Thursday, July 31, 2008

Pakistanis Aided Attack in Kabul, U.S. Officials Say

US officials say they have direct proof in the form of communications intercepts, showing that ISI officials were involved in the blast that destroyed the Indian embassy in Kabul. This is the first time that the Americans are confirming our accusations.
Here's also a video story from ABC News.

Here is the google video of the President's press conference with Pak PM Gilani.
I could've sworn Gilani said "Birdy Num Num" at one point.

Church of Chavez Upsets Vatican

Venezuela's Chavez has started up his own local national church, much to the consternation of the Vatican. When the local forces are trying to reclaim their people from the foreign conversionists, then it's going to cause a ruckus.

Pak Army Leaders in Survival Mode, Go On the Attack

Pak Army is in survival mode, which has prompted their latest attacks on India.

WTO's doha round talks collapse; food security issues blamed

jul 31st, 2008

as usual, india is blamed for the failure of the WTO talks. but this time,
china seems to share some of the blame, at least as per the NYTimes,
which ran a story yesterday blaming india fully, but updated it today
to blame china's 'abrupt u-turn' along with usual suspect india.

i wonder if anybody has insights into what happened and how this
affects india's trading future (in terns of access to rich country
markets) and food security.

india does have common interests with the US in reducing trade
barriers; only the US wants to reduce barriers in manufactured goods
and india in agricultural goods. china wants to also reduce tariffs in
manufactured goods, but i think they are getting worried about food
security too.

of course, the US Farm Bill 2007 continues the huge subsidies in
effect for cotton, wheat, soy, rice and corn (of the order of $20
billion a year). this in effect leads to 'dumping' in world markets.

rvaidya: "Invading" China during the Olypmics

jul 31st, 2008

the good professor has a very interesting idea: leveraging our "soft power".

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

john burns, others tell us what the n-deal is really all about from the US pov

jul 30, 2008

'cap, rollback, and eliminate' by other means.

some relevant quotes:


Burns said, "When this agreement was negotiated, it was fully consistent with the provisions of the Hyde Act. So we have the right to terminate it if India tests." But he said it was highly unlikely that India would conduct a nuclear test.


He also added, "No aspect of this deal recognises India as a nuclear weapons state."


He predicted that "a conservative estimate would be that within a generation, 90 percent of India's nuclear establishment would be under IAEA safeguards�none of that would have been possible without this fundamental break with conventional wisdom that President Bush put forward three years ago."


Burns, who is expected to land a top job soon in the private sector as soon as he completes his three-month sojourn at the Wilson Center, said, "US business ought to be at the head of the line when India begins to expand its construction of civil nuclear reactors."


Cohen also said that it was highly unlikely that India would conduct nuclear tests unless China and Pakistan began testing "because I don't think they need the kind of complex, sophisticated system to make themselves to great power status."
But Talbott strongly disagreed, saying, while he had 'no inside knowledge' his recollection "There remains a debate within the strategic community in India over whether the Pokhran tests were truly successful and fully sufficient for the scientific and military purposes involved."
"So, I think that is an open question at least in some very smart brains in India. So, I don't think we can be totally confident on that score," he argued.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

why you should avoid talking to the police

jul 29th, 2008

even more true in india.

but it is amazing that in the second part of this lecture, the policeman actually agrees with what the law professor says -- that is, how easy it is to incriminate oneself.

US Gives Blunt Warning to Pak on ISI

Officials of the CIA have given Pak a blunt warning about the activities of its ISI. Like I said, just because some argue that the world has to do business with Pak, it doesn't mean they have to accept ISI.

The Distributed Attack

Just some thoughts I was having, and wanted to muse on...

Should India have multiple centre-right conservative parties, instead of just the one BJP?

At first glance, one might be inclined to say that this is the wrong way to go, because it would make conservatives more divided and bickering. But on the other hand, I think having multiple conservative parties would make it more difficult for the Left (and especially their media henchmen) to target one single party, or single set of leaders, as they currently do now against Advani, Modi, etc.

By not providing the Left with a single large target to rail at, it then would make their politics of caricature and scapegoating much more difficult. They would always be forced to reinvent new caricatures for each new face that they encountered, which would increase the risk of exposing their game. It would also confuse their simple-minded vote-banks, who would have more difficulty figuring out whom to presumptively scorn.

What would then prevent the multiple Hindu conservative parties from falling into bickering? Well, the fact that they actually have an underlying over-arching ideology that binds them to a common cause. This is what would keep them relatively coordinated with each other, even while they all existed under different names locally.

Think of the internet, and how it was designed to be resilient against catastrophic attack as a distributed network.

You can even see that modern jihadism has managed to pull this off, with umpteen number of jihadi groups operating under different names, so that it's hard for the society to keep track of them all. They are still able to coordinate their fight against us, because they are all bound together by Islamic fanaticism.

The Left are ideologically weak and brittle, and would thus have more difficulty imitating such tactics, because they are more dependent on personality cults (witness the Nehru-Gandhi phenomenon). And so if they were to try and divide themselves into many different groups, then each of these would end up going its own way, with each being loyal to its local personality cult leader, and caring little about the others.

The fact that the Hindu Right has a stronger ideology and more robust belief system in comparison to the rentable mercenary Left, means that the Hindus are much better positioned to fight a distributed guerrilla campaign against a large and lumbering Left that cannot stay unified without a large unifying collective.


Monday, July 28, 2008

from a pakistani site, a yank talks about playing the india card

jul 28th, 2008

haven't read this in great detail, but it was interesting to skim it.

and pakistan actually has a think-tank. amazing! why do they need it? that's what the ISI does for a living, and all that's to be known is in that great book, 'the koranic concept of war', with a foreword by general zia. quote: "terror is not a means to an end, it is the end. the goal is to keep the enemy terrorized at all times." (i paraphrase).

this they put into practice all the time.

Spy vs Spy

A piece in NYT on CIA-vs-ISI

They can all bicker until the next 9/11 happens. Then we'll see how the fire is lit under them.

washpost: china is mostly smoke-and-mirrors

jul 28th, 2008

how refreshing that someone actually says this china hype is a lot of bull-hickey vis a vis the US!

of course china is a champ compared to india, but that's because they have injected into india their fifth columnists like that brutal thug somnath chatterjee (who the heck thinks he's been a great speaker? he's been an extremely biased lout who has been really hard on anything hindu and very gentle with anything anti-hindu, sorry 'secular'.)

Obama Calls Pak Terror in J&K 'Counterproductive'

Barack Obama has called Pak funding for terror in Jammu-Kashmir "counterproductive".
Well, I'll give credit where it's due -- if he's on our side in J&K, then I think that's a good thing, and we should look at this further.

NYT wants to upgrade Paki Planes
The verbal sorcery is unimaginable - the Yanks should upgrade Pak's F-16's because it will free up money to build health clinics! talk about being stupid - or is it playing stupid!!!!

its on the edit page too - so its not like they can palm it off as someone else's opinion

the problem in Pakistan is not lack of money - the problem is that the state is a Suicide bomber

Under Army Pressure, Pak Reverses ISI Decision

From Rediff

July 28, 2008 13:24 IST

Coming under 'immense pressure' from the defence establishments, the Pakistan government has withdrawn its decision to place the Inter Services Intelligence under civilian control, leading newspapers reported on Monday.

This is their weak point, that we need to target. Pressing Pakistan to isolate and surround the ISI is one of the best things that the international community can do right now. We have to keep the pressure on for this. Whatever problems some claim prevent us from isolating Pak, clearly isolating of ISI is very doable.

