence of such unconditional brotherhood, is nothing less than self-destruction." In Panchatantra, the shloka is recited by a "moorkha" (an idiot) who dies at the hands of a fool he had invited to his company citing this shloka.
The message these books impart is very clear: Do not cite this philosophy of "word as one family" and welcome all sorts of people into your house (or country), otherwise you will lose your life and property. You will be destroyed if you are not discreet in the company you keep. In the fables, everybody who quoted this shloka died at the hands of crooks and fools.
This is really fascinating. I would recommend you read the article in original. Quoting this verse by modern Indians is nothing but self-deception. Here goes:
The Hoax Called Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam – 1 :  Hitopadesha
The Hoax Called Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam - 2: Panchatantra and Kautilya
The Hoax Called Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam - 3: Vikrama, Poetics and Upanishada
Original blog post at:

Get a view of the world through MSN Video. Some things just cannot be left unseen. Try it!

the truth about christist dracula nunneries: a lot of legalized rape goes on

jan 25th, 2009

they are brutal places where young women are physically and mentally and sexually abused.

see this movie, based on the real life story of the magdalene sisters who openly violated the lives, minds and bodies of young women under their control:

the dracula nunneries in kerala are exactly the same. young women, powerless, their spirits broken, are brutalized, raped, impregnated, etc. this is basically legalized rape and prostitution that is going on under the nose of the indian constitution. and when the women's rights commission attempted to question this in kerala, it was quickly shouted down by the white-dominated media. the commission was just wondering whether teenage girls were being sent to nunneries against their will.

the nytimes' kristof wrote recently of the slavery in brothels in cambodia. i don't see anything much different about the dracula nunneries.

the limeys used to claim that the devadasis attached to temples were prostitutes. it turns out, as it usually does, that it is the christist system that has legalized prostitutes. they accuse others of their own sins.

also, there's something interesting about pius x in the nytimes: it is the name of one of the most-arch-conservative groups in the vatican hierarchy. in other words, extreme sociopaths. no wonder pius x convent is where abhaya was murdered. ratzy and co are particularly fond of these sociopaths -- they have just reinstated them after years of being out in the cold despite (or perhaps because of) their hatred of other religions, especially judaism.

surely ratzy will rehabilitate the trio of kottoor-puthrakkayil-seffi even if they are sentenced to death for the murder of abhaya. the e. ahamed-equivalent from the vatican will be shuttling back and forth between sonia and rome until these people are released. they will probably also get to the sainted, for accurately carrying out the church's strictures -- extreme personal corruption, and the oppression of the innocent and powerless. 

somebody at the atlanticist says china is a castrated bull; he can expect a pink slip any day now

jan 25th, 2009

didn't this blighter know he's not supposed to say anything negative about the hans? all limeys are supposed to look at how closely they can apply their lips to china's broad bottom. this guy is going to be fired soon.

'purohit has contempt for secularism [sic]': well, so he should. it's garbage

jan 25th, 2009

the more i hear about purohit, the more i like him. the man says it like it is.

so the pseudo-secularists including the UPA have decided to pursue the 'hindu terrorist' hoax again. they had been interrupted briefly by the advent of real terrorists, mohammedans from pakistan, invading mumbai. but now it's back to regularly scheduled programming again: the oppression of hindus and the humiliation of the armed forces.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

kanchan gupta: slumdog millionaire is all about defaming hindus

jan 24th, 2009

but naturally, kanchan. limeys are looking to curry favor with mohammedans any which way. why not show hindus murdering mohammedans, whereas the usual reality is the opposite. it's an inexpensive way for limeys to look good to saudi moneybags, at the expense of hindus, and of the truth. and they know no hindu is going to start sending suicide bombers to limey high commissions. this is the same attitude codified in that sick man david miliband's recent comments about kashmir and pakistani terrorism: it is not just the liberal-left partyline, it is the BBC's and the british government's partyline. after all, as a nation of shopkeepers increasingly on a downward slope, they have to get their money from somewhere: so they apply their lips to arab and chinese bottoms. natch!

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Kanchan Gupta

japan inc. considers india inc. more positively

jan 24th, 2009

Japan's Renewed Interest in India: An 'Upward Trajectory'

Published: January 22, 2009 in India Knowledge@Wharton

After years of subdued ties following India's nuclear tests in 1998, two large deals last year appear to have set the stage for a renewed wave of Japanese investment in India.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Did Indian Lobby US Over Envoy?

Foreign Policy journal, where everything I've read seems to have a Pakistani bias, claims that India lobbied very hard to keep the US appointment of a special envoy for Pakistan and Afghanistan from extending its scope to include India.

Pakistan-Bangladesh plan a Mughalistan to split India

jan 23rd, 2009

just like the christists have their 10-40 plan and joshua project and the communists their 'pasupati to tirupati project', the mohammedans have their strategic intent, too. objective: conquest, cultural annihilation (or in the case of christists, stealing of culture). red, white, and green alliance ki jai!

meanwhile, hindus have no objective, no intent, and probably no future. 

