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SABHA 4M Report - 30 Apr 2009

apr 30th, 2009

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Date: Fri, May 1, 2009 at 6:54 AM
SABHA - 4M Report Arvind Kumar, 30 Apr 2009

Your regular dose of pseudosecularism

  1. SABHA roots for Taliban

    Whoda thunk it? We're rooting for Taliban! Apparently, the Taliban is in a war to take over the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and its forces briefly took over the district adjoining Islamabad. Go Taliban!

  2. Obama bombs Pakistan after Pakistanis vote for him

    Strange people, the Pakistanis. One of the first things that Barack Obama did after taking office as US President was to bomb Pakistan. He had promised to do so during his campaign, but Pakistanis in the US were thrilled that he had pronounced Pakistan correctly instead of pronouncing it in the American way as PACK-i-stan. The Pakistanis decided to vote for him based on this pronunciation.

  3. Mulayam Yadav to ban internet and rail system

    Mulayam Singh Yadav of the Samajwadi Party has promised to ban computers if his party comes to power in the parliamentary elections.
    "India is a country with millions of unemployed hands and if we go on computerising everything, we will soon have a bigger army of unemployed youth," Mulayam Singh told reporters. Unmindful of the flak his election manifesto had drawn on account of the anti-computer and anti-English stance, he said: "Nothing should be allowed to go beyond certain limits. We have seen enough of computerisation and any further move in that direction would be detrimental to the overall growth of the nation."
    Mulayam Singh will also ban trucks and trains and let hundreds of workers do the job of the train by carrying loads and running between various places.

  4. Journalist cracks the case of IC-814 hijacking!

    Siddharth Varadarajan, a long time Taliban supporter (he supported the Taliban even before SABHA supported it), has uncovered startling details about the hijacking of the Indian Airlines flight from Kathmandu in late 1999. Apparently, there was only one hijacker involved in the operation and he "singlehandedly" managed to hijack the plane. The hijacker was none other than LK Advani, the then Home Minister! Check out this link for details.

  5. Moron of the Decade

    Lots of contenders for the 'Moron of the Month' award, but this time we're giving a 'Moron of the Decade' award to a person who has spent the better part of the decade working to get this award. The Moron of the Decade award goes to Teesta Setalvad. Apparently, she wanted to mislead the authorities by cooking up claims about killings during the riots in Gujarat in 2002. So she had 22 "witnesses" file identical affidavits!
    Mr Rohatgi also told the court that 22 witnesses, who had submitted identical affidavits before various courts relating to riot incidents, were questioned by SIT. "It was found that they were tutored. The affidavits were handed over to them by Ms Setalvad. They had not actually witnessed the riot," the counsel said.
    Apparently, she believed that repeating the claim about 2000 Muslims being killed had worked and so she tried fooling the investigators by repeating the claims in the affidavit.

  6. Pakistani beheads wife

    A Pakistani man in the US beheaded his wife after she served divorce papers on him. The man had set up a TV channel in order to, hold your breath, project a positive image of Islam!
    Muzzammil Hassan, who founded Bridges TV in November 2004 to counter anti-Islam stereotypes, surrendered to police Thursday. Hassan touted the network as the "first-ever full-time home for American Muslims," according to a press release. "Every day on television we are barraged by stories of a 'Muslim extremist, militant, terrorist, or insurgent,'" Hassan said in the 2004 release. "But the stories that are missing are the countless stories of Muslim tolerance, progress, diversity, service and excellence that Bridges TV hopes to tell."

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Limitless Love meets Perpetual Peace

apr 30th, 2009
i do like this. little-known fallout from obama's first 100 days.
btw, it is interesting that christists in india talk a lot about 'unity'. this, i have come to conclude, is code for 'conversion'. because christists wouldn't recognize unity if it were presented to them on a plate with watercress around it. they demonstrated it in several hundred years of crusades against mohammedans, in decades of world wars, in the 30-years' war, the hundred-years war, etc. which were between christist cults.

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Another Terror Attack Coming?

A radio-controlled helicopter was found to have been flown into the parliamentary complex today, and it's being said that it was more sophisticated than just a toy. Is another terror attack being planned, along the lines of the previous attack on parliament that triggered Operation Parakram?

It's worth noting that the Pakistani military is currently chafing under the US grip, as it is forced to grudgingly launch another military operation against its Taliban brethren. The Pak Army would certainly love for a distraction to occur right now, one which would bring lots of Indian troops to the border, thus providing a timely and convenient excuse for Pak troops to abandon the pursuit of Taliban and rush to defend the border with India.

Everytime Pak gets into a pickle, they look to prey upon us to get out of their predicament.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Japan Suddenly Fixated on N-Disarmament

I'm assuming that Japan's latest quest is due to NKorea's newfound nuclear delivery capability.

Somehow I feel the Japanese will likely find themselves out in the cold, without any takers for their great disarmament plan, since nobody's in the mood to disarm. Oh, I'm sure they'll be granted an audience in various important capitols, but beyond that I don't see much happening.

Which major international partners could the Japanese hope to rope in for their campaign? Certainly not the US, or China. Even Russia is doubtful, given the age of its conventional forces.
The EU possibly? But even NATO has long depended upon nuclear deterrence to protect its members from a Soviet/Russian attack.

Would Japan then just simply buy off a lot of 3rd world votes?
Sounds like they'll be picking up our traditional role at the NAM then.

India should be wary about a newly frenzied Japan now taking every opportunity to hector us about nuclear disarmament, including using its financial clout to apply pressure on us. Well, we Indians did not create the NKorean problem, nor should we or our security interests become scapegoats for it.

If Japan hurriedly tries to arm-twist us on aid, then let's hit at them by strategically partnering with the SKoreans at Japan's expense. Given the steep decline in their economy, they're in no position to be bargaining hard with others, especially over our vital interests. Like I've said, the Japanese need to learn to appreciate us more, and to appreciate our unique challenges, without trying to run roughshod over us.

more on malay mohammedan converts forcibly converting their minor children

apr 27th, 2009
ah yes, the wonders of 'secularism'.

upa to drink negroponte kool-aid, after all

apr 27th, 2009
the reference to kool-aid is from the jim jones guyana tragedy from 30 years ago, when the christist cult leader got several hundred people to drink poisoned kool-aid and commit suicide.
apparently, the idiots in the UPA have decided that the so-called $10 laptop is not for real.

London Telegraph: Ze Evil Hindoo Nazis

For those of you who unfortunately aren't in the know, ze Evil Hindoo Nazis are planning to cross ze Rhine very soon. Zis will occur after the Boys from Bombay finish cloning the Fuhrer. Do not leak ze invasion plans, or else ze anglo untermenschen swine may try to stop our Aryan invasion. Shh!

