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latest phishing attempt: Notification - Taxpayer Advocate Service(Tax Refund)

oct 31, 2007

pretty good new phishing mail, almost believable. but you check the link, and it goes to some .ch site, which i suppose is in switzerland. beware of more sophisticated phishing and spamming attempts now, including fake mp3s, pdfs etc.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Internal Revenue Service <>
Date: Nov 1, 2007 10:48 AM
Subject: Notification - Taxpayer Advocate Service(Tax Refund)

The Taxpayer Advocate Service is an Internal Revenue Service program that provides an independent system to ensure that tax problems, which have not been resolved through normal channels, are promptly and fairly handled.

After several recalculations of your tax payments since 2005, IRS makes you eligible to receive a refund of 343.56 US Dollars.

Click here to request your refund

NOTE: IRS is checking your information provided directly to your issuing bank so any attempt of forgery or wrong inputs will be pursued and indicted according to [Art. 5 by Const. Amend. 19].

IRS apologies for any inconvenience created.

Best Regards,
Taxpayer Advocate Service.

atlanticists bleat about "restraint and patience" by uk in northern ireland!

oct 31st, 2007

that is clearly a brilliant new euphemism for "brutal military occupation". the colonialism in northern ireland has been about as brutal as any other occupation, yet in the minds of the brits, it's justified. the 'economist' is a past master at talking out of both sides of its mouth.

and these are the people who upbraid india for its acts in jammu and kashmir -- extreme bending over backwards to accommodate the mohammedans!


Can America and its Western allies avoid similar humiliation in Iraq and Afghanistan? Martin van Creveld, an Israeli military historian, argues that insurgencies have been almost impossible to defeat ever since Nazi Germany failed to suppress Josip Broz Tito's partisans in Yugoslavia. Winning such wars requires one of two tactics: extreme restraint and patience, as shown by the British over nearly 38 years in Northern Ireland; or extreme brutality, as shown by Syria in 1982 when the army destroyed much of Hama, a stronghold of Islamist rebels, killing at least 10,000 people. Any other method, says Mr van Creveld, risks being too harsh to win the support of the population but not harsh enough to cow it into submission.


what? mohammedans get jail sentences for terrorism? quick, where's teesta?

oct 31st, 2007

bring teesta on to try the same tactics that have kept afzal guru from being hanged.

dhimmi europeans are in two minds: one, they want to take revenge when whites are killed; two, they are scared of mohammedans.

india should ship teesta, shabana, and kamala suraiyya to pakistan. musharraf will immediately surrender. that would be india's secret weapon: the harpies of the mohammedan/communist persuasion. for good measure, throw in mallika sarabhai and nandita das too.

Oil Passes $96 a Barrel

The price of a barrel of oil passed $96 this evening.

The head of the International Energy Agency has warned that the world's economy is in danger of being slowed by such high prices. Growth in India and China is of course helping to drive up prices. I wonder how much effect the 1-Lakh car will have, once it gets rolled out?

war criminal kissinger attempts a teeny little spot of blackmail

oct 31st, 2007

this is hilarious. if the yanks had made even one little attempt to help india win the security council seat, this would have had so much more credibility!

kissinger's next trick will be to suggest that he can arrange the nobel peace prize for manmohan, sonia and musharraf if india gives kashmir to pakistan. of course, manmohan will be eager to do that. after all, he has said in public that all of india's resources are meant primarily for mohammedans.


Henry Kissinger, the former U.S. secretary of state, declared in an interview with a private Indian television station, CNN-IBN, that for India to shelve the deal would affect negotiations on other matters with the United States, including its aspirations for a permanent Security Council seat.


dubai: arabs doing their thing with young french boy

oct 30th, 2007

and dubai is supposed to be a liberal arab country. what was it that disgusting yank woman robin raphel said about pakistan: "a modern, moderate, model mohammedan state"? well, dubai is all that.

you can take the barbarian out of the desert, but you can't take the desert out of the barbarian.

the desert persists in the semitic cults.

so true of christists as well -- this is why their godmen drop their pants as soon as a young boy shows up. (i wonder what happened to the latest pervert, monsignor godman tommaso of the vatican. i'm sure it's all been hushed up.)

nuclear deal and bjp

oct 31st, 2007

i am not sure the bjp has covered itself with glory on this one, as it has been in two minds: it wanted to take credit (deservedly) for having opened the door to the yanks to work with india, but it also knew this was a bad deal. so they kind of froze and didn't do much.

from the point of view of opponents to the deal (i don't include the communists who have a different agenda) the point was not to kill off the thing. the point was to renegotiate the deal until it met minimum standards of value for india.

a major way of doing this was to delay the thing until it became moot. i think this has been accomplished because the yanks will be too busy with elections now, but they are trying: they have trotted out that old war criminal kissinger and sent him to india to try and cajole indians. and this is the guy who told nixon that indians were untrustworthy :-)

the yanks need this deal more than india does, which is why they have bribed all sorts of people in india to shill for them. the commercials are juicy -- tens of billions of dollars for untested or obsolete designs from general electric and westinghouse. and the strategic value of dominating india's defense and energy future is worth a lot more.

the likelihood is that the deal was so sweet for the yanks that they will come back with a variant of it later. the reason is the rising military power of china, which terrifies the yanks. even the non-proliferation ayatollahs on the democrat side will eventually see that there is enough value in engaging india. the alternative for them will be that india, gasp, will decide that nuclear fission especially using obsolete american technologies is a bad deal (as brahma has been saying, and parenthetically i wouldn't call him virulently opposed, i think he has been systematically laying bare the treason-activity that the kaangress considers its birthright).

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: arun
Date: Oct 29, 2007 6:13 AM
Subject: nuclear deal and bjp

I have for long time not closely followed the nuclear deal, but with my limited understanding, this thought just came to my mind. And for whatever it is worth, here it is:
why can't the BJP constitute a panel of experts like Brahma Chellaney ( who has been virulently oppossing the deal), Abdul Kalam ( who even though has not spoken against or for the deal, has emphasized that India needs to be self sufficient through thorium technology, ) and Anil Kakodkar ( who has recently defended the deal, but overall I believe has the best interests of the country) ...
and then demand that the changes recommended by this panel of experts be made, and then it will support the deal in parliament. If the demands are not accepted then it would become clear that it was in not in the best interests of India (and BJP can take the credit of trying, but not compromising) . If indeed the demands are accepted, then the left would be sidelined totally and still BJP would get credit for making those pro-india changes and seeing it through
comments ? or am i missing something big time ?

Modi in Indian Express

A fantastic interview of Narendra Modi in IE today.

With some characteristically lucid, emphatic and unambiguous responses.
No wonder the 4M ELM hates him. He is everything they've been afraid of.

[On, ho-hum, his role in the riots]
The common man has never asked me this question. I go to thousands of meetings and seminars, but I was never asked this question. This question emanates from a particular group, which has vested interest, which belongs to a particular ideology. I have a question for these people. In 2002 the entire media was after me that I was contesting the election on emotive issues, that I did not talk about development. And now in 2007 when I talk about development they asked me why I am shy of discussing emotive issues! I would like to ask these people in the media why don’t they want to talk about development this time.
But he [Togadia] says that Hindus are not safe in Modi’s Gujarat?

