Monday, November 30, 2009

christopher hitchens' view of manmohan visit to the US

nov 30th, 2009

: Prime Minister Singh's visit was almost eclipsed by the silly Salahi story. (SLATE, 11.30.2009)

rajeev on pioneer with post-mortem of singh visit

nov 30th, 2009

so what if the Swiss ban the Minarets...

There is still United Queendom where there are enough limeys to welcome Islam with open arms. Watch this Brit woman 'overwhelmed' by all the din from the call to prayer from the scores of mosques in Jeddah,

yet another reason why nuke power is a bad idea: sabotage

nov 30th, 2009

if some 'disgruntled employee' (aka religious warrior?) could do this so easily, imagine what a group of 'disgruntled terrorists' (oh, sorry, freedom fighters) can do. 

no nuke reactors! but we need nuke weapons to fend off the lovely hans and the even more lovely paks. this is sad but true.

: The false promise: "Nuclear power is a failed experiment of the past, not an answer for the future" 

Swiss voters back ban on minarets

nov 30th, 2009

blowback from eurabia.

gates of vienna the second?

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The 'yes' vote, if confirmed, shows the strength of feeling against a Muslim population which has grown over the past 20 years to 350,000 or four per cent of the population.
"We just want to stop further Islamisation in Switzerland," Walter Wobmann, head of a committee of initiative backers, said today.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Pat Condell: Brit with Grit

Pat Condell, whom I see as courageously outspoken fellow, pours out his latest pronouncements on what he feels should and shouldn't be tolerated:

love jihad goes awry

nov 29th, 2009

it's not in the script for the jihadi or the to-be-womb-supplier to die, they are supposed to procreate happily. and often

the jihadi, i think, got the love-jihad script and the suicide-bomber script mixed up. 

does he get 72 virgins? or does he get the girl when he goes to heaven? or, since she is only worth 1/16 as him, does he get 15/16 of the virgins, ie roughly 67.5 virgins? (hindu woman blood money according to saudi arabia = 1/16 bloody money of mohammedan man. look it up on wikipedia).?

PETA India respects RoP sentiments, writes treatise on peaceful halal

nov 29th, 2009

ah, but not a word about the horrific mass murders on bakri-eid. figures.

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Saturday, November 28, 2009

johann hari: just des(s)ert for arab imperialism

one cannot even call it a banana republic - banana's need water to grow.

the cactus republic of dubai is being shown up for what it truly is - an ugly monstrosity built on the bones and carcasses of the dispossessed. never heard a peep out of the left-stalinists in India for this slavery

it is posible that Abu Dhabi will give a bail-out, but too bad for the kerala remmitance economy. too bad also for amartya rothschild's 'kerala model'.

Friday, November 27, 2009

what pakistanis would like india to do

nov 27th, 2009

of course, this is exactly what obama and manmohan are going to do.

however, there is a better solution: dissolve pakistan, turn it into six or seven rump states with some of them erasing illegitimate colonial boundaries.

that is, pashtunistan will join afghanistan, balochistan will join balochi areas of iran to form a separate baloch nation (to iran's discomfiture, which the us and israel would like), sind will separate.

the only part of pakistan left will be punjab, which will then be the focused on as the major regional bully by the sindhis, pashtuns, and baloch.

there is, however, the awkward problem of kashmir. PoK and J&K will want to join. there is no way india can allow this, because that would mean china will basically annex all of kashmir. this is an issue.

also, millions of mohammedan refugees will try to come into india, which of course UPA government would welcome with open arms.

so there are problems with this solution too.

a good thing to do would be to mine the entire current border severely. lots of landmines, fences etc. and then invest in a good many coast guard boats. unfortunately, this will also mean moving mohammedan populations away from the coast forcibly, else they will continue to encourage incursion. 

however, these problems will remain whether or not pakistan collapses. so it is in india's best interests to foment collapse, by supporting balochis. should india support the taliban? that could be a bit dangerous, as indira gandhi found to her chagrin. supporting mad fundies can rebound. so perhaps india should keep away from the taliban, but help legitimate dissidents like balochis.

Sweet and gentle celebrations transporting livestock to the vast meadow in the sky

nov 27th, 2009

yes, christmas present -- watching animals bleeding to death.

