Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Trump Takes Aim at IT-Outsourcing

Trump has presented a bill to the US Congress which will raise the wage requirements for H-1B visa workers to a minimum of $130,000 per year. This will cause a significant financial impact to Indian IT firms and their bottom line:


After WW2 ended, the flood of young military men back to their homelands is said to have caused major societal changes, with many of those men becoming a force for change. Perhaps diminishing returns in IT-outsourcing will help to reverse India's brain drain, and help to foster change towards a broader economy, including Make In India.

Bannon: Shakuni or Change Agent?

Steve Bannon is being vilified as some kind of Shakuni who whispers into the ears of Duryodhan J Trump:






However, his view of America's challenges are very different from a rank-and-file establishment who are fixated against Moscow, at the expense of allowing the rise of Islamist and Chinese hegemonies.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Hafiz Saeed Under House Arrest

Pakistan has suddenly decided to arrest terrorist leader Hafiz Saeed -- gee, I wonder why?


Does Trump's flurry of activity upon arrival in office perhaps have Islamabad spooked? After all, Trump has suddenly launched anti-terror raids in Yemen, not so far away.


There's also the latest Whitehouse statement that Pakistan could be added to the US immigration ban list:


If US-Russia-India converge significantly, it's not clear that Pak's ties to China are enough to save it.


UPDATE: Looks like Pak is bowing to Trump's pressure after all


India Gets Respite from TTP Cancellation

India is one of the countries benefiting from Trump's cancellation of the Trans-Pacific Trade Partnership deal:


Sunday, January 29, 2017

Trump Puts Bannon on National Security Council

In a very profound move, with massive policy implications, Donald Trump has put his advisor Steve Bannon on his National Security Council, which is already led General Mike Flynn:


This is not some tiny window-dressing move, because it has effectively demoted the entire Joint Chiefs of Staff who represent the US military, as well as the CIA. This has the potential to shake up US national security policy in a tremendous way. As you may remember, both Bannon and Flynn are very focused on the civilizational threat from Islam. (Hopefully American Deep State won't try to stage an assassination of Trump - so far they're restricting themselves to character assassination only)

Meanwhile, various Indian idiots are protesting against the Trump troupe.

Ms. Payal Modi, an art teacher in a Texas highschool, decided to broadcast her "assassination" of President Trump on the internet:

You'll never find these idiots doing the same against a picture of Hafez Saeed.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Trump Imposes Extreme Vetting for Af+Pak+KSA, Visa Ban for Others

In a series of rapidfire executive orders, Donald Trump has imposed a visa ban on 7 Muslim countries, as well as an "extreme vetting" requirement which includes Pakistan, Afghanistan and Saudi:


Aww, couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of guys. 😏

Meanwhile, Pak may cause another crisis for Trump early on:



Thursday, January 26, 2017

Quick notes: Microwave weapons, Diesel funeral...

Friday, January 20, 2017

Global Implications of Trump's Inaugural Speech

The speech given by Donald Trump at his presidential inauguration sets a new tone for America's relations with the rest of the world:

Thursday, January 19, 2017

a bunch of views on and from china: yeah, right, mustn't upset the hans

With their threats to China, Trump and Tillerson are making rookie blunders that will only hurt US credibility
Hugh White says their ill-considered words over the South China Sea and 'one China' policy, which underline how little they understand China, will most probably reveal themselves to be empty threats
PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 17 January, 2017

Donald Trump right to question one-China policy, says ex-US national security adviser
Stephen Yates, who met with Taiwan's president last month, says incoming US government should rethink its policy towards the island, which Beijing says is a breakaway Chinese province
PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 17 January, 2017,
Shi Jiangtao

Trump diplomacy: how will it affect China?
Experts advise patience in early days of new US administration
PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 18 January, 2017
Catherine Wong

As New Delhi bridles at Beijing's refusal to take its security concerns seriously, its erstwhile ally Russia is showing interest in cosying up to Pakistan
18 JAN 2017

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Cyber war has gone public, and that's bad
Just like conventional war and conventional spying, the cyber war needs recognizable rules of engagement
Leonid Bershidsky
Tue, Jan 17 2017

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the only high was when huma-hillary were defeated

Barack Obama leaves office: Highs and lows in India-US ties during his tenure
WORLD Updated: Jan 17, 2017 21:11 IST
Yashwant Raj, Hindustan Times

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the new right

remarkable that a businessman is so clear that hindu ideas are key to the new right, and in the 'churchexpress' too

The new right
Belief in a strong state and leader, and market economy, with a stress on Hindu roots defines it
Rajiv Lall | Published:January 18, 2017 

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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Quick notes: Oracle's sin, Apple's demands...