Thirty per cent of the districts in the country are living under the shadow of the gun — terrorism, Naxalism, insurgency, you name it. These are Government of India figures. Compared to all these areas, Gujarat is an oasis of peace and security.

The BJP is upset about the transfer of officers recently ordered by the Election Commission. What are your objections?

If police officers are changed in Gujarat and not in Himachal Pradesh, it will raise doubts in the mind of the common man. The Gujarat Government is instructed to remove photographs of ministers from its websites within 24 hours. But you can see the ministers’ photographs even today on Himachal websites. It is in such a situation that questions are raised about the EC.

US-India Partnerships critical: Pentagon Official

From the Article,

Rather than fear India’s global transformation, Clad said, The United States should embrace the opportunity to assist and advise the country.

“It’s about maintaining a type of equilibrium, about accepting India’s rise into a type of maturity and power and prowess I think we broadly welcome,” he said.

LTTE targeting students for conscription

LTTE targets more families for conscription
Those seeking higher education told to give brother/sister to Tigers:


The LTTE, the self-claimed sole representative of the Tamil people in the North-East has imposed yet another restriction on Tamil youth in the Vanni to curtail their university education by making it compulsory for one of their family members to join the Tiger outfit, for them to proceed to their respective universities to continue university education..............


Karunanidhi and Baalu's "dravidian" christist comrades further south in Sri Lanka are a lunatic death cult. Therefore, they would obviously seek to curtail the power of thinking and inquiry that a proper education may inculcate among those Tamil students. Some dravidian fool claimed recently on this blog that the dravidian movement used self-immolations in the anti-Hindi agitation, hence was "non-violent".
Next, the dravidians will claim that suicide bombing is harmless, which incidentally they co-invented with the Hizbollah.

Secular taliban demands cancellation of Gujarat elections

"A number of eminent persons, activists, educationists and people from all walks of life today called for cancellation of the elections to the Gujarat Assembly, scheduled in December................In a petition, they urged the President, the Prime Minister, the Chief Justice and the Election Commission to......."


Among the eminent persons are danseuses Aditi Mangaldas and Mallika Sarabhai, actor Nandita Das, Chitra Subramanium, eminent lawyer Kamini Jaiswal, activist Shabnam Hashmi and eminent Father Cedric Prakash.

Now, this is confusing. I thought the secular taliban were accusing the fascist Narendra Modi and the communal Hindutva forces of dictatorial proclivities and anti-democratic tendencies. Why would they want to interfere with the election process that is the foundation of our dhimmocracy? Also, who exactly pronounces them "eminent" ?

The Netherlands: discovery of a new India

oct 31st, 2007

like the germans, the dutch are 'discovering' india. white people are quick to suck up to those with money, just as they became very chummy with those disgusting arabs and chinese as soon as they started making money. it has something to do with the total spiritual vacuum they live in -- they just salivate after wealth. mammon is their real god, not yhwh.

actually this is discovery 2.0 by the dutch.

the dutch came to india as christist imperialists along with all the other white scumbags. they were roundly thrashed by marthanda varma at the battle of colachel in 1741 CE and decided to move on to indonesia.

---------- Forwarded message ----------

The Netherlands: discovery of a new India
Vidya Subrahmaniam
Source: The Hindu, Oct 22, 2007.

India is shining in the Netherlands which covets its market and
workforce. But Dutch society is in ferment over immigration, which begs
the question: How long before the Indian workforce faces the integration

At the office of the Confederation of Netherlands Industry and Employers
located in The Hague, Mechteld J.A. Oomen, deputy director,
international economic affairs, gushed about India. The CNI&amp;E was
the last of a rush of back-to-back appointments drawn up for the
visiting Indian press group, and by now the lines were beginning to
sound rehearsed: "We are proud of our 2.5 per cent economic growth. But
you! You have achieved nine per cent. Really, really impressive."

... deleted

Here is what Deutschland thinks of Bharat...

"The rise of India has come as a surprise to Germany," said Joachim Beck from the Institute for Asian Studies at the German Institute of Global and Area Studies. "It has been so accustomed to seeing India as poor, as an unstable, multifaceted country. The German government never thought India could become a world power in economic and political terms."

Atleast they are finally waking up. Article

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


oct 30, 2007

unfortunately, about 80% of the clip is a bunch of stupid, loud advertisements. i wish someone would edit that out and repost the 1 minute actual clip about the village.

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From: samskrita bharati <>
Date: Oct 30, 2007 10:25 PM
To: samskritabharatichn <>

student exchange program becomes confused with au pair labor

oct 30th, 2007

this host family thought the indian girl was an 'au pair' girl, a foreigner seeking to learn englihs who was also looking to earn a wage doing light housework and babysitting in an affluent household. (i believe this is what antonia maino was doing in cambridge, uk. one must study her horoscope to understand her rise from that to being empress of india. talk of luck!)

but the real intent behind student exchange programs is different: it is not labor, it is for a young high-school student to learn more about the host country, and vice versa.

one might say, drily, that that part was fulfilled. the indian girl learned all about the state of the family in the host country from this sorry episode.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Narayan


Please post this on your blog. Reason being many starry eyed and dreamy eyed students and their parents from India may take necessary and sufficient facts before commiting their young daughters and sons to emotional trauma in the form of 'US-India culteral exchange' that they may not even be aware of. I would blame this on the projection in the media (partly Hollywood movies) that all is well on the domestic front in the western world. What we see here is a symptom of family values etc gone bad. Not to say there are many kind and generous families, but predominanetly the family system is almost broken, family values arising out of childhood with distraught and single parents contribute….

good one on using bio-mass and plant waste for energy

oct 30th, 2007

i bet the yanks are working hard towards finding a way to convert cellulose (ie. trees) to ethanol. if they do that, then all their temperate-zone forests (eg. in the northeast) can immediately be turned into fuel rather than having to do the much more expensive route of corn to ethanol.

Ram Setu-- the real story

oct 30th, 2007

not sure where rajaram published this, but it's quite interesting in particular when he makes the analogy between war crimes -- aided and abetted by christist nuns and bishops and other godmen and godwomen -- in rwanda with what's going on in india with the collusion of the 'dravidians' with christists.

the objective is inflating christist numbers through 'divide and rule'. the means used are demonization and genocide. the chosen victims are brahmins and hindu civilization.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: N.S.Rajaram

September 30, 2007
    Here is an article I was invited to write. It will be appearing shortly.
Best wishes,
N.s. Rajaram



N.S. Rajaram


Looking beyond the controversy


            Beyond the Government's fiasco over the Rama Sethu and in some ways the cause of it lies an unpleasant truth: Indian scholarship, especially in historiography has lost its roots. Since nature abhors a vacuum, the space has been occupied by politicians, religious figures and sundry activists. The result is that every contentious issue ends up in a cacophony instead of a sober debate. It is resolved, if at all by political expediency rather than as a result of research and scholarly debate. This was so with the Ayodhya dispute. The Ram Setu fiasco is only the latest example.


