Saturday, January 19, 2008

India's SSBN

India's nuclear powered ballistic missile submarine, carrying a complement of 12 missiles--each equipped with 8 warheads to deliver fried rice to a total of 96 different Chinese cities, to be launched April 2009.

This completes the nuclear triad of air, land & sea launched weapons and truly marks the arrival of India as a 'Great Power'.


Sameer said...

Hi all,

Am posting two different news links. See the difference in the way of approach for these.

But I am surprised that BJP and Gujarat's Home minister have criticised the attack on NDTV.

Nobody says a word let alone criticise when Mohemmadan mob does something.... some loonies come up with theories where in Hindus get the blame for the 'deserters' starting trouble (Like in blaming VHP, RSS for what happened in Orissa).
This looks like a good way of getting Hindu voice heard to these dirty 'News' channels.

Harish said...

Yea @KapiDhwaja..
a 'Great Power' for sure.. but a great power that does not recognize its inherent greatness...!!

san said...

Having superficial armaments is not enough to be secure or to be a power. India had a great military advantage over Pak after 1974 Pokhran-1. But we can see that the following 2 decades were a disaster for security, whereby all advantages were frittered away, and mass-murder and mayhem ensued on Indian soil.

karyakarta92 said...

Awesome, but I hate obnoxious terminology like "technology demonstrator". These things are weapons platforms, force multipliers etc. I just hope the Kaangress dhimmis won't sit on these things like they did with the nuclear weapon, taking almost a decade to first "demonstrate the technology" in 1974 and not integrating a proper deterrent until 2 decades later.

socal said...

I am quite skeptical of such ornery aunches. The Chinese 2nd gen. SSBN is still sitting in the docks, and has numerous problems. Their Achilles heel is noise. Detection makes them sitting ducks.

It would be nice if we can 'proliferate' to Vietnam, which nurses some wounds of past wars and was colonized by Chinese for several centuries. Apart from returning the Chinese favor, it might have some deterrence potential.

Veronica Spencer said...


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