  • Land of the pure: 12 per cent quota for Muslims in next budget session: KCR.

  • U.S. sues Oracle: Their sin? "Oracle was far more likely to hire Asian applicants - particularly Indian people - for product development and technical roles than black, white or Hispanic job seekers".

  • Apple's demands: Indian govt wants Apple, but not all officials are biting. "Apple is coming here because it sees a lucrative market, this is not a favor being done to India."

  • Can Indian-IT benefit from this? Blockchain could save investment banks up to $12 billion a year. 

  • Low-Cost Medical Diagnostics: Manu Prakash, who won a 2016 MacArthur "genius" award, is a leader in the so-called frugal science movement, which aims to devise low-cost solutions for complex technologies. Prakash is best known for developing the Foldscope, an origami-like paper microscope that costs about $1.50.

  • IIT Bombay study: Air pollution killed 81,000 in Delhi & Mumbai, cost Rs 70,000 crore in 2015.  Air pollution was also responsible for 23 million cases of restricted activity days — either less productive days or days off work for individuals — in the commercial capital in 2015.

  • Response to a climate-change-denier:

  • How NYTimes covers Human Pyramids

ISRO-JAXA Agreement Aims at India-Japan Space Cooperation

Cabinet has approved an agreement signed between India's ISRO and Japan's JAXA for peaceful cooperation on space exploration:


Also, the new CE-20 engine has successfully passed through its high-altitude acceptance test, the final evaluation required to certify it as flight-worthy. The engine will be used for the upper stage of the LVM3-D1 maiden developmental flight of the new-generation GSV-Mark-III launch vehicle.


Tuesday, January 17, 2017

#deepstate goes to war with trump, as it does with modi


in the US, they are using the CIA.

in india, they are attacking the RBI to get at modi.

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Fwd: : GUDIYA SAMBHRAMA ...the Temple Festival 2017 with web-cast links

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Vijayalakshmi Vijayakumar


While the Gregorian calendar has changed from 2016 to 2017 so will our Indian calendar. With this change comes new beginnings, revival and rejuvenation.

Heritage a not-for-profit trust  organizes a celebration each year from the 3rd week January for about 6 to 7 consecutive week-ends. The 2017 festival starts on the 21st of January. Please join us in this celebration of our cultural and natural heritage in various haloed sacred spaces.

Flowers of every hue will be celebrated through dance, music, poetry and legends. Flower artists will be honoured and performing artists from across the country will share their art with us each week-end. On each Sunday we will provide you the opportunity to play traditional board games.

On the inaugural day,  flower artists will demonstrate and share the nuances of flower braiding with the audience from 5.15 pm onwards. We request you to come join us and share in honouring them with our attention and interest.

Given below are links to the live webcast of the event -
 www.live.shaale.com or shaalelive.com

If you would like to join us on this journey please do email us on gudiya.sambhrama@gmail.com

If you want to contribute funds , please email us and we will give you the necessary details. You will get an 80G tax exemption for your contribution.

We look forward to your presence and support, and we would be delighted to see more people each year, caring, connecting  and celebrating our cultural and natural heritage.Please do share this with all your friends.

 In case you have received this mail more than once please forgive us in our enthusiasm to invite you we may have sent it more than once, we have no intentions of overloading your in-box.