            First, here are some facts. It is incorrect to say that Rama Setu is entirely natural and Rama was not a historical person. A coral reef can grow around a long submerged man-made structure just as a beehive or even a mound can form over an old structure. Sea levels thousands of years ago were much lower than they are today. What is now a submerged structure in the shallow waters of the Palk Strait could have been above water or only partially under water in ancient times. (See photo.)


            Detailed marine archaeological work is necessary before we can say whether or not Rama Setu has any man-made structures. To date, neither the Archaeological Survey of India nor any other organization has done such work. All we have are satellite photos and some geophysical studies. These are inconclusive and subject to varying interpretations.


            It is a similar story with Rama's historicity: without thorough research one cannot say that no such person existed simply because there are no physical remains like bones. By applying the same logic we could also dismiss Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohammed as mythical. Archaeology alone is of limited use in dealing with such ancient figures. It is necessary to correlate data from a wide range of sources including literature, ancient ecology, archaeo-astronomy and others.


            What I find particularly disturbing is that historians of post Independence India have not even bothered to look at these questions. When I was working on my book on the historicity of Krishna, I was able to build on a century of previous research going back to Bankima Chandra Chatterji and his Sri Krishna Charitra. No comparable research has been done on the Historical Rama or any related topic by Indian historians after Independence. As Walter Dalrymple observed in his Last Mogul, Indian historians are ignoring a treasure trove of primary data lying within reach.


            The problem is that Indian historians shy away from primary sources. They invariably take the results of Western scholarship as the starting point to build their own research. It is sign of things that the Indian history establishment made no contribution to refutation of the Aryan myth; it was mainly the work of scholars outside the establishment and in the West. On the other hand, some of the leading lights of Indian history jumped on the bandwagon when Michael Witzel and Steve Farmer tried to resurrect the defunct "No Harappan horse" argument in a last ditch effort to save their theories. Dravidian politicians slavishly follow Christian missionary propaganda.


            It is not surprising that the loudest voice today should belong to Mr. Karunanidhi. He is using the long discredited theory of Ramayana as the myth symbolizing Aryans of the north invading the Dravidian south. One can understand Mr. Karunanidhi's compulsions: the Aryan-Dravidian conflict is central to his party's ideology. He has to use the Aryan myth to support his claim that Rama is a myth. But why are the scholars silent? Why don't they come out denounce his claims?


History, myth and values


            When we travel across India and even beyond into Southeast Asia, we find literally thousands of places that bear names associated with the Ramayana characters. Some are purely for the sake of sanctity, while others like Kishkinda (near Hampi) and Rameshwaram are essential to the story. The Ramayana can hardly exist without them or without people like Hanuman and Sugriva and the events associated with these places. The same holds for Ayodhya, which has been associated with the Ramayana since time immemorial.


            In the face of these abundant references, it is absurd to argue that Rama never existed as a historical person. Only the Ramayana and the Mahabharata have been called Itihasa (historical) though there are literally hundreds of epics by such great poets as Kalidasa, Magha, Kshemendra and others. None of their works is called an Itihasa even though they often treat the same subjects.


            When I wrote the book Search for the Historical Krishna I was able to draw upon a century of research on the subject going back to before Bankima Chandra Chatterji and his famous Sri Krishna Charitra. No comparable research has been done about the historicity of Rama. We are unlikely to find evidence for proving the historicity of Rama unless we do the research. This being the case, to argue that Rama cannot be historical because we have no evidence is dogmatic and unscientific. We won't find any evidence unless we look for it. But we have ample reasons to believe that such evidence can be found once we are prepared to do the research.


            Next, I would like to take you back a few years when the Archaeological Survey of India produced a report showing that a Rama temple existed at the site where the Babri Masjid was later built. Archaeologists also unearthed stone inscriptions that proved beyond all doubt both the existence of the temple and its destruction to build the Babri Masjid. But the same people who are now claiming that Rama lacks archaeological evidence refused to acknowledge these facts even when proved by archaeology. Can you convince such people with any amount of evidence?


            To understand the motives behind the attack on Rama and Rama Setu, we need to recognize that Rama is more than a personality. He is a symbol of values that all Hindus and many non-Hindus hold dear. He is also a symbol of unity. The Rama myth is not just a personality cult of the founder as is the case with Jesus Christ or Prophet Mohammad. Hinduism can exist without Rama, for he is not its founder. But Rama represents the highest values of the Hindu civilization. He is Adarsha Purushottama.


            In attacking Rama and everything associated with him, the real goal of anti-Hindu demagogues like Karunanidhi and the Communists is to destroy the unity and greatness of India as a civilization. It is part of the divisive politics of racial hatred that gave rise to Dravidian political parties. Karunanidhi cited the scientifically and historically discredited Aryan-Dravidian theory to justify his attack on Rama as an Aryan aggressor.


            The founders of this brand of politics of racial hatred were not Dravidian politicians but Christian missionaries of the colonial period. The foremost of them was Bishop Robert Caldwell. Caldwell is a revered figure in Tamil Nadu politics, especially among Dravidian politicians. He was a racist and his theories were unsound, but no one in Tamil Nadu would dare criticize him. Even today, Dravidian 'scholarship' is dominated by Christian missionaries like Kamil Zvelebil. Their ideas invariably lead to hostility and hatred as we shall next see. There lies the real danger.


Invasion theory in Africa leads to genocide


            Race theories like the Aryan-Dravidian being propagated by some politicians may be unscientific, but can have catastrophic results when used to incite passions. The Nazi Holocaust is justly infamous, but not many are aware of their contribution to the more recent Hutu-Tutsi conflicts in Africa. While colonial scholars and missionaries have done serious damage in India with their Aryan-Dravidian theories, one has to go to Africa to grasp the full magnitude of the catastrophic consequences of their theories and propaganda. With the Tutsi invasion theory, the African version of the Aryan invasion, these 'scholars' managed to trigger genocide.


When we look at the map of middle Africa, we see two little countries named Rwanda and Burundi, bordering on Zaire (or the Democratic Republic of Congo). As reported in the Western media, these countries are inhabited by two supposedly different groups of people, the so-called Hutus and the Tutsis. According to this theory, Hutus and Tutsis are really two completely separate races, with the 'black' Hutus forming the oppressed majority, and their relatively fair invaders, the Tutsi, forming the oppressors. This in essence is the Tutsi invasion theory, the African version of the Aryan invasion theory.


Until the coming of the Europeans, the Tutsis and the Hutus never saw themselves as different. Nor were they engaged in any racial wars. This notion of the Tutsi-Hutu racial difference began to be drilled into the natives by colonial administrators, some academics (not unlike present day Indologists) and missionaries known as the Pere Blancs (White Fathers). They invented the Tutsi invasion theory and labeled the Hutus as the victims of Tutsi invasion and oppression.


