Monday, December 31, 2007

Zardari-Mushy Bhai-Bhai?

It's being reported that Zardari was the one who'd originally refused to allow an autopsy to be done on wife Benazir's body, on the grounds that it would be an insult to her, a sacrilege, etc. If true, then I'd find such a refusal to be highly suspicious.

Consider that it's also been widely reported that Zardari's marriage to Benazir had been breaking down, and that like many political couples, they were simply staying together for appearance's sake. Zardari, like many Pakistani husbands, might not be willing to play the role of a submissive husband for the end of his days, like Indira's husband Firoz.

What if both Zardari and Musharraf had found common ground in protecting their interests by having Benazir "suddenly removed" from the picture?

Then Zardari gets son Bilawal crowned party head, while Zardari himself gets to be the real power behind the son's throne. Meanwhile, Musharraf benefits by getting the same power-sharing deal with PPP, but minus the presence of the annoying Bhutto woman.

Zardari's refusal to allow an autopsy on his wife would be consistent with such a scenario. Also consistent with such a scenario would be the govt trying to cover up evidence on the circumstances of Bhutto's death. Note the govt's denial of any gunshots on Benazir's body, in contrast to the newly-released video evidence. Also note the immediate hosing down of the crime scene, washing away evidence, rather than preserving it for investigators. Musharraf's govt doesn't seem to be making strenuous efforts to get this crime solved. I'm just wondering why?

Please also remember that the Commando-General is a ruthless adversary. He can be very creative in his tactics when cornered. And you have to admit, he has been feeling pretty cornered lately, with the whole US-brokered electoral arrangement.

Just a little paranoid theorizing from me.

'Liberal' NYT Hires Arch-Neocon Bill Kristol

Now what could possibly make the self-styled liberal ivory tower, the New York Times Hire Bill Kristol as a Columnist? After all, Bill Kristol was one of the loudest sponsors of the Iraq invasion, which NYT has an axe to grind against.

The hiring decision is being defended by Andy Rosenthal, NYT's editorial page chief. While I won't comment on what Rosenthal's leanings are, I'll point out that what may have created the opening for this move, is of course the NYT's declining revenues, erosion of its readership -- and the arrival of a powerful new challenger in town: Rupert Murdoch, with his newly-acquired prize, the Wall Street Journal.

Everyone knows that it's Murdoch's intent to use a re-fashioned WSJ as a hammer to take on the NYT, and hit it where it counts, on its bottom line. And the NYT are indeed beginning to act scared, behind the scenes. It is the very credible and meaningful threat that Murdoch poses, which is then exposing the chinks and cracks in the NYT's armour, to make inroads for people like Kristol possible.

So the lesson for all of us is clear. This is how the fanatical left-wing media enterprises in India need to be fought, too. Everytime you see some nutjob like Karan Thapar, or NDTV, etc, do their obligatory hatchet-jobs they pass off as news reporting, then think of how people like Murdoch have successfully laid seige against left-wing media ivory towers. The one known as NYT is either about to come crashing down, or will be re-occupied under a new dispensation.

Muslims secede from India - Sonia pays for celebration
If you believe Sachar's report - the Muslims in India are not really free and hence have no reason to celebrate. It stands to reason then that the only independence they would celebrate is the one from India.

Even for a completely self-debased Dhimmi - our Prime Minister (PM Singh aka PMS)- has outdone himself. Wonder if Ashis Nandy will do an 'interview' with this guy. Let me guess - MMS has an unresolved Oedipus Complex. Yes that's right - he so wants Sonia's exclusive attention and is very obviously jealous of Raul Nehru, because he associates Raul with Rajiv Nehru, who was the reason for the Oedipus Complex in the first place. That villain.

Samjhuata passesngers pelt own train with stones: Atlanticist version
Too bad they did not have a match-stick otherwise they might have lit up the train. This happened because some of the passengers refused to pay for tea.

Wagah is the place where the Nehruvian-Stalinists and fellow traveler 'intellectuals' light up candles. Pity they were not around to taste some of this hospitality

meaningless new year, celebrate makara sankranti

dec 31, 2007

to those of you who carouse tonight, get a designated driver. and don't do anything i wouldn't do. (well, party-pooper that i am, i have stubbornly sat out the celebrations, and got my friends pissed off with me, especially my female friends in bangalore. although frankly it's a little dangerous for women to be out on the streets of bangalore tonight.)

the white guys' calendar is based on nothing, jan 1 is a purely random day.

i prefer to celebrate the makara sankranti, which is a real event: the winter solstice. although because of 5100 years of the precession of the earth's axis around the sun, it's off by about 3 weeks from the real date, which is dec 22nd. or you could celebrate the kali yuga new year.

happy makara sankranti in advance.

ps. if you forgot to send off your new year cards, tell them you are celebrating only the makara sankranti. for the real procrastinators, there's always chinese new year in february or something

0 to genuflection in 5 seconds

Note how quickly Manmoron responded to Gladys Staines' demand for protection.
The PM also added, “I assure you that the Government of India will take all necessary steps to safeguard the fundamental rights and liberties of all sections of our society and protect their religious freedoms as enshrined in the constitution. Please be assured that we will not tolerate any efforts aimed at disturbing the communal harmony or secular fabric of our country”.

Must hand it to the woman's zeal though: continuing Ratzy's work despite losing her family.

wsj on benazir

dec 30th, 2007

interesting stuff. what i liked most was the following: the description of jihadis in pakistan is exactly the same as the description of the fringe-lunatic communists in india (both the ones that admit to being communists, as well as the JNU-types like vir sanghvi, shekar kapoor, rajdeep sardesai, prannoy roy, barkha dutt, karan thapar -- the fifth-column fascists who call themselves 'liberal' and 'secular'.) these people are a) demonizing entire populations (eg. gujarat), b) attempting to rig elections (eg. 2004 national elections and 2007 gujarat), c) they are killing the army by publishing all sorts of innuendo (eg. tehelka crap), d) enable traitors (eg. the communist terrorists of west bengal) to take over the state.

During her meeting with us last summer, Bhutto warned that while the jihadist movement would never have the popular support to win an election in its own right, they had sufficient means at their disposal to "unleash against the population, to rig an election, to kill the army and therefore to make it possible to take over the state."

Sunday, December 30, 2007

And the hits just keep on coming

The blighters did not take long to annoint the new king. It does not matter how many of them are killed - there are always more available to make 'sacrifices' for their country.

I am waiting for the breathlessly excited ELM to write editorials suggesting that the Rahul-Bilawal combination is just what India Pakistan relation needs. This might happen sooner than you think folks.

We can get ready to sign Kashmir to Pakistan and Arunachal to China in another 'peace deal' negotiated in 'historic Shimla'. The Bhutto kid will steal what is ours while India's Kingini-Kuttan holds forth on the merits of advanced basket weaving.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Karan Thapar Calls for Modi's Assassination?

Karan Thapar in HindustanTimes seems to be calling for Modi's assassination:

"Only the sudden removal of Narendra Modi can stop this."

I don't think there's a whole lot of different ways to interpret that statement. I guess the Left are allowed to get away with openly calling for a politician's murder.

destitution to prostitution: whatever will clever christists think of next?

dec 29th, 2007

from another newsgroup:

although i have always been amazed that non-mohammedan women fall for mohammedan men's come ons: like, "come by my chattel, one of my several wives, to be raped by my relatives, to live uneducated, barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen, and divorced by me just by saying talaq, talaq, talag, and you can bear sixteen children in the next sixteen years". sounds like a lot of fun, where do i sign up? women fall for this?

non-christist men being hooked by christist women putting out makes a lot more sense. horny guys are easy prey for honey-traps. heck, prostitution is the oldest profession. and prostitution in the service of jesus (existence be upon him!) is surely divine. when they get to heaven, they'll get 78 virgin, virile men to minister to their every need. oops, wrong heaven, mixed up my mythologies. sorry.


Muslims use their men predominately to get conversions, christians
seem to use their women, sometimes by extreme measures.

