Tuesday, January 22, 2008

documentary on indic influence on other cultures in Greater India

jan 22nd, 2008

sounds like an inspiring documentary, although i haven't seen it. but i have been to enough places in indonesia, cambodia etc. to know -- especially in bali and java and cambodia -- that the imprint left by indic culture is very great despite the efforts of the chinese to erase it.

also, we need to propagate the term Greater India. this is not a new invention, as it used to be in widespread usage fifty years ago to denote all of southeast asia, an indian cultural hinterland. but now the term Greater China is much in vogue, and india has been reduced to 'south asia' by the pakistanis, chinese and the useful idiots.

i suggest we constantly reemphasize the Greater India term and bring it back into circulation.

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Dear friends
Dr.S.Krishnasamy the famous producer of the much acclaimed Indus valley to Indira Gandhi has produced a wonderful documentary on the inflience of Hindu religion and culture in the far east.It is to be aired shortly by doordhardhan.
Pl pass on this info to all your friends so everyone particularly the younger generation gets to know what a great culture we are the proud owners of

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Indian Imprints



Ancient India had a profound impact on the rest of Asia.  Hinduism and Buddhism as well as concepts of architecture, aesthetics, dance, music and much mythology spread from India to several Asian countries. Except for the pioneering work of a few Indian historians, India has not paid adequate attention to exploring this glorious trans-national Indian impact.


To focus attention on the thrust of ancient cultural and religions connections between India  and South East Asia, the internationally acclaimed creative team of Dr S Krishnaswamy and Dr Mohana Krishnaswamy, of Krishnaswamy Associates, Chennai, have brought out a TV Documentary Serial titled "INDIAN IMPRINTS", covering five chosen countries – Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. After years of intensive study, they traveled extensively in the region, initially for research, and then for filming in three schedules, in 2006, filming more than a hundred ancient monuments and temples, reflecting the profound living Indian impact on that region. The serial, conceived on a massive scale, in 18 episodes of 25 minutes each, combines a gripping  style with authenticity, interspersed with dance forms of the region,  brief interviews with statesmen, artistes,  Hindu Priests and scholars of those nations. It also takes you to remote Hindu temples, with live pooja of unbroken tradition of a thousand years in those far off lands! The serial is ready and is awaiting telecast at Prime Time on the National network of Doordarshan (watch for the date yet to be announced).


Having received the prestigious LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD for Documentary Films, from the US International Film & Video Festival, in 2005 – the first Afro-Asian to be so honored in the four decades of that festival in Los Angeles – Dr. S. Krishnaswamy, Writer-Director, considers INDIAN IMPRINTS as the most ambitious, satisfying   and monumental work of his career. The producer of the serial, Dr. Mohana Krishnaswamy, has collaborated with him in the meticulous research. Since its inception in 1964, Krishnaswamy Associates has produced several national and international award winning documentaries and TV serials devoted to Indian history and culture.


The Subject Consultant for INDIAN IMPRINTS is Prof Lokesh Chandra, a renowned authority, and Director of the International Academy of Indian Culture. The other members of the team include international award winning cinematographer, Madhu Ambat.


Shahryar said...

covering five chosen countries – Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam.

Since they are covering SE Asia, couldn't they get permission to film in Malaysia?

Perhaps they will make a follow-up series covering Mongolia, N & S Korea, China, Japan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, ...

Sameer said...


I am not sure of the Malaysian permission, but I doubt the commies and kaangies will permit it to be aired on Doordarshan... it will be 'communal'...
In case such an unfortunate thing happens, then I feel youtube is their best medium...
I've seen many pro-Hindu and pro-Indian videos and learnt thanks to youtube.