As with the Aryan theories and their various offshoots, this Tutsi-Hutu division has no factual basis. They speak the same language, have a long history of intermarriage and have many cultural characteristics in common. Differences are regional rather than racial, which they were not aware of until the Europeans made it part of their politics and propaganda. The Tutsi, like the Indian Aryans, were supposed to be tall, thin and fair, while the Hutu were described as short, black and squat— just as the Indian Dravidians are said to be. Since the Tutsi today don't fit this description, scholars claimed that their invading ancestors did. In fact, it is impossible today to tell the two people apart. They are separate because government records carried over from colonial days say so.


This fictional racial divide was created and made official by colonial bureaucrats during Belgian rule. The Belgian Government forced everyone to carry an identity card showing tribal ethnicity as Hutu or Tutsi. This was used in administration, in providing lands, positions, and otherwise playing power politics based on race. This divisive politics combined with the racial hatred sowed by the Tutsi invasion theory turned Rwanda-Burundi into a powder keg ready to explode.


The explosion came following independence from colonial rule. Repeated violence after independence fueled this hatred driven by this supposed ethnic difference and the concocted history of the Tutsi invasion and oppression. Some 2.5 million people were massacred in this fratricidal horror of wars and genocides. Unscrupulous African leaders, like the self-styled Dravidian politicians of India, exploited this divisive colonial legacy to gain power at the cost of the people. This led ordinary Hutus to massacre the Tutsis en masse in a bid to annihilate them completely.


So a peaceful, placid nation with a common populace, sharing a common language, culture and history was destroyed by colonialist, racist concoction called the Tutsi invasion theory. It was entirely the handiwork of colonial bureaucrats, missionaries and pseudo-scholars building careers on the discredited notion of race. It bears an uncanny resemblance to the Aryan-Dravidian theory created by missionaries and being used by politicians to incite hatred.


History lesson: transplanting the poison tree


Why should we learn all this? Because the Tutsi invasion theory has ominous parallels to the Aryan invasion theory and the Aryan myth, which scholars are trying desperately to save using linguistics or, Indo-European Studies or some similar fig-leaf. Sectarian tension and violence, thankfully not on the same horrific scale, was incited between North- and South Indians by self-styled Dravidian parties and their many offshoots and incarnations. These are the poisonous legacy of the colonial-missionary racist creation.


Why did India not go the way of Rwanda-Burundi? Not for lack of trying but because the cultural foundation of Hinduism proved too strong. It defeated the designs of politicians and propagandists masquerading as scholars. It is no coincidence that Rwanda and Burundi had been converted to Christianity, preparing the ground for sectarian conflict. Several church figures, including priests and nuns have been found guilty of complicity in the Tutsi massacres. As in India, Christianity was a colonial tool and missionaries little more than imperial agents.


Their failure in Hindu India is also what is behind the visceral anti-Hinduism of race-driven Dravidian politicians and the Christian missionaries who advise, inspire and instigate them. India, even Tamil Nadu, has not gone the way of Rwanda, but there is no room for complacency. The divisive politicians of India and their friends and colleagues in academia can come together to defame a national unifying symbol like Rama and destroy everything he stands for. The country will be on the way to becoming a fertile ground for demagogues to turn it into a powder keg of animosities.


We may have gained some time with protests and debates, but it would be a serious error to assume that destructive forces have been fully uprooted. Bad ideas have a way of resurfacing especially when self interest is at stake. Writing about the persistence of superstitions like belief in witches and witchcraft in Europe, Charles Mackay, in his famous book Extraordinary Popular Delusions and Madness of Crowds observed (1841):


So deeply rooted are some errors that ages cannot remove them. The poisonous tree that once overshadowed the land might be cut down by the sturdy efforts of sages and philosophers; the sun may shine clearly upon spots where venomous things once nestled in security and shade; but still the entangled roots are stretched beneath the surface, and may be found by those who dig. Another King like James I [a self professed expert on witches and witchcraft] might make them vegetate again; and more mischievous still, another Pope like Innocent VIII [who initiated the Inquisition against witches] might raise the decaying roots to strength and verdure.


            So let us understand what really is at stake: it is not whether Rama Setu was built strictly as described in the Ramayana or not, or even if we can prove that Rama was historical, but something far more important— Rama as a symbol of the values that we hold sacred. What this campaign represents is an attack on Rama as a value more than a personality, as a step towards destroying the civilization that he stands for.


Acknowledgement: I am grateful to Sri Pankaj Saksena for valuable information relating to the Tutsi invasion theory and its legacy of horrors.

Nuclear Deal: Making the right choice - M.V. Kamath

oct 30th, 2007

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Yash

Nuclear Deal: Making the right choice
Organiser - Nov.4, 2007
M.V. Kamath

The Congress looks ridiculous. It is now running
around like a dog with its tail between its legs
humiliated. It is a humiliation that is

Do we have a government in Delhi? And if we have one,
what sort of governance is it providing to the
country? It says one thing one day and quite a
contrary things the day following. One suspects that
it is run by babus who know little of politics and
much less of how the public pulse beats.

And Dr Manmohan Singh looks like the quintessential
babu. Even an ordinary citizen with no education would
have been chary of running down Shri Ram, the way the
Archaeological Survey of India did on the Ram Sethu
issue with, obviously, the tacit consent of Ambika
Soni. The Government subsequently has been forced to
withdraw its affidavits and eat its words. To say the
least, it has been a sickening performance. It is
reducing secularism to its ultimate absurdity.

... deleted

No convergence of interest on nuke deal-Sandhya Jain


christist offenses: from a random walk on FORA.TV

oct 30th, 2007

just a quick glance at the topics in the videos on this 'high-brow' video site

i have personally not watched these videos (too much time and attention required).

1. genocide and ethnic cleansing: Historian Bruce Clark discusses the emergence of modern Greece and Turkey. Leaders in both countries sought to advance a national ethnic identity, resulting in mass expulsions of Christian Greeks from Turkey and Muslims from Greece.

2. oppression, apartheid: The Most Rev. Njongonkulu Ndungane, Archbishop of Cape Town, discusses same-sex marriage and other issues in the Anglican Church, as well as issues the Church is confronting in Africa: segregation, AIDS and the debt load of developing nations.

3. theocracy: Kevin Phillips discusses American Theocracy: The Peril and Politics of Radical Religion, Oil, and Borrowed Money in the 21st Century.

