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Bangla Coup Attempt Had ISI Links

The recent failed but brutal coup attempt in Bangladesh is showing signs of having been organized by Islamist hardliners assisted by Pakistan's ISI:

Even now, hundreds of bodies of dead officers are still being pulled from mass graves hastily dug by the coup plotters. There need to be some mass-hangings for these perpetrators, as their treason should not go unpunished.

darn hindus, buddhists, jews and atheists skewing the idiocy indices. yet again.

feb 28th, 2009

shame on them. we yanks would be so much more true semites if it weren't for these people! true beliefs in the one true god. which one true god, did you say? oh, is that yhwh or jesus or allah? uh, never mind.

ah yes, bobby "exorcist" jindal. he's even worse an idiot than i thought. but i guess he looks like a genius compared to the bubbas.

oh, i do just love this chart. thanks, pew guys.

kkkangress almost gave away kashmir in 2007

feb 28th, 2009

the relevant portion:

"Under the plan, the Kashmir conflict would have been resolved through the creation of an autonomous region in which local residents could move freely and conduct trade on both sides of the territorial boundary. Over time, the border would become irrelevant, and declining violence would allow a gradual withdrawal of tens of thousands of troops that now face one another across the region's mountain passes."

in other words, taliban would be free to move into jammu and kashmir, and then fan out into the rest of india as "kashmiris". "kashmiri emporia" would blossom everywhere, much like the "churches" being planted everywhere. indian troops would move out of j&k, and pakistani troops woud move in. lo and behold, pakistan gets everything it wanted, and india would be left holding the can again.

amazing that the kkkangress did not manage to ramrod it through. that fat bengali communist speaker would have bullied everyone in parliament who opposed it, screaming "off with his head" and citing them for "contempt of fat-bengali-communist-speaker".

SlumDog Effect

A surge in child sponsorship inquiries for Indian children is being reported in Britain, in the aftermath of the movie SlumDog Millionaire. They're calling it the 'SlumDog Effect'.

Memoirs of a Nun

Wasn't there a recent Hollywood movie along similar lines? Scandal continues to rock India's Catholic Church.

malay mohammedans brutalize hindus some more

feb 28th, 2009

undoubtedly, manmohan singh is sleeeping peacefully, no loss of sleep experienced by him at all.

and india allows malaysia to run its tourist campaign: "malaysia, truly asia" to attract affluent indians. and allows malay firms to bid on all sorts of indian contracts. and buys malay palm oil.

the right slogan should be "malaysia: truly semitic". or "malayasia: truly bigoted".

amazing, what a mere 60% majority of mohammedans can do to all non-mohammedans. and secondly, when the malays were poor, they were far more liberal and accommodating. now that they have prospered, they have become serious religious bigots.

also, i find it ironic that kerala mohammedans who have gone to malaysia claim they are malays, and have nothing to do with the hindus. see, we wear burqas and the indians wear saris. so we have nothing to do with them. also, arch-bigot mahathir mohammed had a kerala mohammedan mother, and so he was particularly hard on indians. just like zulfiqar bhutto, whose mother was a hindu convert. 

rajiv malhotra: March 15th talk at Arsha Bodha Center, New Jersey: COMMON CONFUSIONS ABOUT THE NEED FOR HINDU IDENTITY

feb 28th, 2009

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Rajiv Malhotra

Dear K, thanks for your email. Below is the info you
requested. (I just got back from India, Cambodia and Thailand,
including attending the Hindu-Buddhist Summit in Cambodia.)


Time and Place: Arsha Bodha Center, New Brunswick, New Jersey. Sunday,
March 15, 2009, from 6:00 to 7:00 pm.

Abstract: Hindu leaders and the community have often confused the
universal truths of Hinduism with abandonment of a distinct identity.
Some have even argued that any identity being nama-rupa and mithya, is
therefore contrary to dharma. Others have feared that identity brings
conflict, because they have falsely assumed that religious identity is
inherently disrespectful of other faiths. Still others regard being
Hindu as un-American. This talk will refute several common
misunderstandings. It will show that such attitudes are
counterproductive in today's social environment and have put dharma
under threat, with some parts becoming digested into various other
religions, including un-dharmic ones, and other parts becoming
distorted and demonized out of existence. Dharmic living in the
practical world requires performing various identity-based roles in
our daily lives, and there is no reason to run away from the role of
protecting dharma in the modern kurukshetra, and transmitting it
authentically to future generations. The widespread confusion arises
from the cut-and-paste and ad hoc mixing of elements picked from
Vedanta's teachings of ultimate reality, and applying these in an
escapist manner to life within the provisional phenomenal reality in
which karma and dharma must operate. The arguments used in the talk
are supported by the teachings of Hinduism from various exemplars such
as Adi Shankara, Swami Vivekananda, Sri Aurobindo, Gandhi and numerous
others, and by Hindu texts including Upanishads, dharmashastras, Gita
and Puranas.

Picture: Attached

Bio: Rajiv Malhotra took early retirement at age 45 from a successful
career in Information Techniology where he had worked as a corporate
executive, management consultant, and enterpreneur of businesses in
emerging countries. He became a philanthropist with his own funds and
started the Infinity Foundation. For the past 15 years he has run this
on a full-time basis. This Foundation's vision is to encourage a type
of multiculturalism and globalization in which non-Western
civilizations are given equal respect. Its special focus is on Indian
civilization and its future both inside and outside India. The
Foundation has given over 300 grants for research and education to
major institutions and individual scholars. It has also organized
several conferences and scholarly events in USA and India. Its range
of research, education and related activities may be seen at:
Mr. Malhotra is Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Center for
Indic Studies, University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth. He serves on
the Board of the New Jersey Chapter of the American Red Cross. He was
appointed by the former governor of New Jersey State on the
Asian-American Commission where he served as chairman of the Asian
Studies committee. He is a member of the External Advisory Board of
Computer Sciences at New Jersey Institute of Technology. He writes and
speaks regularly on a variety of topics concerning the Indian American
Diaspora, the traditions and cultures of India, globalization, and
East-West relations.


Tibetan monk shot while on fire

feb 28th, 2009

they won't even let tibetans die in peace. isn't this genocide? 

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Xinhua Ram

Xinhua Ram  saw this story on the BBC News website and thought you
should see it.

** Tibetan monk 'shot' while on fire **
A Tibetan monk is shot after setting fire to himself during a protest against Beijing's rule, reports say.
< >

A to Z achievements of the congress-led UPA government

feb 28th, 2009

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Amrita

 A to Z achievements of the congress-led UPA government
Dear fellow-Indian,

The congress-led UPA government is spending crores of our hard-earned tax-payers money in newspapers advertisements.

