Sunday, May 31, 2009

those that learn nothing - and forget nothing

looks like Advani is dishing out more 'sacrifice' in the best tradition of the Gandhi famiy. me thinks it is time for LKA to go gentle into the night - but like all worn down Indian has-beens; the man insists on 'sacrificing' a bit more

I think all the atheletes, cricketers and bollywood actors that stay on beyond their prime. it is one of the reasons why India is struck in the past. looks like the coterie-cabbal within the BJP pointed out by Rajinder Puri won again. I was personally for Sushma Swaraj leading the BJP in LS. Not that I brim over with affection for her (remember the mandir cheque can be cashed only once bit) - but it is the best way to destroy Manmohan's appeal to the chattering classes.

not to mention that the banshees will be forced to shut-up - which alone is relief enough -eh?

Saturday, May 30, 2009

who's killing indians in aussie-land?

may 30th, 2009
as ghostwriter commented, where is all the fuss in the ELM about indians being killed by aussie convicts, as compared to the mea-culpas and breast-beating they indulged in when one nasty communalist and criminal (but naturally) from australia named graham staines was killed in india?
also, who is doing the killing?
here are my suspects in no particular order:
1. lebanese or other arab mohammedans. these guys have been running rampant, and the white police are scared of them. these people may have been recruited by mohammedan fundamentalists, say including the ubiquitous ISI (and musharraf's dog buster)
2. whites leftists who are now ruling the roost. they tend to be china supporters (kevin rudd, the current pm, speaks chinese and has a chinese son-in-law -- see, conversion by injection is infectious too!). these jerks are telling india: sign the NPT, become slaves of the chinese. whose influence? chinese.
3. random racist criminals who see the indians as easy marks
i am going to talk to a journalist friend in australia and see what he thinks.
btw, this would be a good time to kick out all the australians from indian cricket. i understand the racists blighters are making millions off the indian public.
what else can be done?
1. declare that all australian exports to india are now put on hold
2. declare that all australian nationals in india will be asked to report to the immigration authorities and put under protective custody for their own safety in case there is retaliation from indians
3. put a moratorium on all commercial discussions with australia until this issue can be sorted out.
if india had any backbone (but no fear of that with puppets on a chain in charge), we could do these things, and the convicts would grovel. this is similar to the treatment mahathir mohammed gave the limeys when they said something he didn't like. they immediately groveled and crawled and kissed his ass. i bet the aussies would kiss indian ass too. what do we have to lose? nothing other than the stupid uranium which they are not selling us anyway. but the convicts cannot afford to lose one of their biggest markets -- they would be even more dependent on china.

interesting conference on 'indian management': do submit proposals

may 29th, 2009

astonishing! an actual conference on indian management, and that too held at an institution named after francis xavier! (what, india actually had management before the europeans taught us everything we know?)

and that is bold enough to proclaim that india was an economic superpower until the kind attention of the white christists?

you must absolutely send a submission! i will do so too.



Call for Submissions for the Inaugural Conference of the Indian Academy
of Management (IAOM), to be held at XLRI - Jamshedpur, India, December
28-30, 2009

Indian Management: Past, Present and the Future

The thoughts of Indian management could arouse a collection of scripts
among Indian and international practitioners and researchers that could
range from Rama Rajya, Yudhisthara's rule and Krishna's wisdom; Canakya,
Chandragupta, and Ashoka; Babar, Akbar, and Aurangjeb, Gandhi, Nehru,
and Patel; to Tata, Birla, and Ambani. A country that can boast of
excellence in practically every domain of human endeavor is likely to
have contributed to management thoughts in a significant way. The
inaugural conference of the Indian Academy of Management (IAOM) is
committed to the study and propagation of ideas that capture Indian
management from diverse perspectives (certainly not restricted to
indigenous research initiatives/thought pursued by Indian scholars based
in India but warmly welcome it from overseas as well). We are happy to
announce that Professor Angelo DeNisi (President Academy of Management,
USA) has agreed to be a keynote speaker at the Inaugural Conference of
the IAOM to be held during December 28-30, 2009 at XLRI Jamshedpur. We
invite your involvement and greatly appreciate your support to this
exciting and promising initiative.

We invite papers and symposia that will help showcase the discovery of
aspects of Indian management that have already been researched and are
well established as well as those that need to be addressed and
developed. We hope the conference will further create an opportunity for
a dialogue among Indian and international scholars that will help the
global village address human needs of people from the top to the bottom
of the human economic pyramid. India related management practices are
likely to contribute to this venture in a significant way, and we would
like this conference to set the stage for a meaningful long-term
dialogue among scholars.


India was an economic superpower until 1760, and accordingly led the
world with management ideas and practices. But much of that was lost
with its colonization and the struggle to shed the colonial ideas in the
last 250 years. India is now again emerging as an economic power, and
business schools are focusing on the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, and
China) nations instead of the Triadian market of US, Europe, and Japan.
Thus, it is important to further focus our research energy on Indian
management and reveal about what is unique about Indian management -
good or bad, effective or inefficient, beautiful or ugly.

We hope that this conference will be useful for researchers and
practitioners who are interested in India in general and management
practices related to India both within and outside India in particular.

... rest deleted for brevity, send mail if you want it

Thursday, May 28, 2009

DMK: Sethu project will be revived’

may 28th, 2009
of course, because this will give all the crypto-christists goose-bumps, and also lots of money in dredging.
the silent majority among the tamils -- the decent people -- needs to rise up and kick these buffoons out.
---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: sri

Sethu project will be revived'


New Delhi

May 28: Newly sworn-in Cabinet minister M.K. Azhagiri on Thursday has promised to revive the controversial Sethu Samudram which was inaugurated in Madurai by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi during the previous UPA regime when T.R. Baalu was the Union shipping minister.

... deleted

Pentagon Plans New Arm to Wage Wars in Cyberspace

may 28th, 2009

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From: Girish

India needs to develop its own capabilities here:
WASHINGTON — The Pentagon plans to create a new military command for cyberspace, administration officials said Thursday, stepping up preparations by the armed forces to conduct both offensive and defensive computer warfare. 

convict nation killing Hindus - no skin off my back, says manmohan

compare the recent killings of Indians in Australia to the noise made about that Graham Staines blighter. what were these people's fault? it's not like they were pissing on other people's religion and writing about it in a rag called "Tidings" or some such - about the 'satan worshipping hell bounds'.