Oh, here's a little info on Friar José Kuruvachira, the latest "sekoolar" scholar trying to keep the world safe from ze Hindoo fascists. Could the sectarian conflict in Nagaland possibly be influencing his views?

swine flu: quarantine all visitors from north america

apr 27th, 2009
given what various countries did when there was an alleged outbreak of bubonic plague in surat, india, it would now be appropriate for india to:
a) quarantine all visitors from north america
b) embargo all food items from north america
since that is the source of the epidemic.
incidentally, i'd like to remind readers that the first, the very first, country that embargoed all indian ships and goods during that so-called plague scare was lebanon. yeah, piddly little arab country whose cause india had always supported. so much for arab gratitude for past favors. this is typical semitic behavior, of course. they take but don't give.

Monday, April 27, 2009

malay racists get to be less racist in search of votes and respectability

apr 27th, 2009
the demonstrations by the hindu RAF is beginning to have some impact in malaysia, the newly fundamentalist country. (thanks a bunch to manmohan singh, who did nothing whatsoever in the pursuit of fairness for the hindu minority. he was too busy having sleepless nights about the rights of mohammedan terrorist suspects.)

Artificial Intelligence Cracks 4,000-Year-Old Mystery: indus script is a language?

apr 27th, 2009
no, say it ain't so!
steve farmer's theory and my trademarked and copyrighted 'Aryan Tourist Theory' go so well together! i agree with farmer that the indus script is not a language, it's just a set of visas for white 'aryan' tourists who have arrived in india to propagate their superior genes (or is it jeans?) by impregnating local women*. they will also teach them their superior language, sanskrit, which they, although they were generally swinging from trees, quickly picked up while they were roaring down the khyber pass in their horse-drawn chariots.
*[obligatory footnote, so that this is a propah scientific paper of the type steve 'sancho panza' farmer and his boss, 'don quixote' witzel, write.] white 'aryan' tourists from the US have been known to do this in places like japan, where they impregnate japanese women and teach them english. obviously this means they were doing the same in 'aryan' tourist timeframe india.
did i mention that steve farmer is a horse's ass? yes that same horse that roared down the khyber pass. or maybe it is the indian wild ass or onager, that farmer and witzel confuse with a horse.
now the other horse's ass, the nazi witzel, will roundly condemn this study by saying it is done by 'hiina' hindus. only superioir white 'aryan' nazis like him and max mueller have the right to propagate theories about 'aryans', witzel will now declare.

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Artificial Intelligence Cracks 4,000-Year-Old Mystery

By Brandon Keim EmailApril 23, 2009 | 1:01:09 PMCategories: Archaeology  
An ancient script that's defied generations of archaeologists has yielded some of its secrets to artificially intelligent computers.
Computational analysis of symbols used 4,000 years ago by a long-lost Indus Valley civilization suggests they represent a spoken language. Some frustrated linguists thought the symbols were merely pretty pictures.
... deleted

the new, new telecom thing: beyond 3G

apr 27th, 2009
i believe only BSNL has rolled out 3G in india, maybe the others can just leapfrog to LTE aka 4G?

60 Miles From Islamabad

Now even the NYT types are getting jittery about Pak, as their latest editorial shows.

And from this we can see that Pak has now gotten itself into quite the trap: it can either be allowed to have jihadism, or else nukes - but not both. The larger international powers-that-be will not allow it to have both. Unfortunately, Pak doesn't know how to decide between the two, and give up one in order to preserve the other.

I'm reminded of a National Geographic special I saw which showed how a poacher trapped monkeys. He took a bottle and fastened it to the ground by tying it to a stake. Then he put some nuts inside the bottle and waited nearby, hiding. A monkey would come along and dip its hand into the bottle to get the nuts, but in closing its fist around the nuts, it was unable to remove its hand from the bottle. The stupid monkey was not intelligent enough to let go of the nuts, instead becoming confused and frustrated, thrashing around wildly and in futility. Meanwhile, the poacher would quickly come with a gunny sack and stuff the monkey inside.

This is the predicament that the stupid Pakistanis have put themselves in. They're too stupid to let go of the nuts, and are instead just thrashing wildly.

FT lays into Congress with unusual gusto

The government has squandered the boom years, left the country more vulnerable to malign global economic conditions and compromised prospects for a healthy recovery. But Manmohan Singh and his “dream team” have been given an easy ride: they have escaped blame, especially outside India. The conventional excuse is that their hands are tied by Sonia Gandhi and her Congress coterie, and by coalition politics.

This explanation just does not wash. Mr Singh has impeccable academic credentials and is by all accounts incorruptible. He deserves credit for his performance as finance minister in the 1990s – although credit should also go to Narasimha Rao, then prime minister, who took the tough decisions.

But Mr Singh has proved a hopeless decision-maker as prime minister. Sadly, he proves the rule that academics should generally be “on tap” but not “on top”.

What gives this sudden change of heart?

Sunday, April 26, 2009

action requested: Hindu Temple Attacked in Rampurhat, West Bengal

apr 26th, 2009

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From: Amit Singh <>
Date: Sat, Apr 25, 2009 at 1:52 PM
Subject: [Hindu Vigil] Hindu Temple Attacked in Rampurhat, West Bengal

You are requested to send e-mails / postal letters to protest the apathy
of West Bengal government to the plight of Hindus who were attacked, their
women folk molested and a Hindu temple was attacked by a Muslim mob,
Rampurhat, West Bengal, India. All relevant documentation is included in
the attached document.

If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me at or leave me a voice mail at 206-426-5363.

Thank you.

Sincerely yours,

(Amit Singh)
Hindu Vigil
Voice Mail: +1 206-426-5363

=============== attachment included as plain text ===========

The following is a text rendering of the pdf attachment.
For better readability, kindly open up the attachment.

                               HINDU VIGIL

               Hindu Temple Attacked by Islamic Mob in Rampurhat

                           West Bengal, India


On the evening of February 24, 2009, the day after the Hindu festival
Shivaratri, there was a cultural program in the residential temple of
Shyamal Das of Kamarpatti. At that time, 6-7 Muslim youths started
sexually harassing young Hindu girls attending the function.

The festival committee youths attempted to stop the harassment of the
minor girls, and the Muslims left the location. In just 30 minutes, 40-50
Muslims from a nearby locality appeared on the scene. The festival
organizers sensing an attack quickly locked the temple gates. The
attackers broke all the Hindu murthis/icons outside and destroyed the
Hindu worship altar. They could not break the icons in the sanctum
sanctorum of the temple, due to the heavy doors.

The victimized Hindu devotees became upset and started protesting. The
Hindus from the neigboring areas rushed in to the spot.At that time, the
police reached the location, and announced via loudspeaker that Section
144 of the Indian Penal Code had been enacted from that very moment.
Ironically, The Hindus were roughened up and removed from the spot.

The next day, the local Hindus took out a rally under the leadership of
Subhashish Chowdhury, protesting that the local Congress party leader,
syed Shiraz, aka Jimmi is facilitating the Islamist elements.