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Now, ye worshippers of the bloodthisty Khali, don't be offensive!  Tread ye gently and crush not any tender sentiments. 
"Over the years, I have adjusted to this holiday.  I don't like the killing, but I realize it is going on every day where people eat meat, even if it is not seen.  It seems cruel, but having witnessed it many times, I don't think it is any worse (and perhaps is even better) than what I've read about goes on in Western slaughterhouses.  I've had to attend because my Muslim in-laws feel everyone in the family must be present to witness the killing just as in the West, everyone in the family should be present when Christmas presents were opened.   (Some non-Muslim expats are able to go after the killing and butchering is finished, so that they don't have to witness it.  When I tried that it really hurt my in-laws' feelings.)" 

white hypocrisy on massive animal slaugther by christists and mohammedans. that is ok, they are people of the book

nov 27th, 2009

even if 200,000 animals/birds killed in nepal, that is not standard hindu practice: it is merely a 'local cultural' practice. (that's the explanation mohammedans give for female genital mutilation: it is not a standard mohammedan practice, it is a local cultural practice. if that explanation is acceptable, then so is this.)

but honestly, hardly anybody had ever heard of this local deity gadhimai. this has also become an issue only because the chinese (i mean nepali communists) are making a big deal out of it.

on the other hand, there are go-shalas and even elephant sanctuaries (there is one housing 100 old elephants in guruvayoor) where hindus have shown ample compassion for animals. i doubt if there is a single animal sanctuary in any mohammedan land.

the fact is that the *annual* ritual murder of animals in christism (yes, thanksgiving is a christist festival where the fundie pilgrims gave thanks to yhwh for having given them this bounteous land) and in mohammedanism is literally 1,000 times greater than the occasional killing of animals in hinduism.

in nepal, let's say 200,000 animals/birds were killed. in america 300 million, ie 300,000,000 turkeys are consumed a year. aren't they brought up in cruel ways, fattened artificially, and then killed brutally (remember the harvard business school case study of 'contact lens for chickens' which were used to distort chickens' vision so they wouldn't peck each other to death because of the stress of being brought up in cages where they couldn't even turn around?)

mohammedans kill at least 100 million, ie 100,000,000 goats just on this bakri-eid. over the year, they kill easily 200,000,000, all very cruelly by slicing their throats. (which is why their favorite mechanism for killing people is also by cutting their heads off.)

some people don't understand the issue of scale. 100,000,000 is 1000 times worse than 100,000. there are degrees of wickedness, which is why the legal system has different levels of sin: a mass murder is considered worse than a single murder. a felony is considered worse than a misdemeanor. you cannot equate all sins.

mohammedans claim it's a 'sacrifice' that they are celebrating. they don't understand the word 'sacrifice', or have a new meaning for it, as is usual in mohammedan dictionaries (remember "innocent" = only mohammedan non-combatant; all non-mohammedans, even babies, are guilty by definition). a sacrifice is something that *you* give up. sacrificing animals is not the same thing! that's indulgence of cruel pleasure. 

(when i was a kid, nuns told us we should make three sacrifices a day. we used to sacrifice three ants. see, we already figured out the mohammedan definition as 7-year-old kids!)

talking turkey: obesity epidemic among turkeys and humans both. not much to give thanks for.
 via Seesmic
how about a non-violent thanksgiving? no killing for a change. 
 and check out censored PETA video
 via Seesmic
balinese hindu turtle sacrifice = bad. mohammedan goat sacrifice = good (holy?). where are PETA and conservationists? 
 via Seesmic
no thanksgiving for native americans, protest
 rock. white christists came, perpetrated genocide, cultural annihilation, land grab
 via Seesmic
why is nobody protesting 100 million goats killed today? or 50 million turkeys? amerindians do protest their genocide by white christists
 via Seesmic
white hypocrisy in protesting nepali animal slaughter 
 while thanksgiving and bakri-id slaughter 1000x more yearly.

rizwan killed, ELM screams bloody murder. rajneesh killed, ELM thunderously silent

nov 27th, 2009

remember fuss over rizwan in calcutta? why is there no fuss over rajneesh in srinagar? oh, he was a hindu. no rights. 

how the nehruvian-stalinist screw india over

compare this to the lavish treatment given to chinese scientists who steal american research secrets.

the blighters will latch on to the mammaries of the babu-state while denying the really talented even the opportunity of protest. anything for the 'government job'. will only work when you have sonia and robert vadera's 'blessing' - which is duly delivered after the cash tills ring in sweden


India = Mediocrestan; Pak, China = Extremistan

There's an interesting discussion on 'Mediocrestan' and 'Extremistan'. I happen to associate the former with India and the latter with China and Pak.