I suspect that the Hans may be involved. the han-lover Rudd will likely have given them a green pass while pressing his lips to chinese bottom

of course, since the burnt and stabbed are Hindus, Manmohan refuses to lose any sleep.

india's future: the ugly reality of nuclear power costs

50% cost overrun (so far) on EPR - the world's premier reactor technology. makes you wonder what the Yankee junk that Manmohan buys will be like. of course you will not see this printed by the twits in the english media in India. they are too busy being paid off by the kickbacks obtained by KKKangress
Some Indian analysts like Swaminathan Aiyar of Swaminomics fame think that cost of nuclear fission reactors will come down as India becomes a manufacturing base. They feel we can do to nuclear reactors, what we have done to software - apply high skills/low cost base to dramatically lower the cost of building reactors. Hence support the Indo-US nuclear deal.
I have my doubts. For one India does not possess a critical mass of scientific/ intellectual/ academic base in reactor construction that it does in software. Even if this does happen - the deal does not immidiately allow us critical technologies like reprocessing spent fuel. In fact - this might lead to dual slavery. We build cheaper reactors for others (e.g. US, Australia and Canada) while they hold us hostage to Uranium shortages.
Incidentally - Brahma Chellaney has been warning for years about the absurd costs of fission, and Manmohan's pipe-dream deal. India is better served investing in indigenous breeder reactors - or better yet solar power

ndtv: kkkangress shitting in its pants about china

may 28th, 2009
no! why? ndtv (nehru dynasty tv -- hat tip to m patil) should know better than anyone else that nehru himself said india does not need an army at the border, only a police force.
what has changed? the chinese are so benign! wouldn't hurt a fly!

wapo does the india pak equal equal act. sounds just like the bad old democrat days, doesn't it?

may 28th, 2009
yes, another democrat in the white house (and this one a closet or crypto-mohammedan -- see how he's beating up on israel, for instance), america in a tough economic spot, and we are back to india pak equal equal. sounds just like the jimmy carter or bill clinton years, no? (ok, clinton years were good economically).
meanwhile manmohan singh does his best to suck up to the yanks by buying their increasingly devalued t-bills. nice, very nice. what more can we ask for?
i read this wapo report more closely, and it really is an alarming story about pakistan's continuing efforts to increase its arsenal. then why drag india into it? ah... read the names of the contributors, and you have 'rama lakshmi', whose real name is probably 'mary angelina' or something, the totally hindu-hating and india-hating wapo correspondent in india. as eric idle would say, "say no more!"

India's fate? (comparing argentina and america)

may 28th, 2009

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Rajan P

...will most likely be the same as that of Argentina
with Kangress at the helm.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

musharraf's dog missed again - ISI is safe

it never ceases to amaze me how the 'terrorists' always miss hitting the ISI or musharraf himself when he was head honcho. the bomb always went of two minutes too late - the missile always landed hundred feet to short.

unlike virgin ironpants - she was disposed of with clinical accuracy - no wait - that wasn't the terrorist. yeah right - it was the sun roof. err....... my bad!

PC's new pie in the sky - identity cards

more Chidambaram slick empty promises. you have to hand it to the blighter - the more he fails the more shamelessly he promises. PC has no sense of 'loss of face' - I guess it's because there is no face left to lose

even if this becomes reality - they will likely give it to their vote-bank constituents first - so that all the illegal Bangladeshi's get free rice based on KKKangress provided ID cads. of course - the Paki's will get hold of one and replicate it with teh help of their master Han hackers. PC will then announce that the ID card cannot be hacked. just like the EVM's ...

atlanticist thinks india is among those good for business

may 27th, 2009
yeah right, after the kkkangress does more with its swiss accounts, and gives more are more land to pakistan, there will be nothing left in the country.

Remote Controlling EVMs - Manufacturing Election result

may 27th, 2009
i read senthil's exposition on EVM frauds, and i agree. there are many instances of this.

---------- Forwarded message ----------

went thru your long blog on EVM's
the latest issue of  The Week magazine (red cover on career choises)  has a news item (half page) on someone who has made a 12 page boooklet and filed a PIL regarding EVM's. Many such cases are given where actual polling did not match EVM figures.

Remote Controlling EVMs - Manufacturing Election result
Date: Monday, 25 May, 2009, 2:06 PM

I have composed a post on why EVMs could have been remote controlled,and because of that, the election result could have been a
manufactured one.

Please visit the following blog.

The purpose of this article is NOT just to raise doubt over this
election.  But i have tried to project the possibilities in future by
the Use of EVMs, and that we should return to paper ballot.
Otherwise, the current regime can go to any where, to inject a remote control feature in the EVM chipset, which could be manipulated from remote.

Imagine, if atleast 10% of EVM's are fitted with remote access, then
it means, the results could be tampered in atleast 50 seats.


Pakistan: On a Razor's Edge

may 27th, 2009
yanks are petrified about the ISI.
their answer: give the ISI more money, and ask india to withdraw from kashmir.
obama and his democratic friends are really really smart.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Naresh

Pakistan: On a Razor's Edge

Follow FRONTLINE/World reporter and producer Sharmeen Obaid to her native Pakistan as she investigates the clashes between President Pervez Musharraf, a key U.S. ally, and the increasingly powerful Islamic fundamentalists who oppose him. Obaid visits the scene of the most recent assassination attempt on Musharraf, meets with key military leaders and interviews a clandestine jihadi fighting a holy war in neighboring Kashmir.
watch video >>

BJP at crossroads: Back to basics or irrelevance?

may 27th, 2009

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From: AGworld
Thought you may find this interesting. Very well argued.

BJP at crossroads: Back to basics or irrelevance?
Virendra Parekh
25 May 2009

"Many of us, utterly overcome by Tamas, the dark and heavy demon of
are saying nowadays that it is impossible, that India is decayed,
and lifeless, too weak ever to recover; that our race is doomed to
extinction. It is a foolish and idle saying. No man or nation need be
unless he so chooses, no man or nation need perish unless he
chooses extinction" - Aurobindo, "Bhawani Mandir"


kanchan gupta: BJP and ideology

may 27th, 2009

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From: Kanchan Gupta


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

14 year Hindu boy brutally murdered, gets his face smashed by mohammedans for 'befriending' their 'sister'

The 'secular' spindian express glossed over the mohammedan angle

The DNA reported the facts but ignored the 'communal angle'.
If a hindu had done this, this would have been a "brutal honour killing"
"Fahar Sheikh, 21, Farhan Sheikh, 20, and Salim Malabarwala, 20, were arrested for Amandeep's abduction and murder. The trio were final-year Commerce students, while Amandeep was studying in std X in Holy Cross High School, Kurla," said sub inspector RR Sawant of Vinobha Bhave Nagar police station. The blood-stained stone used for the crime has also been recovered.
Emphasis added. The moh'dans are laying down the law: Latikas (of slum-kutta fame) wanted to continue our 'islamisation by impregnation', hindus interested in mohammedan women have to cease and desist or will cease to exist.

The cruelty of these monsters boggles the mind.

Of course, no 24-7 news coverage here.

idle chat: "blessed are the cheese-makers"

may 26th, 2009
any monthy python fans out there? i was listening to an interview with eric idle on kqed (podcast available on
i still remember ROTFL over his skit "is your wife a goer, wink, wink, nudge, nudge".
anyway, he mentioned something that i thought was quite entertaining -- a double pun on both the luuuuuv guys and the peas guys: from 'life of brian', "blessed are the cheese-makers"!
i thought the darn animated stuff on monty python (which everybody seems to love) was disgusting, but loved the rest of it, eg. the ministry of silly walks, generalissimo francisco franco is still dead, and all the other uproarious sophomoric humor and bad puns.

rajeev on mint about the swine flu pandemic

may 26th, 2009
or, the original at

Could US Credit Fuel India's Rise?