Phillips predicted in 1969 that the growing populations of the South and West would build a stronger Republican Party and a more stable, orderly country. Four decades later, he is scathingly critical of the "erring Republican majority." He addresses the expanding national debt, increasing oil consumption and the breakdown of the wall between religion and state.

and there's a question: "is mohammedanism compatible with democracy?" of course it isn't. there should be another question: "is christism compatible with democracy?" of course it isn't. it is an imperialist death cult that requires blind faith and absolute obedience. you may not have any opinion other than what the godmen tell you: in pink floyd's words: "we told you what to think."

also of interest, woodward-bernstein's carl bernstein on hillary clinton: Pulitzer prize-winning reporter Carl Bernstein takes an in-depth look at the fascinating life and career of Hillary Rodham Clinton, a complex woman who helped shape her husband's Presidency and may well ascend to the office in her own right.

another instance of the pot calling the kettle black: from voice of america

oct 30th, 2007

according to a voa report:

"Ms. Merkel put climate change high on her agenda during her visit to India - one of the world's biggest polluters."

and america would be, what now? by a factor of 10x, the world's biggest polluter and gas guzzler and carbon belcher and source of global warming?

this is so typical of the christists! blaming others for their own sins, it is quite entertaining.

RJD to Supreme Court: Merit is Unfair

And in keeping with the spirit of things, the Rashtriya Janata Dal has filed a petition with Supreme Court, claiming that merit is unfair.

Because you know, if Vishwanath Anand has won the chess championship, it's not because he deserved it, it's because nature unfairly discriminated in his favour, granting him intellect that others didn't get.

You know if Col. Rathore won the Olympic Sharpshooting competition, it's not because he deserved it, it's actually because he was the recipient of prowess that others were unfairly not permitted to be born with.

When one cricket team wins a match over another, it's not because some players were better than others, it's really just that some unfairly got better windfalls than others in the genetic lottery.

As you know, there is no such thing as laziness or ineptitude, there is only the accident of being born without the gifts and privileges that made others more successful than oneself.

Actually, if RJD wins this petition, then I feel I should demand the right to be given leadership of the RJD, since it's not my fault that I was born without the necessary talents to become leader of the RJD. I also demand to be given leadership of the Congress Party, since it's not my fault that I wasn't born into the Nehru-Gandhi family.

Bhutan in evangelical crosshairs

The links pertaining to Bhutan are somewhat old, but very relevant. Are they emulating China's strategy of encircling India with hostile states? Apparently, the christist persecution industry has managed to concoct some persecution mythology even about tiny Bhutan. It's territory is likely coveted for it's contiguity with the Indian north east, a ticking East Timor on Indian soil. Also, John Dayal and Valson Thampu have started a helpline, last week for "racially discriminated" people from the North East. No kidding.....

Christist lesbian wedding stuns Visakhapatnam

The duo started working in a church together to earn money, but they were sacked after their colleagues complained about their ‘intimate’ behaviour. Undaunted, the couple rented a small house and started living there. However, Varalakshmi’s mother was upset at her daughter’s friendship and took her home. But the couple got married without much publicity and during Dasara, Kumari appeared with cropped hair. “She was wearing trousers and T-shirt like a man,” said a neighbour. Another curious neighbour saw a photograph in a local studio in which Kumari and Varalakshmi were exchanging Bibles, which is how Christians in the rural belt get married.

They made further enquiries found that the young women (both belong to the goldsmith community) also got married according to Hindu rites in Lingala Tirugudu temple
................. deleted

Ordinarily, one would take an indulgent view of such things. But imported christist decadence is corrupting the moral fiber of the nation. Having converted, is exchanging Bibles not enough of a wedding? Why the deliberate "secular progressive" insistence on doing it in a Hindu temple as well? Paper or Plastic/Here or To Go/
Hindu or Christian - can't have both of these mutually exclusive things. I'd like to know which poojari presided over this, if any. The answer is likely none and that the christists are just pushing the frontiers of psychological warfare against Hindus, emboldened by the "Open Season" that the permissive UPA dhimmi regime has ushered in.

A small battle won (re courtright)

oct 30th, 2007

thank you, prashant. it is indeed quite obvious that courtright and other wendy's children would not dare do this sort of thing to either mohammedans or christist mythologies.

---------- Forwarded message ----------

From: Prashant

Your readers may find it interesting that an Indian magazine from NY got a "scholar" from Emory to admit that he was wrong and that the Indian scholars who had criticized his work (and who he had freely abused) were actually right. The articles are all available on the net:
Here's the first one:
Here's courtwright's supercilious reply
Here's the analysis by the magazine and courtwright's whining:


U.S.-India Renewable Energy Cooperation Summit]

oct 30th, 2007

now it's renewable energy too. actually if the yanks would share some of their knowledge of solar with india, that would be good.

---------- Forwarded message ----------

U.S.-India Renewable Energy Summit
Washington, DC

Contact: Michael Taylor
Telephone: (202) 628-3450

What:  The U.S. India Business Alliance (USIBA), in cooperation with the
Congressional Taskforce on U.S.-India Trade, cordially invite you to a
first-ever conference on U.S.-India Renewable Energy Cooperation.  The
theme of the summit will be: "The U.S. and India: Partners in Renewable
Energy Innovation."

When: October 30-31, 2007
October 30th
6:00 PM - 7:30 PM               Reception
October 31st
9:00 AM - 9:15 AM               Registration
9:15 AM - 10:30 AM              Panel I - Project Finance & Government Support
10:45 PM - 12:00 PM             Panel II - The Role of Technology &
12:30 PM - 2:30 PM           Luncheon
2:45 PM - 3:45 PM               Panel III - Private Equity & Venture
Capital Finance
4:00 PM         Wrap Up & Closing

Where: Tuesday, October 30th, Room HC-5, The Capitol Building, Washington,
            Wednesday, October 31st, LJ 162 - The Members Room, Jefferson
Building, Library of Congress, 10 First Street, SE,
Washington, DC

Background: The panels will be composed of former and current government
officials, business executives, attorneys, and venture.  The luncheon will
include keynote addresses by the Honorable Alexander Karsner, U.S.
Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy, and the
Honorable Mark Warner, former Virginia Governor and currently a candidate
for the U.S. Senate.  U.S. Congressman Steve Israel (D-NY-2nd) will
deliver policy remarks.

The U.S. India Business Alliance (USIBA) is a trade association based in
Washington, DC.  By drawing its strength from the Indian-American
community, USIBA is recognized today as one of the most influential trade
groups working for increased commerce between the United States and India.
For more information, go to

american perfidy: The man who knew too much

oct 30th, 2007

not that i am the least bit anti-american, but india has to be *very* careful in understanding how the americans view india.

----- Forwarded Message ----
From: Sudarshan

This is hot explosive stuff. Please spread this far and wide. This guys life will be in danger, hope he realizes it. While I have long suspected it, its all quite clear now that Pakistan was a western creation with the specific purpose of keeping a possibly errant India in check.

So basically the americans helped build the Paki nuclear bomb. No wonder the Pakis have them by their balls. If Pakis are threatened, all american clandestine secrets will be available for free download and this terrifies the Neo-cons.

And the same Neo-cons (and other american congressmen) now push for this "pathbreaking" N-deal and utterly naive Indians in thrall of the americans, bat for this utterly crappy deal.