Your Genetically Enhanced Future

Time reports on advances in gene therapy treatments which could lead to cures for a host of common diseases.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

brahma: what did manmohan achieve in washington?

nov 26th, 2009

rain? in saudi arabia? during the haj?

nov 26th, 2009

i am waiting to find out what the divine message is in all this. first, there were swine flu (yeah, *swine flu*) deaths among pilgrims. now there is unusual rain. i am sure some mullah will come up with a terrific explanation, just as they have explained that mohammedans must not cut their beards so that the angels who are hanging from each beard hair wouldn't fall off. 

to mix metaphors wildly, i do give thanks for the turkey and for the fact that such satisfying explanations exist. 

also, note of the 77 dead, 56 are foreigners resident in saudi arabia. pretty good chance these are subcontinental mohammedans toiling away in the desert waste-land.

i do love this part of the haj -- the business of throwing stones at the devil. are there stones in mecca, this being a desert? i bet they are trucked in.

are scientists involved in a climate cover-up, or is it groupthink, or just plain business as usual?

nov 26th, 2009

the huge fuss about 'climategate' -- where leaked emails from global-warming-by-human-endeavor partisans seemed to indicate malfeasance on their part -- is not entirely above-board.

for once, i tend to agree with the 'atlanticist' -- too much is being made of this. there is virtually no doubt that human activity is making the planet warmer. 

thanksgiving and bakri-eid

nov 26th, 2009

thanksgiving = an annual christist festival for which 50 million turkeys are murdered (assume 200 million people in the US, 4 people to a family, one family eats one turkey each)

bakri-eid = an annual mohammedan festival for which 100 million goats are murdered (assume 2 billion mohammedans worldwide, 10 people to a family, one family eats half a goat each)

guess why there is no fuss in any media outlet about the intense cruelty of these barbaric festivals.

guess why the media is fussing about 500,000 (or is it 200,000? the number keeps falling) animals and birds being killed for a hindu festival in nepal which apparently happens every five years?

yes, you got it, hindus can be easily browbeaten and made to feel bad about their religion, but christists and mohammedans are prone to attacking your newspaper/TV station office with AK-47s if you attack their religion.

Dubai Down the Drain

Dubai is now having to renegotiate its debt scheduling, because it can't meet its debt obligations. Everyone has been bailing out of that country, causing its economy to plunge even further. This is what happens when you don't invest in newcomers to give them a reason to stay. None of the skilled workers was really able to settle there, and thus with no ties or roots sunk down, departure was always only a plane ticket away.

While they were building their tower of babel, the ground was being eroded from underneath their feet.

dr vijaya: Epilogue: India Poised and Shining ?

nov 26th, 2009

i like dr vijaya's writing. a charming and graceful lady, indeed.

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From: Vijay 

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

dissident jew claims jews & mohammedans are the same, and talks of forced conversion by jews too

nov 25th, 2009

i have been asked why i don't make a distinction between arabs and jews when i call the alleged jesus an arab, not a jew. it's partly because genetically they are the same, at least the sephardic, or original west asian jews.

the ashkenazi, or white jews, are different -- they are european whites, as opposed to west asian whites. according to this book, they are turkish converts. bloody turks, used to get around a lot, didn't they? they came to india as the mughal-types, they are in china as the uighur-types.

this book apparently talks about the arab-jew blood relationship. see quote:

Consider, for instance, Professor Sand's assertion that Palestinian Arab villagers are descended from the original Jewish farmers. Nearly a century ago, early Zionists and Arab nationalists touted the blood relationship as the basis of a potential alliance in their respective struggles for independence. Israel's first prime minister, David Ben-Gurion, and Yitzhak Ben Zvi, Israel's longest-serving president, made this very argument in a book they wrote together in 1918. The next year, Emir Feisal, who organized the Arab revolt against the Ottoman empire and tried to create a united Arab nation, signed a cooperation agreement with the Zionist leader Chaim Weizmann that declared the two were "mindful of the racial kinship and ancient bonds existing between the Arabs and the Jewish people."

also, jews used to go around forcibly converting others. that fits in with my theory: they haven't been converting others primarily because they did not have state power.

another quote:

That does not negate that conversion played a critical role in Jewish history — a proposition that many find surprising given that today's Jews tend to discourage conversion and make it a difficult process. Lawrence H. Schiffman, chairman of the Skirball department of Hebrew and Judaic Studies at New York University, said most historians agree that over a period of centuries, Middle Eastern Jews — merchants, slaves and captives, religious and economic refugees — spread around the world. Many intermarried with people from local populations, who then converted.