Since Afghanistan's Karzai is our most outspoken friend, willing to speak much more forthrightly on Pak than our meek Manmohan, we need to get him to loudly and repeatedly holler that ISI must be brought under civilian control. This will keep the issue firmly on the minds of the Americans & international community, and the pressure firmly on Pak. I'm sure there are plenty of voices in Pak who'd like to see ISI under civilian control, such as MQM's Altaf Hussein, or Baluchi and Sindhi leaders. Now that Pak Army has switched to hiding behind the election of a civilian govt, then likewise we need to adapt by calling for civilian oversight of ISI.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

India Terror Toll Second Only to Iraq

Oh look, Somini Sengupta in her latest article is forced to admit that India is suffering severe pain from terrorism. How rare and uncharacteristic of her:

A report prepared last year by the National Counterterrorism Center in Washington quantified the scale of violence in India. Between January 2004 and March 2007, the report concluded, the death toll from terrorist attacks was 3,674, second only to Iraq during the same period.

Catholic church behind human smuggling scam?

ROTFL. Catholic padres etc take a 220 strong delegation of Indian Christist "pilgrims" to Australia & New Zealand, perhaps to add some SOUTH ASIAN diversity to the Catholic choir boy contingent cheering Ratzy's visit and his fake "apology" for the genocide of Australian aborigines.

39 of the Indian christist "pilgrims" disappear, in a human smuggling scam, per the local media. I don't blame them at all. The association with leeches like
John Dayal et al must be suffocating. There is a lot of virgin territory in Australia that is unpopulated and India can certainly use fewer christists.

Cedric Prakash, however, rather innovatively uses his church's debauchery to tarnish India and Indians. This part is definitely not funny.

“There is no definite news; just what they say on TV and in the news. But it has created a very bad impression about Indians here,” said Fr Cedric Prakash, a Jesuit priest, as he commented the disappearance of 39 Indian pilgrims who were supposed to arrive in Australia today for World Youth Day.

What kind of convoluted logic is that? Now, the convicts are entitled to their opinions, even their prejudices. However, this is an Indian Christist scam and since Christism deracinates and enslaves the convert, it is purely a Christist scam. Cedric Prakash, John Dayal or whatever other padre indoctrinated the rice christists to travel to the "World Youth Day" with promises of "Salvation" and other Abrahamic mumbo-jumbo must be held culpable by Australian immigration authorities for the human smuggling racket and punished by Indian authorities for defamation. Next thing you know and the fellow will be bleating
to secure permanent residency. Australia is the homeland of Graham Staines, after all... Therefore, on what basis should the NZ/Australian christists be disappointed?

Hindus driven to suicide from Kerala to Kashmir

Persecution by 3M fanatics and their uncouth pseudo-secular fascist running dogs is forcing Hindus to suicide across the length and breadth of India.
My salute to Kuldip Kumar Dogra, a young activist of the Amarnath Yatra Sangarash Samiti (AYSS) who made the supreme sacrifice in protest against Kashmiri Mohammedan genocide of the defenseless Hindu minority in Jammu & Kashmir.
A life, perhaps that could have been better deployed in service of the nation and defense of Hindu civilisation.

The dhimmi English language media to their utter disgrace, is of course, too pre-occupied with performing Aarti & Abhishekam to their latest idol, Omar Abdullah, the Jihadi brat from Kashmir who belligerently dispenses his false Jihadi propaganda and makes his diabolical assertions of Mohammedan "secularism" (sic) unchallenged on the floor of Parliament, confident in the knowledge that he has the dhimmi media drinking water used to cleanse his feet in their new found adulation. A modern day Akbar propagating his brand of Islamism in the cloak of "syncretic" Sufism and his sycophantic band of courtiers in Delhi energetically praising him to the skies as "Jahanpanah" - the refuge of the entire universe!

And these people have the audacity to accuse Hindus of idolatry, mythology etc.
Where are the "Rationalists", the "Dravidians", the "Marxists" etc who pour scorn on the Hindus for alleged "idol worship"? It is apparently OK for them to worship their fair skinned Kashmiri Mohammedan idol of half-British parentage.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

NYT Adds Insult to Injury on Gujarat Blasts

Look at this latest 'news' from Somini Sengupta of NYT:

Indian television stations reported that they had received a statement on Saturday from a group that called itself “Indian Mujahedeen” that warned of attacks. There was no way to know whether the statement was authentic or who was behind the group, which had claimed responsibility for serial blasts in Jaipur, in western India, two months ago.


In recent years, well-planned bombings have struck several Indian cities, from an entertainment center in southern Hyderabad to crowded markets here in the capital, in what officials have said were attempts to provoke violence between Hindus and Muslims. So far, those attempts have not succeeded.

Gujarat, of which Ahmedabad is the commercial center, is particularly sensitive to ethnic tensions. In 2002, a train fire that killed dozens of members of a Hindu nationalist group set off Hindu-on-Muslim violence across Gujarat, most prominently in Ahmedabad.

All told, 1,000 Muslims were killed, and Mr. Modi, a firebrand Hindu nationalist politician, was accused of doing little to stop the violence.

Mr. Modi has been re-elected twice since then and is among the most important national figures in the Bharatiya Janata Party.

The state of Karnataka, where Bangalore is located, is governed by the same political party, known by its initials, B.J.P.

At the national level, the B.J.P. is the opposition party, and with national elections scheduled in the next few months, the party’s leaders have seized on attacks like these to criticize the coalition government led by the Congress Party.

After the Bangalore attack on Friday, the B.J.P. issued a statement accusing the government of having a “lackadaisical attitude.”

She's clearly implying that BJP was behind the blasts.

Terror funding in Kashmir -

jul 26th, 2008

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Yash

Terror funding in Kashmir from Europe

By Sanjeev Pargal 


JAMMU, July 17: Intelligence agencies were reported to have written to External Affairs Ministry seeking action against a Netherlands based Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), a Kolkatta based female Professor, an Ahmedabad based Advocate and a host of "anti-India Indians" who have joined hands not only to carry out strong anti-India propaganda in Europe but were also found in raising funds for terror outfits operating in Kashmir. 
Official sources told the Excelsior that the Intelligence agencies have identified nearly a dozen citizens of India, who had recently joined hands along with some Kashmir based separatists operating in United States and London and a Netherlands based NGO, to project what they described "strong human rights violations" in Kashmir at different forums in Europe. They were also reported to have raised funds worth several crores through different forums for terror funding in Kashmir. 

... deleted

Related stories: 

1) Uruguay backs J&K separatists @ 


2) Europe's Civilising Mission @ 



4) Europeans on Kashmir @

The Maoist threat: lies, white lies and statistics

jul 26th, 2008

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: ven

The Maoist threat: lies, white lies and statistics

By P.V. Ramana
The Indian home ministry never tires of finding newer classifications
to present(Commentary)
a much diminished perception of the intensity and spread of the
Communist Party of India-Maoist, better known as Naxalites.

Based on information provided by his officials, Home Minister Shivraj
Patil told the Rajya Sabha March 19 that "a mere 14,000 villages out
of a total of 650,000 villages are Maoist-affected, which accounts for
just two percent of the total number of villages in the country".

It is intriguing why mention was not made of the number of towns that
are Maoist affected, and their percentage. The omission was perhaps
made because no violent activities were reported from towns and
cities. Nevertheless, it is by now well known that the rebels use
towns and cities for rest, recreation and recuperation as well as for
logistics support.

It is an altogether different issue that the Maoists have a certain
'urban presence', and have devised an action plan to build a strong
and vibrant 'urban movement'. In 2007 alone, three top-ranking leaders
of the all-powerful Central Committee and the Central Military
Commission (CMC) were caught in towns/cities: Malla Raji Reddy in
Kerala, Sridhar Krishnan Srinivasan alias Vishnu in Mumbai and Misir
Besra alias Bhaskar alias Sunirmal in Jharkhand.

