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Quick notes: GDP growth down, Delhi's racism...

  • Delhi's Racism: "How can any parent send their child to a place that is notorious for being racist to people of the northeast? My neighbour's daughter is studying in Delhi and she often complains of being harassed on the road, being called 'chinky', even harassed by her landlord. It's a shame that the capital of the country is so hostile to its own people." 

  • The benevolent source. Sun's rays could protect against high blood pressure.

  • Misconception that Sun is the only cause of skin cancer. It's not. If sun exposure causes skin cancers, how is it that some skin cancers grow in body parts that never see the light of day? 

  • Alcohol linked to skin cancer risk: Ethanol is converted to acetaldehyde soon after ingestion and this compound may render the skin more sensitive to harmful UV light

  • Not just a swimming pool for sperm: Seminal fluid plays "an essential role in the preservation of sperm function, and in the stimulation of the female reproductive tract."

Paki Islamists launch online donation campaign for Allahu Akbar Party?

If this is true - it would make perfect sense, from the perspective of the Pakistani Islamists, that is.

They're even referring to the head Naxalite as "Jaichand"!!! That is quite logical and appropriate too, for an someone who is enabling their cause 
via his anarchist politics.

indian cars death traps

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Quick notes: Kaangress pogrom, pollution capital...

  • Kaangress pogrom: ‘Rajiv Gandhi didn’t take calls from President after 1984 riots broke out. 2002 riots were spontaneous in contrast to the 1984 riots.

  • Delhi's air is dirtier than Beijing's: In Beijing, PM-10 levels decreased about 40 per cent from 2000 to 2013; in Delhi this has increased about 47 per cent from 2000 to 2011. The main culprit is the addition of 1,000 vehicles daily.

  • Diesel subsidy: Commercial vehicles, and not agriculture, are the biggest beneficiary of diesel subsidy.

  • Malaysian Chinese guy, student of late DK Pattammal

Re: KPS Gill on NaMo in his Biography

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On 30 Jan 2014 18:13, "Radha Rajan" <> wrote:

And isnt it simply marvelous that the Vigil book on NGOs which I co-edited with Dr. Krishen Kak was released in Delhi by Narendra Modi and KPS Gill? I am simply delighted and I would love to think I presaged the future. Picture me dancing a jig in gleeeeee. Yaaaaahoooooo. RR 

