Monday, January 14, 2008

Dhimmi idiot asserting reasonableness of Han imperialism

Prem Shankar Jha is a dhimmi par excellence. This fellow used to be the chief adviser to V.P Singh, perhaps the most destructive PM India had until MMS came on the scene (in terms of immediately apparent and quantifiable destruction as opposed to long term Nehruvian rot). I've been monitoring this nut for a long time, since he used to write in The Chindu with his revolting justification of the Mandal Commission fratricide. The nut asserts in this article that India offended the Chinese by offering asylum to the Dalai Lama, i.e. India incited the Chinese aggression of 1962!!

"Imperial Confucianism binds the Chinese state into looking for a peaceful resolution of disputes so long as the other party also abides by the canons of reason and virtue. Coercion becomes justified only when the other party becomes 'unreasonable'.
China's growing impatience suggests it's coming to this conclusion about New Delhi."

The windbag is insisting that the Chinese communists are intrinsically peaceful, reasonable and virtuous and employ violence and coercion only when their patience is tested! That is, the Indians condemned to eternal dhimmitude better behave or else they would be coercing the Hans to deviate from traditional Confucian values!! Why does this sound a lot like dhimmis of the Gandhian persuasion declaring that Islam is a "Religion of Peace", that Islamist terror is "un-Islamic", that the ROP is the most "egalitarian" creed etc ? To think that a lunatic like this had access to the highest corridors of power in GOI! Can India justifiably aspire to being taken seriously as a great power with lunatic windbags of this ilk infesting the highest levels of our government?

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