... deleted

(P.V. Ramana is Research Fellow at the Institute for Defence Studies
and Analyses, New Delhi . He is author of "The Naxal Challenge -
Causes, Linkages and Policy Options" and can be contacted at

mohammedan speaking on behalf of hindus. oh yes, that'll be the day

jul 26th, 2008

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: K
Subject: Momin speaking on behalf of Kafirs - tell it to the marines!

Friday, July 25, 2008

kargil day: july 26th

jul 25th, 2008

let us take a moment to remember.

blasts in bangalore

jul 25th, 2008

this must be the sleeper cells celebrating the UPA victory in the parliament vote: a few more months of free rein for terrorists. no POTA to bother them.

of course the idea is also to create havoc in a BJP-run state.

the answer really is narendra modi and his style of no-nonsense rule which doesn't give mohammedans any special favors, but treats them as exactly as all other citizens: not superior in any way.

Cow dung can be source of clean, renewable power

jul 25th, 2008

two birds with one stone: remove dung and make biogas from it.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Shahryar

 Cow dung can be source of clean, renewable power

By Indo-Asian News Service on Thursday, July 24, 2008
Filed Under: Sci-Tech

 Washington, July 24 (IANS) Cow dung can generate enough power to meet three percent of North America's entire energy needs and cut down greenhouse gas emissions.

 Cow dung, left to decompose naturally, emits two particularly potent greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) - nitrous oxide and methane.

Nitrous oxide warms the atmosphere 310 times more than carbon dioxide, methane does so 21 times more, according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

 The study creates two hypothetical scenarios and quantifies them to compare energy savings and GHG reducing benefits.


Omar Abdullah speaks the truth in Parliament

jul 25th, 2008

inadvertent revelation by omar.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Arvind
Date: Tue, Jul 22, 2008 at 6:42 PM
Subject: Omar Abdullah speaks the truth in Parliament

In a moment of candor in Parliament, Omar Abdullah has spoken the truth.

"I am a Muslim and I am an Indian and I see no distinction between the two."

Italians and the Gypsies

jul 25th, 2008

in india, an italian lords it over indians.

in italian, italians are treating indian-origin roma with great cruelty.

all's well with the world.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Yashwini1

Italians and the Gypsies – an old prejudice revived

By Peter Popham-18 July 2008


The decision by Silvio Berlusconi's government that all Italian citizens should now be fingerprinted, and that from 2010, all national identity and residence cards will carry fingerprints seems bizarre. There is no urgent reason for such an elaborate programme and fingerprints are out of date as an identification method.


 The real reason for the decision, which received initial assent from a parliamentary committee on Wednesday, is to enable the government to continue taking the fingerprints of Roma or Gypsies who live in camps, both legal and informal, on the outskirts of many Italian cities, a policy which bears comparison with the worst days of Benito Mussolini.


A month ago the Interior Minister, Roberto Maroni, a member of the anti-immigrant Northern League, announced that all residents of such camps, including children, would be fingerprinted – a decision that prompted outrage inside Italy and beyond. Unicef, the Council of Europe, the Catholic Church, and Amnesty International have condemned the initiative, one that, despite being a clear violation of EU law, is already under way in the Naples area. This week's decision, which still has to be signed off by parliament, means that under cover of a national programme, the fingerprinting of the residents of the so called "nomad" camps can continue without interruption.


But why fingerprint the Gypsies? The most significant issue in the general election campaign this spring was what was called the "security emergency": the perception by Italians that violent crime was rapidly on the increase, and that it was the fault of foreigners.


In fact crimes of violence are not soaring, but there has been a large rise in legal and illegal immigration in recent years. As in other parts of Europe this has been accompanied by a strong anti-immigrant groundswell which finds focus whenever a foreigner is accused of some heinous crime. Gypsies are not proportionately more to blame for these crimes than other groups.


But an ancient prejudice against Gypsies (who have lived in Italy since the 14th century) has been fuelled by paranoia about security in general, and a common confusion between rom (Roma) and rumeni (Romanians) who as EU citizens, have moved into Italy in large numbers since Romania's accession to the union in 2007.


Mr Berlusconi's government seems determined to exploit and amplify the hysteria. There is little to suggest that the government will desist from seeking to gratify its political constituency with further measures of this kind.


Europe's Civilising Mission @



British Caste-System @


Europe on Kashmir @


Targets of racial violence @

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Indian immigrant runs for US Congress on anti-Sharia platform

Vijay Kumar, an immigrant from Hyderabad, India is contesting as a Republican in the Congressional race from Nashville, Tennessee - i.e. the heart of the Bible belt.
This guy has all the Conservative talk show hosts gushing - primarily owing to his candid views on Jihad and Sharia. Nothing wrong with that.
Coming from a Hindu perspective, however, I believe a small clarification is in order. Reading the biography on his own website, I hope he does not turn out to be a Bobby Jindal clone.

"Vijay was born in 1954 in Hyderabad, India, to a conservative middle class family. He studied classics, political science, and philosophy in India. In 1979, Vijay emigrated to the United States because he felt uplifted by the values and possibilities inherent in the American way of life.

In 1983, Vijay married Robin Minix, a native of Bowling Green, Kentucky. In keeping with his conservative family values, Vijay and Robin have been married for twenty-five years. The Kumar family attends Bellevue Community Church in Nashville, Tennessee. Robin has worked for Vanderbilt University for more than twenty years, and currently is a program coordinator for the medical center. They have one son, age 17. Vijay is a staunch supporter of the father being an integral and ongoing presence in the family. He fervently believes that absentee fathers create future generations of absentee fathers.

From 1977 to 1979, Vijay lived in Iran, working in human resources for a European construction company. He witnessed firsthand the radical transformation of Iran from a modern nation to a repressed, fundamentalist state.

For twenty years, Vijay was employed in the insurance industry in administration and sales and marketing. For nearly three years he ran his own insurance business. Since 2005, he has been employed as a sales representative for a leading telecommunications company. While raising and providing for his family, Vijay has been active in politics, volunteering in key positions in several successful political campaigns. His interests include political philosophy, Middle East and Indian sub-continent politics and, first and foremost, American politics. When he’s not being an active and invested dad, husband, and wage earner, Vijay enjoys traveling and nature.

From the first day Vijay set foot on American soil, he knew that he must have been born with an American soul."

Does the BJP represent Hindu nationalism?

Dhimmitude is the most lacerous when it comes from within one's own extended ideological family. The ideological erosion, behavioural misdemeanor and violation of organisational discipline with impunity exhibited by some members of India's
"right wing", "Hindu nationalist" BJP in course of the debate in Parliament should be cause for concern.

And the BJP itself cannot escape responsibility for failing to do its due diligence when nominating individuals to contest elections in the first place. No less than 8 BJP MP's (10 if you include A. Narendra, Babulal Marandi - both ex-BJP men) were, er "persuaded" to vote for the UPA.

Unfortunately, this was no ordinary vote of confidence - it had grave implications for national sovereignty, for the continued existence of the cradle of Indic civilisation as an independent entity. That these BJP MP's willingly colluded in the decimation of India's strategic autonomy of action is a huge shame. And, it is fervently hoped that these modern day Jaichands face the full consequences of their debauchery.