The carry trade. That's when countries with low-interest policies see their money borrowed out and invested in other countries where the interest rates are high. That description fits the US and India quite accurately right now. Could the flood of cheap credit in the US result in a massive influx of investment capital into India?

Well, at least we don't have to bomb our own people for cash, like the Pakistanis.

rajiv malhotra: Colonialism did not die: It only reinvented itself

may 25th, 2009
a sober and comprehensive exposition on why we are still colonized in the mind. anybody who refuses to be thus diminished is immediately branded a 'communalist'. thus are the semitic imperialist cult members slowly moving towards making india their next conquest.
rajiv wrote this in 2002 on sulekha, and it is ever more valid with each passing day.
peas, luuuv and liberty are wiping out our civilization with the help of a lot of jaichands.
their weapons: 'truth by repeated assertion', just good old-fashioned lying, and gobs of money.
if you read nothing else referred to in this blog, read this.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Ram  

May 7, 2009...8:54 pm

Colonialism did not die: It only reinvented itself

Rajiv Malhotra's brilliant analysis of neo-colonialism and how various tricks are used by Westerners to ensure that Hindu minds remain in a cage even today.

The Axis of Neocolonialism

 By Rajiv Malhotra

 "In the modern planetary situation, Eastern and Western 'cultures' can no longer meet one another as equal partners. They meet in a westernized world, under conditions shaped by western ways of thinking." — W. Halbfass[1]

 This essay argues that intellectual svaraj (self-rule) is as fundamental to the long term success of a civilization as is svaraj in the political and financial areas. Therefore, it is important to ask: whose way of representing knowledge will be in control? It is the representation system that defines the metaphors and terminology, interprets what they mean in various situations, influences what issues are selected to focus on, and, most importantly, grants privileges by determining who is to control this marketplace of ideas.

 As an implicit body of standards, a representation system disguises a meta-ideology – the substratum of contexts on which specific ideologies emerge and interact. It includes the language used and the unstated frames of reference, and acts as the subliminal filter through which positions are constructed and their fate negotiated.

 A people without their own representation system, in a worst case scenario, get reduced to being intellectual consumers looking up to the dominant culture. In the best case scenario, they could become intellectual producers, but only within the representation system as defined and controlled by the dominant culture, such as has happened recently with many Indian writers in English.

 Ashis Nandy summarizes how this mental colonialism was brought about:

"This colonialism colonises minds in addition to bodies and it releases forces within colonized societies to alter their cultural priorities once and for all…. Particularly, once the British rulers and the exposed sections of Indians internalized the colonial role definitions….the battle for the minds of men was to a great extent won by the Raj."[2]

 The repetitious use of a given representation system eventually leads to a widely accepted set of "essences," as stated by Friedreich Nietzsche:

 "The reputation, name, and appearance, the usual measure and weight of a thing, what it counts for — originally almost always wrong and arbitrary — grows from generation unto generation, merely because people believe in it, until it gradually grows to be a part of the thing and turns into its very body. What at first was appearance becomes in the end, almost invariably, the essence and is effective as such."

 ... deleted

Monday, May 25, 2009

China Moving to Replace Dollar with Yuan?

Businessweek says that there's mounting evidence that this is about to happen. The Chinese are more than just thumbing their nose at the US. They're showing that they have no confidence in the USA's carefree spending ways, and thus are moving to protect their own future in bypassing the US currency.

India had better consider its own future in this regard, too. If India is the last one to jump ship, it could end up being soaked.

North Korea conducts 2nd Nuclear test

Hahahahahaha... So much for the carrot & stick diplomacy led by the US. China is back to thumbing its nose again via its proxy.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

wsj echoes obama's line: india should "draw down", ie abandon kashmir

may 24th, 2009
this is to be expected, as to the yanks, india is expendable. (especially to obama, for reasons we have discussed before).
what is a little surprising is that indians have started echoing this.
there was an article in mint by some guys who run a 'national interest' magazine on the web, and they too were suggesting this idiocy.
i suppose this will mean there will be a full-court press soon to convince indians about how desirable it is to let all the taliban come into india, just so that pakistani nuclear weapons will be safe, and the americans can declare victory and go home. actually, we already have the taliban in india (does anybody realize that the taliban go by deoband's ideas? and there are a number mohammedans in kerala who are going to kashmir to kill indian soldiers).

deepak chopra sucks up to the nehru dynasty

may 24th, 2009
there must be some carrots attached. chopra is not stupid.

how very convenient: india to become big arms buyer from US, that will be the next headline

may 24th, 2009

more in the "how india is becoming a supplicant to the US" file. this is all part of the obama plan to "declare victory in afghanistan and move on". there will soon be demands for india to send troops to afghanistan to support the 'logistics' deal. and then demands for india to move troops out of kashmir so that pakistan can move troops to afghanistan. in other words, make it easier for terrorists to move in and take over. that is ISI kills some of their own (==taliban) in SWAT, while more ISI (=='kashmiri freedom fighters') walk into kashmir.

btw, very interesting to see hindu-hater krittivas mukherjee who edited this is not anti-US. therefore he is not a communist. so maybe some of my friends who claim the US is the greater enemy of hindus (more than the chinese) are after all correct in the matter.

you still think yanks didn't have a vested interest in doctored EVMs?

ieee computer on systemic fraud possible in electronic voting machines

may 24th, 2009
thanks to a pointer from raja, i discovered this article is available free of cost to anyone on the net. from the may issue of ieee computer.
tanenbaum is well-known for his r&d, i remember his unix-like os, mix, much before linux and even gnu. he is a networking guru, too.
clearly, serious and reputed computer scientists are suggesting that the current system is highly susceptible to fraud.

JM Smith on a web site on the Kidnapping of a Jewish Kid and how it led to revolution.

may 24th, 2009
i glanced through this and found it intriguing, although i haven't studied it in detail.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Ga

I do not know who is JM Smith , but he wrote on an Indian web called Satyameva Jayate about a true story and the
necessity to translate it into Indian  Languages. The true story is very interesting
Here is the site
See comment 36, 38, 43, 44, Comments by JM Smith. Very good ones. 

Find car news, reviews and more Looking to change your car this year?

letter to outlook from dr vijay r: No hate politics

may 24, 2009

---------- Forwarded message ----------

The Editor

Dear Editor,

Re: your opinion piece ' No Hate Politics (This is India)' in, May 25, 2009.

Disappointing, since it is the typical Indian liberal viewpoint, with even Varun Gandhi thrown in for good measure !

A serious error though, is the equating of the BJP and Hindutva with our 'neighbour's' ideology.

Even for a news magazine one expects more finesse and understanding of the concept of Hindutva, its origin, what it stands for in the BJP philosophy.

However, let me focus on your disclaimer that you are not a sycophant of the Congress, a theme which you refer to  repeatedly in articles and tv appearances (the latest on NDTV's The Verdict, May 20,2009).

Your hymn of praise for the Congress seems to ignore the  politics of corruption that the Grand Old Party is famous for, more recently from Bofors onwards.

The issues that the BJP raised on a daily basis (and you take them to task for that) are important ones for the nation: swiss money is one example.

The reason that such issues were not brought to the attention of the general public is precisely because the liberal media did not give it sufficient coverage, and not because the BJP was at fault for raising the issue.

