Sunday, January 13, 2008

unable to login to blogger on my nokia e62 browser

jan 13th, 2008

anybody have any advice for me? i want to be able to set the blogger cookie on my phone, so that i don't have to get to my computer but can use my blackberry connect on the e62 itself to manage posts here.

also, people, please add lots of links to this blog.


DarkStorm said...

There should an option in the phone's browser application to set cookies as yes or no. My Nokia has it under settings.

Also, some sites cannot be displayed on the phone. Particularly google sites with advanced javascript, some smart hacks, AJAX etc, because the phone browser may not be able to handle it. Many sites have separate URLs for mobile devices... like
for accessing gmail without the jazz on mobile, its optimized for small displays .

I am not sure if blogger provides another page for mobile access.

DarkStorm said...
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nizhal yoddha said...

thanks, darkstorm! no, blogger does not have a mobile page. my problem is that it doesn't let me login, because the e62 does not have an "enter" key. if the page is mobile-enabled i wouldn't have this problem.

i find i can browse a lot of pages quite well using the built-in nokia browser. i downloaded opera mini, but it didn't work, so i zapped it.

the other good application i use is google maps on the e62. the phone doesn't have GPS, and 'my location' is not dependable, but having access to the map in real time is quite enough much of the time, even if one doesn't have position info.

i was trying to get blogger set up so i could manage posts easily from the phone without firing up the computer.