But, these seem to be their real achievements:

A: Afzal guru not hanged by the congress government inspite of SC order.
B: Bomb blasts happen in hundreds, in 5 years of Congress misrule.
C: Cost of living and food prices rise, making life difficult for Aam aadmi.
D: Dr manmohan singh says muslims have first right to India's resources.
E: Economy and business suffer like never before.
F: Farmer suicides continue. Where did our money for 'farmers loan waiver' go?
G: Gujarat police has to provide evidence to enable SIMI ban to continue.
H: Home Minister shivraj patil kicked out only after 4.5 years of sleep and 26/11.
I: India bullied by china, but NO diplomatic response by the government.
J: Jihadis offered pension in Kashmir by the congress government.
K: karunanidhi and congress insult Lord Ram and call Ram-setu a fake.
L: LeT becomes a household name, before congress forced to re-do POTA.
M: Media makes Hindu bashing a fashion.
N: Naxalism active in 165 districts of India.
O: Orissa conversions/maoism cause Hindu saint's death.
P: Padmashri awards not given to Olympic winners.
Q: Quattarochi is helped to escape. Jai Mata Rome (sonia gandhi).
R: Report by Sachar committee advocates more minority appeasement.
S: SP's amar singh calls Batla house encounter a fake.
T: Torture of Sadhvi Pragnya sanctioned by congress government.
U: UK rule over India was good for India, says PM Dr manmohan singh.
V: Vande Mataram NOT SUNG by PM and sonia gandhi. National shame.
W: Wheat imported by Sharad Pawar not fit for cattle.
X: (e)Xtremism bleeds our country. Soft approach on terror hurts us.
Y: YS Rajsekher Reddy sanctions subsidy for christians to visit Jerusalem.
Z: Zero development in fields like electricity generation, highways, etc.

Issued for public awareness,
-Gaurang Damani

christist charlatan beats hindu to death and cremates him on the sly in the kerala

feb 28th, 2009

one thomas, the director of the "mary's holy compassion love ashram" (i kid you not) at kidangoor near kottayam, kerala, has been arrested on charges of murdering a mentally disturbed man who was under his care, and then cremating him in a public crematorium.

cremation -- all the better so that no body can be exhumed or post-mortemed. this is the favorite way for christists to get rid of hindus whom they have killed. there was the case of the hindu girl who was robbed, raped, murdered, and cremated at the "potta divine meditation center" near cochin a year or two ago. this is according to testimony by her (christist) roommate who saw all this. 

apparently venugopal had been an inmate of the "ashram" [sic] for four years. he was mentally disturbed. on oct 15th, he quarreled with the employees of the center. whereupon thomas assaulted venugopal and beat him up. when he fell down under the assault, he hit his head against a table and was rendered unconscious. thomas then gave him two heavy duty pills and imprisoned him in a cell. later, thomas and his wife gita (interesting: a converted hindu?) took venugopal away, allegedly to the mental hospital in trivandrum. venugopal was never seen again. thomas claimed he ran away from the car while he was being taken to trivandrum.

police have discovered that venugopal died as a result of the assault and the pills. thomas and gita apparently took him straight to the crematorium in trivandrum, claiming the person was an orphan and that they ran an orphanage. 

the christist taliban in action once again. 

the new great white hope of the yanks: mr. 10%

feb 28th, 2009

until just the other day, musharraf was the irreplaceable ally, without whom the place would -- horrors -- be fundamentalized. the fact that musharraf was chief fundamentalist himself seems to have escaped the yanks. nowt that he's gone, zardari is the new irreplaceable ally.

the yanks will never learn. or, more likely, they are deliberately hiding their heads in the sand, perpetrating the fictions that

a) pakistan is an actual country, not a state that has ceased to exist

b) it is an 'ally' in the war on terror, rather than the perpetrator of almost all mohammedan terror

c) if you thrown more money at pakistan (ie. the ISI, aka the taliban), it will miraculously do anything other than kill indians in more imaginative ways

d) the aqkhan nuclear wal-mart and chinese active participation in proliferation through that, and CIA connivance in it, don't matter

e) the CIA is smarter than the pakistanis in running with the hares and hunting with the hounds.

sorry, all these are pure fantasies.

yank motives in keeping these alive are obscure. i am inclined to think this is related to the "international condom" theory (courtesy: tariq ali, a pakistani briton) of how the us uses pakistan and then tosses it in the trash.

how the american way of shitting is ruining the world's forests and water supplies

feb 28th, 2009

much better, it would seem, the old way: recycle your own personal waste in septic tanks, or just plain holes in the ground which recycle the nutrients. heck, even the rows of indians doing their thing in the fields may be doing the right thing for the planet.

30% of all the water used goes to flushing toilets! remarkable.

yet more ways in which white guys' habits are killing us :-) take that, danny "covered in shit" boyle!

Mexico Collapsing

Strange - violence in Mexico is now spiraling out of control, to the point where experts are saying that the country's collapse is imminent. I wonder how the US would manage such a situation occurring on its southern border. It's huge size and population could pose a grave danger.

Is Mexico then becoming another Pakistan? Another failing state?

Given the US history of intimate familiarity with the Mexican security apparatus, I hope they don't ultimately wind up falling back on Predator drone strikes, while the Mexican govt signs peace treaties with drug cartels, to restore peace in "Mexico's Switzerland" :P

Friday, February 27, 2009

Voice of India Features Newsletter - 01 March 2009

feb 27th, 2009

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From: VOI Features
Date: Fri, Feb 27, 2009 at 11:30 PM
Subject: Voice of India Features Newsletter - 01 March 2009

Editorial: Don't Repeat Mistakes
The Editorial Team
While Pakistan continues resorting to tactics that keeps it in "denial-mode" vis-à-vis its involvement in Mumbai terror attacks, a goodwill team from India is back after exploring the possibility of 'friendship' with the people of Pakistan. The team suggests restoration of peace process emphasizing that there are more people who support 'peace' between India and Pakistan. The team comprising of people like Kuldeep Nayar, Mahesh Bhatt, Hanif Lakdawala, Shabnam Hashmi, Swami Agnivesh and others relies heavily on the surveying skills of its members to suggest that in Pakistan there are now more voices of peace.

A Question of Heritage ?
Ram Kumar Ohri
I have often wondered how the mausoleums, tombs and graves of marauders and plunderers and the mosques built by them after tearing down temples of Hindus, Jains and Buddhists (which were our civilizational pride and original heritage) have come to be regarded as national heritage. Unfortunately our sham-secular Samaj has turned the word heritage on its head by bestowing unwarranted national pride and high status on alien invaders who ruthlessly killed lakhs of innocents, destroyed thousands of beautiful temples and mercilessly pillaged our glorious heritage.

