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Fwd: U.S. DOE to give renewable startups access to labs

feb 29th, 2008

feds putting money where their mouth is. VCs also.

at the end of all this, there will be some alternative energy breakthroughs.

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U.S. DOE to give renewable startups access to labs

Wed Feb 27, 2008 6:45pm EST
LOS ANGELES, Feb 27 (Reuters) - The U.S. Department of Energy said on Wednesday it selected three venture capital firms to participate in a program that will give renewable energy start-ups access to the federal government's state-of-the-art laboratories.
The new Entrepreneur in Residence program is aimed at accelerating commercialization of technologies that promise to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the DOE said.
"The Department is leveraging private-sector expertise in new ways to capitalize on cutting-edge technologies that are ripe for commercialization," the DOE's assistant secretary for energy efficiency and renewable energy, Alexander Karsner, said in a statement.
The venture capital firms that will sponsor and choose participants in the program are Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers and Foundation Capital, both based in Menlo Park, California, as well as Chicago-based ARCH Venture Partners.
Kleiner Perkins will work with the department's National Renewable Energy Laboratory, ARCH will work with the Sandia National Laboratory, and Foundation Capital will work with the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.
Under the program, each lab will host one entrepreneur in residence at a time and DOE will support the work with up to $100,000 in funding.
Each venture capital firm will match those funds and will negotiate a license to use the technology. The sponsors will also form and finance a business based on the licensed technology, DOE said.
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Stiglitz: The true cost of Iraq war

feb 29th, 2008

this coming from the guardian (communist paper) i'd take with a grain of salt. stiglitz is a good man, but good men have been bamboozled by the left quite a lot. i don't think stiglitz looks at the question of the value of the war in terms of putting down mohammedan fundamentalism and beating up the al qaeda and other such ruffians; nor, for instance, is he looking at the value (from india's POV) of diverting mohammedan ire towards america.

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christist former Khmer Rouge chief torturer weeps for 14,000 victims

feb 29th, 2008

from a correspondent.

i have been to the tuol sleng prison camp, aka public school 21, in phnom penh. there is no better evidence for the presence of pure evil in the world. that the head of this center is a christist now should be no surprise. the semitic imperialist cults are fundamentally anti-human, exploitative.

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Looks like our Khmer Rouge butcher cum torturer is a born again Christian. It has really amusing implications if not for its tragic nature.

Having accepted Jesus as his saviour, this senior Khmer Rouge killer of tens of thousands of Cambodians is assured of Heavenly abode of Jesus Christ.
But all those millions of victims of Khmer rouge atrocities, just because they are not Christians will burn in hell forever .  That is the amazing religion that Christianity is.  You can commit and indulge in the worst atrocities and barbaric acts ...and end of the day, accept Jesus Christ and you will get a direct ticket to paradise.
Will that be a reason why so many christians are in the naxalite movement in India. They can kill, and loot and still go to heaven.
On a side note it is interesting how much similarities these belief systems share --- Christianity, Communism, Naxalites, Khmer Rouge.... They all strive to reach their utopian state .... and are willing to commit genocide, inquisitions and mass murders to to achieve it.

Khmer Rouge chief torturer weeps for 14,000 victims

By Ek Madra

PHNOM PENH (Reuters) - The chief Khmer Rouge torturer on Wednesday led judges who will try him for crimes against humanity around the jail where about 14,000 presumed opponents of the ruthless revolutionaries were killed under his supervision.

Reporters were kept well away from the Tuol Sleng high school which became the Khmer Rouge "S-21" jail, but the judges and other officials of the U.N.-backed tribunal due to try Pol Pot's chief henchmen probably blanched at the sight.

Now a museum, photographs of terrified prisoners taken on their arrival cover walls. Concrete floored rooms contain only a bare iron bedstead and torture equipment. Some still have dried blood on the floor.

Men, women, children and even a few foreigners accused of being CIA spies went into the jail. They were tortured and forced to write confession after confession -- most still carefully catalogued -- until jailers were satisfied.

Nearly all were then killed. Only a handful survived until an invading Vietnamese army took the city in January 1979, ending the Khmer Rouge "Year Zero" revolution to produce an agrarian utopia.

An estimated 1.7 million people were killed or died through overwork, starvation and disease during their four years in power and the tour of the jail was meant to give tribunal officials a sense of what went on there.

A film crew working for the tribunal, due to start actual trials in July, filmed Kaing Guek Eav, 66, known as Duch, as he told the story of the jail he ran for the Khmer Rouge regime, keeping meticulous records, witnesses said.

"He cried again as he walked into his old office. It seems he has remorse for his past life," a police officer who accompanied Duch said.

On Tuesday, Duch wept and prayed for the victims as led the tribunal staff to some of the 129 mass graves of people killed by the Khmer Rouge just outside Phnom Penh.

"I saw Duch kneel in front of the trees where Khmer Rouge soldiers smashed children to death," said a policeman who watched. "He cried and apologized to the victims."

Duch, detained in 1999 and now a Christian, is expected to be a key witness in the trials. His lawyers say he was only following orders.

The others arrested and charged with crimes against humanity are "Brother Number Two" Nuon Chea, right hand man to Pol Pot who died in 1998, Khieu Samphan, president under the regime, Ieng Sary, its foreign minister, and his wife.

All face life in jail.

Many Cambodians want to hear what Duch will have to say in court.

"I still do not understand why Duch jailed me, killed my wife and our baby," said Chum Manh, 78, one of the few survivors of Tuol Sleng.

(Editing by Michael Battye and Sanjeev Miglani)


from the mailbox: on the new Indian budget

feb 29th, 2008

thought these were food for thought. i am not paying a whole lot of attention to the budget yet because it is obviously intended to get the kkkangress into power again in 2009.

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From: Swami

Equal taxation for men & women

In today's society, if you ask for equality, it is branded unfair & communal. Check out this link:

Women have exemption upto Rs.1,80,000 while men upto Rs.1,50,000. Why the discrepancy?

Wouldn't men in a lower income in today's Indian society have much greater responsibilities to fulfill in terms of raising a family.

Equality please, for men & women everywhere... Even in taxes...

Jizya tax again

We Indians/Hindus have payed Jizya tax for a long time under the Mughals & the Deccan Sultanate. For the uninitiated, the Jizya tax is money paid by non-Muslims to Muslims under the Shariat.
Jalauddin Akbar briefly abolished the tax in his later years, but his son, Jehangir alias Salim prompty reinstated it when he came to power.

Details of 'communal' budgeting and the Jizya tax in doublespeak below, from the above link:

SC, ST, OBC and Minorities

42. Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, socially and educationally backward classes, and minorities will continue to receive special attention.

Development and Finance Corporations

43. Development and Finance Corporations have been set up for certain disadvantaged groups. I propose to contribute additional equity to these corporations in the following manner:

Rs. Crore1
National Minorities Development and Finance Corporation 75.00
Three National Finance and Development Corporations for Weaker Sections comprising

(i) Safai Karamcharis

(ii) Scheduled Castes

(iii) Backward Classes 106.50
National/State Scheduled Tribes Finance and Development Corporations 50.00
National Handicapped Development Corporation 9.00


44. In previous Budgets, we had announced a slew of pre- and post-matric scholarship programmes for SC, ST, OBC and minorities. All of them will be continued in 2008-09 with adequate funds as summarised below:

Scheduled Castes Rs.804 crore

Scheduled Tribes Rs.195 crore

Other Backward Classes Rs.164 crore

Minorities (post-matric) Rs.100 crore

45. I propose to allocate a sum of Rs.75 crore in 2008-09 to the Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship Programme. As Honourable Members are aware, this programme supports SC and ST students pursuing M.Phil and PhD courses.

Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes

46. Following the practice initiated in 2005-06, I have included in the Budget documents a statement on the schemes for the welfare of SCs and STs. I have provided Rs.3,966 crore for schemes benefiting SCs and STs exclusively and Rs.18,983 crore for schemes where at least 20 per cent of the benefits are earmarked for SCs and STs.


47. The allocation to the Ministry of Minority Affairs will be increased from Rs.500 crore in 2007-08 to Rs.1,000 crore in 2008-09. Government has taken up the report of the Justice Rajindar Sachar Committee for speedy implementation. Apart from the schemes commenced in 2007-08, it is proposed to implement the following schemes/measures in 2008-09:

� a multi-sectoral development plan for each of the 90 minority concentration districts will be drawn up at a cost of Rs.3,780 crore. The allocation in 2008-09 will be Rs.540 crore;

� a pre-matric scholarship scheme with an allocation of Rs.80 crore next year;

� a scheme for modernising Madrassa education for which a provision of Rs.45.45 crore has been made in 2008-09;

� 256 branches of public sector banks have been opened this year until December 2007 in districts with substantial minority population. 288 more will be opened by March 2008 and many more in
2008-09; and

� continuing the exercise started this year, more candidates belonging to the minority communities will be recruited to the Central Para-Military Forces.

48. I also propose to provide Rs.60 crore to enhance the corpus fund of the Maulana Azad Education Foundation.


Thursday, February 28, 2008

Washington Post endorsing "spontaneous combustion" theory

The story in the Washington Post is about Mohammedans in Gujarat preserving locations of collateral damage in the post Godhra rioting as "museums".

The Mohammedans, of course are masters at loud breast beating and manufacturing false imagery of victimood, when in fact - they are the aggressors in each and every conflict anywhere in the world. There was the (in)famous case of the indoctrinated Associated Press photographer last year, superimposing pictures of Mohammedan women and children amidst Hezbollah terrorist bases reduced to pulp by Israeli bombing. Before the fraudulent propaganda was exposed, those pictures inspired much breast beating in the West undermining a lot of goodwill for Israel. These Mohammedan "museums" achieve much the same purpose by similar means.