Season's Greetings,
Vijayalakshmi V & Supriya K

Secretary, Heritage,
Chinmaya Apts,
# 1, Puttanna Road,
Bangalore 560 004

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India's Diplomatic Moves on Tibet
As China ignores India's security concerns, Modi embraces the Dalai Lama.
Jan. 16, 2017

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bye bye davos man

Does Trump's rise mark the end of Davos Man's influence?
Those calling for change should be careful what they wish for, writes Martin Wolf
15 hours ago

Davos elite needs to heed wrath of the 'left behind'
Almost all countries are failing to improve growth rates
4 HOURS AGO by: Chris Giles

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for our pak friends

esp now that it's apparent that ISI collaborated with UP friends to derail trains.

The limits to e-surveillance
PRAVIN SAWHNEY | Tue, 17 Jan 2017-08:10am , DNA
The best deterrence again terror attacks is not e-surveillance but taking the fight to the Pakistan Army

a few explosions with plausible deniability go a long way. kahuta, maybe?

China's 3Ts: Trade, terror, territory...
Abhijit Bhattacharyya
Jan 17, 2017
Why has China imposed restrictions on its border with Pakistan at Xinjiang?

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so obama was building up america to compete with china!

wow, so instead of being a wimp, obama was a genius. my mistake. 

Obama wasn't weak on foreign policy – he was just wise enough to realise that Asia, not America, is the future
When Donald Trump says Obama 'created Isis', he willfully ignores the reality of the Iraq war, as well as what was happening in the rest of the world
Andrew Moran, Associate Professor of International Relations at London Metropolitan University, and the co-author of the new book, 'The Obama Presidency and the Politics of Change'  
Sunday 15 January 2017

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US Left Hope Deep State Will Derail Trump

The American Left, still smarting from the sting of their electoral loss to Trump, are openly cheering on the US intelligence community in attacking Trump:


I'm sure Pakistani Generals will be grinning at how their own tactics are being emulated by American institutions. Is the CIA becoming like the ISI?

Monday, January 16, 2017

the end of davos man?

The defeat of Davos: Are the global elite in retreat?
By Joe Miller
BBC News, Davos
16 January 2017
Brexit, the election of Donald Trump, and the rise of populism have left the world's "liberal elites" reeling. Can Davos, their ideological habitat, survive?

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death of think tanks?

Trump might cause 'the death of think tanks as we know them'
By Josh Rogin

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chinese chips

US concerns grow over Chinese chip expansion
Trump has threatened new tariffs as semiconductor sector receives large subsidies11 HOURS AGO by: Louise Lucas in Hong Kong

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demonetization effect on #redterror

The red river runs dry
With the rebels desperate to launder their stocks of cash, the police close in on the different groups.
Amitabh Srivastava
January 12, 2017

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bangladesh 2.0/direct action day not far off

A rong too many: Mamata is turning Bengali into medium of destruction
Now her government is dropping the word Ram from textbooks.
Abhijit Majumder

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timid potus

Obama's legacy lacked military adventurism
S Nihal Singh
Jan 16, 2017
In the most extensive record of the Obama Doctrine after seven years in office, Jeffrey Goldberg of the Atlantic magazine has come to the conclusion that Mr Obama's Cairo rhetoric was lost in the hopes stirred by the Arab Spring, quickly to be dashed by the traditional form of dictatorial rule. In the Palestinians' case, he gave up because of the power of the Jewish lobby in the US administrative and legislative spheres. Mr Goldberg believes Mr Obama became "steadily more fatalistic about America's ability to direct global events".

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get that rajya sabha majority, sri modi!

Aiming for a decisive victory in UP
ROHIT GANDHI | Mon, 16 Jan 2017-08:05am , DNA
UP with 31 Rajya Sabha seats is critical for bringing the BJP closer to a simple majority in the Upper House

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china and russia

Geopolitical flux in Asia
Harsh V Pant, Jan 16, 2017
Much to India's discomfiture, Beijing has found a new ally in Russia, which is keen to side with China, to scuttle western interests.
Relations between Asia's two rising powers, China and India, are in trouble with Beijing refusing to take Indian security concerns seriously and New Delhi deciding to take the challenge posed by China head-on.