Lanka, the Aryan Invasion at Last
Dr. Koenraad Elst

The LTTE most Tamil nationalists have been spoonfed a particular version of the Aryan Invasion theory (AIT). In general, the AIT claims that the Indo-Aryan (and Kafiri and Proto-Bangani) branches of the Indo-European language family were brought into South Asia from the northwest. The Tamil nationalist variety claims moreover that the speakers of Indo-Aryan languages including Sanskrit subdued and displaced the original population of the Indus-Saraswati Civilization (ISC), and that the latter consisted of speakers of Dravidian, the language family of which Tamil is the best-known member. There is in fact no proof for this "Aryan invasion" nor for the Dravidian character of the ISC


The Forgotten Hero of Siachen
Aneeta Chakrabarty
Our soldier suddenly stiffened. He felt the need to be cautious. There were earlier attempts by his fellow soldiers who had almost reached the top when they were detected. Enemy fire threw them on the hostile terrain and they fell headlong to their snowy graves. He steeled himself. His country depended on this do-or-die mission. He remembered Guru Gobind Singh's voice from the night before, "I wanted to test you, Bana." That voice charged him and his infectious enthusiasm spurred his followers. His hand slowly closed upon the grenade as he evaluated the situation.

Indian Identity vis-a- vis Dharmic Identity in ‘Secular’ India
Dr. Saurav Basu
Are we Indians first or Hindus first? Should we identify ourselves with our nation or religion? "We are Indians first, and not Hindus, Muslims, Christians" is a common progressive pretension after every "jihadi" terror attack against India. So what is identity? Of all meanings, the most appropriate from the context of nation, religion and culture is the characteristics which determine this individuality and personality. Amartya Sen has argued that a singular identity is an illusion since collectivizes like citizenship, residency, education, employment, political ideology provides us with different group identity – in essence, we have multiple identities.

Powered by Joobi


along the same lines, kuwaiti professor weighs in on the wonders of anthrax and the bliss of large-scale killing of civilians

feb 27th, 2009

al-najmi does not want us to use biofuels (see post by san below); al-nafisi wants us to use anthrax.

al-najmi may have scientific opinion on his side to some extent (biofuels, esp corn ethanol, are not very good in their carbon footprint). 

af-nafisi may have people like the White Aryan Resistance on his side. they may fantasize about large-scale extermination of certain undesirables.

hans to rural poor: Pretend you're a Westerner

feb 27th, 2009

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Shahryar

China's rural consumers

Pretend you're a Westerner
Feb 19th 2009 | BEIJING
From The Economist print edition

Buy something you can't afford

Saudi Cleric Bans Bioethanol Fuel

Not wishing to see his faith being even accidentally mistaken as reasonable, a Saudi cleric has issued a warning to his people against driving cars that use ethanol in their fuel mixture. No, I'm not making this up.

how limey appeasing of mohammedans failed to produce any results; so they are trying plans b and c

feb 27th, 2009

this was plan a. it didn't work.

hence plan b: get failed christist priest danny boyle to create a film that can be directly used as fodder in jihadi indoctrination camps because of its fiction about mohammedans being oppressed by hindus. this, limeys hope, will get mohammedans to concentrate on killing hindus, not their precious limey asses.

plan c: go on pakistani tv and beg pakistanis to not kill limeys. (hint, hint: kill hindus. miliband articulated this clearly).

in reverse, this is exactly why george bush did us all an enormous -- inadvertent -- favor. by attacking iraq and afghanistan, he diverted mohammedan jihadi attention towards the US (and its poodle britain) and away to some extent from india. 

tibet is a paradise: n. ram

feb 27th, 2009

of course, we'd expect n ram and "china's national newspaper" to say that. 

even the atlanticist, at a time when limey-land is sucking up to china, says there's brutal fascism there. 

take your pick. who would you rather believe?

Gasp! Hindu Radicals Were Muslims?

The poor ATS is suffering some embarrassment, with confessions from Indian Mujahedin members on their responsibility in the Mumbai train bombings - completely belying allegations by ATS that Hindu radicals were responsible. Maybe they'd better quickly hold a Hemant Karkare memorial march to distract the public from these damaging revelations, before they suffer a public backlash.

From Londonistan to Afghanistan

Looks like the British invasion of Afghanistan is in full swing. I'm not talking about the British Army, nor even the Beatles, but instead the increasing numbers of Taliban with Yorkshire accents being detected on radio chatter in the warzone. Maybe Her Majesty will have to knight this new bunch of lads from Liverpool, Leicester, etc, for spreading British culture around the world.

californication: this is hilarious

feb 27th, 2009

bloody atlanticists are worried about a few californians in power.

they don't recognize that practically the entire obama cabinet, with few exceptions, is from the new england and mid-atlantic states -- typical atlanticist types. power is decidedly in the hands of ye olde east coast types, with a couple of token chicago types. all these harvard and  yale types, as i was complaining some time ago. ye olde hoover institution is biding its time till the east-coasters screw up.

if waxman et al get some green stuff going, that would be good for the silicon valley, and for the planet. 

glad the bubbas are down, even though a lot of californians (especially southern californians) live in la-la-land and are bimbos. 

BJP asks Govt to get account details from Swiss banks

...The BJP on Wednesday asked the Government to approach Swiss banks to procure the details of Indians who have parked their money in foreign banks flouting various norms.

...He also asked why the Government was silent on the letters written by the Leader of the Opposition LK Advani to the Prime Ministers on this issue...

...The former Union Minister quoting different reports suggested that the amount deposited by Indians in Swiss banks would run in into several trillion US$, which; if brought back, would change the fortune of the country by completely overhauling its finances...