There is also evidence that in antiquity and the first millennium Judaism was a proselytizing religion that even used force on occasion.

end quote

now, i like jews a lot, and i believe they have the right to exist, as opposed to the arab idea that they need to be exterminated.

but i also believe there's no difference between christist, mohammedan, and jewish dogma: they are all west asian desert imperialist ideologies based on violence and blind faith.

hindus and jews need to get into a tactical alliance against mohammedans and christists, but let us not deceive ourselves that they are our long-lost brothers or something. their ideology is semitic, which means it is bad.

mohammedan who believes "america's resources are first for mohammedans"

nov 25th, 2009

yeah, if you are a mohammedan with a blonde on your arm, you can go anywhere in america. 

obama should be proud of this fellow, as should manmohan.

UPA lipservice to 26/11 and obama's love for indian mohammedans

nov 25th, 2009

manmohan singh's major achievement re 11/26: he is good at diversionary tactics.

1. he used the empty ceremony of the visit to the US and had all the media guys gorge on free kababs and biriyani and feel good about themselves
2. he used the leakage of the liberhan commission report (which should be subtitled "political vendetta report filed by purchased judge", much like the banerjee report on the spontaneous combustion of the sabarmati express) to get the rabid communists in media yapping

also, did you notice an interesting trend with obama? he does not classify india as part of "asia". therefore he must classify it as part of the "middle east". therefore he must have concluded that india is a mohammedan country.

who are the people that he invited as representative of india as guests of the white house?

1. musician. a r. rehman
2. mrs. obama's gown was designed by one -- i forget the exact name -- imtiaz ahmed

as far as obama is concerned, india is, or should be, a mohammedan country. (he is being a faithful manchurian to his moneybags, the saudis.)

obama and manmohan must have shared a good chuckle over their shared belief: "india's resources should be first and foremost for mohammedans. why, india itself should be first and foremost for mohammedans".

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From: Sanjeev 

Namaskar Mitra,
The UPA govt sheds crocodile tears for those who died during 26/11/ terror attacks. The REALITY is that -
1. The UPA has not taken a single retaliatory action to hurt the Pakistani economy or come clean on local involvement in the attacks.
2. The case for the 1993 Mumbai BOMB blasts is pending with the Supreme Court for appeal. Nearly 17 years and no convictions.
3. 2006 Mumbai TRAIN BLASTS - nearly 200 dead. The matter is pending before the Supreme Court. Charge sheet yet to be filed.
When those who spread terror know that conviction is a rare will they not organize terror attacks again?
When will India learn to take the battle into the enemy camp?
Maximum terror attacks during Congress rule says noted security expert B Raman
Sanjeev Nayyar
Our Mission - "A platform to share knowledge and insights which will help Indians globally, to reconnect with our heritage so that together we can build a truly glorious future".
275 articles, 2600 pictures, 65 Travelogues

james "i love pakistanis" astill gets orgasm over pak show trial

nov 25th, 2009

james "i lke pakistanis because i can sit around with them and wonder what the heck is going on, but indians are prickly nationalists" astill of the economist is beside himself with joy. so the 11/26 case is now closed, the culprits have been found, manmohan singh is enjoying the empty "state visit" in obama-land, we can all go back to paki-hindi-bhai-bhai.

how much do you want to bet this is going to be the UPA's new line as well? remember how they got orgasms earlier when pak admitted that some of the terrorists were actually pak citizens?

what the UPA has done in one year to pursue the 11/26 case and to ensure this doesn't recur will fill a large book. yeah, a large book like the book "snakes of ireland". yes, there are no snakes in ireland, so it is a completely empty book.

pak terrorism will not stop until and unless somebody wipes out the leadership of the ISI and maniacs like hafiz sayeed. and that somebody sure ain't manmohan "i too, like james astill, love pakistanis" singh.