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From: Shahryar

Pakistan-Bangladesh plan a Mughalistan to split India

Mughalistan (or Mughalstan) is the name of an independent homeland proposed for the Muslims of India. This Mughal-Muslim state in the Indian subcontinent will include all of North India and Eastern India, and will be formed by merging Pakistan and Bangladesh through a large corridor of land running across the Indo-Gangetic plain, the heartland of India. This Mughalistan corridor will comprise Muslim-majority areas of Northern India and eastern India that will be partitioned for the second time in history.
The comprehensive plan for a second partition of India was first developed by the Mughalstan Research Institute (MRI) of Jahangir Nagar University (Bangladesh) under the patronage of the two intelligence agencies, Pakistan's Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) and Bangladesh's Director General of Forces Intelligence, DGFI. The "Mughalistan Reaserch Institute of Bangladesh" has released a map where a Muslim corridor named "Mughalistan" connects Pakistan and Bangladesh via India.
The Pakistani Punjabi-dominated ISI's influence on MRI is evident even in the Punjabi-centric pronunciation of the word 'Mughalstan' (without the "i"), instead of the typical Urdu pronunciation (Mughalistan). Islamic Jihadis in India have been well-armed and well-funded by the neighbouring Islamic regimes, as part of Operation Topac – the late Pakistani President Zia-ul-Haq's grandiose plot to balkanize India.

Not surprisingly, Osama Bin Laden has thrown his support behind the concept and creation of this Greater Pakistan to "liberate" the Muslims of India from the Hindus. The Mumbai underworld (led by Karachi-based don Dawood Ibrahim who executed the gruesome 1993 Mumbai bombings), Jamaat-e-Islami, Lashkar-e-Tayyaba, Jaish-e-Mohammad and Hizbul Mujahideen have declared their unified support for creating this undivided Islamic nation in the Indian subcontinent. The Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) and Indian Mujahideen are working in tandem with the aforementioned organizations to waged Jihad against the Hindus of India.

It is important to note that in its "holy war" against India, the Lashkar-e-Tayyaba has openly declared Hindus to be the "enemies of Islam" who should all be converted or killed. The Lashkar-e-Tayyaba group has repeatedly claimed through its journals and websites that its main aim is to destroy the Indian republic and to annihilate Hinduism. Jaish-e-Mohammed has vowed to "liberate" not just Kashmir, but also to hoist the Islamic flag atop the historic Red Fort after capturing New Delhi and the rest of India.

SIMI has championed the "liberation of India through Islam" and aim to restore the supremacy of Islam through the resurrection of the Khilafat (Islamic Caliphate), emphasis on the Muslim Ummah (Islamic) and the waging of Jihad on the Indian state, secularism, democracy and nationalism – the basic keystones of the Indian Constitution – as these concepts are antithetical to Islam. The Indian Mujahideen have sent several emails claiming responsibility for several bombings in Lucknow, Varanasi and Faizabad (in Uttar Pradesh), Bangalore, Jaipur, Ahmedabad and New Delhi in 2007 and 2008. The emails refer to notorious Islamic conquerors of India (Mohammed bin Qasim, Mohammad Ghauri and Mahmud Ghaznawi) as their role-models, refer to Hindu blood as "blood to be the cheapest of all mankind" and taunt Hindus that their "[Hindu] history is full of subjugation, humiliation, and insult [at the hands of Islamic conquerors]".

The Indian Mujahideen's emails warn the Hindus to "Accept Islam and save yourselves" and or else face a horrible fate: – "Hindus! O disbelieving faithless Indians! Haven't you still realized that the falsehood of your 33 crore dirty mud idols and the blasphemy of your deaf, dumb, mute and naked idols of ram, krishna and hanuman are not at all going to save your necks, Insha-Allah, from being slaughtered by our [Muslim] hands?"


Pakistan's emergence in 1947 was as a "mutilated, truncated, moth-eaten Pakistan, in M.A. Jinnah's own words, because the Muslim League's original plan did not envisage the partition of Punjab and Bengal. Today, Mughalistan is Jinnah's dream come true.
The Partition of India provided temporary respite to the Indians and merely postponed the inevitable outcome. By 1971, all across Sindh, Western Punjab, Gandhara (Kandahar) and Eastern Bengal, the native populations of the Indian Religionists (Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains) have been wiped out almost entirely by conversion, massacre and mass exodus. Extrapolating this scenario, we find ominous results. This Islamic beach-head, which squeezes India from both sides (Pakistan and Bangladesh), gradually links up with a Fifth Column within India and gains fresh territorial and demographic victories within the last two decades (Kashmir valley, several districts of West Bengal and Assam, Malappuram district in Kerala and the Hyderabad-Deccan region). The Islamic Anschluss creeps steadily and bloodily, until the Western beach-head (Pakistan) is linked up demographically with the Eastern beach-head (Bangladesh) through the formation of a Islam-dominated belt called "Mughalstan", that will then run through Jammu, Mewat, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal and Assam.

