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mobile republic denizen colonized tribal land illegally: magistrate

nov 30, 2010

taking a cue from european imperialists, susan arudhati roy, a foreign citizen of 'mobilerepublicia' attempted to colonize and steal tribal land, it appears. those same tribals whose rights are being 'protected' by communist terrorists she identifies with.

amazing how easily hypocrisy rolls off genocide suzie's tongue. and now the NYTimes and the economist will write more stuff supporting her, the innocent being crucified by the indian state.

 So the tyrannical Indian state rescues the forest land from the 'activist'. 
 | Irony is a bitch, I say.

Writer-activist Arundhati Roy on Tuesday lost a crucial battle to save her bungalow in Pachmarhi, the picturesque hill station in Madhya Pradesh.

A sub-divisional magistrate held that the plot on which the bungalow was built in the 1990s is a notified forest area, where sale or purchase of property is banned.

SDM (Piparia) B Kirangopal told The Indian Express that Section 18 of the Forest Act allows only hereditary passage of ownership.

... deleted


US Analyzed India 'Cold Start' Plans

Always claiming to fear an Indo-Pak nuclear war (despite always providing Pak with more offensive delivery systems like F16s), the US conducted an examination of India's "Cold Start" military doctrine, which called for rapid cross-border strikes against Pakistan in the event of serious terrorist provocations by it.

Add'l source: The Guardian


WikiLeaks Detail Indian Assurances to US

While the ruling govt is eager to give Indian assurances to the US, I'm not sure what assurances the US is giving back to India. I bet the US assurances are more aimed at the well-being of the Kaangress, rather than at India's interests.

WikiLeaks Exposes US-Pakistani Problems

The latest set of WikiLeaks revelations has again exposed the deep troubles in US-Pakistani relations, according to this NYT report.

Monday, November 29, 2010

stanford: Talk by ANJOO SHARAN UPADHYAYA - November 30th, 4-6 pm, room 208, Encina West

nov 29th, 2010

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From: Tatiana Deogirikar <tanya@stanford.edu>
Date: 2010/11/24
Subject: Talk by ANJOO SHARAN UPADHYAYA - November 30th, 4-6 pm, room 208, Encina West
To: Center for South Asia <southasia@lists.stanford.edu>

November 30th, 4-6 pm , room 208, Encina West

Bio of   Professor Anjoo Sharan Upadhyaya 

Anjoo Sharan Upadhyaya is a Professor of Political Science and Director, Centre for the Study of Nepal, Banaras Hindu University. She holds a Ph.D. from Banaras Hindu University in International Studies and Master's from Allahabad University, India. She has undertaken post-doctoral research at London School of Economics and Politics, U.K. and The Department of Peace and Conflict Research, Uppsala University, Sweden, and Brown University, USA. Currently Dr Upadhyaya is a Fulbright Nehru Exchange Professor at Wellesley College MA

Conflict in Nepal and its Transnational Ramifications

Nepal has been in the throe of political turmoil spanning over six decades which frequently ignited conflicts between people and the state as also between different groups. Mostly waged around the unquenched demand of democracy and development, these conflicts marked an intense jostling for political power by various social and political entities. By the nineties these conflictual impulses proliferated amid the common masses across regional and socioeconomic barriers. The depth and breadth of people's involvement came out vividly during the so-called people's war spearheaded by the Maoists during 1996-2006. This violent transference in people's movement successfully brought on board the hitherto neglected demands of progress, justice and inclusion in public discourse as also the state policies. The  transition from  people  being treated as 'subjects' thriving on state dispensed welfare to the assertion of their legitimate rights as 'citizens'  has been  quite an achievement in  the erstwhile Himalayan Kingdom. This critical shift is often acknowledged by the analysts as one of the positive attributes of the conflict in Nepal. However the ambiguities in Maoists agenda and the frustrating pace of the peace process have disillusioned those who found transformative prospects in the people's war. While the polemical utterances of Maoists leaders continue to spell ominous portents, the sudden spurt of violence and lawlessness in the plains of southern Nepal has raised security anxieties within and across Nepalese borders. Seemingly the culture of violence held high by the Maoist has imbued the way social and political conflicts are to be played out in Nepal's fragile and rudderless polity. 

southasia mailing list

rajeev oped in DNA on how chinese proxies north korea and pak are running circles round the US

nov 29th, 2010

There is a fin-de-siecle feeling in the air, of a change of guard. America's self-confidence is at a low, and its strategists and policymakers are conceding the world stage to China. Caught in two nasty and difficult-to-win wars, it suffers from imperial overstretch; and there are parallels between the rapid decline of Britain in the 20th century and a likely diminution of American power in the 21st century.