Flirty fishing (FFing) was a form of evangelism involving sex,
practiced by women in the new religious movement the Children of God,
now known as The Family International.[1] The group claimed that the
purposes of flirty fishing were for women to show God's love to men,
to win converts to the group, and to garner material and financial
support for the group. The Children of God practiced flirty fishing
from 1974 until 1987, when it was abandoned, partially because of the
AIDS epidemic

of course one could say that this practice was just the methods of an
extreme sect of christism, but in India I am sure these methods or
similar ones are in place, if this past article is anything to go by.
(note I do not have a link for this article)

Church sponsored Prostitution-New way for Conversion!
10/24/2007 4:27:12 AM  HK
Thiruvananthapuram: The raid in a Christian destitute home here
reveals the new modus operandi of Church to promote Conversion.

The Missionary Charity home based Prostitution under the leadership of
a 65 year old Nun-exposes the true colour of their Charity.

The institution ran by hugely funded foreign money and Grants from
Government, were utilizing prostitutes for their evil aim of Conversion.

Lure the men by showcasing their commodities-Then accuse them as
sinners-Then preach the way of Jesus as the only way to escape from
their committed sin!

Government should probe the immoral activities going on in Church
based destitute homes. Now a days it has become a fashion for
Government's Sishu Kshema Samithi to happily pick kids from the
streets and pass it to such Notorious organizations.

This is not the first time Church based sex scandals are propping out.
Reports on how Nuns and Kids from Charity homes were sold to foreign
countries for menial jobs and flesh trades were in the Media few years
back. More shocking revelations has come out after the death of Sister
Abhaya and Muringoor Mafia Centre mass killing.

Could Modi Be India's Reagan?

That's an interesting thought -- could Modi be India's Reagan?
He's certainly putting the establishment on notice. Next to the mumbling Maino, anybody looks like a Great Communicator.

I think it's a good sign that Modi's being brought back into parliamentary national-level discussions.

california: Two Indian restaurateurs shot dead

dec 29th, 2007

open season on indians. in may, mohammedan from bangladesh shoots and torches dhanak family (father and daughter), sets fire to their home, and beats mother to pulp. why? they told their other daughter to stop seeing the mohammedan. he then (shades of haneef, the fellow over whom manmohan had 'sleepless nights') books a one-way ticket to bangladesh. btw, torching people seems to be the favorite mohammedan technique.

in december, two students at louisiana state are shot dead by unknown assailants. hate crime suspected.

in december, two restaurant owners in richmond, calif are shot dead by unknown assailants. hate crime suspected.

note how the dead are all hindus or sikhs. note the deafening silence from manmohan. also note the deafening silence from bobby "rice" jindal, governor-elect in louisiana.

why isn't the indian government officially giving a demarche to the US government about protecting the rights of these people of indian origin?

we know the answer. they were hindus or sikhs, who have no human rights.

i am waiting for the time an indian-origin christist or mohammedan is killed, even in a traffic accident. jaichand pallekonda and samuel reddy and sonia will scream bloody murder in the former case.

in the latter, junior foreign minister and fundamentalist (informally, minister for only mohammedan affairs worldwide, he is suspected of having been involved in the maraad massacre in kerala a few years ago. reward? central ministership) e ahamed will immediately begin a nirahara satyagraha in front of the US embassy in new delhi demanding 'blood money'.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: v

US: Two Indian restaurateurs shot dead
George Joseph

December 29, 2007 19:46 IST
Last Updated: December 30, 2007 00:27 IST

The murder of two brothers, Ravinder Kalsi and Parmjit Kalsi, at their
hotel in Richmond, California on Thursday has stunned the Indian
community in the United States.

"At around 9 pm on Thursday, two unidentified men came to their hotel,
Sahib Indian Restaurant, asking whether it was still open. It was
partially closed a few minutes before," the police said.

The killers shot the 30-year-old dead in the doorway. They touched
nothing, said nothing, police said. They found 42-year-old Paramjit
Kalsi in the kitchen and shot him.

"It does not look like a robbery. It looks like these two guys went in
there to kill. That's what worries me, Richmond Detective Sgt. Mitch
Peixoto told Contra Costa Times.

Richmond police reviewed surveillance camera footage and looked for
witnesses. The killers may be Asian or Latino, police said.

The brothers had owned the restaurant between Nevin and Barrett
avenues for about five years and remodelled it.

"We are shocked. They were young men, very gentle, said Tehal Singh,
an in-law of one of the victims.

Their family hails from Patiala in Punjab. Friends fear the killings
could be a hate crime. The brothers shared a room in Berkeley for
about five years before moving to Richmond.

The attackers did not disturb the cash register and took nothing.

The Kalsis took over the restaurant in 2002. They also owned at least
two residential properties in the area, which they renovated in hopes
of selling for a profit.

"They were extremely hard-working. They had recently been granted
permanent residency here," Richmond City Councilman Harpreet Sandhu

Ravinder went to Punjab about two months ago for his engagement.

BJP Clobbers Congress in Himachal

Fresh on the heels of Gujarat, now the Congress suffers a major reversal in Himachal Pradesh, losing to the BJP. Hey, when it rains it pours.

Behold Das Kapital- He that speaks from his ass

Only a few weeks ago Gurcharan Das went to bat for the Congress, after taking coaching lessons from Martha Nussbaum. The article was everything you expect from the diseased mentality of the Dhimmi - People like Modi "fear religious and ethnic differences and the idea of a plural society" . We all have a clash inside of us and to win this battle within us "The choice in the end is easy - vote out Modi"

Alas Modi wins. But hatred for the man - like that famous comic character - is the Ghost that Walks, the Man that Cannot Die. Now what do we get?
" Having just been re-elected, it would be fitting for Modi to apologise to Gujarat's Muslims in return for forgiveness."

Talk of balls - this guy certainly has a pair on him.

I have a better idea - Mr Modi having been re-elected, why does not Mr. Das apologize to the people of Gujarat for disrespecting them and their verdict in return for 'forgiveness'? And while apologies are being called for, just how far back in history should we travel? Why stop at 2002? How about Somnath and the 'memory of Ghazni' that are fresh in their minds?

Oh I forgot - those are Hindu memories. They seek and deserve no forgiveness. Only Hindus should apologize and only Hindus should forgive. Nussbaum says so.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Asif Zardari aka Mr. Bhutto to sue Toyota
That's right. She was attempting to head a goal in - like in soccer, when the Lexus sunroof lever magically appeared and killed her. Asif Zardari is now planning to sue Toyota (James Astill to get 10% of what Toyota pays up)

Funny these shooters is Pakistan - they keep missing. It does not matter if it is Musharraf or Bhutto. Only Musharraf lives on because he does not have a sunroof. Sunroof is un-Islamic (haraam) of course - because the Prophet only had camels which did not have sunroofs!

Musharraf is so devout that the 'assassins' keep missing him - it is the effulgence of the man. He has a very bright, religious glow that makes shooting him about as possible as a Pakistani fielder attempting a catch with the sun in his eyes.

I have another theory of who killed Bhutto. It was D G Vanzara. He did it because Narendra Modi asked him to let off a few shots to celebrate his victory in Gujarat.

christists attack 83-year old swami in orissa, leading to retaliation

dec 28th, 2007

this is the part the ELM and the christists never talk about. according to the media, the 'catholic bishops conference' said xyz was the reason behind the trouble. they will never quote what the hindus say.

like jaichand pallekonda attacking a 78-year old hindu man.

like baptists in the northeast shooting bineshwar brahma and shanti tripura.

violence by christists against hindus is increasing by leaps and bounds.

then they moan loudly about getting it back.

nobody mourns shanti tripura, but there's all this noise about graham staines.

this is why the common people have become fed up with the double standards.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: jindia
Subject: 83 old Seer, victim of attack defends Orissa Naveen govt

Seer defends Naveen govt
The Swami at the hospital. (AFP)

Cuttack, Dec. 27: Describing the spate of violence in Kandhamal as a "natural reaction", Swami Laxmananda Saraswati today gave a clean chit to the Naveen Patnaik administration, saying that no government could have controlled such a "backlash".

The attack on the 83-year-old Swami on December 24 had triggered violence across the tribal-dominated district and had spread to adjoining Gajapati, too.

Though the Swami believes that the "violence was spontaneous", the attack on him "was orchestrated", to eliminate him. "And that has put the region's Hindus on the defensive," he said, while talking to The Telegraph from the SCB Medical College and Hospital, Cuttack. The leader looked weak, but well, lying on his bed at cabin number 3 at the hospital's surgery department.