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Haj subsidy: State should not foot the bill for a pilgrim's progress
EDITORIALS Updated: Jan 15, 2017 

Monday, 16 January 2017 | Shantanu Mukharji 
The Hindus in the neighbouring country reel under a sense of fear and insecurity. Their plight calls for urgent redressal involving political wisdom and mature judgement. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina must ensure their safety and security sooner than later

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India's Rogue Bench

India's Supreme Court has been destroying its credibility through radical rulings and judicial overreach:



This rogue activist bench has yet to learn the wisdom of judicial restraint.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Trump Upsets China & Deep State

As you know, US President-elect Donald Trump has been publicly questioning the One China policy, saying that the idea isn't sacred, and particularly making gestures of closeness to Taiwan. China in return is warning Trump of serious consequences:


Rather than take too much glee from this, India had better take steps to boost its defenses, in case Beijing decides to lash out randomly and make an example out of one of its neighbors in order to demonstrate strength to people at home or those abroad. If China decides to move quickly against us, we might not be in a position to handle them quickly enough. Better safe, than sorry.

Trump is used to brinksmanship, and may well decide to keep pushing the dragon, in order to gain leverage on trade. India should be alert to China's likely responses.

Meanwhile, Trump is on the receiving end of numerous challenges and warnings from the US intelligence and security establishment:


Thursday, January 12, 2017

France & India to Jointly Study Future Rocket Designs

As part of the recent Indo-French agreement, both countries will work together on development of future rocket designs, including reusable rocket technology:


Incidentally, ISRO will be launching a record 103 satellites on the PSLV next month.

Zeihan Forecast - Global & US

Strategic analyst & consultant Peter Zeihan gives his forecast for US and global pictures:

(He generally speaks to US audiences, and so he's mainly bullish on the US)

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Fwd: My Assessment of the only Gandhi who was airbrushed from public memory by the clan

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Jay 

I look at the life and work of Feroze Gandhi, a maverick and talented man, who made his mark in Indian politics but was sidetracked by the Nehru-Gandhi coterie. His memory was systematically erased by the First Family and its acolytes. 

Jay Bhattacharjee

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where indeed is 370 when islamist rohingya and uighur are settled in jammu?

Where Is Article 370 Now That Rohingyas And Bangladeshis Are Being Settled In Jammu And Ladakh?
Hari Om Mahajan - Jan 11, 2017
The Jammu and Kashmir government should either implement in toto or abolish Article 370. It can't be one rule for Rohingyas and another for all Indians.

i said this long ago: the kashmiri loot of the nation

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the business standard editor (kerala christian) faces fact

BS is one of the more hilarious papers, given their obvious #deepstate flunkey status, especially of mihir simon sharma.

but ninan seems to have given up

Why Modi could have a long-ish ride
'Modi is likely to make more announcements to win or retain popularity, and put himself at the centre of things even more than now,' says T N Ninan.
January 10, 2017

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i guess not, since babur 3 was faked?

The Indian Ocean waters will get roiled by Babur 3
January 11, 2017
C Uday Bhaskar

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paks faked 'babur 3'. satellite image expert found out

How an Indian military expert sunk Pakistan's 'fake nuclear missile test'
Islamabad used computer-generated imagery to fabricate a 'successful launch' of Babur-III.
Raj 47

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tough year for xi

A difficult year ahead for China's Xi
Claude Arpi
The writer is based in South India for the past 40 years. He writes on India, China, Tibet and Indo-French relations.
Jan 11, 2017
During the last few months, corruption and vote-rigging scandals have reduced the ranks of the National People's Congress.

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some movement on kashmiri pundits?

PoK Muslims send sacred soil to Kashmiri Pandits
ISHFAQ-UL-HASSAN | Wed, 11 Jan 2017-07:55am , Srinagar , DNA

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what i thought about obama in 2007

i was right: the man turned out to be quite a disappointment, if not a manchurian candidate.

his legacy is very mixed.

see, for instance, the attached screenshot of a tweet. kerry is admitting that they actually encouraged isis. explosive stuff, if true.

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obama's legacy

Obama's misses, and their consequences, will be with us for a long time
COLUMNS Updated: Jan 11, 2017 08:24 IST
Bobby Ghosh

this fellow is too kind to obama.