Jammu & Kashmir

It is an open secret that wherever the Muslims are in a majority, the rights and freedom of the non-Muslims are severely curtailed. Take for example Kashmir. It's the only state in India which is a Muslim majority and let us see what happened there. Hundreds of temples were razed, Hindus were forced to flee, their women were raped, children were killed and houses forcibly occupied. The entire Kashmiri Hindu population (known as Kashmiri Pandits) having been driven away, killed or converted between 1990 and 2000 in a silent, mass genocide. The Muslims in Kashmir have been enjoying a special status under Constitution's Article 370, hardly any central law is enforced there, the number of income-tax payers is among the lowest and unlike other poor states, J&K gets 90 per cent central financial assistance as grants and only 10 per cent as loans. Still there are complaints that a 'Hindu central government discriminates'. The other minority, Buddhists mostly located in Ladakh, too, are harshly treated and discriminated against by the mainly Sunni Muslim governance in Srinagar. The Buddhist Association, Leh, has been submitting memorandums to the central government about how Buddhist youths are denied jobs and a fair chance to join the Kashmir Administrative service and professional colleges in spite of clearing the entrance exams. The number of Buddhist minorities is fast decreasing causing concern amongst their leaders. Even their dead are not allowed to be buried in Muslim-majority Kargil area and monasteries have been denied to be built. Leh district continues to see rampant conversions of Buddhist women to Islam.

The Kashmir Valley today has a 98 per cent Muslim population. Poonch district, which is contiguous with Pakistan, has a Muslim majority. Jammu district has seen regular attacks on Hindu civilians and temples. The Hindu-population of the adjacent district of Doda is being squeezed out by Islamic violence. As a result, Doda is now a Muslim-majority district, where the population ratio between the Muslims and the Hindus in Doda district is now 55:45. Doda town has a 90 per cent Muslim population. Out of the seven subdivisions, Banihal, Kishtwar and Balesa are Muslim dominated areas. Bhaderwah, Thathri and Ramban have a Hindu majority. In Ladakh, Kargil district has a Muslim majority.

Northern India

In the backward Mewat region of Haryana (and Rajasthan), Muslims form 66% of the local population. In 2005, the Congress (I) state government in Haryana quietly created a Muslim-majority district called Mewat, by vivisecting Gurgaon district. This move strengthened the clout of Islamic groups in the region. After all, it was in Haryana's Mewat region in 1992, that Muslim mobs in Nuh town had hacked Hindus, destroyed Hindu temples and brazenly slaughtered cows openly on streets after seizing them from Gau Shalas (cow shelters). Today, the mass conversion of Hindu villagers to Islam, purchasing tens of thousands of Hindu girls for use as sex-slaves, cow-slaughter and social boycott of Hindus is common in Muslim families in Mewat. The average Muslim birth rates of 12-15 children per household in Mewat is increasing even more by cases like the Mohammed Ishaq family where the patriarch has sired 23 kids from his wife, Bismillah.
The 2008 bomb blasts targeting Hindu temples and civilians in Jaipur underscore the rising tension in Rajasthan.

Muslim-majority cities like Old Delhi and Malerkotla (in Indian Punjab) provide not only shelter to Jihadi terrorists, but also geographic continuity to Muslim-dominated districts of western Uttar Pradesh (UP), especially Agra, Aligarh, Azamgarh, Meerut, Bijnor as well as Muzaffarnagar, Kanpur, Varanasi, Bareilly, Saharanpur and Moradabad. Muslim attacks on Hindu religious processions, religious riots and bomb blasts are common place in UP as was seen in Mau, Ayodhya, Lucknow and Kanpur. The UP state population of Muslims has risen to 18% today.

Next door, Bihar has a 17% Muslim population and religious tensions are simmering.

Along the Indo-Nepal border of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, around 1900 Islamic seminaries have come up on both sides of the Indo-Nepal border in recent times. "There has been an exponential increase of Madrassas on both sides of Indo-Nepal border in the recent past of which around 1100 are in India while the rest are in Nepal," revealed Director General of Sashastra Seema Bal (SSB) Tilak Kak. These large number of Madrassas, which serve as have come up in a disproportionate way and are not proportional to the Muslim population in the area. India's Task Force on Border Management, in its report of October 2000, wrote about the ominous developments along the India-Nepal border: "On the Indo-Nepal border, Madrassas and mosques have sprung up on both sides in the Terai region, accompanied by four-fold increase in the population of the minority community in the region. There are 343 mosques, 300 Madrassas and 17 mosques-cum- Madrassas within 10 kilometres of the border on the Indian side. On the Nepal side, there are 282 mosques, 181 Madrassas and eight mosques-cum- Madrassas. These mosques and Madrassas receive huge funds from Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Kuwait, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Managers of various Madrassas and Ulema maintain close links with the embassy officials of those countries located at Kathmandu. Financial assistance is also channelized through the Islamic Development Bank (Jeddah), Habib Bank of Pakistan and also through some Indian Muslims living in Gulf countries. Pakistan's Habib Bank, after becoming a partner in Nepal's Himalayan Bank, has expanded its network in the border areas including Biratnagar and Krishna Nagar. It is suspected that foreign currency is converted into Indian currency in Nepal and then brought to India clandestinely. Madrasas and mosques on the Indo-Nepal border are frequently visited by prominent Muslim leaders, Tablighi Jamaats (proselytizing groups) and pro-Pak Nepali leaders. Officials of Pak Embassy have come to notice visiting Terai area of Nepal to strengthen Islamic institutions and to disburse funds to them. Pro-Pak elements in Nepal also help in demographic subversion of the Terai belt."