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Rahul's Geography Skills

Always capable of proving he has brains to match the rest of the Nehru-Gandhi royal line, young Prince Rahul shows off his tremendous geographical knowledge of India. Once President Jindal and Prime Minister Rahul are elected in their respective countries (estranged from them though they may be),we can look forward to the first Indo-US summit between them as becoming a true meeting of the minds. Jindal guru can instruct on the lessons learned from failed governance during Katrina (by his party), while Rahul baba can share lessons on failed governance during terrorist attacks (by his party). Both being Roman Catholics, they can hold a joint confessional, to give each other absolution, in holier-than-thou style.

no, no, no, these are not taliban; just high-jinks by "boys"

feb 26th, 2009

no, they are not christist or mohammedan taliban, of course not. no, renuka chowdhury is not upset. nor is the ELM. nehrudynastyTV did not have live TV coverage

the courts have announced their guilty verdict in the 2005 gang rape-torture-ragging of a 1st year nursing student at SME college of nursing in kottayam, kerala. under the pretext of ragging, she was terrorized, drugged, forced to go to an isolated lab, and gang-raped, by six 3rd year students. 

here are the sections under which the convicted have been found guilty:

1. gang rape 376-2
2. aiding and abetting a rape
3. procuring a woman for sexual purposes 366
4. sex with an under-age woman (which i suppose is statutory rape) 366a
5. molestation and outraging the modesty of a woman 354
6. illegal confinement 342
7. death threats and criminal intimidation 506
8. violating anti-ragging provisions 
9. administration of psycho-tropic substances

the first two accused have been given 10 years hard labor.

the third accused has been given 3 years hard labor.

now let us take a look a the names of the convicted and the accused:

1. renjith varghese (christist)
2. sherin shamsuddin (mohammedan)
3. shafiq yusuf (mohammedan)
4. ashly verghese (christist)
5. robin paul (christist)
6. divin philip (christist)

the above, all students, participated in the rape. all but the first three have been acquitted.

the following tried to sweep it under a carpet:

7. former principal k m mariam (christist)
8. former director muraleedharan nair (hindu)
9. saibunnisa beevi, a psychiatrist (mohammedan)

these people have been charged with
a. criminal conspiracy
b. destruction of evidence
c. misleading the police
d. forging documents

i think they have all been let go.

i don't remember if the name of the raped girl was ever revealed, but this being pseudo-secular kerala, the chances are pretty good that the girl is a hindu. after all, everything hindu is public property in kerala.


in a separate incident, in ambalapuzha, kerala, two hindu and one christist high school girls committed suicide a few weeks ago following their friendship with some "friends". lo and behold, consider the mobile phone which had the videos of the girls having consensual sex or being raped -- turns out the SIM card has been erased! lo, how timely and divine an intervention, just like valson thampu's phd that arrived in the mail just in time. lo, a miracle, indeed!

the accused "friends" are shanavas and zaufar (both mohammedans). they used to use their mobiles as well as those belonging to two others.

we should all go and study the sections in the holy books relating to the use of conquered women. 

where is john dayal, though, i wonder? what, and ratzy is not upset? surely, renuka chowdhury and shabana azmi are shrieking on tv about taliban and discrimination against mohammedans? shabana is probably really upset that no mohammedan girls are included in the victim list. 

and where is the telecom minister? let us ban all phones with video cameras! yeah, that's the ticket.

(thanks to a for the pointers)

What a Dork

Yes, it's come down to that word, as mercilessly repeated in a column by WaPo's Howard Kurtz:

... the D-word:

"Awful. He walked out like an earnest dork and has a weird inflection, trying to sound upbeat and sunny when it's clearly not his natural [meter]. It sounds false, and he looks false.

"I don't care how much of a star Jindal is, America doesn't elect somewhat-off dorks as president."

That really sums it up. Jindal is a dork.
That's probably why he converted - because of the dork's yearning need for social acceptance.
His cringe-inducing performance on national television only brought it into focus.
Shades of American Idol's Sanjaya fused with Mr Rogers:

Not since Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis took a ride on a tank, has an aspirant to national office made himself look so lame in a single appearance.

wsj: 'kerala model' is bunkum

feb 26th, 2009

well, nobel winner amartya sen-rothschild is proven wholly wrong. yet again. 

he should be asked to write on the blackboard 100 times: "kerala is just a money-order economy. and it is a cargo cult."

i feel bad for all these laid-off folks returning to kerala, but there is a silver lining: sky-high real-estate prices in kerala will collapse. those apartments being sold at rs. 4000/sq ft will have no takers.

Communal tension in Rourkela: Hundreds of Christist fascists attack, 11 arrested

feb 26th, 2009

hindus have no right to set up temples in india. 

but christists can build churches wherever they want. they try to build them often as close to temples as possible, so as to waylay the hindu faithful. and they paint crosses and plant them everywhere on public land, and then claim them as christist lands. 

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: sri 

Communal tension in Rourkela,+Panposh+SDPO+GC+Tripathy
26 Feb 2009

ROURKELA: Members of Christian community in Kukuda village near
Lanjiberna in Rajgangpur assembly constituency protested the move to
set up a temple in the village.

... deleted

Reminiscences: Serving with the Indian Army in Sri Lanka by a former Head, Intelligence,

feb 26th, 2009

war crimes are being perpetrated on the tamil civilians of sri lanka by both the sri lankan army and by the LTTE. 

unfortunately the LTTE has become so identified with the tamils that it is difficult to give the hindu tamil civilians the attention they need. the LTTE, which is really a christist entity, has essentially hijacked the poor hindu tamils, who have been victimized ever since independence.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: sri 

Subject: For SG and GT: Reminiscences: Serving with the Indian Army in
Sri Lanka - by a former Head, Intelligence, IPKF 1987-1990


Reminiscences: Serving with the Indian Army in Sri Lanka

 By Col. R. Hariharan

"Meet this Army officer. He is the man who killed our son," the middle
aged man pointed at me as he introduced me to his wife. My wife was
shocked. But I knew his pain, so I was nonchalant. It happened in 1989
in my own home in Chennai. I knew them quite well in Jaffna. In fact,
their house was the first one I visited when I set foot on the red
earth of Jaffna on August 5, 1987 as part of the Indian Peace Keeping
Force. His 18-year old son was also there. The handsome young fellow
was a "Tamil Tiger" of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam. In Jaffna
everybody called them "Boys."

... deleted

gurumurthy and chawla: Unbridled Human Rights And Unrestrained Personal Freedom

feb 26th, 2009

On Thu, Feb 26, 2009 at 2:20 AM, A P 

Unbridled Human Rights And Unrestrained Personal Freedom


The social, moral and economic aspects of  personal 'freedom' and individual rights are brilliantly discussed in these two columns of the New Indian Express of 26 February 2009


Are  the West's current financial problems due to excessive emphasis on them?'Chaddis'+and+liberation&artid=/ZK|8wCE1Uo=&SectionID=XVSZ2Fy6Gzo=&MainSectionID=XVSZ2Fy6Gzo=&SectionName=m3GntEw72ik=

'Chaddis' and liberation


By Anil Chawla

New Indian Express, 26 Feb 2009


Events in the past few weeks have forced rethinking about various women issues. Are the women who sit in pubs sipping cool drinks truly liberated? If sipping drinks in a pub is liberation, then why is dancing in bars not? Can we in a broad manner equate "liberated" with "loose"? Does liberation actually mean the liberty to do all that one can imagine without any moral hang-ups? Of course, the related question that rises up is whether 'being liberated' is desirable, or in other words, ethically and socially good? No, I am not getting into a philosophical discourse. Let me start with a small story.


