Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Do Michael Witzel & Martha Nussbaum work part-time for United Airlines?

It would certainly appear to be the case given the openly racist behaviour by the flight attendants in question in this latest incident. Bloody bigots. Why is it that riff raff like these flight attendants assume a divine right to denigrate Hindus and Hindus alone? United Airlines or any other entity would be genuflecting to the aggrieved party if they happened to be adherents of the "Religion of Peace". Truly a bizarre world.


habc said...

Here is the solution to this problem. Notice how Russia has its s*** together

Institute to Delve Into U.S. Democracy

A Russian foundation devoted to democracy and human rights is setting up shop in the United States. In October, President Vladimir Putin told European leaders that he wanted to set up a think tank for freedom and democracy in Brussels or another European capital.

The goal, he said, was to counter the activity of Western nongovernmental organizations operating in Russia.
Moscow has accused Western NGOs of meddling in Russia's internal affairs and helping oust Moscow-friendly governments in Ukraine and Georgia.

But Kucherena denied that his foundation was a Kremlin project.

"There were no instructions from the president," Kucherena said. "He expressed his opinion, but I would stress that this is a civil organization, an association of NGOs and citizens."

The Institute of Democracy and Cooperation is funded by private donations from Russian businessmen and receives no money from the government, Kucherena said.

He denied that it was meant to be a Russian version of Freedom House, the U.S.-based democracy watchdog that released a report last year declaring Russia "not free" and ranking it near the bottom of a list of 195 countries.

"I have no desire to copy the behavior of organizations like Freedom House," Kucherena said. "We have completely different tasks. Freedom House has only one goal: to publish data, which was assembled using methodologies that nobody understands, in order to draw attention to themselves."

AGworld said...

The west, like the mohammedans only understands greed and fear.

Screwing hindus is easy because there is no consequence -- in dollar or live terms.

Chris said...

Seeing the comments at the end of the article shows how sick these american b*****ds are. Anything wrong with wanting vgetarian food? These guys need to be ass whipped and the Gujjus have shown that they can do it.