I would recommend the excellent analyses on Quatrocci, the Bofors  affair, swiss banks etc. in articles by Gurumurthy on his web site :

For the rest, it would be a sad day for India if the nationalist party, the BJP, turned into a pale imitation of the Congress.

I for one am confident that they will play a serious role as the major Opposition in Parliament, without abandoning the Hindutva platform.

There has been much talk of the youth vote for Congress. While Tarun Vijay in his article in TOI 'Who falls if India rises' generously and correctly congratulates the young Congress MPs, the exit poll figures show that the percentage of the youth vote in the BJP camp is higher for the BJP than the Congress, relative to the mature voters.

While the youth versus mature ratio in the Congress camp was about even: 29.5%(youth) and 30.3 % (mature), the BJP tally is as follows: 20% youth and 18% mature.

My personal opinion such as it is:

The BJP cannot and should not become a Conservative Right party,as the American one. They will lose whatever vote base they have. Both the Democrats and the Conservatives in the US. have a distinct Anglo Saxon heritage that both follow, with some  differences on views such as gay marriage and abortion. Even here the spectrum is narrower than might be expected, with Obama favouring civil union etc. but not marriage.

The BJP on the other hand should not be shy of advancing the Hindutva cause which happens also to be a nationalist cause:

1. Reclaim PoK
2. Annex Bangladesh
3. End Article 370
4.Check the influx of Bangladesh Muslims
5.Stop all foreign funds for NGOs
6.Halt the uncontrolled mushrooming of churches, prayer houses and madrasas funded by foreign money. Different only if local Muslims and Christians provide their own funds for the above.
7.Ban religious conversion.
8.Central legislation which will free Hindu temples from government control.
9.Enforce a Uniform Civil Code. It is an anomaly not to have it in a modern secular democracy.
10. Emphasise strongly Savarkar's definition of Hindutva: the shared culture of ALL inhabitants of Hindustan, and the equal rights enjoyed by all inhabitants of the subcontinent.

Good governance, security and development are not new causes. They have been there ever since the Indian nation also had state institutions from earliest times.

Having said the above, congratulations for being one of the few liberal journalists who exressed the thought that it is unseemly to beg Rahul to join the government.


Dr. Vijay

everybody else stays away from US treasuries, manmohan singh buys lots

may 24th, 2009
given the current uncertainty about the US economy, and (now) the plunging dollar, none of the usual buyers of US Tbills have been active in the recent past -- eg. china has drastically cut its purchase of Tbills.
ah, but there is all-weather ally (aka india) rushing in to buy $38.2 billion of US Tbills in the recent past.
of course, manmohan singh has to support his pals.
i was going to say 'fools rush in where angels fear to tread', but no, there's something much more sinister going on.
i don't have the URL where these details were published, if anybody does, please post it.

Cheriyathura (love-peace riots), or Love and Peace in India

may 24th, 2009
all that remains is for liberty to join in the fun.
---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: K

"The three ideologies (Love Peace and Liberty) have not yet started exchanging blows simply because their areas of operation have not yet coincided. They have chosen to feed upon different limbs of the large-sized Hindu society. Christianism is busy amongst Hindu "tribals" whom Hindu society had always left undisturbed. Islamism is on the prowl amongst the Harijans whom a power-hungry leadership is fast preparing for political blackmail. Communism is spreading its tentacles amongst the upper and middle classes whom it parades as its "proletarian base."

How Peace promotes Progress in Swat

may 24th, 2009
ah, but k misunderstand. it's not peace, it's peas.

Europe rejects electronic voting

may 24th, 2009
do the europeans know something we don't?
EVMs have been rejected as unconstitutional by the germans. also see note in passing about how in 2004 indian evms were stuffed. odd that newsweek doesn't say anything about 2009 india elections. but then guess who is editor of newsweek -- yes, farid zakaria, pal of the nehru dynasty.

---------- Forwarded message ----------

We Do Not Trust Machines
The people reject electronic voting.

By Evgeny Morozov | NEWSWEEK
Published May 23, 2009
From the magazine issue dated Jun 1, 2009

When Ireland embarked on an ambitious e-voting scheme in 2006 that would
dispense with "stupid old pencils," as then–prime minister Bertie Ahern put
it, in favor of fancy touchscreen voting machines, it seemed that the nation
was embracing its technological future. Three years and €51 million later,
in April, the government scrapped the entire initiative. High costs were one
concern—finishing the project would take another €28 million. But what
doomed the effort was a lack of trust: the electorate just didn't like that
the machines would record their votes as mere electronic blips, with no
tangible record.

One doesn't have to be a conspiracy theorist or a Luddite to understand the
fallibility of electronic voting machines. As most PC users by now know,
computers have bugs, and can be hacked. We take on this security risk in
banking, shopping and e-mailing, but the ballot box must be perfectly
sealed. At least that's what European voters seem to be saying. Electronic
voting machines do not meet this standard.

... deleted

India to Sign Logistics Support Agreement with US

India is about to sign a major military pact with the USA - the Logistics Support Agreement.

Well, now the Muslim Vote Bank can taste the bitter fruits of their support to the Congress.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

KKKangress bares fangs - get ready for this blog to be banned

so much for that democracy non-sense. Mahatma is out - Mussolini is back in.

This should suprise only the stupid of course - it is the perfect way to carry forward Chacha Stalin's "Animal Farm" agenda. The words for Kulapati Munshi ring ever so lound in my ears
"The P.S.P. is ‘unpractical’; Jan Sangh is ‘communal’; the Swatantra Party is ‘feudal’, and the Press, no sooner it dared to raise its voice against the vicious trends in the Congress, is the ‘voice of vested interests’ "

guess where they will get the "great firewall" to block news website (hint - who are Xinhua Ram's friends that have the worlds largest net censoring operation?). why blame anyone - it is the public (or is it the EVM) that votes of course!

Yes "V" Can!

In 1983, America's NBC network aired a scifi-thriller miniseries called "V", which I really enjoyed watching as a child.

The premise of the original show was about aliens calling themselves "Visitors", coming to Earth in the name of friendship and promising to help society progress, bringing great gifts of advanced technology and cures for medical diseases. They immediately form friendship associations, and even a youth movement, and soon even begin integrating themselves into governments around the world - all to better expedite the new era of progress, they claim. Some soon discover that the Visitors have a more secret, darker agenda.

Now the ABC network plans to air a re-make of it in January:

A recap of the original is available here. You can also watch the finale of the original show online.

Pak Rips Off Rediff

A Pak knockoff of Rediff has emerged. Take a look at

repeat post: instances of christist 'luuuuuuv' from all over

may 23rd, 2009
i don't know how we can stand all this 'luuuuuv'. in fact we can't.
it's a bit like all the 'sacrifices' by the nehru dynasty. ok, thank you very much, let somebody else do some 'sacrificing' now.
it is downright embarrassing how little the average indian knows the real history of the christist church and all those 'holy-holy' godmen.