When asked if the Naveen government could have acted sooner before the violence, he said: "No government could have controlled a backlash, especially when it is spontaneous." "The key to peace in Kandhamal and adjoining regions would be the state's reassurance to check conversion of tribals by Christian missionaries," said the Swami.

The Orissa government has already introduced a law wherein before converting, an individual has to seek police permission. The move was designed as a "deterrent" to conversion. "But the process continue just the same, though at a reduced pace, as covert operations at villages in remote areas," the Swami regretted.

The Swami, known for his untiring zeal to check conversion of tribals into Christians in the entire southern and western Orissa, has been running the Shankaracharya Sanskruta Kanya Ashram at Jalespata, 30km south of Baliguda in Khandhamal for more than three decades now.

He was attacked near Dasingbadi, 5km from Daringbadi around noon on December 24 while he was on his way to Brahmanigaon in a Marshal jeep to perform a yagna. Five others, including an APR personnel provided by the government, were accompanying him.

"It was only by gods grace that I survived," said the swami.

Naresh Kanhar (40), who managed to drive the jeep away from the spot said: "A bus was parked on the road in front of our jeep, blocking the way. A tree was cut to block our way back. They were more than 50 of them armed with axes and other weapons," said the driver.

Bhubaneswar Jani (24), the APR personnel provided by the government as a bodyguard to the Swami, admitted that the attack was "terrible".

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Hindutva and radical Islam: Where the twain do meet
In Bhutto's Sugar Deluge in the ELM - a few other interesting stories may be lost. Certainly the highlighted one from Arun Shourie deserves attention. The Kangress rout in Himachal being another. Note to Burkha Dutt - Mr. Dhumal can win an election and get a visa to travel to western countries.

Hindus can build a vote bank - but it is hard to say if the BJP has the stomach for a fight. The last time this 'ferment' happened on 06 Dec-92; Advani and Vajpayee ran with their tails between their legs after a few caustic editorials. Modi seems to made of sterner stuff - but it's the party that has weak knees.

Interesting he said this at the release of Tavleen's new book , where Dr. Arvind Sharma spoke of 'asymmetrical secularism'. Even though I personally don't like Tavleen (too Pseudo-secular) you can still buy the book. At least she is better than Burkha Dutt, Sardesai, Ghoshe and Sanghvi!

comparing bhutto dynasty and nehru dynasty: the Hindu Gene Theory

dec 28th, 2007

lots of comparisons i suspect in the ELM. no point reading any of the drivel they come up with.

here's what i see: the bhuttos were *far* smarter than the nehrus. benazir could run rings around the entire indian political class, and zulfikar did just that to indira nehru. even though one might disagree with their tactics or their objectives, one has to agree that the bhuttos were smart people.

benazir was valedictorian at oxford and an acknowledged orator and debater. in a deeply patriarchal society, she managed to be prime minister for several terms.

nehru was the last one of his dynasty to get a college degree until varun about 50 years after him. indira nehru, rajiv nehru, sonia nehru, rahul nehru, priyanka nehru, none of them got any degree (except rahul got the kind that you buy on the internet from wal-mart). i mean, not being able to get a college degree, any degree, in anything, even advanced basket-weaving -- that is a serious accomplishment.


here's my new theory: it's the paucity of hindu genes. let's call it the Hindu Gene Theory (cf. Aryan Invasion Fairytale). this is copyrighted, but you may feel free to propagate it.

bhutto's mother was a hindu. so benazir has a fair amount of hindu genes.

nehru's grandfather was one ganga dhar. there is circumstantial evidence to indicate that he was actually one ghiyasuddin ghazi, a constable (kotwal) in delhi. after the 1857 events, the limeys were pretty mean to the mohammedans in delhi, so ghiyasuddin ghazi ran off and reappeared as 'ganga dhar' (odd name, isn't it?). there is only one extant photo of the fellow claiming to be 'ganga dhar': and that is in 'full pathan dress', with a huge beard. very odd, isn't it, that someone would buy an extremely expensive photo (would have cost a few months' salary in those days) of himself wearing 'full pathan dress'? unless, of course, he *was* a pathan.

so the only hindus in the nehru gene pool were jawaharlal's mother and wife.

so nehru and indira nehru were average intellects IQ wise, although nehru thought he was a genius. (he was a grade A fool, but that's hard to measure with IQ tests).

rajiv nehru, son of indira nehru and a mohammedan (feroze ghandi), was below average in the gray matter area. exhibit a, otherwise how on earth would he be hooked by someone like sonia? sonia is also no intellectual giant (her clever ideas come from vincent george, the svengali).

rajiv nehru's son rahul nehru is borderline dan quayle: the same 'deer-caught-in-the-headlights' look, aka 'the lights are on, but there's nobody home' look.

i dread to think of what priyanka nehru and robert vadhera's offspring will be like. surely no intellectual giant. the semitic genes just don't cut it.

thus, with every passing generation, the hindu gene in the nehru dynasty has diminished. and there is strong correlation with the level of intelligence.

QED: the difference between the bhutto dynasty and the nehru dynasty: the lesser the hindu genes, the less clever the dynasty scion. HGT (Hindu Gene Theory) rules!

postscript: so how did we clever hindus allow these semites to gain power? that has to remain one of those imponderable mysteries of the universe. but modi has showed us how to fix this, and now himachal pradesh is doing the same. early elections, anyone? what was it that you said, manmohan? sonia? yechuri? can't hear you? ROTFL!

ps2: how did the clever bhuttos get themselves killed? well, it happens. the not-so-clever nehrus also got themselves killed. this is an incidental risk that comes with the job of looting the respective countries and acting as mr./ms. 10%

meanwhile, back in himachal pradesh, bjp heads for landslide victory

dec 28th, 2007

ELM too busy with benazir?

BJP leading in 42 out of 68 seats. they should get a simple majority at least.

and there was no modi to demonize there, either.

of course, it's not sonia's or rahul's fault. it is benazir's

vulture alert: christists breaking the law in orissa and causing problems; church-burning is an effect, not a cause

dec 27th, 2007

the vultures as well as the ELM keep talking about "the law".

"the law" in orissa says it's not proper to convert.

these bastards are breaking the law and deserve the full force of the State against them.

this small detail is not emphasized in all the breast-beating.

this is an all-out assault on hinduism. they are hoping to wipe out hinduism while sonia is at the helm of affairs, ie. before 2009.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: jindia
Date: Dec 28, 2007 3:42 AM
Subject: Orissa: Bible distribution plans moving forward in Orissa State.

The below items will never make it to ndtv, TOI or international press.  It is the story behind the story. And showstheaggressive face of Christian missionaires in Orissa which results in communal disharmony

Bible distribution plans moving forward in Orissa State.
Print ViewMobile VersionPosted: 1 March, 2007

India (MNN) ― In spite of Orissa State's 1999 anti-conversion law, there are still evangelistic projects going on in this hostile part of India.  The Freedom of Religion Act of 1967 was amended in 1999 to narrow its focus.

Following that, it became known that people could be punished for not informing the state about their plans to convert. But that got taken further by enforcing punishment for those involved in conversions.

A 'Chilling effect' was feared to follow, but instead, the opposite phenomenon occurred.  The church, according to many evangelical groups, grew.  Coupled with the timing of the Dalit's rejecting Hinduism and embracing other faiths, the pace of church growth quickened.

World Bible Translation Center's  Gary Bishop says they're excited about their newest undertaking.  "We're going to have the first mass distribution of Bibles this year, in 2007.  This is going to be kind of an historic thing because we're going to do 30-thousand Oriya Bibles in the Orissa State."

Bishop says there's a high population of poor people who are not well-educated.  That's the perfect place for them to bring in Easy-to-Read Version Bibles.  It's available in 13 of the most spoken languages of India.

With the Scriptures aimed at a third grade reading level, more people can understand the gospel and respond. By the year 2010, they want to distribute 1 million Bibles, 2 million New Testaments and 5 million Scripture portions worldwide.

Working in this part of India will likely prove a difficult challenge, and they're asking for help. "We, first of all, need to have people praying for our team there.  We have 400 volunteers that have agreed to help distribute these texts through 30 districts. So, we need to pray for their safety, for them to have courage in the face of certain opposition."