Riots were at a peak in Gujarat; police was not able to control (the situation) and there were reports in the media that "The CM was ineffective for the challenge, or he simply lacked the will to stop this violence, or to say worse, he is himself, along with other BJP and VHP leaders, organising all these riots."
Seeing the sensitive situation and the negative publicity it was generating for the BJP, L.K. Advani, the then Deputy Prime Minister and the Union Home Minister, was busy finding ways to end that mayhem. The situation was confusing since it was not becoming clear what the root cause of the problem was. Was it Modi himself or the ineffective administration of Gujarat! Anyway, the first priority of Advani was to end this violence at any cost...
It struck Mr Advani that there was a man who was no more in active service but who was never away from the service of the nation who could be trusted to bring peace in Gujarat at that time. That was KPS Gill. So the only solution which seemed plausible to the Union Government was the appointment of former DGP Punjab KPS Gill as incharge of Police in Gujarat. But Gill was retired. Advani then came to the conclusion that Gill should be requested to become Security Advisor to Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi...
Dr Chandan Mitra met Mr Gill and broached the subject. On understanding the proposal, Mr Gill expressed his willingness to undertake the assignment but had one reservation. He said, "Chandan, you know I cannot be an armchair theorist, what will I do, if I am not given any freedom to control the affairs? What if my advice is not implemented? As a result Muslims will continue to get killed and then, I will also be held responsible for the killing of innocent people despite not having any power to stop it?" Mr Modi through Dr Mitra assured Mr Gill that he would not interfere in his work and would provide him all possible support to end the riots.
When news spread that Gill would be joining as Advisor to CM Gujarat, his former boss and former Punjab Police chief, J.F. Ribeiro, in his praise, said, "Gill can solve the Gujarat problem in a week but he will have to arrest VHP members and Muslim criminals. If Modi allows that, he will be signing his own death warrant."
In the first one to one meeting between Mr Gill and Mr Modi, what Mr Modi told Mr Gill, expressed the sincerity which he had towards the whole episode which was going on in Gujarat at that time.
Mr Modi said, "Gill Sahib, we have been talking to each other through Mr Mitra or Mr Advani but I want to request you now in person that I am not finding any solution to this violence, I am not getting a fit police response which could end the riots, I sought more force from the neighbouring States which happen to be Congress-ruled States, but they refused. Media, opposition parties and activists have launched a false anti-Modi campaign that I am behind all these riots, which is not true. My first principle as a devout Hindu and as a politician is 'Sarve Janah Sukhino Bhavanthu (May all the people in the world be happy and peaceful).'I believe in this prayer and I start my day as a politician with it. I have lot of faith in you, the country is indebted to you for saving Punjab from going out of the Union. Without cops like you there can be no democracies, there can be no political leaders and there can be no kings. I will personally be thankful to you for my life if you can help ending this mayhem at the earliest. The onus now is on you to fail me or make me successful as a democratic leader."
Mr Gill says, "After meeting Mr Modi, I was moved by his sincerity. I found him to be fair and sincere in terms of his intention to end the riots. He seemed worried and sad because his police had failed him in ending this violence; he wanted me to take whatever steps I deemed fit to end this violence and assured me whole-hearted support."
To make a proper assessment of the situation, Mr Gill started touring all those places which had witnessed communal riots. He listened in detail to the victims of violence, the constables, the officers and the locals to assess where the problem or the weakness lay. After a detailed assessment of the challenge which lasted for one week, Gill says, "I found the police force unequal to the challenge; majority of the policemen themselves had become communal in their duty as they were enraged with the killings of so many kar sewaks (fellow Hindus) at the hands of Muslims in Godhra. Similar was the condition of the civil administration. Since Mr Modi had become the CM only a few months back, the administration and the police force were not in his proper grip and it takes time to develop such a grip when you are at such a top position. I found that in the previous two months Mr Modi had made all efforts to stop riots, he had called in the army with swiftness, he sought forces from the neighbouring States and the Centre.
"I realised that people of all political parties who were anti-Modi and anti-BJP were taking advantage of this mayhem and making all efforts to defame Modi one way or the other.
"The so called dharam-nirpeksh (secular) parties were taking advantage of the fact that Mr Modi follows the principles of Hindutva. They were portraying Hindutva as something anti non-Hindu religions. My understanding was that Mr Modi's practising of principles of Hindutva in no way meant that he would allow killing people of other religions.
"Today Gujarat is one of the best administered States not only for Hindus but for all religions and all castes. The credit for this goes to only and only Mr Modi."
Mr Gill's assessment was that the problem which needed an immediate solution was to cut this communal bug from the minds of the policemen and those who could not be freed of this bug should not be allowed to sit in sensitive posts...
The first step Gill took within three days of joining there was transferring all those officers who failed to prevent the riots in their areas. Mr Gill interacted with all those officers and based on his assessment of their competency and intentions he got them transferred from sensitive posts. Those officers expected to be fair in their working were given sensitive posts.
Mr Gill says, "Mr Modi provided me full freedom to transfer those officers whom I considered ineffective in terms of preventing violence as per their record of the past few days. The kind of free hand Mr Modi gave me to apply my strategies was given to me in Punjab by Sh. Beant Singh and through the pages of this book I want to make it clear to one and all that Modi was never communal in his conduct during this whole mayhem. He only conducted himself as an able administrator, whether it was during my tenure as Security Advisor or before it...
"My observation is that when things like riots, terrorism, natural calamities, etc. happen then sometimes the administration or the Government gets stupefied by it. In those circumstances the administration is not able to find an appropriate solution to the problem which leads to inordinate delays.
"This delay is sometimes used by the opposition parties to tarnish the image of the Government. Media also plays a negative role by being judgemental and describing those false statements by the opposition leaders or other people who are anti-Government, as facts. The allegations may be proved false later on but this false propaganda created through media initially, goes a long way in developing wrong perceptions about that Government or the leader and this happened with Mr Modi in 2002. Moreover, the stupefaction was compounded by the fact that Mr Modi was new to Chief Ministership.
"What I feel is, the media  should not only behave as a critic of the Government all the times, they ought to sometimes understand the crisis situation for the Government and act as a supporting arm to it, which unfortunately media failed to do in 2002 vis-à-vis the Gujarat riots.From my first-hand experience of the Gujarat situation I can say with conviction that the Gujarat riots were not the failure of Mr Narendra Modi; instead it was the failure of the Gujarat Police as well as the intentions of the Chief Ministers of the neighbouring States which had then denied forces to Gujarat when the riots started."
Extracted from KPS Gill: The Paramount Cop by Rahul Chandan, Maple Press, 2

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poor khemka. nobody worried about this honest IAS officer (iit grad too)

@shekharkapur Will be lovely if you come or even retweet! moneylife foundation @suchetadalal

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Fwd: San Francisco Chronicle on Hindutva in US congressional race

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Date: Thu, Jan 30, 2014 at 5:19 AM
Subject: San Francisco Chronicle on Hindutva in US congressional race

Indian PAC founder behind new candidate for Honda seatCarla
MarinucciUpdated 10:48 pm, Monday, January 27, 2014

Vanila Singh poses for a portrait on Thursday, January 23, 2014 in
Fremont, Calif. Vanila Singh is running for Congress in California's
17th Congressional district.