Such incidents have been taking place in different parts of India
particularly in the Muslim dominated areas. While incidents against
minorities are mostly cooked up and disproportionately highlighted in the
media, violence against Hindus goes unnoticed and unpunished. It is
shocking to learn that law enforcing agencies avoid taking legal measures
to curb such elements owing to the environment created by the votaries of
vote bank politics.



Posted by Hindu Samhati's International Communications Team
Hindu Samhati Email Address:
Website: ,



Write a letter to the highest authorities in central and state governments
bringing the issues to their notice and demanding immediate action:

1. Smt. Pratibha Devisingh Patil
President of India
Rashtrapati Bhavan
New Delhi, INDIA

2. Dr. Manmohan Singh
Prime Minister of India
24 Race Course
New Delhi, INDIA
Pull the URL:
Click on the "feedback" and then register your protest under "Grievance" section as per the
given guidelines

3. Shri Gopalkrishna Gandhi
Governor of West Bengal
Raj Bhavan
Kolkata 700 062
Phone: 033-2200 1641
Fax: 033 - 2200 2444 / 2200 1649

4. Shri Buddhadev Bhattacharya,
Chief Minister, West Bengal
Writers' Building
Kokata, INDIA
Phone: (O) 22215555, 22145588
Fax: 22215480

5. National Human Rights Commission
Faridkot House, Copernicus Marg
New Delhi, INDIA
 PIN 110001
Tel.No. 23384012
Fax No. 23384863

6. West Bengal Human Rights Commission,
Bhabani Bhavan, Alipore, kolkata-27
Std: 033 fax: 24799633
Phone no. 24797727/1629
Pull URL: and click on "complaint" and follow the guidelines

7. Send a copy of your letter to the UNHRC bringing raising the issue at
international forum:

Postal address:
Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR)
Palais des Nations
CH-1211 Geneva 10, Switzerland

8. You may send register your protest at the following number:
Telephone: +41 22 917 9000
Also E-mail your queries in this regards to:


(Please do NOT use the sample letter verbatim)

Honourable ________________,

It has come to my knowledge that on the evening of February 24th, the day
after the Hindu festival Shivaratri, a cultural program in the residential
temple of Shyamal Das of Kamarpatti was attacked by a Muslim mob. The
attackers broke all the Hindu murthis/icons outside and destroyed the
Hindu worship altar. The local administration has so far not acted
appropriately in the matter and the culprits are not booked accordingly.

I request you to kindly examine the matter by taking personal interest so
that immediate action is taken in the matter. Kindly inform me of the
actions taken in this regard and the step you propose to take so that such
incidents are not repeated in future. I can be reached via e-mail at
_______________and/or via phone at _____________.

Thanking you.
Sincerely yours,


Contact Information

Amit Singh
Hindu Vigil
Voicemail:  1-206-426-5363



(Sourced on 22nd April 2009)


Appendix II. Guidelines for Writing Protest Letters

The following are guidelines for writing letters of protest. Please note
that these should not be considered as requirements. This is meant as an
instrument of learning and effective capability building.

The Protest Letter Checklist

___ [REQUIRED] The protest letters should be either neatly hand-written or
type-written or computer-printed (black and white), signed (in blue ink),
and mailed via regular postal service.

___ [OPTIONAL] Send the text of the same letter in e-mail to the recipient

___ [OPTIONAL] Send a copy of the letter to the local media (via postal or

___ [OPTIONAL] If you run a personal blog (e.g. on, post the
letter there.

___ [OPTIONAL] If you have / / / profiles, post the letter there.

___ [RECORD-KEEPING] Send the text of your protest letter to Hindu Vigil
(via e-mail): { hindu DOT vigil AT vhs DASH net
DOT com } ; your letters will be archived.

Framework for Writing Protest Letters

Do protest letters work? Yes they do. Governments, institutions and
politicians pay careful attention to letters, because they are seen as
markers of public opinion. Statisticians and pollsters quite often use a
mathematical formula of 1 protestor to 10 letters of protest (can be
substituted by phone calls) to 10,000 concerned citizens. Meaning 10
letters of protest can substitute for 1 protestor protesting (being
physically present), representing at least 10,000 persons who feel
strongly about the issue at hand. Thus, your single letter of protest is
statistically representing at least 10,000 Hindus.

Is writing a protest letter too trivial? No. It is not. Whether you are
working on minimum wages or a multi-millionaire dollar businessperson, or
an awfully busy doctor or a lawyer, or homemaker trying to manage a
chaotic household -- it does not take that long to write a protest letter.
Hindu Vigil staff has already done your homework for you. All you have to
do is to spend 10 minutes and write this letter, and make yourself heard.

Format and Style

Letters of protest need not be long or compare with professional writers.
They should be crisp and clean. They must be genuine and the message
should come from the heart. Just be yourself and do your best. You need
not be an expert. Just speak your mind as a citizen on clean paper in neat
print. For your letter to make an impact, all you have to do is express
your sincere concern about something that troubles your conscience -- and
end the letter with a strong request for action. Tell the recipient of
your letter you know that many of your friends and neighbors feel
likewise. Be brief. Be clear. Be done.

Write to a person

Letters are more likely to be read and answered if they are addressed to a
name rather than to the government in general. Get the spelling of the
name and the address right.

Use titles

It shouldn't matter, but it does. Most people happen to be vain. Use the
appropriate salutation. Present and former prime ministers are addressed
as "The Right Honorable." Premiers and cabinet ministers are "Honorable."
Heads of States, such as presidents, are "Your Excellency." Kings, Queens
and other monarchs are "Your Majesty." Judges are "Your Honor."

Be polite

Always be respectful. Maintain the high moral ground.

Be brief

A short letter is far more effective than a long one. Limit your message
to 2-3 paeagraphs, or one that fits about 3/4th of a normal page. Get to
the point.

Be personal

Use personal examples that support your case. Make references to your
background, interests, training or occupation.

Cite facts

Briefly give the background facts. Enclose relevant URLs off the Internet
or send scanned newspaper clippings. Be specific about your concern.
Mention victims of persecution or abuse by name if possible. Separate
facts from opinion.

Write neatly

Handwritten letters do make a bigger impact. Printed letters are second best.

Don't generalize, be specific

Write about one message at a time. Spend some brief quality time thinking about just what
the kernel of your message ought to be.

Request action

This is extremely important. Underline what you want the person, the
government or the institution to do. Always, always get the recipient of
your letter to do something. Ask them when you can expect a change. State
clearly you intend to follow up.

Close properly

Close your letter with polite words. Thank the person for the things you
know he or she will do right. Be sure to include your mailing address.

