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Friday, September 19, 2014

Quick notes: Bullet points, Nizamiyat revival...

Thursday, August 28, 2014

RoP Rape Gangs

A grooming conviction is one where a series of men who know each other are convicted for their systematic actions in luring a child (a schoolgirl) into sexual activities, often leading to a life of rape and prostitution.

Multiculturalism, Islam and Child Sex Slavery  

Grooming Gang Convictions (1997-2014)

Date      Town    First name Surname age
11/1997 Leeds  Mohammed Rashid 21
11/1997 Leeds  Abid Sadique 21
02/2005 Keighley  Shabir Ahmed 32
02/2005 Keighley  Munwar Khan 30
04/2006 Blackpool  Puppy Parmar 31
04/2006 Blackpool  Sandeep Chauhan 28
06/2007 Oldham  Shahzad Masood 33
06/2007 Oldham  Mohammed Suleman 39
08/2007 Blackburn  Zulfqar Hussain 46
08/2007 Blackburn  Qaiser Naveed 32
11/2007 Sheffield  Ayad Mahmood 35
11/2007 Sheffield  Aziz Hamed 24
08/2008 Oldham  Shofiqul Islam 21
08/2008 Oldham  Shamim Ahmed 21
11/2008 Manchester  Mirza Baig 35
11/2008 Manchester  Mohammed Ditta 39
11/2008 Blackburn  Ian Hindle 32
11/2008 Blackburn  Andrew Wells 49
04/2009 Blackburn  Imran Pervez 27
04/2009 Blackburn  Zaheer Khan 24
07/2009 Skipton  Mohammed Zackriya 21
07/2009 Skipton  Mohammed Taj 37
07/2009 Skipton  Mohammed Shabir 36
07/2009 Skipton  Shafaq Hussain 21
02/2010 Rochdale  Ajmal Afridi 19
02/2010 Rochdale  Imtiaz Syed 20
02/2010 Rochdale  Tayub Hussain 19
02/2010 Rochdale  Mustafa Arshad 17
02/2010 Rochdale  Mohammed Raja 20
06/2010 Nelson  Azeem Shah 23
06/2010 Nelson  Tabassum Shah 24
08/2010 Rochdale  Asad Hassan 28
08/2010 Rochdale  Mohammed Basharat 28
08/2010 Rochdale  Mohammed Atif 29
08/2010 Rochdale  Aftab Khan 31
08/2010 Rochdale  Abid Khaliq 30
08/2010 Rochdale  Mohammed Safi 31
08/2010 Rochdale  Ahmed Noorzai 29
08/2010 Rochdale  Mohammed Khan 26
08/2010 Rochdale  Najibullah Safi 32
09/2010 Preston  Mohammed Moosa 24
09/2010 Preston  Faisal Ghani 25
11/2010 Rotherham  Razwan Razaq 30
11/2010 Rotherham  Umar Razaq 24
11/2010 Rotherham  Zafran Ramzan 21
11/2010 Rotherham  Mohsin Khan 21
11/2010 Rotherham  Adil Hussain 20
11/2010 Derby  Abid Siddique 27
11/2010 Derby  Mohammed Liaqat 28
11/2010 Derby  Mohamed Rehman 26
11/2010 Derby  Faisal Mehmood 24
11/2010 Derby  Akshay Kumar 38
11/2010 Derby  Naweed Liaqat 33
11/2010 Derby  Farooq Ahmed 28
11/2010 Derby  Graham Blackham 26
11/2010 Derby  Ziafat Yasin 31
08/2011 Accrington  Amjad Hussain 38
08/2011 Accrington  Shahid Hussain 34
08/2011 Accrington  Tanveer Butt 39
03/2012 Telford  Shamrez Rashid 20
03/2012 Telford  Amar Hussain 21
03/2012 Telford  Jahbar Rafiq 28
03/2012 Telford  Adil Saleem 20
03/2012 Telford  Amer Choudhrey 20
05/2012 Rochdale  Kabeer Hassan 25
05/2012 Rochdale  Abdul Aziz 41
05/2012 Rochdale  Abdul Rauf 43
05/2012 Rochdale  Mohammed Sajid 35
05/2012 Rochdale  Adil Khan 42
05/2012 Rochdale  Abdul Qayyum 43
05/2012 Rochdale  Mohammed Amin 45
05/2012 Rochdale  Hamid Safi 22
05/2012 Rochdale  Shabir Ahmed 59
05/2012 Bradford  Shabir Ahmed 39
05/2012 Bradford  Munwar Khan 42
02/2013 Ipswich  Surin Uddin 31
02/2013 Ipswich  Mohammed Sheikh 31
02/2013 Ipswich  Hamza Ali 38
03/2013 Birmingham  Raja Khan 23
03/2013 Birmingham  Adeeb Sultan 27
03/2013 Keighley  Shazad Rehman 30
03/2013 Keighley  Bilal Hussain 23
05/2013 Oxford  Kamar Jamil 27
05/2013 Oxford  Akhtar Dogar 32
05/2013 Oxford  Anjum Dogar 31
05/2013 Oxford  Assad Hussain 32
05/2013 Oxford  Mohammed Karrar 38
05/2013 Oxford  Bassam Karrar 34
05/2013 Oxford  Zeeshan Ahmed 28
07/2013 Barking  Naeem Ahmed 25
07/2013 Barking  Nabeel Ahmed 24
07/2013 Barking  Hassan Raza 24
07/2013 Manchester  Shamin Uddin 26
07/2013 Manchester  Giash Uddin 27
07/2013 Manchester  Robert Jackson 23
08/2013 Leicester  Aabidali Ali 39
08/2013 Leicester  Rakib Iacub 20
08/2013 Leicester  Wajid Usman 21
08/2013 Leicester  Hamza Imtiaz Ali 28
08/2013 Leicester  Bharat Modhwadia 25
08/2013 Leicester  Chandresh Mistry 37
10/2013 London  Mohammad Shabbir 34
10/2013 London  Muhammad Shabbir 25
11/2013 Rochdale  Mohammed Abubaker 32
11/2013 Rochdale  Freddie Kendakumana 27
11/2013 Rochdale  Roheez Khan 27
11/2013 Rochdale  Chola Chansa 33
11/2013 Rochdale  Abdul Huk 37
12/2013 Middlesbrough  Ateeq Latif 17
12/2013 Middlesbrough  Shakil Munir 32
12/2013 Middlesbrough  Sakib Ahmed 19
01/2014 Peterborough  Hassan Abdulla 33
01/2014 Peterborough  Zdeno Mirga 18
01/2014 Peterborough  Jan Kandrac 17
01/2014 Peterborough  Renato Balog 18
01/2014 Peterborough  anon ? 14
01/2014 Leeds  Mohammed Hussain 28
01/2014 Leeds  Shah Miah 28
01/2014 Leeds  Harris Uddin 30
FrontPageMag: ‘Easy Meat’: Inside the World of Muslim Rape Gangs