If things stay on track, Bishop notes, they could begin the distribution as early as mid-2007.  Before that, the text, which was completed in 2005, has to be printed, bound and shipped.  Funding becomes a issue at this stage in the project.  If you want to help, click here.

Mission For Jesus Inc. was established in 1998 in Baton Rouge, ... that are doing primarily a work under the Indian Tribes in Orissa and Andhra Prahdresh. ...

2007 Orissa (India) Mission Trip

Orissa (India) Trip January 2007 Report. Dear Precious Prayer Partners,. Greetings in Jesus' name! It is with great joy and thankfulness that I write to you ... - 24k - Cached - Similar pages

Berachah Eklesiastical Mission

We found the BERACHAH EKLESIASTICAL MISSION to reach the unreached with the religious Gospel of Jesus in 2003. We have opened fields in Jarkhand, Orissa ...

Jesus For Gentiles ® In the mission, with a vision, for compassion.

In this way Churches of Jesus For Gentiles are founded. The reason for establishing Churches is our inner vision and mission. In places where ministry has ... - 13k - Cached - Similar pages

Outreach & Missions

It is a difficult mission field to reach with the gospel. ... So let us go at once and possess (win) Orissa for Jesus; for we are well able to overcome it. ... -


The myth of a "pro-India" Benazir

dec 27th, 2007

she was mostly pro-numbered-swiss-account, and anti-india. remember her shrill speeches, and also her father, zulfikar "we will eat grass to build the anti-india nuclear bomb" bhutto? there is no reason to be sentimental. her reign was no better, and perhaps even worse, than musharraf's, in terms of peaceful relations to india and hindus.

benazir certainly chivvied on the terrorists to ethnically cleanse kashmiri pundits.

she was a monster. she and that maleeha lodhi were always paraded in front of the TV cameras as poster girls -- "see, see, we have attractive, articulate, poised women in pakistan, who are PLU (people like you), and see, they went to haaaarvard, to". this is a potemkin facade -- these were the only two such. all other 83 million women in pakistan are chattel, raped and brutalized, including gang-raped on orders from the village council, walking baby factories.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: arun
Date: Dec 28, 2007 5:07 AM
Subject: The myth of a "pro-India" Benazir

it gets curiouser and curiouser: bhutto 'sniper' cum 'suicide bomber'?

dec 27th, 2007

so which was it? a 'sniper' is usually a marksman shooting from far off (eg the guy who supposedly shot kennedy) with a telescopic sight.

a 'suicide bomber' is someone who walks up to a person and blows themselves and target up (eg the girl who exploded herself along with rajiv gandhi).

it sounds like a) overkill, b) impossible to be a 'sniper' AND 'a suicide bomber'. the first is far off, the second is right next to the victim.

possible conclusions:

1. there was no sniper, it was just a suicide bomber who had an explosive belt, and maybe a small firearm. in that case, how did this person get through the security cordon/bomb sniffing dogs/metal detectors?

2. there was a sniper, who shot bhutto from far off and also caused the suicide bomber to explode by hitting his explosive belt. it is possible the suicide bomber didn't even know he was carrying an explosive belt.

3. somebody shot bhutto at close range and the suicide bomber exploded too. this is the indira gandhi theory: someone on her own staff did it. and the suicide bomber was a diversionary tactic or plan b

4. the suicide bomber was exploded into small bits so he wouldn't talk later

5. the whole thing is an elaborate charade, and there was no suicide bomber. the security guard or someone at close range shot bhutto, and then created a diversionary explosion.

yes, very curious indeed. clever boys, these ISI. whatever will they think up next?

nayvashastra references

dec 12th, 2007

a friend wrote to me about navyashastra. i told her that i found the group dubious.

i remember that some honcho in navyashastra was given an award by a mohammedan group; that he appeared in a forum with assorted communists like vijay prashad and biju mathew (or clones thereof), bad-mouthing hinduism; and other such self-destructive/deluded, but, alas, standard hindu "all religions are equal-equal behavior", which of course the communists, christists and mohammedans take full advantage of.

much like that idiot swami agnivesh was bamboozled by godman valson thampu. haven't heard much from agnivesh lately, whereas thampu presides over st stephens, vigorously repelling any attempts to bring in reservations into his domain, because, let's face it, he doesn't want his hoity-toity college 'polluted' with lowly low-caste people. why doesn't agnivesh object to this?

does anybody have any references to this navyashastra fool being serenaded, given awards, and misled by the clever semites, and his supping with the sepoy communists? i don't remember the fellow's name but i remember reading about these and shaking my head in disbelief. how very typical and how very unfortunate. this reminds me the story of the christists convincing the priest at sabarimala to visit one of their satan's abodes... er, churches, which the poor man did in good faith. the christists then used a video of this to tell ayyappa bhaktas: "see, your priest comes to our church, so you should also become christists." typical. well-meaning hindu gets used by scheming semites.
so please send me any references, thanks.

nytimes: U.S. Officials See Waste in Billions Sent to Pakistan

dec 27th, 2007

a few hundred dollars out of these billions went into benazir's execution.

and inflating expense accounts, how very like sandeep pandey of ASHA/AIDS fame. he spent rs. 1 lakh on a jaityayatra to pakistan. he was apparently buying gold-plated gas for his car.

also, reminds me of another malayalam proverb when the pakistanis complain that they are not getting all the goodies they wanted to play with:

ari thinnathum pora, asarichiye kadichatum pora, pinneyum naykka murumuruppu

not enough that he ate the rice, nor that he bit the housewife, even after all this the dog is growling and fussing

talk of ingratitude.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Shahryar

December 24, 2007

U.S. Officials See Waste in Billions Sent to Pakistan

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — After the United States has spent more than $5 billion in a largely failed effort to bolster the Pakistani military effort against Al Qaeda and the Taliban, some American officials now acknowledge that there were too few controls over the money. The strategy to improve the Pakistani military, they said, needs to be completely revamped.
In interviews in Islamabad and Washington, Bush administration and military officials said they believed that much of the American money was not making its way to frontline Pakistani units. Money has been diverted to help finance weapons systems designed to counter India, not Al Qaeda or the Taliban, the officials said, adding that the United States has paid tens of millions of dollars in inflated Pakistani reimbursement claims for fuel, ammunition and other costs.
"I personally believe there is exaggeration and inflation," said a senior American military official who has reviewed the program, referring to Pakistani requests for reimbursement. "Then, I point back to the United States and say we didn't have to give them money this way."
... deleted

For their part, Pakistani officials angrily accused the United States of refusing to sell Pakistan the advanced helicopters, reconnaissance aircraft, radios and night-vision equipment it needs .
"There have been many aspects of equipment that we've been keen on getting," said Maj. Gen. Waheed Arshad, the Pakistani military's chief spokesman. "There have been many delays which have hampered this war against extremists."
... deleted

LOL time

One of the complaints I read in Times of India about Modi is that he is trying to make Hinduism into something like the desert religions (monotheist and organized).  I thought this is exactly what the dhimmi pseudo-seculars want, dont they? 
Whats wrong with it, dear pseudo-liberals?  Do you imply that its bad to be monotheist?? Or that its good but Hinduism should not be monotheist, organized and united? Do you want that Hindus should always serve as punching bags to hit whenever things go wrong (Remember the Hindu rate of growth comment by Nehru).  Where are individual freedom and liberalism, that you swear by (mostly wrongly), when you opposed Modi after he proposed lifting liquor prohibition in SEZs in Gujarat?  Should I not, as a citizen of India and above the legal age, have the freedom to consume a little beer ;-) when I am in Gujarat.  Or do you think its okay if wise pseudo-secular Nehruvian Stalinists decide what is good for me, but not anyone else?
Apart from that, why abuse Gujaratis? By abusing Gujaratis as a community (there have been many instances and articles by Jug Suraiya, Ramachandra Guha, Ashis Nandy etc doing that), you are directly attacking the logic and premises (if there are any) on which your dhimmitude rests...
Dear pseudo-seculars, I know that your mind is muddled.  To clear that, for once try going by facts and the ideals you claim to stand for, and not just go against your opponents blindly.
By the way, its LOL time :-)  Jug Suraiya is funny. He even coins a new word - Moditva

benazir shoots herself in neck and chest: atlanticist's version

dec 27th, 2007

just as they said about the nepali prince after he massacred his entire family and then was found shot in the back of the head, it was a suicide. or maybe an accident.

james astill's (economist stringer in india) friends, those lovely pakistanis, people with whom you "could sit around with and wonder what the hell's going on", would never ever harm a fly, let alone a woman. perish the thought!

yes, just as the trainful of hindus 'caught fire while in a mohammedan neighborhood, benazir bhutto 'accidentally shot herself while getting into her car'. she should have been more careful, the silly woman! yeah, that's the ticket.

musharraf had absolutely nothing to do with all this, how dare you suggest anything else?

