Saturday, January 12, 2008

"All religions equal" dhimmi idiocy encouraged Bobby Jindal's conversion

"A Republican, Jindal will be inaugurated as governor Monday. He grew up in Baton Rouge, La., under the guidance of Hindu parents. On a few occasions, he spent time with Hindu relatives in India. One of his earliest mentors was his multifaceted maternal grandfather, Krishan Gupta, a Punjab banking executive who was widely read and believed in the equality of religions.

Jindal would spend much of his time on those visits in his grandfather's home, a place full of books, including the popular Hindu scripture the Bhagavad Gita. Gupta could read Urdu and was familiar with the Quran.

Imagine a rootless, deracinated young man growing up among white supremacist christist bigots in Louisiana, already full of hate and ridicule for his own Hindu identity. In Bobby Jindal's case, the presence of Kuldip Nayyar and I.K Gujral clones in his extended family apparently served as a catalyst for his conversion to the imperialistic death cult of christism.

The Dhimmi notion of "equality of religions" is harmful even under favourable circumstances, i.e. the advantage of home territory, a notable instance being "Mahatma" Gandhi's eulogy of MOPLAH BUTCHERS and Muslim League thugs that eventually led to the partition of India to the accompaniment of the genocide of millions of Hindus. This pacifist notion is exponentially more suicidal when propagated by old windbags who should know better than to feed such nonsense to impressionable young people already isolated in foreign lands. And the intellectual cowardice is particularly unacceptable when coming from someone who can actually read the ROP's manual in it's source language Arabic/Urdu as opposed to a sanitised English version, i.e what kind of shit head reads all the injunctions to torture, rape and murder in the ROP's book and still insists that "All religions are equal"? What kind of lunatic reads the ROL's imperialistic doctrine and yet refuses to see beyond the dogma of "All religions are equal"?

Certainly, we do not want to program our next generation to be Jihadis as the Mohammedans do, but with the blind propagation of this capitulationist philosophy, there will be no "US" left! This dhimmitude needs to be challenged, even if that means any perceived slight to any senile windbag. A failure to counter pacifism is what results in an arch Dhimmi like Shikhandi MMS ending up as the head of government, speeding up further, the hurtling descent to national emasculation.

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