Sunday, January 27, 2008

Christist padre abusing children in L.A, Church does nothing

Yet another Catholic paedophile padre, this time in Los Angeles sexually abusing 4 siblings - 3 girls and a boy, taking advantage of a dead father and an impoverished mother. The "Holy Church" apparently was aware of the perverted "father's" evil doings for many years and took absolutely no action, didn't even lift their little fingers in the defense of exploited children.

So much for christist "compassion" and "morals" (sic).....
And these are the same fellows who want to "reach out" and "spread the love" among us "heathen" Hindus loudly proclaiming their false concern for "exploited" and "disenfranchised" peoples.


Shivaji's Blog said...

Little Levi from Jesus Camp says that he gets an "icky" feeling when he runs across non-Christians.

I think this kid is destined to become Prime Minister of India someday. India is ruled by christians who feel "icky" around non-christians.

Shivaji's Blog said...

I think the padre was merely trying to anoint the children with astroglide.



Shivaji's Blog said...

The only way christianity can survive is to harvest as many souls as possible.The reason christians are so rabid about conversion and are hell-bent (excuse the pun) on insisting that all non-christians are going to hell is that if they ever stop with the foamy mouthed rabidity, their religion will crumble.

Think about it...if I really don't believe something deep down, but I want the lie to persist, what would I do?

I WOULD CONVINCE OTHERS THAT MY LIE IS THE TRUTH! In fact, I would convince as many people as possible that my lie is a truth. And, I would do whatever it took for people to believe in my lie---I would cheat, I would lie, I would dissemble...sound familiar?

But deep down in the shallow depths of my empty soul, I would do every rotten thing, give into every desire, live with no moral bounds, and do anything I pleased. But, if one of my flock ever deviated, I would show them an anger so intense it could burn a forest.

Boy, that sounds very familiar.

Think about it. Fortunately, christism by design holds the seeds of its own destruction. The problem is that during this cycle of destruction, they will seek to damage us as much as possible.

It's good to think positive about others but only a fool will underestimate the power of bad intentions.