Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Atlanticist pee in their pants over Chi-rabian money

http://www.economist.com/opinion/displayStory.cfm?Story_ID=10533866: "stifling competition; protecting national champions; engaging, even, in geopolitical troublemaking"

Look at the gall of these guys - all high and mighty words about objectives and transparency. It's like a beggar in Delhi's Connaught Place accepting the one rupee coin you give him and then questioning your 'objectives'. Sorry guys - getting your people to live in bigger houses than they can afford, drinking more Coke than is healthy for them and driving cars with more fuel than they can buy- all may look good. But it adds nothing to the competitiveness of your economy. In the end you will beg for money from Chi-Rabia (I will TM that) and the one that pays the piper calls the tunes.

The lesson for India? Realise that globalisation is not business - It Is War. Diversify dollar reserve holdings and accept FDI where it is hard for it to escape. And for god's sake stop bleating about 'free trade' with China!!


nizhal yoddha said...

chi-rabia is good. must remember to use it.

it is the old sino-mohammedan axis in action yet again. the chinese give weapons and nukes to the mohammadens. the mohammedans give them ill-earned petro-dollars.

it's a little sad, though, to see citi etc being bought up by these ruffians. all said and one, and despite large-scale american hypocrisy, they are *still* better than the chinese and the arabs in barbarity levels.

Sameer said...


I am not sure whether this link is permenant, nevertheless I am copy/pasting the news here...

Salman faces a fatwa

Lucknow, Jan. 22: Actor Salman Khan is once again in trouble with the Muslim clergy in Deoband, who have issued a second fatwa against the actor. The Darul-Ifta in Deoband has termed Salman Khan’s wax statue at Madame Tussauds Museum as “haram (unlawful)” according to the Sharia. A fatwa issued by Mufti Salim Ahmad Qasmi said that setting up statues was prohibited in Islam, particularly of living things. “Salman Khan is a living being and his statue at Madame Tussauds is against the tenets of Islam,” the fatwa said.

The Mufti said he had received a query from one Dr Sakhawat Khan of Dehradun pertaining to the installation of Salman Khan’s wax statue at the London wax museum. “The same fatwa holds good for Shah Rukh Khan, who also has his wax statue installed at the London museum. However, the query concerned only Salman Khan, I have given this fatwa,” he said.

This, incidentally, is the second time that a fatwa has been issued against Salman Khan by Darul-Ifta, Deoband. A few months ago, a fatwa had been issued against the actor for participating in Ganpati Puja and dancing during the immersion of the idol. The fatwa had said Salman Khan could no longer be called a Muslim since he had violated the principles of Islam.