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

bobby "rice" Jindal jolts university with his silence

dec 26th, 2007

thought i'd forwarded this to the blog before, but can't find it.

here's bobby "i am a very tanned redneck white boy" jindal doing what he does best: dissing hindus. what do you want to bet that if the two murdered youngsters were christists he'd move his skinny little ass a little bit more? what does fellow-christist sonia have to say about this?

those who went around talking of the great 'indian' connection of jindal should eat their hats now. the blighter just wanted their money, but now that he's won, he doesn't need them any more.

there is a proverb in malayalam:

palam kadakkuvolam narayana

ie. so long as you are trying to cross the bridge, you pray to narayana, but once you're done, you don't need him anymore.

all this is not surprising to me. there was another christist, a perennial candidate for the House of Reps in southern california (a kerala christist). he was always coming to the bay area to ask for money. he never accomplished much, but on one of his trips to the SF area, he was far more interested in hitting on my girlfriend (who was admittedly cute) than on explaining why we should cough up money for him.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Sushama

Silent Jindal jolts university

- Governor sticks to policy of Indians at arm's length 




Washington, Dec. 17: The bodies of the two Indian students murdered on the Louisiana State University (LSU) campus last week are expected to be repatriated to Hyderabad on Tuesday or Wednesday, notwithstanding a complete lack of support in the case by the incoming state administration headed by Indian-American Bobby Jindal.


Three-and-a-half days after the bodies of Komma Chandrasekhar Reddy and Allam Kiran Kumar were discovered in Reddy's campus apartment, till the time of writing, Jindal has not issued a statement condoling the deaths or nudging investigators into action to solve the case.


This is despite the fact that Jindal campaigned against crime as the number one issue for his election as governor in October and devotes several pages of his transition site to this problem in Louisiana.


LSU officials privately express disappointment that the incoming governor has not telephoned the university's chancellor or any other official to express support for the institution at a time when it is receiving bad publicity in the US and abroad.


For many officials, this is particularly galling because until now they considered Jindal as one of them after he served as president of the University of Louisiana System for two years from 1999, overseeing the education of 80,000 students a year.


Besides, the incoming governor's transition offices are within sight of the Edward Gay Apartments, where Reddy and Kiran were murdered.


Jindal's indifference to the crime in his virtual backyard is in line with his policy, ever since he entered public life, of deliberately distancing himself from India and Indian American issues.


Right from the very first reception by Indian Americans in his honour on Capitol Hill after he was elected as a US Congressman in 2004, Jindal has made it clear that he considers his brown complexion merely as an accident of his birth. Jindal's attitude, Indian Americans here recall, is in marked contrast to the attitude of another US state governor, Virginia's Tim Kaine.


In April this year, after a shooting on the Virginia Tech campus in Blacksburg, Kaine cut short a trip to Japan, cancelled an imminent visit to India and declared a "state of emergency", enabling him to immediately deploy state personnel, equipment and other resources for investigations.


Jindal, though he is still governor-elect, could have called for at least a fraction of similar action because crime is a problem that is eating into the innards of Louisiana's social life.


Although 32 students were killed in Virginia, Kaine, unlike Jindal, took great care to be solicitous about the victims of Indian origin at Virginia Tech and their families.


When relatives of murdered and injured Indians arrived in Washington from abroad, Kaine spurned offers from the Indian embassy here to transport them by limousine to Blacksburg.


Instead, he sent a plane to take them to Virginia Tech and housed several of them during their traumatic days through the autopsies and funerals.


It is not as if Jindal has been sleeping at the wheel in the three days after Reddy and Kiran were killed.


During the weekend, Jindal announced that he had collected nearly $1.4 million from 236 individual and corporate donors for celebrations planned around his swearing in as governor on January 14.


Yesterday, his transition team announced an inaugural ball to celebrate the swearing-in. It will be preceded by a luncheon for state legislators, an inaugural family festival in the afternoon and a prayer service, the governor-elect's spokesperson Melissa Sellers was quoted in the Louisiana media as saying.


Unlike Jindal, LSU authorities, after their initial insensitivity in announcing that the campus murders had provided an "opportunity" for the university to test its new emergency text-message system, have been extremely helpful and sympathetic, according to Indian students on the campus.


Meanwhile, Indian officials Alok Pandey and K.P. Pillai helped speed up the procedures associated with autopsy and embalming of the dead bodies, which normally take much longer in murder cases here.


The two officials have been asked to stay put in Baton Rouge and be available round the clock to relatives of the crime victims and other Indian students.

india videos: invis working with UNESCO

dec 26th, 2007

i am pretty sure this is not the 'greatest festival of love and peace', but shri hari wants to sell some videos, i suppose! i appreciate the problems faced by sales people -- have to lie through our teeth to get the guy to sign on the dotted line.

but the stuff on is very good. these guys have a lot of creativity and talent and their kerala stuff is outstanding.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: <>
Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2007 21:07:32 +0580
Subject: Santa Claus on a Country Boat

Dear Sir
Ring the Christmas bells! Hari Invis has sent you a special Christmas video greeting to celebrate the greatest festival of love and peace.

May your heart fill with joy when you watch this beautiful video 'Santa Claus on a Country Boat'.
Click here to view the card
This video greeting clip is taken from, a video encyclopaedia being developed by Invis Multimedia in association with UNESCO, New Delhi Office.


The hidden story of Jesus

dec 26th, 2007

caveat: i haven't looked at this video except for the first 2 minutes or so. i am not recommending it, i am merely passing on this information. caveat emptor.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: <Arya

After Putting out an Excellent Documentary

"Who wrote the Bible"

Dr. Robert Beckford

Has come out again with an Excellent Documentary, Just

Broadcasted Yesterday on Channel 4 in England.

This Documentary is called

The Hidden Story of Jesus! (1:40mins)

When President Patil checks in, quite a lot have to check out

dec 26th, 2007

compare to president kalam, who never did anything ostentatious.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Gir

When President Patil checks in, quite a lot have to check out
As Patil and her family land in the Andamans tomorrow for what is billed a three-day "official tour," a few things have been brushed under the red carpet: at least 60 trees have been cut to prepare a helipad for her so that she and her 10-member family entourage don't have to take a 40-minute road trip.
And two Government-run tourist resorts have issued notices to all tourists cancelling their bookings — the Christmas-New Year's Eve is the peak holiday season for the islands — to accommodate her delegation.
Sources have told The Indian Express that the trees were cut to make way for a helipad for Patil's entourage — which includes her husband Devisingh Ramsingh Shekhawat — in Wandoor village, about 30 km south-west of Port Blair.
Wandoor is home to one of the most environmentally protected areas in the country, the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, spread over 15 islands and creeks and has a rich diversity of flora and fauna across 280 sq km.
The President is there to hand over 200 eco-friendly houses to tsunami victims at Kinyuka village in Car Nicobar.
Officially, on "Revenue Department land", the helipad has been built in Wandoor, close to the jetty so that ferries can take Patil and her family to the nearby coral islands in Jolly Buoy, Red Skin and Twins Islands.

Looking for last minute shopping deals? Find them fast with Yahoo! Search.

teflon madam: She can only win, never lose!

dec 26th, 2007

like reagan, the original teflon guy. nothing would stick to him.

in fact, this is a horrible defeat for:

1. sonia
2. rahul
3. shabana azmi's husband the bollywood screenwriter, who came up with 'merchants of death'
4. teesta setalvad
5. n ram, praful bidwai, barkha dutt, rajdeep sardesai, prannoy roy

this defeat how little these worthies actually count for in the big picture.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Anand

She can only win, never lose!
Wednesday December 26 2007 08:18 IST


"WHO is the real winner in Gujarat elections?

