Monday, January 14, 2008

guns, germs and steel: montezuma's real revenge?

jan 14th, 2008

i do so hope this is true! if white guys caught syphilis in south america, that would be poetic justice.

i have a theory that the brits left india because of the germs. they just couldn't cut it against tropical disease. that would be sort of like the story of 'war of the worlds' -- our germs did them in!

fortunately, with global warming, our germs can start attacking white countries. again, poetic justice.

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rathore said...

Global warming has started to make a tropical to temperate 'germ attack' a reality. Starting in Sonia-land. Talk about poetic justice...

Panic was spreading this August through this tidy [Italian] village of 2,000 as one person after another fell ill with weeks of high fever, exhaustion and excruciating bone pain, just as most of Italy was enjoying Ferragosto, its most important summer holiday.

After a month of investigation, Italian public health officials discovered that the people of Castiglione Di Cervia were, in fact, suffering from a tropical disease - Chinkungunya, a relative of dengue fever, normally found in the Indian Ocean. But the "immigrants" who were spreading disease were not humans but insects: tiger mosquitos, who can thrive in a warming Europe.