Monday, January 21, 2008 Until All the Fish Are Gone

jan 21st, 2008

a very serious issue: the oceans are dying, not only from overfishing, but also from all the plastic junk that ends up there.

i was listening to a gent by name of callum roberts on a podcast. he is a marine scientist and the picture he paints is frightening: area after area of the sea and species after species is collapsing. the only answer is a complete moratorium on fishing as well as oil drilling and tourism in certain preserves which should be left pristine. this will help the rest of the sea recover as well.

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OPINION   | January 21, 2008
Editorial:  Until All the Fish Are Gone
It would be hard to frame the problem of overfishing more dramatically than two recent articles in The Times detailing the disastrous consequences of often illegal industrial fishing.

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