It is lamentable that no Hindu holocaust museum exists to present the 1300 year long record of religious cleansing of Hindus by the Mullah/Missionary/Marxist thugs ever since the first adherent of an imperialistic binary cult set foot on Indian soil that persists to our present times.

Yesterday marked the sixth anniversary of the pre-meditated genocide of Hindu pilgrims in Godhra and 6 years of atrocious pseudo-secular negationist propaganda justifying the Mohammedan butchers' dark deeds. What could be more diabolical than the "secular" assertion by the dhimmi "eminent persons" brigade that the price of 59 Hindu lives is equivalent to the value of a cup of tea, a miserable 2 Rupees?

Here is the Washington Post giving credence to "spontaneous combustion theory" and incidentally, two of the three reporters cited have Hindu sounding names. To be fair to the WP, perhaps, these South Asian hacks with Hindu sounding identities are the source of the "Dhimmier than Thou"
tenor of the report. Yankee dhimmis need to comprehend that the
pseudo-secular SOUTH ASIAn theory regarding Godhra is the SOUTH ASIAN analogy to lunatic conspiracy theories about 9/11 such as "Loose Change"
that negate Islamist terror by insisting that the aircraft that hit the World Trade Center were actually drones and that the passengers of those flights are being held captive by the U.S Government till date!!!

"Wednesday marked the sixth anniversary of the deadly train fire in the town of Godhra which helped trigger the riots in the Hindu-dominated state.

Fifty-nine passengers, most of them Hindu pilgrims, died in the fire, which broke out shortly after a scuffle with Muslim tea and food vendors at the train station. Dozens of Muslim men have been jailed, accused of plotting to murder the Hindu passengers. A central government committee ruled that the fire was an accident"

Prince Harry Fighting in Afghanistan

I'm impressed to hear that Prince Harry is fighting in Afghanistan.

Where's our little pampered poodle, the son of the Gandhi clan? He's not to be seen anywhere in the absence of his bodyguards, let alone on a warfront. The only shots he's taking are by posing for camera-men.

Here's a piece from the BBC:

Check out the videos from the sidebar.

Here's some pictures, including a couple of him fraternizing with the Gurkhas:

Now that the news has been leaked, his presence may increase the risk for his fellow troops, so he'd likely be taken back home. But still, the effort was laudable, in contrast to our own VIP brats and their soft hands.

Manmohan's daughter denigrates core Hindu beliefs

From The Pioneer - Book by PM's daughter stirs controversy
A book compiled by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's daughter belittling characters of Ramayana has snowballed into a major controversy with the BJP threatening nation-wide stir against it for it "hurting Hindu sentiment".

The book prescribed for second year undergraduate students of the Delhi University dubs Hanuman as the "henchman" of Lord Ram and calls him a "tiny monkey". At one place it portrays Sita as the daughter of Ravana and at another place it accuses Hanuman and Ravana of seducing Sita.

These "derogatory references" are contained in an article titled 'Three hundred Ramayanas: Five examples and three thoughts on translation' that forms part of the book compiled by Prime Minister's daughter, Upinder Singh, who is a professor of ancient history in Delhi University.

"The book has assaulted the religious sentiments of Hindus. This is not tolerable. We would like it to be removed from the course. Else, we would be forced to take it to the streets," BJP's deputy leader in Lok Sabha Vijay Kumar Malhotra said.

Maintaining that the BJP was not against freedom of expression, Malhotra said his party did not want the book to be banned, but only withdrawn from the curriculum.

The article that has agitated many Hindu outfits talks about Ravana conceiving Sita as a result of eating the fruit given by Lord Shiva, which was for his wife Mandodri. Eventually, it says, Ravana gave birth to Sita through nasal sneeze (Sita meaning sneeze in Kannada) and out of public shame left Sita in the fields of king Janak!

The mask of innocence or Shikhandihood is off. The unbridled and undisguised efforts by the "secular progressives" since they usurped control of our dhimmocracy 4 years ago, to annihilate Hindu religion and Indic civilisation is no coincidence. Some people have attempted to minimise MMS role in this by describing him as Sonia's puppet. But, statements by him on a range of subjects expose his Khalistani mindset. These constitute a pattern of ManMohan Singh's genocidal ideology. Here's a non-comprehensive list of his assaults on the nation -

1. Atrocious allegations that the RSS was involved in the 1984 anti-Sikh riots in Delhi, whereas it was Kaangress thugs who were responsible.
2. Apologising to the Sikhs on behalf of the entire nation for the rioting by Kaangress thugs.
3. Accusing Hindu nationalists of involvement in terrorist acts such as the Samjhauta express incident.
4. Filing the anti-Hindu affidavit in the Supreme Court on the Ram Setu issue.
5. Losing sleep over the "suffering" of Muslim terrorists' families and not
doing so for Hindu victims of Islamist terrorism.
6. Inaction over Mohammedan Jihadi oppression of the Hindu minority in Malaysia, indeed augmenting defence cooperation with the jihadi regime.
7. Gifting $700 million of Indian taxpayers' money to Pakistani "earthquake victims", thousands of tonnes of grain and millions of dollars to Bangladeshi "cyclone victims" when suicides by destitute farmers continue unabated within India.
8. Issuing a diplomatic demarche to Denmark on harmless cartoons and remaining inactive when his own daughter launches frontal attacks on core beliefs of the Hindu religion.

Manmohan Singh is a bigot and an enabler of Islamic terror.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

"I Hate Islam": Dutch MP

... Likening the Islamic sacred text to Hitler's Mein Kampf, he wants the 'fascist Koran' outlawed in Holland,...

India's Chip-fabbing Hopes Fade, But Reliance Could Buy AMD

India's prospects for chip manufacturing are fading.

Apparently, investing in chip fab plants is too expensive and risky in the Indian environment. However, the financially struggling AMD with its many chip plants in various other countries, may be a lucrative takeover target. From the article:

The $25-billion conglomerate Reliance or other deep- pocketed suitors may also be considering a buyout of ailing chip makers like AMD, say industry observers.

I'd say that even despite their current financial troubles, this is a stock worth buying into, because their stock price is quite low right now (down from $40 in 2005), and it's a ripe target for a foreign takeover. After that, with the right financing, it would have nowhere to go but up.

Barak Obama wants jewish votes now

feb 27th, 2008

now obama makes nice with jews. just like he made nice with india a week ago. pure campaign tactics. the guy will bend whichever way the wind blows, just like bobby jindal, to get votes. and then once he's got your votes, he's not going to give you the time of day.

questions remain about obama's manchurian candidate status and his personal pastor, a black supremacist who i assume is also a jew-hater.

i am increasingly sceptical about obama. and no, this is not new, i have been saying this since july last, when i wrote the following on rediff:

also see my feb 27th column expressing my scepticism about obama on rediff at:

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Obama's Closed Door Interaction

with Jewish leaders
Feb. 24 2008  in Cleveland, Ohio
By Ami Eden  of the Jewish Telegraphic Association

About 100 Jewish communal leaders attended this
meeting. Whoever recorded the remarks was only able to
get Obama's answers, not the actual questions from the

For the most part, Obama sought to reassure the
audience on Israel, Iran, his church, his pastor, his
foreign policy advisers, his religion. At the
same time, he picked a few spots to push back against
some of his critics in the Jewish community.

Here are the key quotes:

change how Washington works because politics shouldn't
just be about scoring political points, it should also
be about solving problems. We need to change our
priorities to make healthcare more affordable. To have
an energy policy that not only creates jobs and
secures our planet but also stops sending billions of
dollars to dictators and effectively leads us to fund
both sides of the war on
terrorism. We need a change in our foreign policy to
allows to end the war in Iraq responsibly and lead the
against the common threats of the
21st century, terrorism and nuclear proliferation,
genocide, poverty and hopelessness in the world. These
changes are founded in a view of the world
that I believe is deeply imbedded in the Jewish
tradition. That all of us have a responsibility to do
our part to repair the world. That we can take
care of one another and build strong communities
grounded in faith and family. That repairing the world
is a task that each of us is called upon to
take up every single day. That is the spirit that I
expect to take with me to the White House."

STAND BY YOUR ISRAEL: "I will also carry with me an
unshakable commitment to the security of Israel and
the friendship between the United States and
Israel. The US Israel relationship is rooted in shared
interests, shared values, shared history and in deep
among our people. It is
supported by a strong bipartisan consensus that I am
proud to be a part of
and I will work tirelessly as
president to uphold and enhance the friendship

between the two countries. Two years ago I had a
chance to travel to Israel and it left a lasting
impression on me. I have long understood Israel's
great dilemma, it's need for security in a difficult
neighborhood and it's quest for peace with its
neighbors, but there is no substitute for meeting
the people of Israel. Seeing the terrain, experiencing
the powerful contrast between the beautiful holy land
that faces the constant threat of deadly violence. The
people of Israel showed their courage and commitment
to democracy everyday that they board a bus or kiss
their children goodbye or
argue about politics in a local cafe. And I know how
much Israelis crave peace. I know that Prime Minister
Olmert was elected with a mandate to pursue it. I
pledge to make every effort to help Israel achieve
that peace. I will strengthen Israel's security and
strengthen Palestinian partners who support that
and personally work for two states that can
live side by side in peace and security with Israel's
status as a Jewish state ensured so that Israelis and
Palestinians can pursue their dreams. I also expect to
work on behalf of peace with the full knowledge that
Israel still has bitter enemies who are intent on its
. We see their intentions every time a
suicide bomber strikes, we saw their intentions with
the katusha rockets that Hezbollah rained down on
Israel from Lebanon in 2006 and we see it today in the
Kasams that Hamas fires into Israel every single day
from as close as Gaza or as far as Tehran. The Defense
cooperation between t he United States to Israel has
been a model of success and I believe it can be
deepened and strengthened."

