Friday, January 11, 2008

Malaysia's Sarkari "Ethnic Indian" insists everything is hunky dory

NEW DELHI, Jan 10 (Bernama) -- After holding discussions with top Indian leaders Wednesday, Works Minister Datuk Seri S.Samy Vellu said India-Malaysia bilateral relations remained as thick as before.

Speaking to Bernama after meeting Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh at his residence in Delhi, Samy Vellu said he clarified two issues that had recently created some controversies in India.

"I clarified various issues............. My explanations were well received by the prime minister (Manmohan).

"He repeatedly stated that India would not interfere in Malaysia's internal affairs and that the two countries had brotherly and friendly relations," he added.
"He (Mukherjee) said India does not support extremism and he was quite sympathetic to the government's cause and understood the situation in Malaysia," said Samy Vellu.

Besides that, during his discussion with the Indian prime minister, the Works Minister also discussed about Malaysian companies' interest in monorail projects in India.
Speaking to Malaysian journalists earlier in the day, Samy Vellu said he met numerous Indian leaders since his arrival in India on 29th December and most of them accepted his explanation regarding Hindraf's allegations about discrimination of the Indian community in Malaysia.
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Truly a theater of the absurd. One non-entity meets another and the two unilaterally decide among themselves that there is NO religious oppression by Mohammedans in Malaysia. To add insult to injury, verbal flatulence expert, Pranab Mukherjee insinuates that the brutalised Hindus of Malaysia are "extremists" and the scoundrels happily move on to the matter of Malaysian business interests in India! This spineless "Ethnic Indian" Samy Vellu is a lapdog of the Malay Mohammedan Jihadis and a rank traitor to the Hindu civilisation. It is a shame that he is being allowed to roam around India unhindered and unmolested, advancing the cause of his Mohammedan handlers with impunity.

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nizhal yoddha said...

Memo to all terrorists: if you want manmohan singh to wet his knickers, just say "hindu fundamentalists". He will immediately cry uncle!

in the malaysia case, somehow manmohan discovered one vertebra, and said, trembling, "please don't beat up the indians". the malaysian terrorist immediately said, "the indians are VHP and RSS".

manmohan singh said, "oh, since you say so and you are a mohammedan terrorist, it must be true. after all, everything you say is so obviously true, including the flight of mohammed to heaven on a winged horse and his walk across the land bridge to sri lanka. so those people are VHP and RSS. therefore they have no human rights -- only mohammedans have human rights. so sorry, please go ahead and kill them. this is what i and my party do all the time in india."

thus, if a mohammedan terrorist wants to kill any hindu anywhere in the world, it's simple. just say the hindu is VHP and RSS, and then kill them. manmohan singh will immediately give you an award on pravasi bharatiya day for accelerating the advent of the mohammedans in delhi as conquerors. and a few more petro-dollars will go into sonia's and manmohan's numbered swiss bank accounts.