If Silicon Valley's Democrat-versus-Democrat House race wasn't already
combative enough, now a first-time Republican candidate has jumped in
and ignited a new drama - one starring a conservative, wealthy Indian
American donor and a politician at the center of ethnic conflicts
raging half a world away.

Vanila Singh, a Stanford Medical Centeranesthesiologist, says she
entered the South Bay contest because it is "time to do my civic

But critics say the man who recruited her to run, Chicago businessman
Shalabh "Shalli" Kumar, has a far more divisive agenda.

Born in India and brought to the U.S. as a toddler, the 43-year-old
Singh acknowledges she never considered a political career until
Kumar, founder of a super PAC, Indian Americans for Freedom, asked in
October whether she would be interested in jumping into a race that
featured two Democrats - the seven-term incumbent Mike Honda of San
Jose and his main challenger, former Obama administration trade
representative Ro Khanna.

Kumar was "a very nice gentleman" seeking "Indian Americans who might
be interested in running," said Singh, who lives in Fremont. After
"multiple conversations" with him and other Republican insiders late
last year, she filed to run Dec. 26 - one day after switching her
voter registration from "decline to state" to Republican.

In recent weeks, Singh met in Washington, D.C., with Kumar, who chairs
the Indian American Advisory Council of the House Republican

Meeting key players
"Because of him, I was able to meet the congressional leaders," Singh
said. He also opened the door to introductions to other key players in
the National Republican Congressional Committee and the chairman of
the California Republican Party, Jim Brulte.

The GOP committee designated her "one to watch" in its national "Young
Guns" program to encourage promising candidates.

Kumar - who did not return phone calls or e-mails from The Chronicle -
told the publication IndiaWest that he approached Singh to be part of
a "project" he founded with Rep. Pete Sessions, R-Texas. Their plan,
he told the paper, was to build a GOP congressional "team" that
supports a "pro-India" agenda.

Kumar told IndiaWest that had Khanna - who, like Singh, is Indian
American - been "free of (House Minority Leader Nancy) Pelosi's whip,"
and willing to sign on to his agenda, he would have received the
Indian super PAC's support.

That agenda, according to several Indian American publications,
includes securing a visa for the man Kumar has called his "idol,"
Narendra Modi, a Hindu nationalist and leading candidate for prime
minister in India's upcoming elections.

Barred from U.S.
Modi is one of India's most prominent and polarizing politicians. In
2005, the State Department barred him from entering the U.S. because
of alleged human rights and religious rights violations in his home
state of Gujarat, stemming from riots in 2002 in which nearly 1,000
Muslims were killed. Modi, who was Gujarat's head of state, has denied

Singh said she has received no money and "no promises" from Kumar or
his super PAC, which can spend unlimited amounts as long as it doesn't
coordinate directly with the candidate.

"I'm not part of his project per se," and Kumar's agenda "is not
mine," Singh said. Her campaign, she said, "will only happen on my
terms. ... He gets credit for initiating the interest, but beyond
that, it's all me."

Singh says she raised $100,000 in the five days after declaring her
candidacy, including $25,000 of her own money. The rest, she said,
came from about "20 family and friends."

Kumar's tactics
Raja Swamy, spokesman for the Coalition Against Genocide, a human
rights group in Washington, D.C., said Kumar was recently reprimanded
by GOP officials after his Indian policy group used the House of
Representatives seal to suggest its endorsement of a Capitol Hill
event he sponsored in support of Modi.

Kumar's super PAC could alter the dynamics of the South Bay race,
should he choose to back Singh financially. In 2002, the super PAC
spent $500,000 in an unsuccessful attempt to defeat Rep. Tammy
Duckworth, D-Ill., including producing an ad set to Middle Eastern
music that showed the double amputee Iraq war veteran wearing a
headscarf during a visit to a local Muslim community center.