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good thing too: trump and putin need to work together to contain china

Moscow and New DC
Trump's USA may cooperate with Russia like never before, significantly altering global power equations.
C. Raja Mohan | Published:January 11, 2017

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the commies are coming. get out your submarines

As Maritime Silk Road takes root, China docks submarine in Malaysia
Atul Aneja BEIJING:  JANUARY 10, 2017
It was the second confirmed port visit by a Chinese submarine, following a visit to Sri Lanka in 2014, the People's Daily Online reported on Monday.

why i said the attached. we gotta pay attention to nuclear submarines, so that our nuke-missile-fitted subs can always be a potent second-strike threat.

excerpt from my piece on 'thucydides trap' attached

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a particularly good piece on demonetization

without the usual ranting on either side

The Great Indian Experiment: Demonetisation has set off chain reactions in banking, real estate, the wedding industry …
January 11, 2017, 2:00 AM IST Shyam Sunder

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the biggest e-economy in the world?

if we can solve security issues and integrity issues.

By 2020, Indians will make cards & ATMs redundant
January 11, 2017
Amitabh Kant

my take on this from a yet-to-be published column is attached.

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good bioengineering by manu prakash who brought you paper microscope too


but is this #digestion of traditional indian knowledge?

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Rise of the Drones

Disney is in the process of doing away with fireworks displays by replacing them with eco-friendlier computer-controlled drones equipped with LED lights:

Shades of Fantasia - looks great for Christmas - could be nice for Diwali too, one day. Even ISRO has been developing its own drone expertise - but this is consumer-level technology, and I bet even a motivated group of students could come up with a Diwali display as a project.

Meanwhile, the drone-acharyas in the US military are testing a new type of weapon - a swarming weapon:


Note that these drones are programmed to be fully autonomous, operating independently of the guiding hand of a controller. They cannot be thwarted by electronic jamming, even as they locally communicate with each other to form a collective "hive-mind".

Imagine a swarm of bees equipped with sensors and armed with explosives. This newer type of drone weaponry, augmented by the continually advancing field of Artificial Intelligence, could prove to be a game-changer on the battlefield.


Bannon and Trump

America has no RSS cadre - could Bannon create one? Will Trump manage to forge a coherent long-term agenda, or will he inevitably backslide towards status quo politics?


Tuesday, January 10, 2017

replug: my nov 22 swarajya column on why demonetization is way more than it looks


it could be the mid-life kicker moving indian to a higher trajectory of growth

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Thucydides Trap: why that gives us an opportunity to become Numero Uno!


my column in swarajya jan 2017 issue

please read and comment on the swarajya page itself, please. and also forward to yur friends. 

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Saturday, January 07, 2017

Quick notes: Clean energy, Digital future...

Trump's Style May Be Good for Handling Pakistan

Trump's diplomatic style may be useful in helping America deal with "frenemy" Pakistan:


Friday, January 06, 2017

Fwd: India needs to cool its missile fever GLOBAL TIMES good read

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Sanjeev Nayyar

If anyone lived under the illusion that Pakistan was not a Chinese tool to control India, this OPED should change that view.
India needs to cool its missile fever
OPED Global Times
India has broken the UN's limits on its development of nuclear weapons and long-range ballistic missile. The US and some Western countries have also bent the rules on its nuclear plans. New Delhi is no longer satisfied with its nuclear capability and is seeking intercontinental ballistic missiles that can target anywhere in the world and then it can land on an equal footing with the UN Security Council's five permanent members.

India is "promising" in vying for permanent membership on the UN Security Council as it is the sole candidate who has both nuclear capability and economic potential.

China should realize that Beijing wouldn't hold back India's development of long-range ballistic missiles.

However, Chinese don't feel India's development has posed any big threat to it. And India wouldn't be considered as China's main rival in the long run. It is simply believed that currently there is a vast disparity in power between the two countries and India knows what it would mean if it poses a nuclear threat to China. The best choice for Beijing and New Delhi is to build rapport.