Categories of Protest Letters

There are two categories of letters that are of interest to HV.

a. A letter to an oppressive or unsympathetic government

A government may cloak itself in democratic terms and yet be viciously
destructive to the interests of the citizens. A letter to an oppressive
government or an abusive government official should make it clear that
many people are clearly unhappy.

b. A letter to an institution

Human rights institutions are set up around the world. Some do their work
better than others. Human rights organizations are specifically biased
against Hindus and Hindu Dharma (due to historical factors, and going into
those is out of the scope of this document). Former communists and
socialists have reinvented themselves as champions of human rights during
the post-Soviet phase, and these are least expected to give an ear to
human rights violations against Hindus. For the purposes of Hindu Vigil
you may accept this at face value. HR organisations are concerned about
the image they present. Their funding depends on their image. If its
officials are seen as rubber stamping nefarious forces within oppressive
governments, they cannot be effective and serve the people properly. They
know that. So do you. You should appeal to HR institutions or organization
in the name of principles they profess to uphold.

Some Final Considerations

If you do not receive a reply within a reasonable time, send a polite
query. Although state officials fail to acknowledge most of the appeals
that are written to them, don't be discouraged. Repeated messages get
noticed, processed and filed.  Every letter, whether acknowledged or not,
makes an impact. It tells the offenders that Hindus are watching their
actions and recording them. When you do receive a reply, acknowledge it
immediately as a matter of courtesy.


brahma: Double truth comes out

apr 26th, 2009

what a time to suck up to the yanks, manmohan! the yanks are being eclipsed, so do think of more than your numbered swiss account, will you? don't hitch india's star to the yanks so slavishly!

without question, manmohan is an even worse prime minister than the great jawaharlal. jawaharlal was an idiot, manmohan knows what he is doing. 

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Brahma Chellaney

* Hillary Clinton says reason for India's inaction against Pakistan after Mumbai is: "We worked very hard ... to prevent India from reacting."  That admission explains why Manmohan Singh did not take the smallest of small steps against Pak, even as a symbolic expression of outrage.


* Gen. Petraeus admits Holbrooke's "portfolio very much includes India," and that Holbrooke and he are in constant touch with Indian officials.




At a Congressional hearing on Friday, Secretary of State Clinton said there have already been a number of high-level discussions, including between the U.S president and the Indian PM, on the sidelines of the G-20 summit, in London, ''raising the issue of how India can do more to tamp down any reaction, on any front, like Mumbai could have provoked.''

''We worked very hard, as did the prior administration, to prevent India from reacting. But we know that the insurgents and al Qaeda and their syndicate partners are pretty smart. They are not going to cease their attacks, inside India, because they are looking for exactly the kind of reaction that we all hope to prevent,'' Clinton said.

''So we do have a lot of work to do, with the Indian government, to make sure that they continue to exercise the kind of restraint they showed after Mumbai, which was remarkable, especially given the fact that it was the political season,'' she added.



India Part of Holbrooke's Portfolio: Petraeus

4/25/2009 1:44 AM ET


The commander of the U.S. central command has said that India is part of the "portfolio" of Richard Holbrooke, the special American representative for Pakistan and Afghanistan, reports say.

"There are people who have rightly said that ambassador Holbrooke's title should be Afghanistan, Pakistan and India," General David Petraeus told a Congressional committee, in response to a question from a lawmaker.

"Now, let me just tell you, his portfolio very much includes India and in fact, the Central Asian states and the other neighbors there," the four-star general said, adding both he and Holbrooke had met with top Indian officials and have been in constant touch with them.

terrorist sings like a canary

apr 26th, 2009

the sad thing is that the media cannot be trusted. they will ignore the reality of pakistani involvement, and give out any details that might hurt the army's operations. 

this is in fact what should have been done to all captured terrorists: parade them in front of the videocamera, have them tearfully recant their terrorism and their brainwashing and say how they were lied to by the ISI, have them divulge all sorts of stuff about their training by pakistan and their brainwashing. all this can be eased by a machine gun pointed at them off-camera or a bayonet prodding them also off camera. this can have great propaganda value.

then interrogate them with serious torture, get everything useful out of them, and then shoot them "while they tried to escape". 

no, captured pakistani terrorists have no human rights. they are not human. 

vivek wadhwa: Is Indian IT fueling a new wave of growth in advanced research and product development processes?

apr 26th, 2009

i guess someone has to cheerlead. wadhwa is doing what the late dewang mehta used to do as head of nasscom: see my old column "the man who knew marketing". i don't have anywhere near such a high opinion of indian IT, which is not very innovative. it mostly does stuff on demand, and one of the concerns is that it never even tells the customers if what they are asking for is dumb, impossible or counterproductive, it just does what the customer asks for. 

in fact, other parts of the indian economy may be far more innovative. eg. medical services, we have talked about aravind eye clinic, narayana hrudayalaya etc, clearly very clever. also, see this article on rural, grassroots innovation. 

 and in fact, there is a whole book on indian innovation that may be instructive. it is published by the world bank:,,contentMDK:21490203~pagePK:146736~piPK:146830~theSitePK:223547,00.html

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Ram Narayanan  

THE AMERICAN: The Journal of the American Enterprise Institute 

The Indian Exception Proving the Rule 

By Vivek Wadhwa Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Satyam scandal rocked the global business community and threatened to
stifle the Indian outsourcing industry. But as the dust settles, the forces driving
outsourcing are as strong as ever, with benefits for both India and the West.

... deleted

The forces pushing the growth of IT outsourcing and fueling the rise of Satyam, along with companies like Wipro and Infosys, did not disappear because Ramalinga shoved $1 billion down a rabbit hole. Rather, the very same forces are actually gathering steam. And these forces will fuel a new wave of outsourcing from U.S. companies that goes beyond India's legacy plain vanilla data and IT administration business and into more advanced research and product development processes. Companies such as Tata ConsultancyServices and HCL Technologies are helping develop next-generation networking services, medical equipment, avionics systems, and the interiors of luxury jets for Western companies. Both HCL and Tata got their start running drab, back office data processes for foreign firms. Now they are being trusted with the crown jewels.

... deleted

limeys predicted Pakistan will prosper, India will break up

apr 26th, 2009

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: sri 
Subject: British Raj predicted Pakistan will prosper, India will break up

Legacy of the Raj
Mihir Bose

Published 23 April 2009

Born in Mumbai, Mihir Bose has won numerous awards for his
wide-ranging journalism over four decades. Now the BBC's sports
editor, he reflects here on democracy in India – and asks if the
British really wanted their former colony to survive

At one point during the recent general election campaign in India, the
leader of the BJP opposition, L K Advani, accused the prime minister,
Manmohan Singh, of being "weak". Singh and his colleagues reacted with
fury. This was an abusive term, they said, that insulted both the
office of the prime minister and the country itself.

Not to be outdone, Advani reacted by claiming he was "hurt" by the
attacks on his record, and for good measure then failed to attend an
all-party dinner in honour of the departing speaker of the Indian

... deleted

ratzy manufactures more monsters... er 'saints'

apr 26th, 2009

see my earlier column 'the saint business'. this *is* a business, and a good one at that.

56% will vote for BJP: samay polls

apr 26th, 2009

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: sri 

In this samaylive polls, 56% will vote for BJP, while only 34% will
vote for Congress.