West Bengal and Assam: The Weakest Links in the ChainAccording to the 2001 census, the Muslim population is 28% of the total West Bengal population. In Assam, the Muslim population comprises atleast 31% of the total state population.

Arun Shourie wrote this in the Indian Express in 2004:

"Muslims in India accounted for 9.9 per cent (of India's population) in 1951, 10.8 per cent in 1971 and 11.3 per cent in 1981, and presumably about 12.1 per cent in 1991. The present population ratio of Muslims is calculated to be 28 per cent in Assam and 25 per cent in West Bengal. In 1991 the Muslim population in the border districts of West Bengal accounted for 56 per cent in South and North Parganas, 48 per cent in Nadia, 52 per cent in Murshidabad, 54 per cent in Malda and about 60 per cent in Islampur sub-division of West Dinajpur. A study of the border belt of West Bengal yields some telling statistics: 20-40 per cent villages in the border districts are said to be predominantly Muslim. There are indications that the concentration of the minority community, including the Bangladesh immigrants, in the villages has resulted in the majority community moving to urban centres. Several towns in the border districts are now predominantly inhabited by the majority community but surrounded by villages mostly dominated by the minority community. Lin Piao's theory of occupying the villages before overwhelming the cities comes to mind, though the context is different. However, the basic factor of security threat in both the cases is the same.

Figures have been given showing the concentration of Muslim population in the districts of West Bengal bordering Bangladesh starting from 24 Parganas and going up to Islampur of West Dinajpur district and their population being well over 50 per cent of the population. The Kishanganj district (of Bihar) which was part of Purnea district earlier, which is contiguous to the West Bengal area, also has a majority of Muslim population. The total population of the districts of South and North 24 Parganas, Murshidabad, Nadia, Malda and West Dinajpur adds up to 27,337,362. If we add the population of Kishanganj district of Bihar of 986,672, the total comes to 28,324,034. (All figures are based on the 1991 Census.) This mass of land with a population of nearly 2.8 crores has a Muslim majority. The total population of West Bengal in 1991 was 67.9 million and of these, 28.32 million are concentrated in the border districts, with about 16-17 million population of minority community being concentrated in this area. This crucial tract of land in West Bengal and Bihar, lying along the Ganges/Hughly and west Bangladesh with a population of over 28 million, with Muslims constituting a majority, should give cause for anxiety for any thinking Indian.''
And what if, from these figures, I had advanced two warnings. First,
''There is a distinct danger of another Muslim country, speaking predominantly Bengali, emerging in the eastern part of India in the future, at a time when India might find itself weakened politically and militarily.''
And second that the danger is as grave even if that third Islamic State does not get carved out in the sub-continent into a full-fledged country? What if I had put that danger as follows?
''Let us look at the map of Eastern India — starting from the North 24 Parganas district, proceeding through Nadia, Murshidabad, Malda and West Dinajpur before entering the narrow neck of land lying through Raiganj and Dalkola of Islampur sub-division before passing through the Kishanganj district of East Bihar to enter Siliguri. Proceed further and take a look at the north Bengal districts of Darjeeling, Jalpaiguri and Cooch Behar before entering Assam, and its districts of Dhubri, Goalpara, Bongaigaon, Kokrajhar and Barpeta. A more sensitive region in Asia is difficult to locate...''