BP <> wrote: The man who knew too much,,2188777,00.html

He was the CIA's expert on Pakistan's nuclear secrets, but Rich Barlow was
thrown out and disgraced when he blew the whistle on a US cover-up. Now he's
to have his day in court. Adrian Levy and Cathy Scott-Clark report

Saturday October 13, 2007
The Guardian

Rich Barlow idles outside his silver trailer on a remote campsite in
Montana - itinerant and unemployed, with only his hunting dogs and a
borrowed computer for company. He dips into a pouch of American Spirit
tobacco to roll another cigarette. It is hard to imagine that he was once a
covert operative at the CIA, the recognised, much lauded expert in the trade
in Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD).
He prepared briefs for Dick Cheney, when Cheney was at the Pentagon, for the
upper echelons of the CIA and even for the Oval Office. But when he
uncovered a political scandal - a conspiracy to enable a rogue nation to get
the nuclear bomb - he found himself a marked man.

In the late 80s, in the course of tracking down smugglers of WMD components,
Barlow uncovered reams of material that related to Pakistan. It was known
the Islamic Republic had been covertly striving to acquire nuclear weapons
since India's explosion of a device in 1974 and the prospect terrified the
west - especially given the instability of a nation that had had three
military coups in less than 30 years . Straddling deep ethnic, religious and
political fault-lines, it was also a country regularly rocked by
inter-communal violence. "Pakistan was the kind of place where technology
could slip out of control," Barlow says.
He soon discovered, however, that senior officials in government were taking
quite the opposite view: they were breaking US and international
non-proliferation protocols to shelter Pakistan's ambitions and even sell it
banned WMD technology. In the closing years of the cold war, Pakistan was
considered to have great strategic importance. It provided Washington with a
springboard into neighbouring Afghanistan - a route for passing US weapons
and cash to the mujahideen, who were battling to oust the Soviet army that
had invaded in 1979. Barlow says, "We had to buddy-up to regimes we didn't
see eye-to-eye with, but I could not believe we would actually give Pakistan
the bomb.

... deleted

Uganda - Sex for Jobs, Forced Conversion in North

oct 30th, 2007

this is happening in kerala and tamil nadu. forced conversion and sex for jobs.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Sushama

Uganda - Sex for Jobs, Forced Conversion in North

WOMEN in northern Uganda are forced into sex and are often coaxed into joining the Born Again Christian faith by staff of high profile international aid agencies largely in exchange for jobs, a new human rights report has revealed.


A shocking report by a renowned Human rights organization which contains the abuse by evangelicals.  Most of the International non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) are owned and operated  by Evangelical Christian groups.    These organizations using the garb of aid as usual are involved in proselytising.

Hillary Clinton on China and India

oct 30th, 2007

i think hillary is 'damning india with faint praise'. the stuff she says about india is meaningless pabulum. however, when she talks about china, she's saying she's fully engaged in dealing with an equal.

that, in a nutshell, is the yank view of india and china. they are pissing in their pants about china, because they don't have convenient sepoys who will sell their mothers for a few dollars. the chinaman always thinks of china's interests, even if he's a second generation chinese-american. the indian always thinks of 'secularism', that, is, how to make mohammedans happy. the yanks know they can buy off indians with a little sweet-talk and a little money. they are not concerned at all about india, which is why they keep supporting dictators in pakistan to keep india preoccupied.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Ram Narayanan

Dear Rajeev Srinivasan:

In an article in the November/December 2007 issue of FOREIGN AFFAIRS Magazine, Hillary Rodham Clinton, U.S. Senator from New York, who is a candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination, has propounded her foreign policy objectives.

The article is titled, "Security and Opportunity for the Twenty-first Century." It
summarizes her overall position in the following words:

"The next U.S. president will have a moment of opportunity to reintroduce America to the world and restore our leadership. To build a world that is safe, prosperous, and just, we must get out of Iraq, rediscover the value of statesmanship, and live up to the democratic values that are the deepest source of our strength."

She makes references to both China and India.

Following is what she says about China:

**The United States will face ........a rapidly growing China that must be integrated into the international system.

**Our relationship with China will be the most important bilateral relationship in the world in this century. The United States and China have vastly different values and political systems, yet even though we disagree profoundly on issues ranging from trade to human rights, religious freedom, labor practices, and Tibet, there is much that the United States and China can and must accomplish together. China's support was important in reaching a deal to disable North Korea's nuclear facilities. We should build on this framework to establish a Northeast Asian security regime.

**But China's rise is also creating new challenges. The Chinese have finally begun to realize that their rapid economic growth is coming at a tremendous environmental price. The United States should undertake a joint program with China and Japan to develop new clean-energy sources, promote greater energy efficiency, and combat climate change. This program would be part of an overall energy policy that would require a dramatic reduction in U.S. dependence on foreign oil. 

**We must persuade China to join global institutions and support international rules by building on areas where our interests converge and working to narrow our differences. Although the United States must stand ready to challenge China when its conduct is at odds with U.S. vital interests, we should work for a cooperative future.

Following is the text of one paragraph devoted to India:

**In Asia, India has a special significance both as an emerging power and as the world's most populous democracy. As co-chair of the Senate India Caucus, I recognize the tremendous opportunity presented by India's rise and the need to give the country an augmented voice in regional and international institutions, such as the UN. We must find additional ways for Australia, India, Japan, and the United States to cooperate on issues of mutual concern, including combating terrorism, cooperating on global climate control, protecting global energy supplies, and deepening global economic development.

The full article can be read at :  

Ram Narayanan
US-India Friendship  

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killing sikhs is not a holocaust, covering it up is perfectly acceptable: kaangress and ELM

oct 30, 2007

they killed 10,000 sikhs in delhi alone (i am following the same ratio followed by the ELM, of inflating actual numbers by at least 3x to get it to a nice round number), and then they had an eyewash commission to bless it.

sonia gandhi should be tried for crimes against humanity by the international criminal court in the hague, because her husband was the one who said, "when a banyan tree falls, the earth shakes", in other words killing sikhs is just acceptable collateral damage. he would not have said this without the concurrence of his wife sonia. therefore, sonia is guilty of the war crime.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Startup Aims to Jumpstart Electric Car Industry

Shai Agassi, a former senior executive at SAP, is putting together a new startup that aims to make the electric vehicle industry more feasible, by following a cellphone business model. Indians should pay attention to his idea, as it could help reduce our oil dependency. If you consider that Indian cellular network providers like Bharti-Airtel run such efficient operations that they've been tapped by giants like Wal-Mart for retail partnership, it might indeed be possible to apply such operational concepts to the transportation industry. Even if such a battery network were to eventually be obsoleted by technological progress, it would still play a valuable midwife role in the near to medium term. Agassi also maintains his own blog.

Meanwhile, oil is coming past $93 a barrel.

negroponte still selling smoke and mirrors

oct 29th, 2007

although i have to say even as a skeptic i am impressed by some of the features and functionality of the device.

i just think these MIT media labs guys esp. negroponte do a lot of snake-oil selling.

more avenues for cheaper solar panels

oct 29th, 2007

John Dayal bleats "persecution" to tarnish India abroad

"While much of the world considers India a populous and vibrant democracy, All India Christian Council secretary general John Dayal says freedom of religion is steadily on the decline in the country. 'Many of the rights have been systematically diluted over the years by governments, courts and fundamentalist forces,' said the journalist turned Christian activist, speaking to Ecumenical News International in an interview about his recently released book on religious freedom in India........"