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Quick notes: Repeat story, Muslim neighbor...

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Quick notes: Save the Yezidis, Caught on camera...

Monday, August 04, 2014

Yezidis stare at genocide..

The 300,000 Yezidis of Kurdistan, one of the world’s oldest religious communities, are facing a humanitarian disaster as a result of the advance of the ISIS into their homeland.

The Yezidi community fears extermination at the hands of Islamic militants if their region falls to ISIS. Their ancient religion, which is related to Zoroastrianism, predates Christianity and Islam but many traditional and radical Muslims dismiss the Yezidis as devil-worshippers. In Mosul, Yezidi workers have been kidnapped and beheaded.... Barrack Hussein is unmoved Yezidis: Living in the Shadow of the Islamic State 

Saturday, August 02, 2014

Quick notes: MNC monopolies, Forest man...

  • MNCs will milk any nation if there is no oversight. China shows how to handle them.
    - Audi cuts spare-part prices in China amid anti-monopoly probe.
    - Qualcomm looks at $1.2B in fines in China for abuse of monopoly.
    - No substitute to self-reliance. China builds chip giant.

  • GMO crops: Multiple pests have evolved resistance against "pest-resistant" GMO crops.

  • From Pune: Principal caned us for talking in Marathi: Kids . . . (when will colonialism die?)