Several incidents in the recent past suggest that American power may diminish even more precipitously than the British power did. Consider America versus the insurgent, China.

In three major wars since 1950, Chinese proxies have faced Americans. In Korea, Chinese allies fought the Americans to a standstill; the North Vietnamese (then friends of China) defeated the Americans; in Afghanistan, Pakistan,China's ally, is humiliating the Americans after getting $25 billion in largesse from them. In other words, score: China 3, America 0.

... deleted

Sonia's certificate is Manmohan'a humiliation: S. Gurumurthy

nov 29th, 2010

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From: S. Kalyanaraman <

I like this piece of Gurumurthy for the use of the phrase 'Sonia's certificate'. Sonia's certificates (her name, education etc.) are trademark identifiers in Indian political discourse.

Sonia's certificate is a cryptic message to chamcha-s to tell Manmohan to make way for the heir-apparent yuvaraja of the Congi dynasty. 

Read on... to understand Sonia Raj, Scandal Raj; Sonia Raj, Chamcha Raj...


Sonia's certificate, PM's ultimate humiliation

S Gurumurthy,  Published : 29 Nov 2010 10:57:00 PM ISTLast Updated : 29 Nov 2010 01:42:28 AM IST New Indian Express

It is a disgusting story. Let us begin it in lighter vein. '2G' seems a highly popular name today. Type '2G' in Google search, you will get 55.3 million results in 0.12 seconds! In Google terms, '2G' is 29 times more popular than Shah Rukh Khan; 17 times as popular as Rajnikanth. It is equally as infamous, being the largest scam ever — Rs1.76 lakh crore loot. About something so famous, and at once infamous, the whole nation is asking Manmohan Singh one question: Mr Prime Minister what do you know about '2G'? Even as the PM is totally silent, here comes an SMS to all cell phones. 'The PM finally breaks his silence and says: "The only '2G' I know are: 'SoniaG and RahulG'.' Laughing? Here is something to cry about.

On November 24, 2010, 'SoniaG' certified, "Manmohan Singh is more than 100 per cent honest". The next day, she proclaimed her 'zero tolerance' to corruption. What a tragedy? Certificate of probity from Sonia to Singh! Could anything be more humiliating? For, only five years ago, Manmohan Singh had saved her from the Bofors scam by calling back the red corner notice against her Italian friend Ottavio Quattrocchi (Q), recipient of a third of the pay-off from Bofors. Here is that shameful story in brief. Sten Lindstorm, who was the head of the National Investigation Bureau, equal to the CBI here, had probed the Bofors pay-off in Sweden. He told Outlook (April 6, 1998) that Sonia must explain how the companies owned by Q got fat payoffs from Bofors; what was her nexus with Q; who introduced him to Bofors. Lindstorm said that Q got Bofors payoffs was confirmed. Six years later on April 8, 2004, he wrote that Sonia must be questioned on the scam, asserting, "I know what I am saying".

The diary of Martin Ardbo, managing director of Bofors and the bribe giver, had mentioned his meeting with "Gandhi Trust lawyer". Finally Q, who came to India long back virtually as Sonia's baggage from Italy, behaved exactly like a thief when proof against him emerged; he slipped away from India in 1993, thanks to P V Narasimha Rao yielding to pressure from Sonia. In 1999, Sonia defended Q, pleaded he was innocent; she alleged that the NDA government was hounding him. Ten years later Singh chided his own government for harassing Q. Sonia protected the corrupt Q; Singh allowed him to escape prosecution. And Sonia, a suspect in Bofors bribery, is now the president of the Congress, and chairperson of the National Advisory Council. She condescends to certify Singh's honesty and shamelessly proclaims that she is zero tolerant to corruption. Isn't it a double tragedy?

... deleted

HM as national security risk: Dr. Swamy's letter to Hon'ble PM

nov 29th, 2010

swamy usually has good sources, and he wouldn't lightly throw around charges like this publicly. it is likely these allegations are true.

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From: kalyan
Subject: HM as national security risk: Dr. Swamy's letter to Hon'ble PM


Dr.Manmohan Singh,

Prime Minister

South Block,

New Delhi.


Dear Prime Minister:


I am happy that you finally acted and went over the head of your Home Minister P.Chidambaram (who malafide vacillated), to order the arrest of Joint Secretary in the Home Ministry Mr.Ravi Inder Singh IAS., for betraying the country.