That being said, in some cases - this was entirely avoidable. There was a comment by Siva, I think about a certain Mr. Sangliana, the BJP's Christist MP from Karnataka - resonating with my own thoughts on the matter. This fellow is no ordinary "Christian". He is a former police commissioner of Bangalore, hailing from the North East, with a reputation of aggressive Christist proselytisation in Bangalore, coinciding with his tenure in office. That he betrayed the BJP and voted in favour of the Vatican's puppet regime in India should surprise nobody, except perhaps the dense headed BJP leadership who gave him the BJP ticket to contest for the Lok Sabha from Bangalore. WHAT WERE THEY THINKING? The BJP's
core constituency of committed Hindu nationalists want to know. In fact, this hyena was making sinister noises about "Christian persecution" during the Karnataka assembly elections, deliberately feeding the
Christist persecution industry's paranoia. The BJP should have thrown his treacherous butt out then and there. Why must the nation and all Hindus have to pay for the naivete of a few BJP windbags?

The grand old man of Indian politics, Shri. Atal Behari Vajpayee saddled the nation, Bhishma Pitamaha-like with a ridiculous vow of nuclear celibacy - the "voluntary unilateral moratorium on further testing" and a "doctrine of no first use". The pygmy of Indian politics, the anatomically deficient Manmohan Singh, (full credit to Swapan Dasgupta, The Pioneer for the terminology) and his dhimmi capitulationist brigade has exploited that nuclear celibacy and taken that further - to a state of nuclear castration, for lack of a better word, Shikhandi-like....

I stayed up late watching the Lok Sabha debate on TV - should have known better. If an iota of seriousness existed anywhere, it was destroyed by the Hindu hating fascist Chatter-jee and the semi-literate jester Lallu's buffoonery. Why that nut is a topic of research for international business management schools is beyond me. What would they like to comprehend about him? How a neanderthal barbarian allegedly "turned around" the Socialist behemoth called the Indian Railways?
This is utter rubbish - a manipulation of statistics, a concoction of secularist mythology, just like the tale of the Nehru family's clothes being laundered in Paris was invented by some sycophant.

Personally, I think the most hilarious moment in the last few days was the Harvard "educated" Dravidian fascist Chidambaram, second only in "eminence" as "economic genius" to Manmohan Singh - officially renaming the Lucknow airport after Chaudhry Charan Singh with the atrocious justification that this was in response to a "long standing demand of the people of Uttar Pradesh" !!!
Yeah, right. The people of Uttar Pradesh have no other grievance or need from the government, except the renaming of an airport after some dead politician! LMAO.
This is not Chidambaram's first atrocity by any strech of the imagination. Some of his prize gems include the Service tax, Islamic banking, Transaction fees for withdrawals from personal Savings accounts etc. But, does anyone care? The fellow is an "eminent economist" and a Dravidian secularist to boot.

Also, to me - the most infuriating moment was Omar Abdullah's speech. Even Raoul
Nehru was tolerable in comparison. The Jihadi brat had the audacity to
claim that Kashmiri Muslims were paragons of peace, tolerance, secularism etc. The Jihadi thug asserted belligerently that Hindus committed genocide in Gujarat
and contrasted that with the "tolerance and compassion" of genocidal Islamist butchers for the Kashmiri Pandits, indeed for all Hindus. It redounds to the BJP's shame that they had not a single speaker to eloquently and forcefully demolish the Jihadi propaganda being telecast live on national television from the precincts of Indian Parliament. And there were illiterate idiot Kaangress Dhimmis sitting right in his vicinity and actually applauding
his anti-national diatribe. A more bizarre spectacle I cannot imagine.

bush rewards UPA's n-deal support by upgrading pakistan's f-16s

jul 24th, 2008

rejoice, all ye supporters of the UPA and the n-deal.

naturally, this is what you get for ass-kissing. this is also what you deserve.

the f-16s are not very useful against taliban or al qaeda, but very useful against india.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

sandhya jain: Muslims lost an opportunity

jul 23rd, 2008

amarnath demonstrates clearly that mohammedans have no wish to live in harmony with hindus.

it's like the episode from the mahabharata -- the pandavas plead with the kauravas to give them at least five kingdoms, or at least five villages. and the kauravas say, not even an inch.

we know what that led to: war.

mohammedans are looking to provoke war, similarly. they think they'll win any war because they have the mythology that 1 paki mohammedan = 10 hindu indians. unfortunately for them this is not true.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Shahryar


Muslims lost an opportunity
by Sandhya Jain

The current explosion of violence, politics, and religious sentiment over the allotment and subsequent cancellation of land for civic amenities to Hindu pilgrims to Amarnath in Jammu & Kashmir should convincingly establish that religion is here to stay in the nation's public life. Religion and its associated culture and civilisational ethos have a large and legitimate role in forming the national character of a people, and need honourable acknowledgement, not concealment.

In India, the time has come to end the 'invisibility' of its Hindu face, and affirm the primacy of Hindu dharma in national identity and national life. Hindu dharma is the faith of India's native and majority community; it cannot cede its status to guest faiths which came here seeking solace from persecution, or to faiths that rode on the back of colonial conquest.

If Ayodhya was the first significant milestone in the Hindu quest for civilisational comeback, Amarnath is the next turning point. In Ayodhya, the Muslim failure to perpetuate the 400-year-old appropriation of the Ram Janmabhoomi was given a semi-fig-leaf of 'victimhood' by anti-Hindus appalled at the fall of the decrepit Babri structure. But Amarnath is pure provocation, a scandalous demonstration of intolerance by groups and parties that take their cue from external sources.

... deleted

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

kanchan gupta: For India's sake, Congress must go

jul 22nd, 2008

sorry i am forwarding this a little late, but the sentiments are correct.

the congress lied on a massive scale.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Kanchan

Coffee Break/Sunday Pioneer/July 20

For India's sake, Congress must go


Ever since the Left broke ranks with the Congress and withdrew its support to the UPA Government after the Prime Minister slyly authorised the circulation of the draft safeguards agreement with the IAEA and made its details public to the world while keeping them a secret from the people of India, a campaign has been launched to portray next Tuesday's trust vote in the Lok Sabha into an up or down vote on the India-US civilian nuclear cooperation agreement. As always, the Congress is being deceitful: This is not a vote for or against the deal; it is a vote on whether this Government is deserving of Parliament's, and, therefore, the nation's trust. Given the Congress's efforts to stack up numbers in its favours and the Prime Minister's apparent lack of scruples about surviving in office with the help of convicted criminals, it is entirely possible that the Government may win Tuesday's vote. But that will at best be a pyrrhic victory and in no way demonstrate that the charlatans in power enjoy the support of the masses.

Linked to this misleading campaign by the Congress and its drum-beaters is their attempt to portray divisions within the main Opposition, the BJP and the NDA, on the nuclear deal. On Saturday, Union Minister for Science and Technology Kapil Sibal claimed on television that senior BJP leader LK Advani had endorsed the nuclear deal during a meeting with the Prime Minister last year, and that his opposition to the deal was on account of pressure from some party colleagues. The meeting Mr Sibal has referred to was a classified briefing session with a condition attached to it: Neither the Government nor the BJP was to disclose details of what transpired to the media. Since Mr Sibal has violated the confidentiality clause, it would be in order to place on record that there was no such endorsement; on the contrary, questions raised by Mr Advani and his colleagues who attended the briefing still remain unanswered. It is tempting to disclose further details of what transpired during the briefing session, especially what was said by the Prime Minister, but I shall resist that temptation because to spit and scoot would be tantamount to emulating the Congress's cowardly tactics.

Suffice it to say that within 48 hours of the India-US joint statement of July 18, 2005, delineating the contours of the proposed nuclear deal — the final draft does not conform to those details and is far more discriminatory than was feared then — Mr Atal Bihari Vajpayee, speaking on behalf of the BJP, had registered his unqualified opposition on three basic counts. First, what was being offered by the Americans would, in the short-term, contain India's strategic nuclear deterrence. Second, in the medium-term, it would curb India's strategic nuclear capacity. Third, in the long-term, it would roll back India's strategic nuclear programme.