  • Education that sucks life out of children: Dominated by Tiger Moms, cram schools and highly authoritarian teachers, South Korean education produces ranks of overachieving students who pay a stiff price in health and happiness. The entire program amounts to child abuse.

  • So what if she is 8-months old? She is Ahmadi, kill her!

  • Shyam Gollakota, assistant professor at the University of Washington: Mobile gadgets that connect to Wi-Fi without a battery

  • The man who planted a tropical forest singlehandedly, Jadav Peyang, the Forest Man

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Quick notes: Secular grant, eco-justice...

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Quick notes: Secularistan in Karnataka, RoP perverts...

  • No funds for govt schools, but..: Karnataka govt allocates Rs 47 crore to give honorariums to chief imams and muezzins (who call people for prayer).

  • Vibgyor school rape: The CCTV camera footage showed Mustafa dragging the six-year-old student into a room on July 3 afternoon. The camera footage also showed the girl crying. A Bihar native, Mustafa's laptop had videos of schoolchildren being raped. According to the police, a school in Whitefield had terminated Mustafa’s services after his alleged involvement in a sexual assault case. But the matter was not reported to the police.

  • Frazer Town Rape: Nasir, 28, the main accused in the case, had sexually assaulted at least 20 other women in the past. He is believed to have shot videos of the incidents and had blackmailed the victims into silence. "None of them have come forward to report the incidents," the officer said. Police have arrested three others who were involved in the 'Frazer Town horror' incident - Mohammed Hafeez (32), Mohammed Ishaq Sawood (32) and Shoaib Shiek Mohammed (27).

  • RoP:

  • Indian superman lifts a motorcycle up a ladder on his head: Not sure if we can be proud of this, though.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Kurdish women warriors

Unlike the Arabs, the Kurds seem to treat their women well. The PKK, which has been fighting for liberation of Kurdish territories in Turkey, is a pro-women's rights Communist group. The Kurdish fighters in Syria are all trained by PKK. One hopes their Mullahs don't take over anytime in the future.

Peshmergas, Kurdish freedom fighters in Northern Kurdistan.

Syria Kurd women set up battalion
(PKK), a pro-woman’s rights Communist group has been battling for the liberation of Kurdish territory controlled by Turkey for many years

Unveiled and barking orders at fierce-looking Kurdish men nearly twice her size, commander Engizek is a shocking sight within Syria's male-dominated rebel ranks. A short, diminutive woman flanked by gun-toting loyalists, Engizek leads dozens of Kurdish combatants in Aleppo.

Syria’s liberated Kurdistan is controlled by the Kurdish Popular Protection Units (YPG). The YPG were trained by the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), a pro-woman’s rights Communist group which has been heroically battling for the liberation of Kurdish territory controlled by Turkey for many years. Read more here

Perhaps this un-Islamic trait has to do with the fact that Yezidi Kurds are linked to Zoroastrianism.

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Quick notes: Terror hunt, Arab pride movement...

  • Hunt For A Terrorist: The details are so concrete that the NIA has warned the police forces of possible attacks in the coming months.

  • An ex-Mohammedan writes: Modern Muslims often pride themselves in the uniqueness of Islam, and it’s complete rejection of pre-Islamic paganism, a time referred to as the age of ignorance. And yet, historical study shows that the pilgrimage to the Kaa’ba, the fast and feast of Ramadan, the shahada, and even the crescent star symbol have pre-Islamic origins, to name a few. Only recently did it strike me that ultimately, the doctrines of Islam are not really about universality. Instead, Islam is essentially an Arab pride movement aimed at codifying and preserving Arabic culture. Particularly as modernity challenges the tenets of Islam, Arabian culture clings to Islam as a signifier of status.

  • English corrodes India: A young girl dropped her ice cream on the carriage floor. Her mother turned round and reminded her of what she evidently thought was an appropriate English word: "Say 'shit!' Say 'shit'!" she said strictly. You won't hear that on the 08:15 to Paddington.

  • Possible cure for Type-1 Diabetes Gut Cells May Be Coaxed to Make Insulin

  • Can meditation slow down the effects of age? The results were crystal clear. It was the first indication that feeling stressed doesn’t just damage our health – it literally ages us.