"Now the gravest
threat as [U.S. Rep. Robert Wexler (D-Fla.)] mentioned
to Israel today I believe is from Iran. There a
radical regime continues to pursue its capacity to
build a nuclear weapon and continues to support
across the region. President Ahmadinejad
continues his offensive denials of the Holocaust and
disturbing denunciations of Israel. recently referred
to Israel as a deadly microbe and
a savage animal. Threats of Israel's destruction can
not be dismissed as rhetoric. The threat from Iran is
real and my goal as president would be to eliminate
that threat.
Ending the war in Iraq I believe will be
an important first step in achieving that goal because
it will increase our flexibility
and credibility when we deal with Iran. Make no
mistake I believe that Iran has been the biggest
strategic beneficiary of this war and I intend to
change that. My approach to Iran will be aggressive
diplomacy. I will not take any military options off
the table.
But I also believe that under this
administration we have seen the threat grow worse and
I intend to change that course. The time I believe has
come to talk to directly to the Iranians
and to lay out our clear terms. Their end of pursuit
of nuclear weapons, an end of their support of
terrorism and an end of their threat to Israel and
other countries in the reason. To prepare this goal I
believe that we need to present incentives, carrots,
like the prospect of better relations and integration
into the national community, as well as disincentives
like the prospect of increased sanctions. I would seek
these sanctions through the United Nations and
encourage our friends in Europe and the Gulf to use
their economic leverage against Iran outside of the UN

and I believe we will be in a stronger position to
achieve these tough international sanctions if the
United States has shown itself to be willing to come
to the table. I will also continue the work I started
in the United States Senate by enacting my
legislation to make it easier for states to divest
their pension funds from Iran. As president I will
leave all options on the table for dealing with a
threat from Iran including the military options. But I
believe that we have not pursued the kind of
aggressive and direct diplomacy that could yield
results to both Israel and the United States. The
current policy of not talking is not working. It is
time to change that.
I am running for president
because I believe that America can do better both at
home and abroad. I believe that we can do better in
our relationship with Israel through a more effective
foreign policy that reduces the threat of terrorism
and increase the possibility for peace."


(ESPECIALLY AN ANTI-AMERICAN ONE): "Well, let's just be very
specific about what these emails have been. And
they have just been virulent and started very early.
And I have to say are not. I mean they are clearly
political in the sense that they go in waves.
And seem to track the next primary or caucus. Suddenly
they magically appear in great volume in whatever
state it is we are campaigning. And the emails suggest
A. I am Muslim,
B. I went to a madrassa
C. I used a Koran to swear myself into the Senate
D. I don't pledge allegiance to the flag.
There are all sorts of variations, but you get the
general gist. And our general view has been, that the
internet is very difficult, because it is very low
cost, it can just be churned out and you can't trace
it back to where it's coming from. What we have tried
to do is just make sure that we are flooding the
internet with the accurate information and pushing
back as much as possible. I don't think that we are
in an era anymore where you can just ignore these
things and not dignify them. There was a time when
they would be amplified as consequence of you
calling attention to it. I don't think that's the case
any more because of our media age. You know we saw
what happened with the swift boat situation
back in 2004. All you have to do is run the ad once
and then it gets repeated. And so what we've done is
try to lift it up and actively debunk it and encourage
stories about it. If anyone is still puzzled about the
facts,in fact I have never been a Muslim. We had to
send CNN to look at the school
that I attended in Indonesia where kids were wearing
short pants and listening to ipods to indicate that
this was not a madrassa but was a secular school in
Indonesia. Where I attended for two year prior to
coming back to Hawaii. If you look at Nicholas
Kristof's article today it gives you an indication of
where I got my name. My grandfather who was Kenyan
converted to Christianity then converted to Islam, my
father never practiced he was basically agnostic and
so other than my name and the fact that I lived in a
populous Muslim country for 4 years when I was a child
I have very little connection to the Islamic religion.

But these are the kind of things that you deal with in
politics. What is interesting is that is hasn't worked
because I haven't been voted off the island yet. Next,
yes sir."

I BARELY KNOW BRZEZINSKI: "There is a spectrum of
views in terms of how the US and Israel should be
interacting. It has evolved over time. It means that
somebody like Brzezinski who, when he was national
security advisor would be considered not outside of
the mainstream in terms of his perspective on
these issues, is now considered by many in the Jewish
Community anathema. I know Brzezinski he's not one of
my key advisors. I've had lunch with him once, I've
exchanged emails with him maybe 3 times. He came to
Iowa to introduce for a speech on Iraq. He and I agree
that Iraq was an enormous strategic blunder and that
input from him has been useful in assessing Iraq,
as well as Pakistan, where actually, traditionally, if
you will recall he was considered a hawk. The liberal
wing of the Democratic Party was very
suspicious of Brzezinski precisely because he was so
tough on many of these issues. I do not share his
views with respect to Israel. I have said so
clearly and unequivocally."

others that you refer to are former members of the
Clinton administration. Somebody like a Tony Lake,
the former National Security Adviser, or Susan Rice
-these are not anti-Israel individuals. These are
people who strongly believe in Israel's right to
exist. Strongly believe in a two-state solution.
Strongly believe that the Palestinians have been
irresponsible and have been strongly critical of them.
Share my view that Israel has to remain a Jewish
state, that the US has a special relationship with the
Jewish state.
There's no inkling that there has been
anything in anything that they've written that would
suggest they're not stalwart friends of Israel. This
is where I get to be honest and I hope I'm not out of
school here. I think there is a strain
within the pro-Israel community that says unless you
adopt a unwavering pro-Likud approach to Israel that
you're anti-Israel and that can't be the measure of
our friendship with Israel. If we cannot have a honest
dialogue about how do we achieve these goals, then
we're not going to make progress. And frankly some of
the commentary that I've seen which suggests guilt by
association or the notion that unless we are never
ever going to ask any difficult questions about how we
move peace forward or secure Israel that is
non military or non belligerent or doesn't talk about
just crushing the opposition that that somehow is
being soft or anti-Israel, I think we're
going to have problems moving forward. And that I
think is something we have to have an honest dialogue
about. None of these emails talk about the fact
that on the other side, members of my national finance
committee, like Lester Crown, are considered about as
hawkish and tough when it comes to
Israel as anybody in the country. So, there's got to
be some balance here. I've got a range of perspectives
and a range of advisors who approach this
issue. They would all be considered well within the
mainstream of that bipartisan consensus that I raised
or that we talked about in terms of being pro-Israel.
There's never been any of my advisors who questioned
the need for us to provide Israel with security, with
military aid, with economic aid. That there has to be
a two state solution, that Israel has to remain a
Jewish state.
None of my advisors would suggest that,
so I think its important to keep some of these things
in perspective. I understand people's concern with
Brzezinski given how much offense the Israeli lobby
raised, but he's not one of my central advisers."


"Well here's my starting orientation is
A - Israel's security is sacrosanct, is non
That's point number one.
Point number two is that the status quo I believe is
unsustainable over time. So we're going to have to
make a shift from the current deadlock that we're in.
Number three that Israel has to remain a Jewish state
and what I believe that means is that any negotiated
peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians is
going to have to involve the Palestinians
relinquishing the right of return as it has been
understood in the past
. And that doesn't mean that
there may not be conversations about compensation
issues. It also means the Israelis will have to figure
out how do we work with a legitimate Palestinian
government to create a Palestinian
state that is sustainable.
It's going to have to be
contiguous, its going to have to work its going to
have to function in some way. That's in Israel's
interest by the way. If you have a balkanized
unsustainable state, it will break down and we will be
back in the same boat. So those are the starting
points of my orientation. My goal then would be to
solicit as many practical opinions as possible in
terms of how we're going to move forward on a
improvement of relations and a sustainable peace. The
question that I will be asking any advisor is how does
it achieve the goal of Israel's security
and how does it achieve the goal of sustainability
over the long term and I want practical, hardheaded,
unromantic advice about how we're going to achieve


I have consistently said this, and I have said this to
Palestinians, I said this when I was in
Ramallah, that you cannot fault Israel for being
concerned about any peace agreement if the Palestinian
state or Palestinian Authority or Palestinian
leadership does not seem to be able to follow through
on its commitments.
And I think the approach we have
to take with respect to negations is that you sit down
and talk, but you have to suspend trust until you can
see that the Palestinian side can follow through and
that's a position that I have
consistently taken and the one I will take with me to
the White House."