Caught in the Middle: Sri Lankan Tamils tell their stories

may 23rd, 2009

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Unbowed And Unafraid                                                                       Unbowed And Unafraid                                                                       Unbowed And Unafraid                                                                       Unbowed And Unafraid                                                                      Unbow                                                           Unbowed And Unafraid                                                                       Unbowed And Unafraid


The Great Escapes

By Vidura

The people in the internment camps want to talk and be heard. Everyone of the over 190,000 men, women and children want to tell their stories. They are fed up with the grand narratives in which they have been used as vulnerable victims by the LTTE and its sympathisers, by the Sri Lankan Government and its embedded spin doctors (and a swindler?) and now increasingly by the UN, the NGOs and the humanitarian industry.

... deleted

Human rights organisations have warned that shelling and bombing an area with the full knowledge that civilians could be victimised would amount to a war crime. They have also warned that targeting hospitals amount to crimes against humanity.

christist 'luuuuuuv' in action: Lessons for Tribal Hindus of India

may 23rd, 2009
there is a huge 'mediation center' at muringoor near trichur, kerala. they have been accused of murdering lots of people and all kinds of other mischief. naturally, because the people they murder are usually hindus, the church and the kkkangress hush it all up. (actually, even if they murder christists, it's hushed up -- note the hundreds of cases of nuns being found dead, generally following sexual harassment).
of course, large-scale conversion also goes on there. in addition, a lot of mental patients are apparently 'treated' there, although i believe the recovery rate is poor. it is yet another mechanism by which christists make money.
so is the following story from africa.
they worship mammon, the god of money. and they want to wipe out hinduism. very dangerous people.

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From: <info@

Church in Africa: Child Witches

Dan Harris' story airing tonight on World News highlights the cruelty and violence directed at young children in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  Tens of thousands of children are being tortured and executed because they are accused of witchcraft in the name of Jesus Christ.  These victims are suffering at the hands of a new breed of pastors who profit by telling parents that the source of their money and health problems is their children.

what happens behind Church doors (in this case the Orthodox Church). This video reveals how drug addicts have allegedly been filmed being beaten.
A video of one assault, published by Vreme magazine, shows a man appearing to assault a patient by hitting him with a shovel and punching his face. One former resident said staff had offered to cure his addiction with "pleasant conversation" and beatings. A priest running the centre, near Novi Pazar, said a "heavy hand" was needed. One former resident said staff had offered to cure his addiction with "pleasant conversation" and beatings. A priest running the centre, near Novi Pazar, said a "heavy hand" was needed.

precisely why rupee will fall soon, and so will the sensex, because of huge inflation

may 23rd, 2009
it wasn't a 'stimulus' in india, but the give-aways of rs. 70,000 crore to kkkangress cadres through the NREGS, rs. 60,000 crore to rich farmers, and rs. 60,000 crore to the do-nothing bureaucrats. see, my column on how the UPA has ruined india.
and after all this, they had to do large-scale EVM fraud to win!

peas in khatmandu: prachanda's sponsors get a shock

may 23rd, 2009
i suspect it was the 'religion of peace' telling the 'religion of love' to cool their conversion fervor. *they* want to convert the manishes of nepal, not let ratzy-type godmen do it.

zakaria indulges in al-taqiya

may 23rd, 2009
you have to understand, you see, that when zakaria says "great power" he means "mohammedan territory".
once you do a global edit this way, the whole interview actually makes some sense.

orwellian: the word 'holy' in christism

may 20th, 2009
when white christists say something is 'holy', it usually means the exact opposite, in an orwellian way.
'holy' land == stinking desert full of bloodthirsty barbarians killing each other
'holy' see == place where some of the worst human-rights atrocities were dreamt up, eg. the inquisition
'holy' bible == see the skeptics' annotated bible on the net. if this is of divine origin, that god is pretty pathetic
'holy' father == guy who rapes young boys, keeps sex-slave nuns, etc
'holy' ghost == sort of like 'caspar the friendly ghost'? christists themselves are embarrassed about this because they just swiped the idea of the 'trinity' from hinduism (creator, sustainer, destroyer), and then didn't know what to do with it. they could have said, 'father, son and mother', but no, how could that be reconciled to their endemic misogyny? so this lame 'ghost' was invented. if the father is god and the son is son of god, why do you need a third wheel? this is what comes when you steal ideas without understanding them
'holy' roman empire == bunch of murderous godmen and kings who ran around creating the dark ages, when christists were so benighted that mohammedans actually looked much more enlightened than them
i am sure you know of other 'holy' stuff, please feel free to post the actual translations.

ratzy pisses everybody off: atlanticist

may 20th, 2009
it's not surprising, because he's a former nazi (i didn't make that up, this atlanticist article itself tells you he wasn't a former member of the wehrmacht), and he thinks otherwise that he lives in the 14th century CE, the 'golden age' of the church, when it had all the power, the money, the land, and the women. ratzy is a perfect example of all that's wrong with the church. he was, it may be remembered, formerly the 'grand inquisitor'.
he isn't making gaffes when he says these bad things. they are coming from the bottom of his heart.
in any case, ratzy, nor any other bigtime godman, has always only included jews and mohammedans in all their apologizing and make-nice. their attitude towards hindus and others of the old, pre-semitic faiths has always been: "convert, die or flee". not at all different from that of mohammendans, except the christists say it much more sweetly. they know marketing.

Friday, May 22, 2009

more on luuuv and peas in cheriyathura, trivandrum

may 22nd, 2009
it turns out that 400 mohammedans armed with serious bombs (not even really crude ones, either: with gelatine and detonators) were marching towards the christist enclave, where 600 christists had been mobilized.
it looked like luuuuv was going to take a big hit from peas.
therefore the police fired and killed 6 peas-ful mohammedans.
and the christists are terrified peas will break out again soon.
incidentally, the govt gave rs. 10 lakhs to the kin of each peas-ful guy killed.
moral: to get money from the government, become a mohammedan carrying gelatine bombs and marching to attack christists. or hindus. or anybody.

KKKangress to Dravidian neanderthals - get your hands off my gravy train!

the only bright spot in this election result is the neutering of these DMK "not-terrorist-my friend" jerks - especially that execrable Baalu fellow. those dredging contracts on Ram Sethu were just not enough money for them no? No sir - no that and not the assorted other Telecom scams.

not that it makes a big difference - it will only be someone else grabbing at the moolah