  • Chanting by English Children In Buckingham Palace:

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Quick notes: EVM magic, Softwheel...

Sunday, April 06, 2014

Quick notes: pSecular Imam, Graphene breakthrough...

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Quick notes: Super Hercules crash, External debt soars..

Sunday, March 09, 2014

Quick Notes: Qatar crimes, Free Gedrosia...

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Quick notes: Calculus crown, Parallel judicial system...
  • Restoring India’s calculus crown : Madhava's work effectively laid the foundations for the later development of calculus and analysis, and either he or his disciples developed an early form of integration for simple functions. Some historians have suggested that Madhava's work, through the writings of the Kerala School, may have been transmitted to Europe via Jesuit missionaries and traders who were active around the ancient port of Cochin (Kochi) at the time, and may have had an influence on later European developments in calculus. PDF link to the book.

  • Kaangress supports parallel Muslim judicial system. It might divide the country again, so what?

  • Time for his retirement: Rajnath Singh talks of apology to Muslims.

  • Los Angeles synchronizes traffic lights (dated news): East Liberty part of Pittsburgh also showed great improvement, cutting travel times and emissions. So ,what is stopping my town from doing this? :(

  • BBM for Windows Phone: Blackberry creating a lot of buzz after WhatsApp deal. BBM for Android.

Sunday, January 05, 2014

Quick notes: CIA and Cryogenics, Paki Biology...

  • The Kerala Police and IB chiefs were willing tools in CIA's hands.  Don't forget that it was just after this case broke out that the then IB's Additional Director Rattan Sehgal was given compulsory retirement after he got charged with spying for USA.  No doubt the CIA succeeded through this case to thwart India's indigenous development of Cryogenic engine

  • Under pressure from the US, Russia refused to part with Cryogenic technology. But it agreed to provide four more fully made cryogenic engines, taking the number of such engines in India's kitty to seven. The man who then headed ISRO's cryogenic project, Nambi Narayanan, managed to bring in crucial components of the engine from Russia without drawing US attention. When Air India refused to fly in the hardware fearing US embargoes, the ISRO team used Russia's Ural Airlines to transport it in three consignments.

  • Another Bamiyan: Two thirds of some 80,000 books and manuscripts housed in a Lebanese library were torched by Mohammedans.

  • Biology lessons for Pakis:

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  • Thursday, December 26, 2013

    Quick notes: Delhi's Prachanda, Boxing Day...

    • Till he became PM of Nepal, Prachanda was unstoppable. Then people began to see him in his underwear. Today, he heads a splinter group of Maoists, a mere shadow of his former self. Now Delhi gets its own Prachanda as its CM.

    • Buy, buy, buy: Consumer madness, excess spending and consumptive orgy, all in the name of Christism. That is what Boxing Day represents.

    • Madrassa Murderers: In Tirupur, an Arabic teacher caused burns using an iron box on a boy for being naughty. In Dharmapuri, B. Irfan (10), who studied in the Madrassa at Palacode, was allegedly caned to death by his teacher M. Hidhayathullah.

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  • Wednesday, November 06, 2013

    Quick notes: Psecular Aadmi Party, Partition pangs...

    • AAP chief seeks the support of mullah Tauqeer Raza Khan who issued fatwas to behead Taslima Nasrin and George Bush. AAP shows its psecular fangs

    • Partition redux: Seemandhra employees will have to leave Telangana jobs, says Telaban chief

    • Iraq's oil-for-food program resulted in rock bottom energy prices in the 1990s. Bill Clinton ran away with the credit for the economic boom that ensued. Something similar is happening, thanks to shale gas boom: "If a gasoline-engine vehicle can take you 40 miles on one gallon, the same vehicle running on compressed natural gas can do it for about $1.50 less at today’s prices". 

    • ISRO chief seeks divine blessings for MARS mission

  • How to close Skype
  • Saturday, September 28, 2013

    Quick notes: Qatar World Cup, unmanned QF16...

    Tuesday, September 24, 2013

    Quick notes: Silent Revolution, Nordic backlash..