The Republican candidate that year was a Tea Party favorite, Joe
Walsh. This year, Kumar is backing another candidate to oust Duckworth
- an Indian American health care executive, Manju Goel.

'No stake' here
"Mr. Kumar really has no stake in California, and I'm pretty sure he
really doesn't give a hoot about what California wants" in a
congressional candidate, Swamy said. "He's interested in amassing
support for Modi."

Pressed about her views regarding the denial of Modi's visa, Singh
said the U.S. should "take another look" at the decision. "It would be
regretful if certain groups that have certain agendas would make the
policy for the United States," Singh said. "U.S. policy came about
because people pressured them."

Her position stands in contrast to Honda and Khanna - and to Rep. Ami
Bera, D-Elk Grove (Sacramento County), the only Indian American member
of the House - who have said there is no reason to change the State
Department's ruling.

Muslims' concerns
Singh's links to Kumar raise alarms for Khalid Azam, a member of the
American Indian Muslim Council and longtime resident of the district,
home to one of the highest concentrations of South Asians in the

"It is definitively a matter of great concern for the South Asian
community - the Muslim community and the entire Indian community,"
Azam said.

Singh's candidacy is "even more alarming," he said, because of her
activism with the Hindu American Foundation - a group whose more
fundamentalist factions back a Hindu supremacist movement in India.

The foundation has denied any connection to Hindu nationalist
movements, and Singh said her connection to the group consisted of
volunteer work intended to strengthen her family's connection to her
native country.

Singh says her chief interest in running for Congress is to undo
President Obama's Affordable Care Act. As a doctor at Stanford, she
says, she has seen the law's detrimental effects on patients, medical
professionals and small businesses.

On social issues, Singh says she favors abortion rights and same-sex
marriage rights. But she has not been politically active.

Missed elections
Alameda County registrar's records show Singh has voted in just five
elections since 2002, when she registered to vote for the first time
at age 31.

Singh said her schedules as a medical student, and later as a doctor
and a mother of two, were often to blame for her voting lapses. When
she did vote, she said, she always followed the Republican line.

"Decline to state doesn't mean you're not" a Republican, she said. "It
never even occurred to me that I wasn't" a registered Republican until
she was preparing to file for the congressional race, she said, and
"thought I'd better check."

Allen Hoffenblum, publisher of the California Target Book, which
tracks congressional races, said that "the only reason for someone to
invest in that (race) would be to siphon votes away from Khanna,"
Honda's Indian American challenger.

"There's no way a Republican can win that seat," in a district with
barely 20 percent GOP registration, he said. "Games are being played -
but the motivation is purely speculation."

Carla Marinucci is the senior political writer at The San Francisco
Chronicle. Twitter: @cmarinucci

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whites are descended from neanderthals?

so all that shem-ham business is right :-). the sons of shem = the sons of the (lightskinned) neanderthals. the sons of ham = the sons of humans (homo sapiens)

bloody barbarians!

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ns rajaram on the 'aryan' debate 

out of india!

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Without All India Radio and Doordarshan...

Remember, Indira and Rajiv never had to face an Arnab, like Rahil did.

sandeep b, author of 'tipu, tyrant of mysore'

Author of Tipu Sultan:The Tyrant of Mysore @SandeepWeb addressing the audience on the raison de etre of the work

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tipu's secularism

Inscription on Tipu Sultan's sword exhorting violence against "unbelievers". Libtards are celebrating him

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what's apple's next trick?

Free to read: What will Apple's next big product be?

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prof vaidya's new book

@Meedana You go girl... Buddhu talked abt women empowerment. now u & @M_Lekhi are making it happen LOL!!

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namo for pm

Thought of snappy retort to your chuchill quote, @saliltripathi. "#namo is the worst candidate for pm, except for all other pm aspirants"

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rahul's interview, simplified

#RahulSpeaksToArnab Simplified. Received via Whatsapp

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on rajiv malhotra's new book, indra's net

magical. Indra's Net by @RajivMessage ji also philosophically uniting India's thought leaders. HT @VedicHindu

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kapaleeswar temple gets back some land

Chennai's Kapaleeswarar Temple Gets Back Land Worth $4 Million via Hinduism Today Magazine 

but the land that they really need to get back is the land on which the portuguese built the san thome cathedral after razing the original kapaleeswar temple that stood on the mylapore beach. see ishwar sharan

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Japan to Build Bullet Trains for India

Japan wants to create a joint venture firm in India to finance the construction of bullet train projects:

Church backed Kudankulam provocateurs & AAP

One set of them promises to provide free electricity in the national capital region. Another group violently agitates to oppose the construction of a nuclear power plant that will generate electricity in a southern state - because it is being built by a country not in the Vatican's good books.