IBN Zindagi - Interview with Father of slain Hero Major Unni Krishnan

nov 25th, 2009

is this an urdu channel? 'qayamat', 'shahid', blah, blah: the language sounds so alien. this reminded me once again why i don't bother to see hindi films -- i'd have to learn a lot of arabic to understand them.

i have to believe ganesh when he says this video is heart-wrenching. i couldn't stand the alien language, so i didn't go through the interview: the bimbo's introduction turned me off.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Ganesh 


Watch this when you get a chance. Really heart wrenching.


VHP Web TV: Pl visit it to watch Dr. Subramanian Swamy's lucid & enlightening presentation on Hindu holistic worldview and paradigm

nov 25th, 2009

i haven't personally watched this program, but it's good to know this channel exists. 

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From: HARAN BR <>
Date: Sun, Nov 22, 2009 at 9:44 AM
Subject: Fwd: VHP Web TV: Pl visit it to watch Dr. Subramanian Swamy's lucid & enlightening presentation on Hindu holistic worldview and paradigm

From: "VHP INT'L HQs DELHI\(Goutam Chatterjee\)" <>
Date: November 21, 2009 20:20:35 GMT+05:30
To: "Anil Agrawal, VHP Media Centre, Delhi\(Ghar\)\(*\)\(patriot\)magazine VSK" <>
Subject: VHP Web TV: Pl visit it to watch Dr. Subramanian Swamy's lucid & enlightening presentation on Hindu holistic worldview and paradigm

Please visit the content bank of VISHWA HINDU TV (VHP WEB TV) at
and watch Dr. Subramanian Swamy's lucid & enlightening presentation (in English) on some of the important
aspects of the Hindu holistic worldview and paradigm (Past, Present and Future) under the title "INDIA...MY COUNTRY".
Pl also circulate this info to other Bandhus! 

Now Google also ranks Visva Hindu TV as No. 1 in the category of online Hindu TV.

Thank you!
Yours in Dharma
VHP New Delhi
















a name for the tendency to see the mutilated arab corpse and friends in pieces of burnt toast

nov 25th, 2009
in case you were wondering what this sort of delusion is called, here's the answer: pareidolia.
an amateur parsing of it is pare + idol + ia: let me attempt to say what it means -- para (like), idol (idol), that is, the tendency to make things idols :-)
perfect description of the "i saw the arab corpse on the side of a freeway overpass in LA" type paranoid delusion.

Torture precedes genocide in American Xtian religious ritual sacrifice

nov 25th, 2009

in a bizarre annual ceremony, yank christists torture, murder and eat 10 million animals. 

PETA attempted to oppose this but despite their rights to free speech, they were prevented from having their point of view heard.

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From: n
To add to that, now this:

Torture precedes genocide in Xtian religious ceremony:

On Tue, Nov 24, 2009 at 11:03 AM, n wrote:
Consider that this "story" comes 3 days before that American Xtian Religious Festival featuring the genocide of some 10 million of the most intelligent life on the continent...

Pity that they don't have more turkeys as CNN editors or their IQ would be high enough to be able to see the irony in this..



On Mon, Nov 23, 2009 at 11:41 AM, n wrote:
I hope no one asks why the strings of tennis rackets are called "cat-guts"...



Are Asian voters swinging Republican?

nov 25th, 2009

i doubt if east asians will vote against obama. clearly the chinese govt thinks he's great (after all, he's either their manchurian and/or he pees in his pants about them) and so the jingoistic hans everywhere like him. 

but all those indian-americans who now realize their role is to be water-carriers and wood-hewers for obama and his white and chinese pals should be rethinking their affair with the democrates.

did you guys think just because obama is brown/black he had your interests in mind? talk of naivete! obama has only one person's interests in mind. his own.

the famed kunchan nambiar quip comes to mind again: "the lighthouse is wonderful, now how about some money for me?", when he was asked why he hadn't composed a paean to the king's new lighthouse. pithy, and to the point. 

obama is always looking out for Numero Uno, his own bony ass.