One last point I'll make on this, in terms of
advisors and the kind of debate I think is
fruitful, one of the things that struck me when I went
to Israel was how much more open the debate was around
these issues in Israel than they are
sometimes here in the United States. It's very ironic.
I sat down with the head of Israeli security forces
and his view of the Palestinians was
incredibly nuanced because he's dealing with these
people every day. There's good and there's bad, and he
was willing to say sometimes we make mistakes
and we made this miscalculation and if we are just
pressing down on these folks constantly without giving
them some prospects for hope, that's not
good for our security situation. There was a very
honest, thoughtful debate taking place inside Israel.
All of you, I'm sure, have experienced this when
you travel there. Understandably, because of the
pressure that Israel is under, I think the U.S.
pro-Israel community is sometimes a little more
protective or concerned about opening up that
conversation. But all I'm saying though is that
actually ultimately should be our goal, to have that
same clear eyed view about how we approach these


"Well look, the Jewish community is a)
diverse, b) has interests beyond Israel. There is a the
tradition of the Jewish community in America as a
progressive force that is concerned with the poor, is
concerned with the vulnerable, is concerned with
children, is concerned with civil rights, is
concerned with civil liberties. Those are values that
I believe are much more evident in our Democratic
Party and that can't be forgotten. I think
that what I've seen, and you would know better than I
would, is that to the extent that there's been
bleeding over into the Republican Party, it all has
to do with this issue of Israel. And what I would
simply suggest is look at the consequences George
Bush's policies. The proof is in the point. I do not
understand how anybody who is concerned about Israel's
security and the threat of Iran could be supportive of
George Bush's foreign policy. It has
completely backfired. It is indisputable that Iran is
the biggest strategic beneficiary of the war in Iraq.
We have spent what will soon be close to a trillion
dollars strengthening Iran, expanding their influence.
How is that helpful to Israel? How is that helpful to
You can't make that argument. And so the
problem that we've seen in U.S. foreign policy
generally has been this notion that being full of
bluster and rattling sabers and being quick on the
draw somehow makes you more secure. And keep
in mind that I don't know anybody in the Democratic
Party, and I will say this for Hillary Clinton and I
will say this for myself, who has indicated in any way
that we would tolerate and allow to fester terrorist
threats, that we wouldn't hunt down, capture, or kill
terrorists that haven't been supportive of Israel capturing or killing terrorists.
So it's not like we're a bunch of folks asking to hold
hands and sing Kumbiya. When Israel launched
its counterattack against Hezbollah in Lebanon during
the summer of 2006, I was in South Africa at the time,
a place that was not particularly friendly
to Israel at the time and I was asked by the press,
what did you think? And I said, if somebody invades my
country or is firing rockets into my country
or kidnapping my soldiers, I will not tolerate that.
And there's no nation in the world that would. So I
don't see this softness within the Democratic
Party on these issues.
The question is, can we use our
military power wisely? Can we be strategic in terms of
how we move forward? And I think
that is profoundly in the interests of Israel and in
the interests of U.S. security."

WHAT HAMAS NEEDS TO DO: "Now again, going back to my
experiences in Israel and the discussions I've had
with security officials there, I think that
there are communications between the Israeli
government and Hamas that may be two or three degrees
, but people know what Hamas is thinking and
what's going on and the point is that with respect to
Hamas, you can't have a conversation with somebody who
doesn't think you should be on the other side of the
At the point where they recognize Israel and
its right to exist, at the point where they recognize
that they are not going to be able
to shove their world view down the throats of others
but are going to have to sit down and negotiate
without resort to violence, then I think that will
be a different circumstance. That's not the
circumstance that we're in right now.

LEARNING FROM INDONESIA: "Now keep in mind, Indonesia
is not the Arab world. So its brand of Islam was
always very different. Women were riding on Vespas
and going to work, and people weren't wearing
headscarves until very recently - that was actually an
import from the Middle East. But here's
what's interesting about Indonesia, it's a good case
study. It had had a very tolerant, mild brand of Islam
all the time that I was living there and
basically up and thru 97. And what happened was that
you'll recall the Asian financial crisis hit them
extraordinarily hard. Their gross domestic product
contracted by 30% - they had the equivalent of a Great
Depression, but this was a country that was already
extraordinarily poor. So, there was a direct
correlation between the collapse of that economy and
the rise of fundamentalist Islam inside of Indonesia.
Partly it was exported by Saudi Wahhabist schools that
were sent in and financing schools there, and
suddenly you started seeing head scarves on the
streets and Islamic organizations that were parroting
some of the fundamentalist and more fanatical brands
of Islam that we associate with the Middle East. And
the reason I raise that point is that although people
will often say, well terrorists are drawn from the
middle class and just being poor doesn't mean
that you're automatically ascribe to violent jihadist
tendencies. What is absolutely true is that in the
Arab world and in the Muslim world, I do think there
is a correlation between the degree to which those
communities function properly, give people hope, give
people a sense of direction, give children education,
and how vulnerable they are to these violent

I AM NOT NAIVE: "So what lessons do we learn from that
then? I am not naive.There is a hard core of jihadist
fundamentalists who we can't negotiate
with. We have to hunt them down and knock them out.
Incapacitate them. That's the military aspects of
dealing with this phenomenon.
Now somebody
like a Richard Clarke would estimate that the hard
core jihadists would gladly blow up this room maybe
it's 30,000 people, maybe it's 40,000 people,
maybe it's 50,000 people. But it is a finite number.
And that is where military action and intelligence has
to be directed. So all the things I've
talked about in the past - improving our intelligence
capacity, improving our alliances, rolling up
financial support, improving our homeland
security, making sure that we have strike forces that
are effective - that's all the military, intelligence,
police work that's required.
"The question then is what do we do with the 1.3
billion Muslims, who are along a spectrum of belief.
Some extraordinarily moderate, some very pious
but not violent. How do we reach out to them?
And it
is my strong belief that that is the battlefield that
we have to worry about, and that is where we have been
losing badly over the last 7 years. That is where Iraq
has been a disaster. That is where the lack of
effective public diplomacy has been a
disaster. That is where our failure to challenge
seriously human rights violations by countries like
Saudi Arabia that are our allies has been a
disaster. And so what we have to do is to speak to
that broader Muslim world in a way that says we will
consistently support human rights, women's
rights. We will consistently invest in the kinds of
educational opportunities for children in these
communities, so that madrasas are not their only
source of learning. We will consistently operate in
ways that lead by example, so that we have no
tolerance for a Guantanamo or renditions or torture.
Those all contribute to people at least being open to
our values and our ideas and a recognition that we are
not the enemy and that the Clash of Civilizations is
not inevitable.

"Now, as I said, we enter into those conversations
with the Muslim world being mindful that we also have
to defend ourselves against those who will not accept
the West, no matter how appropriately we engage. And
that is the realism that has to leaven our
hopefulness. But, we abandon the possibility
of conversation with that broader Muslim world at our
own peril.
I think all we do then, is further isolate
it and feed the kinds of jihadist fanaticism we all
detest. "

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Gates, Butter and Guns

US SecDef Robert Gates III is now in India, giving a sales pitch for US weapons, in the hopes of becoming India's leading arms supplier. While India shouldn't swoon over the American wooing, it should see the benefit in diversifying its pool of suppliers, so that no one entity is in a position to hold us hostage. As we can see, even our longtime Russian friends don't mind taking us for granted, charging an extra billion on the Gorshkov, selling the same tech to the Chinese, etc. I don't like the idea of someone whipsawing us against the Chinese, by selling to both of us, and then reaping the profits as we both try to out-purchase each other. We have to make the most of multi-polarity, and we owe it to ourselves to make the most of our purchasing power. We'll get the most leverage by allowing a place for everyone at our table. Gates is making noises that he's willing to overlook our rejection of the 123 Deal, as he pursues the arms trade agreements with us.

But obviously the tech transfer to us is very important and useful. As Indian companies gain technology through these military joint-ventures, they'll be able to demonstrate benefits (eg. cost advantages) to their foreign business partners which far exceed the revenues of Indian state contracts. As Indians enter defense and other high-end markets, our growing military-industrial complex will be able to meet all kinds of wider needs. Who knows how many spin-offs may result?

Take a look at the Mahindra Axe, the Indian version of the Hummvee (Israeli-designed, of course), as an example of the unfolding future: (Part 1/11)

Products like this, soon even to be introduced in civilian versions for the regular consumer markets, will help India to meet its defense needs, and even sell to export markets. High-end manufacturing with high-margin profits will draw the world to see similar goods produced in India. Software does not have to be the water's edge for us.

India tests Sub-launched Ballistic missile

more news on solar power

feb 26th, 2008

this is the industry to be in now in the valley.

50 people looking for solar image of Mary lose sight; note where this is happening

feb 26th, 2008

note that erumeli is one of the important stops in the sabarimala pilgrimage. there have been several attempts by christists to grab the land and to disrupt the sabarimala pilgrimage.