Three years later, with the unveiling of the Hyde Act, the draft 123 Agreement and the draft safeguards agreement with the IAEA, those apprehensions have been proved to be prophetic. The deal, as it stands today, is not about empowering India, but emasculating our nation. It is not about enabling India to harness the civilian benefits of nuclear energy, but disabling our nation from maintaining a minimum credible deterrence. It is not about ending India's so-called 'isolation', but lumping our nation with nuclear have-nots and bringing us into the non-proliferation regime through the backdoor.

In brief, the stage is being set for us to be denuded of the right to decide for ourselves what is good and in the best interest of the nation, to supplant our national strategic interest by foreign commercial and strategic interests, especially those of the US. If this deal, in its current form, is formalised, we will become a client state requiring approval and endorsement of every move we make to assert our independence and sovereign rights.

The UPA, more so the Congress, is a complicit partner in this elaborate charade to fool the people of this country while surreptitiously replacing India's independent nuclear policy — including the nation's nuclear strategy and nuclear doctrine — with one dictated by America. The decades of hard work put in by our scientists, enabling and empowering India to emerge as an equal of the P5, is being sacrificed for 'gains' that remain unexplained. The courage of conviction demonstrated by Mrs Indira Gandhi on May 18, 1974, has now come to be replaced by amoral duplicity.

In the past, India was enslaved by East India Company; our wealth was plundered to feed the British Empire's greed. That unfettered loot was made possible by quislings and turncoats among us who were vulnerable to colonial manipulations. Today, we are on the verge of being indentured to the nuclear neo-colonialism of the 21st century, thanks to quislings and turncoats among us.

It is a fact that the BJP took the initiative to engage the US in a strategic dialogue, but it is also a fact that India was an equal participant and not a supplicant in that dialogue. Unlike the Communists, the BJP believes that a strategic alliance with the US is in India's interest, as much as a strategic alliance with Russia and European powers. Unlike the Congress, the BJP believes that India today has the might and right to be treated as an equal and not as a nation deserving of crumbs from the high table. Hence, the BJP has been consistent in categorically asserting that it will renegotiate the nuclear deal to safeguard India's interests by removing debilitating clauses when it comes to power. Unless this is done, India's interests will be mortgaged irredeemably.

In the debate preceding Tuesday's vote, the BJP should assert these points if it wishes to emerge as a credible alternative to the Congress. But, more importantly, it must strive to expose the despicable politics of the nuclear deal — the Dr Singh-and-Mr Hyde manner in which it has been 'negotiated'; the shroud of secrecy that continues to hide the implications of rushing into an agreement that is blatantly loaded against India; the attempt to bluff the nation into believing something that is patently untrue; and, the belittling of India's Parliament, and hence its people, not once or twice, but repeatedly.

Never before has a ruling party staked the Government of India to fulfil the 'commitment' of an individual to a foreign Government. In the past, Governments have fallen on account of internal policy issues or realignment of political forces. This is the first time that we are witnessing the impending fall of a Government because the Congress, which has already lost the political authority and moral right to remain in power, by its own admission, would rather have the UPA voted out than fail in keeping the Prime Minister's 'commitment' to the Americans.

India can do without such a Government.

Kanchan Gupta
Associate Editor,
The Pioneer,

shashi tharoor: china vs. india

jul 22nd, 2008

supports brahma's forecast of the next war imposed by china on india.

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From: Shashi

Eyeball to Eyeball at the Top of the World
The New Straits Times, Malaysia
July 15, 2008

By Shashi Tharoor, an acclaimed novelist and commentator, is a former Under-Secretary- General of the United Nations.

NEW DELHI ­– When a foreign minister goes out of his way to assure reporters that there is no tension on his country's borders with a powerful neighbor, the logical tendency is to wonder whether "the lady doth protest too much."

After all, you don't hear Canada's foreign minister denying tension on his country's American frontier, because the truth of that proposition is self-evident.

The claim by Indian Foreign Minister Pranab Mukherjee on a June visit to Beijing that the Sino-Indian border is tension-free has prompted cynical observers to assume the opposite.

They are right to do so. The last six months have witnessed a proliferation of incidents along the 2,520-mile (4,057-kilometer) Sino-Indian frontier.

Nearly a hundred have been recorded, including no fewer than 65 incursions by China's People's Liberation Army in just one sector – the evocatively-named Finger Area, a 2.1-square-kilometer salient in the Indian state of Sikkim, which shares a 206-kilometer border with Tibet.

While India seeks to downplay such reports, one incident that did make it into the Indian press occurred inside the "Line of Actual Control" (LAC) on the western sector of the border at Demchok, in India's Ladakh district.

A mixed civilian-military team investigating reports of Chinese incursions were, on May 16, threatened and forced to retreat by a PLA formation in three armored vehicles. The Chinese soldiers allegedly assumed firing positions, leading the Indians to withdraw in order not to provoke a shooting match.

The previous month, there were reports of an armed Chinese probe 12 kilometers into the north-eastern Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh. Intensified Chinese patrolling has been observed at Demchok and Pangong Tso in Ladakh, and in the West Kameng district of Arunachal Pradesh, a state to which the Chinese Ambassador in New Delhi went so far as to lay claim in a media interview.

With China having established four new airbases in Tibet and three in its southern provinces bordering India, the Indian Air Force is reportedly augmenting its own presence near the Chinese border by deploying two squadrons of Sukhoi-30MKI fighters.

What is going on? Are China and India bracing for war?

Fears of imminent major hostilities are clearly overblown. China, with the Olympics looming, is unlikely to initiate a clash, and India has no desire to provoke its neighbor, which humiliated it in a brutal border war in 1962 that left China in possession of 23,200 square kilometers of Indian territory.

At the same time, China has taken pains to remind India that it still claims a further 92,000 square kilometers, mainly in Arunachal Pradesh.

It doesn't help that the two countries share the longest disputed frontier in the world, since the LAC has never been formally delineated in a manner accepted by both sides.

India's borders were defined by British imperial administrators in 1913 – the MacMahon Line, which China rejects (though it accepts that line as its frontier with Burma, which was then part of British India).

With the LAC coming into being in the wake of China's victory in 1962, the situation is even more unclear. Whenever troops from either side build roads, construct or repair bunkers and other fortifications, or conduct patrols close to the LAC, tensions can flare.

When the two sides are anxious to avoid provoking each other, such activities are kept to a minimum, but it would seem that China has taken a conscious decision in recent months to keep the Indians on their toes.

The reasons are not hard to identify. China's recent troubles over Tibet have brought with them unwelcome reminders of India's hospitality to the Dalai Lama and his government-in-exile.

The fact that Tawang, the birthplace of the sixth Dalai Lama and a major monastery of Tibetan Buddhism, lies in Arunachal, deprives China of a vital asset in its attempts to assert total control over Tibet.

Reminding India of China's claims is therefore all the more urgent for China. Foreign Minister Mukherjee was treated rudely on his recent visit, with Premier Wen Jiabao cancelling a previously-scheduled appointment and the Governor of Sichuan Province failing to show up to receive a donation of Indian humanitarian aid for China's earthquake victims.

At his meeting with his Chinese counterpart, Yang Jiechi, Mukherjee was told what his hosts thought of the Dalai Lama's activities and statements in India, and was reminded that the border incidents reflected different perceptions of where the border lies.

The Chinese demanded a resumption of talks on the unsettled border, though there seems little prospect of either side making new concessions.

