Sunday, January 13, 2008

Happy Makara Sankranti, Pongal, Makara Vilakku to all!

Jan 13th, 2008

happy pongal to tamils. enjoy your sugarcane

happy makara sankranti to all hindus. may this time of new beginnings be good for you.

happy makara vilakku to hindu malayalees, as this is the culmination of the sabarimala season, and the mysterious makara jyoti appears for a moment in the forested hills near the sanctum.


truti said...

We know how much you dislike cricket, and, possibly, like NFL football. How about a pre-Superbowl review of prospects, now that just the conference playoffs remain for next week? And were you at Stanford when the famous/infamous Stanford Lateral happened vs. UCB?

And Happy Sankranti and Pongal Vaazhtukkal

Sriram said...

To Rajeev and every else on the blog and to all Hindus - Happy Sankranti/Pongal.

Wishing us all a glorious, eventful, prosperous and auspicious New Year!

nizhal yoddha said...

now that my beloved 49ers are struggling, i am not paying much attention to football. those were the days, my friend, with jerry rice and joe montana and roger craig in full cry! what a team they were! truly immortals.

i find it pretty hard to get excited about the new england patriots, although i lived in boston for years, and was a fan of the celtics in *their* glory days.

no, the stanford-berkeley Big Play was before my time. truly infamous and outrageous stuff :-)

nizhal yoddha said...

not to forget that incredible free safety, ronnie lott. it was a pleasure to watch all of them, not only the pure-play montana to rice, but also ronnie lott appearing out of thin air to pole-ax an unsuspecting receiver.

larry bird, magic johnson and co weren't half bad, either, in the magic department :-) or doctor j, julius erving.

must be much before your time, but hey, we old-timers have to ruminate.

truti said...


Many thanks for sharing your memories. I am probably not much younger than you are but have lived in the US for far less time than you have. As for your lack of enthusiasm for the Pats, I think it could be your strong NFC affiliation, just as I am a hardened AFC watcher (since my team is in the AFC, though it is not the Pats). Happy Super Bowl!