... deleted

The writer is an engineer by qualification, a philosopher by vocation and a management consultant by profession.



The disaster of 'me, me''me,+me'&artid=|GM74iUpyc8=&SectionID=d16Fdk4iJhE=&MainSectionID=HuSUEmcGnyc=&SectionName=aVlZZy44Xq0bJKAA84nwcg==&SEO=

By S Gurumurthy

New Indian Express, 26 Feb 2009


This happened in Mangalore as February 14 — now marketed as Valentine's Day by traders to sell their wares — was approaching.


Upset with public drinking by boys and girls, a freak by name Pramod Muthalik got mad. He got some of them in a pub beaten up like their parents would do, but unlike them. He had informed the media about his show so that the news cameras were in place to telecast the Muthalik action everywhere. Thus the Muthalik show was a joint venture between him and the media to keep away the state police, which could spoil the show. Predictably, the whole world pounced on poor Yeddyurappa who heads the BJP government in Karnataka for allowing Muthalik to take the law into his hands. The BJP, ever torn between its love of Hindu culture and its desire for a modern image, was greatly embarrassed. With the BJP in power in Karnataka, Muthalik knew the publicity value of his show. Had he enacted his theatre elsewhere, like when the Shiv Sena raided pubs years ago in Mumbai and Pune under the 'secular' Congress rule, it would have been far less noisy.

 ... deleted

what, me worry? obama lavishes money on pakistan, never mind the aqkhan pardon, nor the capitulation to the taliban in swat

feb 26th, 2009

one of two explanations:

1. the pakistanis have the americans by the short and curlies because of the logistics issue for afghanistan

2. the yanks were always in on the whole taliban (=ISI) charade. they have been doing a "milady doth protest too much" kind of thing. remember what happened in kunduz. (see my old column

both are grave and frightening possibilities.

kanchan: what's cooking in bangladesh?

feb 26th, 2009

what you lose at the ballot box, you gain back through covert activity. if what kanchan says is true, bangladesh is absolutely into fundamentalism. 

incidentally, aren't conditions appalling for the indian army as well? are there chances that the indian army will mutiny?

Jindal Stumbles with Speech

The post-State-of-the-Union spin game is on, and the word from some quarters is that Jindal's performance in giving the Republican rebuttal speech was lacking. Personally, I find that the guy tends to speak overly rapidly at times, when he gets hyped up. It makes him look like a neurotic. One big faux-pas was in bringing up Katrina, which was an episode that Republicans would rather not re-live. Let's see whether his status as the GOP frontrunner undergoes a re-shuffle.

If I were the Republicans, I would have gone with an Hispanic candidate. Their raw demographic numbers are even greater than the AfAm community, and that's what wins elections.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"South Asians" doing their thing in paris

feb 25th, 2009

all the 'southasianitis-afflicted' dhimmis should be happy.

first, one 'south asian' in buffalo "corrected" his wife.

now, 'south asians' are doing 'south asian' kinds of things in paris.

'south asia' ki jai. 

note: 'south asia' is about as imaginary as the equator (apologies to churchill).

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From: tambi

The occasional truth

feb 25th, 2009

this is news to me, that there is a third alternative.

also, note how the guys are sidestepping the question: "are hindus kafirs?", also "is jihad prescribed against hindus if they are not kafirs?"

clearly, the answer is "yes" to both. this is why they are saying "bad questions".

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"There are three categories of place--Dar-ul Harb (abode of war), Dar-ul Islam (abode of Islam) and Dar-ul Aman (abode of peace)--The first two are not applicable to India so it's the third one which is relevant here," Madrasi said.
Finally, confirmation of what we had always suspected.  Where there is no war or Islam, that place is the abode of peace.  The fly in the ointment is that the same place can be described in different ways at different times, and the third may be transformed, with time and "striving" (no marks for guessing that!) into one of the first two.

christist Evangelist director Using Islam to Batter Hinduism

feb 25th, 2009

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Christian Evangelist Producer Using Islam to Batter Hinduism  

Danny Boyle, maker of the film Slumdog Millionaire, is evidently a committed Christian, the kind who is usually keen to advance the interests of his faith. The agenda of his Catholic Church is to convert Hindu India into a Christian enclave like the Republic of Korea , which is apparently what Slumdog Millionaire wishes to further by portraying the grimly violent nature of Hindus.

And of course the West and their lowly scum politicians (from Lord Morley and Lord Wavell to whippersnapper Miliband) have long used Islam as the battering ram with which to undermine Hindus.

This explains Boyle's espousal of the Teesta Setalvad version of the fate of Muslims in India in the film, also the excuse of Pakistanis terrorists for killing Hindus. I am glad Vikas Swarup made more than the standard thirty pieces of silver for selling India down the river since I remember him pretending to be a militant patriot when he was a diplomat in London . But, hey, the money, was too good to turn down and he got to become friends with the pucca, gora sahib and Hindu-baiter, extraordinaire William Dalrymple!

And of course the fierce evangelical NDTV and the execrable Barkha were all over Boyle earlier this evening.

3 Hindu Meitei officials battered to death by Christian Nagas in Manipur; 3 abducted Christian officials unharmed may be complicit in the massacre (Photographs)

feb 25th, 2009

this is happening in manipur, which is not yet a christist-majority state. 

so you can imagine what's happening in nagaland, which is 97% christist-majority.

lo, truly is it written that the RoL is full of love. we see so many examples of this love here. let me count the ways: 87-year-old laxmananda saraswati shot to death with an AK-47, young nun abhaya beaten on the head with an axe and dumped in a well, now this...

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From: Ravi

3 Hindu Meitei officials battered to death by Christian Nagas in Manipur
3 abducted Christian officials unharmed, may be complicit in the massacre
Trio battered to death

Imphal, Feb. 17: Hands tied behind their backs and blindfolded, three Manipur government employees were found bludgeoned to death at a deserted place in Senapati district this morning.

The bodies of sub-divisional officer (SDO) Thingnam Kishan Singh, his official driver Aribam Rajen Sharma, and a chainman, Yumnam Token Singh, all from Imphal West district, were found on the bank of a canal at Taphou, 6km south of Senapati police station.

The bodies were spotted by villagers who then informed police.

The police said all three were hit on the head with stones and other weapons. A bloodstained small boulder and a blood-soaked spade were found on the spot. "This is the most brutal form of murder," a police official said.