1. in the 1950s, christists set fire to the temple
2. in the 1980's, chrisists claimed that a *wooden cross* was found near sabarimala, and that this was therefore christist territory. the alleged thomas (who never came to india) had allegedly left this wooden cross there 2000 years ago, buried, and it had survived. a true miracle
3. a few years ago, the christists invited the pujari at sabarimala to visit one of their devil-worshipping spots (aka churches). the poor pujari, being 'secular', went there, instead of saying "get thee behind me, satan!". christists took videos of this and started circulating it to the ayyappa pilgrims, saying, "see, your priest came to our church. you should also convert."
4. two years ago, the christist oommen chandy government nixed a railway line from kottayam to erumeli, saying it "would pass through christost lands and cause the land to be taken over. the railway line would not benefit christists".
5. last year, a kannada actress claimed she had gone to sabarimala as a young woman and actually touched the deity. now touching the deity is physically impossible because the image is way inside the sanctum. but for a young woman to go there is against custom. she raised a lot of noise, all intended to denigrate sabarimala. guess what, it turns out she's married to a christist, and is possibly converted
6. last year, one of the sabarimala priests was asked to go to an apartment in cochin (which, by the way is a massively christist-majority town), and when he got there, he was forcibly disrobed and thrust into compromising positions with a couple of whores. whjich they photographed. the whores and the mastermind of the operation were christists, and the objectives were blackmail and denigration of sabarimala

now this thing in erumeli.

the christists really hate sabarimala, because it has become a phenomenon. they were converting lots of lower-income people with the cult of the madonna of velankanni (interestingly this is a former shrine to murugan's consort vel ilang kanni amman, which was forcibly taken over and converted by the christists), but the booming popularity of sabarimala has been a thorn in their side.

the christists have targeted the main temples in tamil nadu (kanchi), andhra (tirupati) and kerala (sabarimala) as part of their master plan to convert all of south india.

going back to this particular idiocy of mary's idol dripping honey and whatnot, and of seeing mary in the sun, why isn't the oh-so-rational english language media denigrating christists? the answer is that the ELM is infiltrated by kerala christists, including a lot of priests who go in for journalism. eg. ninan, george, pamela, philip et al

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Shahryar
ate: Tue, Feb 26, 2008 at 11:57 AM
Subject: 50 people looking for solar image of Mary lose sight

Tuesday, February 26, 2008 8:55:00 AM
Permission to reprint or copy this article or photo must be obtained from
50 people looking for solar image of Mary lose sight
Don Sebastian
 50 people looking for solar image of Mary lose sight

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: At least 50 people in Kottayam district have reportedly lost their vision after gazing at the sun looking for an image of Virgin Mary.

Though alarmed health authorities have installed a signboard to counter the rumour that a solar image of Virgin Mary appeared to the believers, curious onlookers, including foreign travellers, have been thronging the venue of the 'miracle'.

St Joseph's ENT and Eye Hospital in Kanjirappally alone has recorded 48 cases of vision loss due to photochemical burns on the retina. "All our patients have similar history and symptoms. The damage is to the macula, the most sensitive part of retina. They have developed photochemical, not thermal, burns after continuously gazing at the sun," Dr Annamma James Isaac, the hospital's ophthalmologist, said.

The hospital has been receiving patients with these abnormal symptoms since Friday. When the doctors found a pattern in the case sheets, they reported it to the district medical officer.

The health department has now put up a signboard at the hotelier's house near Erumeli, where the divine image is said to have appeared, warning people against exposing their eyes to sunlight.

Even the churches in the vicinity disowned the miracle during Sunday mass after health officers and doctors approached the clergy. The house in question has been the centre of local rumours for a few months.  The hotelier, who has since moved to another house, had claimed that statues of Mother Mary in his house have been crying honey and bleeding oil and perfumes.

Though people have been flocking to the "blessed land" - hastily christened Rosa Mystica Mountain - for long, the mad rush for the image in the sky began a week ago.

There are quite a few people still seeking the miracle, despite the experiences of their unfortunate predecessors and strict health warnings against gazing at the sun with the naked eye.

"The patients show varying degrees of severity. They are mostly girls in 12-26 age group. Our youngest patient is 12 and the oldest 60. Most of them were looking at the sun between 2 and 4 pm, when UV1 and UV2 rays are harshest," Dr James Isaac said. He added that they could identify the problem as solar retinopathy because they were aware of the local sensation.

"Most patients may hopefully improve their vision. But there may be long-term effects on the retina," he added.

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Monday, February 25, 2008

Yanks all worried by chinese submarines

I remember Brahma Chellaney warning about this some time back. Of course - no one in India will listen - as it is obvious that they cannot bomb Tawang with submarines, we are safe.

This is bound to accelerate if Hillary Clinton wins - she loves China just like Cigar Bill. Barack Hussein will not give advanced submarine technology to China - no - he will only give it to the "hungry" Muslims of Indonesia and Malaysia. They are the ones who will proliferate the technology to China. Barack is innocent - because the Indian press said he loves Gandhi

Musharraf's dog kill another with sun-roof lever

That dog is more accurate than a stinger missile!

Interesting that there were no fire engines to hose down the site 15 minutes after this blast. Maybe there wasn't much blood - I mean it was a Pakistani General after all

Rediscovering the forgotten crops

feb 25th, 2008

interesting, the role of the non-five-star crops like wheat, rice, soy, and corn.

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From: Shahryar

Rediscovering the forgotten crops
Over the last century about 75% of the world's crop varieties have been lost, data from the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) suggests.
UN researchers say that we now rely on just three crops: wheat, rice and maize.
The fact that poorer nations are almost twice as dependent on these cereals as richer nations has led to the question: are we now too reliant on too few crops?
The Kolli Hills in Tamil Nadu, southern India, is home to about 40,000 people.
Scientists have visited the area to see if ancient traditions offer any clues to finding a way out of a future global food crisis.
Changing landscape
"First of all, I think the environment is going to be more unpredictable," Sayed Azam-Ali, professor of tropical agronomy at the University of Nottingham, UK, tells the Television Trust for the Environment's Earth Report programme.
"So we need crops that are going to be safe," he said.
"We can't rely on importing and moving crops around the world indefinitely.
"I think we have to be more reliant on locally sourced food."
Until the first road was built in the 1960s, the Kolli Hills were cut off from the outside world.
Farming families had been harvesting millet for centuries, and it was their main source of nutrition.
"This was the only food crop they could depend on," explained Dr S Bala Ravi, a researcher from the Swaminathan Research Foundation.
"There was no communication system; there was no public distribution system, so this was the only dependable crop for them which could be grown in the hills."
However, the construction of the road presented an opportunity for some farmers to switch to more profitable crops.
One such crop is cassava, also known as tapioca.
One farmer explained that until 20 years ago he used to grow millet, but tapioca offered a better return and a better standard of living.
Growing demand
The demand for relatively few crops has left experts worried that traditional knowledge of how to harvest millet will die out; something they have called "cultural erosion".
A project to reintroduce the crop has begun to have some success.
Researchers believe the high nutritional value and its resilience means millet offers a more secure future for farmers, rather than growing cash crops and buying cheap rice to eat.
Thirty-two of the 250 villages in the hills are growing millet again, but Professor Bala Ravi knows more is needed; farmers need to be able to sell it for cash too.
"We want the farmers, instead of selling the raw harvest at a low rate, to enhance its value by various processing methods.
"We are supplying the various machineries and increasing the capacity for processing," he added.
"We have created a market line so that they can bring out their own entrepreneurship and enhance it."
Kolli Hills millet products are now on sale in 34 stores in the region, and sales have increased by 300% over the past year.
Mixing minor crops, such as millet, into the major farming system could be the future for food, locally and globally.
But researchers warn that the success of this type of venture still hangs in the balance.
The Television Trust for the Environment's (TVE) Earth Report - Forgotten Fruit - will be broadcast on BBC World on 15-20 February 2008. Please check schedules for further details
Story from BBC NEWS:

Published: 2008/02/15 17:57:19 GMT


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why agriculture will eventually be the key: how arabs are paying far more for food

feb 25th, 2008

this blog has consistently advocated the use of agriculture and food as a core competency and in fact a weapon. the gas exporters are now forming OGEC; eventually india can be the leader of OFEC, organization of food exporting countries. despite sky-high oil prices, arabs, dependent on imported food, are in trouble. or shall we say, marie a-like, "let them drink their damned oil?"

interestingly enough, this is true for little arabia, ie. kerala. there is no food produced there any more, thanks to the communists. all the food comes from tamil nadu, especially kanyakumari district. thus the bloody 'dravidians' have kerala over a barrel.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

sandhya jain: At the cost of Hindus

feb 24th, 2008

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Ram

At the cost of Hindus


Secularism has evolved into an odious fast-track for the disproportionate ascent of religious minorities in the top echelons of Indian polity, and their hijack of the state and its resources to pander to sectarian fundamentalism. Ever since Rajiv Gandhi's craven surrender in the Shah Bano case, there has been an insidious chipping away at the nation's secular edifice in a manner tailored to crystallise and partition minority identities. This is a departure from the original constitutional tolerance of religion-based personal laws in personal spaces that did not affect larger social interests and the desired separation of state and religion.

Now, the Sonia Gandhi-dominated Centre and Congress State Governments are doggedly pandering to minority sentiments in a manner calculated to affront majority opinion. Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Samuel Rajsekhar Reddy, a member of the evangelical Seventh Day Adventists sect, recently used the Governor's address to slip in a scheme to subsidise Christian pilgrims to Bethlehem and Jerusalem. The statement that the Andhra Government will "extend the Haj pilgrim scheme to Christian minorities also for their religious visits to Christian holy lands in Israel" is laughable as Israeli annexation has not been internationally recognised.

Moreover, the suggestion that Haj subsidy is being extended to Christians suggests Christianity is a sub-sect of Islam, though it is an older and distinct faith. A religious subsidy for Christians can only involve a fresh outlay exclusive to Christians; it is not cut out of the exclusively-Muslim subsidy. This raises questions about the perversion of Indian secularism, which was premised upon distance from religion, and the legitimacy of state funding pilgrimages for any faith.

Justifiable state intervention in the internal affairs of a religious community must derive from notions of higher justice and contemporary social needs for the good of a larger citizenry. The Shah Bano divorce and Imrana rape case show that the Indian state is incapable of standing up for poor and wronged Muslim women. Instead, it promotes obscurantist orthodoxy by extending the quantum of Haj subsidy which, ironically, is haraam according to the tenets of Islam.

In every religion, pilgrimage is a matter of personal devotion and not the duty of the state, not even a theological state. Islam enjoins the faithful to try to make the pilgrimage to Mecca once in a lifetime from their legitimately earned savings. There is no compulsion for those who cannot afford it. The Prophet did not even imagine a non-Muslim state would steal the resources of its Hindu citizens to subsidise Haj - against the letter and spirit of his teachings.

