Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Victoria’s Secret

Hitchens concludes that the Memsahibs did the Limey's in - when it comes to their Raj. While I am no fan of English men - I have to confess they are marginally better than English women.
The identity constructed for the British (mis)rule in India is one of the gallant Englishman fighting hard to keep the libidinous natives at bay. It is the start of their racism. Until the Memsahib came along these guys were content to merely loot the wealth - a secular loot if you will

Interestingly, the Engish media in India has recently gone nuts trying to find raped tourists in India - or inventing raped tourists where they are not found. Guess whose identity they have inherited?


nizhal yoddha said...

havent read the hitchens essay yet, but delighted to see that he agrees with what i have been saying here and elsewhere for years. white limey females of the fishing fleet variety, looking to hook white guys who had gone to india, invented racism. this is because they found the indian women were far more attractive and sexy compared to them ('unfinished' courtesy paul scott's 'raj quartet'). and white guys had been arriving in india and carrying on with indian women like there was no tomorrow. heck after all, indian women inspired the kama sutra!

white females found indian women to be formidable competition, so they invented racism and created taboos to brainwash white guys from chasing indian women.

in truth, even today, white women are very good at marketing their wares, but when it comes down to reality, indian women are much sexier and more attractive, even if they don't advertise so much.

the idea that indian men are just waiting to rape white women is ridiculous. actually, it is white women who have harbored fantasies of being violated rear-end-style by virile pathans, etc, as we have conjectured in the case of robin raphel, barbara crossette, and probably jemima goldsmith. i have read some victorian era erotica, and this is a recurrent fear/fantasy there. probably the guys entertained this too, after all we know what they do in public schools in the uk.

Rampal said...
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Rampal said...

ghostwriter how do you know Indian media has gone nuts or the rapists have gone nuts? did you check out the raped women?

habc said...

I fund this statement in the article fascinating

an indolent bone-headed and utterly uneducated administration, an elitist bureaucracy so out of touch with the social and economic thinking of even just the past hundred years that you honestly wonder where they’ve come from

maybe they left for this reason ;)
Pretty in pink, female vigilantes also handy with an axe
She rounded up other women in Banda, a remote region of north India, and ran after the malefactor with whatever "weapons" were lying around — walking sticks, iron rods, a child's cricket bat. The women chased him into a sugar cane field and thrashed him.

That was two years ago. Now, more than 100 women, dressed in pink nylon saris and known as the "Gulabi Gang" or Pink Gang, are the scourge of violent husbands, inefficient policemen and corrupt officials.

"None of the men here pay any attention to us. The only way to get them to listen is to scare them. I'm not scared of any of them. But to make sure we have the upper hand, we always go with sticks and axes to deal with someone," said Ms Devi, 50, speaking from Banda on her mobile phone.

Ms Devi decided on the uniform of a pink sari for the vigilantes so that they would be easily recognised.

The Pink Gang's activities range from beating up men who abuse their wives for not bearing a son to shaming officials who have sold subsidised grain intended for the poor on the black market for a profit.

Sohan said...

Right ... I'm sure they're just making up those stories about Western women being propositioned, harassed and raped, along with stories about the rapes of Japanese and Koreans, and perhaps the Juhu beach, Twenty20 and Gateway mob groping episodes and, oh, probably also the sexual harassment and molestation India's own women face on a daily basis. I mean, when Indian men treat their own women with unconditional reverence, why should anything untoward happen to foreigners?