The collaboration between these anti -national "NGO's" is quite old. However, the agitators in Tamil Nadu are all set to officially join their anarchist colleagues in Delhi, notwithstanding the obvious dichotomy in their declared positions.

Sounds like a recipe for anarchy unlimited. While providing free *anything* in perpetuity is a con artist's 
proposition, how would it be possible to deliver electricity even to paying customers when generation capacity is
deliberately choked through the agitational tactics of the violent church affiliated "NGO's" ?

AAP Showing Their Racist Ideology

The Aam Aadmi Party have pounced on the Indian political scene by promising to be a party of change. However, their recent campaigns against African migrants show a more sinister side:

If AAP are a party of change, then this is not the kind of positive change that Indians were hoping for. We can see that the AAP are a bizarre cocktail of various conflicting and competing interests which can only take India on a weird rollercoaster ride.

Quick notes: Abe on India, Sikhs in Central Valley..

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Thailand Tensions May Lead to Civil War, Breakup

The current escalating cycle of confrontation between opposing political groups in Thailand may lead to civil war and possibly the breakup of the country:

Friday, January 24, 2014

Quick notes: MIMO inventor, RAM scraping...
  • Professor (Emeritus) Arogyaswami Joseph Paulraj, Stanford University, has been awarded the prestigious 2014 Marconi Society Prize. His idea for using multiple antennas (MIMO) at both the transmitting and receiving stations - which is at the heart of the current high speed WiFi and 4G mobile systems – has revolutionized high speed wireless delivery of multimedia services for billions of people. 

  • Super Capacitors, super possibilities:Professor Raghavendra Pandey's pioneering work

  • shAAP is psecular: EC warns Kejriwal on pamphlets appealing for Muslim votes.

  • China air pollution reaching the U.S: "We've outsourced our manufacturing and much of our pollution, but some of it is blowing back across the Pacific to haunt us."

  • Expect more credit card breaches: In all these attacks, cyber criminals used memory-parsing software, also known as a "RAM scraper." When a customer swipes a credit or debit card, the POS terminal grabs the transaction data from the magnetic stripe and transfers it to the retailer's payment processing provider. While the data is encrypted during the process, RAM scrapers extract the information while it is in the computer's live memory, where it very briefly appears in plain text.

The Chindu wants to lynch the Indian army

China's national newspaper with a misleading name continues its campaign of defamation against the Indian armed forces.

Is the Indian army expected and required to lynch its officers, merely because some Jihadis made a false allegation about an "encounter"?
Fortunately, the Army retains jurisdiction over such inquiries - otherwise it would be subjected to a trial by media as a matter of routine, with frequent lynching of its soldiers and officers by the pseudo-progressive, anti-national, dishonest, Dhimmi, Dalaal media.

National security is paramount and the operational freedom of the armed forces cannot be circumscribed by submitting such matters to corrupt and compromised civilian authority under any circumstances - leave alone subservience to a sadistic,
anti-national, commie pinko media. 

In essence, this kind of surrender and humiliation is what the author of the article seeks, apparently aroused by and salivating over the humiliation meted out to General V.K. Singh.

Ahmed Ali Fayyaz and The Chindu never raised an objection to the Allahu Akbar Party giving itself a clean chit in the sting of Shazia Ilmi or the fraudulent land deals of Ashant/Ashanti Bhushan!

"Army gives itself clean chit in Pathribal case"
Updated: Jan 25, 2014 03:21 AM , By Ahmed Ali Fayyaz |

Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Economist | Multinational companies: China loses its allure

The Economist | Multinational companies: China loses its allure via @theeconomist

In fact mncs have always been screwed by the hans. But the media cheerleaders never said so.

sent from galaxy note, pardon brevity

slave trade was post-'Enlightenment' whites' source of wealth

some black jaichands too who enslaved other blacks. 

and the economist of course has to plug a) RoL fundies like william wilberforce and b) bwahahahaha the 'royal' british navy!

the day homi bhabha was killed (very likely murdered) in a plane crash

Tribute to father of our Nuclear Energy programme, Dr Homi Bhabha on his death anniversary today.

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the new new thing in tech: wearable medical technology leading to big data

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Dinesh D'Souza Indicted for Election Fraud

American conservative commentator Dinesh D'Souza has been indicted on charges of election fraud in the United States:

He apparently made various illegal donations through others to influence a US senate electoral race.