It bears stating that the misguided attempt to placate Hindu opinion with a Kailash Mansarovar subsidy by some States is an affront to dharma. Nowhere in Hindu tradition is the state supposed to subsidise a pilgrimage, though it is duty-bound to provide civic amenities en route. Many facilities are provided by the pious and the authorities of pilgrimage centres.

The Mecca-Jerusalem subsidies are political, not religious, subsidies. Both Islam and Christianity are political religions with an agenda for world-conversion and world-dominion. Hindus suffer double injustice as rich Muslim and Christian nations promote conversions, while secular India funds pilgrimage to Muslim and Christian lands outside India. India's politico-religious subsidies thus reinforce both fundamentalisms at the cost of the native Hindu civilisational ethos.

Residents of small towns have already experienced to their dismay that Muslim neighbours return from Haj with a disconcerting degree of fundamentalism. Indian villages are already experiencing a forced cultural separatism practiced by converts to Christianity at the behest of local padris, and tensions can only rise with Indian Christians visiting the holy lands.

It is pertinent that despite massive funding for conversion, the social and economic status of converts remains unchanged, though a sense of grievance and separated-ness is fostered through intensive religious indoctrination. The lack of social and economic mobility for converts, indeed the perpetuation of old caste inequalities with the tacit consent of the religious hierarchy, has recently come to be admitted by both faiths, though ironically, as an additional grievance against the Hindu community!

As the UPA chairperson was keen to snatch the rights of depressed Hindu castes and pass them on to Muslim and Christian converts, the National Commission for Religious and Linguistic Minorities was created with a pre-set mandate. Last year, it delivered according to its brief and recommended extension of Scheduled Caste reservation benefits to Christian and Muslim converts. Justice Ranganath Mishra even suggested a quota-within-quota for OBC minorities.

Justice Mishra proposed 15 per cent representation for minorities in educational institutions and all cadre and grades of Government employment, of which 10 per cent would be for Muslims and five per cent for others (read Christians). Claiming that minorities are under-represented in Government, he argued that they should be regarded as 'backward' according to Article 16(4), but without the qualifying distinction of "socially and educationally backward".

This is deliberate mischief as Justice Mishra knows that minorities are not educationally and socially backward. Besides, this is constitutionally untenable as it tampers with the basic framework of the Constitution. Para 3 of the Constitution (Scheduled Castes) Order 1950 limits SC status to Hindus, Sikhs and Buddhists, as caste is a Hindu phenomenon and cannot be delinked from religion. To do so is to facilitate conversions.

The NCRLM mooted earmarking 15 per cent Central development funds for minorities, an idea being pursued by the Planning Commission. Actually, as Islam and Christianity promote conversion with the promise of non-discrimination between believers, both deserve punitive legal action for discriminating against 'low caste' converts.

What stands between India and the deluge is the sagacity of Mr Buta Singh, chairman, National Commission for Scheduled Castes. Mr Singh has cautioned State Governments against using the word 'Dalit' in official documents as it is "unconstitutional" and only 'Scheduled Caste' is notified under Article 341. The de-legitimising of 'Dalit' (meaning broken, crushed) is a blow to the evangelical industry which has been promoting the term to forge separatism among Scheduled Castes. Mr Singh rightly insists that Dalit converts do not suffer the same maladies as their Indic counterparts; hence, Christianity and Islam must prove they practice untouchability and that it exists in their religious theology, before claiming ameliorative measures. This is a timely warning against wilful appropriation of Hindu concepts. It is now up to Hindu India to resist minority aggression.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

obama's conversion of convenience. just like bobby jindal?

feb 23rd, 2008

he has thundered against hillary's alleged connections to india, calling her the senator from punjab. now he's changing his tune because he wants indian-american votes and money. and there are lots of foolish indian-american kids taken up by his rhetoric. i believe the guy is a fraud, and that he has nothing of substance to offer, other than rhetoric. in any case, he's not going to be one bit helpful to india, being a mohammedan manchurian candidate, or a chip-in-the-shoulder afro-centrist christist fundamentalist, take your pick.

just like bobby jindal, who sucked up to hindu indian-americans when he needed their money. and as soon as he got elected, he started dissing india and indians and especially hindus. i can guarantee this will be true of obama, too.

on the other hand, what he's saying is standard issue candidate drivel, so the CHINDU talking about it merely shows its idiocy.

a pox on obama, and a pox on clinton! but on balance, i think obama is a bigger fraud than clinton, and even more annoying than her.

i wrote about obama for rediff, and i will post it on my other blog when rediff publishes it. anyway, i am not at all enamored of the guy. i also dont think he'll get nominated, except as gore's running mate. a gore-obama ticket is a possibility, and it can beat mccain.

i agree with arvind that both democrats and republicans are equally useless for india, but i am also inclined, like san, to support the republican candidate mostly because the democrats are such hypocrites. the republicans are jerks, but they are straightforward about it.

old rajeev column (from 1/1/08) that rediff did not run

feb 23rd, 2008

it is up on rajeev's other blog at:

Revolutionaries eliminate proletarians

feb 23rd, 2008

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Krishnan

In revolution-speak, they must have been "counter-revolutionaries."

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great story: "the beatified kochappi" in real life, not fiction!

feb 23rd, 2008

some years ago, in my column "the saint business", i talked about the malayalam short story, "the beatified kochappi" and the fake miracles associated with a 'dead saint'. it was written by lapsed catholic ponkunnam varki, and exposes the hoaxes and the money-mindedness of the church.

my column is at

in the end, the business of making the believers eat the dirt from the 'saint's tomb' is so lucrative that when the 'saint', who it turns out wasn't dead at all, makes a reappearance, there is no option but to beat him to death. the business is too good to waste on some details like some piddly 'saint's' non-death.

now it turns out the more or less the same thing is going on in new mexico. (i wonder who they beat to death there, was it 'Don Abeyta'?) as they say, truth is stranger than fiction, especially when it concerns christists and their 'miracles', such as m. teresa's miracle where a patient had a tumor disappear because of m. teresa's intervention (and some surgery that actually removed it!).

see the nytimes article at

i also liked the lovely statements:

"Don Abeyta built a small chapel for the crucifix at the discovery site in the valley, which, historians note, had been a sacred area for Pueblo Indians. Soon, word began to spread that this was a place for the lame and the blind to be healed. Today's dirt hole is said to be on the spot where the crucifix was found, accounting for its supposed power and the continued faith of visitors even if they know the dirt is brought in from outside."

as usual, stealing other peoples' sacred sites and putting their crappy "mutilated corpse of dead arab stuck on a stick" there.

"India should stand up to China as an equal"

feb 23rd, 2008  

REDIFF INDIA ABROAD, February 22, 2008

Kanwal Sibal

India should stand up to China as an equal 

India's China policy has been marked by friendship, sentimentalism, fear, diffidence, appeasement, brinksmanship, wishful thinking and engagement. This mixture of attitudes reflects the complexity of the relationship, our difficulties in managing China's challenge, the nature of the Chinese regime, China's strategic advantage over India and the fulgurant rise of China in recent years.

Some very far-reaching strategic mistakes were made in not comprehending the Maoist take-over of China and its implication for India. Mao Tse-Tung seized China through revolutionary violence, while India won freedom through a non-violent struggle. China's leaders were Communist, India's were nurtured in democratic thinking. Mao's China wanted to settle historical wrongs against the country, Mahatma Gandhi [Images] and Jawaharlal Nehru wanted to forget and forgive historical wrongs.

... deleted

"Civilizational War" against Hindus in J&K - Destruction of Temples & Talibanization

feb 23rd, 2008

what the rest of us can look forward to when mohammedans become 35% of the population.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Krishan

For circulation

Subject: Massive destruction of temples & cleansing of Hindus in J&K reflects state- sponsored Talibanization by the majority Muslim state: Indian Govt.'s silence on the issue is unforgivable - it encourages fundamentalism & defeats secularism.


 Hon'ble BJP/ NDA Members of Parliament,


Herewith we are forwarding an important memo we have sent to the CM of J&K, Shri Ghulam Nabi Azad on the "tactical failure" of the successive J&K governments in protecting the Hindu community of Kashmir. Now the Islamists, who drove the non-Muslims out of the Kashmir region, have embarked upon the illegal sale of Hindu temples and their properties. Our memo reveals that Hindu temples are being destroyed at an unprecedented scale and everything in the state is being talibanized. Government's indifference towards the temple security and their functioning has been termed as state's tacit support to the persecution of Hindus and denial of their freedom of religion.


What is difficult to understand is that when the Govt. re-built Cherar-e-Shareef why can't it re-build Hindu temples destroyed in the wake of ethnic cleansing unleashed by the local and foreign Jihadists? The Indian Parliament adopted a law in 1991 specifically requiring that –"the status of religious places, as on August 15, 1947 shall be retained". Under the present circumstances it is obligatory upon the Govt. as envisaged by the above referred Act passed by the Indian Parliament to maintain the integrity of religious entities as it stood in 1947.


Hindus as a minority community in J&K need & must get special protection: the Kashmiri Hindus shrines and religious places Bill must be urgently passed by the state to stop illegal sales and encroachment and other administrative measures taken, like formation of a Waqf- like Hindu Board for their protection, preservation and development.


The silence by Muslims in India, who are generally so vociferous on even minor issues concerning their community, could only be interpreted as their underhand support to Islamists in Kashmir. This raises a serious question: Why should they get preferential treatment and financial support from mostly Hindu tax payers for condoning/ supporting anti- Hindu, anti- national activities aimed at fragmenting the country?