            It is now high time for you to consider all my earlier letters regarding Mr.Chidambaram, regarding his being guilty of conduct unbecoming of a Minister. I had written to you earlier about his visiting massage parlours in a seedy Government hotel where Uzbeki girls frequent, driving off in jeans and dark glasses without a driver or anyone else to Greater Kailash in New Delhi-- without informing anyone, and beating up a Times of India photographer for taking pictures of him late night in a Bangalore discotheque and thereby fracturing his own toe in the scuffle.  You may also be aware of what I wrote to you about a lady IAS officer in Finance Ministry whose husband (also IAS) had requested her transfer of posting because she was being harassed.


            I have been recently informed by my friends in London that the British Intelligence MI-6 had video photographed Mr.Chidambaram while he in the company of an escort service European girl provided by an Indian company with which he has had a formal fiduciary relation, as a paid Director. You also must know that his 2009 elections to Lok Sabha is a complete fraud.  His certificate of election from the Returning Officer was extracted under duress by the DMK CM, Mr.Karunanidhi despite Mr.Chidambaram losing the election by 7000 votes to the AIADMK candidate.   


            But now, it is disturbing to learn that your Government has through Mr.Chidambaram conveyed approval to J&K CM Omar Abdullah to allow return from PoK of all those who had left the troubled State since 1989.


            This is a dangerous step that seems to have been decided by a back channel person who has been hell bent on India parting with J&K by hook or crook. It seriously undermines and jeopardizes the national security of the nation.  It will help the ISI of Pakistan to better co-ordinate subversive and terrorist activities in India.  The agencies of Pakistan have been meeting Omar Abdullah in Dubai and London. I never thought this promising youngster will go to seed like this. Who has been the baneful influence on him? In any case, I urge you overturn this decision.


            Most of all, as a safeguard, I urge you to obtain the resignation of Mr.Chidambaram because has de-facto become a national security risk. He has consistently failed to concentrate on the work of the Ministry.


Yours sincerely,



Sunday, November 28, 2010

'Super-Photon' Laser Created

The Bose-Einstein Condensate, that special form of matter whose conjecture earned Satyendra Bose and Albert Einstein the Nobel Prize, has again been produced - this time with photons.

Researchers have managed to trap photons in a resonant cavity with dye molecules, which act to redistribute photon energy in a manner resembling the statistical mechanics of a gas - the famous Bose-Einstain statistics. As the 'photon gas' reached a minimum critical density, the Photonic Bose-Einstein Condensate was produced, resulting in a laser.

This could end up becoming an entirely new alternative way to produce lasers. Consequently, new laser applications like high-energy lasers may be enabled, which were previously too difficult.

Brzezinski Fronting for China Again

Brzezinski is once again going to bat for his precious buddy China, whose interests he desperately wants to protect. The Chinese Far Emperor certainly gets a lot of mileage out of him. With Atlanticist policies making a mess out of NorthEast Asia by completely kowtowing to China, the Atlanticist spin-doctors are then hard-pressed to argue on China's behalf.

US Diplomatic Cables Expose Pak Nuclear Problem

As a result of the Wikileaks disclosures, deficiencies in the US-Pakistan relationship over nuclear technology are being brought to light. Pakistan refuses to allow nuclear material to be removed by the US, claiming that such moves would be seen by the public as capitulation.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

adventures of the kingini-kuttan in wonderland

nov 27th, 2010

rahul effect: if modi now calls snap polls, will win 90% like bihar RT 
: Rahul compares 'evil leader' Modi w Mao 

i do hope rahul campaigns a lot more. i believe he's the bjp's secret weapon. wherever he goes, there are 'mammoth' crowds that come to gawk at him, and then they go vote against the kkkangress. rahul is the bjp's manchurian candidate.

he appeared at 19 'mammoth' rallies in bihar. i suspect in all 19 cases, the kkkangress candidate lost his deposit.

rahul is like julius caesar. ceaser: veni, vidi, vici. rahul: rahul. Sono venuto, sono stato ascoltato, ho avuto il mio culo a calci

ceasar: i came, i saw, i conquered. rahul: i came, i was heard, i had my butt kicked. translation courtesy google translate.

kanchan gupta explains in detail -- in street lingo no less -- what happened. 

kanchan explains the modern 'veni, vidi, vici' RT 
: Prince getting pwned and Bihar polls. 