This indicates that urban, upwardly mobile,educated, well informed
Indians prefer BJP to Congress.  It also shows that it is the rural,
uneducated, poor and ignorant masses that vote for Congress. So
Congress has a vested interest in keeping the masses in the poverty
You will vote for?
56% [8555 Votes]
34% [5205 Votes]
None of these
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radha rajan on the sri lanka crisis, courtesy the christists

apr 26th, 2009

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Radha 

Dear all, the Vigil Plainspeak  on Sri Lanka has been uploaded on the Vigil website . This is the URL
Regards, RR

Sri Lanka's war of attrition – Church ignited and fueled


English news channels had a field day taunting Tamil Nadu Chief Minister variously with 'blinking first', 'swallowing' and 'backtracking' on the issue of the LTTE. All English news channels, without exception, attributed Karunanidhi's volte face to pressure from the Congress. Of course, this fiction suits the English media because 'Congress pressure' is pseudonym for 'Sonia pressure' and diminishing Karunanidhi adds an additional two feet to Sonia Gandhi's Forbes-manufactured pogo stick.


In the face of it, the tragedy of the Tamils of Sri Lanka seems complex because of the different forces at work in that island-nation; these forces have caused the spill-over into India. South and South-East Asia are the last theaters for the ceaseless cosmic war between the two well-organized Abrahamic faiths. Across the globe, all separatist, secessionist, political insurgent movements are only Christian (Poland, erstwhile Soviet Union and other Balkan states, East Timor), Church-backed (Tamil Nadu lawyers' strike, LTTE and Maoists of Nepal and India) or Islamic movements. These movements, when allowed to succeed have always ended only in the creation of new Christian or Islamic states.


To defeat such Church-backed or Islamic secessionist movements it must first be understood that Islam and Christianity by their very nature are political entities with political objectives; they only masquerade as religions. Every non-Muslim, non-Christian country therefore must hold the adherents of Islam and Christianity as potential insurgents and foot-soldiers for their religions who pose a threat to national security in more ways than one; this entails keeping a watchful eye on all their activities and particularly for any attempt to alter the religious demography in any part of their country. India's stake in Sri Lanka is historical; not merely because the country is contiguous with Tamil Nadu but more importantly to protect the civilisational content and character of the region.

--- deleted

Thursday, April 23, 2009

stealth-christism rampant: The Crusaders' Cross is Back on Rs. 10 coin

apr 23rd, 2009
the christists can't resist.
what this needs is the following:
a. as shahyrar said, a hindu antidefamation league
b. use RTI to find out who is doing this
c. sue them under the section 529A (?) serious offense causing hurt to religious sentiments
interestingly, arjun singh (wife is a christist) did all this in the HRD, but now is moaning because his offspring didn't get tickets. same thing happened to another old soldier for the nehru dynasty, natwar singh. when the iraq oil scam came up, he was made the scapegoat and put out to pasture. i am predicting the same fate will befall today's flunkeys-in-chief, manmohan singh and p. chidambaram. couldn't happen to two more deserving candidates.
---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: <info@

The Crusaders' Cross is Back on Rs. 10 coin

The new coins carry the same cross as was seen last year on Rs 2 coins. The RBI alleges that the cross shows "unity in diversity." However, it is unable to give an explanation as to from what angle does the cross project this message.

The central government has issued a new 10 Rs coin with a with 'Christian Crusader's Cross' on one side.

Two years back, the UPA government had issued two Rs coin with ditto same Christian crusader cross on one side. Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi had taken up this issue to the people in his December 2007 Gujarat assembly election rallies(Watch video).After much protest this coin was withdrawn.

Now again, the central government has come with Rs 10 coin depicting ditto same 'Jerusalam cross.' It is same story again as was the case couple of years ago with 2 rupee coin.

[paniithyd] The silent majority to blame - MP threatens the highest Police Officer

apr 23rd, 2009
this is a good reason why nobody wants lots of mohammedans in their neighborhood: it soon turns into taliban territory, a mini-pakistan.
---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: sri

--- On Mon, 4/20/09, Ramanan R <rramananhydwrote:

Subject: [paniithyd] The silent majority to blame

Look at the news item below. One MP threatens the highest Police
Officer in the state - not in his bedroom with the doors closed but in
front of newspaper reporters and TV camera.

This is the not the first. The Urban development body wanted to break
a compound wall as it was encroaching on the footpath. They arrived
with the demolition squad after sufficient notice and no response. (No
tanks, No medium artillery or heavy artillery etc)
Another MLA stopped them with a few supporters. When the town planner
was not intimidated by the MLA, the MLA started firing from his gun.
The case was discussed thread bare. The conclusions were. The MLA felt
threatened by the Town planning staff. He was afraid for his life. So
he fired from his LICENSED gun to protect himself. Then the next twist
was, he filed a case of criminal intimidation on the town planners.
The Govt. SUSPENDED the town planners pending enquiry!!!

And this house is half km from the legislative assembly, less then 1
km from the Secretariat, in the middle of what used to be considered
THE PLACE in town, before the IT companies started flaunting their
wealth in the city. AND the house does not belong to the MLA. He may
have done that job for a consideration.

Assuring that these stories are not from Aesop fables or Panchatantra.


Asaduddin Owaisi in trouble Special Correspondent

UNDER SCANNER: MIM leader Asaduddin Owaisi shares a light moment with
women in old city on Saturday.

HYDERABAD: MIM president Asaduddin Owaisi, who is a candidate for the
Hyderabad Lok Sabha seat, has landed himself in trouble on Saturday
for his remark purportedly asking Director General of Police A. K.
Mohanty to shed his uniform and face him in an electoral battle.

Viewing the remark seriously, Chief Electoral Officer I. V. Subba Rao
termed it as "intemperate, objectionable and intolerant" from a party
leader who was expected to use every word with a sense of

It amounted to making comments on an election officer and a senior
public servant who was trying his best to ensure a free and fair
election.. He said he had sent a detailed report on the issue to the
Election Commission.

The City Police registered a case against Mr. Owaisi. A case under
Section 189 (Threat of injury to public servant) of the Indian Penal
Code was booked against him based on a written complaint given by the
Kamatipura Inspector A. Rami Reddy.
"We will also examine the footage telecast in various news channels
for taking action against Mr. Owaisi," the Inspector said.

It is stated that after being released on bail in a different case,
Mr. Owaisi visited Bahadurpura where re-polling was in progress in a
booth. When reporters sought his reaction to the case registered
against him, he reportedly observed "the DGP is arrogant. Let him come
out of his uniform and face me in an election fight".