BJP or Modi?


Finally poor Hariprasad Solanki, Gujarat Congress party president, has become the 'bakra' – the sacrificial goat. He was forced to go to the party office in Delhi and own up the defeat as his(!) so that Sonia remains the victor. Imagine the party had won Gujarat. Would Hariprasad be allowed to share photo with the victor Sonia?

After she made it emphatically known that she is the real key and Manmohan Singh is the duplicate one, this Congress sycophancy has become an accepted media discipline. Result: All good things happening for the party and in the government are unfailingly credited to her. Whether it is employment guarantee or rural development, it is all conceded as her agenda.

She inaugurates all projects and plans with the Prime Minister as the clapper boy. She is all over in government ads. When oil prices rise, the blame goes to poor PM. When it is cut, it is on her orders! When oil prices are not raised, minister says that it is on her directive. If the Congress party wins an election, it is due to her, but if it loses Hariprasads will bear the cross. In sum, she is exempt here from all scrutiny by the media. It is media's collective endeavour, not just isolated Congress effort, to keep her above blame, faultless. Hence the debate on who is the loser among the victors in Gujarat, so that the real loser, Sonia, is kept out of discussion.

QED: Sonia can only win. She can never lose.

The Media-Sonia syndicate
"Yet, she keeps mum and instead employs her Alsatians to bark at others"

Yes - she does indeed. There is something very familiar at Congressmen genuflecting at her feet - reminds me of Jawaharlal - he that thought only Mountbatten could be Governor-General. Indians were of course, not good enough

If the Congressmen build a toilet bowl, it is because of Madam's leadership; if it leaks, it is because they themselves cannot piss right!

YUKTI PRASAKTI: conference in bangalore dec 27-30

dec 26th, 2007

do attend if you can.

Article from The Telegraph: Calcutta

dec 26th, 2007

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: G

Thoughtful, rare (!) mainstream piece on Modi.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: g

You have been sent this article from The Telegraph, Calcutta by g

Narendra Modi 019s convincing win in Gujarat will have its impact on India 019s external affairs more than any state election in the country in at least three decades. No other chief minister now in power is anywhere nearly as well-known as Modi is in the Asian territorial divisions of foreign ministries in key capitals of the world. No chief minister in recent memory, other than Modi, has been analysed or interpreted in the strategic communities across the world that dissect and interpret India. |  Read

Page url:

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Hindu Backlash hits Sonia Gandhi

dec 26th, 2007

monu nalapat, son of that nutty woman the neo-muslima kamala das suraiyya, has written a rather good, although slightly optimistic, column. i don't necessarily see the end of the nehruvian stalinist state yet. maybe the beginning of the end, but not the end. they have too much money flowing in from china, the vatican, the baptists and saudi arabia.

manju's comment is related to monu nalapat being at manipal university.

unfortunately, nalapat is right about vajpayee. the ELM kept calling him a mask: and he was -- a mask for nehruvianism, although personally a good man (actually nehru was also a good man, for he had the decency to die of shame when the chinese raped him in 1962, but he was also a USDA Grade A prize idiot). he wanted to be seen as a 'good guy', PLU (people like us) by the damned ELM and other communist/christist cabals.

there were several other pracchanna-nehruvians (crypto-nehruvians) in the BJP government, so that they spent a lot of their time sucking up to the ELM and to the mohammedans. modi is the one guy who doesn't give a rat's ass for nehru and his bullshit and is bold enough to say so; he doesn't give two hoots about nehru's offspring either, and treats the reigning nehru family empress with the respect (or lack thereof) that she deserves.

modi reflects a new india: one that is not impressed by white people or by the semitic cults.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Manju

Manipal is strong Hindu Nationalist place in coastral

A Hindu backlash hits Sonia Gandhi
MANIPAL, India, Dec. 26

Column: Future Present
Since the advent of the rule of the Mughals a
millenium ago, central policy in India has
discriminated against the Hindu majority within the
country. The Mughals favored those of Turko-Iranian
origin, followed by those who converted to Islam. The
British, during two centuries of rule, implemented
policies that deprived all except those of European
origin of basic human rights.

Much has been made in Indian history texts of the
cruelty of the 1857 mutineers against colonial rule,
who killed around 300 individuals of European descent
during a brief spasm of violence. But little mention
is made of the retribution that followed, in which an
estimated 65,000 natives were killed, some from the
mouths of cannon. Several "rebel" villages were
torched, usually together with their inhabitants.

Neither has there been much reflection on the manner
in which British rule reduced India to poverty. From
around one-fourth of global output at the start of the
19th century, the share of the subcontinent fell to
one-tenth of that by the time the British flag was
lowered in New Delhi in 1947.

Independent India's first prime minister, Jawaharlal
Nehru, had been educated from boyhood in Britain. He
was so insecure after the British left that he
requested the last viceroy of India, Louis Mounbatten,
to remain as "free" India's first governor-general and
commander-in-chief of the armed forces. British
control over the Indian army helped to prevent the
full takeover of Kashmir by India in 1948, creating in
the process a sore that has festered ever since.

Nehru also relied on British economist Nicholas Kaldor
to fashion tax policies that punished the very
merchant class that had funded the Congress Party's
decades-long struggle against the British. Ironically,
the new government was as hostile to Indian
entrepreneurship as the colonial power had been, and
the country's economy was soon straitjacketed by a
"socialist pattern of society."

While laws were passed that overrode Hindu customs (
including, it must be said, retrogressive ones such as
caste), Nehru took care to exclude the Muslims and
other minority groups from such legislation, thus
retaining the separatist mindset which had resulted in
the creation of the "Muslim" state of Pakistan out of
"Hindu" India.

As a consequence of carrying forward policies that saw
the Hindus as a threat and therefore sought to place
them on a level below those of the minorities in
India, while Hindu temples are subject to state
control, churches, mosques and other minority houses
of worship remain free. Several ancient temples are
now administered by atheists or other non-Hindus in
states across the country, and the donations that pour
into them from Hindu devotees are sequestered by the
state. In education, while Hindu managements face
severe restrictions and controls, managements that are
Christian or Muslim escape almost all such
state-mandated limitations on their freedom.

Since Sonia Gandhi took over the governance of India
in 2004 and appointed a prime minister from a minority
faith, there has been an explicit bias in policy
favoring minority groups at the expense of the Hindu
majority, and a conscious effort to sideline officials
seen as "practicing Hindus" -- those who regularly
visit temples -- on the grounds that they are "Hindu

By contrast, almost none of the numerous bomb
explosions that have taken place in Congress-ruled
cities across India -- such as Mumbai, Delhi and
Hyderabad -- have been traced to the perpetrators,
because of an informal prohibition against
"stereotyping" that prevents the police from intensive
investigations in the mainly Muslim localities where
the perpetrators are believed to be sheltering.

Such "partial" secularism, in which only Hindus are
expected to be secular while Muslims and other
minorities remain free to practice exclusionary
practices, has led to a Hindu backlash across India.
This found its first major expression in the Dec. 23
verdict of the electorate of Gujarat state, who
re-elected the state's chief minister, Narendra Modi,
despite a well-funded rebellion within the ranks of
his own party, the Bharatiya Janata Party, as well as
the enmity of almost the entire television and print

The media correctly see him as posing a possibly fatal
challenge to the Nehruvian policies that were embraced
by the first BJP prime minister, Atal Behari Vajpayee,
who was as deferential toward Sonia Gandhi's interests
as members of her own Congress Party had been in the
past. Modi thus challenges not only Sonia Gandhi but
the Vajpayee cohort in his own party, who have for
decades enjoyed a cozy and lucrative relationship with
the Nehrus.

Despite occasional public posturing, in practice, the
present crop of BJP leaders has been content to share
in the spoils of the present Nehruvian state system.
All, that is, except Narendra Modi, who defied his
party leadership in making Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan
Singh -- both of whom, being Christian and Sikh
respectively, belong to minority groups -- the target
of his verbal barbs, despite strictures from the
Sonia-friendly Election Commission.

