Friday, January 18, 2008

UPA to outsource farming - Let's eat software; drink imported Arab crude
The Third Bengal Famine is coming soon. That’s right – we will soon starve because the Burmese will own all the food while Sonar Bangla’s fertile delta will house ‘Chemical Hubs’.

India’s core strength is arable land and sunshine. Instead of heavily investing in co-operative farming, subsidising agro-processing industry and creating IPR in organic agriculture; the UPA morons have decided that the problem of farmer suicide is best eliminated by eliminating farming !!**

We can now all eat software washed down with imported Arab crude - all while calling defaulting American credit card users. What joy – at least the Burmese (err – did I say Burmese – my bad, my bad– Chinese) will have food security.

** I don't know if Malayalam has an equivalent to the Hindi proverb - Na Rahega Baans, Na bajegi baansurie (If the bamboo will not remain, the flute will not sound)

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Shivaji's Blog said...

By giving in to malaysia, sonia gandhi gives another wink to islamic terror---"i just rule these hindus, but i am not one of them. do what you want. please don't touch my family. go ahead and kill these hindus."