Oh, and guess who's prosecuting him - good ol' Preet Bharara:

Here's an interesting older story on Bharara, just for those who are interested:


Delhi has the highest density of corrupt Sarkari Babus (government bureaucrats) per square kilometer in all of India, being the seat of the Union, State and Municipal governments. Therefore, it stands to reason that  the corrupt will support the corrupt, for their self preservation. And drag down the rest of Delhi ( and India) for their short term benefit.

This dumbing down of the populace reminds me of the Hollywood film "Idiocracy". The white cap of the AAPtards seems to have successfully induced retardation among a significant section of the population, with the accompanying wet dreams about "free stuff".

  • AAP is projected to secure 48 per cent vote share in Delhi, if Lok Sabha polls are held today
  • The AAP is projected to win 4-6 out of 7 LS seats in Delhi
  • Seventy-four per cent Delhi respondents say they are satisfied with the work of the AAP government.
  • Arvind Kejriwal enjoys huge popularity as Delhi CM with 76 per cent satisfaction levels

Idiocracy is a 2006 American satiricalscience fiction comedy film directed by Mike Judge and starring Luke WilsonMaya RudolphDax Shepard, and Terry Crews. The film tells the story of two ordinary people from the present who take part in a top-secret military hibernation experiment, only to awaken 500 years in the future in a dystopiansociety full of extremely stupid people. Advertising, commercialism, and cultural anti-intellectualism have run rampant anddysgenic pressure has resulted in a uniformly unthinking society devoid of intellectual curiosity, social responsibility, and coherent notions of justice and human 

intriguing: was japan forced into ww2 by the yanks?

totally opposite the usual narrative of 'day that will live in infamy' regarding the japanese invasion of pearl harbor. 

so they japanese were bullied into going to war, or they would have been firebombed (like the allies did to dresden)?

wow. amazing stuff we dont know because of the nonstop american and chinese propaganda painting japanese as cruel imperalists

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Targeted Majority

After yesterday's cabinet decision, only so-called majority institutions (i.e. only Hindu institutions) will be left vulnerable to targeting by the state for political ends. It will ensure that majority institutions are the only ones to have no insulation from state interference in their religious, cultural and educational affairs.

The perversity of the idea of denying to the Hindu majority what is constitutionally available to minorities was nowhere demonstrated better than in the case of the Ramakrishna Mission - which encapsulates Swami Vivekananda's ideas on inclusive Hinduism. Some years ago, the Mission wanted to be declared a non-Hindu minority institution to avoid being hounded by atheist, Left-ruled West Bengal.
R Jagannath: After Jains, many Hindu sects will seek to be minorities, too

How Paid media sanitizes crimes by "secular" politicians

In this blatant instance, Nehru Dynasty TV negated the crimes of an affiliated party that the Dalaal media is having fake orgasms about. The report of an AAP worker KICKING a DISABLED man on camera at a rally in Maharashtra was swiftly removed!!!

Delhi wakes up to shAAP

Lawless AAPtard "law minister"

Another obnoxious pseudo-liberal named "Somnath" like that vicious 
Chatter-Jee, who throttled democracy, and free speech in Parliament and facilitated horse trading in the infamous
2008 vote of confidence pertaining to the Indo-U.S nuclear "deal".

The sole credentials for appointment to the anarchist AAP's cabinet as Law minister of Delhi appear to be running 
one of the top e-mail SPAM operators
in the world!!!

Business careerEdit

In the 2000s, Somnath Bharti ran a Delhi-based IT firm Madgen solutions' based in Delhi. The Spamhaus Project accused him ofspamming on behalf of TopSites LLC, naming him in Register of Known Spam Operations(ROKSO) as one of the top spam operators in the world.[6] According to Bharti, he was listed in ROKSO after an Open Directory Project editor Conrad Longmore ran a story on him.[7][8] Responding to a PCQuestinvestigation in 2005, he insisted that all the e-mails sent by his company complied with the laws and regulations. PCQuest found that he had been sued in a California Superior Court for spamming by Daniel Balsam. Balsam's attorney Timothy Walton revealed that in 2004, Bharti and two others had paid Balsam $5,000 in damages apart from making a court declaration agreeing to use only confirmed opt-in e-mail addresses when sending commercial e-mails. Bharti defended himself by saying that he chose to settle because defending the case in the United States would have been costlier for him. Bharti also claimed that he was in touch with SpamHaus, but the SpamHaus CEO Steve Linford denied this to PCQuest.[7]