To quote Sandhya Jain's article "India's Cancer Wards" in "The Pioneer":
'Mr. R.K. Ohri, ex-IGP, Arunachal Pradesh, cautioned that an Islamic Caliphate is rising on India's flanks, from Bangladesh to West Asia, and that the shadow of the Mughalistan corridor is now visibly manifesting in various districts along the Indo-Nepal and Indo-Bangladesh border. The demand for a 'Muslim Banghboomi' has already been raised, warns ex-MP B.L. Sharma (Prem). Traveling in West Bengal to check out certain atrocities against Hindus some years ago, his convoy was attacked by Bangladeshis. When demographer J.K. Bajaj and his colleagues prepared a mathematical model of the demographic challenge facing India, they found it exactly matched the map prepared by Bangladesh's Mughalstan Research Institute. Experts feel the latter has been prepared by the ISI because the 'Mughalstan' spelling indicates a Punjabi mind!
Bangladesh's reputed human rights activist Salam Azad laments that Bangladesh is the best place in the world for the return of the Taliban. Madrasas, he said, are teaching that "Muslims are the best in the world; non-Muslims will be converted, beaten, killed, married, raped, because non-Muslim women are regarded as maal-i-ganimat (free war booty)… Minorities will be oppressed, indigenous people will be attacked, in my country there is oppression everywhere and this is being done by the so-called educated people of the madrasas."
West Bengal BJP leader Tathagatha Roy said the extent of atrocities against Hindus in Bangladesh can be seen from the fact that in several districts there was not a single woman between the ages of seven to seventy years who had not been raped in that country. He apologized for the indifference of the BJP Government which did not grant refugee status to Hindus fleeing oppression in Bangladesh. North Eastern Students Organisation chairman Samujjal Bhattacharya said all 49 tribal belts and blocks in Assam have been occupied by Bangladeshis. The shadows have spread to Arunachal, Nagaland, Manipur and Meghalaya
Today, Hindus residing within a 50-km radius of the border are feeling the heat. They are being harassed on Indian soil and forced to move as the infiltrators establish themselves along this corridor, thus de facto extending the Bangladesh border into India.'
The West Bengal administration, which had taken a serious view of the problem in the initial stages of the Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee government, now seems to have accepted it as a fait accompli. The chief minister had adopted some steps to contain the menace when the BJP strongman L.K.Advani was the union home minister from 1998-2004. But his initiative has slackened after the installation of the UPA government at the Centre since 2004.
In case the ramifications of the unfolding scenario are not yet clear to Indians, the bomb-blasts and religious riots are a roaring continuation of the 1400-year Jihad against India – an ongoing war that will culminate in the Islamisation of what's left of Hindustan. Already the demographic battle is underway and the Mughalistan scenario looks feasible. The book "Religious Demography of India" published by A P Joshi, M.D. Srinivas and J K Bajaj of the Centre for Policy Studies (CPS), Chennai, reveals that in 2001, Muslims comprise over 30% of the total population in the Indian-subcontinent (comprising India, Pakistan and Bangladesh). The total Muslim population zoomed from 12.5% (1991) to 30.3% (2001), in just 10 years (from ex-IAS officer V.Sundaram's article in "News Today": Deathly Demographic warnings for India).
According to the 2001 census report, Indian population is 1,027,015,247.3. Of this, 1.5 crore people are Bangladeshi infiltrators who are living in India. The Intelligence Bureau has reportedly estimated, after an extensive survey, that the present number is about 16 million. The August 2000 report of the Task Force on Border Management placed the figure at 15 million, with 300,000 Bangladeshis entering India illegally every month. It is estimated that about 13 lakh Bangladeshis live in Delhi alone. It has been reported that one crore Bangladeshis are missing from Bangladesh [August 4, 1991, Morning Sun] and it implies that those people have infiltrated into India. These infiltrators mainly settle in the north-east India and in West Bengal. This is shown by the fact that there has been irregular increase in the Muslim population in these states and many of the districts have become Muslim majority. The proportion of Muslims in Assam had increased from 24.68 per cent in 1951 to 30.91 per cent in 2001.Whereas in the same time period the proportion of Muslims in India increased from 9.91 per cent to 13.42 per cent. In West Bengal, the Muslim population in west Dinajpur, Maldah, Birbhum and Murshidabad 36.75 per cent, 47.49 per cent, 33.06 per cent and 61.39 per cent respectively, according to 1991 census.
This has not only caused the burden on the Indian economy, but also threatens the identity of the indigenous people of the north-east of India. In Tripura, another north-eastern state of India, the local population has been turned into a minority community over a short period of time by the sheer numbers of cross-border migrants from Bangladesh. In 1947, 56 per cent of Tripura's population consisted of tribal (or indigenous) population. Today this stands at a 25% of the total. In many districts these infiltrators are the one who decides the outcome of elections. Outcomes of the 32 per cent of Vidhan Sabha seats in Assam and 18 per cent of seats in West Bengal are decided by them. This is due to the fact that political parties are helping them to get ration cards and voters ID and hence using them to win elections.
According to the report, at present there are 80 lakh Bangladeshi infiltrators in Bengal, 55 lakh in Assom, 4 lakh in Tripura and 5 lakh in Bihar (Katihar, Purnia and Kishenganj districts) and Jharkhand(Sahebganj district). As far as West Bengal is concerned, the concentration of infiltrators is quite marked in the border districts like North and South Dinajpur, Cooch Behar, Nadia, Murshidabad, Malda and North and South 24 Parganas. The affected areas in Assom are Dhubri, Goalpara, Karimganj and Hailakandi, while a similar scenario is noticeable in Kailashar, Sabrum, Udaipur and Belonia areas in Tripura. Pakistan's ISI is believed to have a hand behind this large-scale infiltration which has been playing havoc with the economy of Bengal and Assam. Home ministry sources say Harkat-ul-Jehadi-Islami(HUJI), the dreaded militant outfit active in Bangladesh, has succeeded in sending a large number of militants along with the infiltrators to West Bengal.
The Home ministry had laid stress on an early completion of barbed-wire fencing along the borders with Bangladesh. Of the 2216 km-long border the fencing could be completed only along 1167 km till 2007. The continuous infiltration has brought about serious demographic changes to Bengal's border areas and made the border-map, drawn after the 1974 Indira-Mujib agreement, somewhat irrelevant. The Centre has consequently sought a detailed report from the state government on changes in the population pattern in 66 blocks of nine border districts.