Behind the unpleasantness may lie a broader strategic calculation. With the end of the Cold War, China had two options concerning India: to regard it as a natural ally, together with Russia, in building up an alternative to American dominance in the region, or to identify it as a potential adversary.

The recent emergence of a United States-India partnership appears to have convinced China's rulers that India has become an instrument for the "containment" of China.

Such a perception may have been reinforced by India's frequent military exercises with the US, Japan, and Australia and its cultivation of former Soviet Central Asia (including the establishment of a military base in Tajikistan).

Moreover, India has attempted to establish strategic ties with countries that China sees as falling within its own sphere of influence (from Mongolia to Vietnam, including direct competition over Myanmar).

So the Sino-Indian frontier is unlikely to remain quiet. Needling an eager-to-please India on its troubled northern borders helps China to keep India guessing about its intentions, exposes the giant democracy's vulnerabilities in an election year, and cuts a potential strategic rival down to size.

Look for China to provoke more incidents once the Olympics are over.

Shashi Tharoor, an acclaimed novelist and commentator, is a former Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations.

Copyright: Project Syndicate, 2008.

Cry beloved motherland, for Parthasarathy Sudarshan

jul 22nd, 2008

prof vaidya makes a poignant case for those who are suffering for india's sake.

if this guy were a chinese, the chinese govt would have jumped through hoops to get him released and given him a hero's welcome.

in the UPA dispensation, if he were a mohammedan or a christist, he would have been paid some attention to. in the former case, minister e. ahamed would personally have gone to washington to get him released.

but there's nobody to speak up for hindus.

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Cry beloved motherland, for Parthasarathy Sudarshan
15/07/2008 10:36:45


Author: R Vaidyanathan

Not many would have heard of Parthasarathy Sudarshan, an engineering graduate from REC Trichy and a scientist from Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd who is rotting in the jail in USA. He has been sentenced with a 30-month prison term for helping our scientific research.

The crime? Sudarshan tried to facilitate supplies of spares and components to our important scientific organisations from entities in the USA. The organisations in question include Trivandrum-based Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (VSSC), a unit of the department of space, Hyderabad-based Bharat Dynamics Ltd (BDL), which is under the ministry of defence, and Aeronautical Development Establishment (ADE), which is under the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO).

The indictment says the goal of the exports made by Sudarshan was to "to supply government of India enterprises on the entity list with critical electronic components needed in the production of missiles and missile launch vehicles."

Parthasarathy Sudarshan was the managing director of Cirrus Electronics, which has offices in Bangalore, Singapore and South Carolina.

Among the "critical" items his company supplied were i960 Intel microprocessors, for use in Tejas aircraft. However, these microprocessors were not of much significance even for Intel - the company had disbanded its team and redeployed the people to work on P6 Pentium. Surely, Sudarshan wasn't trying to start the World War III in the backyards of Nevada or Utah.

In fact, when the case was "burst," Sudarshan wasn't even in the USA. Initially, other employees of the company, such as Mythili Gopal were arraigned. But, Sudarshan went to USA from Singapore and was man enough to face the stupid charges leveled by the US authorities.

Contrast this with the treatment given to the Frankenstein called A Q Khan of Pakistan. His wholesale and retail trade of nuclear secrets and nuclear weapons are well-documented. But he cannot even be questioned by Uncle Sam. He is in a guest house and periodically taken to seaside resorts to enjoy nature. He has single-handedly spread the nuclear weapons and if there is a nuclear attack in the USA by the terrorists, one can safely assume that the steps initiated by Khan have borne fruit.

The so-called infringement of local laws by Cirrus pales in comparison with the gigantic global terror network spewed by Khan. But then, Khan is a citizen of Pakistan. The main crime of Sudarshan is perhaps that he is a citizen of India and was trying to facilitate Indian research efforts.

Sudarshan himself tells others involved in the case that "our intention is not to make profit on this order but to service VSSC."

Yet, he has been made a fall guy by our insensitive establishment, which behaves like a subordinate when it comes to dealing with the West. If Sudarshan had belonged to Israel, the whole ball game would have been different. The entire country as one man would have demanded his release.

India should have categorically told USA that any movement on any issue — be it Kyoto protocol or WTO in Doha, or the nuclear deal — it cannot move an inch unless and until our Sudarshans are released and sent back to India immediately. How the USA does it is their concern. It can be a presidential pardon or an escape due to oversight at the prison or any other method.

We also do not know how many other such patriots are rotting in that wretched country for the crime of helping their motherland.

Our English-language newspapers have briefly reported it and also made it appear that he is wrong (as if these papers are published from Washington and edited by whites). Neither the newspapers nor our TV channels found it fit to cover this story of sacrifice and suffering by an Indian. There is no vigil for him. He is suffering in jail unwept and uncared for by an ungrateful nation.

Our netas are shameless and know nothing about the Sudarshans. Our middle class is totally addicted to reality shows and saas-bahu serials that do not know that scientists are rotting in jail for trying to serve our motherland. They even do not worry about our valiant officers getting murdered in Kashmir.

The Parliament is meeting soon to discuss the nuclear bill. I hope some Member of Parliament —— who is concerned about the sacrifices of people like Sudarshan — will raise this issue on a priority basis. I am hoping such members do exist, whose interests transcend the deal-within-deals in these days of murky politics and rampant greed.

Unless and until we stand by those taking risks and sacrificing themselves for the country, we cannot walk with our heads held high in the comity of nations. We need to assert and bully all these declining powers and tell them that for us, our national interest is more important than any negotiation. Till the last scientist is released from the prisons of the USA, we should not allow our Parliament to function. Anybody listening?

The writer is professor of finance, Indian Institute of Management -
Bangalore, and can be reached at .

Meat in a low-carbon world

jul 22nd, 2008

locavore -- one eating locally produced food -- is a great idea.

but this article claims that the free-range animal husbandry is worse than factory-farming them!

the obvious but difficult answer: vegetarianism.

so many complexities.

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From: Shahryar

Meat in a low-carbon world

By Tom Heap
Costing the Earth, Radio 4

Feel-good food just got tricky.

It was easy when "good" meant anything which could have stepped off a John Constable canvas: free range chicken, foraging pigs and grazing cattle.

But then climate change came along. No one noticed at first, still concentrating their fire on the obvious targets like 4x4s, long flights and coal power stations; but our meaty diet is laden with greenhouse gases, and trying to reduce them throws up some unpalatable choices.

It has prompted the Vegetarian Society to take out adverts in the paper declaring that our carnivorous tastes are a "silent but deadly" assault on our climate. 

First a few farmyard facts. Cows and sheep are ruminants which means their digestion produces much methane, a gas with about 20 times the global warming power per puff than carbon dioxide.

It comes out in breath, burps and farts. Their manure is also heavy with nitrates which pollute both water and air.

Pigs produce less gas, but plenty of manure. Chickens eat and waste little.

There is also a vast difference in the efficiency with which they turn vegetable fodder into meat protein; and the less land you need to feed each animal, the more you have left for anything else - like climate-friendly forests. 

Cows and sheep need 8kg of grain for every 1kg of meat they produce, pigs about 4kg. The most efficient poultry units need a mere 1.6kg of feed to produce 1kg of chicken. 

The UN's food and agriculture organisation has added all this up and decreed that livestock warms the planet more than transport.

So in fear that the "anti-carbon tyrant" might wipe their business from the planet, the meat industry has been looking for low greenhouse gas (GHG) solutions, and the problem is that many of them are found indoors.

Housing animals gives humans control. The diet can be precisely manipulated to maximise growth and minimise polluting gases.

 ... deleted

Published: 2008/05/08 11:03:04 GMT


Why India Will Beat China

Good businessweek article on why India will evolve into a better place to do business than China.

ganga cleanup plan finally in benares?