Wresting Gujarat from this potent challenger was
crucial to the continued salience of Nehruism, but the
strength of the Hindu backlash against policies that
penalize the majority community ensured a handsome
win. The results have led to apprehension throughout
the Nehruvian establishment, including almost the
whole of the English-language media, that "Moditva"
may spread to other states.

It may even within the next five years lead to a
takeover of the central government by the Gujarat
chief minister, who comes from near the bottom of the
Hindu caste ladder, but who has emerged as the
favorite of tens of millions of Hindus irrespective of
caste, who seek parity with the minorities in running
their houses of worship or educational and other

As Malaysia has shown, the advent of globalization and
the demonstrated ability of Hindus to compete with the
rest of the world have led to a renewal of confidence
in a community of 840 million that has been kept at
the margins for more than a millennium. The message of
Gujarat is that the cry for parity by the Hindu
community in India has become a political wave that
could upset the Nehruvian system of partial secularism
that has prevailed in India since 1947. Dec. 23, 2007
is a genuine turning point in the politics of the
world's largest democracy.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

P-sec media cries about Orissa bandh

Orissa: Man killed during VHP bandh;curfew imposed
Notice how the violence that was a reaction is real - but the violence that was actually perpetrated first is - hold your breath - "alleged" - ah yes - like the 'alleged' theories of spontaneous combustion that James Astill loves to write about

"The meeting was called to protest the alleged attack on an anti-conversion leader"
And no mentions at all of course that the leader in question is an 80 year old - Swami Laxmanananda Sarswati; who by the way now says that it was the Congress (those truly secular folks) that led the attack. Of course not - folks that are 'anti-conversion' only have alleged attacks on them - they have no human rights and are not allowed any rage.

I am waiting for the report that says that 'Christains' attacked the Swami because he raped nuns - just like they did in Jhabua

what, no christmas quake and tsunami this year?

dec 25th, 2007

maybe yhwh decided to cut us a break this year. thank yhwh for small mercies. maybe he figured there's been enough killing of semitics this year in iraq and afghanistan.

or else yhwh may be slightly confused. he did the qom quake right on time, but he did the 2004 tsunami the day after christmas. so maybe there'll be "good news" (TM the christists) on the 26th after all.

Christmas is made in China : World Monitor

dec 25th, 2007

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Yash

Christmas is made in China
- Lester R Brown
I know Santa Claus is Chinese because each Christmas morning after all the gifts are unwrapped and things settle down I systematically go through the presents to see where they are made. The results are almost always the same: roughly 70% are from China.
After some research, it seems that my one-family survey is representative of the country as a whole.
Let's start with toys. Some 80% of the toys sold in the United States - from Barbie dolls to video games - are made in China. Talking toys that speak English learned the language from Chinese workers. Electronic goods - from Apple's iPod to Microsoft's Xbox - are made in China. Clothing - from the latest cashmere sweaters to gym suits - is also likely to have a "Made in China" label.
The Christmas tree itself may come from China. While real Christmas trees are grown in every state in the United States and are marketed locally, many families now gather around artificial Christmas trees.
Eight out of every 10 artificial Christmas trees sold in the United States are made in China. Last year Americans spent over US$130 million on plastic Christmas trees from China, more than 90% of which were manufactured in the semi-tropical southern city of Shenzhen.
This year Americans will spend over $1 billion on Christmas ornaments from China.
And in perhaps the greatest irony of all, even nativity scenes are made in China. Last year Americans spent more than $39 million buying nativity scenes shipped in from the East. China's success in attracting foreign investment capital and mobilizing this huge workforce has made it the workshop of the world.
That the US Christmas is made in China is a metaphor for a far deeper set of economic issues affecting the United States. Today Christmas is celebrated in both the United States and China - but for different reasons and with far different economic consequences. For the Chinese, the manufacturing bonanza means record profits, rising incomes, and, in a society where people save some 40% of their income, a sharp jump in savings.
In the United States, Christmas shopping expenditures, headed for another record high this year, contribute to rising credit card debt and a soaring trade deficit.
Underneath the American Christmas spirit and good cheer is a debt-laden society that appears to have lost its way, marred in the quicksand of consumerism. As a society, we seem to have forgotten how to save so we can invest in a better future.
Instead of leaving our children a promising economic future, we are bequeathing them the largest debt burden of any generation in history.
At the personal level, credit card debt just keeps climbing, and at the government level, we have the largest deficit in history. At the international level, we have a trade deficit that moves to a new high month after month.
It's not the fact that our Christmas is made in China, but rather the mindset that has led to it that is most disturbing. We want to consume no matter what. We want to spend now and let our children pay. It is this same mindset that introduces tax cuts while waging a costly war. Economic sacrifice is no longer part of our vocabulary.
After the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, President Roosevelt banned the sale of private cars in order to mobilize the manufacturing capacity and engineering skills of the US automobile industry to build tanks and planes. In contrast, after 9/11, President Bush urged us to go shopping.
In the United States we are so intent on consuming that personal savings have virtually disappeared. We have an average of five credit cards for every man, woman, and child. Of the 145 million cardholders, only 55 million clear their accounts each month.
The other 90 million cannot seem to catch up and are paying steep interest rates on their remaining balance. Millions of people are so deeply in debt that they may remain indebted for life.
The official national debt, the product of years of fiscal deficits, now totals $8.5 trillion - some $64,000 per taxpayer. (See data at Earth Policy Institute ) By the end of the Bush administration in 2008, this figure is projected to reach a staggering $9.4 trillion. We are digging a fiscal black hole and sinking deeper and deeper into it.
Each month the Treasury covers the fiscal deficit by auctioning off securities. The two leading international buyers of US Treasury securities are Japan and China. In this role, China is now also becoming our banker. This developing country, where income levels are one sixth those of the United States, is financing the excesses of an affluent industrial society. What's wrong with this picture?
In times past, when our fiscal deficits were covered largely by US lenders, interest payments on the debt were reinvested in the United States. Now they are flowing abroad to Japan, China and other foreign holders of US debt.
While the US fiscal deficit, driven partly by the war in Iraq, soars to stratospheric levels, the country is facing an unprecedented fiscal challenge as the baby boomer generation retires, pushing up the costs of social security, Medicaid, and Medicare. This, combined with the growing interest payments on our debt to China and other countries, will put a nearly impossible tax burden on the next generation - something for which they may never forgive us.
The US trade deficit is growing by leaps and bounds, nearly doubling from $452 billion in 2000 to an estimated $850 billion in 2006. Rising oil imports and the trade deficit with China account for over half of it.
National policy failures such as not adequately supporting the use of renewable energy technologies have contributed to the growing US trade deficit. For example, the United States should be a leading manufacturer and exporter of solar cells and wind turbines, but it has fallen behind both Europe and Japan.
The solar cell, invented at Bell Labs in 1954, is an American technology. But the US effort to develop solar energy was so weak and sporadic that both Germany and Japan forged ahead and developed robust solar cell manufacturing and export industries.
The situation is similar with wind. Although the modern wind industry was born in California at the beginning of the 1980s, the US failure to sustain support for wind resource development allowed European countries to largely take over this industry.
Even though rising oil imports are widening our trade deficit, we consume oil with abandon, weakening the economy and undermining our political independence.
We have lost influence in world financial markets simply because of our mounting debt, much of it held by other countries. If China's leaders ever become convinced that the dollar is headed continuously downward and they decide to dump their dollar holdings, the dollar could collapse.
Beholden to other countries for oil and to finance our debt, the United States is fast losing its leadership role in the world. The question we are facing is not simply whether our Christmas is made in China, but more fundamentally whether we can restore the discipline and values that made us a great nation - a nation the world admired, respected, and emulated.
This is not something that Santa Claus can deliver, not even a Chinese Santa Claus. This is something only we can do.
Lester R. Brown is president of the Earth Policy Institute and author of Plan B 3.0: Mobilizing to Save Civilization.

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bethlehem, where jesus was 'born'

dec 25th, 2007

nice to see the mohammedans fleecing christists who are flocking to the alleged birthplace (truth by repeated assertion) of their alleged founder (existence be upon him!).

all the police and security is around non-mohammedan shrines, you always observe. no prizes for guessing why. but quick, get teesta to complain to the supreme court that there are no police around mohammedan structures.

"Hindu Extremists Convert 2000 Tribals From Christianity"

dec 25th, 2007

good for them.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Kumar

Those damn brutal Hindus!