DGFI & ISI Plan To Capture West Bengal and Assam Through Vote Machinery
To facilitate Mughalistan and the concomitant partition of India and Bengal, the DGFI-ISI have jointly planned to change the demography of West Bengal and Assam on a priority basis.
As many as 53 out of 294 Assembly constituencies in West Bengal have a high concentration of voters who happen to be illegal Muslim from Bangladesh. Similarly, the fate of 40 Assembly seats in Assam depends on the votes cast by illegal Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators. All this has been revealed by a recent report of the union home ministry on infiltration from India's neighbour. The report has been prepared on the basis of facts and figures provided by the Task Force on Border Management and Assam's former governor S.K. Sinha.
As such the Bangladeshi Muslims can control the West Bengal Assembly, and dictate terms to the state government of West Bengal in all respects. The picture of plight of majority Hindu electorates worsened in the State, as Muslim electorates have a clear majority in three districts viz. Malda, Murshidabad & North Dinajpur and 63 (sixty three) blocks in West Bengal. Again, an analysis upon the projection into the 2001 Census hints at abnormal Muslim growth everywhere in West Bengal, where the Muslim population is 28% of the total state population.
There are at least 5 powerful Muslim ministers in the West Bengal state cabinet: Abdur Rezzak Mollah (Minister of Land & Land Reforms), Anisur Rahaman (Minister of Animal Resources Development), Mortaja Hossain (Minister of Agriculture, Marketing & Relief, Minster of State), Anarul Haque (Minister of State for Public Health, Engineering) and Abdus Sattar (Minister of State for Minority Development & Madrasa Education).
In West Bengal, there are 45 Muslim Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs) out of 294 seats. There are 5 Muslim Members of Parliament from West Bengal out of 42 seats: Mohammed Salim (Calcutta North East), Abu Ayes Mondal (Katwa), Abu Hasem Khan Choudhury (Malda), Abdul Mannan Hossain (Murshidabad) and Hannan Mollah (Uluberia), all of whom strength the control of Islam in various government institutions and the police hierarchy.
As the UPA Central Government and the CPI(M) State Government have paid no attention for the threat of Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators in West Bengal, the Bangladeshi Muslims have captured land, money and unequalled power of voting throughout the border districts in Bengal in many places.
With the passive support of both the UPA Central Government and the CPI(M) State Government and with the active support of all the political parties in West Bengal (except for the BJP) for winning the Muslim votebank's support, the DGFI & ISI has actively put down roots in the soil of West Bengal for their purposes. Not only are they successful in the ongoing demographic change of West Bengal by means of mobilizing the election machinery of Bengal, they have also opened their fronts everywhere in smuggling, trafficking, drug peddling, illegal cow smuggling, trans-border gang robbery and of course terrorism, with the active grassroots support to the Harakat ul-Jihad-I-Islami-Bangladesh (HUJI-B), Lashkar-e-Tayyaba and Jaish-e-Mohammad.
Now in its most advantageous position, the DGFI & ISI's joint collaboration is now promoting activities of Mughalistan in Kolkata, Howrah & other districts. The Dhaka-based Mughalistan Research Institute has identified various areas marked as "Mini Pakistan" in W.Bengal & Eastern India. This Mughalistan, as we know, comprises the entity of Greater Pakistan, right from Afghanistan to Myanmar including Bangladesh, whole of W. Bengal, Assam & many other portions of India. This Pan-Islamic movement gets petro-dollars from the Arab World and fake Indian Currency from Pakistan and Bangladesh for the maximum manifestation of their plans. The Muslim infiltration from Bangladesh gives oxygen to the Pan-Islamic movement in India. Now they have direct access into the West Bengal State Assembly and into the Ministry of Bengal within Writers Building, Kolkata. But sadly, West Bengal's vote politics undermine the situation by turning a blind eye to this colossal tragedy, unabashedly providing voters' ID cards to the Muslim infiltrators and setting a dangerous peril for Bengali Hindus and India.
The North-Eastern region is connected to rest of India by a small strip called "The Siliguri Corridor" or "Chicken's Neck". The Islamists have planned to isolate the North-East of India from the rest of India, in order to facilitate the creation of Mughalistan. This Operation is named as "Operation Pin code". For this they have planned to infiltrate 3000 Jihadis into North Eastern region. According to the Task Force, there are 905 Mosques and 439 Madrasas along Indo-Bangladesh border on the Indian side.
Some excerpts from the report, "Demography survey on eastern border" by Bhavna Vij-Aurora in "The Telegraph" are startling. "There have been reports that more Madarsas and mosques are sprouting along the borders, which in itself is an indication of increased Muslim population in the area," disclosed an intelligence official. The last such study was done by the Intelligence Bureau and the home ministry in 1992, and their report kept a secret in view of the sensitive findings. It was ultimately leaked and the estimated number of illegal migrants from Bangladesh was anywhere between 1.5 crore and 2 crore. It's time for a fresh survey, according to sources. There have been renewed intelligence reports that militants are using madarsas and mosques as safe havens, and also for storing arms and ammunition. According to reports, the largest number of madarsas and mosques has come up in bordering areas with Nepal, lower Assam and Bengal. This complements another secret survey that has revealed that nearly 40 per cent villages in the border districts of Bengal are predominantly Muslim. There are reports that concentration of the minority community, including the Bangladeshi immigrants in the villages, has resulted in the majority community moving to urban areas. Along with madarsas and mosques, a large number of Muslim NGOs have sprung up in the area bordering Nepal. Most of these madarsas are used for anti-India activities by Pakistan-backed terrorists. The NGOs ostensibly work for the social and educational uplift of the Muslim community and receive substantial and completely unregulated funding from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Libya and other Islamic countries," an intelligence report said."
When India was partitioned in 1947 on religious grounds and Muslims got West Pakistan and East Pakistan (now Bangladesh), they had a vulture´s eye on the entire north-east. Muslims were not satisfied with both the Pakistans. They wanted the whole of the north-east region (undivided Assam) integrated with East Pakistan. Manul Haq Chowdhury, Jinnah´s private secretary, who remained in Assam and later became a minister in Assam assembly, wrote to Jinnah in 1947: "Quaid-e-Azam, wait for the next thirty years, I shall present Assam to Pakistan on a platter." Since then, a sinister game plan to 'grow more Muslims in the north-east' has been going on surreptitiously.
Today, out of the total 24 districts of Assam, six districts, namely, Nagaon, Goalpara, Dhubri, Karimganj, Barpeta and Hailakanndi have 60 per cent Muslim population while other six, namely, Bongaigaon, Kokrajhar, Kamrup, Nalbari, Darang and Cachar districts have above 40 per cent of them. Out of the 126 assembly seats, the election of 54 MLAs depends on the Muslim vote bank. There are 28 Muslim MLAs and four ministers, namely, (i) Rocky Bul Hussain (Nagaon), Minister of State for Home Affairs; (ii) Ismail Hussain (Dhubri), Minister for Flood; (iii) Dr Nazurul Islam (Doboka), Minister for Food and Civil Supply, and (iv) Misabul Hussain Laskar (Borkhola, Cachar), Minister for Cooperatives.
There are two Lok Sabha MPs in Assam, namely, Anwar Hussain from Dhubri and A.F. Gulam Osmani from Barpeta and one Rajya Sabha MP, Smt. Anwara Timur (Nagaon). The Muslim community of Assam has provided one former Muslim Chief Minister—Smt. Anwara Timur (Nagaon) and one former President of India—Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed (Lakhtokia, Guwahati). Earlier, in the Assam Gana Parishad (AGP) Ministry, headed by Prafulla Kumar Mahanta, there were two Muslim ministers, namely, Maidul Islam Bora from Kamalpur, Kamrup district and Sukur Ali from Barpeta. Several high-ranking officers including deputy commissioners are from this community. Obviously, the Muslim community, including the Indian Muslims and the Bangladeshi Muslims, have become a dominant group in Assam and it is they who decide who would be the Chief Minister of Assam and what would be the major policies of Assam pertaining to detection and deportation of illegal Muslim migrants and care of Muslim welfare.
Tarun Gogoi, the Congress(I) Chief Minister of Assam, is giving all protection to these Muslims due to political compulsions. The Assamese community has been overpowered by Muslims. These Bangladeshi Muslims are sneaking into upper Assam too, creating serious problems for the Assamese. The demography of Assam has drastically changed and the very existence of the indigenous people is threatened. The manifold growth in Muslim population has overburdened Assam and the Assamese people are feeling harassed and tortured. The livelihoods of the local people are getting snatched away by these illegal Muslim migrants. The Janjati (indigenous tribal) communities in Assam are not organized. Therefore, their land and forests are very often forcefully occupied by these Muslims. The Nelli massacre in 1983 was the worst clash between the local people and Bangladeshi Muslims in which several Lalung Janjati people were reportedly killed and many Lalung villages were burnt.