'frozen economy': what ordinary americans are facing

jul 22nd, 2008

a well written piece by a former harvard business school professor.

the same is getting to be true of india: prices way up, return on funds way down, real estate bubble losing its fizz, and i am sure there will be job losses soon in export oriented industries. india is less frozen because of the enormous amount of petty corruption greasing the wheels.

rajeev on rediff about the nuke deal and whether the yanks and chinese are conspiring

one more strike against nuclear fusion: rusi taleyarkhan accused of misconduct, sadly

jul 22nd, 2008

easy fusion seems very far off still. i had hoped sonofusion was feasible. cold fusion also seems pretty unlikely still.

fission is dirty and inherently dangerous. nuclear power, in my opinion, is the wrong thing to chase.

rusi taleyarkhan is an iit madras graduate. i give him the benefit of the doubt; i doubt if he was deliberately unethical;_ylt=AljgOtXO

pk iyengar: 10 myths about nuke deal

jul 22nd, 2008

perhaps the most succinct and simple article i have seen on this issue.


10 myths about N-deal

*PK Iyengar

The India-US nuclear deal is not in the national interest. It presents the
very serious danger of capping our strategic programme by bringing us into
the non-proliferation regime. That alone is reason enough not to go forward
with the deal*

In spite of the fact that the India-US nuclear deal is not in the national
interest, many in the country, and in Parliament, support it because of
misconceptions about the deal, which need to be clarified.

*Myth 1: The nuclear deal is an agreement between India and the US for the
American Government to supply nuclear fuel and reactors to India. *

Contrary to common perception, the nuclear deal is not a commitment on the
part of the US Government to provide us with uranium or nuclear reactors.
Presently American law prohibits nuclear cooperation with India because we
have not signed the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). All the nuclear deal
does is to grant a 'waiver' from that law, so that American companies can
now pursue nuclear trade with India. However, if India conducts a test at
any time, the waiver is revoked.

*Myth 2: Imported uranium and nuclear reactors will be cheap and
cost-effective. *

Even if the nuclear deal is made operational, the actual sale of uranium and
nuclear reactors will be governed by market forces -- there are no
guarantees of cheap or competitive nuclear power. To the contrary, there is
every reason to believe that it will be expensive. The cost of uranium in
the international market has gone up four-fold in the last few years, and
will rise further with further demand. The same is true of the cost of steel
and other materials used in a reactor. Manpower costs are much higher in the
West. The example of the Dabhol power plant has already shown us that
importing power plants from the West is not necessarily a viable option. We
would do well to learn from that experience.

*Myth 3: The nuclear deal will safeguard our energy security. *

It is true that nuclear energy is green energy, and therefore essential for
our long-term energy security. But this does not translate into the nuclear
deal ensuring our energy security. Power from the nuclear reactors that we
buy will definitely be more expensive than indigenous nuclear power.
Further, to keep the reactors running, we will always be dependent on
imported uranium, which is controlled by a cartel -- the Nuclear Suppliers
Group. Therefore, the nuclear deal, by making us dependent on the cartel,
will only compromise our energy security. Only our indigenous nuclear power
programme can truly ensure our energy security. And in any case, for the
next few decades, nuclear power will not exceed six per cent of our total
electricity production.

*Myth 4: Importing nuclear plants is a quick-fix solution to the present
power crisis. *

Nuclear technology is sensitive. Even if the nuclear deal goes through, it
will take time to buy and set up new reactors. We have examples of the
French reactors in China, and the Russian reactors at Kudankulam in India.
It will actually take longer to set up foreign reactors compared to
indigenous ones. Just the negotiations and legal formalities could take
years. It will be at least eight years before we see the first power.

*Myth 5: The nuclear deal does not stop India from further nuclear testing,
and, therefore, does not compromise our national security. *

It is very clearly stated in the 123 Agreement it will be subject to
national laws, and the Hyde Act is a law of the US. Therefore, the 123
Agreement is certainly circumscribed by the Hyde Act, which very clearly
states that if India tests a nuclear device, all further nuclear trade is to
stop, and the nuclear materials that have already been sold to us have to be
returned. No future Indian Government would dare to jeopardise such a huge
investment in nuclear power by testing. So, for all practical purposes the
nuclear deal caps our strategic programme -- which is precisely what the
Americans intend.

*Myth 6: We can pass a national law to counteract the Hyde Act, and this
will protect our strategic programme. *

Just as the Hyde Act is not binding on us, our laws are not binding on the
US. We can certainly amend our Atomic Energy Act to enable participation of
the private sector in nuclear power. But if we pass a law saying that we
will retain the right to test, it will have no influence on the actions of
the US. If and when we test, they can simply quote the 123 Agreement and the
Hyde Act, and pull out all their nuclear materials, leaving us devastated.
The only option here is to renegotiate the 123 Agreement and have the clause
inserted there. However, the Americans are unlikely to agree to this, since
it goes against their non-proliferation policy.

*Myth 7:The nuclear deal and the safeguards agreement give India the status
of a nuclear power. *

While the July 18, 2005 India-US joint statement did indeed talk about India
being treated as an equal by the US, neither the 123 Agreement nor the IAEA
safeguards agreement has borne this out. In fact, the IAEA safeguards
agreement that has been negotiated is closely based on the model agreement
that IAEA has for non-nuclear weapon states. The safeguards agreements that
the nuclear weapon countries have signed with the IAEA require them to put
very few reactors under safeguards, and allow them to take reactors out of
safeguards. India, however, will have to place most of its reactors under
safeguards for perpetuity. Therefore, we are certainly not being treated as
a nuclear weapons country.

*Myth 8: Without the nuclear deal, we cannot get adequate uranium for our
domestic nuclear programme. *

The Department of Atomic Energy has always maintained that we have enough
indigenous uranium for 10,000 MW of nuclear power for 30 years. We are not
yet close to that number. The present mismatch in uranium availability for
operating reactors is a consequence of poor planning, and inadequate
prospecting and mining. There is talk of importing 40,000 MW of nuclear
power, which will cost not less than $ 100 billion or Rs 4 lakh crore. If
even 10 per cent of this money were to be spent on uranium mining in
existing mines in Andhra Pradesh and Meghalaya, on searching for new uranium
deposits, and negotiating with non-NSG countries, there will be enough
uranium for a robust indigenous nuclear power programme, until such time as
thorium reactors take over.

*Myth 9: The safeguards agreement with the IAEA guarantees fuel supplies
even if India conducts a nuclear test. *

The safeguards agreement only notes, in the preamble, that India's
concurrence to the safeguards is linked to getting fuel supplies. However,
the IAEA has no role in this matter, and certainly, no such commitment is
given in the safeguards agreement. It also notes that India may take
'corrective measures' in the event of a disruption of foreign fuel supplies.
It does not specify what these measures will be, it does not provide for any
role for the IAEA in this, and it does not bestow legitimacy on any such
measures that India may take. It may well be that any such measures that we
suggest, such as importing fuel from another country, will be disallowed by
the NSG. The only tangible corrective measure is for India to explore and
mine more uranium, and to enhance enrichment capability to provide fuel for
those reactors. The latter is subject to uncertainty.

*Myth 10: The nuclear deal has no impact on our foreign policy. *

The Hyde Act states clearly that it is the policy of the US to secure
India's cooperation on a number of issues involving Iran, including its
capability to reprocess nuclear fuel (in spite of the fact that Iran, as an
NPT signatory, has the right to enrich uranium for use in light-water
reactors). This has nothing to do with the deal, and can only be related to
influencing our foreign policy.