New Diego Garcia or Chinese Pearl? Island Appears off Pak Coast

A new island is being claimed to have appeared off the coast of Pakistan's Gwadar:





Gee, if the Pakistanis are smart, they'll hand it over to China before the Americans grab it.

US Warns Wikileaks Documents to Harm Ties with India

The US govt is warning that 3 million diplomatic cable documents about to be released by Wikileaks may harm ties with various foreign countries, including India.

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26/11 victims: We will not forget You.......

nov 26th, 2010

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From: Harsh
Date: Fri, Nov 26, 2010 at 5:18 PM
Subject: We will not forget You.......

Tribute to 26/11 victims!!!!



We will not forget.........




indian women triumph in athletics at the asiad!

nov 26th, 2010

woman of the games:

ashwini chidananda akkunji, gold: 400m hurdles, gold: 4x400m where she repeated her stunning pullaway in the third leg at the CWG

second best:

preeja sreedharan, gold: 10,000m, silver: 5,000m

third best:

kavita raut, silver: 10,000m, bronze: 5,000m

all three of them unheralded and unfancied. 

personally, i am a big fan of the athletics events, which i consider the glamor events. 

such a relief all the indian attention didn't go to cricket!

Thursday, November 25, 2010


nov 25th, 2010

here is a man who died for us.

several more died for us on 26/11, and two years later, the perpetrators of that crime have no reason whatsoever to not repeat it: there is no deterrent.

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Saluting our Heroes:

Maj R Parameshwaran, PVC

25 November 2010

From the Indian Army website:

The Param Vir Chakra is awarded for most conspicuous bravery or some daring or pre-eminent act of valour or self sacrifice, in the presence of the enemy, whether on land, at sea, or in the air. The decoration may be awarded posthumously.

*** Saluting our Heores –

Major R Parameshwaran, PVC ***

Maj R Parameshwaran

This is my humble tribute to Major R Parameshwaran, a Param Veer who sacrificed his life on this date,  23 years ago.

Late October 1987, somewhere in northern Sri Lanka: "Operation Pawan" – the campaign in Jaffna that began with LTTE firing at Indian Patrols and killing 4 CRPF Jawans and five unarmed para commandos – is finally winding down. The IPKF have prevailed in spite of the intense and vicious opposition from the Tigers.  Although the town has now been secured, operations are continuing against the LTTE cadres. Jaffna Fort is still under LTTE control and casaualties continue to mount with every passing day.

To compound IPKF's problems, it is becoming impossible to distinguish between the guerillas and civilians. IPKF commanders are worried by increasing instances of surprise attacks by the Tigers in which they open fire on IPKF units and merge back into the civilian population.

Sepoy Govindan, Madras Regiment, says :

It was impossible to say who was a Tiger and who was not. Everyone male or female above the age of 10, could be armed and dangerous. We saw little girls producing guns from under their frocks and shooting at us. How do you fight them?

In deployment since August, the men of 8 Mahar have been facing some of the toughest resistance from LTTE cadres in the last few weeks. It is late into the night of 25th November, 1987. Major Parameswaran is returning back to the camp with his column after a search operation.

Unbeknownst to them, their path leads straight to an LTTE ambush. As the column of 8 Mahar finds itself trapped, their commander Major Parameshwaran exhibits remarkable presence of mind and exemplary courage.

He encircles the Tigers from the rear and boldly charges at them. The LTTE cadres are taken completely by surprise. In the hand-to-hand combat that follows, Major Paramehwaran is shot in the chest.

Undaunted by his serious injury, he snatches a rifle from a LTTE cadre, shoots him dead and although critically wounded, continues to give orders, inspiring his command to fight.  He kills 2 more LTTE cadres before breathing his last.  Hours later, the ambush is finally cleared, leaving in its wake five dead LTTE cadres and Major Parameshwaran. The men of 8 Mahar also seize a cache of arms, including three rifles & two rocket launchers.


Major Ramaswamy Parameswaran, 8 MAHAR (IC-32907)

On 25 November 1987, when Major Ramaswamy Parameswaran was returning from search operation in Sri Lanka, late at night, his column was ambushed by a group of militants. With cool presence of mind, he encircled the militants from the rear and charged into them, taking them completely surprise. During the hand-to-hand combat, a militant shot him in the chest. Undaunted, Major Parameswaran snatched the rifle from the militant and shot him dead. Gravely wounded, he continued to give orders and inspired his command till he breathed his last. Five militants were killed and three rifles and two rocket launchers were recovered and the ambush was cleared .