The three employees of the state revenue department, posted at Kasom Khullen in Ukhrul district, went missing since February 14. They had left the district headquarters in a Gypsy for Kasom Khullen, in the interior of the district, in view of a visit by works minister T. Ranjit Singh that day. They were accompanied by three other officials, Ramsing Tangkhul, Ramthing Tangkhul and Khamkhasing Zimik, also posted in Ukhrul.

The group, however, did not turn up when the minister and his team reached Kasom Khullen.

A relative of the SDO, Shantikumar Singh, said: "Kishan left home on Friday. He was supposed to come back the next day. When he failed to come back, we went to Ukhrul yesterday to find out (why he had not returned). Officials at the district headquarters said they were missing."

The police said the whereabouts of the other three employees were still unknown and the vehicle the officials took to Kasom Khullen had also not been recovered.

The police could not name any group or individual behind the abduction and murder, but suspect that a hill-based militant group could be behind the incident.

"We have registered a case at Ukhrul police station. We are investigating the case. There is no clue to the identity of the group or perpetrators," R. Sudan, SDO, Ukhrul, said over phone.

The families and relatives of the three victims formed a joint action committee during a meeting at the SDO's residence in Nagamapal in Imphal city this evening. They demanded an inquiry into the killings and punishment to the culprits.

The convenor of the committee, Sapam Subhankar, said they would call a 48-hour statewide strike from midnight tonight. The committee alleged that NSCN (Isak-Muivah) cadres were behind the incident.

Protesters also blocked Singjamei Road and Nagamapal Road, the localities of the other two deceased this evening.

Chief minister Okram Ibobi Singh reviewed the situation with top security officials and the cabinet this evening.

The NSCN (I-M) had admitted that the self-styled commanding officer of the outfit's Kiusumong battalion, H. Ningshen, "masterminded" the abduction of Kishan, his driver Rajen and chainman Token Singh from Ukhrul on February 13 and murder of the three officials on February 17 in Senapati district.

Three other subordinate staff of the SDO who were abducted along with the slain officials were rescued by police and Assam Rifles on February 21 from Ukhrul.


The funeral procession of the SDO and his two subordinate staff heads towards a common cremation ground near Cheirap Court in Imphal on Monday. (PTI)

A protest rally against the killings on Monday








The other three missing officials were rescued from Ukhrul on Saturday and they are being interrogated

Manipur limbs back to normalcy

People participating in a procession in Imphal  area on Monday, February 23 while carrying the dead bodies of the late SDO and his two staff before conducting the last rites.Three Manipur government employee were found murdered at Senapati district (Lukharabi Thong) near Paphou Kuki village who were killed by NSCN (IM) Cadre. (UB PHOTO)
Showing their solidarity over the killing of the SDO Kasom Khullen and his two officials, thousands turned out to mourn and participated in the last rites.
Prior to the last rites the bodies of the officials were taken to their respective residences for floral tribute marching through a tight security measures arrangement to prevent any violent incident. During the homeward procession participants and well wishers displayed banner and placards which read, "Every single drop of their blood is a wake up call", "Stop peace talk with terrorists", "Let us defend our life, freedom and land", "Who is next? Enough is enough", etc. The three deceased were then cremated at the Gandhi Ghat, Uripok in Imphal West.




oh joy, global warming can be even worse than predicted

feb 25th, 2009

solar ki jai. 

India May Get Junk Rating

India is now about to achieve the dubious distinction of earning a junk credit rating on borrowing. So much for the claim about Manmohan and Congress having been architects of India's economic liberalization -- a credit which we all know was stolen from Narasimha Rao. As we can see from Manmohan's ongoing mismanagement of the economy, the description of him as a father of economic reforms has always been a charade.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Did I Leave Out Job-Stealing?

Get ready for the latest allegation from Businessweek's Mehul Srivastava:

The Evil Job-Stealing Urine-Drinking Wife-beating Hindoo Menace!

In the 15 years since the H-1B began, a strong U.S.-based Indian diaspora has emerged, in part because of the visa program, to become one of America's most successful minority groups. It has also become politically powerful within India. Many Indians in the U.S. are strong supporters of the Bharatiya Janata Party, leader of the opposition to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's government; U.S.-based Indians often make donations to BJP causes and lobby through its parent body, the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (Global Alliance of Hindus). Courting nonresident Indians has been a consistent fundraising tactic for the BJP and VHP, especially since a large proportion of the Indian diaspora in the U.S. comes from Gujarat, a state north of Mumbai where the BJP holds power and is more popular than elsewhere in the country.

So as news trickled in about the provision in the stimulus bill, political groups in India swung into action. The VHP first asked India's External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee to see if he could arrange for Indians losing their H-1Bs to have more than the regulated 30 days to leave the U.S., allowing them to sell their houses and settle their affairs with more flexibility. A spokesman for Mukherjee says no action has been taken on that letter.

Call for a Boycott

Then, the VHP decided on a more popular approach, calling for Indian consumers to boycott the goods of 14 U.S. multinationals. Praveen Togadia, general secretary of the VHP, declines to share the list of the companies the group plans on targeting. He says a boycott is justified. "If these policies hurt Indians abroad, then we have to take steps to hurt American companies in India," he says. "The reaction must be strong, or else who knows if the legally resident Indians in the U.S. are one day thrown out."

Unlike the BJP, the Indian government is trying to take a less confrontational approach, with New Delhi taking what the Overseas Indian Affairs Ministry calls a "holistic view" of the visa issue.

Indian Americans a Model Minority?

Meanwhile, are Indian Americans the model minority in the US? I wonder even within the Indian American community, who's on the high side, and who's bringing our average down?

Monday, February 23, 2009

muzzammil hassan, the man who 'improved' the image of mohammedans in the US: Wife alive during beheading?

feb 23rd, 2009

he set up the TV station after 9/11 to "improve the image of mohammedans".

the honor killing is surely a case of unintended consequences: there is irony in a fellow who was looking to improve the brand seriously hurting their brand via a "honor killing".

and beheading is a typical mohammedan act of violence. remember daniel pearl? or the dutch filmmaker van gogh. and innumerable people in india, including the norwegian tourist christian ostroe, decapitated by "poor misunderstood kashmiris" 15 years ago. (he was among a group of whites kidnapped by jihadis in kashmir. the one american in the group mysteriously 'escaped'! the others were either decapitated or never found. i can't find a pointer on the web, except my old column with a little reference to it. )

CAIR seems to approve of hassan. and i'm sure they'll find high-powered lawyers to bail hassan out based on "multiculturalism"

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Date: Tue, Feb 24, 2009 at 10:29 AM
Subject: Wife alive during beheading? -WorldNet Daily

Was Muslim wife alive during beheading?
By Chelsea Schilling
February 23, 2009
10:10 pm Eastern
Police revealed the decapitated wife of a Muslim TV network founder in New York was stabbed several times with hunting knives and may have been alive as her killer beheaded her – and, despite the brutal slaying, her husband will only face charges of second-degree murder.
As WND previously reported, Muzzammil Hassan, 44, who has been charged with beheading his wife, Aasiya Hassan, 37, was the recipient of an award from the controversial (CAIR)Council on American-Islamic Relations, the self-described Muslim civil rights group that boasts of its influence on U.S. government policy.