These Bangladeshis have illegally sneaked into Manipur, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh and Tripura too. They are marrying the local girls of influential people and are thus getting protection from their in-laws' families. After marriage with a Janjati girl, they convert her to Islam. They purchase land in the Janjati belts in the name of their Janjati wives by producing Janjati certificates in her name. Now, the new generation of Muslims, i.e. the Janjati Muslims, is growing. They give Muslim names to their children but the clan remains that of local wives, like Saidullah Ningrum, Azad Lingdoh (Khasi Muslims), Nizamuddin Semia, Akram Semia (Naga Muslims), Shahabuddin Chowdhury, Akbar Laskar (Assamese Muslims) and others. In Assam, Muslims are using Assamese surnames like Hazarika, Barbhuian, Bargohain, Bhuiyan, Bora, Gohain and others. There are Meitei Muslims too in Manipur.
In Nagaland, the Muslim menace is more serious. Dimapur has become the den of these Bangladeshi Muslims. They constitute the leading labour force in the agriculture sector owned by the Naga community. The majority of rickshaw-pullers, auto-drivers and other manual labourers is now of Bangladeshi Muslims. This has given rise to robbery, theft, illegal trafficking of narcotic drugs and liquor, smuggling of pornographic films and vulgar literature and an unprecedented rise in crime, flesh trade and prostitution. This influx has narrowed the jobs of lay workers too.
The Nagaland state capital, Kohima, has become the second biggest haven for the illegal migrant Muslims who occupy most of the shops in the main market, P.R. Hills and other localities. They marry Angami girls and become sons-in-law of the Naga people.
Similarly, all the district areas such as Mokokchung, Wokha, Zunheboto, Phek, Mon and Tuensang are infested with them. They are sneaking into the interiors of Nagaland. In places like Jalukie in Zeliang area, Naginimora, Tizit and other central places of Nagaland, the pain of the presence of migrant Muslims is felt by the local Naga populace. Some ten years before, the students´ bodies had agitated against these foreigner Muslims. But the agitation was silently withdrawn reportedly due to threats from Bangladesh that the Government of Bangladesh would demolish all the camps of Naga undergrounds established in the territory of that country if the Bangladeshi Muslims were harassed in Nagaland. On seeing this unprecedented growth of Muslim population in Nagaland, S.C. Jamir, the then Chief Minister, once stated, "Muslims are breeding like mosquitoes in Nagaland."
As a result of such illegal migration of Bangladeshi Muslims and their nuptial ties with the local Naga girls, a new community called Semiya or Sumias has already emerged in the state. Their number is estimated to be several thousand. The concentration of the Semiyas is the highest in Dimapur and Kohima districts respectively. There are fears among many that the voters' list might have been doctored to accommodate the Semiyas as well other immigrants. The result of such immigration is gradually being felt in the state.
According to a Dimapur-based newspaper, on any Muslim religious day at least half of the shops in Kohima and some 75 per cent in Dimapur remain closed. It is also a fact that control over business establishments is fast receding from the hands of the locals. A recent survey conducted by the state directorate of Agriculture showed that 71.73 per cent of the total business establishments are being controlled and run by non-locals. Out of the 23,777 numbers of shops in the state, the local people own only 6,722 shops. Since the illegal migrants provide cheap labour, they are aggravating the unemployment problem. Besides, they pose a threat to the internal security as well. Reliable sources indicate that they are also involved in various unwanted activities like drug peddling and flesh trade.