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From: A

All this evidence strongly suggests that Republicans made gains and Democrats suffered significant losses among Asian, and specifically among Indian-American voters, in Middlesex County. This upscale group, ready enough to vote for John Kerry in 2004 and Barack Obama in 2008, seems to have been repelled by New Jersey's high taxes and big government under Jon Corzine. There should be some lessons here for Republicans generally—and for Democrats as well.
By my count (subject to arithmetic error) New Jersey's 7th congressional district, which includes Woodbridge Township and much of Edison Township, voted 56%-36% for Christie over Corzine—a sharp reversal of its 50%-49% preference for Obama over McCain in 2008. 
Plus, down in Virginia, Fairfax County, which is 16% "Asian only" and which like Middlesex County voted 60%-39% for Barack Obama, voted 51%-49% for Republican Governor-elect Bob McDonnell

Biryani and Kababs

nov 25th, 2009

regarding the hoopla at the obama "state dinner" (yeah, whooppee-doo) for the great invertebrate.

what a craven show of servility! 

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From: Rajan

Give Indians biryani and kababs and they go home
delirious with joy.  America has figured out Indians well.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

what obama does to his 'friends'

hopefully someone will tell mon-mon-han to desist showing obama the "indians love you deeply" routine. this is actually what obama does to people who support him. just like that rabid christist preacher the blighter went to listen to every sunday for 20 years and then turned on him like a worm

i dont know if i feel bad for this craig guy for supporting hillary or for stabbing her back - so he could get on the obama gravy train. what goes around comes around i guess

death wish by indian-americans: they wanna be ummm... democrats, obama-wannabes, and communist terrorists

nov 24th, 2009

From the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund report on the Asian American Vote in the 2008 Presidential election --

"South Asian voters were enrolled in the Democratic Party at higher rates than all other Asian ethnic groups. Overall, 76% of South Asians were registered Democrats, including 69% of Asian Indians, 74% of Pakistanis, 85% of Bangladeshis, and 82% of Indo-Caribbeans. ... Ninety-three percent (93%) of South Asian American voters supported Barack Obama."

... deleted

xit polls conducted by the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund (AALDEF) continue to show Indian-Americans are hugely Democratic in voting behavior. The polls are available at The most recent exit poll for 2008 included over 16,000 total respondents in 11 states, of which 32% were "South Asian" which includes Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, and Indo-Caribbeans. The poll showed 69% of Indian-Americans and 76% of all South Asians were registered Democrats, compared to 58% of all Asian-Americans who were Democrats. Only 7% of Indian-Americans and 6% of all South Asians were registered Republicans. And Indian-Americans voted for Obama over McCain by a stunning 91-8 margin, with other South Asian subgroups giving Obama the same or greater margins. The poll showed also that among all Asian-Americans, U.S.-born voters went for Obama 87-11, with immigrants at 73-26; so there is a generation gap, but all age groups are strongly Democratic. This actually supports Gautham's suggestion and my personal experience that older immigrant Indian-Americans are marginally less Democratic than younger Indian-Americans.
Finally, I'll note that the AALDEF exit polls were conducted in large metropolitan areas where one might argue that Asian-Americans are more liberal than elsewhere; however, comparing with the Asian-American subsamples in the Nd

EP exit polls corrobates one-sided Democratic voting preferences, even if the margins are smaller, and in fact AALDEF exit polls consistently show Indian-Americans are more Democratic than Asian-Americans as a whole. The 2004 AALDEF exit poll corroborates this, showing 57% of all Asians but 74% of South Asians calling themselves Democrats.

... deleted

Readers may find the following survey (largest of its kind) helpful, which not only covers Indian Americans in suburban areas, but also compares them to other Asian Americans. I was one of the principal investigators, and must say that the representativeness of the sample is one of the best one can achieve with dispersed populations like Asian Americans.

The bottom line: Indian Americans are one of the most Democrat-leaning Asian American groups, and are among the most likely to vote for Obama. Still, like other Asian Americans, many still have not decided/settled on a party identification. The image of the Republican-heavy Indian American is not even true among doctors, we have found.

The 2008 National Asian American Survey is the most comprehensive survey to date of Asian Americans' civic and political life in the United States, with 5159 interviews conducted over two months in 2008 in eight languages (English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Korean, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Japanese, and Hindi) and with large numbers of respondents from the six largest Asian national-origin groups (Asian Indians, Chinese, Filipinos, Japanese, Koreans, and Vietnamese).

... deleted

Quite a few prominent Indian-Americans and Americans are supporting a terrorist group called the Communist Party of India (Maoist) in India. Such supporters seem to be thick as flies in Ivy League institutions like Columbia. It would be good to get some insight into their motivations and whether their support includes any funding for the Maoists.

A partial list of such supporters can be found here:


all this from the following URL that i found by chance: