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Delhi HC schedules prosecution of Tamilnadu CM

jan 9th, 2008

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Delhi, Jan. 9, 2008  
Delhi HC schedules prosecution of accused Tamilnadu CM, Shri M Karunanidhi for his derogatory utterances against Lord Ram
Delhi High Court has issued Notice to the State to come on 29 February and explain as to why Prosecution should not be initiated against the accused, i.e.Tamil Nadu Chief minister Shri M. Karunanidhi for his derogatory utterances against Lord Ram.


The revision petition filed by Monica Arora, Advocate, on which the Delhi High Court was issued is as follows:


In the High Court of Delhi at New Delhi (Criminal Appellate Jurisdiction)


Criminal Revision Petition No. Of 2007

In the matter of: -

Monika Arora

W/o Bharat Bhushan Arora

R/o 15/212 Malviya Nagar

Delhi-110017 …………..Petitioner


M. Karunanidhi

R/o 8, 4th Street Gopalapuram,


Tamil Nadu. …………….Respondent




Petition Under Section 397and Section 401 read with Section 482 Code of Criminal Procedure for setting aside the Order dated 17/10/2007 Shri R.K. Singh, M.M., New Delhi in case No. 2675/01.



The Hon'ble Chief Justice And

His Companion Hon'ble Judges of the

Delhi High Court at New Delhi.


The humble petitioner above named


Most Respectfully Showeth:-


1.      The Petitioner is aggrieved by the order dated 17/10/2007 passed by the Shri. R.K. Singh, M.M., New Delhi in complaint case No. 2675/01 of 2007. Police Station Malviya Nagar, Under Section 153,153 (A), 295 (A), 298 and 505 (2) IPC. The Ld M.M has been pleased to dismiss the criminal complaint against the accused taking the erroneous view that there is no ground to take cognizance of the offences alleged in the complaint.

2.      The brief facts giving rise to the present petition are stated below:-

1.      The Petitioner is an advocate practicing in Delhi. She is a devout Hindu Woman born, brought up and married in a Hindu family. She and her family are worshippers of Lord Ram and regard Him as their God. That Lord Ram is worshipped as God and regarded as Maryada Purushottam i.e. ideal person by million of Hindus in India and abroad. That even father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi worked entire life towards the establishment of Ram Rajya, i.e. ideal State in which everyone is happy and prosperous. When the Father of the Nation died, his last words were "Hey Ram"

2.      The accused is the Chief Minister of the State of Tamil Nadu and also President of his political party namely DMK. That the accused has a history of making derogatory remarks against Hindu Gods and Hindu religion for a long time knowing fully well that these unwarranted remarks hurt the religious sentiments of the citizens of this country.

3.      That the complainant had filed a complaint in the Court of M.M., New Delhi, Shri R.K. Singh as she was aggrieved by the derogatory and defamatory remarks made by the accused against Lord Ram on 18/09/2007 at the rally of DMK party workers and others at Erode, Tamil Nadu and also such remarks made thereafter in front of the Electronic and print media. Such remarks which hurt the religious feelings of the complainant were widely telecasted on electronic media and widely reported in the print media.

4.      That the accused not only described Lord Ram as 'a big lie and a drunkard' but also asked 'Who is this Ram?' In which engineering college did he study and become a civil engineer? (Photocopy of the derogatory remarks made by the accused is annexed herewith as Annexure P-1 (Colly). These remarks have been made on the context of Ram Setu Controversy. A true copy of the Criminal Complaint dated 26th September 2007 filed against the accused by the petitioner in the Court of M.M. is annexed as Annexure P-2.


... details deleted


It is, therefore, most respectfully prayed that this Hon'ble Court may graciously be pleased to:-

1.      Call for the record of the Criminal Complaint Case No. 2675/01 of 2007 and Set aside the order dated 17/10/2007 passed by Shri. R.K. Singh, M.M., New Delhi, C.C. No. 2675/01 of 2007 dated 26/09/2007.

2.      Pass any other or further orders that this Hon'ble Court may deem fit and proper in the facts and circumstances of the case.


(Monika Arora)


New Delhi Petitioner in person

Dated: November, 2007

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