Thursday, May 21, 2009

TOI's advice to BJP: be like kkkangress, create communal riots where only hindus are killed; and what christist media does when RoP and RoL 'luuuuuuv' each other

may 20th, 2009
TOI's advice: be the kkkangress, that is the way to success in elections.
the unbiased observer can ask:
a) who says the kkkangress is successful in elections? in 2004, when the election was not rigged, they got just 7 more seats than the bjp
b) in 2009, when they rigged the EVMs, they got a lot of seats which nobody voted them in for.
TOI claims that in orissa, the bjp provoked communal riots. the fact that the christists assassinated an 84-year-old monk, a nun, and a small child with AK-47s somehow seems to have escaped the TOI's attention.
this is similar to the TOI claiming that the gujarat riots were, in effect, started by the bjp against innocent mohammedans, who if james astill were there to write purple prose would have been "sitting around wondering what was going on". the fact that they burned alive 59 women and children in a train is omitted.
there has been an amusing situation in the christist voice in kerala, the malayala manorama. there was a christist-mohammedan riot in the outskirts of trivandrum (not the first one there), at cheriyathura, a christist area, which i believe is in close proximity to beemapally, a mohammedan mosque area, where there has long been a thriving bazaar also in smuggled goods. (one would conclude that lots of boats are coming to the area, and not necessarily with fish in them).
but the christists are scared of the mohammedans. so the manorama, which usually thunders about alleged attacks on christists, kept very quiet. so did john dayal and valson thampu. if you read the reporting in the malayala manorama, you would be hard-pressed to realize that christists had rioted which ended up in the deaths of 5 mohammedans. the impartial observer would conclude -- based on the discreet reports that did not mention christists at all -- that this was yet another hindu-mohammedan riot.
extremely interesting. even though 5 mohammedans were killed in police firing, and several christist boats and fishing nets and houses were burned, nobody is asking for judge "spontaneous combustion" banerjee to give his report. nobody is ranting about the state government (even though it is communist, and the christists have been running a crusade against it) having murdered 5 mohammedans, or standing by while christist shacks (yeah, some of them must have been 'churches') were destroyed. the TOI, nor the Christist, nor NDTV, nor CNN-IBN reported heavily on this incident, nor did they condemn the extremists on both sides.
it appears that mohammedans were on the warpath (christist houses, boats, fishing nets) destroyed -- but they didn't manage to kill any christists. not yet, that is.
christists are terrified that, just like in maraad, kozhikode, the mohammedans are plotting bloody revenge. (if you forgot maraad, that is where there was a clash between hindus and mohammedans, 2 hindus and 3 mohammedans died. a year later, a bunch of armed mohammedans ambushed unarmed hindus on the beach and killed 9 of them, and then vanished by boat. just prior to this, all the mohammedans in the area had mysteriously vanished. when the police wanted to check the mosque for weapons, wailing burqa-clad mohammedan females appeared to prevent them from doing so. when the police anyway went in, they found blood-stained swords hidden there. can we say "malice aforethought", boys and girls? and oh, it is rumored that some very high up mohammedan ministers were fully involved in the conspiracy.)
i wonder what the TOI's advice would be to the mohammedans of

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

see google trends on EVMs, as well as the stats/index on the page with the indiresan report on EVMs

may 20th, 2009
interesting. a lot of people are apparently paying attention to the EVMs because the possible fraud looks so feasible.

yet another limey sucks up to the chinese and abuses hindus

may 19th, 2009
this is the limeys' core competence these days, applying their lips to chinese bottoms. but, to be fair, they will apply their lips to hindu bottoms too, as soon as hindus have enough money. not for nothing are they 'a nation of shopkeepers'. these days the only wares they have left in their bankrupt country is their accent and sneering 'economist'-style lingo. which they are offering for sale to the highest bidder.
have you heard of any hindus (extremists or otherwise) claiming that the chinese are descendants of hindu warriors? no.
clearly this limey female is of the romila thapar/wendy o-doniger type, randomly abusing hindus, just because she is pretty sure no hindu is going to firebomb her office.
i'd be much more impressed if she said anything rude to the mohammedans, who of course *would* firebomb her if she did that. notice that she is very quiet about mohammedan historical claims. or about chinese historial claims -- eg. that tibet and korea (and soon africa) belong to them.
this is true of all the sneering writers in bloomberg's and reuter's stables as well. none of them is afraid of hindus, thanks to the kkkangress. they figure, if the hugely anti-hindu kkkangress can get away with it in india, they can get away with it in limeyland. makes even a pacifist wonder if a little appropriate violence would be useful in disciplining these buffoons.
by the way, i once wrote a column: "the use and abuse of history". should i sue for the unauthorized use of this copyrighted term? not to mention some guy named nietzsche using it even before i did? :-)

luuuuv in action: Thousands beaten, raped in christist schools in ireland

may 20th, 2009
i once posted here a report about an irish film on the abuse and torure of girls in reform schools. i thought that was ancient history. but no, this has been going on until pretty recently.
i wonder when there will be a similar expose of what goes on today in numerous nunneries in kerala. you know, the place where sister abhaya was beaten over the head with an axe because she happened on a godwoman bonking two godmen simultaneously in the kitchen.
god's little brides. or something like that. yeah, right.
how about ratzy being charged with crimes against humanity? abuse of 30,000 people is pretty serious stuff.
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Thousands beaten, raped in Irish reform schools
Associated Press
May 20, 2009
DUBLIN – A fiercely debated, nine-year investigation into Ireland's Roman Catholic-run institutions says priests and nuns terrorized thousands of boys and girls in workhouse-style schools for decades — and government inspectors failed to stop the chronic beatings, rapes and humiliation.
 High Court Justice Sean Ryan on Wednesday unveiled the 2,600-page final report of Ireland's Commission to Inquire Into Child Abuse, which is based on testimony from thousands of former students and officials from more than 250 church-run institutions.
 More than 30,000 children deemed to be petty thieves, truants or from dysfunctional families — a category that often included unmarried mothers — were sent to Ireland's austere network of industrial schools, reformatories, orphanages and hostels from the 1930s until the last church-run facilities shut in the 1990s.
 ... deleted

on the other hand, when a pakistani is upset, the atlanticist wants to kiss him and make the boo-boo go away

may 20th, 2009
any pakistani cause is our cause. that's the nytimes' motto. like, how could an illegal alien mohammedan pakistani be deprived of his right to go forth and multiply in america?
much like "any mohammedan's cause is our cause" -- manmohan singh
complete meeting of minds, of course.
i am amazed the nytimes didn't write a long article saying how the pakistani guy who beheaded his wife in buffalo also was deprived of his rights. (you remember the fellow -- he started a TV channel "to show mohammedans in a better light". and so he actually did. he shone a very powerful searchlight on their violent and endemic misogyny.)

atlanticist's patronising editorial ordering india to bend over and grease up

may 20th, 2009
behold what the nytimes (and obama) wants its good friend manmohan singh to do: yes, give kashmir to pakistan so that the taliban will stop killing yanks. and oh, 'cap, rollback and eliminate' its nukes so that the pakistanis can have a free hand.

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From: Ram Narayanan
Date: Wed, May 20, 2009 at 8:29 PM
Subject: NY Times' patronising editorial -- Readers respond

Dear Rajeev Srinivasan:

Following the Congress party's election victory in India, the New York Times of May 18 carried a condescending editorial titled "India's Challenges: it is time for India to exercise the kind of regional and global leadership expected of a rising power" (see

This editorial has evoked many excellent -- interesting and thoughtful -- comments (vide

Following are the editors' own selections that are worth reading.

Ram Narayanan 


May 19, 2009 7:03 am
Several comments regarding your editorial on what India should do in regards to Pakistan. You are right, India showed remarkable restraint in not attacking Pakistan after the Mumbai attack. Especially since the Indian government believes that elements of the Pakistani army/intelligence were involved. In addition, your paper reported sources in the US intelligence organization that Pakistan's ISI was involved in the attack on the Indian embassy in Kabul that killed two senior Indian officials.

Even if US aid is not used directly to build Pakistani nukes, money is fungible, and the resources freed up by the aid will be used by the Pakistani's to build nukes.