Major Ramaswamy Parameswaran displayed the most conspicuous gallantry and thought nothing of dying at his post.

As you go about your day today, please spare a moment to remember our heroes..and please share this story of extraordinary courage and valour with your friends and family.

Barkha , Raja & Hitler...For posting @ Shadow Warrior

nov 25th, 2010

san, you posted the first, but i wanted to ensure that the second one -- which shows hitler in a more contemplative, and even wistful mood, was also captured.

both are ROTFL funny. thanks, ramesh.

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From: Ramesh 

These 2 videos are freakin hilarious..

hindu groups' service: Sewa Sandesh November 2010

nov 25th, 2010

this will never see the light of day in the MSM.

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From: Sewa Sandesh 

paks ensure their overlords are safe and secure

nov 25th, 2010

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From: B

Malik reviews security arrangements for Chinese

ISLAMABAD (updated on: 2010-11-23 17:04:35 PST):

Interior Minister A. Rehman Malik on Tuesday reviewed security arrangements made for Chinese nationals performing their duties at different projects in Pakistan.

He was chairing a high-level meeting, which was attended by Chinese ambassador to Pakistan Liu Jian, Secretary Interior Qamar Zaman Chaudhry, Director General of National Crisis Management Cell and representatives of National Highway Authority, WAPDA, PEPCO, Rangers, police and provincial administrations.

The minister said Pakistan gave great importance to its relations with China and both the countries were enjoying time-tested, deep-rooted and ever-green friendship. "China is Pakistan's trustworthy friend," he added.

He apprised the meeting about seriousness of the government to ensure fool-proof security arrangements for the Chinese workforce, which is playing an important role in various developmental projects.

Malik directed the authorities concerned to further tighten the security of Chinese workers and added that no negligence would be tolerated in this regard.

The Chinese ambassador appreciated Rehman Malik for taking keen interest in improving security measures for Chinese workforce.- app

First among toadies?

nov 25th, 2010

Funny limericks - but close to the truth

nov 25th, 2010

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From: Jatin 

Came across this funny limerick somewhere on the internet:

There once was a man named MMS
Who was servile to the Mainos in excess
He lost sleep when the man held in Oz
Turned out to be an Indian Moz
EVMs, CEC & Vote-banks gave him election-success.

There once was a lady named Antonia
Who fancied herself Queen of India
She could barely speak Hindi
Yet claimed to be a Gandhi
Which made Indians forget she was a Phony-ia

There once was a lad named Raoul Maino
Who was less Indian and more Italiano
He never studied or worked at a job
For he had the backing of the Eyetalian Mob
And his Bofors-Billions safe with Uncle Ottavio


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Fwd: Is US catching the British Disease by Barry Eichengreen

nov 24th, 2010

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From: sanjeevnayyar

In a deeper sense it is the Law of Karma at work, u reap what u sow.
The wane in America's economic and political prowess raises parallels with Britain's slump after World War II

In the US, the scent of decline is in the air. Imperial overreach, political polarization, and a costly financial crisis are weighing on the economy. Some pundits now worry that America is about to succumb to the "British disease".

Doomed to slow growth, the US of today, like the exhausted Britain that emerged from World War II, will be forced to curtail its international commitments. This will create space for rising powers such as China, but it will also expose the world to a period of heightened geopolitical uncertainty.

In thinking about these prospects, it is important to understand the nature of the British disease. It was not simply that the US and Germany grew faster than Britain after 1870. After all, it is entirely natural for late-developing countries to grow rapidly, as is true of China today. The problem was Britain's failure in the late 19th century to take its economy to the next level.

Britain was slow to move from the old industries of the first Industrial Revolution into modern sectors such as electrical engineering, which impeded the adoption of mass-production methods. It also failed to adopt precision machinery that depended on electricity, which prevented it from producing machined components for use in assembling typewriters, cash registers and motor vehicles. The same story can be told about other new industries such as synthetic chemicals, dyestuffs and telephony, in all of which Britain failed to establish a foothold.

... deleted

Also read

1. How India became a poor country by sanjeev nayyar - examples of how British exploited India economically. http://www.esamskriti.com/essay-chapters/Why-India-is-a-poor-country-1.aspx


Media Men in the Bunker

Yes, another delicious Hitler rant video has been produced - this time on the #Barkhagate scandal. Enjoy.