If the Western countries accept India as a nuclear country and are indifferent to the nuclear race between India and Pakistan, China will not stand out and stick rigidly to those nuclear rules as necessary. At this time, Pakistan should have those privileges in nuclear development that India has.

China is sincere in developing friendly ties with India. But it will not sit still if India goes too far. Meanwhile, New Delhi understands that it does little good to itself if the Sino-Indian relations are ruined by any geopolitical tricks.

In general, it is not difficult for India to produce intercontinental ballistic missiles which can cover the whole world. If the UN Security Council has no objection over this, let it be. The range of Pakistan's nuclear missiles will also see an increase. If the world can adapt to these, China should too.

India still maintains a strategic defensive posture before China. The Chinese people should not be led astray by India's extreme words online about its deterrence ability against China. There are similar rhetorics targeting at India in China's cyber world. But, these aggressive online rhetorics count for little.

At present, India's GDP accounts for about 20 percent of China's. China's strategic nuclear missiles have long ago realized global coverage, and China's overall military industrial capacity is much better than that of India.

For India, China is something to inspire ambition and invoke patriotism. However, India should realize that owning several missiles does not mean it is a nuclear power. Even though India does become a nuclear power, it will be a long time before it can show off its strength to the world.

This is an editorial of the Chinese edition of the Global Times Tuesday. opinion@globaltimes.com.cn
Warm Regards
sanjeev nayyar

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Thursday, January 05, 2017

these guys accept the fait accompli of chinese nukes and missiles;

but india mustn't have any. arms race, heavens will fall.

translation: china doesn't give a rat's ass as to what they say, but india does.


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Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Monday, January 02, 2017

deja vu is not what it used to be

Trump, Putin, Xi and the rise of nostalgic nationalism
Beware of leaders' pledges to build a future inspired by past glories
Gideon Rachman

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what do we actually know?

an elite on the backlast against his kind

What Do We Know?
Dec. 31, 2016 
This past year was a reminder of how little any of us can anticipate.

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way of life or religion?

Traditional Hindu vs. Western perspectives
There are many who claim that Hinduism is a way of life, not a religion. The meaning of this statement, however, needs to be understood correctly.
Swami Ganeshaswarupananda
Indology | 02-01-2017

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book review: dr kalyan on harappa script

Book Review: Harappa Script & Language by S. Kalyanaraman (2016)
'Harappa' is an inclusive and integrative approach providing a comprehensive account of the major concerns surrounding the Harappa script and language within the wide expanse of Indic civilization.
Dr Shrinivas Tilak
Indology | 02-01-2017

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the fallout from demonetization

Demonetisation: From GST to less cash digital economy, 2016 was all about transformational shifts
As gateways like the recently launched UPI platform gather momentum in 2017, they will generate digital intelligence, with the market for e-finance providing one of the biggest opportunity for the banking and financial system
By: Rana Kapoor | Updated: January 2, 2017

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cyber security is an issu

This is the time to face up to cyber threats
OPINION Updated: Jan 02, 2017 09:42 IST
Samir Saran

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whoopppee dooo

big deal, xinhua-india.

China's former diplomat calls for change of stance on Masood Azhar
Atul Aneja  JANUARY 02, 2017
A blog by Mao Siwei, China's former Consul General in Kolkata on his WeChat account, elaborately argued for a course correction by China on the Azhar issue.

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Sunday, January 01, 2017

cyberwar is upon us


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everybody else is viewing cyberwarfare as a major issue. is india blase?

Behind Russia's Cyber Strategy
A 2013 article by Russian Gen. Valery Gerasimov emphasized importance of cyberwarfare
Dec. 30, 2016

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meanwhile china reins in its #deepstate ngos

Chinese police given sweeping powers over foreign NGOs
International groups plan to cut operations under new rules enforced from Jan 1
YESTERDAY by: Tom Hancock in Shanghai

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is this another #deepstate ploy?

the breathless nytimes coverage suggests the funds were #deepstate funds channelled in yet another infiltration effort

how to be unpredictable in foreign policy

Saturday, 31 December 2016 | PK Mehrishi
India's response to provocations from the across the border must not be along predictable lines, which it has been over the decades. It must take the enemy by surprise with its, often, out-of-proportion retaliation