So to ask India to unilaterally stop developing additional nuclear material and to go into arms control talks with Pakistan and China is unrealistic. Do you really think that China wants to have arms control discussions? China is a major security concern for India and the US. India's military calculus is more centered on China than Pakistan. Your proposal is a non-starter.

As far as Kashmir is concerned, India would have agreed to converting the current Line of Control as the International border. That is the only pragmatic solution. There are several precedents to this. Bengal was divided between India and East Pakistan. Punjab was divided between India and West Pakistan and Pashtunistan was divided by the Durand line. Pakistani leaders have come close to accepting such a deal in the past but unfortunately have been overtaken by events in their own country before consummating the deal.

The reason that there is a strong presence of the Indian army near the Pakistani border is to prevent infiltration by terrorists from Pakistan. Often under cover fire from the Pakistani army. Every week there are reports in the Indian press of pitched battles as the Indian forces try and stop the terrorists from entering India. Do you really think that any Indian government can order its military to withdraw from the border while terrorists are entering on a regular basis.

The only way the US Af-Pak strategy will work is if the ruling elite in Pakistan (i.e. the Army ) finally realize that it is not in their best interests to keep India as the bogeyman. Until now, the demonizing of India has allowed the Pakistani army to control Pakistan. Like some one correctly said, Most countries have an army while in Pakistan the army has a country. That calculus will have to change for the Pakistani elite. India getting stronger v.vs. Pakistan will help that cause not the other way around as your editorial suggests. 

— Sanjiv, San Jose, CA

Recommended by 156 Readers

... deleted

Role of Bangladeshis in WB elections, 2009

may 19th, 2009
i don't know much about what happened in bengal. my personal belief is that EVM fraud hurt the communists there.

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From: Bhavananda


Here's my take on the role of Bangladeshis in this years elections, and the Red-Green divide is becoming more evident.

Its pertinent that pro-Hindu groups keeps this in mind while making future strategies, in case we have to choose between the devil and the deep sea.
Please feel free to let others know about this trend in your blogs, reports, etc.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Koenraad Elst: BJP lost for not being Hindu enough

Elst has been saying that Advani and other seniors in the BJP like nothing more than to seek the approval of the 'secularists'. They want desperately to be the B team of the Congress and lose in the bargain (why vote for the pale imitation when you can get the original - including aliens and babalog). I am personally amused at the presecriptions of these press-wallahs - all trumpeting that the BJP now needs to de-hinduise and become the party of the "centre right" (whatever that means). Only two years ao of course - the BJP was winning everything in sight (remember Gujarat and Karnataka?). What was it then? Lack of center-rightedness?

Personally I think the BJP has to look at this loss and be prepared for a long exile from power - like the Tories in Britain. However, they must devote time to develop an ideological and organisational base. They also have to realise that they will not have allies now and will need to go it largely alone - and in the light of a terminally hostile press. They must battle for the long haul

My favorite example is that of Karnataka - the BJP had nothing there a few years ago. However, they have used temples and other faith-based organisations to their advantage. They have networked and used these as delivery vehicles. Now - even with as unflamboyant a leader as Yedyurappa - they have their nose in front of the Congress and the Gowdas. It is because they actually developed an organization - and waited for the others to dig themselves into a hole!

angle of repose: velupillai prabhakaran, RIP

may 19th, 2009
even though he was a brutal dictator, in death prabhakaran has achieved some sort of martyrdom.
prabhakaran goes off 'gentle into that good night', but not 'raging, raging against the fading of the light'. i expected from him some act of 'savage, spectacular suicide'.
with his wide-open, accusing eyes, bloated face, and the top of his cranium shot away (why didn't he consume cyanide, preferring instead to shoot himself or have an associate shoot him point-blank?) there is a certain dignity about prabhakaran's corpse.
it seems to say: this is not over. unless the tamils are treated fairly, we shall return.
the sinhalese had better listen.
and once again, shame to the government of india, for not looking after the interests of diasporic hindus. examples:

WSJ on Sri Lanka's Victory

Wall Street Journal has a nice op-ed about why terrorists should be defeated, and not merely negotiated with.

linux journal (2004) on EVM fraud

may 19th, 2009

Monday, May 18, 2009

Geographical distribution of seats won by different parties

may 18th, 2009
the american electionwatch types had very comprehensive web-based analyses of election trends etc. we need to get that to track how things change, and that could be circumstantial evidence for electoral fraud.
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From: A P
a concise but comprehensive compilation
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Sent: Sunday, May 17, 2009 8:50 PM
Subject: Geographical distribution of seats won by different parties

See the very interesting geographical distribution of seats won by different parties in various states at the following link:

did BJP lose because it didn't win UP?

may 18th, 2009
i don't think so. i think UP is no longer so relevant because there are so many power brokers there: mayavati, mulayam singh, paswan. they end up neutralizing each other.
the key now are the big states of andhra and tamil nadu.
it appears that if you can win (or defraud your way in) in andhra and tamil nadu, you don't need UP.

in any case, the BJP's losses in UP are collateral damage in the EVM fraud targeting mayavati.
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From: sri

daily times: A monstrous experiment in Pakistan

may 18th, 2009

i do love this quote. so appropriate. reminds me of the hatchet-faced young 'father' kappan who was defrocked for buggering little boys at the school i went to.

Alfred Hitchcock, the great movie director who specialised in frightening people, was once driving in Switzerland when he suddenly pointed out of the car window and said, "That is the most frightening sight I have ever seen." It was a priest in conversation with a little boy, his hand on the boy's shoulder.

Hitchcock leaned out of the car window and shouted, "Run, little boy! Run for your life!"

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Ram Narayanan

DAILY TIMES (of Pakistan)

May 11, 2009

OPINION: A monstrous experiment —Nasir Abbas Mirza 

Remote madrassas may be turning boys into drones but then there are thousands of madrassas spread all over Pakistan's urban centres that are producing millions of neo-drones who may not become suicide bombers but are totally unfit to live in this world. These kids need to be rescued

Take a little boy and incarcerate him in a remote madrassa. Keep him far away from the rest of the world and bar any interaction with humanity. Indoctrinate him with a distorted version of a religion and tell him that he does not belong to this world. Teach him about the fanciful world that awaits him in the heaven, and that in order to attain that he has to destroy everything that stands in his way, including his own body.

... deleted

report on VC trends in the US, fyi

Winning elections made easy

may 18th, 2009
hi gopi, it doesn't depend on local EC employees, the trojan horse software can be loaded once and for all at a central location. then the triggering of the trojan horse can either be done or not done, depending on local kkkangress needs. the local guys just have to enter a key sequence that is known to the kkkangress insiders.
this satinath fellow was the guy readying a PIL in the supreme court in 2004, and he has written other papers about it.  he assumed the NDA would do EVM fraud. of course, when the kkkangress won in 2004, satinath dropped his case. isn't that interesting? he claims to be protecting democracy, but it appears he is only protecting the kkkangress.
---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Gopi

You alluded to this in your Rediff column. May be, selective tempering but I doubt it is wholesale as many employees will be non-Congress supporters and may detect such dirty tricks.
Here are two articles of interest:
1) Winning elections made easy
Satinath Choudhary
"Producing doctored EVMs is child's play......"
2) Sena alleges EVM malfunction in South Mumbai
Rawale wondered how he got only 5 votes from an area that is a Shiv Sena stronghold.