Heheh, I think the only way I could have improved it is to mention our own Rajeev's name at the point where we hear Stalin's. :)

Well, at least the internet keeps us free from orchestrated media news blackouts.

the wages of sin: corrupt companies find their market values reduced

nov 24th, 2010

firms in corrupt countries have lower market value: stanford research.
 true for corrupt journos too 

this is true for corrupt countries as a whole: their market value in global markets will be discounted steeply.

Firms in Corrupt Countries Pay a Price in Market Value

Virtue seems to pay according to Professor Charles M.C. Lee whose research shows that publicly-held firms in countries perceived as less corrupt trade at bigger market premiums than those in places deemed more corrupt. 

November 2010

STANFORD GRADUATE SCHOOL OF BUSINESS—Stock markets are supposed to be the ultimate arbiter of company worth. But do they factor in a country's corruption, or virtue in valuing businesses? 

Yes, says Charles M.C. Lee, an expert on markets and accounting at Stanford's Graduate School of Business. The GSB professor recently discussed his research showing that ethical lapses matter in the market value of companies. Publicly-held firms in countries perceived as less corrupt trade at bigger market premiums than those in places considered more corrupt, according to Lee. "Virtue seems to pay – at least over the longer term," he said in a November 5 talk.

On the flip side, "the market seems to price assets in more corrupt regimes as if they're worth less," said the Joseph McDonald Professor of Accounting. "Collectively as a country, when you're on average more corrupt, you have to pay for that when markets look at you and when capital providers come into your country." 

... deleted


wsj slams jairam ramesh for being a nut and a maverick

nov 24th, 2010

i am not sure the criticism is fully merited, but statism and dirigisme are diseases endemic among left-leaning indian politicians.

WSJ: India's "license-permit raj" has been replaced by arbitrary environmental stoppages and clearances under a maverick: 

It would be easy to dismiss Jairam Ramesh as a buffoon. The Indian minister for environment and forests likes to talk big, as when he recently declared that driving SUVs was "criminal" and called for "a penalty on the type of cars you don't want to see on the roads." This week he fulminated against the affluent American lifestyle and those Indians who aspire to it.
Considering the fondness of Indian politicians for cruising around in SUVs and partying in their villas, it's doubtful the government will act on these particular pronouncements anytime soon. But Mr. Ramesh continues to use his office to do serious economic damage. No industry can afford to be cavalier when the minister has them in his sights.
Mr. Ramesh's ministry, which awards and rescinds environmental clearances in an arbitrary manner reminiscent of the "license-permit raj," has held up dams in India's northeast as well as power plants and highways around the country. On Monday he finally withdrew his opposition to a new airport for Mumbai after raising objections for over a year. In the last month, panels appointed by Mr. Ramesh have recommended revoking permits for South Korean steel giant Posco's $12 billion project in the eastern state of Orissa, the largest ever overseas investment in India. This comes a full five years after the firm signed an agreement with the Orissa government to set up its plant.
... deleted

a little gloating about bihar results

nov 24th, 2010

these posts were from about 12 hours ago. the numbers  may be slightly off, but the BJP won 90% of the seats they contested, including those in mohdan-dominated areas. JDU did almost as well, winning 85% of the seats they contested. 

the kkkangress won 4 out of 243 seats. of course, this isn't rahul baba's fault. teflon rahul can never be faulted for anything. 

why did all those who flocked to his rallies not vote for him? ans: they came a) because they were paid to come, b) they wanted the entertainment and cheap thrills of watching the half-italian guy saying dumb things.

i do hope rahul-G and sonia-G will continue to campaign hard. wherever they go, the kkkangress usually loses.

BJP won 79/102 seats contested, congress won 4/242.
 MSM had no idea about magnitude of rout? what 'pulse of voter'?
fairly likely NDA captured non-hindu votes in
. what about great 'secular' hopes to grab non-hindu votebank? 
rahul for PM now, before nitish stakes claim
especially with manmohan weakened
RajeevSrinivasa #bihar2010
trajectories from 2005 to now: BJP 55 to 79; CONG 9 to 4. num of seats contested by CONG: 242 
RajeevSrinivasa #barkhagate
 i meant 'manchurian candidate', ie a hidden secret weapon. obama is accused of being one for certain powers
RajeevSrinivasa #barkhagate
 is rahul BJP's machurian candidate? see his spectacular performance for them in
. obama, eat your heart out!
RajeevSrinivasa #barkhagate
MSM will ignore bihar catastrophe for cong, SC rap on CVC appt/2G scam, will scream 'yediyurappa'.