... deleted

brahma: WSJ: A Dangerous Plan for Afghanistan

feb 23rd, 2009

brahma on how the yanks refuse to learn from history. they are going to give more money to the ISI, which obviously will be the middleman in dealings with the so-called "moderate Taliban". in fact the likelihood is that the ISI is the "moderate Taliban", which i think means fundies who can wear a suit and speak english one day with the yanks, and then put on their (clip-on?) beards and shriek like banshees the next with the fundies, er... pakistani civilians (think benazir bhutto with a beard and baggy pants).

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From: Brahma Chellaney

A Dangerous Plan for Afghanistan

Obama's about to repeat a Soviet-era mistake.

By BRAHMA CHELLANEY | Wall Street Journal FEBRUARY 24, 2009

President Barack Obama has unveiled a troop surge in Afghanistan that will put 17,000 more American soldiers on the ground. But his plan still lacks clarity on how to save a faltering military mission.

His administration risks repeating the very mistakes that have come to haunt the security of the free world. In the same way the United States created mujahedeen (holy warriors) by funneling billions of dollars worth of arms to them in the 1980s, Washington has now embarked on a plan to establish local militias in various Afghan provinces.

[Hamid Karzai]

Hamid Karzai

The U.S. covert war against the nine-year Soviet military intervention in Afghanistan helped create Frankensteins like Osama bin Laden and Mullah Mohammad Omar. That war, fuelled by the CIA, contributed to the jihad culture that today plagues Afghanistan and Pakistan. Now, while trying to salvage the overt war that the U.S. has waged in Afghanistan since 2001, Mr. Obama is unwittingly seeking to repeat history.

... deleted


happy maha sivaratri

feb 23 2009

may the great Lord shower you with blessings on his special night!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Stratfor's Friedman: The Next 100 Years

George Friedman of Stratfor talks about "The Next 100 Years"

Saturday, February 21, 2009

two events on the 25th: david frawley at iim bangalore, entrepreneurship conference at stanford

feb 21st

vamadeva shastri/david frawley at iim bangalore:


Dr. David Frawley (whose biographic sketch is as follows) will deliver a lecture on "Relevance of Indian Heritage for the troubled times of today", between 2.30 and 4.00 pm on Wednesday February 25, 2008 in class room No. L 21.


Please make it convenient to attend the lecture session.


Best personal regards, Mahadevan




David Frawley (or Vāmadeva Śāstrī ) is an author on HinduismYoga and Ayurveda, and the founder and director of the American Institute for Vedic Studies in Santa FeNew Mexico, which offers courses on Yoga philosophy, Ayurveda, and Hindu astrology. In addition to directing his institute, he conducts major lecture tours in India every year, delivering talks at universities, Hindu conferences, and to the general public. He is also a Professor of Vedic Astrology and Ayurveda at the International Vedic Hindu University (IVHU). He is a Vaidya (Ayurvedic doctor), and a Jyotishi (Vedic astrologer). Dr. Frawley has a background in Chinese medicine, in which he received a doctor's degree in 1987. He taught Chinese herbal medicine at the International Institute of Chinese Medicine from 1984-1990.

In 1991, under the auspices of the Hindu teacher Avadhuta Shastri, he was named Vamadeva Shastri. Vamadeva was one of the first Americans to receive Jyotish Kovid title from the Indian Council of Astrological Sciences (ICAS, 1993), the largest Vedic astrology association in the world. In 1995, he was given the title of Pandit along with the Brahmachari Vishwanathji award in Mumbai for his knowledge of the Vedic teaching.

Vamadeva sees his role as helping to revive Vedic knowledge in an interdisciplinary approach for the planetary age. He sees himself as a teacher and translator to help empower people to use Vedic systems to enhance their lives and aid in their own Self-realization. He sees Vedic wisdom as a tool for liberation of the spirit, not as a dogma to bind people or to take power over them. Vedic knowledge is a means of communing with the conscious universe and learning to embody it in our own life and perception.

He has written over 20 books, such as



Dr. B Mahadevan

Dean (Administration)

Indian Institute of Management Bangalore

Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore 560 076, INDIA

entrepreneurship at stanford:

Stanford Graduate School of Business



Center for Entrepreneurial Studies –





Dear E-Conference Friends,


Once again the Stanford Graduate School of Business is holding its annual Entrepreneurship Conference – one of the most successful events of its kind at Stanford University.

The annual GSB Entrepreneurship Conference is taking place on Wednesday, February 25. This year's conference features keynote speaker Paul OrfaleaFounder of Kinko's. The conference program consists of a series of interactive paneland seminars featuring prominent figures in the entrepreneurial and investor community.  These events will bring together veteran entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, academics, students, and industry experts in an insightful and activeengagement.

Registration is open!! Get your ticket for the E-Conference early before they sell out.

This year's GSB E-Conference is the culmination of Stanford University's third annual Entrepreneurship Week, February 18-25 (  Events will take place every day and many are free and open to everyone.

For more information on the E-Conference, please visit


Center for Entrepreneurial Studies

Stanford University

 phone: 650-723-0910





Wednesday February 25, 2009

Stanford Graduate School of Business Entrepreneurship Conference

11:15am – 4:00pm, Registration opens at 10:00am

GSB South Building, 518 Memorial Way, Stanford, CA 94305

Community $95, GSB Alumni $80, Stanford Students $30

Islamism's accidental midwives

feb 21st, 2009

who said they were accidental? it was deliberate policy by the limeys and the comrades because they are/were scared of the mohammedans. they were always afraid of mohammedans rioting and beheading them, so they decided to go for the low-hanging fruit -- that is, sacrificing the mild non-mohammedans to save their own asses. that is, diversionary tactics.

the one exception to this george dubya bush. i assume that american policy is a continuation of limey imperial policy. instead of letting the mohammedans continue to toy with soft-state india etc., dubya, by invading iraq and afghanistan, gave mohammedans the opportunity to think about america as well. which is why i have supported the republicans lately -- they have, kindly, agreed to share the pain. and, of course, they have hammered the al-qaeda. but i do believe pakistani mohammedans have outsmarted the americans. basically pakistan orchestrated 9/11, and in effect have received $11 billion from the americans for their pains, and now the americans are quite dependent on them for logistics support into afghanistan. running with the hares and hunting with the hounds has never been a more profitable activity for anybody. 

there definitely is a sino-mohammedan axis. in addition to china giving pakistan nuclear bombs and missiles, it has also dallied with sudan, libya, iran, iraq, syria, etc. either directly or via the a q khan distribution mechanism. and in return, the pakistanis keep the uighurs quiet. little do the comrades realize that they are seen as 'useful idiots' by the mohammedans. the chinese think they are smarter than the mohammedans. but fanaticism has a way of upsetting the carefully laid plans of mice and men. we shall see. it is possible that the mohammedans will defeat the comrades. of course, chinese comrades have one very good answer -- they shoot people? even the most fanatic mohammedan thinks twice before facing a firing squad. 