Mr. Owaisi had objected to the appointment of Mr. Mohanty as DGP when
the EC was considering one IPS officer out of a panel of four names
for filling the top post. Delegations of the BJP and Grand Alliance
met the CEO highlighting the alleged "criminal activities" perpetrated
by MIM leaders in the old city of Hyderabad, and seeking action
against Mr. Owaisi. Leading the GA team, P. Madhu, CPI (M) and Ibrahim
Masquati, Telugu Desam candidate in Charminar Assembly segment,
complained that a person by name Hussain Jafferi, suffered deep cuts
on his back as "MIM goondas" had attacked him with sabres.

minal hajratwala on 'leaving india'

apr 23rd, 2009
i had already seen minal's post about her book tour on the stanford linked-in discussion groups, so i decided to listen to this podcast from
apart from the usual (misguided and instigated by christist propaganda) moaning about caste, interesting interview. she also didn't claim that her sexual preference (lesbian) was a cause of great friction with her family. all in all, i thought this was a refreshing change from the trash-india and trash-hinduism rantings of the likes of the execrable deepa mehta. maybe that is an FOB problem, and the so-called ABCDs are more sensible, after?

brahma: Fail, then reap rewards

apr 23rd, 2009

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Brahma

Threaten to become a failed state, and reap a mass of aid

Pakistan deftly exploits international fears over its becoming a failed state to rake in an ever-growing mound of bilateral and multilateral aid, even as the Indian prime minister gratuitously certifies "Pakistan's nuclear weapons are in safe hands as of now"

Brahma Chellaney

Asian Age, April 22, 2009


Pakistan has long proved to be adept at diplomatically levering its weakness into strength. Now it is using the threat of its possible implosion to rake in record-level bilateral and multilateral aid.


Bountiful aid has been pouring in without any requirement that Pakistan address the root cause of its emergence as the epicentre of global terrorism — a state-instilled jihad culture and military-created terrorist outfits and militias. Even though the scourge of Pakistani terrorism emanates not so much from the Islamist mullahs as from generals who reared the forces of jihad, rewards are being showered on the procreators of terrorism.


The Pakistani-scripted Mumbai terrorist attacks, far from putting Islamabad in the international doghouse, have paradoxically helped open the floodgates of international aid, even if involuntarily. Between 1952 and 2008, Islamabad received over $73 billion as foreign aid, according to Pakistan's Economic Survey. But in the period since the Mumbai strikes, the amount of aid pledged or delivered to Pakistan has totalled a staggering $23.3 billion. This figure excludes China's unpublicized contributions but includes the International Monetary Fund's $7.6-billion bailout package, released after the Mumbai attacks.


Just last week, Islamabad secured some $5.2 billion in new aid at a donors conference — the first of its kind for Pakistan. At that conference, host Japan and America pledged $1 billion each, while the European Union promised $640 million, Saudi Arabia $700 million, and Iran and the United Arab Emirates $300 million each.


Add to this picture the largest-ever U.S. aid flow for Pakistan, unveiled by the Obama administration — $7.5 billion in civilian aid over five years ($1 billion of which was pledged in down-payment at the donors conference in Tokyo), some $3 billion in direct military assistance, plus countless millions of dollars in reimbursements to the Pakistani military for battling jihadists, including those it still nurtures and shields.

Despite the glib talk that the new aid would not be open-ended but result-oriented, the Obama administration first announced major new rewards for Pakistan upfront, and then persuaded other bilateral donors to make large contributions, without defining any specific conditions to help create a more moderate Pakistan not wedded to terrorism. The talk of "no blank cheques" and "an audit trail" has proven little more than spin. Put simply, Islamabad is being allowed to reap a terrorist windfall.

America's proposed Pakistan Enduring Assistance and Cooperation Enhancement (PEACE) Act, though, is likely to throw a few bones to those alarmed by the stepped-up assistance as déjà vu. The House version of this innocuously labelled bill seeks to set some metrics for the aid flow, but an opposing White House sees them as too stringent. The Senate version has not yet been unveiled. By the time the bill is passed by both chambers, its focus will likely be on accountability and presidential certification of the Pakistani military's assistance to help "root out Al Qaeda and other violent extremists in Pakistan's tribal regions" — the goal publicly identified by President Barack Obama.


In any event, if the benchmarks are not to the White House's liking, Obama will largely ignore them the way his predecessor dismissed the congressionally imposed metrics for progress on Iraq — metrics that ultimately even Congress disregarded in the face of increased Iraqi violence. The point is that by doling out goodies upfront, Obama has undercut any attempt to get the Pakistani military to stop underwriting terrorist groups.


History actually is repeating itself with a vengeance. It was the multibillion-dollar aid packages in the Reagan years that helped grease Pakistan's descent into a jihadist dungeon. And the renewed U.S. munificence under George W. Bush only encouraged Pakistan to dig itself deeper into the dungeon. Little surprise a recent U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) report concludes that America, despite its generous aid to Pakistan since 9/11, has "not met its national security goals to destroy terrorist threats and close the safe haven in Pakistan's FATA" [Federally Administered Tribal Areas].


At the root of the U.S.-India strategic dissonance on the "Afpak" belt is Washington's squint-eyed identification of terrorist safe havens only along Pakistan's border with Afghanistan, as well as its long-standing pampering of the Pakistani military. The U.S. Congress certainly will not seek to condition the new aid flow to the dismantlement of the state-nurtured terrorist infrastructure in the Pakistani heartland — the staging ground for attacks against India. So, just as the more than $12.3 billion in U.S. assistance to Islamabad since 9/11 only engendered more Pakistani terrorism — with India bearing the brunt — Obama's plan to shower Pakistan with mammoth new aid will embolden terrorism exporters there and bring Indian security under added pressure.


Still, Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has been conspicuous by his silence on this and on Obama's itch to strike a political deal with the Taliban. Rather, he has gratuitously stated: "We have been assured that Pakistan's nuclear weapons are in safe hands as of now. And I have no reason to disbelieve the assurance". Who gave that assurance? The answer: Those who are clueless and guileless on Pakistan are seeking to assure India even as they heap rewards on Islamabad and write off Indian security concerns.


Singh's telling silence, and his earlier refusal to take the mildest diplomatic action against Pakistan over the Mumbai strikes, even as he held that "some Pakistani official agencies must have supported" the attacks, underscore the hidden costs of the nuclear deal he rammed through. India's Pakistan policy stands effectively outsourced.


Singh refrained from taking the smallest of small steps against Pakistan because he believed Washington would help bring the Mumbai-attack planners to justice. Instead, to his chagrin, U.S. officials now are exhorting India to overcome Mumbai and provide Pakistan a tranquil eastern border through troop redeployments, even as non-official Americans are warning that the Indian inaction is bound to bring another major Pakistani-scripted terror attack before long. Like a Rand Corporation report earlier, Stratfor says Indian inaction signals a lack of resolve to deter Pakistan from staging more attacks.


Yet Special Representative Richard Holbrooke blithely pours salt on the Indian wounds. By meretriciously claiming in New Delhi that the U.S., India and Pakistan now face a common threat from terrorism and thus need to work together, Holbrooke sought to make Pakistan's war by terror against India absolvable and unpreventable — a reality he actually would like India to stoically endure.