Cedric Prakash was cited in the article stating that Hindus want to "dampen the peaceful environment", and that tribals convert to christianity because ALL christians are equal in front of God. Wow. Bold claims. I guess Cedric never heard of Jim Crow, slavery, apartheid, smallpox annihilation of native americans, forcing opium down chinese throats, inquisition,...

Mohammeddan mob attacks police trying to arrest notorious Mohammeddan criminal

dec 25th, 2007

this of course is to be expected. mohammedans are by definition 'innocent'. just ask the mullahs or the psedo-secular innumerates.

nice example of psec idiot woman foaming at the mouth

dec 25th, 2007

may her tribe decrease! it will, as they see the writing on the wall.

possibly this woman is of the 'dravidian' persuasion, a pal of muthuvel karunanidhi and t r baalu.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Anantha

----- Original Message -----
From: Anantha
Sent: Tuesday, December 25, 2007 5:44 PM
Subject: Your Article "A goose walking over Gandhi's Grave"

Dear Sujatha Anandan,
Thanks for the kind sentiments, truth always hurts. I have never abused you or your owners and only stated the plain facts as they are backed with firm convictions. I would have been happy if you could have responded to even one issue that I stated in my mail rather than write in the same negative way as your article.
I do not dispute that your paper was built brick by brick by Shri K.K. Birlaji, but under the current leadership of Ms Shobhana Bhartia and Shri Vir Sanghvi, it would be better to rename Hindustan Times as Italian Times considering the patronage to 10 Janpath.
One simple question if your newspaper, Congress and the Communist seriously believe that it was Shri Narendra Modiji who was behind all the riots of 2002, why did the Central Govt. not initiate action or even a CBI enquiry after coming to power in 2004. Lalu Prasad tried with the Justice Banerjee commission report that the fire in the train in Godhra was started from inside but it backfired in the Bihar elections.
Seems like you have still not understood the verdict of Gujarat elections. Maybe the 2009 Parliamentary elections will teach all of you.
Please do show my mail to Shri Vir Sanghvi and Ms Shobhana Bhartia.
Warm Regards
----- Original Message -----
To: anantha
Sent: Tuesday, December 25, 2007 3:07 PM
Subject: Re: Your Article "A goose walking over Gandhi's Grave"

You are a great example of how pathetic and intellectually bankrupt some Indians can be, meeting arguments with abuses, Moreover, you are a coward or else you would have sent me this mail, however abusive of my paper and its owners who unlike Modi have built their empire brick by brick over years with honest swest and not on the blood of innocents,  long before the Gujarat elections,


"Anantha" <>

12/24/2007 11:13 PM

Your Article "A goose walking over Gandhi's Grave"

Dear Sujatha Anandan,
I  refer to your article "A goose walking over Gandhi's Grave" in the Hindustan Times dtd 12th Dec  2007. My immediate reaction was to send a fitting rebuttal immediately but on  second thoughts, I decided that it would be better to write after the  results of the Gujarat Elections.
You wasted precious space in your article on a story of your  friend's mother attacked by her neighbour, a retired Colonel of the  Army and how you could not forgive him just like you could never forgive Shri  Narendra Modiji. Accepting your  logic at face value, it is the  Hindus, who should never forgive the Muslims for burning the train at Godhra  killing 58 innocent Kar sevaks mostly woman and children and  therefore the retaliation that followed was as justifiable as  your action against the Colonel for trying to kill your friend's  mother.
You have written extensively on  Gandhiji and his love for Muslims, wonder how Gandhiji had he been  alive today would have reacted to ethnic cleansing of the more than 1/2 million  Kashmiri Hindu Pandits who after being raped, ravaged and thrown out of their  homes have become refugees in their own homeland. What was their fault ? did  they demand equal opportunities, reservation or protest in the streets with  guns and grenades against the blatant discrimination of their rights by the  Government of Jammu and Kashmir. They were just peace loving people who  wanted to live with dignity and probably the only fault was that  they lived in a Muslim majority state like the Hindus in Pakistan,  Bangladesh and Malaysia. 
Also get your facts right on Nathuram  Godse, He did not kill because Gandhiji loved Muslims. If that  was so, He would have done this before India's Independence in 1947 or  during the creation of Pakistan. He killed Gandhiji because He felt  that Gandhiji betrayed the nation by forcing Sardar Vallabhai Patelji to  rescind his decision on not giving the 50 odd crore of Rupees to Pakistan till  they vacated the 1/3rd illegal occupation of Kashmir which  is Pakistan occupied Kashmir and this fact is well documented by  Sardar Vallabhai Patelji in his book during his death. If your newspaper has the guts, I challenge you  to shift your offices to Srinagar or Mizoram in the heart of  jihadi and evangelical terrorism and preach and write about  secularism from there rather than safely living in Hindu  majority cities like New Delhi and Mumbai and preaching Gandhiji  teachings.
You spoke on the Sohrabhuddin fake  encounter case as though he was a innocent Laila shot by the police while  romancing his wife in front of Taj Mahal, a picture which all you  pseudo secularists splashed in the media and newspapers when the incident came  to light. The fact that He was a terrorist caught with huge  arms and ammunition probably carrying out a bomb blast was of no  concern to all of you and what was more important to all of you was that He  was a Muslim who was shot dead by the Police in Modi's  Gujarat.
I am glad you wrote about  how your editorial director Shri Vir Sanghviji, a Gujarati by  birth hating the very sight of Shri Narendra Modiji, Where was Shri Vir  Sanghvi, Shri K.K. Birla and Ms Shobhana Bhartia  during the  anti-Sikh riots of 1984 a horrendous state sponsored pogrom in  which more than 3700 innocent Sikhs were butchered by  Congress goons led by Shri Jagdish Tytler, Shri Sajjan Kumar and Late  Shri H.K.L. Bhagat. Why did all of you not take on Late Shri Rajiv  Gandhi, for justifying the massacre and giving M.P. seat to  Sajjan Kumar and making H.K.L. Bhagat and Jagdish Tytler senior  ministers for full five years as a reward for the massacre. Is it  because the blood of Hindus and Sikhs who got butchered in Kashmir and New  Delhi are black in colour while the blood of Muslims killed in the riots in  Gujarat are red. \
If Deepak Parekh or Vir Sanghvi  feels ashamed of being a Gujarati, there are millions of Gujaratis and  Hindus all over India and the world who are proud of  Narendra Modi  not just as the CEO of Gujarat but as the future Prime Minister of India.  Shri Narendra Bhai Modiji has proved that inspite of the entire media,  opposition including Sonia, Rahul, fake NGO's and even his own partyman against  him, you can win elections by combing Hindutva with Development. The  phenomenal rise in the stock markets today and the endorsement of Modiji by Shri  A.M. Naik, who is not just a Gujarati by birth but also one of the  most respected CEO of Larsen & Toubro today is vindication of this  fact. Shri Ratan Tata, a Parsee by birth had recently stated that only a fool  will not invest in Gujarat given the kind of integrity, leadership and vision  displayed by Shri Narendra Modiji. Which politician in India can  declare assets of just Rs. 40 Lakhs, when even a Municipal Councilor  has assets of crores of rupees.   
Finally writing such filthy and  intellectually bankrupt articles in prime space of Hindustan Times may  help win you a Padma Shri  besides the M.P. seat  already won by Ms Shobhana Bhartia bypassing other pseudo  secularist media baron Shri N. Ram and getting the coveted  book of Shri K.K. Birla released by Dr. Manmohan Singh with  foreword by Sonia Gandhi and not to forget the numerous ads from the  Government but one day your newspaper will be confined to the  dustbin by the people of our country. I quote a saying " you can cheat some  people some time and other people at other time but you cannot  cheat all people at all times. 
Instead of being stuck in the  time zone of 2002 riots, which the Muslims of Gujarat have themselves  forgotten, wake up and move forward or be ready to become a  dinosaur.
Jai Hind
Warm Regards


"This email is confidential containing HT Media confidential information, may be legally privileged, and is for the intended recipient only.  Access, disclosure, copying, distribution, or reliance on any of it by anyone else is prohibited and may be a criminal offence.  Please delete if obtained in error and email confirmation to the sender."

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