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Shahryar


Islamism's accidental midwives

Feb. 18, 2009
The rise of Islamism may have had no greater unintentional allies than the British Empire up until 1948 - and communism afterwards. This sounds surprising, as the British Empire is generally seen as founded on Christian Anglican values, and nothing seems more anathema to communism than religion.
But while the professed values and foundations of British imperialism and communism would militate against Islamism's rise, the actual practices of the two regimes led to conditions under which it grew and gained converts.
The British Empire contained many millions of Muslims. It tended to colonize countries on the periphery of Islam, such as India and the Sudan, where Muslims had gained inroads or where Islamic colonial regimes, such as the Mughals, had long held sway. Unlike the French in North Africa, the British Empire had within it the power to roll back the imposition of Islamic law and protect non-Islamic minorities.
But while the British Empire did perform admirably in ending the Islamic Arab slave trade in West Africa through colonizing Zanzibar, the slave traders' capital, it was not as successful a protector of non-Muslims in the Sudan, Egypt, Iraq or Palestine.
IN THE SUDAN the British had the opportunity to help the local pagan and Christian Africans in the south form their own autonomous government. In fact, given the history of the Sudanese Mahdi's Islamist extremism, which led to the death of British Gen. Gordon at Khartoum in 1885 and the battle of Omdurman in 1898, the British should have understood the threat that Islamism posed to minorities. But Britain did the opposite, forcing Sudan into a federation with Egypt until Sudan gained independence in 1956.
At that point, southern Sudan, predominantly African and Christian, was forced to give up its autonomy and become part of newly independent Arab Islamist Sudan. Civil war and genocide have been the bane of Sudan ever since.
In Iraq, the minority Assyrian and Chaldean Christian community were originally armed by the British as auxiliaries in the 1920s. But when England handed the country over to King Faisal in the 1930s, Assyrians were massacred.
In Palestine, the British pledge to the Jews was undermined by the 1939 White Paper restricting Jewish immigration; the country was partitioned eight years later into two states, one with a bare majority of Jews and the other entirely Arab and mostly Muslim.
INDIA PRESENTS a further example of the way in which British rule unintentionally furthered the goals of states and ideologies that would become centers of Islamism. Originally the British seemed to save Hindus and Sikhs in India from Mughal Muslim domination. England fought wars against Muslim potentates such as Tipu Sultan of Mysore in 1799.
But Britain also destroyed the non-Muslim independent states in wars against the Hindu Marathas and Sikhs. In the laws enacted by the British in the 19th and 20th centuries in India, Shari'a family law was enshrined by Britain in its colonial legal system.
In general, the British, out of a desire to be paternalistic, attempted to reform and "modernize" laws affecting the Hindus, but specifically exempted Muslims from such laws so as not to engender mass protests by the Muslim community.
In the Partition of India in 1947, the Muslim League's demand for a state was met, while that of the Sikhs was denied.
The result was the creation of Pakistan (which included Bangladesh at the time) and the mass movement of some 14 million Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims across the partition border.
More than 500,000 died in ethnic-cleansing on both sides. In Pakistan, the few remaining minorities have faced increasing discrimination and the imposition of Shari'a law.
COMMUNISM in Russia, Yugoslavia, Ethiopia and China followed a similar pattern. While there were examples of Muslim minorities, such as the Chechens, being brutalized by communism, overall, Islam did well under such regimes.
The Chinese have been forbidden to have more than one child since 1979. However, Chinese Muslim minorities such as the Hui and the Uighur are allowed to have more than one child under the idea that children are central to their religion, as if the same were not true of Chinese Buddhists and Christians.
The Soviet Union pursued a similar policy in regards to religion. While the Orthodox Church and Jewish religion were suppressed, churches turned into museums and synagogues turned into government buildings, Islam was never subjected to such extreme degradation. Although the use of the veil was proscribed in Central Asia, Islam thrived in other ways, especially because it was seen as part of the "national" characteristic of the Central Asian and Caucasian Soviet Republics.
In Yugoslavia, a similar policy was embarked upon in Kosovo and Bosnia, and the result was the ethnic-religious wars of the 1990s in which Islamist Mujahadeen, including members of Al-Qaida, came to Bosnia to join the Jihad. Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh, the leader of the group that beheaded Daniel Pearl, was among them.
Ethiopian communism suppressed the Ethiopian Orthodox church, but ignored the rise of Islamism in parts of Ethiopia, such as among the Oromo and their Islamic Front for the Liberation of Oromia. Thus communism did not support a rise in Islamism but served unintentionally as its incubator in some cases. Communist atheist zeal usually assaulted the majority religions its leaders were familiar with, such as Orthodoxy and Buddhism, ignoring Islam and the growth of Islamist groups.
THE BRITISH EMPIRE's decision to give in to Muslim nationalist and proto-Islamist demands, and its unwillingness to meddle with Shari'a law, had catastrophic consequences for non-Muslim minorities such as the Copts, Assyrians, Sikhs and African Christians, who were abandoned in policies designed to avoid social unrest.
British partition plans in Palestine and India led to the ethnic-cleansing of Jews, Hindus and Sikhs, while minorities in Sudan who had enjoyed autonomy were forced to live under regimes which suppressed them and became increasingly intolerant of their beliefs.
Communism pursued similar policies. Most often seeing the church as a greater threat than the mosque, it viciously destroyed national churches, ignoring the rise of Islamist and Wahhabi preaching in its midst. When communism declined and fell, Islamism went on the march: from Eritrea, Bosnia, Chechnya and Central Asia to Western China.
While the policies of the British Empire and communism were in no way shaped to support the spread of Islamism, the fall of both had the unintentional affect of creating states that have provided safe havens for its growth.
The writer, a PhD student in geography at the Hebrew University, contributes to the Canadian Jewish News, Frontpage magazine and Middle East Quarterly and runs the Terra Incognita blog. (