The Big Picture

The following map shows the concentration of Muslims and Hindus in the Indian subcontinent today. The highlighted areas show riot-prone regions of India where aggressive Muslim populations range from atleast 20% to 100% of the population.

Lest one mistakenly thinks that Mughalistan is the culmination of the Islamisation of India and that somehow the rest of India will be spared its fate, it must be stressed that this second partition of India is only the beginning. In Hyderabad of Andhra Pradesh, northern districts of Karnataka and certain areas of Maharashtra, the growth of Muslims is very high. Likewise, in Kerala, the Muslims now constitute 25% of the state's population. Malappuram district was carved out to create a Muslim majority district by the Communist government headed by E.M.S Namboothiripad. Today, the entire Malappuram district enforces the weekly holiday on Friday (not Sunday) for schools and businesses, while Hindus in neighbouring Kozhikode (Calicut) and Kannur are intimidated through high-profile massacres like in Marad. The planning and execution is well underway to ensure a continuing Anschluss where several Muslim majority pockets such as Moplahstan (in Kerala) and Osmanistan (in the Deccan) will gradually spread in size and link up with Mughalistan to form a Greater Mughalistan.
This Greater Mughalistan is of strategic significance as it will provide a contiguous, strategic corridor linking the Ummah into a pan-Islamic Caliphate. The ISI-DGFI-Indian Jihadi triumvirate has fondly nicknamed this pan-Islamic Caliphate as Islamistan (meaning "Land of Islam"), a synonym for `Islamic World' or `Dar-ul-Islam'. This geographical Islamic crescent will link the Islamic Middle-East to Islamic South-East Asia, with the new Islamic World stretching all the way from Morocco and Bosnia in the West to Malaysia and Indonesia in the East.

There are Muslims in India today who dream of "Mughalistan" and are working relentlessly towards a further partition of India by creating "Mughalistan" in the UP-Bihar-Bengal-Assam corridor. It remains the focus of mainstream groups like the Tablighi Jamaat (who have methodically radicalised the ordinary Muslims) as well as underground terror groups like the Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) and the Indian Mujahideen, who have blown up several Indian cities killing thousands of people. Until Mughalstan is achieved, Indians will continue to see serial bomb-blasts, attacks on Hindu festivals and temples, killings of Hindu activists, conversions of Hindu women and socio-economically backward sections, and brazen cow-slaughter that will continue endlessly until the Hindu mind becomes too numb and shell-shocked to look at the bigger picture, or comprehend the future – that Mughalistan is inevitable ("Mughalstan Paindabad").

Lessons of history have been quickly forgotten. Indians have become twisted "politically correct" escapists who prefer to turn a blind eye to reality. Now it is not about just Kashmir any more, it is all of India that Pakistan wants. And the creation of Mughalistan is not a question of "If", but "When". Unless we stand up and stop it.
All Indians, secularists and nationalists alike, must act quickly. We should ponder upon the future of India that we will bequeath to our children in the near future, if the plan of Mughalistan is allowed to proceed unhindered. Indians have to start taking responsibility for their future generations. We must do everything in our might, to ensure that the tide of Islamic expansionism is restricted and reversed, beginning right now.

The common man should take all possible measures politically, socially and economically to single-mindedly achieve this goal.