Pakistan is not the only failing state in the world. A dysfunctional Somalia, for example, has become the base for increasingly daring piracy along the western rim of the Indian Ocean, seriously disrupting shipping in one of the world's busiest maritime passages. But even as Somali pirates — with ties to Islamists — now hold 17 captured ships and some 260 hostages, the annual U.S. aid for Somalia is not equivalent to even one day's aid for Pakistan that the Obama team has helped put together internationally.


The reason Pakistan can harvest tens of billions of dollars by playing the failing-state card is no different from what endeared it to U.S. policy since the 1950s or made it an "all-weather ally" of China. Pakistan remains too useful a pawn for external powers involved in this region. These powers thus are unlikely to let it fail, even as they play up the threat of implosion to bolster the Pakistani state. It's no wonder Pakistan seems determined as ever to pursue its "war of a thousand cuts" to turn India — with its aging, toothless leadership — into a failed state.


Outlook India's biased writers

apr 23rd, 2009

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: EagleSM23

Outlook India's team of anti-Hindu writers
has another member now, Neelabh Mishra.
Enter, Hindu Ayatollahs

TTP says Osama welcome in Swat: Taliban reject peace accord

apr 23rd, 2009

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Shahryar

Agreements can be made with Moderate Taliban! LOL.
Wednesday, April 22, 2009

TTP says Osama welcome in Swat: Taliban reject peace accord

* Muslim Khan wants Taliban model of sharia in Pakistan, 'even in America'
* Says those who disagree with Taliban are non-Muslims

MINGORA/LAHORE/NEW DELHI: Swat Taliban have said they are not bound to honour the peace accord between the government and cleric Sufi Muhammad, a private TV channel reported on Tuesday.

... deleted 


Elections prompt prayer campaign - By Hilda Raja

apr 23rd, 2009
christists trying to subvert indian elections, as usual.
---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: <info


Elections prompt prayer campaign - By Hilda Raja


A ministry working with the persecuted church is calling Christians round the world to pray for fellow believers in India as the country begins its national parliamentary elections. The author refers to church in the singular for convenience, though there are so many churches, each with its own distinct Christian God and gospel, rite, beliefs dogmas etc.


This election-prompt prayer campaign for Christians in India , made by  the ministry working for the persecuted church, hiding behind a 'Church' to broadcast its propaganda of  lies, false allegations and anti-national statements, is nothing but a political propaganda blitz. Where is this persecuted church? And what about the countries where the church is the persecutor?


peace approaching: Taliban Seize Control of Area Near Pakistani Capital

apr 23rd, 2009
now the ISI (=taliban) will formally be in charge, as opposed to covertly.
---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Shahryar
April 23, 2009
Taliban Seize Control of Area Near Pakistani Capital
ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — Taliban militants have established control of a strategically important area only 70 miles from the capital, law enforcement officials said Wednesday. The move is part of an unrelenting push by the Taliban toward the heart of Pakistan.
... deleted

support requested: Proposed NJ SouthBrunswick KrishnaTemple

apr 23rd, 2009

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: S V Badri
Those living close to this proposed Mandir area in the USA, pls
co-ordinate with Shri Vijayaraghavan Poondi and support the cause.
His email and tel details are given.

S V Badri/Chennai

Distribution to all the groups, please.
From: Vj Poondi <>
Subject: Temple posting 1.15- Urgent request
To: "temple temple" <>
Cc: "perumalkovil perumalkovil" <>
Date: Tuesday, April 21, 2009, 7:33 PM

Respected group members:
We received information that with in a short period of time ( may be in 3 to 4 weeks), our application for the building permit will be placed in the Township planing board meting.
Some of the local people residing close to the land where the temple is going to be build, have retained a lawyer to represent them to oppose our temple. We expect 50 to 60 people will attend to oppose our temple.
We need close to 150 of our people to attend the planing board meeting to support our temple.
The planing board meets at 7pm and we will get the date soon.
Please e mail me at or call me at 732-762-5026 .
We need your support and need your presence on that day.
narayana  narayana
Vijayaraghavan Poondi

So many new options, so little time. Windows Live Messenger.


My site on Indian Culture & Travel in a new Avatar

apr 23rd, 2009

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Sanjeev
I invite you to visit the new revamped It is in a format that is contemporary and a complete break from the past.

It now has over 250 essays, 2000 photographs on India and 65 Travelogues. The essays are spread over 22 sections. The photo gallery covers most Indian states and South East Asia. Pictures are arranged by State and Category. For example Forts of India takes you to pictures of all the forts of India that appear on the site.  


Sanjeev Nayyar
Our Mission - "A platform to share knowledge and insights which will help Indians globally, to reconnect with our heritage so that together we can build a truly glorious future".
260 articles, 2053 pictures, 65 Travelogues
Write to us for Travel Advisor service
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RoL starts critiquing RoP's beliefs: expect some fireworks

apr 22nd, 2009
the unkindest cut is the 72 white raisins instead of 72 virgins. and how would you explain the 28 young boys? in any case, mohammed was a pretty clever guy, and would have realized that 72 white raisins would not be at all of interest to suicide-bombers and suchlike. i mean, what's the comparison between an eager virgin and a raisin?
so, notre dame university (which is owned and run by the vatican) can now expect some jihadis to attack them.
for some good critiques of the absurdities in the bible, see bart ehrmann's work. clearly it ain't the work of any god, unless he's a dumb little tribal GoF (god of fundamentalists).
similarly the annotated koran gives you an idea about how likely the divine origin of the koran would be.
incidentally, the description of a houri (virgin) is exactly like that of one of those inflatable dolls available by mail order in a plain brown wrapper:
-- never complains, always ready and eager for sex
-- has big boobs
-- does not cry, sneeze, spit
-- does not urinate, defecate or menstruate
-- does not get pregnant
-- thinks the guy is the hottest lover around
no wonder mohammedan females are considered to be worth so little. how can they compete with an inflatable doll, err... houri?

Ramayana: The Epic

Yes, it's another new animated Ramayana movie, by Maya Entertainment:

Looks pretty good, and has a hip sound. At this rate, you'll have to add a separate bookshelf just for all the Ramayana movies. Everybody has their digital Valmik ready to push out a story.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

limey-land in deep doo-doo; atlanticist does tap-dance

apr 22nd, 2009

atlanticist, the phrase you're searching for is "we're screwed".

good, finally all the ill-gotten gains from 200 years of thievery and exploitation in india are no longer enough to sustain limeys' high standard of living.

i do hope limey-land collapses as spectacularly as iceland did.

i say this even though i have some holdings in limey pounds.

RoP meets RoL, to the chagrin of RoL

apr 22nd, 2009

no matter, the RoL woman was only worth half as much as the RoP man, so it's okay that he shot her. but did he have to shoot his own precious self?

and the wapo wonders why RoP people are not getting apartments in prime places in mumbai. answer: they don't want taliban on their doorstep.