This should hardly be news. But, how does John Dayal live with himself after spreading such diabolical falsehoods day in and day out? Conversions through force, fraud and allurement is a fundamental right? Denigrating an ancient civilization to advance an imperialistic cult is freedom of religion?

Dirty business: Kaangress enabling Union Carbide's return to India

Victims of the 1984 Bhopal gas tragedy, the worst industrial accident in history are yet to be compensated fully. Dow Chemicals, the successor company to Union Carbide was apparently the sole supplier of Napalm to the US military in Vietnam. Sonia, Manmohan and Chidambaram are enabling the return of this corporate to Indian soil whose lawyers advanced the revolting argument that an American life was worth more than an Indian life, based on their dollar earnings and therefore offered peanuts in terms of compensation.....

bamiyan: mohammedan respect for the sensitivities of others


oct 29th, 2007

more hanky panky in bangalore and this analysis is still good.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: M

Hi Rajeev,
Eventhough this opinion is one month old, it represents the facts. The coalition was very popular in the state as prooved by recent ULB polls( With BJP gaining more and congress gradually declining to UP, Bihar state). If assembly would have been dissolved( big if with congressman as governor), BJP would have gained 130 - 140 seats but 1 week is long time in politics and 6 months is too long. The party's image does not suffer that much since it is really strong in all parts of state except few old Mysore districts. Will governor and Madam allow them to form the Govt. going against supreme court after Bihar Fiasco last year?
Manju saw this story and thought you might be interested to view it:


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cia told pakistani about indo-israeli plan to bomb kahuta

oct 29th, 2007

so much for how trustworthy yanks are!

yes, precisely the folks to trust with india's nuclear security.

"Tribal" rally in Delhi for land reforms

"The rally and the 26-day walkathon proceeding it is being organised by an organisation called the Ekta Parishad, and funded by international organisations like Oxfam and Christian Aid among others ....."

More malicious propaganda by the usual suspects in the name of "land reforms" and "tribal rights". I watched a report on NDTV about this rally, where they were talking to one of the organisers and his Kerala christist accent was pretty conspicuous. Yet, they refrained from identifying him. He was threatening to lay siege to New Delhi "indefinitely".... The malafide intentions of the padres inciting the gullible tribals is given away by their usage of the pernicious nomenclature of "Adivasi" as opposed to "Vanvasi".

Is this what is Islamic banking ?

Isnt interest not allowed under Islam? Ohh of course, I forget, you can charge exhorbitant interest from Kafirs.
But 50% interest? I used to think that credit card companies in India were the worst at 32% interest per annum.
The involvement of Vanvasis in the post-Godhra riots added a new dimension to the communal violence. In rural areas the Vanvasis attacked the Muslim moneylenders, shopkeepers and the forest contractors. They used their traditional bow and arrows as also their implements used to cut trees and grass while attacking Muslims. They moved in groups and used coded signals for communication. Apparently, the accumulated anger of years of exploitation by Muslim moneylenders (interest of 50 per cent per annum), shopkeepers and forest contractors had become explosive after moneylenders sexually exploited their womenfolk.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Karva Chauth UK 28th October 2007

oct 28th, 2007

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Hindu Council UK

Karva Chauth UK 28th October 2007

The auspicious fast of Karva Chauth will grace us again this autumn and as with last year, I will clarify the auspicious time for the fast, which is to be observed by many faithful 'suhaagans'(married ladies).  For married men of course, you may observe the fast of the monthly Ganesh Chauth that coincides with the Karva Chauth.  This will not only support your partner's resolve to fast, but ensure that you attain increased merit for your endeavours, by observing the day jointly.

The conclusion of Karva Chauth involves the offering of sanctified water (arghya) to the moon, as it represents Shiva and Parvati.  The fast is therefore a 'Chandranakta' vrat, concluding at moonrise, when the moon is visible.  The Shastras (law books) stipulate that at the time of concluding the fast, the lunar day (tithi) must be prevailing.  In the case of Karva Chauth, the lunar day must be the Chauth (i.e. fourth) at the time of concluding the fast and giving 'arghya'.  In the UK on Sunday 28th October 2007 at the time of moonrise (5.29pm-GMT in London and earlier further north), it will be the Chauth and therefore those observing the fast on this date will fulfil the criterion.  However, on Monday 29th October 2007 in the UK, the Chauth will expire at 2.32pm in the afternoon and the panchmi (fifth lunar day) will have started. Therefore at moonrise which will be at 6.25pm it will be panchmi and not chauth as required.  The confusion is attributed to the fact that many are relying on panchangs (almanacs), jantris and calendars based on Indian time.  For countries in the east such as India, the fast will be kept on 29th October however for countries in the west such as UK and USA; it will be the preceding day.

May the Supreme Power of male and female energies Lord Shiva and Parvati Mata bestow all couples and their families with the choicest of blessings.

Dr Raj Pandit Sharma
Executive Member – Hindu Ceremonies
Hindu Council UK

Note: Hindu Council UK is the foremost and largest national network of the Hindu temple bodies and cultural organisations co-ordinating all different schools of Hindu theology within the UK

HCUK Admin Office:Boardman House, 64 The Broadway, London E15 1NG.       T: 020 8432 0400       W:       F: 020 8432 0393

arvind lavakare: TRUTH OF GODHRA :

oct 28th, 2007

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Yash
The myth and truth of Godhra
- Arvind Lavakare


Since no 'secularist' or 'liberal' or 'objective'
person ever challenged the above sets of figures, some
questions arise: Who killed 200-odd Hindus so early in
those riots? Was it the police or the Hindus
themselves? And what made those 40,000 Hindus rush to
relief camps? Was it fear of Hindu mob violence, rape,
arson and murder?

... deleted

Source URL:

You are successful and creative only when
you see an opportunity in every difficulty.

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oct 28th, 2007

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Harish

Hi Rajeev,
I and a few friends of mine have recently started a blog  that tries to poke fun at many things Indian.
As we call it "is the fun and irreverent side to India"..!!!!
I would be really grateful if you could help us spread the word about our site on your blog (anonymously if u can)...
Thanks in advance!..

Tarun Tejpal link with ISI ?

oct 28th, 2007

why ISI? he's clearly a kaaangress plant.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Sujoy

Dear Rajeev,
I'm not an investigative journalist, but there might be some truth here -


Bring your gang together - do your thing. Start your group.

Re: Thought this might be of interest to you.....

oct 28th, 2007

this is another red herring. there have been *many* studies about red-lining in the us, the practice where non-whites are steered away from white neighborhoods. similarly whites have been shown to be racist when an equally qualified black/brown/yellow person shows up for an interview and is not given a chance compared to a white person.

actually, i read some reports about this 'study' in a letters to the editor in the economist (and i saw kk92's post too) which claimed they used 'typical low-caste surnames' and 'mohammedan names'.

this is bullshit.