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china talks about innovation. um... well, ok

Breaking the oil spell in 2017
In all of the countries that have successfully diversified their economies the state has played a leading role by promoting innovation
Zhu Min, a former deputy managing director of the International Monetary Fund, is deputy governor of the People's Bank of China.
Fri, Dec 30 2016

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indus water treaty

Correcting Indus Waters Treaty can help India solve its water crisis
Our negligence on water scarcity has been so deep that it can be remedied only through hands-on political direction.
Brahma Chellaney

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indonesia india ties

Taking Delhi-Jakarta ties to the next level
Sandeep Dikshit
Dec 30, 2016
From polite estrangement to active maritime cooperation, India-Indonesia ties reflect India's proactive "Act East policy". The historical bond between these nations strengthens the trajectory of their bilateral relationship. Both are the world's largest democracies with the largest Muslim populations.. Besides strategic reasons, the ties also address the dichotomy of Islam and liberal democracy.

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is china a potential ally?

my old friend uday b makes the case that it is. i disagree strongly.

Let's admit it, China is not our enemy
visiting faculty at the Centre for Contemporary Studies, Indian Institute of Science-Bangalore
December 29, 2016
Our myopic view of the Asian giant is influenced by western prejudices. China can be a great partner in India's growth

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Fwd: Inside or out of jail, Masarat Alam has always been a free man+ India’s Foremost 2017 Foreign Policy Challenge: China-Pakistan-Russia Troika

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Sanjeev Nayyar

2. Kashmir consigned to Global Jihaad 1.1.17 by RSN Singh  http://www.indiandefencereview.com/news/kashmir-consigned-to-global-jihad/
hose in the Valley seduced by Pakistan must know that in a recent survey in the US, 22 percent Pakistanis and 40 percent Bangladeshis mentioned their country as 'India'. They have found no fruits from two decades of global jihad, rather they are abashed about it. The pro-Pak Kashmiris will ultimately realize their religious folly, but not before wasting a generation or two.'

3. Proposed U.S. tax cut would affect China economy 29.12.16 http://www.globaltimes.cn/content/1026409.shtml
If the US cuts corporate income tax, China should respond by creating a tax-friendly environment to lure foreign investment and turn the country into a haven for global funds.
Given that declining human resources as well as rising labor costs in China have compromised competitiveness of exports, the government and companies should make a greater effort to attract foreign talent. Chinese firms should set up research and development centers abroad and hire local science and technical workers to develop high-tech products and compete in the technology frontier. China could also set up manufacturing centers in populous regions such as Eastern Europe, India, Pakistan and Nigeria to take advantage of the local low-cost labors and reduce manufacturing costs.
Lastly, the Belt and Road initiative could help increase yuan circulation and expand cross-border yuan trade settlement.'
In less than five weeks, on April 10, Masarat Alam created a spectacle that was never seen in Kashmir valley. He mobilised thousands of Kashmiris at the Srinagar airport, to receive Geelani who was returning from his winter sojourn in Delhi. From the airport, a procession started that swelled as it reached the middle of the city, right in front of the police headquarters. There, it culminated into a rally waving Pakistani flags and chanting anti-India slogans. This sight was unprecedented.'
5. Afghan Calls to Lift UN Sanctions: A Welcome to Pakistan and Warning to the World 30.12.16 by alexander murray http://www.southasiaanalysis.org/node/2104
6. India's Foremost 2017 Foreign Policy Challenge: China-Pakistan-Russia Troika 29.12.16 by dr subhash kapila http://www.southasiaanalysis.org/node/2103
  • India must delink itself from organisations dominated by China and Russia, like Shanghai Cooperation Organisation and BRICS. India must cease to be part of what are ostensibly countervailing groupings against the United States and could possibly end-up as confrontationist groupings against the United States. This has been constantly been espoused in my past writings. It is not in the interest of India.
  • India's best interests lie in reinforcing the US-India Strategic Partnership to greater heights. United States could possibly add impetus in this direction under the forthcoming Tump Presidency.
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