Sunday, January 20, 2008

lo, another miracle!

jan 20th, 2008

i don't know exactly where i read this, but good old valson thampu has had a miracle happen in his favor.

you remember this creep as the fellow who bamboozled that 'useful idiot' swami agnivesh into attacking all sorts of hindu practices. but then valson, the clever christist, simply abandoned the good swami when valson got to be chief evangelist at st. stephen's. you know, lots of opportunities to brainwash the 'beautiful people' in delhi and thus create the next generation of the christism-friendly ruling caste types. haven't seen any of those long-winded articles by him and the swami lately.

what happened to agnivesh? did he die, or has he taken a vow of silence? or did he just realize he'd been had by valson?

anyway, it turned out that valson had become head of st stephen's on a slight subterfuge. he does not have a phd, which is apparently a prerequisite. but of course his good friends had winked at the small transgression. but this became a big of an issue recently and there was a lot of noise being made by some people. and guess what happened,? a true miracle! a phd appeared out of the blue in valson's mailbox! he suddenly got a phd (i suspect the kind you can buy from wal-mart) from some divinity school.

lo, jesus is truly merciful! verily is it written that the hoaxes get more and more blatant with every passing day! anything to fool the gullible.


Sudarshan said...

A story is told of a moneyed brat who was on an evening's horse ride and spotted a sign in an obscure staircase "College Degrees Sold Here". Curious, he went up to find a guy in a seedy room. Yes, says the guy, BA is 500 bucks, MA is 1000. So the brat bought a BA degree for his horse. When descending the steps he realized that his horse had better qualifications than him. So he pulled out a thousand bucks and went back to buy himself aa MA degree. The guy says No way: we make degrees for horses, yeah, but not for asses.
What I'm trying to say is that this Valson character couldn't have bought his PhD from this place. At leastthe seller had some principles.

slim_shady said...

Another Indian student shot dead in US university

Sameer said...

I happened to see a poster in Hyderabad about some celebrations by Arya Samaj.
Among the chief speakers are: Sri Sri RaviShankar, its fine, and other name... behold.. Swami Agnivesh, President of Arya Samaj.
I read in some blog that he was kicked out of Arya Samaj, but here I see his name included and also designated as President....
Can someone clarify if he is still with Arya Samaj?

Sad to know abt the killing of American Indian Student Abhijit Mahato.

nizhal yoddha said...

more on valson thampu: he bleated vigorously about the alleged discrimination shown towards lower-caste people.

but when he became head evangelist at st. stephens, he absolutely refused to have any reservation or quotas for lower-castes.

NIMBY: not in my backyard, said valson. reservation is for other people, and is a useful stick to beat others with. but oh no, i won't give reservation here. i only want rich upper-caste people so i can brainwash them.

bloody hypocrite, typical christist. they screech about SC/ST rights, but not one christist educational institution offers reservations for them.