1) Winning elections made easy

Satinath Choudhary

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atlanticist disinformation on prabhakaran

may 18th, 2009
wrong, atlanticist!
you say, "Though the Tamils are largely Hindu and although he sometimes employed Marxist terminology, Mr. Prabhakaran's movement was for the most part neither religious nor ideological."
it was a religious and ideological movement, intended to bring about a brutal christist dictatorship in north/east sri lanka and south india. it was mostly supported by the christist churches all around the world.

prabhakaran, a malayali-origin convert?

may 18th, 2009
that would stand to reason. malayali christist converts are the virulent storm-troopers of the vatican in india; very likely it is they who plot the violence against hindus in the northeast and in the tribal belt of orissa.

hilarious: rare old photo of rajiv nehru, wife and unidentified sikh gent at india gate

may 18th, 2009
well, you had to be there to get it.

Upping the Competition

India clearly needs to have a non-Leftist news network, otherwise all reporting will be spun to suit the needs of the Congress and the Left.

But I was also thinking that BJP need to demonstrate their ability to take democracy to a higher level, by staging public debates between rival candidates, for the public to enjoy. Public debates are a hallmark of true democracies, as exemplified by many Western countries.

The Congress is afraid of public debates, because their leaders are buffoons who received their jobs by hereditary succession, like a royal family. Sonia Gandhi can hardly speak any Indian language, and when she does so, she speaks very haltingly, like the tourist she is.

BJP should conduct vibrant public debates to show the country what real democratic debate and discussion are. By doing so, they can upstage anything the sheltered inbred Congressmen might hope to do. And if the sheltered Congress Party leaders continue to opt out of such debates, then they will ensure that they are eclipsed by those who are willing to partake in real democratic exchange.

velupillai prabhakaran, son charles anthony, theoretician pottu amman, killed: sri lankan army

may 18th, 2009
RIP, velupillai prabhakaran, guerilla leader, methodist, brutal dictator.
apparently the curtain falls on one of the most capable guerilla armies of all time. but the LTTE overplayed its hand, through a brutal christist-type reign of terror (reminds me of the french revolution and the khmer rouge, especially since many khmer rouge have since become christists).
even though i have been alarmed at the christist roots of the LTTE, i am very disturbed by the oppression of tamil hindus that created the LTTE.
btw, the LTTE totally alienated the tamil mohammedans, who now no longer consider themselves 'tamil' but 'mohammedans'. (compare this to tamil and malayalee mohdans in malaysia who have transformed themselves into 'malays'.) which is another reason why the LTTE must have been christist -- they can't stand mohammedans.
by wiping out all alternatives to themselves, eg. PLOTE and other less violent groups, the LTTE practiced typical semitic monotheism. there was one god, prabhakaran, and that was it.
i do hope and pray that the sinhalese now have the sense to treat the tamil hindus with compassion, although their genocidal behavior -- 7000 tamil refugees killed in artillery battles and with other heavy weapons -- does not leave a whole lot of room for optimism.
when the temple towers at srirangam near tiruchi were built a few centuries ago, the south-facing tower was left deliberately unfinished. the vaasthu of the tower was such that it was believed that if it were ever completed sri lanka would be aflame.
the dmk finished that tower 25 years ago. within weeks, war began in sri lanka.
i am not sure sufficient remedial action has been taken even now to remove the baleful influence of the tower. if not, tamil grievances will lead to a fresh guerilla movement, and sri lanka will be back to square one.

india is secular, because Indian Hindus want it, not because Indian Muslims want it - M. J. Akbar

may 18th, 2009
yes, akbar said that, but he loses it when he goes on to claim that "modesty, competence and honesty" are the virtues of manmohan singh.
i'd give him one out of three. yes, manmohan singh is generally modest,
but then manmohan singh has a lot to be modest about :-)
he knows in his heart that he is a very replaceable bench-warmer.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Anil

The TOI-let paper is usually filled with crap, but this time, M.J. Akbar hits the nail on the head... President Obama and India

may 18th, 2009
i'm afraid tunku is barking up the wrong tree.
obama doesn't like india
a) because it is not helping him declare victory in afghanistan and go home
b) he has an instinctive horror, as a quasi-mohammedan, of pagans

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Obama Must Stop Neglecting India 

Tunku Varadarajan, 05.18.09, 12:01 AM EDT

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bbc drops "2000 mohammedans" refrain. has it served its purpose?

may 18th, 2009
now that EVM fraud has got the kkkangress into power (and remember big bags of money helped it stave off the no-confidence motion earlier -- all those swiss accounts in action), i wonder if the bbc has been told to downplay the "2000 mohammedans" slogan.
why, cedric prakash is going to be very unhappy that his successful "truth by repeated assertion" is no longer useful. i predict the new refrain is going to be "200 churches burned in orissa". sounds a lot more respectable than telling the whole truth, ie. "hindus burned down 200 shacks with makeshift crosses after christists mowed down 84-year-old hindu monk, hindu nun and young child with AK-47s".

no kidding, sherlock! atlanticist discovers that pakistan is building more nukes

may 18th, 2009
with american taxpayer money, and soon with indian money kindly donated to pakistan by america.
they will feign ignorance until the nukes arrive in nyc. either by missile or in a suitcase or from a passing hijacked plane.

Mumbai goes to UPA, courtesy MNS

may 18th, 2009
sounds acutely suspicious.
have all mumbaikars forgotten 11/26? very unlikely. people are sensitive to their personal security and that of their loved ones.
so the surmise is that EVM fraud happened with a vengeance in mumbai (and delhi).

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From: viji

Mumbai goes to UPA, courtesy MNS
17 May 2009, 0157 hrs IST, Sunando Sarkar, TNN

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circumstantial evidence: Was there electoral fraud?

may 18th, 2009
actually, that's a bad question, akin to asking, "does ratzy do his thing in the woods?", and "is the bear catholic?"
sonia has taken care of the two women who wanted to be queen. as nehru said to jinnah, "hey, buddy, this town ain't big enough for the two of us. you want to be king, make a new kingdom." jinnah of course took this to heart.
a few judiciously placed doctored EVM (thanks, naveen chawla) and hey presto! both mayavati and jayalalitha are trounced.
sonia must have just loved plunging the knife into mayavati. i mean, after all, she's so, so... dark-skinned! unlike fair-fair priyanka-beti, for example.
especially because fraud in UP had the pleasant side-effect of getting the chatterati to declare that rahul-baba had demonstrated his great acumen and leadership skills by getting UP into the kkkangress kitty. whereas, here were the rest of us, who thought rahul-baba merely demonstrated that he really is dan quayle reincarnated.

naveen chawla ki jai. or jai ho. or whatever. he'll soon join m teresa in the queue of the blessed.
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It cannot be a coincidence.

Whatever political party that was against the congress namely:



All of them have been defeated in this election and only congress and its allies have won.




Navin Chawla"s. Without him, Congress would have bitten dust.


Sena blames EVMs