1. there are no 'typical low-caste surnames' in the entire south of india.

2. in fact, it is often factual that someone who came in through reservations, such as a mohammedan, may have cut some corners

3. if you sent similar letters in the us, with a very black-sounding name, a mohammedan name, a jewish name, a hindu name, and compared the responses you'd get for a lily-white WASP name, i'd bet the results would be the same: 90% of the mohammedans and hindus, and 75% of the jews and chinese, would be rejected. unless they do that 'control' experiment, no point yammering about india.

these are once again those motivated idiot social scientists (most probably with JNU links in india, and wendy o'doniger links in the US), who are confusing cause and effect. it's not because of casteism that this happens in india. it's because it's normal for people anywhere to be prejudiced. it's no worse than the 'casteism' and prejudice in the US.

On 10/27/07, Dola

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shashi tharoor: Should we be proud of Bobby Jindal? -- Sashi Tharoor

oct 28th, 2007

no reason to. the guy is what all converts are: turncoats. and this one did it deliberately to get ahead -- true rice christist. and he fooled plenty stupid 'secular' hindus. he's an uncle tom, and he's doing very well with it.

i am actually a little surprised that tharoor is saying this. it will piss off a lot of his 'secular' friends.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: venkat

Should we be proud of Bobby Jindal?
28 Oct 2007, 0000 hrs IST

The election of Bobby Jindal as governor of the US state of Louisiana has been greeted exultantly by Indians and Indian-Americans around the world. There's no question that this is an extraordinary accomplishment: a young Indian-American, just 36 years old, not merely winning an election but doing so on the first ballot by receiving more votes than his 11 rivals combined, and that too in a state not noticeably friendly to minorities. Bobby Jindal will now be the first Indian-American governor in US history, and the youngest currently serving chief executive of an American state. These are distinctions of which he can legitimately be proud, and it is not surprising that Indians too feel a vicarious sense of shared pride in his remarkable ascent.

But is our pride misplaced? Who is Bobby Jindal and what does he really stand for?

... deleted

Ratzy says martyrdom is a realistic possibility for every Christist

“ Indeed martyrdom is a “realistic possibility” for every believer ......Baptism commits Christians to participate with courage to expand the Kingdom of God, going as far as sacrificing their very lives......”

Ratzy's exhortation to "martyrdom" is virtually indistinguishable from OBL's exhortation to jihadis........

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Naxalite terror in Jharkhand

Shivraj Patil and Manmohan Singh will issue their customary statements about "situation being tense, but under control". Babulal Marandi is a former BJP chief minister of Jharkhand. It takes a lot of courage to defy Maoist terror in these remote corners of the country. The reach, scale of operation and area of control of the Naxalite thugs is expanding unchecked as the dhimmocrats justify it in terms of "root causes of alienation" and others like Samuel Reddy co opt them in their electoral rigging strategies. If Maoist terror is not crushed with an iron hand, at this rate, not much of India will be left to govern.

"Dalit" study alleges bias in private sector employment

This effectively opens a new front in the christist assault on India. The study was released by the Indian Institute of Dalit Studies in collaboration with Princeton University. Professor Katherine S Newman, Princeton University is apparently a Gail Omvedt clone and the "Institute of Dalit Studies" has the stink of a missionary front organisation. Affiliation with Christian Aid is a red herring. To be fair, they've dispensed with pretensions of being anything else. It is only the Indian media who uncritically regurgitate and promote the malicious and motivated propaganda of the missionaries.

Friday, October 26, 2007

christist aggression in bangalore

oct 26th, 2007

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Vijay_

Hi Rajeev,
How are you doing. Im a regular reader of your blog. Found something very disturbing videos on youtube about the typical chritist antics in bangalore. Please see how the chritsts claim central (read Sonia) support for their mission.Request you to put this up on your blog

Subramanian Swamy for dismantling of Sethusamudram experts panel

oct 26th, 2007

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Sushama

Subramanian Swamy for dismantling of Sethusamudram experts panel


Janata Party president Subramanian Swamy on Tuesday moved the Supreme Court seeking dismantling of the 10-member experts committee on the Sethusamudram canal project alleging "anti-Hindu" and "anti-Ram Setu bias" among some of the panel's members, including its chairman S Ramachandran.


Swamy also sought junking of the panel on the grounds that it did not have any reputed archaeologist or scientists from reputed bodies like the National Institute of Ocean Technology or the Geological Survey of India.


The panel was constituted by the central government to re-examine the feasibility of implementing the Sethusamudram Shipping Canal Project, off the Tamil Nadu coast, without damaging Adam's Bridge or Ram Setu, which is revered by many Hindus as the bridge referred to in the "Ramayana".

Swamy, who submitted his petition to the apex court's registry, is likely to apprise an apex court bench on Wednesday about his pending petition and plead for its urgent hearing.


The government had constituted the panel on October 5 in accordance with its assurance to the Supreme Court on September 14 that it would review the project to build a shorter sea route around the Indian peninsula, without damaging the Ram Setu.


The government had given the assurance while taking back an offending affidavit, which doubted the existence of Lord Ram and events depicted in the "Ramayana".


Besides Madras University Vice-Chancellor S Ramachandran, the panel includes Delhi University history professor RS Sharma, Aqua Culture Foundation of India president M Sakthivel and Central Pollution Control Board's former chairman Dileep K Biswas.


The other members of the panel include Kolkata-based Zoological Survey of India's former director JRD Alfred and Nagpur-based National Environment Engineering Research Institute director SR Wate.


Citing instances of alleged inherent anti-Hindu or anti-Ram Setu bias among the members, Swamy said that history professor Sharma "is an admittedly anti-Hindu Marxist historian and has appeared as witness in the Ramajanmabhoomi case to rubbish the claims of a Hindu structure underlying the demolished Babri mosque in Ayodhya".


"He has actually queried the historicity of Shri Rama and Shri Krishna. Thus his views on the project must naturally be one-sided," he added.


Referring to panel chairman Ramachandran's "public views" on Ram Setu, Swamy said that during adjudication of the matter by the Madras High Court in June, the professor had issued a press statement negating Hindus' belief on Ram Setu.


"We, the scientists having expertise in the field of geology and oceanography confirm that Adam's Bridge is purely of barrier islands formed due to natural process," Swamy quoted Ramachandran as saying in his press statement.


"Having intimately associated with a particular exclusive view, Prof Ramachandran must be disqualified from the committee," Swamy added.


He also objected to the inclusion of members like Sakhtivel, Biswas and Alfred in the committee on the ground that they assessed the environmental impact of the project earlier and gave it a green signal turning a blind eye to the fact that it would destroy the fragile ecology of the area.

Ram Setu is believed by many Hindus to be the bridge built by Lord Ram's army of monkeys and bears to reach Sri Lanka to rescue his wife Sita, who was abducted by demon king Ravana.'Ram+Setu+panel+should+be+dismantled '