As a party, representing the nationalist and Hindu segments of the Indian nation, the BJP bears a special responsibility for ensuring their safety and protection of their religious and human rights. Concern about these issues must be expressed in public, media and elected bodies. These issues deserve to be included as a plank in the electoral agenda  of the party throughout the country and used as an instrument of unifying the nation to force the J&K Govt. to reform its uneven and discriminative policies vis-a- vis Hindus in keeping with a secular constitution. 


Dear Parliamentarians: Kashmir, an historic place in Hindu ethos, has since been neutralized and is now speedily being talibanized. A) Hindus have been kicked out of Kashmir and now their temples are being demolished. B) In Ladakh Buddhist girls and women are being kidnapped and forcibly married to Kashmiri Muslims and new colonies of Muslim settlers from Kashmir with Govt. assistance have mushroomed. C) The treatment of Hindus in Jammu region, where hundreds of new Muslim localities and colonies over the years have emerged, is not any different. We must put an end to this persisting erosion and war of civilizations forced upon Hindus. Having already lost Pakistan and Bangladesh now is the time that Hindus and nationalists of India through their representatives, the BJP/ NDA, draw line in the sand and save ethnically the last frontiers of Hindu India which must include Ladakh, Kashmir and Jammu. Please arise to defend the traditional ethnic excellence and integrity of Bharat Mata. This is the time for Action.


          We are looking forward to your prompt action and a word in response.


          Best wishes.



Dr. Jagan Kaul                            

Krishan Bhatnagar
Hindu Jagran Forum (USA) 

February 21, 2008




Letter to Shri Ghulam Nabi Azad, Chief Minister, Jammu & Kashmir State



3145  Gilbert Avenue, Roseburg, OR (USA)  97470



Subject: Massive destruction of temples in J&K amounts to state sponsored Talibanization of the state:  These religious structures must be protected against the predatory & illegal Sales, demolition and Vandalism and a Waqf like Hindu Board be formed for their upkeep and governance.


           Hon'ble Chief Minister Azad,


          Through this memo we would like to express our deep disappointment, indignation and out right condemnation on behalf of a billion members strong worldwide Hindu fraternity about the self induced "tactical failure" of the successive J&K governments in protecting the Hindu community of Kashmir. Encouraged by the anti-secular, anti-minority and Mogul like discriminative policies of the state government. Now these Islamists, who drove the non-Muslims out of the Kashmir region, have embarked upon the illegal sale of Hindu temples and their properties.


        All these criminal activities by the Islamists represent the extension of their foreign inspired "civilizational war" undertaken to remove all traces of the historical Hindu past in the vale of Kashmir. Massive protests by the remaining less than 5,000 Kashmiri Pandits in the valley against criminally altering the socio-cultural complexion of Kashmir has been of no avail. On the contrary these extremely vulnerable non-Muslim Kashmiris have been exposed to serious threats by a very powerful "Islamic Land Mafia" that if they do not stop protesting they would face dire consequences like the rest of the exiled Pandit community.  


            We have been given to understand that powerful interests in the Muslim dominated State Legislature including the Islamic Land Mafia, scuttled the legislation that was supposed to stop the illegal sale and/or destruction of Hindu religious structures. Despite the state government's "verbal assurances" to protect temples & their properties nothing has been done to save them. Even the promise to bring in legislation during the recent assembly session to prevent sale of such properties was not fulfilled and the legislature was allowed to adjourn sine die without the introduction of the promised bill (attachment A). Obviously the assurance by the state authorities has simply proved to be yet another tactic for buying time and doing nothing. 


          1) Govt. re-built Cherar-e-Shareef why not Hindu temples? 

          Chief Minister Azad when the Pakistani and indigenous Islamic terrorists burnt and destroyed the holy shrine at Cherar-e-Shareef responding to the public outcry the Indian as well as Kashmir governments agreed to rebuild the shrine. Thereupon a team of engineering specialists was detailed to visit some of the major Islamic states in Central Asian region for examining their mosques in an attempt to select one of the best of them as a model for building the new shrine at Cherar-e-Shareef. In the final analysis that is exactly what was done. Based on this experience the question that arises now is: if the officials could go to that extent for pleasing and or appeasing the Muslim community why can't they re-build Hindu temples destroyed in the wake of ethnic cleansing unleashed by the local and foreign Jihadists?


          2) Govt. Talibanizing everything in Kashmir: 

            The former J&K Chief Minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed's public declaration describing Hari Parbat as 'Koh-i-Maran' in 2005 could only be termed as a shot in the arm of 'talibanization' by the coalition government. It is believed that the misguided Congress party has been extending its tacit and  full support to the People's Democratic Party (of Mehbooba Mufti) – the political outfit that has been aggressively engaged in systematically destroying the symbols of historical importance, cultural pluralism and talibanizing everything in Kashmir,"  (attachment B).


          3) Hindu temples being destroyed on at an unprecedented  Scale: 

           The process of desecration, loot, vandalizing and destruction of temples has continued under the anti-Hindu Islamic rule through generations with intent to wipe out all traces of religious and cultural symbols of Hindus. These targets besides the temples included libraries, universities and ashrams. After India achieved freedom and Kashmir acceded to the Union of India in 1947 the destruction and desecration of temples under the new Islamic regimes wearing secular turbans received added impetus and acceleration. Temple lands, cremation grounds, etc. of Hindus were usurped and utilized for expansion of the Islamic populace. The famous Bhairavnath temple of Chattabal, Srinagar was locked up by the police. The judicial case pending in court concerning this temple was never allowed to be decided. Precious lands around Hari Parbat hill, Durganag temple of Srinagar and lands at several Hindu places of worship in the Valley were slowly and steadily turned into lands under occupation of the Muslim trusts (Maqboozai-Ahali-Islam).


          In 1967, Shivala temple, Chotta Nazar, Srinagar was desecrated. Again in 1984 Shri Hanuman temple at Hari Singh High Street was damaged and in the same year Arya Samaj temple of Wazir Bagh, Srinagar was burnt down. In view of the Islamic fundamentalist conspiracy against Hindus in general and unqualified support for their plans from across the border, the law and order situation in the Valley since 1986 deteriorated progressively and temple desecration became the order of the day. Here are some of the glaring examples that defy and shred into a million pieces the tall claims made by the Muslim leaders of Kashmir about their dedication and adherence to nationalism, multiculturalism, secularism, Kashmiriyat and religious freedom:


          A)  In February 1986 some 39 temples were destroyed in Anantnag, Srinagar, Budgam, Kupwara and Baramula districts (attachment C).


          B) From 1987 to 1990 at least fifteen temples were destroyed (attachment C).


          C) Temples desecrated and damaged in Kashmir from 1990 to December 1992   (attachment C)



          D) The Minister of State for Home Affairs, Shri M.M. Jacob disclosed in the Lok Sabha on 12-3-1993 that 38 Hindu places of worship were damaged in J&K state, 13 in 1989, nine in 1990 and 16 in 1991.


          E) There are reports of further destruction of some 39 temples in Kashmir after December 6, 1992 for which FIR were filed (attachment C). Please note that FIRs on all destruction cases were not filed with the authorities in view of the complicity of the administration and warnings of retaliation against the complainants by the Islamic terrorists.


          F) According to local eye witnesses accounts there were additional 38 temples that were vandalized after December 6, 1992 (attachment C)


          These examples represent only a fraction of the systematic mass destruction of temples in J&K after independence of India when the Islamists assumed the total and unfettered control of the state.


            4) The Indian Parliament adopted a law in 1991 specifically requiring that "the status of religious places, as on August 15, 1947 shall be retained". This pre-emptive measure was taken by the national legislature anticipating possible dishonorable designs of trouble makers and anti- national elements in various administrations. A faithful implementation of these laws will require assuring the security and restoration of the community based management of Hindu temples and their estates.


          Sayeed had on June 20 described Hari Parbat as 'Koh-i-Maran' and a ministerial colleague of his had called Shankaracharya Hill 'Sulaiman Teng'. Have these short sighted Jihadis ever imagined as to what might happen if the Indian nation, which is more than 83% Hindu, was to enforce similar communal, vindictive and religious based punitive policies in India and start undoing what the successive tyrannical Islamic regimes have done to the Hindu nation? From that stand point aren't these fundamentalist, irresponsible street politicians playing with the lives and welfare of the 140 million Muslims of India?


          5) Mr. Chief Minister, government's indifference towards the temple security and their functioning has been termed as its support to persecution of Hindus and denial of their freedom of religion:  Govt. must realize that the temples and their endowments have been built over the centuries by our forefathers and therefore, it is the community which is their real owner and which must have the final say in the management and utilization of temple resources.


          Under the present circumstances it is obligatory upon the Govt. as envisaged by the above referred Act passed by the Indian Parliament to maintain the integrity of religious entities as it stood in 1947. Any deviation from that will clearly be violation of the national law and the will unambiguously expressed by the Indian Parliament. Therefore, it is incumbent upon the Govt. to restore all the destroyed, vandalized, looted and desecrated temples and their properties to their glory as it existed in 1947 and hand them over to the Hindu community. Any thing less than that will be unacceptable.