Peace meets Pagan

apr 22nd, 2009
contrast the accommodation of the sadhvi, jailed as a suspect in a bomb blast, with that of abdul nasser madani, the suspect in the coimbatore bomb blast. madani had 3 ayurvedic physicians to tend to him, and luxurious accommodations. whereas the sadhvi is attacked by a mohammedan woman.
lo, truly is it said that if you want to be in jail in india, you better be a mohammedan. you get five star treatment.
---------- Forwarded message ----------

The following day, an inmate in the jail, Mumtaz Sheikh, abused her in foul language and even threatened to throw her out of the prison, Sovani claimed.  Mumtaz, detained under the Maharashtra Prevention of Dangerous Activities Act, repeated her behaviour following which Sadhvi Pragyna complained to the jailor. On Monday, while the inmates were proceeding for lunch, Mumtaz assaulted her with a food bowl. Sovani said his client sustained minor injuries on the face, nose and neck, compelling her to lodge an assault complaint.
Maybe the Sadhvi was "inadvertantly" jailed with her tormentor? 

Indian caste system created by British: Hindu group

apr 22nd, 2009
this is true. whites and christists usually blame others for their own sins.
for instance, the christists claimed that devadasis were temple prostitutes. in fact, it is christist nuns who are cloister prostitutes. a good example is the godwoman who was bonking two godmen, and who murdered sister abhaya by beating her over the head with an axe. another example was the 38-year-old nun in kerala who was filmed bonking her driver-boyfriend, and who was not in the least bit contrite when caught. however, it is true that a lot of godwomen are forced into having sex by the godmen.
good these guys are going on the offensive.
---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Shahryar

Dipankar De Sarkar, Indo-Asian News Service
London, February 15, 2008
Last Updated: 16:09 IST(15/2/2008)
An umbrella group of Hindus says prominent British members of parliament who want legislation in Britain to protect against caste discrimination are being "misled by Christian groups".
The Hindu Council UK (HCUK), which is opposed to religious conversion, said in a new report that caste discrimination does not exist in Britain - and that caste, in any case, was created by the British in India.
... deleted

extinction: Hindu minorities in Taliban dominated Pakistan

apr 21st, 2009

the jerks wail about mohammedans being discriminated against in housing (if that is true) in india.

nobody is concerned about hindus being wiped out in pakistan. and in the border districts of west bengal.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Swami

The death throes of minority Hindus

Ethnic cleansing of Hindus in Pakistan and Bangladesh continues unabated,
writes Richard L Benkin

I just returned from India after a month during which time an incredible
number of significant events were occurring. My primary mission in going was
to document and raise awareness of the ethnic cleansing of Bangladeshi
Hindus. I found plenty, including evidence of ongoing attacks on them both
in Bangladesh and in West Bengal, India. The border between the two is so
porous that terrorists and contraband move freely with and without the help
of India's Border Security Force or West Bengal Police. But I also witnessed
the tragic beginning of the end for Pakistan's Hindus. Once one in five
Pakistanis, they have been reduced to one per cent of the population.

... deleted

Pak going into Islamist jihadi night: irfan hussain

apr 21st, 2009

actually, irfan, there is no such thing as "going" into the jihadi night; it "went" into the jihadi night as early as 1947. as soon as RoP came to power, the conclusion was foregone: ethnic cleansing, genocide, jihad, many 72-virgin terrorist suicides.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: A P

Swat is proof Pak going quietly into the night
By By Irfan Hussain
Apr 19 2009
WHEN faced with a frightening civil war and reeling from repeated blows from
a ruthless and determined foe, how does the Pakistani government react? It
puts the country's clocks forward by an hour. I suppose this is one of the
few things it can do to show it exists at all.

... deleted

Naxals hijack train, 200 passengers ahead of LS polls

apr 21st, 2009

naxals == maoists == christists

this is how the christists are helping ma soniaji win the elections.

is jharkhand bjp-ruled by any chance?

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: sri

Naxals hijack train, 200 passengers ahead of LS polls

Diksha Gupta,  Wed, 22 Apr 2009

Palaamu: Hundreds of Maoist rebels captured a passenger train with
about 200 people on board in Jharkhand on Wednesday, police said.

According to the sources, a rebel on the train pulled the emergency
cord, forcing it to stop in a remote area in Ehegara district.

The passenger train was heading towards Mugalsarai from Barcakaana. No
casuality has been reported so far.

Officials said police had rushed to the area. Maoist rebels are
targeting the government machinery ahead in an attempt to disrupt
second phase of LS polls.

Maoist rebels, who claim to fight for peasants and landless labourers,
have stepped up attacks in recent days opposing general elections in
the area.

They launched several attacks in different areas on April 16
disrupting first phase of LS polls.

The rebels, with strong links to Maoist guerrillas just to the north
in Nepal, are becoming increasingly active and some analysts say they
pose a bigger problem for the central government in Delhi than the
separatist rebellion in Kashmir.

The government estimates there are about 9,300 Maoist rebels operating
in the country in what is known as the 'Red Corridor', stretching from
the Nepal border in the north through several states to south India.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

EU Threatens to Prosecute Bush Officials

Amazing chutzpah from the EUSSR -- they are now threatening to prosecute officials from the Bush govt, if the US does not prosecute them at home! The Americans should withdraw their NATO troops and bring them home, rather than take that kind of dictation from Brussels. The arrogance of these Atlanticists knows no bounds.

WP: Mumbai Muslims Are SlumDogs

The Leftists have now seized upon a new theme -- the SlumDog game. Now Muslims are being subjected to discrimination in housing, says Emily Wax and Ria Sen at the Washington Post.

Arjun's Kids Sidelined

Poor Arjun Singh - he's feeling hurt and upset, because the Congress Party denied his kids a chance to run on the party ticket. Poor little crook - couldn't happen to a more deserving guy.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Porous British-Pakistani Border Causes Concern

The highly porous British-Pakistani border seems to be arousing concern, because of the unbounded traffic between them, and its implications on militancy.
...London School of Economics crunched data to show that British-born Pakistanis, or those who immigrated as children, are more likely to have foreign spouses than those who came to Britain as adults.

This startling fact may help to explain why Pakistanis (and Bangladeshis, who have similar marital habits) are failing to close the gap with other ethnic groups on female employment. Only a quarter of ethnic Pakistani women work, compared with 64% of Indians, for example. Mr Manning thinks something has to give: British women have greater earning power than their Pakistani husbands, which makes traditional roles in the home less plausible. In some cases, extremism may stem in part from male frustration that the old order is being subverted...

The British-Pakistani border is so extremely porous, that there might as well not be a border between the two, for all the difference it makes.

This whole Af-Pak-UK problem is getting out of hand, and may require a new approach. Bradford has declared itself independent and under Islamic rule. I'd recommend Predator strikes across the Atlantic.