It can, therefore, be seen, that the India-US nuclear deal is not in the
national interest. It presents the very serious danger of capping our
strategic programme. That alone is reason enough not to go forward with the
deal. Additionally, it does not guarantee the energy security that we are
seeking, and, in fact, may only end up making us as vulnerable to the
nuclear cartel, as we are today to the oil cartel.

It is easy to see why the US wants this deal so badly. At virtually no cost,
since there is no commitment towards fuel supplies, they can cap our
strategic programme, bring us into the NPT net through the back door, as a
non-nuclear power, keep a close eye on our nuclear activities, including
R&D, through intrusive IAEA inspections, and subjugate us to the wishes of
the nuclear cartel.

-- *The writer is former chairman, Atomic Energy Commission.*

China's Next India War: brahma chellaney

jul 22nd, 2008

extremely scary thoughts by brahma about possible chinese moves in the near future. quite plausible too. it's also possible that china's pals in india will rise up in open revolt.

while indians are entertained by the manufactured and wholly unnecessary circus in parliament, the chinese are quietly building up their strength.

the parallel with pre-1962 days -- india and china being spoken of in the same breath -- is an extraordinary insight. (which of course china absolutely hates.) i have been thinking that it is a great achievement for india to be equated with china than with pakistan. but brahma's insight is a paradigm shift -- the chinese hate it, and they *will* do something about it. i have been thinking this will primarily consist of diverting the brahmaputra, but there may be more -- actual invasions or nuclear bombs.

incidentally, the report about the chinese planning to resettle 300 million of their people in africa in the near future -- talk of colonialism! -- once again shows the clear belief of chinese strategists in nazi-style lebensraum-grabbing. they already have 750,000 there.

i'd add another coincidence with pre-1962 days -- there were plenty of kerala people in positions of power in the central government, including a defense minister. and we had just acquiesced in the rape of tibet then, and we have just acquiesced in the rape of nepal now.

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From: Brahma Chellaney

China's next India war


Brahma Chellaney

Covert magazine, July 16-31, 2008

China's rapidly accumulating power is emboldening Beijing to pursue a more muscular foreign policy. After having touted its "peaceful rise", it has shown a creeping propensity to flex its muscles — a tendency that has become more pronounced since it surprised the world with an anti-satellite weapon test in January 2007. Once the Beijing Olympics are over, it may not be long before China takes its gloves off. In fact, over the past year, its actions have ranged from provocatively seeking to assert its jurisdiction over islets claimed by Vietnam and staging large-scale war games in the South and East China Seas, to showcasing its new nuclear submarine capability and whipping up diplomatic spats with countries that grant official hospitality to the Dalai Lama.

            What stands out the most is the perceptible hardening of China's stance towards India.


Read more by clicking on this link:!4913C7C8A2EA4A30!648.entry



sorry for silence

jul 22nd, 2008

i have been traveling and then ill, and unable to post much here.

anyway, i have just written a few articles which i will put up on shortly.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Dravidian christist insists on assaulting RamSetu: Manmohan nods in approval

Dravidian Christist bigot TR Baalu and head neanderthal, "Karunanidhi" insist on the deliberate destruction of the Ram Setu, even in the dying days of the fascist coalition, with absolutely no consideration for the Supreme Court's orders to back off from any destructive activity, what to speak of Hindu sentiment in the matter.

The UPA's flimsy loin cloth of "Secularism" is in tatters and the ugly spectacle of Christist hatred for articles of Hindu belief is out in the open, for every "secular" fool to behold.

The decision to proceed post haste with the Dravidian Christist assault on Ram Setu, it must be noted, has been approved by a certain Hindu hating neo-Nazi gentleman, the fellow who has been masquerading variously as the "eminent secularist", the "reservoir of compassion" etc. If his track record over the past 4 years is any evidence, this "gentleman" is a perverted Hindu hating masochist who derives sadistic pleasure in collaborating with Mullah/Missionary/Marxist thugs to assault Hindu civilisation at every opportunity.

Hindu monk brutally assaulted by Mullah, Marxist thugs in Commie West Bengal

Mullah, Marxist thugs in West Bengal merrily proceeding with the annihilation of Hindus as the nation is distracted by the Tamasha over the alleged nuclear "deal" - succinctly described by Jayalalithaa as the "Charter of Slavery and servitude".

This is an absolute outrage - and a logical corollary to East Pakistan's notion of lebensraum , literally absorbing West Bengal and the North East through demographic Jihad. The brutal and relentless genocidal campaign being waged against the Hindus in all corners of the nation epitomises the singular "achievement" of the tinpot UPA fascist regime - namely the shrinkage of "India", the retreat of all that is symbolic of Indic civilisation, to the extent that the Mullah/Missionary/Marxist aggression against the nation is no longer confined to the remote corners of the nation's landmass. Not a square inch of our sacred soil anywhere is free from the depredations of these eternal enemies of Indic civilisation. Each and every Hindu who identifies himself as a Hindu is a target in the pogrom to replace Hinduism with Semitic death cults. Countless "useful idiots" who identify themselves as "Secular" are willingly collaborating in the extermination of their own heritage.

Head Nazi, Manmohan Singh, with his much vaunted Oxford credentials has presided over the fragmentation of the nation and perverted the nation's political lexicon to two words - "Secular" and "Communal". Therefore, it is time for each and every Hindu in India - to the last man - to wear the "Communal" tag as a badge of honour and wage a relentless war for the defense and preservation of Hindu civilisation.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Onion: Volatile India-Pakistan Standoff In 11,680th Day

Another hilarious satirical piece from The Onion. But seriously, they do make a good point, albeit humorously, that India and Pakistan are no more likely to overturn world peace than the opposing forces in Europe.
(PS: Here is another one that's funny too)

Friday, July 18, 2008

China Targets Africa for Colonization With little fanfare, a staggering 750,000 Chinese have settled in Africa over the past decade. More are on the way. The strategy has been carefully devised by officials in Beijing, where one expert has estimated that China will eventually need to send 300 million people to Africa to solve the problems of over-population and pollution.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Israel Can't Buy Peace

jul 17th, 2008
nor can india.
one thing israel probably did is
a) embed GPS tracking devices in these blighters' skulls so they know where they are at all times. wouldn't that be great information for incoming israeli artillery shells and missiles?
b) inject them with the AIDS virus and other hard-to-detect biological weapons, perhaps some slow-acting germs. maybe these guys will go around an infect lots of other jihadis.
india should have done either or both of these when they let that omar shaikh and the other fellow go after kandahar.
india started negotiating with terrorists first to save mufti mohammed's daughter saeeda! no wonder the same mufti and his harpie daughter mehbooba are first in line to demand that amarnath be shut down. shows the true face of mohammedan gratitude.
---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Shahryar
Date: Thu, Jul 17, 2008 at 8:39 PM
Subject: Israel Can't Buy Peace
To: Rajeev Srinivas


Israel Can't Buy Peace
July 17, 2008 10:00 AM EST

It doesn't matter how many prisoners it releases for hostages, or how many rounds of talks it holds with its enemies Israel will never be able to secure a lasting peace at the negotiating table. Israel is surrounded by people that want it gone. Period. End of discussion. The destruction of Israel and the slaughter of its citizens is not open to negotiation.


Yet, ever since Ehud Olmert came to power he has acted under the assumption that giving the terrorists everything they want will somehow give his country peace and security. The problem is that in order to negotiate peace, the people you are negotiating with must be trustworthy. To the Islamists it is perfectly permissible to lie to a non Muslim. They negotiated a cease fire with Hamas in the Gaza strip, Hamas broke it in less than 48 hours. Hamas never had any intention of keeping their word because to have done so would have meant turning their backs on their religious duty of Jihad.

... deleted

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