          6) Formation of a Waqf like autonomous Hindu Board for temples governance under the Hindu community's guidance:  Mr. Chief Minister, we strongly believe that for social issues, religious affairs, community services and temple administration there must be a representative and an autonomous Hindu Board with full jurisdiction over temple governance and management. Accordingly we suggest that the representatives of shrines, temples, Hindu community and state and national religious leaders, be motivated to convene an assembly where they could be asked to take charge of clearly defining legal and religious framework for the community governance of temples and other religious places in the state.  Since the universal right of freedom to manage religious places is available to the Muslim community which constitutes the majority in your state, there is absolutely no justification to deny it to Hindus?


          7) The Govt. must make room for community's vital role in the interim temple management through Hindu Advisory Councils:  Such Councils could play a role in oversight and decision making process of the endowments department and temple Trusts, where Councils elected or nominated by the Community and state and national religious leaders could shoulder these responsibilities.  Additionally these Councils could also stop desecration and decimation of the religious infrastructure by bringing these issues to the notice of the Govt. and the public, and till an autonomous Board is constituted for taking over the charge, like the Waqf Board.


          8) Hindus as a minority community in J&K need and must get special protection: In view of the internationally recognized ethnic cleansing and genocide of Hindus in Kashmir it would have been most desirable if the J&K Govt. had brought into play a policy of special protection as well as financial support to the Hindus who are in a minority - on the same basis as Muslims are allowed in the rest of India.  We regret to say that Hindus have been effectively cleansed out of the Kashmir Valley, disenfranchised and now the focus seems to be on cleansing them out of Jammu as well. The calculated lack of action by the state in this regard seems to effectively contribute to the realization of the Jihadists objectives of the talibanization of the state.


          9) Chief Minister Azad, for a starter may we request your urgent attention for protecting Hindu temples and Hindu community properties from illegal sales and  encroachment by urgently passing the Kashmiri Hindus shrines and religious places Bill and take other administrative measures like formation of a Waqf- like Hindu Board for their protection, preservation and development. This will be in keeping with: a) high standards of ethics, b) norms and practices in all open and democratic societies; and, c) the secular Constitution of India.


          Needless to say that inaction by the state and continuing demolition of Hindu religious infrastructure carries with it a serious potential for a backlash with possibility of horrific consequences. The privileges enjoyed by the Muslims as a minority community in India could also become a subject matter of controversy if Hindus are continually persecuted in the Muslim majority J&K state. It is also relevant to point out that most of the budgetary expenditures in the J&K state are gifted by the Indian Govt. with taxes mostly paid by Hindus. Surely these taxpayers do not fund the Kashmir Govt. so it could destroy Hinduism and achieve forced talibanization of the state.


          Thank you Mr. Chief Minister and we are looking forward to your response and prompt action towards resolving this explosive situation.





Dr. Jagan Kaul
Krishan Bhatnagar
Hindu Jagran Forum (USA) 

February 21, 2008




Attachment A


J&K temples being sold, allege Pandits

Kavita Suri

Statesman, Feb 11, 2008

JAMMU, Feb. 10: Kashmiri Pandits allege that the Muslim-majority government in Jammu and Kashmir is ignoring illegal sale of Hindu temples and other community properties in the state.
Less than 5,000 Kashmiri Pandits who live in the Kashmir valley say that their resistance to sale of temple properties has exposed them to threats from a very powerful land mafia. Pandits allege they have been warned against protesting, or face the consequences.

These Pandits say that despite the state government's "verbal assurances" to protect temple properties, nothing is being done to save them. A promise to bring in legislation during the recent assembly session to prevent sale of such properties was not fulfilled. To the disappointment of Pandits, the legislature was adjourned sine die without introduction of the bill.

The Pandits say there is more to the non-introduction of the Bill than meets the eye. They claim that powerful interests, including a land mafia, scuttled the legislation.

The ground realities in Kashmir are alarming. The Dharmarth Trust headed by Dr Karan Singh has locked up an ancient and historical temple Ram jee of Barbar Shah. This is the first time in its known history that the temple has been locked. Security forces living in the adjacent dharmashala have been told not to enter the temple precincts.

"For all these years, it was a routine with us, the few Kashmiri Pandits living in the Valley, to come here every Sunday for a get-together, make prasad and distribute it among devotees. But the trust management, with the help of the state government, locked up the temple and no one has been allowed to enter for the past month," said Mr Vijay Sas of the Kashmiri Pandit Sangarsh Samiti (KPSS), Kashmir.

Pandits allege that some in the Dharmarth Trust management want to sell off the property of the temple, valued at Rs 300 crore. In fact, some of them allege that the property will be sold to an influential Muslim living in the Valley. The property located just across the Rambagh Bridge and opposite the Metrological Department is at a prime location.

Inside the huge plot of land, there is an ancient Shiva temple, said to be around 1200 years old. The lingam is said to be more than 8.5 feet high.


The KPSS filed a PIL in the Supreme Court and was asked to file a fresh case in the concerned High Court. A case is already pending in the High Court of Jammu and Kashmir, Srinagar Wing.

"Since January 2008, another incident of sale of our religious and community property has surfaced in Kashmir. It is the sale of DAV School in Rainawari by one Roshan Lal Raina who was just a teacher in that school but turned into a broker," said Mr Sas.


Pandits allege that the sale took place at the behest of an influential official attached to the Director-General of Police, J&K.

"KPSS has taken the legal course in the matter but we are worried," said a displaced pandit. But they hope the court will intervene and stay the sale of temples.

"The problem is that the national media is not interested in the story while the local Muslim-majority media does not care," said Mr Sas.

"If the government fails to bring a Bill in the ongoing session of the state Assembly to ban sale of temples and other religious properties, we will proceed on a fast unto death," KPSS president Mr Sanjay Tickoo said.




Attachmant B


Mufti govt 'talibanising everything': BJP

Source: PTI
Publication: Rediff on Net
Date: July 2, 2005

Taking exception to Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed describing Hari Parbat as 'Koh-i-Maran', the Bharatiya Janata Party on Saturday accused the coalition government of supporting 'talibanisation'.

"The BJP is of the opinion that the Congress party is giving full support to the People's Democratic Party (of Mehbooba Mufti) that has been systematically destroying the symbols of historical importance and talibanising everything in Kashmir," state unit BJP vice president and spokesperson Hari Om told reporters in Jammu.

The BJP claimed to have 'definite information' that a few days ago, officials from the state and New Delhi held a meeting in Srinagar about a proposal to change names of some landmarks in the state.

Sayeed had on June 20 described Hari Parbat as 'Koh-i-Maran' and a ministerial colleague of his had called Shankaracharya Hill 'Sulaiman Teng', Hari Om said, adding that the BJP rejected outright Pradesh Congress Committee chief Peerzada Sayeed's assurance that there was no proposal to rename the two hills.



Attachmant C


Destruction of Cultural Symbols :
Reprehensible History of Fanatic Vandalism

Organiser, November 14, 2004

Desecration, damage and destruction of temples is not a new and unusual phenomenon. The process has been continuously going on ever since Kashmir passed into the political domination of Muslim rulers in the first quarter of the fourteenth century.

Islam, like other Semitic religions enjoins upon the faithfuls to expand their religion by proselytising the heathens, infidels and kafirs (non-believers) to their faith to gain religious merit. Jehad or holy war is the instrument that is used for proselytisation. The Muslim rulers of Kashmir, the Mughals and Pathans made full use of their political authority to effect conversion of Hindus of the Valley. To achieve the objectives, it became imperative for them to wipe out all traces of religious and cultural symbols of Hindus, which included their temples, libraries, universities and ashrams.

In Kashmir, gunpowder was used for the first time, not for fighting a war, but for destroying massive Hindu stone temples. When it was felt that the fissionable material was not available in a sufficient quantity for iconoclasm, the nearby jungles were cut down and used for setting on fire the giant stone structures of the Hindu temples. By excessive heat the stones burst, broke away and these gigantic structures crumbled in the fire that spread through the length and breadth of Kashmir. The ruins of Martand, Avantipur, Devar, etc. are mute witnesses of the depredation.

Temples Vandalised in February 1986



Anantnag Town:

Two temples damaged and one looted.



One temple desecrated, shit thrown on idols.



One temple demolished.



One temple partially burnt.



One temple partially burnt.



One temple partially burnt.



One two-storeyed temple burnt and a dharamshala stoned.



Pujari Baba of a temple beaten.


Akura (Mattan): 

One temple and its entire property looted and shed set on fire.



One temple heavily damaged by stoning.



One temple set on fire.



One temple set on fire.


Bijbehara town:

Two temples completely looted; ancient idol valued at more than Rs 10 lakh broken; Jai Devi temple desecrated and idol stolen.


Wanpoh (Gasipura): 

Two temples and samadhi of Swami Dama Kak completely burnt.


Dhanav (Bogund):

Two temples and one dharamshala burnt.



One temple stoned; its doors, windows and three pillars broken.



One temple on the parikrama of the holy spring damaged, doors broken, idols thrown into the spring. Pawan Sandhya, a religious teerth, converted into a place for construction of mosque.



Three temples of Goddess Durga, Siddha Lakshmi and Shiva completely burnt; idols broken into pieces.



One temple completely burnt alongwith its entrance gate; ancient Shiva idol broken into pieces.


Quill (Pulwama):

One temple damaged partially.



One temple stoned; compound wall of another temple damaged.


Pawan Sandhya:

Converted into mosque.



Ganpatyar (Srinagar):

Temple heavily stoned.


Jawahar Nagar: 

Shiva Mandir desecrated and damaged; its property brought out and consigned to flames.



Dashnami akhara, from where Charri Mubarak leaves for holy Amarnath cave burnt down.


Raghunath Mandir:

Damaged by stoning.



One temple in the village burnt.




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